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Love, Lust, and Affection

"In love, one and one are one."

The House of Love and Affection is, for the most part, fantastically decadent. It is divided in three main areas:

At the center of the House is the Bonding Fountain, a gigantic and glowing pond of water which changes colors depending on the time of day. At its center is a marble statue representing Eros and Psyche, adorned by a bush of lush and flowery vegetation. Pipes spurt powerful yet harmonious waterjets all around the statue. The Fountain never dries out and is always flowing. Inside the pond, there is no fish but rather a reflection of every romantic interactions that happen among mortals. There, the Gods watch over and sometimes choose and dictate the path every relationship takes, from a simple fling to a long-term relationship, from lifelong monogamous marriage to Polyamory, whichever shape the bond may have. But it's also here that ordeals, challenges and sometimes break-ups are decided in order to test the lovers' mettle and dedication to one another. Whenever a relationship is born, tightens or is rejuvenated, the part of the pond in which said relationship is displayed illuminates for a fleeting instant. Whenever a relationship ends for good, said part of the pond turns a stunning black and evaporates before being replaced by some fresh water to display another coupling.

The Bonding Fountain also sports another statue which isn't easy to see at first glance since it is situated below the pond's ledge, away from the main pool: the crying faces of a man and a woman, the eyes of which sport four streams of water flowing all the way down to the House of Despondency. This statue is aptly called The Broken Hearts and sheds all the tears coming from the heartbroken, betrayed, divorced, widowed and never-paired mortals. While the deities in the House don't really like this statue, it's the general consensus that destroying it would be meaningless since pain and conflict are also a part of love.

The Pleasure Dome is located in a more remote area of the House but still visible from the House's gate. Leading to it is a paved slope bordered by perpetual braziers that cause a wall of flames preventing anyone coming with ill-intentions from getting in. Visitors are reminded that this is not a brothel, and most of the gods residing in it will, at best, laugh if propositioned. It is a wonderful place to take a date, and a popular attraction for groups of friends. The Dome's purpose is to provide comfortable, relaxing surroundings, ideal for pleasures of all kinds, from intellectual to carnal. That doesn't mean there aren't uncomfortable parts, but a visitor can only get into those of his or her own accord. No unwanted violence is permitted here - even the worst of enemies are forced to do nothing but glare and walk away unless they're really there for one another. To infringe upon this rule is to invoke the wrath of Bayonetta. Or, worse, that of Desire.

The Dome features its own highly-tended garden replete with a number of secluded nooks. There, one can find the bubbling pools - for obvious reasons - of such things as water, mud, wine, chocolate, Jell-O, and mysterious slime. The kitchens are always well stocked, the furnishings well appointed. The best sound systems in the Pantheon are here, although it's superior by a very slim margin (It's rumored that Akio Ohtori "persuades" Tony Stark to hand over the blueprints for every new sound system as soon as they're conceived), and, obviously, many songs about love and sex are available to listen. Infamously, there is a door which opens into an explicit wing of the House of Knowledge's Library, and a strange little room in which anything and everything a visitor finds exciting can be seen. Clothing is optional in designated areas, keeping in with the whole "Lust" thing. Like the house of Gender, it's also fully supportive of the LGBTQ+ community as no form of carnal pleasure between consenting adults is unacceptable there.

A visitor's final and most emphatic warning is this: don't go beyond the place where the columns become supple, that place where the very nonhuman make their homes. Unless you're into that.

While the house is very heavy on the sex and mating, it also doesn't skimp on romance and sheer beauty. As such, around The Pleasure Dome, are the Meadows of Arcadia, an evergreen wilderness where a visitor may witness pure beauty, with its spectacular auroras at night, and its flawless blue sky in daytime which is at times interrupted by a fresh rainstorm. Animals, plants and all natural phenomena take the most exquisite forms and colors in there, as a celebration of splendor and ineffable beauty. The flowers, herbs and all forms of vegetation exhale the most pleasing smells and none of the carnivorous animals hunt others since no animal present ever feels the need to eat, they just exist here serenely, only drinking the water from the numerous rivers meandering the place.

The meadows also feature a very special place called the Transmutation Waterfall, a misty cascade where any being who showers in comes out in the most attractive form they could take. However, this comes at the price of never using this newfound appearance for selfish or nefarious purposes, since such use thereof would inevitably result in that person withering into their ugliest appearance without any chance of getting back to what they were before. Thus, not that many people dared to shower in it. Spending time in the meadows always leaves one dazed and usually wanting to come back every now and then as the calming and enchanting visuals and atmosphere it presents, even during its rare rainstorms, have a rejuvenating effect on the viewer.

Be cautious when wandering this house, as Belle is a Princess of Heart; any attempts to kidnap her or use her to recreate the χ-blade will get you ripped into shreds by the Beast, and if you survive, you will be banned.

