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Naked People Trapped Outside

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"And now, I ran out of the house, naked somehow."

Characters find themselves locked out of a location, which would make for a considerably less socially awkward situation if not for their also being nude. Hilarity Ensues, because Naked People Are Funny although it can more rarely be Played for Drama.

The sequence normally involves the character struggling to find/acquire their clothes or a way back inside without being seen, possibly resorting to Bankruptcy Barrel, Clothesline Stealing, Hand-or-Object Underwear, Improvised Clothes, Mobile Shrubbery or Stripping the Scarecrow. They will often fail and get caught or seen by someone, usually resulting in a Naked Freak-Out.

Note that the characters in question don't necessarily have to be naked; in their underwear, a bathrobe or a towel is close enough. The Rule of Funny here is based on the awkward situation more than it is the actual nudity. Well, most of the time. Sometimes this can be Inverted, with the character trapped naked inside a room while people are outside; in that case they're likely to Open the Door and See All the People.

Can be started off by Clothing Damage, Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen, Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing, Slippery Swimsuit, Stripping Snag, or Undressing the Unconscious. May involve the use of Scenery Censor, Shoulders-Up Nudity or other Censorship Tropes to keep any naughty bits concealed. If the character fails to stay hidden, they might make a Naked First Impression. Or they might get back inside, only to find a Birthday Suit Surprise Party.

If a character keeps getting into this kind of predicament for some reason, they're probably a Reluctant Fanservice Girl...unless the character in question is not ashamed of their state of undress, then the humor will instead come from other people's discomfort, with them likely telling the character to Please Put Some Clothes On.

See Chained to a Bed for when an underdressed character is chained to an object, see "Not Wearing Pants" Dream for when this sort of scenario happens in a dream and see No-Gear Level for when a character is stuck somewhere without their gear.


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  • This happened briefly in a 2003 McDonald's commercial of all things. A young woman is seen topless and in her underwear, covered only by a pile of dirty clothes she's holding in her arms, as she gets locked out of her apartment building when she goes to check her mail. She sneaks back inside when an elderly neighbor goes to check his own mail.
  • One commercial for a hotel (Caesar's in Vegas) has a man locked out of his hotel room in his bathrobe. He manages to still buy clothes and pick up a beautiful woman... only to get into an awkward situation when the woman wants to come to his room.
  • Subverted twice in a Special K cereal commercial. A woman is at the beach when her sarong is blown off by the wind. Rather than freak out or hide, she continues walking, and reaction-shots and glimpses of her figure suggest she's parading naked, unashamed. The final shot reveals she's actually wearing a bathing suit, which the previous glimpses of skin had strategically avoided.
  • A 1991 BVD underwear ad features a man locked out of his hotel room wearing only white BVD briefs.
  • An Australian ad for Holeproof underwear had a man stepping through a curtain into what he thought was a change room in a department store. After he has started undressing, he suddenly realizes that he is standing in the department store window in nothing but his underwear.
  • This commercial for Lulu Refresco, a Mexican soda, has a woman in her apartment who just finished a bath or shower. Somebody rings her doorbell, she looks outside the door's peephole, but doesn't see anybody. She steps outside and sees a box filled with soda bottles at her doorstep. Happy that someone left her a gift but distracted, the door closes, snagging her towel, she turns around, resulting in the towel unwrapping fro her body. She tries to pull her towel out but its stuck in the door. She hears people talking from the stairwells and covers her lady parts, runs across the hall, and hides behind a corner. Two men leave the apartment behind her which causes her some embarrassment, but she shakes it off and the commercial ends with her sitting on the floor outside her apartment (presumably having explained her situation to the men as they get someone to help her) happily drinking a soda while using the box and other soda bottles to cover herself.
  • A Beechies gum commercial sees a guy having to take off from his girlfriend's house naked, riding around town fully nude on his moped.

    Anime & Manga 

  • Charity (Bouguereau): Charity's breasts are out, all of the children are completely naked and the Neoclassical background implies that they are all out in public. Yet she's willing to bear the shame of nudity to help these kids out, which is why she's called Charity.

  • Ben Elton has a comedy routine about locking himself out of his room naked in a share house. He also has a routine about almost locking himself out of his room naked.
    Elton: ... and I just managed to make it back in before the door closed and this would have made a really great story if I hadn't!
  • Dara Ó Briain has a story about this in one of his standup shows. It didn't happen to him, but it did happen to someone who he had worked with while on tour who had locked himself out of his hotel room and found his way to Dara's room.
    So then you're there with a guy you kinda know, trying not to look at his nipples.

