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"I had sex in a public pool when I was 22."
Dana Delany

Sex in a pool. Why is it common enough to warrant a trope? Perhaps it's our distant amphibian past. Perhaps it's because you don't get cold. Perhaps water is an aphrodisiac. Perhaps the amount of glistening skin left exposed by bathing suits is a turn-on. Perhaps it's because there's no clean-up. Whatever, sometimes two people get into a swimming pool or something akin to it, and take part in what many public pools describe as "heavy petting". It also can be alternatively done in a bathtub or hot tub.

Sometimes goes hand in hand with Underwater Kiss.

Similar to Shower of Love, where the aquatic lovemaking is done in a shower rather than a tub. Can result from a positive outcome of Outdoor Bath Peeping.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Kuttsukiboshi features the school's private pool as the unfortunate victim of Aya and Kiiko's private time. Summer can have that effect on anyone, it seems.
  • In Strawberry Panic!, Kaname and Momomi have moments where they do this in the bathtub during episodes 13 and 15.

    Comic Books 
  • In The Crow one of the most heartbreaking flashbacks to happier times is Eric and his fiance Shelly in the bathroom together. Eric was shaving while Shelly was in the bath but after the latter kept spashing water, he soon joined her in the tub in a Sexy Discretion Shot getting water all over the floor.
  • Bishop-Major Simon Passover scores with a mother and daughter at the same time in a sunken tub in Ironwood.
  • Sabretooth while staying at a brothel. An old lady called Momma runs the place, and she talks to Creed about his huge tab since he's been coming to the brothel ever since she's been there. They have a passionate embrace as Creed tells her to get three of her finest honeys, a dozen beers, and meet him in the Jacuzzi to settle up. He mentions he's about to be a millionaire, which she says won't cover it. In response, he says to grab just two honeys then, before they kiss.
  • Implied to be a part of Garth (Aqualad) and Tula (Aquagirl's) love life in Teen Titans. Both are Atlantean and need to spend a lot of time immersed anyway.
  • The XXXenophile story "Sweet Water". One of the participants is a naiad (the spirit of the spring that feeds the pool). Meaning that the guy is not just having sex in the pool, he is having sex with the pool.