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The Nurturers

Belldandy, Goddess of Magical Girlfriends

    Hinata Hyuga 
Hinata Hyuga, Goddess of Devotion to One’s Love (Byakugan Princess, Hinata Uzumaki, The Queen of Gluttony, Gesshoku no Hinata)
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  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A White Lily
  • Theme Song: Her titular theme, Fuyu no Owari Ni by Nana Mizuki
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Struggles with Cripping Shyness due to her Troubled Past and Turmoil with her Family, Is Incredibly Devoted to Naruto whom she Loved and Admired Since Childhood, Shares More in Common with Naruto than Expected despite their Differences, Close-Range Combatant, Supernatural Martial Arts, Girly Bruiser, Lady of War, Incredibly Empathetic and Compassionate towards Others but Not Above Fighting when She has To, True Blue Femininity Exotic Eye Designs, Hime Cut, Associated with Flowers and is a Basis for her Name, Graceful Ladies Like Purple, Becomes more Confident and Hopeful about Herself Overtime, Living Emotional Crutch, Enjoys a Stable Marriage with Naruto and is a Great Mother to her Children though is More than Capable of Scaring her Husband and Son
  • Domains: Devotion, Water, Insecurity, Confidence, Knitting, Love
  • Followers: Shinobu Maehara, Amanda Sefton
  • Herald: The Hyuga Clan (especially Hiashi [her father], Neji [her cousin], and Hanabi [her younger sister]) Himawari Uzumaki (her daughter)
  • Avatar: Nana Mizuki
  • Family: Naruto Uzumaki (her husband), Boruto Uzumaki (her son), Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki (her parents-in-law)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Yuuki Terumi, Ozai, Azula, Heihachi Mishima
  • Odd Friendship: Son Chi Chi, Hit
  • On Speaking Terms With: Holden Caulfield
  • Uneasy Relationship: Obito Uchiha, Nagato, Orochimaru
  • Interests: Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire
  • Sympathizes With: Carrie White
  • Pities: Kazuya Mishimanote , Jin Kazama
  • Unknown Relationship: Sasuke Uchiha
  • Born to the prestigious Hyuga Clan from the Hidden Leaf Village and raised to be the next heir in line as part of the main family branch, Hinata was a girl whose life turned out to be more complicated and severe than she had hoped. Being fragile in mind and strength and the victim of a kidnapping attempt, Hinata became ostracized by her family and left to fend for herself, crippling her self-esteem and aspirations for the future. Throughout her childhood, the only two bright spots in her life were with Naruto Uzumaki, a fellow boy who also faced alienation from the village who inspired her to think better about herself, and Kurenai Yuhi, a jonin ninja who would later become her sensei once Hinata became a genin of Team 8. Around that time, Hinata would challenge her cousin and a member of the Branch House of her clan, Neji, and though she lost, she would continue improving herself thanks to her newfound friends and confidence and even win back the respect and appreciation of her clan. Hinata also developed strong feelings for Naruto that developed since their childhood and which were realized in her battle against the Akatsuki leader Pain, though events leading up to the Fourth Shinobi War would cause the two to focus on protecting their village and saving the world from Tobi and Madara. It wouldn't be until two years later with a planetary threat by a descendant of Kaguya Otsutsuki named Toneri had the moon set on a collision course on Earth attempted to kidnap Hinata and her sister, Hanabi, in an attempt to harvest their Byakugan and evolve his own eyes into the Tenseigan as well as have the former as his wife. In an attempt to stop the catastrophe, Naruto finally managed to realize his love for Hinata and the two defeat Toneri as well as affirm their love and affection for one another. The two became a loving couple, becoming well-respected members of the Leaf Village with Naruto becoming the Seventh Hokage and Hinata being known as the Byakugan Princess, and they would get married a few years later, soon bearing two children of their own named Boruto and Himawari.
  • Hinata's ascension into the Pantheon occurred not too long after her husband's. It was sudden to the point where there was no record of her being a herald to Naruto, and she was proud to take action on that as it showed just how devoted and affectionate she is towards the Seventh Hokage. She recalls her first experience in the Pantheon as assuring Naruto that if he was to take part in a foreign realm, she will always be there for him, be it as emotional or direct support, something that spurred Naruto to ask her to tag along there. Surprisingly for them, their first time there was relatively peaceful, with the couple exploring the Pantheon and admiring its sense of wonder and scope. Sure, Cosmos warned them of the threats that were to come to them, be they old or new, but she also told Naruto and Hinata to take their time in getting settled in the Pantheon, believing that the two of them would serve as great mediators for others in the event they stumble across the pair, taking note of the fact that Naruto and Hinata were incredibly empathetic and compassionate people. Sure they would enter conflict against foes, both new and familiar ones, but Hinata was happy with being in the Pantheon by that point and wants to make the most of her time there and protect it as if it were a second home to her.
  • As a member of the Hyuga Clan, Hinata is a proficient and skilled warrior, befitting of her title as The Byakugan Princess, but beyond that, she was a woman defined by her sense of love and compassion towards those she cares about, especially her husband and children, with the youngest, Himawari, being taken along as a herald she shares with Naruto. Most who are familiar with Hinata would acknowledge that she is willing to fight a good fight when she needs to, but is just as willing to sing befriend others and provide good company, a trait highly inspired by her husband's nature as a Determinator and Naruto himself would similar cite Hinata as a reason why he tends to try to reach out to others and connect with them, especially if they're either lonely by nature, or orphans. Of course, when it comes to combat, Hinata and the Hyuga are renowned for two abilities they possess since birth; the Gentle Fist combat style that allows users to target and inflict internal damage by attacking the opponent's Chakra Pathway System, akin to using a surgical technique to inflict massive damage with even a slight, yet precise tap. This is further compounded by the second ability, the Byakugan, an inherent dojutsu that allows the user to see at a near 360-degree angle at a wide distance depending on training, save for a specific blindspot at the back of the head/neck as well as looking through almost any obstacle such as walls, underground, and human content, effectively seeing the organs like an x-ray. A combination of those two, plus the Eight Trigrams style used to block off chakra pathways by directly striking one's chakra points immobilizes one's ability to use their chakra as well as physically moving for some time, making the Hyuga a worthy successor of the Otsutsuki Clan, with Hinata being a sterling example of such.
  • While usually identified as being Naruto's closest confidant in the Pantheon, Hinata does have her own tales to share and she's not afraid of expressing that. It's not for nothing that she became a mascot representative for the House of Love and Affection and earned much respect from the Houses of Family and Relatives and Friendship and Camaraderie, though she does get somewhat hesitant about mentioning all the high praises she gets, thinking that she doesn't exactly need too many accolades. Her compassion and ability to greatly motivate others made her good friends with Nia Teppelin, who also underwent a period of being a morale booster for a downtrodden hero, namely Simon. Though Nia's story had a tragic, if bittersweet, outcome, she and Hinata don't let those influence their views toward each other at all and have stuck to just helping and supporting each other as much as they can as well as Hinata feeling that Nia being in the Pantheon can allow for her to seek a new and happier outcome for Nia and her friends, a sentiment that she greatly appreciated.
  • While not as severe as, say, Sasuke and the Uchiha Clan, Hinata is not one to talk to regarding family feuds, especially if they branch out to being outright hostile and end up hurting everyone involved. Though she met and befriended Ryu Hayabusa for having strong convictions about family and honour as well as a desire to protect and help others, that was before Hinata found out about Ryu's past about his clan being slaughtered by Ryu's mentor and uncle, who only did it out of his desire for power and recognition, and even after the revelation, Hinata chose not to judge Ryu by his past, knowing that she was a victim to that, albeit her's was more being seen as a disappointment and had to live out much of her childhood as a recluse. With Kasumi and Ayane, Hinata expressed concerns, as while she could sympathize with what the sisters had gone through in their youths, she thinks Ayane trying to kill Kasumi because of her status as an illegitimate child and for her being disgraced for it whilst Kasumi was still well-treated, even if their clan ordered Ayane to do so, wasn't justified and was willing to call her out on it. That said, Kasumi and Ayane have since started to cool down their rivalry and get along, even if progress seems slow. Hinata has since taken steps to visit the two sisters and befriend them, even getting Kasumi and Ayane to get well-acquainted with other Konoha ninjas and become a mediator to the duo on occasion if Ryu isn't present.
    • She's not happy with the predicament that the Mishima Family is in. Much like the Hyuga, they are dedicated to proving their societal standing via their combat prowess, but learning of how Heihachi became abusive to his son, Kazuya, made Hinata very much in opposition against the former, feeling that while not too different from her own father, at least Hiashi wasn't on board with the idea of killing his daughters because they possessed a special set of powers, though she does agree in that the Devil Gene is something that needs to be stopped. Hinata pities Kazuya and would like to help him, but those chances aren't happening due to Kazuya being willing to embrace the Devil Gene, so Hinata wasn't hesitant on opposing him either. Kazuya's son, Jin Kazama, was the only one that Hinata could properly talk to and as much as Jin appreciated her efforts to support him, the fact that he was willing to start a war caused Hinata to wisely step back. Jin still tolerates her and is thankful for Hinata in trying to help him, but she solemnly admits that she can't really aid a war criminal, even if it's a sympathetic one, and instead seeks a way to get Jin to give up on that pursuit whilst still fending off his Devil Gene.
  • She became fast friends with Aang once the two of them had a chance encounter with each other, namely when Aang himself decided to visit the Ninja World out of curiosity and expressed an interest in meeting with Naruto. Of course, Hinata happened to be alongside her husband by the time Aang met the Seventh Hokage. The three of them quickly got along thanks to their innate kindness and desire to help others, with Naruto and Aang even seeing some similarities as prophesied saviours and uniting a continent that was once divided by political tensions and warfare. Hinata also got along with Katara and the two of them sometimes hang out with each other, telling tales of how they met their husbands and whatever epic and zany tales they could share. It helps that Katara is willing to look past Hinata's tragic past and simply see her for the person she is now while Hinata herself is happy to learn that Katara is a valuable friend and ally in times of need. Since then, Naruto and Hinata have kept in contact with Aang and Katara, visiting them as a sign of friendship as well as an opportunity to defend their homelands if they ever needed their help.
    • Hinata also became well-acquainted with Zuko of the Fire Nation mainly thanks to Aang's influence and the two of them were quick to relate with one another due to a collection of misfortune regarding family. Zuko would rather not talk about his experiences with his father and older sister, and Hinata would soon learn why once she learned about Ozai and Azula. Hinata was appalled by how Zuko's father and sister turned out and she would rather avoid them, though she would fight them if they ever threaten her and her friends. She could pity Azula to a degree as even Zuko and Katara have done so, feeling that she would have turned out better had it not been for Ozai's influence. With Ozai himself, Hinata has no such sympathy and while she does get reminded by her own father, Hiashi, Hinata claimed that he still cared about the Hyuga and that he would eventually come to regret his past treatment towards his older daughter. With Ozai never showing any remorse for his actions, Hinata simply feels that Ozai is hopeless and sometimes questions how he could be so evil, to begin with. Ozai simply sees Hinata as another pest to deal with while Azula feels insulted about the very idea of being pitied and has warned Hinata not to do that again.
  • She had a chance encounter with Carrie White and very quickly felt that something felt off about her. In spite of a lot of people treating Carrie as someone they would avoid out of fear, Hinata opted to approach her calmly and just talk to her about why she looks morose as well as potentially get her to cheer up as that was something Naruto would have done. Carrie was able to talk and express her feelings and her past, which did upset Hinata as she felt that Carrie never really got over her past of being dominated by an abusive fundamentalist mother and bullied by her classmates for simply looking like a "freak", but also unnerved by her psychic powers and the attack she carried after being humiliated one too many times. That said, given how kindly Hinata treated and spoke towards her, Carrie felt somewhat pacified and even peaceful, feeling glad that someone decided to treat her compassionately in spite of her past. Hinata stated that she's been ostracized too, but found somebody to look up to and made an effort to be a better person than before and that Carrie is also capable of doing that. For once, Carrie felt like she finally had someone she could call a friend and was thankful for Hinata, though she does admit that trying to be a better person is really hard at the moment. Regardless, Hinata has since kept in contact with Carrie and tries to fulfill a mentor/social morale role for her, thinking that Carrie could potentially become better and heal from her old wounds.
  • While she's aware that they're making an attempt in becoming better than they were, Hinata does feel somewhat apprehensive about Nagato and Obito, especially the former as he personally destroyed Konoha and later almost killed Hinata when she tried to defend Naruto from being taken away to have Kurama extracted. Still, she was able to recognize that they, too, were bought about by tragic circumstances and does wish that they do their best as protectors for the Pantheon if possible, and Naruto being a confidant who inspired them to become better in the first place helps the situation as Nagato and Obito have since recognized Hinata's importance and are willing to help her if possible. On the other hand, Nagato does feel rather conflicted about how to approach Hinata as while he's aware of what he's done would have made her oppose and hate him, though Hinata doesn't have any sense of contempt towards him and she was simply doing what she thought was simply protecting those whom she loved. Still, Nagato felt that regardless of the situation, he would rather see Hinata as an ally for the moment while Obito was more commending towards Naruto for earning his love where he failed, though Hinata and Naruto were quick to note that Obito will someday get to see his own love, Rin, someday in the Pantheon, something that Obito hopes for in the future.
  • Her ability to express great love and devotion as well as being stalwart about protecting those she cares about caught the attention of the Star Sapphire Corps, who felt that Hinata would be a great addition to their membership. It started when Carol Ferris, their main representative in the Pantheon personally visited the former Hyuga heiress and started off by complimenting Hinata's feats and her capability for affection. Hinata was appreciative and was intrigued by the idea of an intergalactic corps, but also admitted that it was a bit much to take in, considering that her main loyalty is to her husband and her village. Regardless, Hinata was glad to hear that Naruto was also friends with the Green and Blue Lantern Corps who generally looked up to the Seventh Hokage for his determination and for inspiring hope toward others and given Carol's close relationship with one of the main members of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Hinata decided to accept a Violet Lantern ring as a sign of respect and establishing a good partnership with Carol and the Star Sapphires. That said, Hinata has kept her ring closed off for now, only desiring to use it in the event that she really needs it, not to mention that Carol has stated that there will come a time when Hinata would wear her ring.
  • Given her reclusive nature during her childhood and teenhood, Hinata was very welcome to the idea of meeting with those who've gone through a similar phase, hoping that she could use her experiences to help them out and be friends. Among those included Violet Parr, a teenager who has the ability to turn invisible at will as well as create force fields, but struggled with being shy and unconfident before her heroic acts with her family made her more open and Allison Reynolds who dealt with Parental Neglect and coped with it by having weird antics and being blunt about her thoughts, however zany they may be. Hinata was happy to learn that both girls were doing what they could to improve themselves, and was willing to check up on Allison as she hoped that the teen could grow up to become better than her parents. Holden Caulfield proved more complicated as he was rebellious and ended up causing trouble that resulted in him being expelled from his school, though he didn't intend for his younger sister to take after him, which rattled him enough to try improving himself as a person. At least Hinata is nice to him and could relate to being protective about their younger siblings, but she does find it hard to really understand Holden's troubles, given how different they are, but she hasn't given up on him, which Holden begrudgingly respected.
  • Hinata didn't expect herself to become associated with a few individuals because of her combat style, but one did come in the form of an intergalactic assassin known as Hit, who expressed some degree of interest in Hinata for her background as a Hyuga and for her proficiency in the Gentle Fist and Eight Trigrams style. Hinata was initially hesitant, given Hit's profession, but once Hit asked to gauge her combat prowess, Hinata proved to be quite impressive and skilled despite the wide power gap the two had. Despite Hit being way stronger, he was honourable enough to hold back his power and give Hinata a fighting chance. Overall, the two of them developed an Odd Friendship of sorts, with Hinata seeing Hit as a good training partner and Hit respecting Hinata's open-minded nature and kindness, though he can understand why she still feels rather uncertain about his job as an assassin. On the other hand, Hinata also strangely got along with Chi-Chi despite their contrasting attitude. The two share some humour about harshly disciplining their loved ones and they both have equal respect for each other as mothers. Hinata thinks that as extreme as Chi-Chi could get regarding her shouts, she does mean well, and does understand why she tries to be strict towards her husband and her sons as Hinata also has that mindset towards Boruto. Even then, Hinata does enjoy Chi-Chi's antics towards Goku just as much as Chi-Chi does Hinata being loving and scolding towards Boruto.
  • As a representative of love and affection, Hinata has a number of friends and fans from that side, and while tough, she is happy with much of it and tries to get along with them as much as she can. She loves to spend company with those who've been in love with someone since childhood, such as Bianca Piper and Wesley Rush as their story was a pretty cute one to listen to and Hinata is supportive of their future endeavours. She also found the story of Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin to be an interesting one and easily got along with them as they came to appreciate Hinata's hospitality and well as simply helping them out, a quirk that she got from her husband and wishing to impart that onto the trio as Manolo and Maria were a Happily Married couple while Joaquin is making an effort to be selfless and helpful towards others. Other couples like Taki and Mitsuha were generally appreciative, but Hinata was also quick to see that they've yet to fully recover from past events and is eager to help and get along with them, though Hinata was also curious to learn that they had a thematic theme to their love represented by a red string similar to her own with Naruto via a red scarf. Shouya and Shouko was a hard one to discuss, given that the former used to bully the latter during their early school years before Shouya realized his mistake and tried to make amends, but Hinata instead insisted that Shouya make the best out of his love for Shouko and to remain a better man, words that ended up furthering Shouya's drive to prove his worth and affection for Shouko as well as being a good friend to those he cares about.
    • On a related note, she developed a good friendship with Ochako Uraraka due to a number of similarities they had. They even entertained the fact that they had the exact birthdate of December 27th. The two understood the feeling of being attracted to those that everybody saw as the underdog and them placing a good deal of their support and attention towards them, though several factors went in the way of them professing their feelings towards their affection. Uraraka admitted that while she loves Izuku Midoriya for his adamant and determined nature to be the best hero possible and for being a general sweetheart, she decided to keep her feelings to herself until they were confident enough and their own baggage was set aside. In Hinata's case, Naruto's constant struggles with his nature as a jinchuriki as well as not really being familiar with romantic love up until early adulthood were why he didn't realize Hinata's romantic feelings. Regardless, both girls were happy that they've proven themselves as capable of helping others and being endearing figures of support for anyone they come across, with Hinata openly praising Uraraka's occupation as a hero and Uraraka seeing Hinata as a standout for kindness and overcoming past doubts.
  • To the surprise of a lot of people, Hinata is just as capable of being a Big Eater just like her husband. In fact, Hinata can actually outlast Naruto in an eating contest, as proven in a ramen-eating contest that she participated in alongside him and his secondary sensei, Yamato, who also managed to beat Naruto, with Hinata earning the moniker of the "Queen of Gluttony". And yet, when she visits the House of Food in the insistence of her husband, Hinata never really reveals this side of her, or least outwardly. Some people have noted how she's able to eat a lot, yet still feel as if it wasn't enough and she'll gladly take another order. Some have vouched for Hinata taking on an eating competition with other notorious food devourers like Goku and Luffy, but Hinata doesn't really want to involve herself in that and cites that it's not really in her nature to be a competitor, despite knowing that Naruto is good friends with them. Still, she very easily gets along with said House pretty well and is respectful about how much she wants to each, in spite of not being picky about most choices. Other than that, she would also like to visit the House of Plants to water some flowers, a hobby that she also happens to share with Naruto and is indicative of their strong bond with each other.
When I watch you, I feel strong, like I can do anything – that even I am worth something.