    Comic Books 
  • In Agent X #2, Alex and Outlaw are assigned to try to take out The Punisher and steal his Colt .45 handguns. They fail miserably and are caught by him, but he surprisingly spares them in exchange for info on who put the bounty on him. But he still takes all of Alex and Outlaw's clothing, and steal Outlaw's car, leaving both stranded naked in the streets. We later see both in a phone booth telling Sandi to bring them clothes, while a crowd forms around them to ogle the naked Outlaw as she uses her hands to try and cover herself.
  • Archie Comics: A story in Veronica volume 201 had the girls discover a collection of old-style bathing suits and try them out in the water. The boys didn't really appreciate the cover-everything styles... until it became clear that the old fabric couldn't stand up to water anymore and they disintegrated, leaving Betty, Veronica and the rest of the girls stuck naked in the ocean.
  • Catwoman: When in Rome: Catwoman has to jump out of her window into a pool because her room is catching on fire. Since she Sleeps in the Nude she had nothing but a Modesty Bedsheet on, which comes off her as she jumps, leaving her naked and furious on the hotel pool. She promises pain to her nearby male companions if they peek and orders them to get her a Modesty Towel so she can leave.
  • In the second issue of the 1960s Italian comic book La Donna Invisibile, the Invisible Streaker heroine, Nadine Roland, has to hide behind a bush just before her 15 minutes of invisibility expire.
  • In The Fury of Firestorm #7, a combination of Defeat by Modesty and Naked People Are Funny resulted in a slight reversal of this trope when Firestorm was trying to stop Mad Bomber villainess Plastique, who was planning to blow up a building of innocent people with bombs that were attached to her costume. He defeated her by deatomizing her clothes to get the bombs off her - and then he left her in the building - or near it - completely naked and suffering severe sexual humiliation as her almost victims began laughing at her and her feeble attempt to cover herself.
  • Goldie Vance: Soviet spy Miss Petty invokes this as part of her Wounded Gazelle Gambit to get the better of Walter, pretending to be a distressed guest locked out of her hotel room in only her nightgown so she can get close enough to seemingly thank him with a date and then drug and rob him.
  • A "Lighter Side of..." strip in MAD had a woman get locked outside in her underwear. Forced to go across town to get the spare key from her mother, she jogs alongside her friend and nobody bats an eyelid, assuming that it is a jogging outfit.
  • Natacha: This happened to Natacha when she was tired and accidentally got out of her hotel room while naked. With no way back inside, she banged on Walter's door for help.
  • In New Teen Titans V2 #12, Dick is fresh from the shower clad in a Modesty Towel in his apartment when he catches sight of the ghost of a little girl outside, and rushes off but fails to catch her. His door ends up slamming shut behind him, leaving him in a towel in the middle of the hallway as his neighbors stare at him with confusion, amusement or appreciation.
  • In New X-Men #6, during a fight between the Hellions and the New Mutants, Sofia / Wind Dancer blew away Sooraya / Dust all the way back to campus while she was in her granular sand form before she could convert her clothing. This had the unfortunate effect that Sooraya ended up naked when she materialized outside the Academy. Surge later finds her hiding naked behind a tree begging for some clothes.
  • In Over the Garden Wall, this happens to Wirt and Greg when their clothes are taken by animals, leading Beatrice to assume that those animals were the boys under a spell. We only see them when they're hiding inside a tree; Wirt indicates that they still have some clothes, but apparently only underwear and maybe shoes.
  • The Ray: When Lucien Gates' first uses his powers, his clothes get incinerated and he ends up transporting himself to a beach in Seattle and it takes a couple of giggling girls pointing out to him realize that he's naked. They're kind enough to let him borrow their phones to he can call home.
  • In She-Hulk 2004 # 32, Jazinda tries using her space ship's matter transporter to teleport Jen into the ship. However, the teleporter was designed for Skrulls, so it only teleported Jen's clothes, leaving her naked in front of a cheering crowd. Jazinda did eventually manage to fully teleport Jen out of the situation.
  • X-Men heroine Jean Grey's bouts with the Dark Phoenix occasionally led to her clothes being burned off, such as in the original Dark Phoenix Saga, outside her childhood home no less.

    Comic Strips 
  • In Garfield, it happens to Jon fairly frequently. Once Garfield locked Jon out while he was wearing his bunny footie pajamas, and at least one other time while in a bathrobe. Or Jon got locked outside when he went for his newspaper.
    Jon: Garfield! Help! I locked myself outside getting the newspaper! I'm not wearing any pants! I'm wearing the puppy underwear!
    Garfield: Then use the puppy door!
  • In one George and Lynne strip, Lynne tells George she was locked outside wearing only a towel. George asks if she got help, and she replies she did - from the police, postman, fire brigade and ambulance. It's implied they all stopped to help her and admire her figure.
  • Liberty Meadows Jen seduces and strips Frank, only to toss him outside and lock the door leading to a number of awkward and embarrassing situations.
  • A few Pooch Café arcs have the canine characters trying to get home after losing their collars (dogs being collarless in the Pooch Cafe universe is treated as nudity)