     Fan Works 

  • Almost happens in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem with two teenagers in the school pool. Then the girl's Jerk Jock ex-boyfriend shows up with his boys to ruin it. Then a Xenomorph jumps in the water and kills the ex.
  • Alpha Dog. A three-person pool party, actually. Zach makes out with Julie and Alma in a pool they break into. Unfortunately, the real Nicholas Markowitz never got to enjoy any such thing before his death.
  • The first Austin Powers movie has a variant in a hot tub, itself parodying the example from A View to a Kill.
  • In The Catcher, Anthony is relaxing in the whirlpool bath when the coach tells him he better let his girlfriend's head up or she is going to drown. After the coach leaves, a girl emerges from under the water.
  • The sex scene between Capa (Bruce Willis) and Rose in Color of Night starts out like this. Later they move to a bed, and then a shower.
  • In Dante's Peak, a couple of hikers took a dip in one of the mountain's natural hot springs. However, before anything happened, they ended up getting boiled alive when the spring got too hot.
  • In Dead Again in Tombstone, Madam Du Vere starts making out with one of her girls in a bathtub to put Col. Boomer in the mood. It works.
  • Referenced in Easy A. Melody Bostic's parents let her have a party every time she catches them having sex in the pool which, according to Olive, is about once a week.
  • Four Rooms features one, kinda. Also, the girl is a witch and the pool functions as her Coven's cauldron.
  • Daniele and Matthew have one in The Girl Next Door. It gets ruined when his parents return home.
  • In A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, some friends have well... an orgy and at one point attempt this. It is a lot more difficult to do than they thought.
  • The Guest House: Rachel and Amy have sex in the hot tub, where Jason finds them.
  • Zero Cool and Acid Burn have one of these at the end of Hackers.
  • In Halloween II (1981), Nurse Karen and Budd get busy in the hospital's hydrotherapy pool before Michael Myers strangles Budd with a length of cord and drowns Nurse Karen after dunking her face into scalding water, causing her face to blister and boil.
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters has Mina thank Hansel for saving her life by doing this to him in a waterfall pond. We get a full nudity shot of her from the back before she walks into the water and then turns around to present her exposed breasts.
  • Hollywood Homicide finds Josh Hartnett coming home to one of his yoga students waiting for him in the hot tub.
  • In Hot Tub Time Machine, Nick's younger self is having hot tub sex with a girl named Tara.
  • The James Bond films:
    • Licence to Kill (possibly; we get a Discretion Shot)
    • A Soviet spy tries to trick Bond during one in A View to a Kill.
    • For Your Eyes Only, only there it's the ocean.
    • Thunderball took it even further, as not only was it in the ocean, it was underwater (thanks to scuba gear) and in Real Life would probably have resulted in the death or injury of one or both participants.
    • In a deleted scene from Die Another Day. Interestingly, this actually a Fake-Out Make-Out scenario to hide the fact that Bond and another agent have been snooping around the Big Bad's headquarters. They don't do the deed until returning to his room.
  • In Lakeview Terrace, Samuel L. Jackson's young kids watch their new neighbors do this. When Sammy finds out, he is not impressed.
  • In The Loft, a dare between Vincent and Sarah to go Skinny Dipping in the hotel pool quickly becomes very hot and heavy.
  • Love Is All You Need? (2016): Jude and Ryan go at it in the swimming pool.
  • A Three-Person Pool party occurs in Machete as Machete scores with mother/daughter pair June and April Booth.
  • John and Jenny in Marley & Me try to have this, but any romantic air is killed by the titular Marley jumping into the pool and swimming past them.
  • The Naked Witch: After the witch bewitches the student, they engage in some heavy petting while swimming in the creek.
  • Clark Griswold attempts to have one of these with Christie Brinkley's character in National Lampoon's Vacation, but his wife discovers them before anything can happen. Later, his wife wants to try, but her screams at the cold water wake the entire motel.
  • Oblivion (2013) : And for extra male fanservice, Victoria's the one character we see naked (her shadow from the back), with Jack ending up shirtless afterwards.
  • In Petticoat Planet, Steve and the mayor have sex in the mayor's large, luxurious bathtub.
  • Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton) and Hondo (Bruce Penhall) have one in the Jacuzzi in Picasso Trigger.
  • The beginning of Piranha started with this which turned out to be a big mistake.
  • Almost happens in The Pool, but the killer offs the participants before it can happen. That bastard!
  • Pretty Cool: Howard has one with his sister's friends in a dream sequence. And in the sequel, Dave ends up being forced into one by his girlfriend Brittany.
  • Queen of the Damned: Lestat and Akasha are shown making out/drinking each other's blood in a bath filled with rose petals.
  • In The Ramrodder, Rick and Tuwana go Skinny Dipping in the springs and then start getting it on.
  • Rat Race taught us that it is not a good idea to do this with your ex-girlfriend when your new girlfriend is a yandere with a license to fly a helicopter.
  • In Scandal:, the one that Donna Silverman (Kim Dawson) has with Jon Griffith (Bobby Johnston) is being videotaped.
  • In The Secret of My Success, Brantley uncle's wife Vera seduces him at the country house's swimming pool.
  • In Shandra: The Jungle Girl, Karen and her girlfriend (only identified in the credits as 'Gorgeous Blonde'), have sex in Karen's enormous sunken bath the night before Karen leaves for the expedition.
  • In The Shape of Water, Elisa and the Asset share an intimate moment in Elisa's flooded bathroom.
  • Showgirls has an example which starts straight but quickly turns into comedy. note 
  • Son of a Gun: At the beach, Natasha goes Skinny Dipping and JR follows her in, even though he can't swim. They indulge in some very heavy petting.
  • In Sorority Row, Claire and Mickey have sex in the sorority's Jacuzzi, after Claire has filled it with bubble bath.
  • In Species, Sil attempts this with a guy, only for the protagonists to interrupt her, forcing her to reluctantly kill the guy.
  • Star Trek: Insurrection features a scene where Riker and Troi share a bath, indicating that their long-dormant romance has been rekindled. They are not seen having sex, but she is shaving his beard.
  • In The Suckers, Joanna and Barbara have sex in the huge sunken tub of their bedroom the night before the hunt.
  • In Swimming Pool, Julie clearly wants to have one with Franck, and they start taking some steps in that direction, but he decides to stop it. It leads to a Woman Scorned scene and subsequent Death by Sex.
  • Virgin Territory: Lorenzo and the nuns who get in the bath with him to have sex.
  • Bliss and Oliver have a very literal two-person pool party (in a full-up swimming pool) in Whip It. In the original novel, Derby Girl, they just have sex. In a bed.
  • The famous scene in Wild Things, where the two female leads undress and kiss in a swimming pool. And somebody is recording.
  • Wild Wild West: Jim West and a girlfriend have one in a water tower until it falls down.
  • The Baz Luhrmann film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet has a relatively tame version.
  • Subverted in Y tu mamá también. The two male best friends frequently swim in the city pool when it is closed (I think they were supposed to be working there or something). On one occasion they get naked and masturbate, one on the side of the pool, one on the diving board. Cut to underwater shot of semen falling into the water.
  • In Young Lady Chatterley II, Cynthia is lamenting her sexual frustration while taking a bath. Her maid says she would do anything to make her feel better. And proceeds to do so; right there in the tub.
  • In Zombie Nightmare, Peter and Suzie strip down to their underwear and climb into the hot tub at the health club. However, their intimacy is interrupted by the appearance of the zombie. According to the janitor, this little celebration (the hot tub, not the zombie) was traditional after their tennis matches.