    Violet Evergarden 
Violet Evergarden, Goddess of Not Understanding What Love Is (Vi, The Battle Maiden of Leidenschaftlich, Saber, PTSD Saber, Violet Sabergarden, Fullmetal Saber)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her emerald brooch; alternatively, two mechanical arms typing on a CH Postal Corp. Typewriter
  • Theme Song: Theme of Violet Evergarden, Sincerely by TRUE (Miyo Karasawa), Michishirube by Minori Chihara
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly has a Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Doesn't know what love is until she became much more emotional and understanding on other people and finally understands what love is, Artificial Limbs, At first always follows what she is instructed to do because it's her duty, Will travel anywhere where her clients are no matter what, Parasol of Prettiness, Keeps her brooch as a reminder of Gilbert, Former Child Soldier who is a girl, Mysterious Past, Touches things using her mouth, Was traumatized by the war for a while thanks to her emotional development and tried to commit suicide but Erica and Iris unknowingly stopped her for it, Loses both of her mechanical arms to stop a train accident until she gained new ones
  • Domains: Typewriters, Former Soldiers, Emotional Development
  • Heralds: The rest of CH Postal Company, Gilbert Bougainvillea (her husband).
  • High Priest: Ai Mikaze
  • Allies: Saber/Artoria Pendragon, 2B, Sousuke Sagara, Heero Yuy, Rei Ayanami, Steve Rogers, Karl Fairburne, The Plain Doll, The Courier, BJ Blazkowicz, Terra Branford, Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya, Alfred Kralik and Klara Novak, Lag Seeing and Niche, Joe Bonham, Mary Dinkle and Max Horowitz, SSgt. Baker and SSgt. Hartsock, Amelia Bedelia, Thunder (Girls' Frontline), Charlie Company, Kumiko Oumae of the Kitauji Quartet, Tedeza Rize (Is The Order a Rabbit?), Flyora, Athena (Tomorrowland), Isuzu Sento
  • Odd Friendship: Mikazuki Augus
  • Enemies: Voldemort, Red Skull, Deathshead, Malekith (Warhammer)
  • Opposes: Hazama, General Zod
  • On Good terms with: Dana Zane, Rafisol
  • A former child soldier who used to live in the wild until she was taken care of by Gilbert Bougainvillea. She became one of the most dangerous soldiers the entire military industry has ever known despite her age thanks to her ruthlessness, willingness to follow orders to the point it's her definitive personality, her social isolation, and the inability to express emotions. While originally becoming an Auto-Memories Doll (a job exclusive for women where they use typewriters to write for others; from scripts to letters to literature and more) because this is what Gilbert would have wanted her to become, she decided to pursue the career in order to understand what the latter meant by the words "I love you". Throughout her journey, she became much more emotional, formed genuine bonds with different people, becoming her own person, and breaking her mentality of following orders like a soldier.
  • A lot of people call her a "saberface" because she shares similar appearances to Artoria Pendragon. The two feel some kinship with each other as their inability to express emotions, not having the time to socialize with others and to understand them because they are too focused on their own duties which caused people to dismiss them as uncaring. It wasn't until they got a new chance in life (Violet experiencing the life of a citizen and Artoria being summoned in the 5th Holy Grail War) did they start to open up to others, be able to express their emotions, and try to understand people. They started to hang out very often whenever Violet doesn't have any clients.
  • Gets along with Rei Ayanami as they are both (or in Violet's case, used to) emotionless girls who don't understand love who later on develop something from the one person who became their first friend. Violet wishes that she should learn more emotions so that she could be able to emote just like what happened to her. To help her with this, she occasionally invites Rei to her jobs that requires writing someone's feelings for someone else in a letter so that the latter would be able to understand them, since this is how Violet herself was able to learn emotions, but so far, the progress is very minimal, but Violet is determined to make it work.
  • Similarly, she formed a bond with Terra Branford for how they both were used as tools of war in their childhoods and felt as a result that they were incapable of understanding love. She enjoys how Terra is always patient and understanding with her and they are both willing to admit to their awkwardness or ways they sometimes don't fit in socially with other people's emotional bonds. She often spends time with her in the house of Communities and Solitude, both observing how people connect with each other there.
  • Is shocked to hear that she and 2B share similar voices. They find some common ground in that they are both emotionless girls who are raised as murderers who learn how to emote and engage in conversations. Hearing about 2B's backstory made her extremely empathetic with her, reducing her to tears. She's glad to see that 2B got to have a reunion with 9S and A2 and hopes that she'll be happy here unlike the world she lives in.
  • Voldemort is baffled at Violet's new understanding of love, stating that it is a weakness by reminding her of how her new empathy caused her to commit suicide once because of how she understood the scars that are burning inside her heart. Violet retorted against him, not wanting to be near him ever again.
  • Due to their upbringing as child soldiers who couldn't understand the feelings of others and civilian life, she became friends with Sousuke Sagara. Sousuke was furious to learn that the people in her old job wanted to use her as a weapon forever and he's glad that one of her only friend's friends helped her escape from that life and gave her a second chance. Also Heero Yuy, for the same reason along with the fact they both have now adjusted to social life and learn to show emotions and care for others, and that they are extremely serious about their jobs that they refrain themselves from showing their emotions until their job ended.
  • Upon hearing her history in the military, both Red Skull and Deathshead wanted to recruit her, hoping that they would reduce her to her former state. Hearing about this, Violet vowed never to associate with them as their motivations and agenda disgust her and stated how they're lucky she hates killing after experiencing mental breakdown and tried to kill herself for it.
  • Admires Steve Rogers for being different than the rest of the soldiers she met is that he really doesn't enjoy killing unless he has to and his dedication to protect not just his country but the rest of the world. Also Karl Fairburne for his dedication as not just a soldier but for also discarding his objectives for the greater good. Fairburne in his part is impressed of how a young girl who is still probably about 14 years old is able to cope with all of the military training that are not normal for a child like her. It also helps that Violet's former nature reminds him of that of his leader.
  • Often called a doll by the people she meet thanks to her appearance and physical structure. Both Terumi and Hazama called her a doll mockingly because it amuses them. She became interested in the latter upon learning he was able to learn emotions like herself but inflicting pain to do it disturbs her and the fact they're in the same subhouse didn't make things better.
    • Her being called a doll is how she met The Plain Doll. Violet is interested that she is an emotionless but kindhearted living doll who explicitly loves humanity, remain loyal to one person, and she was able to learn joy because of an object. Ultimately, the two get along and often tell each other's stories.
  • Wanted to meet The Courier due to being the Pantheon's official deliverer. The Courier is interested to learn about the functions of her job in her world and because of this, wants to associate with her. Sometimes, whenever The Courier has so much to deliver and if Violet doesn't have any clients today, she occassionally helps him as she diesn't want his job to be difficult, even if he politely tells her that he'll do it all by himself.
  • Due to becoming enemies with the two Nazis, she was approached by BJ Blazkowicz. She admitted that they never exist in her world, but their actions and agenda remind her of the situation when she was forced to stop an anti-peace faction to save Dietfried. It doesn't help that the Nazis rule his world which didn't go well.
  • A lot of people want to know if this version of Violet is from the original version or the altered version, since there are a lot of differences between the two, the biggest ones being that in the original version, it turns out Gilbert is actually alive and reunited with Violet, while in the altered version, his fate is unknown and is up to interpretation, especially the last scene of where Violet last appeared. The Court of Gods confirmed that she is from the latter, but she also has memories from the former world, which shocked her a little bit upon searching through her counterpart's memories, but didn't influence her in any way. It became a moot point as in that same alternate world, she also reunites with Gilbert and spended the rest of their lives together on the island.
  • As a notable letter writer, she shares a mutual fascination with Alfred Kralik and Klara Novak. Violet's quest to understand the meaning of love by writing letters for others makes her naturally very interested in how Kralik and Klara's correspondence played an important role in their forming a loving relationship for life. Kralik and Klara in turn think Violet's occupation and especially reason for choosing it are quite something, even if they personally cannot imagine relying on someone else to convey the true extent of their feelings on their behalf. Still, for Violet's sake, they hope her peculiar line of work can help her find the thing she is looking for.
  • General Zod is genuinely baffled by Violet in the sense that after her military services, she went on to become a typographer, writing and delivering letters in a personal quest to understand emotions, especially love. Zod thinks Violet is wasting her natural talents of being a fighter, especially after learning how she was once an orphan who was struggling to survive on her own, which was something Zod related to in an incident where he had to fend for himself after his own parents' death. He thinks that Violet should have gone on to become an army general and avenge the "death" of her caretaker, Gilbert Bougainvillea if she really missed him. Violet herself doesn't like Zod either, she sees the Kryptonian as a crazed, delusional military leader who doesn't want to admit his own faults, not to mention that she saw the war she partook in as a mistake that she wants to move on from. She also took offense in Zod mentioning Gilbert, considering that the latter came to care for her well-being, in contrast to Zod, who saw his own son as expendable and finding his beliefs as nonsensical. Not that it matters much as Gilbert actually survived the war and Violet found a new purpose in life via her letter-writing job, which allowed her to feel endeared towards and beloved by many. Oddly enough, there's the fact that Zod is capable of love and empathy, but doesn't quite grasp Violet's take and goal towards it, much to the warlord's frustration.
  • Can also be found in Other Emotions.
  • "It is a pleasure to meet you. I will travel anywhere to meet your request. Auto Memories Doll Violet Evergarden at your service."