    Fan Fics 
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug fanfic The Naked Truth, both Adrien and Marinette are bathing when there's an Akuma attack, and neither think to stop and get dressed before transforming. Thus when their transformations wear off, they're stuck naked and hiding in an alleyway until Tikki and Plagg can go to get help from Master Fu.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim: The non-canon spinoff New Adventures: Mature Edition uses this a couple of times:
    • The plot of the third entry is kicked off by Gaz pranking Dib via tricking him into running out of the shower and straight out of the house, before locking him out and calling the cops on him for Streaking. Karma kicks in at the end, when circumstances lead to Professor Membrane's lab security systems stripping Gaz and dumping her outside the locked house, just in time to be arrested by the cops she called.
    • In the fifth entry, Gaz is so desperate for a leopard skin bikini for the mandatory costume needed to attend the (also mandatory) jungle-themed dance party at the Hi Skool, that when she runs into Viera on the street already in hers, Gaz jumps her and steals it right off her body. Since Viera also had her house keys on the bikini in a hidden pocket, she's now trapped outside and has no choice but to streak down the street after Gaz to try and retrieve her clothes.
  • Sunset Shimmer in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fanfic Sunset Shimmer's Naked Mile, who after getting locked in the shower tries to escape by using a window near the ceiling, however as her Modesty Towel fell down as she made her way out, she briefly finds herself naked outside the school.
  • SBIG Series: Happens briefly and near the end of chapter 4. Soos, .GIFfany, Melody, and Rumble all get back to the Mystery Shack in the buff, although Melody is the only one that minds. There were clothes nearby, except most of them were the revealing outfits of the other .GIFfany copies, and Melody would rather just brace towards going out in the nude than try to find something that is actually practical. Melody and Rumble's own clothes were destroyed by Professor Eve, while .GIFfany's was way back in a forest in .GIFfany Land and Soos's was destroyed by .GIFfany even earlier than that.
  • In You Call That a Costume?, it's mentioned that the Rainbooms once got arrested for public nudity when an Invisibility spell went wrong.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Hollywood Knights: The Knights' pledge class, who are left naked except for their shoes and a car tire, and tasked with going to a radio station in Watts, requesting a dedication to Tubby's Drive-In, and making it back to Tubby's by 2 a.m. When they try to steal clothes off a clothesline as they sneak through Watts, a Los Angeles neighborhood with a large African-American population. One of them gets some white sheets to presumably make a toga. The homeowner sees them in white sheets, assumes the pledges are part of the Ku Klux Klan, and runs for his shotgun...
  • Two Brazilian films (one from 1968, the other being its 1997 remake) called O Homem Nu (literally, "The Naked Man"), based on a chronicle from the homonymous book of Fernando Sabino, has this trope as the very premise of its plot, as the title indicates. A man goes naked to get a loaf of bread left at his door, then the wind slams the door, trapping him outside. Neighbors appear and he has to run. Near the end of the movie, he gets his clothes back, but then the man with whom his wife was cheating him is trapped naked outside, then mistook for the protagonist by the people who were chasing him.
  • H.O.T.S.: John and Cynthia are having sex in his van when the H.O.T.S girls steal their clothes, tape the van shut and tow it away with them in it. The naked couple finally escapes from the van on the front lawn of the school.
  • I Love Trouble: Downplayed, Sabrina goes Skinny Dipping at one point and is caught by Peter and a group of boy scouts. Her clothes are within reach, but she can't get to them without exposing herself to the scouts and stays behind Peter, using him as a Hand-or-Object Underwear. When she pisses him off with a disparaging comment about his novel he decides to walk off, leaving her having a Naked Freak-Out in front of all the boys as they begin taking pictures.
  • It's a Wonderful Life: Poor Mary loses her bathrobe when George accidentally steps on it, snagging it off. She hides in a bush, while he debates whether or not he should give it back.
  • Johnson Family Vacation: Nate is at the motel's jacuzzi naked when his ex-wife steals his swimsuit, forcing him to run back to his room while naked. He tries to avoid various people and nearly makes it back when he's spotted by a family who's horrified by the sight.
  • In Killer Party, Virgil sabotages the backdoor of the sorority house so it won't open. The frat boys then release angry bees into the backyard, driving the naked sorority girls out of the hot tub. Discovering the backdoor won't open, the girls have to run around to the front, where the frat boys are seated with refreshments.
  • Killing Zoe: Eric chases Zoe out of Zed's bathroom as she's showering, tossing her outside the apartment while she's still naked and wet. When she's having a Naked Freak-Out outside, banging on the door screaming he does remember to toss out her clothes too.
  • In George A. Romero Knightriders Julie (Patricia Tallman) becomes a victim of this trope when she is seen naked after having sex with Alan in the forest at night. When she realizes she's being seen by the group's Friar Tuck, she has a very subdued almost too stunned to react Naked Freakout as her shame is Played for Laughs.
  • Not socially awkward, but in the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film, the resident Invisible Man (who is an Invisible Streaker) meets the rest of the team outside of a cave in Siberia then cuts short their questions with "And might I remind you, I'm naked in the snow!" before heading into the cave.
  • Leprechaun 4: In Space: The Leprechaun shapeshifts into Dr. Reeds and pretends to be stuck naked outside the secure lab in order to trick Harold into opening the security door. Harold seems too Distracted by the Sexy to question why she's naked and easily falls for the trick.