  • In Aeon 14: A Path in the Darkness Joe has the tugboat Excelsior fitted with a hot tub instead of a second cabin when he brings Tanis along to grab a planetoid for raw materials to repair the Intrepid. The two of them use it to consummate their relationship.
  • In The Otherworld, two people who have Unresolved Sexual Tension go skinny dipping together in her family's private pool. After the inevitable occurs, they take the pool towels into the woods and fall asleep together.
  • The Plains of Passage has a downplayed example. Ayla and Jondalar make out in a hot spring, but they finish bathing then have sex next to the pool rather than in it.
  • In The Terror by Dan Simmons, the captain has a flashback to sex in a pool. It's used to reveal a bit about the era, namely that he completely misses the woman he loves having an orgasm.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland: A Bath is warned to be the occasion for sex with a fellow Tourist, no matter how unattractive they had seemed before, with the author drily noting there "must be something in the Water".
  • Twilight Slightly different: Bella and Edward's honeymoon started with a midnight swim in the ocean. It was a private island, fortunately.
  • In The Wheel of Time, Rand has multiple erotic dreams involving one (or more) of his love interests and a local pond during the earlier parts of the series. At this point, he is mostly still in Celibate Hero mode, and this mostly just serves to make him uncomfortable, especially when his Psycho Ex-Girlfriend decides to invite herself (it Makes Sense In Context).