Perverters of Love

Aphrodite, Pantheon's Most Beautiful Goddess, Goddess of Cheating Lovers (Aphrodite Urania, Aphrodite Pandemos, Aphrodite Areia/Aphrodite the Warlike, Venus, Goddess of Beauty, Aphro, Aph, Massive Intelligent Life-Form Guidance Terminal/Spiritron Info-Warfare Fighter)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A heart symbol in an opened scallop shell.
  • Alignment: Formerly True Neutral, now either Neutral or Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Beauty Personified, Deity of Love, Really Gets Around, The Power of Love (Which Is Awesome), Stripperiffic, Ethical Sluts, Good Bad Girls, Lovable Sex Maniacs, Refusing To Sleep With Her Husband, Broken Bird, Support Presence, Being Used As A Measurement Of Beauty (With Her Being Said To Be 'Less' Beautiful), Shrugging Off Status Effects, Was Worshipped As A Goddess Of Both Love and War In Her Earliest Mythological Depictions
  • Domain: Love, Beauty, Lust, War (as Aphrodite Areia)
  • Husband: Hephaestus
  • Allies: Zeus, Hercules, Kratos(?), Reika Aoki, The Investigation Team, Guan Yu, Thor, Sun Wukong, Pit, Wonder Woman, the Anarchy Sisters, Angelo
  • Uneasy Relationship: Ares, Andromeda Shun, Artemis
  • Enemies: the other Hades, Hera, Eos
  • Respects: Boa Hancock
  • When Kratos destroyed Mount Olympus, Aphrodite was one of the survivors. She found herself amongst the Trope Pantheons, in order to serve as the Distaff Counterpart of Hercules' portfolio, and when it was revealed that she has been seen in the Battlefield of the Gods and cheating with a lot of deities and in the same time, giving them great support, which surprises even Cosmos and many of the House of Love, who knew that cheating isn't always negative and can be beneficial?
  • They were even more surprised when it was revealed that Aphrodite harbored a lot of regret on causing the Trojan War, and the reason she was seen in the Battlefield of the Gods was to try to find out if her beauty can be used to stop war, they thought she didn't give a shit about the Trojan War after winning that 'The Fairest' apple. And that all her cheating escapades was because she's rather insecure and feeling worthless when her husband Hephaestus wasn't paying much attention to her despite her title. Of course, old habits die hard and she tends to use the facade of Proud Beauty and Bitch in Sheep's Clothing front of many, but many who knew this understood about her tortured soul.
    • Upon further investigation, it has been confirmed that she was inflicted by an element of the Pandora's Box, Lust/Vanity, but her acts came more from her natural self, being the Goddess of Beauty. It was only after an incident in the Battlefield of the Gods, when she formed a link with Guan Yu, protected him from Loki and being healed by his "infectious leadership" that the element was destroyed, allowing people to discover her broken heart.
      • Upon having similarities of the both of them using sexual acts to fend off their past they are not proud of (with Angelo being his parents and Aphrodite being herself), Angelo pities and gives her his sympathies. They can be seen with Angelo resting on her lap as the two have surprisingly deep talks about their pasts for one-half of their visits, and the other is filled with them making lewd and flirtatious remarks.
    • This also led her to rediscover her passion with Kratos after their night-stand during the fall of Olympus. But deep down she also felt a little insecure and scared, realizing the last time Kratos caved her whole Pantheon. Still, he reminded her so much with Ares... something that would make Kratos just facepalm.
  • Hanging around with various Gods here eventually even got her slightly disgusted with how Zeus acted so Kratos kicked his arse. However, Aphrodite didn't dare raise such a statement in front of Zeus. This is Zeus we're talking about after all.
    • This was also why after Hephaestus rose into the Pantheon, Aphrodite has been lately paying him a visit and secretly shares her newfound disgust, as well as how it wouldn't be possible had it not been her participation in the Battlefield of the Gods. Surprisingly, Hephaestus also understands that, and for a rare time, they were actually agreeing and treating each other with respect.
  • It was said that she's looking for what is true inner beauty, despite her title. For this, she is fond with the Guardian of inner beauties, Reika Aoki.
  • When she entered the Pantheon, she received weird looks from Andromeda Shun. This probably stems from the fact that from his knowledge, Gods aside of Athena in his realm can be such assholes, and that she shared the same name as the evil Pisces Saint. In one look, Aphrodite realized that her kiss can't charm him, so she decided to share her tale, enough that Shun would leave her alone in normal terms.
  • Many worshippers of other Goddesses would boast that their Goddesses' beauty are unmatched they're either on par or even more beautiful than Aphrodite. The Pantheon has made this a taboo, because this is usually hitting Aphrodite's insecurity and usually this would attract her wrath. Despite her portfolio, her wrath is not to be underestimated.
  • Is friends with Panty and Stocking. She especially likes the former as the two share personalities.
  • At one point, Aphrodite was planning on a beauty contest amongst the Pantheon Goddesses, but it was quickly deduced by the Investigation Team, especially Yu Narukami, that it's yet another way to mask her insecurity, and her acts reminded them of their mortal class teacher, Noriko Kashiwagi, and it's not doing good for her image. After being suggested by Narukami that she should be more confident of herself, Aphrodite was so grateful that she even offers to become his Persona at times.
  • Has a motherly sense of affection for Wonder Woman, who inherited her blessings of beauty and love, and is extremely proud of her fighting in the name of love and peace.
  • Whenever she gets near Nyarlathotep, she couldn't understand how it came to be so far, but... she hates him. She thinks he didn't deserve any 'love'. So far, seems like only Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano and Eikichi Mishina has any idea why she thinks like that.
  • Also hates the other Hades who just wouldn't leave her insecurity alone like the original one, instead mocking it at every opportunity possible. On the other hand, she had quite the interest of Pit not just for his opposition against this Hades, but him being a short-statured winged youth mainly wielding a bow reminded her of her son Cupid/Eros.
  • A little known fact about Aphrodite is that in her earliest mythological depictions, she was worshipped as a goddess of both love and war. This form of Aphrodite, known as “Aphrodite Areia” (which basically translates as “Aphrodite The Warlike”), was mainly worshipped in Sparta and it’s surrounding regions. However, she hasn’t assumed that guise in a long time and she doesn’t plan to do so unless she has to, mostly because she doesn’t want to seal her siblings Ares and Athena’s thunder. If her enemies ever end up pushing her too far, she’ll get serious and she’ll show them exactly why war was one of her domains. As Aphrodite Areia, her personality changes to resemble what she was in her younger days and she becomes a One-Woman Army Blood Knight who delights in both love and war.
  • Whenever she makes an appearance, a little ditty seems to follow her.
    "Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Aphrodite~ The goddess of love!"

    Claude Frollo 
Judge Claude Frollo, Celestial Being of Lustful Desires But Condemning It
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Red-Cloaked Figure surrounded by fire.
  • Theme Song: "Hellfire" (film), Majestic Wings (Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance])
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (believes himself to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: A Fanatical Churchgoing Villain, Driven Mad from Lust, Stalker with a Crush, A Hypocrite Who Thinks He's the Holiest and is Desperate to Deny His Own Sinfulness, Irrational Hatred of the Romani, One of the Most Realistically Disturbing and Evil Villains in Disney History
  • Domains: Fire, Evil Justice, Law, Retribution
  • Followers: Caleb, Cardinal Roark, Count Veger, Danisha
  • Herald: Wargoyle
  • Allies: Light Yagami, Altena, The Red Skull, Seymour Guado, RinJuken Warriors, Gaston, Ultima & The Lucavi, Kirei Kotomine, YHVH, Metatron, and the rest of the Grand United Alliance of Law, Sugou Nobuyuki AKA King Oberon of Alfheim Online, Embryo
  • Enemies: Quasimodo, ESMERALDA, Clopin Trouillefou, Sora, Riku, Dr. Doom, Captain America, Magneto, Angelo, Princess Cadance, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Not so different from: Judge Doom
  • Fears: Dokuro, Melkor
  • Opposed by: Most other Disney villains
  • Heaping further embarrassment upon his head, Frollo has, based upon his mistaken view of his alignment and portfolio (believing himself to be the God of Justice), made several failed applications to the House of Goodness. Each and every vote thus far has been unanimously against.
  • Oyashiro-Sama also hates him due to evil clergy causing a Corrupt Church. However, Ultima & the Lucavi saw him as a 'perfect' preacher and encourages Frollo's dark activities.
  • He finds no favor even with other villains of the Disney Animated Canon, as many of them practice magic; in addition, some are of other races and even species. With this in mind, he is especially hated by Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar, Yzma, Dr. Facilier, and their supreme leader, the Evil Queen.
  • He also tried to attack Sora and Riku with a Wargoyle, to say it ended poorly for him would be an understatement.
  • He was once banned from the House of Love due to his lustful ways creeping out the gods that live there. However, with his new title, he was official place in sub-house of Lust. They are still creeped out by him.
  • Frollo has become the laughing stock of the Pantheon following the revelation that he was friend zoned by Panty of all people.
    • This has reached an all time high now that Panty finally is dating Brief and even having sex with him. His screams of anguish couldn't even drown out a fifth of the ridicule and laughter he faced from his other deities in his sub-house. Gaston had to stay in his temple for a whole week while trying to console him before he could even go out.
  • Out of all the gods in the Tainted Love group, Princess Cadance hates Frollo the most; as she believes his lust for Esmeralda and the extremes he'll go to when trying to kill her represents the absolute worse of this group.
    • In turn, Frollo sees Cadance as a temptress that uses dark magic to corrupt the hearts of innocents, which she finds GREATLY insulting.
  • Frollo has learned that one of his followers, Danisha, is madly in love with him and has a very... unique interpretation of him. She believes Frollo to be a genuinely kind and loving man, who was abducted by the Romani, who disguised one of their own as Frollo in order to drag his reputation through the mud. Frollo is unsure what to make of this.
  • The aftermath of Frollo discovered about Esmeralda's ascension is... not pretty to say the least.
    • Frollo's immediate reaction is complete denial and disbelief of how a "filthy, devilous siren" can go into this place. Esmeralda just spits in his face and then retorts that she isn't in the house where everyone visit would see how deprave and hypocritical he is. She then proceeds to kneel him (repeatedly) in the crotch as payback (due to now Frollo doesn't have any power and influence than he used to) for all the crime he did to her and her people during their time as mortal. No one's really intervening.
    • Her ascension and subsequent beatdown of him now cost Frollo to increase his hatred on her (and by extension, the Romani) even more and sworn revenge. He thankfully still just planning as after learning about her story and that she is Frollo's sworn enemy, Esmeralda was offered protection from fellow Romani deities like Rose and Scarlet Witch as well as Magneto (who knows all too well how being executed for their lifestyle feels like), while Doctor Doom made sure that Esmeralda's fellow Romani friends can stay close to her and grant immunity for the crimes they did for their survival during Frollo's persecution.
  • Frollo harbors a deep fear of Melkor, whom he believes to be Satan himself.
  • A few similarities have been noted between him and Judge Doom. Specifically the fact that they both are corrupt judges who want to purge a certain group from existence (the Romani for Frollo, toons for Doom). Frollo was actually disturbed by the comparisons while Doom was largely apathetic about them.
  • Upon hearing about Dokuro, Frollo tried to do to her what he couldn't to Panty...and failed miserably. Putting it bluntly, Frollo was killed and revived by Dokuro a total of 7 times before she decided he had enough. While he hates Panty for not sleeping with him, at least she didn't kill him.
  • Being a corrupt priest, Angelo has not a single ounce of approval for him, especially after hearing of his obsessive stalking and trying to get with Esmeralda in... less than appropriate ways. He has since been on his threat list, agonizing the priest to no end.
  • Gained the friendship of one Sugou Nobuyuki, also know as Oberon, former King of Alfheim Online. Both are tyrants with a penchant for tying up helpless young women to force themselves sexually upon and abusing his authority to satisfy his lust for power and carnal pleasures.
  • Hasn't been very proud of his otherwise badass last words in the mortal world, "And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!" because people kept making fun of how He casually replied with "Eh, OK then." (or variations thereof) and sent him to the fiery pit. Which didn't go well with his self-righteous personality.