  • Midsommar: Played for Black Comedy. After the fertility ritual, Christian runs around the village naked still trying to cover himself despite knowing he's in mortal peril.
  • New York Minute: Roxy and Jane are forced to sneak out of a hotel while they're only wearing a towel and a bathrobe. At one point, Jane's towel gets caught in the scaffolding and she ends up falling naked into a dumpster. She manages to get the towel back but the sisters still have to run around like that throughout New York until they find a change of clothes, but not before having a Suggestive Collision with Jane's Love Interest when he crashes on her in his bike.
  • In the third Police Academy film, Proctor is tricked by a prostitute (hired by Mahoney's troupe) into locking himself outside a hotel room during the police ball. Instead of asking for help from anyone in attendance, he escapes the hotel, steals a car, and winds up at the Blue Oyster Bar, where he's received with open arms.
  • Robot: A scientist creates a superintelligent Artificial Human to be a hero but the robot has No Social Skills. So when he rescues a naked girl from a burning building he has no regard for her modesty and simply dumps her outside, right in front of a crowd of reporters, leaving the girl humiliated.
  • In Roxanne, Roxanne gets locked outside in her bathrobe, but her bathrobe is caught in the door. She has to go for help naked. She is briefly seen covering her breasts and crotch with her arm and hand. When she goes to the fire department for help and hides behind a bush, C.D. asks if she'd like something to wear for the trip back. She sarcastically says that no, she'd rather continue being naked, so C.D. takes her at face value and walks to her house, leaving her to leap from bush to bush to keep up while remaining hidden.
  • Rumble in the Bronx: Keung is trapped out of his uncle's apartment building in his underwear after protecting his uncle's car from the gang.
  • Rush Hour 2 has Lee and Carter captured by gangsters and forced out of a car naked in the middle of Hong Kong, forcing them to use Hand-or-Object Underwear until they finally make it back to Lee's office to redress.
  • In the Pippi Longstocking movie Pippi On the Run, Tommy and Anika strip all their clothes save their white briefs to swim in a bay of water and leave their clothes unattended on top of a rock where an ox devours them. The two start fearing being seen nude by the public, but then Pippi improvises by supplying them with sacks and then she puts on a stunt show for citizens to watch and pay their loose change, allowing Tommy and Anika to buy new clothes at a shop.
  • Skin Deep: After sleeping with Lonnie, Zach walks in on her morning aerobics class in his underwear. He tries to go back to the bedroom, but the door handle comes off, and so he has no choice but to join in.
  • Straight Outta Compton: The members of N.W.A. throw a groupie called Felicia out of their hotel room in nothing but her orange panties.
  • Due to the Can't Take Anything with You nature of Time Travel in the Terminator franchise, all time travelers end up in the situation where they're stark naked in an unknown location and must find a way to obtain clothes, although due to the usually dire situation they're more conserved fitting in than actual modesty, especially the Terminators who have no concept of modesty in the first place. The heroes usually resort to stealing clothes but the Terminators often resort to demanding the clothes from the first person they find that that have compatible clothing sizes and going on a Full-Frontal Assault when the person inevitably declines.
    Inspector: Two naked perps try to blow themselves up on a freeway. All they do is make a really big pothole. Thank God for incompetent terrorists.
  • In the 2013 film Third Person, Anna (Olivia Wilde) is the lover of Michael (Liam Neeson) and comes to his hotel room wearing just a robe. She explains that she's come to return it, so he asks for it, and she takes it off and drops it on the floor. He asks her to pick it up and give it to him, which she does, and he thanks her and closes the door on her. She panics and asks for her room key, which is in the pocket of the robe. He slides it under the door and says goodnight, and she has to run back to her own room completely naked. The hotel security notice her doing this on CCTV, although the female security guard tilts the screen away from the male one so he can't ogle her. Finally she gets to her own room, lets herself in and climbs into bed, finding the whole thing funny rather than humiliating.
  • Trick or Treat: One scene has Bully Magnet Eddie Weinbauer getting him thrown, out of the locker room by his bullies who also snatch away his towel, and Eddie ends up naked in the gymnasium while an entire class of girls is playing volleyball. He has a Naked Freak-Out and starts banging on the locker room door, but the bullies locked him outside. The girls all laugh at him, with the exception of his crush Leslie who doesn't find his humiliation funny.
  • In the French Made-for-TV Movie La Venus A Lulu, Lulu, a nudist, is sleeping in a camper trailer when her husband stops to change a tire. Thinking she's arrived at the clothing-optional resort they are going to visit, she sleepwalks out into the countryside, where she falls back asleep. She spends the rest of the film hiding from people in the altogether (with a plotting little boy acting like he doesn't understand her pleas for clothes) while her mere presence in the village advances the plot — namely, the little boy finally grows up, the village baker finally works things out with his wife, etc., etc. Oh, and Scenery Censor is completely and utterly averted.
  • There's a scene in Yi Yi in which a man is locked out of his house in his underwear after an argument with his wife, and he has to stay overnight at his former girlfriend's place (who relished the irony).
  • In Youngblood (1986), Dean gets stuck outside the locker room wearing only a jockstrap, leading to a Naked First Impression with Jessie, who spends some time watching him before she takes pity and helps him.