    Live Action TV 
  • Arrow: In a flashback to the island in "Identity", Oliver and Shado get it on in a lake.
  • Attila: Attila's first experience with a hot Roman bath occurs when the emperor's envious sister Honoria takes him to one in order to seduce him.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Howard and Bernadette get a new hot tub and plan to break it in in this fashion on Valentine's Day—but find a half-drowned rabbit floating in the tub. They revive it, it bites Howard, and he rushes off to the emergency room for fear of rabies, all before they have any chance to get it on, or for Bernadette to tell Howard that she's pregnant.
  • Happened on the first night of the first season of Loft Story, the French version of Big Brother.
    • And the sixth season of the British one, allegedly.
  • The reality dating show Blind Date, had a lot of those. Especially in a hot tub.
  • In one episode of Bones two "witnesses of the week" decided to skinny-dip in a mud lake that was also like a hot spring. Since this is Bones, they inadvertently find a body was dumped there after a bone poked one of them.
  • Castle: Castle and Beckett almost have one in his Hamptons' house, but of course a guy drops dead in their pool... right after Beckett dropped her towel to show she had "forgot" her bathing suit.
  • Dark Desire: Regina is shown having sex in the bath with Esteban during a flashback.
  • In Desperate Housewives, the way we find out Andrew is gay is that he's doing this with his friend Justin.
  • Dickinson: Emily and Sue start up their relationship again by sharing a bath, where they have sex.
  • The Fosters:
    • In season 3 episode 14, after Stef asks her wife Lena to take her swimming knowing she has upcoming surgery for breast cancer, Lena leads her to sneak into an absent neighbours' backyard at night and the two go Skinny Dipping in their pool.
    • In the Series Finale, Stef and Lena again have a nighttime Skinny Dipping lovefest, this time in the ocean by a beachside resort only for an oblivious employee to pick up their robes leaving them stuck outside butt naked.
  • Glee: Finn believes Quinn when she tells him she got pregnant in the hot tub, even though they didn't have sex—or even take their bathing suits off.
  • In "Chapter 14" of Jane the Virgin, Luisa recounts how she and Rose got together. They had sex in a pool, under a Literal Metaphor of fireworks. (It was Love at First Sight and they had sex at least 3 times. It was also the 4th of July.)
  • Don't even try to imagine how many diseases are floating in the hot tub on Jersey Shore.
  • In The L Word pilot, Jenny's first sapphic stirrings come as she watches Shane and a random girl get it on in the pool next door.
  • In Mad Men, Don has sex with a young woman in a pool. Her father is having sex with another woman in the same pool.
  • Midsomer Murders: In "Last Year's Model", a sleazy music producer and his mistress are getting it on in the Jacuzzi, discussing how his wife is about to go to prison. They are interrupted by the doorbell. They soon realize that it's Barnaby and that he's not going to leave.
  • Modern Family: In "New Year's Eve", Claire and Phil plan to see in the new year by having sex in a secluded hot spring. Things do not go according to plan.
  • In one scene, in Playboy: Girls of Spring Break suggests that Wendy Christine and Michelle Mullica are holding one in the Jacuzzi.
  • Tony and Carmella's reconciliation in season 5 of The Sopranos starts in the pool.
  • Sex Sent Me To The ER: a couple doing this have a problem when the woman's toe gets caught in a grating.
  • In Shameless a pool is among the myriad places Fiona and Steve have sex.
  • Naomi and Emily were supposed to do something like this in Skins, until they realized that the lake they were using was a hell of a lot colder than anyone anticipated and Kathryn Prescott (Emily) ended up in an ambulance with hypothermia.
  • Survivors: Abby has casual sex with a guy in a pond at one point.
  • We Are Who We Are: The very first thing which Sarah does after they get into their house on the base is invite Maggie to take a bath with her (and implies sex). Maggie is dubious that there's enough room, but they go anyway.

  • Implied in the Brad Paisley song "Water".
    "You can stay right there
    Till the daylight's gone
    Play Truth or Dare
    And it won't take long
    'Fore you and her
    Got nothin' on
    But water."
  • Halsey: In the "Ghost" video, briefly.
  • In the first pre-chorus of the Liz Phair song "Why Can't I"
    "What if this is just the beginning
    We're already wet, and we're gonna go swimming"
  • Implied in the Prince song "Mr. Goodnight". Don't think that just because he wasn't doing "Darling Nikki" by this point, it meant he wasn't doing songs like this.
    "We can watch Chocolat on the big screen
    Before we convene in the pool (yeah)
    The waterfall'll wash your cares away
    Already I love you, I do"

    Video Games 
  • Implied to have happened in Final Fantasy X. If Tidus and Yuna didn't go all the way, they certainly seemed to have done everything shy of it.
  • Happens in the second game in the Heroes Rise trilogy if you chose Black Magic as your love interest.
  • The Sims lets your Sim couples do this in hot tubs. In public.
  • Mentioned by Streaming-chan in VA-11 HALL-A. She said that she hated it.
  • The Witcher:
    • Triss Merigold's second sex card in The Witcher shows her nude in a bathtub, implying she invited Geralt to join her.
    • This can occur between Geralt and Triss in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Although their pool is really a fountain.
  • Zara in Azur Lane has a bikini and pool themed skin with quotes that highly suggest she wants to do this trope with The Commander in her so-called swimming lessons, especially if her affection is high enough, given that she's practically thrusting her breasts at him and gently strokes the rail of the pool while flirting. Her sister Pola would later have her own animated bikini skin released in a later update, this time at the beach, where the Commander inaudibly tells her that Zara taught him how to swim in a Call-Back, and Pola's jealous facial expressions make it clear she at least suspects the Commander and Zara really did make love in the pool.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Original 
  • In one of the earlier threads of Survival of the Fittest version three, Guy Rapide implies that he and Kallie Majors had sex in a pool.

    Western Animation 


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