    Queen Beryl 
Queen Beryl, Marriage Obsessed Goddess (Beryl, Commander and Queen of The Dark Kingdom, My Queen, Super Beryl)
Queen Beryl fused with Queen Metalia 
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater when fused with Queen Metalia.
  • Symbol: Her staff, surrounded by a black and red aura with Queen Metalia’s Nightmare Face above it.
  • Theme Song: Queen Beryl
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: God Save Us from the Queen!, Motivated Entirely By Her Lust For Endymion, Green-Eyed Monster, Evil Redhead, Yandere, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Bad Boss or Benevolent Boss Depending On The Adaptation, Far Worse in the 90’s Anime, Prehensile Hair, The Strategist
  • Domains: Evil, Darkness, Tyranny, Entropy, Destruction, Corruption, Strategy, Lust, Chaos, Monsters
  • Heralds: The Rest of the Dark Kingdom, which consists of Queen Metalia (Shared with Chaos), The Brainwashed Four Heavenly Kings (Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite), Every Single Youma, Thetis, The Seven Great Youma, The DD Girls, Danburite and The Dark Agency
  • Allies: Chaos, Death Phantom, The Death Busters, The Dead Moon Circus, Maleficent, Esdeath, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Yapool, Prince Hans, Gilgamesh (Fate Series), The Beast (Over The Garden Wall), The Zettons, The Heartless
  • Rivals: King Sombra, Vlad Masters, Bowser, Claude Frollo
  • Enemies: Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, SHOCKER, Metallia, Akame and Night Raid (Especially Tatsumi and Mine), The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Sora and all Good-Aligned Kingdom Hearts deities, Lucifer, Ragna the Bloodedge, The Acolyte and the Radiant Goddess, Cutey Honey, The Magical Girl Sisterhood
  • Annoyed by: Gaston
  • Interested in: The GUAC Yandere Squad
  • Once a regular Earth woman, Queen Beryl’s jealousy towards Princess Serenity over Prince Endymion attracted the likes of Queen Metalia, who made an offer she couldn’t refuse. She offered to help Beryl get the man she wants. Beryl accepted, which marked the beginning of the end for the Silver Millennium, where they created the Dark Kingdom and launched an all-out attack. This destroyed everyone and everything from the Silver Millennium, but Queen Serenity pulled a Heroic Sacrifice and sealed them away, leaving Luna and Artemis the sole survivors. Unfortunately, the seal would break in the present, and Queen Metalia, Queen Beryl and the rest of the Dark Kingdom would return to finish what they started...
  • Despite Shocker taking her place, she had never left the Pantheon, hiding out in secret for years under the noses of nearly everyone and preparing her resurgence once she had found a better trope. She revealed herself once she learned of the And Now You Must Marry Me trope, having some of her forces ruthlessly attack some of Shocker’s bases, and had gathered the energy of many of the people there thanks to her Four Heavenly Kings, putting it into awakening Queen Metalia. While it wasn’t enough to awaken her, Beryl was ecstatic at how successful this plot was and how blindsided they were. After this attack, she personally arrived to the Court of the Gods and explained just why she fits the And Now You Must Marry Me trope, and much to the displeasure of the Sailor Guardians, Luna and Mamoru Chiba, this was enough for her to reclaim a spot in the Pantheon.
  • When the Night Raid started opposing her, she told them to Bring It. When someone (namely Lubbock) did sneak in to assassinate her, he was met with a massive roadblock and was effortlessly defeated by Kunzite. Naturally, this sparked a rescue mission once Beryl revealed that he was still alive, although captive. They managed to succeed in saving him, but were forced to retreat rather than continue fighting against her kingdom at the time. Even worse, her plans to obtain Mamoru through any means necessary attracted the attention of one of Night Raid’s most heated enemies: Esdeath. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with them when they ended up getting along swimmingly.
  • She sold her very soul to Queen Metalia for a chance at love with her beloved Endymion. While she might not be fully loyal to her queen, she still desires her power to get the man she loves so much. To do this, she plans on awakening Queen Metalia once again and thanks to the collected energy from the attack she launched on some of Shocker's bases, Beryl already has a head start, and the Sailor Guardians have been trying their best to prevent her from getting more. Unfortunately, the Pantheon is a big place and not even they can cover everywhere, but thankfully there are other deities willing to pitch in and help fight against Beryl and her Dark Kingdom.
  • Gets along with Maleficent, both noting just how similar they are. It’s a win for Queen Beryl as it helps her deal with the pesky keyblade wielders that have continued getting in her way since Vanitas drew their attention towards her. She's even started controlling The Heartless, which makes things more complicated for her enemies. As for the types of Heartless she uses? She happens to favor Invisibles, Dark Balls, Wizards, Wyverns, Angel Stars and Defenders above all others.
  • Met with Chaos, who revealed itself to be the creator of Queen Metalia to Beryl, knowing full well that she would ally herself with it with that knowledge. It proved to be correct as Beryl immediately joined forces with the entity, and there are times where Chaos will lend Beryl some extra power, which is more than Queen Metalia gave her. The two are currently working on a massive project, and given who they are, it can’t be good for the Pantheon. At all.
  • Might be a Hope Crusher as well, given how Usagi reacted to her friends dying at the hands of the DD Girls. She has the respect of many Hope Crushers, though at the top of that list is Junko Enoshima, who thinks she should use the Heartless to turn Homura Akemi into another one right in front of Madoka. Queen Beryl laughed and responded to this with a simple “Maybe.” Many called her crazy at the very thought...until Chaos revealed that it is in full support of this and is willing to help out should she decide to try it. While this would normally be Too Dumb to Live, Chaos backing her up may be something to worry about. Ever since Madoka recovered some of her powers, Queen Beryl has been working with Chaos to find a way to control Kriemhild Gretchen, the two hoping to turn Madoka into a Witch, something Junko Enoshima is completely fine with as it would cause mass despair to the Magical Girl Sisterhood.
  • She often uses the power Queen Metalia gifted her, as well as that which Chaos sometimes gives more in order to help Yapool make more Choju, strengthening them with their dark powers. Yapool likes having a fellow darkness user around, especially with her and Chaos making his Choju stronger with their magic. She believes his superior, the Alien Empera, to be somewhat similar to Queen Metalia in that they want to cover everything in darkness, consequences be damned, and she has warned him about the Sailor Guardians.
  • Vanitas was very unhappy to see her return, though he knows that if he does draw attention to Queen Beryl again or tries to remove her from the Pantheon, people will get suspicious. He is rather pissed as in his mind, this adds more competition and problems in his way to forging the X-Blade, though Beryl would gladly take that if it meant Usagi’s death. He’s refrained from doing either of these so as to not endanger his plans.
  • One of the Greatest Foes of the Magical Girl Sisterhood and well aware of that fact. Her Youma have been a thorn due to their unique abilities, even when compared to some of the other Monsters the Senshi have fought against. Not to mention how much of a problem that the Four Heavenly Kings, especially Zoisite and Kunzite, have proven to be. Not to mention that Beryl has access to a crystal that can turn people into Youma, which could force the Sisterhood and their allies into a Fighting Your Friend situation.
  • Has plans to assimilate the GUAC Yandere Squad into her Dark Kingdom, by force if necessary. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with Lucifer, who knows that this could tear apart one of his factions in the GUAC on its own. In truth, she believes Lucifer to be holding them back from their true potential and ambitions, and that Queen Metalia would be a far better superior to them. Beryl boasts that they are using a form of law by default when it comes to murdering the competition, and that they’d fit far better in the Dark Kingdom, where they would have less restrictions so long as they serve her and Queen Metalia loyally. Time will tell if this plan succeeds, but she plans on brainwashing them with some of Queen Metalia’s power if they don’t come willingly.
  • Her, along with the rest of the Dark Kingdom, were Unwitting Pawns to Queen Nehelenia’s Curse to drive the Silver Millennium into ruin. As a matter of fact, it’s very likely that this curse is what resulted in the birth of Queen Metalia in the first place. Surprisingly, Beryl actually doesn’t hold being used as a pawn against Queen Nehelenia, as it gave her the opportunity to try and claim the man she desires so much. Also, they both share a massive hatred towards Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon, and they happen to sometimes bond over this...that is, when Queen Nehelenia isn’t sealed away.
  • Despite their similar goals, Vlad Plasmius and Bowser want absolutely NOTHING to do with Queen Beryl. Willingly siding with an Omnicidal Maniac was disgusting to them, and the fact that she can be a Bad Boss willing to kill her own soldiers for failures, pissing her off or both made things worse. Beryl has commented that they are willing servants and she has learned that she’ll need them, but both of them still refuse to work with her. Beryl, however, does admit that Bowser and Vlad have a point. She, in a few continuities, planned on usurping and controlling Queen Metalia’s power in order to Take Over the World as opposed to destroying it, and wants to take notes from what the Koopa King did to Antasma in order to accomplish this.
  • Claude Frollo declared her a witch and that she must be destroyed. This is one of the only times where Frollo might be correct. However, Beryl is far stronger than him, and she wants to have him turned into a Youma due to his unnatural strength. Ironically, they both have the same goals, and even went about it in similar ways. Beryl knows, however, that attempting an alliance with him would be pointless as he’s certain to reject it and claim it to be temptations of the Devil.
  • Plans on giving Chibiusa a slow, painful death after learning that she was Mamoru and Usagi’s child. Wiseman believes that it would be more entertaining to brainwash her into a tool before having her commit suicide once she is no longer useful, and Beryl, frighteningly enough, has been entertaining the thought. She plans on taking the Silver Crystal of the future off of her corpse to awaken Queen Metalia much quicker, and possibly destroy her seal completely and utterly. Wiseman has remained silent on what would happen if the present and future Silver Crystals touched, as it would cause a space-time distortion that would be nearly unstoppable...and that would be quite useful in destroying the universe in his eyes.