  • There's an Urban Legend in which a naked man steps out of his mobile home for some fresh air, and the family, assuming he's still sleeping, drives off without him. This urban legend was made Hotter and Sexier and turned into the A Plot for La Venus a Lulu, above.



  • Erotic author Lia Anderssen has this as a reoccurring theme in all her books. Every single one of her novels involves a heroine losing her clothing, being trapped outside, and quickly blackmailed into a situation where she never gets her clothing back.
  • Robert A. Heinlein used the trope more than once. His Future History novel Methuselah's Children opens with a character settling back for a nap while her car drives her to her destination, before resuming manual control when she reaches the back roads. In his later novel Job: A Comedy of Justice, his protagonists—who are being involuntarily dumped from one parallel world to another—wind up in a relatively higher-tech universe and are picked up by a guy in a very slick automated automobile. (Both protagonists are stark naked at the time; also, the guy who gives them a ride later turns out to be Satan.)

Individual works

  • The Dresden Files: In Fool Moon, Tera West shapeshifts into her wolf form to distract the police so Harry and MacFinn can evade them. Since her Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing, the next time Harry finds her, she's hiding in an alley stark naked and asks him for his jacket. He quickly discovers she's not at all concerned with modesty when she just stands up naked in front of him and makes no attempt to cover herself, meaning she's actually more concerned with not attracting attention and/or the cold weather.
  • Garrett, P.I.: When Rose Tate pays Saucerhead to beat Garrett up, Garrett hires Tharpe to deliver payback by giving Rose a spanking, stripping her naked, and letting her walk home without realizing Saucerhead is ensuring her safety. The threat of being left nude in a Full Harbor alley helps convince a mook to rat out his boss, as public nudity in the military-controlled town could get the culprit condemned to the silver mines.
  • This starts the action in Bock Cole's The Goats. In a summer camp hazing ritual, the kids take an unpopular boy and girl, strip them naked, and leave them on an island within the campsite. Rather than wait around to be humiliated further, the two flee the camp, steal some clothes, and try to live as runaways.
  • Griffin, the title character of H. G. Wells' The Invisible Man, is on the run from the law in the snowy English countryside. The poor man can't put on clothing, or people will notice him, leaving him literally out in the cold.
  • Knight and Rogue Series: He's only half-naked, but Michael sneaks out of camp in only a shirt and boots once in Player's Ruse and ends up chased around and having to slowly make his way home. He doesn't get back until everyone is up.
  • In Bruce Coville's The Monster's Ring, the first Magic Shop book, Russell uses the ring wrong and gets Shapeshifter Mode Locked. He eventually gets back to the magic shop, has Mr. Elives fix things and wakes up the next morning as a human... but also naked. Also, Mr. Elives makes it clear that he has to leave and no, Russel's lack of clothes is not his problem. Fortunately it's very early morning, and he manages to race back home mostly unseen. (He tells his parents some older kids stole his clothes and burned them as a prank.)
  • In The Name of the Wind, Kvothe fakes this trope — he's been living as a beggar and he just came into some money, and he figures that pretending to be a nobleman who got his clothing stolen is easier than pretending to be a noble while wearing any clothing that he owns.
  • Invoked in Puss in Boots: Puss has arranged so that it looks like his poor master is the local nobleman, but what to do about his lack of decent clothes? He simply instructs his master to take a bath in the river, and when the king passes by explains to him that somebody stole his master's clothes while he was swimming. The king provides the kid with some fancy duds for when he meets the princess, who instantly falls in love with him.
  • Rivers of London: In Foxglove Summer Peter and Beverley end up having sex in a river and end up floating downstream, far away from they left their clothes. Beverley then guides him to a nearby traveling carnival where she knows they can't get clothes, and they have to make the trek to there completely naked. Beverley is quite unconcerned while Peter is more embarrassed and worried about the situation.
  • Henderson Dores from Stars and Bars manages to break out of his hostages' furnishing room, bare-naked, walking down the streets till he finds a cardboard box to wrap in.
  • The Three Musketeers has one sequence where D'Artagnan has pulled a Bed Trick on Milady. She discovers it while they're cuddling and gets murderous. He's forced to barricade himself in her maid's room, borrow a dress, and flee in drag.
  • The Time Traveler's Wife. Considering Henry can't take anything with him when he (involuntarily) time travels, including clothes, this happens to him on a regular basis.
  • In the famous 1920s Soviet satirical novel The Twelve Chairs, a character runs out of his flat naked (he was taking a bath), and the door slams shut.
  • Half of a great story from Wraith Squadron. When the XO responds with something about how he should go and cover up the project's "shortcomings."
    Face: So here I am stark naked, locked out of my quarters, running around the corridors looking for a towel, a rag, anything, and I turn the corner and bump right into the executive officer. He has about the same sense of humor as a Wookie with a rash. So I throw my best salute and say, "Major, I regret to report only partial success with the Personal Cloaking Device."

