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Jack and Emma. But wait... whose right hand is he holding?

You Me Her is an American live-action TV show about a married couple, Jack and Emma Trakarsky, who love each other but are seriously lacking spice. To get the mojo back, Jack decides to hire an escort (psychology grad student Isabelle "Izzy" Silva), but after she's left, he can't stop thinking about her. Then Emma finds out about it and demands an explanation, saying "I want to know everything that happened". Emma even sets out to meet the girl, with unexpected results. And a complicated Love Triangle ensues.

The show describes itself as TV's First Polyromantic Comedy, and indeed, does not shy away from romcom tropes—and sometimes lampshades them.


This series features examples of:

  • Age-Gap Romance: Jack and Emma are in their mid/late 30s, while Izzy is in her mid/late 20s. This leads to their lives not fitting together super seamlessly.
  • All the Other Reindeer: Lori has a grudge against Emma and Jack because they have excluded her from community activities.
  • Beta Couple: Carmen and Dave
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Andy
  • Extra Parent Conception: Subverted Trope. They don't actually go through with it, but Emma, Jack, and Izzy discuss having a kid with Emma and Jack at the genetic parents and Izzy as a surrogate, making them all physically involved. In the series finale is revealed that Izzy does actually give birth to a child and the whole extended family, composed by Izzy, Emma, Jack, their twin daughters, their adopted son and their new daughter, presumed Izzy and Jack's daughter, celebrate.
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  • Fun with Acronyms: In-universe, Emma, Jack, and Izzy sometimes jokingly call themselves EJI, which they pronounce as "edgy".
  • Happily Married: Jack and Emma, as well as their neighbors.
  • Idealized Sex:
    Izzy: You came back and the three of us had objectively transcendent sex, would you agree?
  • Law of Inverse Fertility
  • Nice Guy: Shaun the barkeeper
    Shaun: For the record, I’m also your "Mr. Right There in Front of You."
    Nina: What the fuck is that?
    Shaun: Like in rom-coms. The one who’s always there if you just take the time to notice.
  • No Bisexuals: Subverted Trope. Jack briefly believes this is the case, in regards to Emma, and then Emma thinks could be the case about herself. But end the end, nope: She is very, very bisexual.
  • Pass the Popcorn: 3.09:
    Nina: I hate that I still find this shit show so damn riveting.
    Carmen: Eh, I’ve surrendered to the shame.
  • Polyamory: Jack, Emma, and Izzy, naturally.
  • Previously Overlooked Paramour: For multiple seasons, Nina caries on various drama with her sometimes-boyfriend Andy. All the while Shaun is in the background, being generally grounded and solid. Shaun eventually lampshades it near the end of season 3:
    Shaun: For the record, I'm also your "Mr. Right There in Front of You."
    Nina: What the fuck is that?
    Shaun: Like in rom-coms. The one who's always there if you just take the time to notice.
    Nina: Yeah, no, but nice try.
    Shaun: Well, no. It's true.
    Nina: Okay, look, you're a lot of things, including ginger-ish and intermittently ruddy—but you are definitely not my—
    Shaun: Mr. Right There in Front of You. And here's the beautiful twist: the more that you deny it, the more that you're just proving my point.
  • Race for Your Love: The season 1 finally features this. Emma, Lampshades it by asking the airport staff if they could be cooperative and help her out, in the name of this trope.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: Izzy and Nina have a habit of having heart-to-hearts while lying together, with their faces inches apart.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: In season 3, Nina tells Shaun that He Is Not Her Mr. Right There In Front Of You. Shaun, being trope savvy, knows better.
    Shaun: And here’s the beautiful twist: The more that you deny it, the more that you’re just proving my point.

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