Eight Lovers at the Sacred Shrine

    Masaki House 
The Masaki Housemembers , Celestial Deities of Polygamous Marriage (The Masaki Family, The Highest Concentration of Power in the Universe, A Military Might with No Nation | Tenchi:  | Ryoko:  | Ayeka:  | Sasami:  | Mihoshi:  | Washu:  | Noike: )
Counter clockwise from top left: Tenchi, Ayeka, Washu, Sasami with Ryo-Ohki, Noike, Mihoshi
Center: Ryoko
  • Greater Deities as a whole (mostly Intermediate Deities separately, though several members are clear Overdeities at true power)
  • Symbol: A Juraian Royal tree
  • Theme Music: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Theme, Tension, Tenchi Muyo! TV OP
  • Alignment: Overall setted on Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cavalcade of Incest Enabled by Juraian Genetics, Battle Harem, Magnetic Girlfriends, Pretty Freeloaders, Human Aliens and Physical Gods all Older Than They Look
  • Domains: Power, Space, Family, Balance, Passion, Suffering, Competition
  • High Priests: Seina Yamada and the Kamidake II crew
  • Heralds: Katsuhito Masaki/Yosho Masaki Jurai (Tenchi's grandfather), Kiyone Makibi (Mihoshi's former police partner), Azaka and Kamidake (Ayeka's guardians)
  • Teachers: Kenshi Takahashi (Tenchi)
  • Allies: Optimus Prime, Omnimon, Son Goku, Android 21, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Copen, Gunvolt, most harem heroes and haremettes
  • Rivals: Each other (Ryoko and Ayeka); Vegeta, Naga the White Serpent (Ayeka); Bardock and Turles (Ryoko)
  • On speaking terms with: Jeanne (Ryoko); Jade Curtiss (Washu)
  • Enemies: Zonda and the Seven, Unicron, Frieza, Cell, Sheev Palpatine, Master Xehanort, Dr. Gero/Android 20
  • Odd Friendship: Androids 17 and 18 (especially Ayeka and Washu)
  • Pities: Marik Ishtar (Ryoko); Sophie (Tales of Graces), Laura Kinney/X-23 (Noike); Master Xehanort (Tenchi and Sasami)
  • Unknown Relationship: Cosmos, Eru Ilúvatar (Tenchi)
  • Approved by: Flonne, Kyu Sugardust (Tenchi)
  • Amuses: Alexstrasza (Tenchi)
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Princess Cadance
  • Complicated Relationship: Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Opposes: Jiraiya; Mugen Yoguruma (Washu); Negi Springfield (Tenchi)
  • Fears: Vaermina (Sasami); 17 and 18 (Mihoshi)
  • Respects: Kushina Uzumaki (Washu)
  • Tenchi Masaki was an ordinary high school student, or so he thought, until he explored a cave near his family's sacred shrine in Okayama, curious about the tale of a demon who had been sealed in that cave by a legendary warrior, only to unfortunately awaken said demon. He found himself terrorized and then targeted for seduction by the beautiful yet crazy space pirate Ryoko for his troubles, his school being destroyed in the process. Said space pirate would be chased by Princess Ayeka on her royal treeship Ryu-Oh, with Ayeka's sister Sasami on board, causing Ryoko to summon her personal warship Ryo-Ohki. The ensuing battle ended wit both ships destroyed, and caused Tenchi to give up on going back to high school and relocate his residence next to the Shrine. Ayeka found and planted a seed of Ryu-Oh at the shrine, while Ryoko also brought in a ridiculously cute pet cat/rabbit... who was also Ryo-Ohki. And then Galaxy Police Detective Mihoshi fell to the land of stars when they tried to fight again.
    • While the girls all settled in and became attracted to Tenchi to various degrees, they would soon be attacked by Ryoko's former criminal boss, who nearly killed Tenchi trying to reclaim her. The resulting battle on Kagato's battleship would spark the beginning of Tenchi learning about his own true power. The harem only grew from there, as they freed the villain's mentor Washu, the scientific genius who created Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki, Kagato himself, and the very spacecraft on which she'd been held captive.
    • After more misadventures involving Tenchi and the horde of alien women, including tales set in alternate continuities, Mihoshi's former police partner Noike came to claim Tenchi via arranged marriage. She too would settle into the house, and at the conclusion of at least two more wild conflicts, Washu and her divine sisters would unveil the truth about the universe.
  • As one of the first of many young men to have such adventures, Tenchi's ascension was a formality, with his tendency to get exasperated at the attention serving as his trope. However, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it became increasingly clear that Tenchi missed his ladies greatly, to the point that Android 21 offered to help find a way to ascend them.
    • Looking through the records, 21 discovered that regardless of how the bickering in the house occasionally gets tiresome (mostly Ryoko and Ayeka's doing), Tenchi would marry his entire entourage of female companions, becoming something of a codifier for harem protagonists. With this, 21 quickly gathered all the data she could find to prove that the residents of the Masaki House would make a strong addition to the Pantheon, with Tenchi's destined choice to Marry Them All becoming the new seating trope. Ultimately the court agreed with this, welcoming Tenchi's women to the Pantheon as they now share his temple, which resembles the Masaki Shrine and House grounds.
  • Applies in general:
    • The Masaki home is considered the single most powerful place in its entire home universe. Of course, that title is more in question in the multiversal Pantheon as there are plenty of deities who are just as or more powerful than them.
    • Knowing of their various Living Ships (and their vast Organic Technology in general), Optimus Prime and Omnimon came to the Masaki House to enlist their help. Amidst the others' suspicions, Tenchi and Washu conversed with the two to gauge their true intentions—until Mihoshi saw Optimus, immediately ran outside, and gave a haphazard explanation of who Optimus is as she's seen his work before. Boarding Ryo-Ohki and Ryu-Oh's full spaceship forms, they went to aid the two in a battle against the Heralds of Unicron. Successfully repelling said Heralds, the Autobot leader and legendary Royal Knight are counted as allies of the House. Unicron and his minions have marked them for destruction, but they're ready to face that threat.
    • Two collective groups the Masaki family formed alliances with came as absolutely no surprise to anyone in the Pantheon: the Sailor Guardians led by Sailor Moon, and the Dragon Team led by Son Goku. While their allies have mostly taken shine to (or slight contention with) specific members of the house, Usagi and Goku themselves are mainly cool with everyone. Android 21 has the family's gratitude for helping to get them all ascended as a favor to Tenchi, especially with that particular trope.
    • While there are others associated with their house and family, they have chosen three (technically four) specific parties to serve as their Heralds for very special reasons:
      • Tenchi's grandfather Katsuhito, who also happens to be both the legendary warrior who sealed the demon in the cave 700 years ago and Ayeka and Sasami's missing brother the Crown Prince Yosho. Yep. All one and the same. For anyone curious, Tenchi's grandmother is a Galaxy Academy classmate Yosho fell in love with and is still running around within the Galaxy Police.note 
      • Kiyone, Mihoshi's former police partner before Noike, who is more well known for her role in the Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo alternate continuities — where she did not end up marooned and presumed dead in an unlucky caper involving "ultra-energy matter" and thus she and Mihoshi remained at each other's side all through joining the House.
      • The robotic sentient floating logs Azaka and Kamidake, Ayeka's guardians since childhood, named after two legendary Juraian knights. She pretty much goes nowhere without them, though they are also loyal to Sasami and the other Juraians.
    • Tenchi's childhood friend Seina was recruited by the GP and developed his own harem as well. They'll pop up at the house on rare occasions, officially counted as High Priests.
    • Tenchi once had a run-in with Princess Cadence, who wanted to talk to him about his polygamous union. While almost certain he would be getting told off about not being loyal to one woman, he agreed to hear her out. She surprised him by making it clear that she meant no hostility towards him or his family; rather, she was concerned that a man trying to keep multiple wives satisfied will lead to conflict and please no one, wondering if he has what it takes to avoid all that. Relieved that she wasn't coming from a harsh place, Tenchi thanked her for explaining herself, but had this to say in response:
      Tenchi: I never asked for those girls to come into my life, but they did, and I couldn't be happier for it. I said before that I'd die before I forsake any one of them. They know I mean that.
    • The ascension of the Masaki House gave Frieza and Cell no end of frustration. That this was facilitated by 21 only deepens both villains' hatred towards her.
      • Frieza considers the Galactic Union led by Jurai's Royal Family and the Galaxy Police to be a threat to his rebuilding empire, but was hoping that Tenchi's low-key presence in the Pantheon would naturally fade out.
      • Cell despises the genetic links of the Juraians and the Choushin and the various properties they bring, as they provide a natural counter to his claim of the Perfect Being.
    • Similar to Frieza, Palpatine's Galactic Empire is heavily contradicted by the GU in various ways and decrees, namely in how Palpatine will use his military power to instill fear and forced obedience while Jurai's might is essentially employed as a backup arm of their diplomacy. While the Masaki House members do not serve as authorities in the Union as of yet, they are a clear symbol of its power.
    • None of the inhabitants have any respect for Master Xehanort, as the horrors he committed for the sake of his schemes was all too reminiscent of Kagato. The knowledge of his well-meaning intentions does nothing to quell this. His scheme to become the darkness and dictate fate itself in order to contain the darkness is purely seen as a glorified tantrum born of resentment and arrogance. Sasami and Tenchi even pity him for it. While grateful that for now he has decided to relent on enacting his plans, Tenchi and co. are entirely certain that they will end up fighting him.
    Ayeka: A fiend like him is too arrogant to let his ambition rest forever. We know that all too well.
    • Once, Tenchi misremembered key details about their lives after coming home for dinner, freaking everyone out, then ran off and seemingly abandoned them for days to cavort with a pale-skinned girl named Sakuya with Shukuro Tsukishima as their third wheel.
      • After researching and discovering both Shukuro's ability to implant himself in people's memories and Sakuya's unwitting invoked connection to the Tokyo timeline Big Bad Yugi, they stormed Tsukishima's temple... and had to fight the two Sumeragi Pantera cyborgs. They followed that up to confront Zonda and the Seven directly, assisted by Shukuro and, oddly enough, Sakuya with powers. Tenchi was unconscious nearby: Zonda had combined her illusions with Shukuro's Book of the End to give Tenchi the memories of Sakuya's timeline, and the current "Sakuya" was actually a copy of the grown-up Yugi herself made to be loyal to Zonda, all to break Tenchi's mind down so she could absorb a large chunk of his higher-dimensional powers to reawaken her deadly Reverie form.
      • Even Ryoko powered by all three of Washu's gems wasn't enough to overcome this power, especially with the Oracle and Teseo manipulating reality. Desperate, Washu and Sasami/Tsunami had to reach out to Tenchi's consciousness and rouse him awake, much like Tsunami did before against Kagato. Once awake, Tenchi engaged Zonda with the power of the Light Hawk Wings, which allowed him to deflect her Paradise Lost song and ultimately defeat her. He took back the power she stole from his godly self, destroying the fake Yugi/Sakuya and disabling her Reverie transformation. A few apologies and a forced reversal of Book of the End later, all things returned to normal.
      • Hearing about this altercation, Copen and Gunvolt both visited the Masaki house and gave them the full story on the Eden organization and their Kill All Humans agenda; furthermore, Kisuke Urahara, a friend of Washu's, gave her the scoop about Tsukishima being a member of a similar organization called Xcution, connecting the dots about his alliance with Zonda.
      • Later it came out that this incident directly prompted others to interrogate Shukuro on his actions, leading to the revelation that he himself had been manipulated by an enemy of the Sailor Guardians. Furthermore, he seems to be seeking out his own purpose since having his mind set right, going so far as to apologize to the Masaki House for his earlier behavior and receive Tenchi's forgiveness. Tenchi even saw potential good good in knowing the other continuities and asked Shukuro to help unlock those memories, but he couldn't do it as that aspect of the illusion came from Zonda's powers. While relieved that he's no active threat anymore, they're still keeping tabs to see how long this lasts. Ryoko and Ayeka especially are still holding that grudge.
    • Jiraiya may be a great warrior sage, but his "research" can be very irritating. As such, after an incident where he as a house guest caught Ayeka naked in the bath, he is banned from ever visiting them again.
    • Solidifying their place as the owners of this trope, the marriage of the Masaki House will eventually be canonized. Ryoko will be the first of the wives to bear children, followed by Ayeka and then, somehow, Ryo-Ohki (see her section for details). A few of their allies are still confused as to how it all works for several reasons, but for the most part they'll put that aside, embracing the tide of joy and congratulating them on the news.
  • Applies to two or three of the girls:
    • While Ryoko and Ayeka were well known to tussle violently against one another in the past, they came to mellow out eventually. They still have their fights, but after living together long enough to know one another beyond the reckless criminal and the highstrung princess, deep down they do care about each other. In fact, contrary to Ayeka's initial belief that Ryoko was a voluntary enemy of Jurai, both are currently defending Jurai in separate feuds against Saiyans from Universe 7.