    Live-Action TV 
  • On 30 Rock, Jenna tried to get revenge on Frank and Toofer in the same manner as the Gossip Girl example. Frank fell for it, but Toofer didn't.
  • Bad Education: In "Swimming Gala", after the swimming competition, Alfie's chlorine allergy blinds him temporarily. While Alfie is showering Frank steals his clothes, tosses him naked in the lobby and locks him out. The blind Alfie quickly runs into Miss Gulliver and her girlfriend Alex, giving the latter an awkward Naked First Impression.
  • In an episode of the Australian kids' show Bananas in Pyjamas, the title characters get stuck outside after putting their pajamas in the wash. In a twist on the usual, they don't have any other clothes to put on, so they try to steal the other characters' washing to cover themselves.
  • In Spanish series Bienvenidos al Lolita this happens to Violeta rushes after her dog that escaped while she's only wearing a Modesty Towel. The door closes and locks behind her, catching her end of towel, leaving her stuck outside the door with her towel barely covering her. She awkwardly stays stuck like this as people pass by until her Love Interest happens to come by and decides to take pictures of her predicament, but she manages to snatch his phone and threatens to destroy it if he doesn't help her, which he promptly agrees to.
  • He's not technically "locked out" (though it would be an extremely bad idea for him to go back in), but in Breaking Bad the first time we see Jesse Pinkman he's only partially clothed and escaping from an upper story window while Hank, Gomie, and the other DEA agents are next door in the process of arresting his partner.
  • In an episode of Caroline in the City, one of the male co-stars is trapped naked on the balcony of Caroline's apartment, allowing her neighbor Annie to tease him about the effects of the cold weather on his anatomy.
  • Cheers: In "Go Make" Rebecca accidentally locks herself out of a hotel room wearing only a Modesty Towel, which gets caught in the door leaving her nude in the hallway.
  • Dance Academy: In "A Midsummer's Night's Dream", the class goes camping and Tara and Kat get into a feud about boys that end in Mud Wrestling. While they're both showering outdoors, a tired Petra steals their clothes as punishment for all their childish bickering. Tara and Kat then are forced to both cover themselves with the same shower curtain as they trek their way back to camp, and the experience actually helps them work out their issues.
  • In Desperate Housewives episode "Pretty Little Picture", Susan's ex-husband Karl comes to visit her for their "talk" while she was showering and she answers in a Modesty Towel. After their heated argument, he leaves in a hurry, inadvertently causing Susan to end up naked in front of her house, as her towel got stuck in Karl's car door which got snatched away from her as he drove off. She panics and runs toward her house which is locked and tries to get back in before someone catches her. She holds a potted plant in front of her body and tries the back door, which is locked as well. Then she tries to climb to the window but fails and falls into her bushes and is discovered by Mike who helps her out and manages to get her back into the house by jimmying a window.
  • Fairly Legal: In "The Two Richards", Justin has a problem with a neighbor across his building, a Home Nudist that always hangs out naked in the balcony, much to Justin's annoyance. Kate advises Justin to fight fire with fire, and Justin himself goes to his balcony naked to talk to the neighbor, which grosses out the nudist neighbor who agrees to start wearing clothes. But Kate decides to have some fun at Justin's expense and locks him in the balcony for a bit, just as some female neighbors come out and start Eating the Eye Candy, much to Justin's chagrin.
  • On the short-lived NBC show, Fired Up, the female protagonists threw out a man naked who was dating both of them at the same time.
  • The Fosters: In the Grand Finale, Stef and Lena wind up stranded outside a seaside resort naked after Skinny Dipping in the ocean leaving their robes on the beach for an oblivious resort worker to pick up as well as their room key. They resort to Streaking across the resort property while covering their fronts with palm fronds until they find some Modesty Towels.
  • In an episode of Frasier, Roz lures Bulldog into one of these situations by pretending she's interested in him. (It's punishment for Bulldog scaring Roz's dates away.)
    • In the next episode Frasier enters his apartment to find a woman in a towel yelling at someone down his phone. Turns out Regan is a new neighbor who got out of the shower to answer a knock at the door and accidentally locked herself out while in her towel. Martin invited her in so she could call a locksmith, and to try and set her up with Frasier.
  • Freaks and Geeks: In "I'm With the Band", the school introduces the rule that every student should shower after PE, but Sam is too shy to do so. Things only get worse for him when he finally tries to overcome his fear but is pushed out of the locker room and into the hallway without clothes or a towel, and decides to try to make a run for his locker where he keeps a change of clothes, but the bell rings while he's on the way and the hallways are soon flooded with students and Sam starts to run. He does manage not to be seen by his crush Cindy, who is later shown to be impressed with his bravery by Streaking through the school.
  • On Gossip Girl, Jenny gets even with Chuck during a Masquerade Ball by making him think she wants to sleep with him. Instead, he ends up locked out on a roof in just his underwear. Chuck, being Chuck, seems to be impressed rather than angry.
