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Recap / The Loud House S 2 E 4 Suite And Sour Back In Black

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Suite and Sour: When the Loud parents save enough to afford a trip to a resort, they reluctantly decide to take the children with them, because the children have promised to behave.

Back in Black: When Lucy gets a crush on a normal boy, her sisters give her a makeover.

"Suite and Sour"

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: After all the hijinx that the Loud siblings did that caused tons of property damage, the real reason the Louds got kicked out of the hotel was due to Mr. and Mrs. Loud skinny dipping in the pool after hours.
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  • Children Are Innocent: Rita and Lynn Sr. vow only to tell the kids why they got kicked out of the hotel when they "get older". This assumedly extends to the older children (Lincoln, Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni, and Lori), who should realistically know about sex.
  • Comically Small Bribe: Mr. Loud tries to bribe the hotel manager into forgetting the whole skinny dipping incident with a nickel, which is actually a button.
  • Continuity Nod: It appears the kids haven't learned their lesson about eavesdropping, and they still dread going to Aunt Ruth's house.
  • Creator Cameo: Several characters featured in the episode are caricatures of the show's staff.
  • Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Project: Lana’s attempt to fix the hotel room shower results in the toilet turning into a fountain, which eventually escalates in a flood of water carrying both her and Lynn out of the bathroom.
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  • Elevator Failure: Lana and Lynn both get stuck in the hotel's elevators when they rapidly push all buttons in an attempt to go faster.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: As mentioned above, the real reason the Louds got kicked out of the hotel wasn't because of the kids, but because Mr. and Mrs. Loud were caught skinny dipping in the pool.
  • Jerkass Realization: The kids feel guilty when it appears they've ruined their parents' one chance at alone time, so they make it up to them by turning the house into a hotel while they willingly go to Aunt Ruth's.
  • Loophole Abuse: When the kids are grounded to their hotel room, Lori goes out onto the balcony, while Lynn goes into the bathroom, because they're technically part of the room.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!: Lori when she gets locked outside for the second time.
  • Paranormal Investigation: Lincoln and Lucy go on a hunt for "The Footless Bellboy".
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  • Parental Hypocrisy: Mr. and Mrs. Loud chastise their kids for causing mayhem and property damage to the hotel and ground all of them to their room, only to later be revealed that they themselves also got in trouble for causing mischief when they were caught on a surveillance camera skinny dipping in the pool.
  • Paying in Coins: The Louds pay for their vacation with coins they saved up for 18 years.
  • Running Gag: Mr. Loud either tips or tries to bribe the hotel staff with a nickel.
  • Series Continuity Error: Lana and Lily dread going to Aunt Ruth's house just as much as their siblings, even though it's previously shown in "Two Boys and a Baby" that they are the only Loud kids who actually enjoy going there.
  • Skinny Dipping: This is what Mr. and Mrs. Loud did in the pool at the hotel.
  • Vacation Episode: All Mr. and Mrs. Loud wanted to do was go away to a resort for the weekend. And then the kids talk them into letting them come with.
  • You Are Grounded: The kids are confined to their hotel room when they cause trouble throughout the building.

"Back in Black"

  • A Day in the Limelight: Lucy is the star of this episode.
  • An Aesop: Lucy gets "be yourself" and her other sisters get "do not try to force others into holes they don't fit just because they're different".
  • Be Yourself: The main message of the episode.
  • Big Ball of Violence: A variant of this happens three times when Lucy's sisters dress her up in various outfits.
  • Costume-Test Montage: When the sisters give Lucy a makeover.
  • Crush Filter: Lucy's first look at Rocky involves her imagination framing him with skulls, ribbons, and black flowers.
  • Fainting: Rusty faints a couple of times in response to Lucy's fake blood.
  • Girliness Upgrade: Lucy is given a makeover by her sisters that makes her look more glamorous in order to impress her crush, Rocky.
  • Head Pet: Three bats settle down on Lucy’s head while she’s moping on the couch, asking Lincoln why Rocky is afraid of her. After her makeover, another bat lands on Lucy’s head but Lola chases it away.
  • Hidden Depths: It's revealed that Lori is a member of her high school's varsity golf team.
  • Human Notepad: As part of Lori's plan to give Lucy and Rocky a good time, Bobby reads a script written on his arm.
  • Kensington Gore: Throughout the episode, Lucy attempts to make fake blood. In the end, she and Rocky perfect the recipe, and even add a few popcorn kernels to act as brain matter.
  • Love at First Sight: Lucy when she sees Rocky.
  • Luminescent Blush: Lucy and Rocky both have this when Rocky admits that he thought Lucy was cool.
  • The Makeover: Lucy gets one from her sisters to get Rocky to notice her.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Lori pretends she doesn't know how to play golf and asks Bobby to help her so they can demonstrate to Lucy how to get closer to Rocky.
  • Out of Focus: Although Lincoln is present, he has much less screentime than Lucy in this episode.
  • Punny Name: The minigolf course that Bobby and Lori take Lucy and Rocky to is named “Hole-in-One-derland”.
  • Running Gag: Lincoln and Rusty's project keeps getting broken. And it ends up looking worse after each repair.
  • Running Gagged: Lucy gets spooked by Rocky when he appears out of nowhere in the kitchen.
  • Shout-Out: The title shares its name with a famous AC/DC song.
  • Toilet Humor: This exchange between Lincoln and Rusty:
    Lincoln: Did you bring Uranus?
    Rusty: Never leave home without it.


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