      • Ayeka and the Saiyan Prince Vegeta routinely engage in Trash Talk of how utterly baffled they are that the other's race actually benefits from a practice which would be barbaric were it not for their unique genetic differences (the Saiyans being pathological blood knights and the Juraians keeping it in the family). Fortunately, Sasami and Present Trunks can attest that this rivalry is not one of hatred, but of headstrong pride in heritage, with the crown royals sharing an odd form of understanding and mutual respect from this bickering.
      • Ryoko, on ther other hand, once came across genuine disrespect from the Saiyan Army towards Jurai (e.g. Paragus calling them the "inbred gardeners of outer space") and promptly rebutted to shut them up with how their rigid caste system and marauder customs caused them to be by and large incapable of accepting anomalies. Bardock has shown respect for Ryoko's strength and loyalty, and Turles admires her rejection of caste politics, but both will stand for their race against her; Nappa, Raditz, and Paragus simply hate her guts.
    • The house mostly has a friendly relationship with Androids 17 and 18, especially after learning that they were normal humans modified against their will by Dr. Gero. However, Washu and Ayeka are the ones who are friendliest to the twins after Washu once tricked them into entering her lab so she could study them. Curious about the Earth technology that would allow them to encroach on the powers of galactic emperors and Physical Gods, Washu instead became more personally nurturing to them after learning that they were former teenage runaways. The princess encountered them in the lab while Washu was preoccupied and, after figuring out what was going on, decided to converse with them. Finding several admirable traits in each of the android siblings, she quickly befriended them. While they refuse to accept Washu's mothering, they do appreciate the ladies' care.
    • Ryoko and Washu both despise Ragyo Kiryuin, seeing her as what would happen if Washu was as amoral as Kagato. Washu goes so far as to declare Ragyo a disgrace to science. Ragyo counters that Washu isn't much better due to her own tendency to create destructive things, ignoring that said reputation is rather exaggerated (mostly based on her Universe self).
    • Noike left the GP and became a fixture in Jurai after being adopted by Lady Seto, so she isn't always available to accompany Mihoshi. Thanks to Kiyone tracking her down and becoming a herald of the Masaki House, Mihoshi now has someone to accompany her whenever Noike is busy with other matters (or all three's presence is required). Unsurprisingly, both are frequently irritated with her blundering, though Noike is as much if not more annoyed by Mihoshi's affectionate personality in addition to that and is the harsher of the two in dealing with her. That said, they've both come to simmer down over time. Kiyone has mellowed out to about her Universe temperament, and Noike's disposition is more consistently sunny since integrating into the house and openly engaging Tenchi.
  • Applies to Tenchi:
    • Since his ascension, Katsuhito occasionally accompanies and guides Tenchi on certain travels related to his growth into a suitable Shinto priest and future Prince of Jurai.
    • Even if nobody cared, or let alone look at Tenchi, he's shown to be quite a good fighter on his own, seemingly always able to adapt and overpower his enemies. For example, he can actually survive being cut in half in the middle of space, and is the only person who can generate pure energy constructs called Light Hawk Wings without the aid of a Royal Treeship, using them as either sword or shield. On that note, Katsuhito trained him in sword fighting as part of his Shinto discipline — specifically the Jurai Royal Family house style of swordsmanship.
      • Since entering the Pantheon, Katsuhito has taken him to see other swordmasters, such as Luke Skywalker and Kenshi Takahashi, for further instruction so that he can refine the Juraian house style and make it all his own. (Fun fact, the latter actually shares the same given name as Tenchi's half brother.) This training highly benefited him in the battle with Zonda.
    • It should go without saying that Tenchi is considered an inspiration to many young heroes who find themselves at the center of a harem with otherworldly and powerful ladies. Of those, he occasionally commiserates with Mahiro over the sometimes-unwanted attention they get, which started even before 21 brought the girls in; sighs tiredly at Issei's "Harem King" antics and hero-worship of him but ultimately respects the guy's determination to protect his women; finds Touma to be good company for his headstrong sense of situational right and wrong, to which Touma is relieved that this kami doesn't hate him; and, while he's openly friends with Kimihito, does not plan on getting dragged into sharing every unlucky situation the guy gets into with his people-pleasing and workaholic tendencies.
      • Issei once offered Tenchi a spot in the Chick Magnet Quartet, seeing him as a pioneer of the trait. While Tenchi declined, he is willing to help them free their former co-founder Negi Springfield from the clutches of The Mage of the Beginning, as he can relate to Negi's childhood circumstances quite a bit. Time will tell what comes of this.
    • As young scholar/heroes with great potential whose worlds became known in similar eras, Tenchi is good friends with Son Gohan. Both also know what it's like to have the interest of several girls in their high school years. Difference being Gohan was able to find a single lady to connect with, as he's not in a harem series.
      • Related to this, Tenchi, Katsuhito, and the Son family largely stay out of the Vegeta vs. Jurai squabbles. In addition to Tenchi's friendship with Gohan, Goku gets along swimmingly with both Tenchi and Katsuhito. He often encourages Tenchi to never stop growing and occasionally relates to Katsuhito, sharing wisdom from their experiences as refugees from alien cultures who formed stable lives on Earth.
    • Through the conflict involving Washu and her divine sisters Tsunami and Tokimi, the truth would be revealed to Tenchi at last. He's an incarnation of the supreme god above the Choushin who created their universe, the Being of Heaven and Earth, Kami Tenchi. Remarkably, even women outside his original harem are giving him a second look. Prior to his harem's ascension, he couldn't decide which of the Goddesses he likes the most. After they've joined him, he still can't. This is probably why he just took all of them. His true divine nature also has some wondering what relationship he might have to Cosmos and Ilúvatar.
    • Kyu Sugardust has told Tenchi that she's proud of him for being able to fall in love with and marry a bunch of attractive girls without needing any help from her. Alexstrasza, who at one point in the past had several mates (as did her fellow dragon aspects), finds it funny that it was an ordinary-seeming young man like Tenchi who would mass-marry his way into the trope seat.
    • Superman, while not omnipotent, is another visitor from another world much like Tenchi's progenitors who's capable of pushing past the impossible whenever necessary to do good. They bond over the fact that they would rather live simple common lives than be eternally hailed as either a superhero or royalty, but are grateful to be as Strong as They Need to Be on a regular basis to protect those they love.
    • While the latest Persona Wild Cards' situation wouldn't quite be considered a harem, their entourages do include several girls who they could woo. Neither considers being romantic with all of said girls to be a suitable option (though Joker is certainly capable of trying), but they do see how they can learn from the way Tenchi treats his women no matter who (if anyone) they decide to go with.
    • Seems to be polar opposites with Domon, the perpetually-irritated fighter to Tenchi's consummate nice guy. Somehow the two became friends. Turns out, Cell once tried to eliminate Tenchi with the help of The Fallen... and it was Domon who evened the odds.
  • Applies to Ryoko:
    • The statute of limitations on her crimes ran out while she was imprisoned in Yosho's cave, so Jurai and the Galaxy Police aren't going after her anymore. Despite this, organizations from other planets have decided to keep the bounty on her head. One example is the case of the Galactic Empire, with Boba Fett, the God of Bounty Hunters, considering her his greatest quarry after the Skywalkers. The Mandalorian mercenary has tried several times to capture her, with miserly results.
    • Once bumped into a girl whose hair and clothes were a combination of navy blue and red, and ended up picking a fight with her. And then she saw how the girl's battle transformation saw her turn her sentient sailor fuku into basically armored lingerie, becoming impressed at her shamelessness. The two fought ferociously for a few minutes, respecting each other's strength as time went on, until she realized the girl was talking about "Life Fibers" while calling her attacks. Ryoko stopped the fight and asked her name, getting back the answer of Ryuko Matoi — which made her the strong rebellious test subject Ragyo had cast aside and left for dead. Ryoko introduced herself to the girl and explained how she can empathize, befriending Matoi. The two meet up once a week to spar and then hang out. Ryoko is fairly protective of Ryuko, refusing to let any scientists — including her own mother — run tests on the girl if she can help it. Ryuko is grateful to have someone watching her back.
    • She often shares drinks with Tsunade at Moe's Tavern. While their backgrounds are obviously very different, the two women relate to each other through their similar blunt-lady attitude. Sometimes this leads to them sniping at each other, but even then it's a good way to let off some steam.
    • Takes pity on Marik Ishtar due to how his desire for freedom is kind of a mirror to hers, but he spent so long consumed by his evil alter ego and his own personal hatred for his world's Pharaoh, his father, and his family's Tombkeeper duties that he actually turned heel for six years. She's glad he's gotten over his hatred and split from his darker self.
    • While visiting the Hall of Piracy, Ryoko was once charmed by the flirtations of the gentleman sky pirate Balthier. Nothing came of it due to her loyalty to Tenchi, but she did find him handsome and friendly enough to be worth chatting with. They each know what it's like to be captive to a mad scientist, so if anything, he's another friend who she can enlist to keep Washu's crazy experimental tendencies at bay.
    • As a strong, sexy, outwardly confident woman who goes after what she wants, Ann Takamaki considers Ryoko an inspiration. To no one's surprise, she soaked up that praise once she heard about it. However, she did follow up by going to see Ann and find out more about her. She came away friends with a very cool and spirited high school girl who happens to have a few issues with inner guilt and situational confidence.
    • The Devil Caller met the intrigue of Jeanne, given the similarity to the Umbra Witches in her ability to summon and control demons. Ryoko decided she liked Jeanne's style, but didn't understand the whole deal with contracts so she declined getting involved in the Platinum Knight's "magical mumbo-jumbo".
  • Applies to Ayeka:
    • Actually admires the likes of Princess Zelda and Leia Organa, who both went out of their way to physically lend a helping hand to the main hero tasked with saving their world. She's particularly reverent towards Zelda, who it turns out is an incarnation of the goddess Hylia. Both consider her a friend and are open to giving her advice whenever she asks, except on matters of love. Link is Zelda's champion, not her lover, and Leia's marriage to Han ultimately ended in divorce. They know better than to think they can tell her anything about Tenchi.
    • Despite her best attempts to portray a Proper Lady out of her sense of duty, Ayeka has a crazier side of her own. There's her obvious short temper which Ryoko and Vegeta often inflame, for one thing. Then there's a rumor based on a certain Image Song hinting that she might be into S&M.
      • Naga likes to tease her about hiding her dark side, to which Ayeka tends to angrily retort that at least she maintains an air of class like a crown princess should. This contrast of perspective fuels a rivalry between the Juraian and the sorceress.
      • Akasha would like to capture Ayeka and try and make her a disciple, since taking a Juraian Crown Princess as her underling would do great for business. Mileena, meanwhile, wants to share a "dance" with Ayeka and see how much the battle can exhilarate the two of them before either eliminating her or handing her to Akasha. Ayeka wants nothing to do with either of these evil ladies.
      • Hearing that the Queen of Pain has a Good Counterpart in the form of two ordinary human women, Ayeka has visited Ally and Lisa to affirm her protection and offer any help they may need. Rumor exists that these visits also involve some practice for Tenchi...
    • She also once butted heads with a "Beauty Thief" who was sneaking around the Hall of Heirs at the same time as one of her visits. They briefly fought until Ayeka realized that she was going after Prince Charmles to steal back some resources he got through an act of cheating, and that they both had the attitude of a noble lady with a sadistic streak. Ayeka teamed up with Haru to recover Charmles' ill-gotten gains and return them to their rightful owner...Mitsuru Kirijo, a corporate heiress like Haru, who leads a group called the Shadow Operatives as well as an entire financial empire. (Her duties forced her to outsource the task.)
  • Applies to Sasami:
    • Long before she and Ayeka came to Earth, actually during Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki's attack on Jurai, Sasami took a critical fall and woke up to find she was fused with Tsunami, one of the Choushin goddesses. She believed that the real Sasami had died that day and that the link was the result of her being a clone made to continue Sasami's existence, and lived with a lingering fear that Ayeka would hate her if this were discovered. However, during a short stay at a house belonging to a human relative of Tenchi's, she tearfully broke down, at which point Tsunami appeared and explained that she was the real Sasami and the fusion had barely saved her life.
    • Sasami's role in the House is similar to that of a lady-in-waiting. While she knows she won't be the first one to land Tenchi, she doesn't lament her status, instead using her free time to fight evil.
    • Is a huge fan of Magical Girls, and has had dreams of being one. Those dreams came true in another dimension which may or may not have been created through her link with Tsunami. As such, she gets along famously with most of the Sailor Guardians, especially Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Chibi Moon.