    Chuck: Little Jenny Humphrey manages to get my pants off and have me not enjoy it. Quite the accomplishment.
  • Hart of Dixie: Inverted, in a case of Naked People Trapped Inside in "Red Dye No. 40" when Wade and Zoe sneak into the Rammer Jammer to have sex and get trapped in the closet without their clothes since the town starts using the building to host talent show... which goes on even longer when Shelby is poisoned and the place is locked so everyone can be interrogated. They stay trapped there for the whole episode listening in and when Zoe solves the case by herself, she improvises a tablecloth to wear, wrapping it around her like a Modesty Bedsheet, and leaves the closet to tell everyone what happened.
  • How I Met Your Mother: in "The Naked Man", Barney, Ted and Robin's date all try to sleep with their respective one-night-stands by pulling a move known as 'the Naked Man', in which they wait naked for their target, who is then compelled to have sex with them. Ted and Robin's guy both succeed... and Barney is kicked out of his hook-ups apartment completely naked, in the middle of the night, in the streets of New York. He actually has an opportunity to put some clothes on when he comes across a rack of on-sale suits on the street, but deems them too low-quality, preferring to remain naked.
  • Hustle: In "The Henderson Challenge", Mickey and Danny are dumped naked in the center of London. While Danny bolts for a taxi, Mickey ducks into a workman's tent and emerges wearing a set of coveralls that are a little bit short on him.
  • In Brazilian Soap Opera I Love Paraisópolis, Margot pisses off her ex-boyfriend after one of her Relationship Sabotage plots is found out, and he expels her out of his apartment while she was in the bathtub, throwing her at the elevator in just a Modesty Towel. When she leaves, her towel gets stuck in the elevator, leaving her naked in public and having to resort to Hand-or-Object Underwear to make her way home.
  • On The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Jeff and his brother, Wayne, make a bet where the loser has to run around the block in only a pair of clown shoes. Jeff's brother loses a bet. Fortunately for Wayne, Jeff lets him run at night after everyone is inside (but not asleep). Unfortunately for Wayne, after Wayne starts his (off-screen) run, Jeff puts Wayne's clothes inside and pulls a bullhorn out of the closet and yells into it: "Attention, ladies and gentlemen, there is a naked streaker running around just outside your doors. Yes, he is naked, naked, naked. Good luck finding your clothes, Wayne." Jeff then goes back inside and locks the door.
  • Leverage: In The Maltese Falcon Job", Tara (Jeri Ryan) invokes this as part of a con where she pretends to be an unlucky woman who got trapped outside her hotel room in just a Modesty Towel to trick a waiter into opening a door for her. Then she also drops the towel to short-circuit his brain enough so he won't question her story.
  • Little Mosque on the Prairie: Rayyan gets locked out of the house during her bachelorette party - in a variation of the trope, she's actually fully clothed, but her hair is uncovered and her dress is knee-length and sleeveless. Hilarity Ensues as she hides in the back of the pizza guy's car and ends up stuck in the woods in the middle of a paintball game.
  • Mad About You: In the season 7 opener, Jamie is wearing a Modesty Towel in a women's gym locker room. Another woman gives her the wrong directions and she walks out the fire exit with the door closing behind her, leaving her stranded on the streets in only a towel. Meanwhile, Paul was experimenting with Viagra. And for some reason they decided to meet at the top of the Empire State Building which results in a quickie in the elevator.
  • ''M*A*S*H, in an on-going prank war, Hawkeye and BJ are showering when Margaret steals their clothes and towels from the tent. They make their way back to the Swamp to find her and the rest of the nursing staff waiting.
  • In Misfits, Jeremy has been blessed by the Storm with the incredibly lame "power" of believing that he's a Jack Russel Terrier. In this condition, he lopes around the streets naked and in the morning he's Waking Up Elsewhere naked and has to find his way back home, with a Running Gag being that everyone who sees him noting he has a Gag Penis.
  • Mr. Bean: In "Mr. Bean in Room 426", Bean locks himself out of his hotel room and must get through the hotel unseen. He picks up a few signs from the hotel to cover his front and behind, and later gets dressed in drag.
  • Neighbours:
    • Henry gets trapped outside No. 30 while hiding from Bronwyn's Aunt Edie, in nothing but a Modesty Towel. Which gets stuck in the backdoor, forcing him to run back to No. 24 through the backyards.
    • Matt volunteers to model for a life drawing class, on the basis that his wife Lauren was the only person who signed up, and Lou makes a bet that Matt is too laced up to go through it. When Matt steps out into class in a Modesty Towel, he is shocked to find that at least a dozen people have turned up, as Lou bolstered the numbers by spreading the world and a lot of Lauren's girlfriends showed up just to make it embarrassing for Matt. Right when he's about to drop the towel, the fire alarm goes off (pulled by his son Bailey, having been alerted to Lou's prank) and everyone is forced to evacuate. Matt's still left embarrassed, though, as he's now stuck outside in nothing but a towel until the fire brigade has declared the building safe.