      • Happy to find out that Android 21 had paid her kindness forward and helped the Masaki House ascend, Chibiusa visited them and actually made fast friends with Sasami. While Sasami is rather sensible and wise beyond her apparent years and Chibiusa is more prone to getting into trouble, both of the centuries-old children met each other's personalities with ease. Usagi suggests Sasami may be a good influence on Chibiusa, while Ayeka worries the latter may happen instead.
      • Minako actually wants to help her discover a way to achieve the Pretty Sammy transformation in the Pantheon so that she can train her in using those powers for good.
    • Having Prophetic Dreams, she is incredibly wary of Atropos, Nightmare, Freddy Krueger, and is outright afraid of Vaermina. These are beings who can attack her in her dreams, make her dream of her worst fears, or even gain power through her nightmares. If any trace of them or their effects appear in her derams, she will know that she is a target.
    • Hit it off instantly well with Steven Universe due to his friendly and all-loving nature reminding her of Tenchi. Still, even she was amazed that he was able to talk the Diamond Authority into seeing the error of their ways.
    • While accompanying Washu on a visit through the Hall of Genetic Engineering in the House of Science, Sasami met and befriended Vivio Takamachi. While she admires the fact that Vivio is a Magical Girl as well as a clone like what she once believed herself to be, she doesn't put pressure on Vivio to teach her how to become one because there are older people already trying to do that.
    • After learning the story of the Earth Alliance and ZAFT conflict, one person who Sasami came to greatly admire was the politician's daughter and idol singer Lacus Clyne. As someone whose kindness, intelligence, and unflappable composure made her as much a vital element as any of the fighting mech pilots around her, Lacus represents exactly what Sasami hopes to become as a princess. Lacus in turn has learned about Jurai and the Galactic Union, and upon hearing that Juraian royalty has taken an interest in her, stayed over at the Masaki house for a few days. She and Sasami are now among each other's best friends, and she thinks Sasami is well on her way to becoming that type of princess whether she knows it or not.
    • Following the Zonda incident, she discovered that there was a Yugi in the Pantheon. It wasn't a girl from Jurai, though, but rather a boy with strange multi-colored hair who was known as the King of Games, along with his darker counterpart known as the Pharaoh. She and the duelist each take well to one another's honesty and good heart, and she likens his link to the Pharaoh as similar to her ties to Tsunami, although she recognizes that Atem is Yugi's past life, not a patron god he's meant to assimilate with like Tsunami.
      • After awhile Yugi told Sasami of his Spherium project, a holographic fighting game using the same ancient creatures that mark their presence in both the Shadow Games and Duel Monsters. While not as tech savvy as Washu or Seto Kaiba, she has enough practical wisdom to offer occasional advice.
  • Applies to Ryo-Ohki:
    • Aside from her typical cabbit form, she can also shapeshift into a powerful, ferocious red and black battleship, as well as a cat-skinned kid Ryoko lookalike. Yes, that latter form also grows up into one of Tenchi's wives, being the third to bear children. Since she reproduces through some odd crystallization method and her babies begin as straight-up cabbits like she did, we can't confirm if Tenchi would actually do the deed with her. Still, happy times.
    • She's limited to communicating through meows like a cat, but one adaptation reveals that she's actually talking in a highly compressed language, and over time will be able to be understood. Her humanoid form seems to be when this takes shape, as she can be heard speaking fluently in the common tongue. This is similar to Morgana's communication being obfuscated as meows in his world's physical reality to anyone who's never been anywhere else.
    • On a related note, Morgana teaches her to navigate the Pantheon by trying to get her to participate in fun little capers... which usually devolve into typical "cats playing around" fare before very long. When confronted with a villain, however, his strategies and clever abilities combined with her strong powers make them difficult to mess with when together.
    • Luna, meanwhile, takes to Ryo-Ohki as something of a big sister mentor, often advising and guiding the Masu being so she can be of better help to her friends.
    • Usually greets Goku by biting at his orange gi, or, if he's not wearing it, his hair. Given his name and her love of carrots, this is not surprising.
    • Is also friendly with the dragon creature Shantak-kun, who has a cute form, a battle form, and a straight out human form. At first she envied the latter... until she realized Shanta still can't say anything but "Mii."
  • Applies to Mihoshi:
    • From the planet Seniwa, Mihoshi is a member of the prestigious Kuramitsu family, the second most powerful family in the Galactic Union behind only the Royal Family of Jurai. The Kuramitsu's primary locus of power is their leadership of the Galaxy Police, of which Mihoshi is a Detective First Class.
    • At first glance, Mihoshi usually appears to be nothing more than a bumbling blonde burden to any team around her, causing some to question how she could've ever made the Galaxy Police. However, there is evidence of her being highly competent underneath all of the chaos, and it's assumed her current state is the result of being overworked. For one thing, her reports, while lacking in structure, are obscenely filled with detail to the point it can take days to decipher them. Also, let it be known that the story of the "ultra-energy matter" caper, while highly exaggerated, does have its basis in fact.
    • In reality, what caused her downfall from one of the GP's finest officers was a mysterious incident that left her shell-shocked, rumored to be either a suicide attempt over a lost love or accidentally wandering into a distortion zone. Either way, she is now completely unable to focus on a single train of thought and her clumsiness has been the source of many small calamities. This at one point caused her to be demoted to Detective Second Class, though she later regained her rank alongisde Noike. What she lacks in coherence nowadays she makes up for in such sheer miraculous luck that it may in fact be a subconscious form of reality warping. Magneto in particular wonders if it might be connected to his daughter's ability to manipulate probability.
    • Despite agreeing with everyone else about the Androids, Mihoshi gets creeped out at the twins' coordination when they fight together, saying they look like one person in two when they're beating people up.
    • Is able to understand Osaka and Mako Mankanshoku perfectly, which makes the two of them very happy and astonishes those who know them. Actually explaining their thoughts and musings to a layman, on the other hand...
    • As the most prominent representative of the Galaxy Police, Mihoshi is also supported by space-patrolling superheroes such as Nova, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the various ascended Green Lanterns. Most like her well enough due to her gung-ho heroic attitude, but her careless blunders do tend to irritate Gamora and Kilowog when there's serious work to be done.
  • Applies to Washu:
    • This harem outdoes any and all others in strangeness due to one simple reason. Everyone. Is. Related. And ironically, it's really through Washu that the dots can all be connected. She is a member of the same sisterhood of goddesses as Sasami's divine fusee Tsunami, who scattered her powers into gems and gave herself a new human life in order to relearn everything and married into the Kuramitsu family and bore a son within that life, linking her directly to both the Galaxy Police and the Jurai Royal Family. Later, through experiments with a living clay species called Masu, she created Ryoko using her own ovum, Ryo-Ohki with some type of mineral lifeform, and a clone of her missing best friend Naja Akara. The clone took on a male body and rejected all female traits, thus becoming Kagato, while said traits eventually combined into the girl that would become Noike. And why did she scatter her powers and restart her life to relearn everything? To prove there was a being beyond the Choushin. As elaborated above, she and her sisters discovered said being within Tenchi.
    • While Washu focuses more on biological engineering and organic technology, she did build an impenetrable space battleship. As such, following the event with Optimus and Omnimon she paid a visit to the House of Technology, wanting to see more of what the multiverse can do with steel and information. She ended up finding friendly connections at both Rockbell Automail and Stark Tower, giving advice to Winry and Pinako as to how to make their automail sturdier as well as being thoroughly astonished by Tony's ability to create an arc reactor that could power both his pierced heart and a superpowered suit of armor with very limited resources and space to work with.
      • She also met Tabane Shinonono, who shares many similarities to both herself and Tony, and while the two get along just fine, Washu was quick to pick up on Tabane's manipulative streak and is trying to teach her to be less of a jerk about her maneuvers. On top of that, she's taken the similarly-boastful boy genius Dexter on as a pupil of sorts as well as matched wits with fellow cloning expert and social caste defier Jade Curtiss.
      • That said, there are also many morally bankrupt scientists she's either encountered or heard about. Aside from the aforementioned Ragyo, Xehanort, and Dr. Gero, the list includes Shou Tucker, Dr. Weil, Ghetsis, Relius, Mesogog, Sengoku, Professor Hojo, and Davros. All of them, to her, are either insane or petty in their aims and give science a bad name. Ghetsis, Relius, Hojo, Tucker, and Davros in particular are also guilty of experimenting on their already-existing families. Yes, she's prone to jokingly tormenting Ryoko while examining her, but as someone who gained a family, lost a family, then created a family, scientists crossing the line and hurting their own families in experiments in all callous seriousness is a major Berserk Button for her.
    • While not one for "ginger android" jokes, being a redheaded scientific genius, she finds the existence of a redheaded killer robot amusing. Still, she routinely checks on 16's circuits whenever 21 brings him in, in case he needs any repairs or upgrades.
    • Often competes with Bulma to see who the best beautiful scientist genius is. This despite neither one of them wanting anything to do with the issue between the Saiyans and Jurai. Sometimes 21 will serve as a "referee" whenever they want to make a particular contest "official".
    • Instantly recognized that Mugen Yoguruma was some sort of higher being when they first met. Mugen told her the story of how she made it into the Pantheon, and confirmed Washu's suspicions when she revealed her true identity as The Mage of Yog-Sothoth. The two would go back and forth in a cat-and-mouse surrounding Tenchi's alternate selves, as Mugen hoped to use Universe!Tenchi as a receiver for the power of Yog-Sothoth, but Washu worked with the Time Police to stop this from happening.
    • Contrary to the prediction of many that Washu would join the list of maternal Pantheonic ladies who would take a motherly tone with Naruto Uzumaki, Washu expressed that she respects his mother Kushina, both as such and as a former jinchuriki, too much to ever overstep her bounds.
    • Became very good friends with fellow eccentric scientist Kisuke Urahara, though he's more of an inventor of things like her Universe self. Having bonded over a shared wacky sense of humor, they often trade knowledge back and forth, case and point being him telling her about Shukuro Tsukishima and Xcution. When she told him about the Choushin and the higher dimensions, he mused about comparing Kami Tenchi to the Soul King. Washu assures him there is a world of difference.
  • Applies to Noike:
    • Noike is the adopted daughter of Seto Kamiki Jurai, one of the three higher princesses who behind the scenes possess even more authority than any of the emperors in their universe. In fact it was Lady Seto who had Noike go to the Masaki House with the news that she and Tenchi were in an Arranged Marriage. As things go, she scattered off intimidated by the engagement to an "amazing prince" only to run into Tenchi at the carrot fields and discover on her own that the man she'd been betrothed to was a humble and kind boy.
    • Hard-edged yet earnest, Noike had trouble finding a man who wasn't either afraid of her or opportunistically trying to use her. This, on top of the logistical considerations of all these powerful people packed into a single house, was a primary reason her adopted mother set her up with Tenchi. Her ability to get them all to start doing chores properly and cut down on the hectic brawls has impressed many housekeepers and homemakers, and Flonne considers it a victory that she truly did fall in love with Tenchi as well.
    • Noike is actually the "female half" of Kagato. When the Naja clone took on a male body and discarded the remnants of any female traits he may have had, the remnants formed into a little girl. After being rescued by Tenchi, whose mind had drifted in time, the girl was sent back to the past and later experimented on in a procedure that would regress her into a baby, but had the effect of splitting her memories of her origin into a separate astral consciousness, leaving her a clean slate. Is able to empathize with Sophie and X-23 over these issues.
      • That said, she's past angsting about her origin and childhood. Not only did she meet and come to terms with the "mother" who had put her up for adoption as a child during a Galaxy Police deployment, she later merged with the female Kagato consciousness thanks to Washu breaking a seal that had prevented them from doing so. The consciousness is also very encouraging with regards to Tenchi.
    • As a strong and competent ex-police officer associated with outer space, she fielded offers from both Aqua and Sailor Pluto, for the Delta Cops and the Pantheonic Time Police respectively. Only she began to occasionally take up with Krillin instead, as the former Orin monk turned Dragon Team warrior is a competent cop on his Earth in his spare time.