    • During one episode, Hot Teacher Elly Conway is pranked by one of her students, Tia and Kirsha who squirt cream all over Elly's outfit and later steal her clothes while she's showering in the locker room, leaving Elly stuck there naked. Since Elly is late for a pitch meeting with the Department of education's representative, she decides to take her chance and braves the school hallways wrapped up in a poster. Luckily she is able to secure Ben's help and makes it back to her office undetected... only to find the headmaster and the Department representative waiting for her inside.
  • Off The Map: In "Smile. Don't Kill Anyone", Lily decides to use take a Waterfall Shower, but her towel ends up washing away down the stream. She pursues it while naked, and ends up running into Ben just as he's strolling by.
  • One Tree Hill:
    • In "Sympathy for the Devil", Owen surprises Brooke by being naked in the backseat of her car in an attempt to seduce her. She's not amused, kicks him out and drives off with his clothes leaving him naked on the streets where he's quickly arrested for public indecency.
    • In "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You...", Quinn gets locked out of a cabin while going for a soak in the hot tub and is forced to walk to the diner to retrieve the keys from her boyfriend Clay wearing only her bikini and a pair of snow boots she managed to find, ignoring the many appreciative and confused looks she gets on the way.
    • In "This Is My House, This Is My Home", Lauren is taking selfies of herself in her lingerie when she accidentally drops her phone from the balcony. She rushes out of the apartment without remembering to get dressed and the door lock behind her, leaving he stranded outside.
  • A Passion for Revenge: One episode has Irina and Flavio making love in the wild. After they get into an argument Irina leaves, taking her clothes with him, forcing him to run back to his home with only some plants to cover himself. She repeated this prank later, this time seducing him until he stripped then taking his clothes and leaving him naked on her spa.
  • An episode of Plebs has the boys enjoy a multi-day "trial session" at a luxury fitness center, practically moving in since the facilities are open 24/7 and the vouchers never specified a length for the trial. They're ultimately evicted after new ownership cancels all outstanding trials and vouchers, incinerating the contents of the lockers for good measure. This leaves the protagonists to walk home in the altogether.
  • In Primeval Episode 22, an unfortunate man gets tied up outside wearing boxers and a bra as part of a stag do prank.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: In the episode "What a Witch Wants", Salem stays home with Aaron, who treats him badly. As payback, Salem tricks Aaron out of the house in his bathrobe and locks him out, with the bathrobe getting caught in the door and leaving Aaron naked outside. He later ends up being arrested for public nudity.
  • In one episode of Sex and the City, Samantha decides to spice things up with her firefighter boyfriend by having sex in the fire engine bay. Mid-coitus, the company responds to a call, leaving Samantha exposed with the bay door open and the inside doors locked.
  • Chris from Skins gets locked out of his house naked by some random person after waking up from a night of drugs and partying.
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: "Bowling" has Cody, twice in a row, get locked outside of the suite while wearing nothing but a Modesty Towel courtesy of Zack. Their mother is not amused. The second time gets Zack grounded and removed from the bowling team despite him being the star player.
  • On one episode of Three's Company, Janet and Mrs. Roper took part in a nude protest at the beach. When the cops broke it up, they ran for it and are seen hiding in the bushes outside the apartment building.
  • A toned-down version happens in the Victorious episode "Victori-Yes", when the events of the episode lead to Cat and Robbie trapped outside in their underwear.
  • Wicked Science: In "Catch Me if You Can", Elizabeth invents an invisibility gel that doesn't work on clothes, so she becomes an Invisible Streaker to spy on Toby's date with Nikky. As the episode ends she gets locked outside the shop where she put her clothes and to make matters worse it starts to rain, which washes off the gel and leaves her stuck naked and visible outside (The audience doesn't see anything but her Toplessness from the Back).
  • Witches of East End: In "A Few Good Talisman", Hot Witch Wendy tries to get inside Leo's apartment by invoking this, having him bump into her while she's completely naked and pretending she's a neighbor that got locked out. It works very well, especially since she doesn't really make much of an effort to cover herself and it makes him too Distracted by the Sexy to suspect anything, with his dialogue turning into gibberish.
    Wendy: [standing naked behind Leo as he's opening his apartment's door] Sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you.
    Leo: Oh. No, no, t-that's quite all right. I'm nude. Er uh, good.
    Wendy: [nods knowingly]
  • One episode of the anthology series Worst Day Of My Life has the protagonist accidentally locked out of his house wearing only a Modesty Towel (which he then loses). Hilarity Ensues as he tries to get back inside before anyone sees him.
  • Your Family or Mine: In "The Pantry", Blake and Dani where having sex in the kitchen when Oliver and his family walked in. Panicking Blake hid in the pantry and Dani ran outside, both stuck and using Hand-or-Object Underwear to cover themselves. Oliver finds them both and assists them in getting clothes without letting the rest of the family know.

  • In the music video to Bon Jovi's "Misunderstood", the male protagonist gets his clothes ripped off by dogs on a street, leaving him to run home fully naked.
  • Theory of a Deadman song, "Little Smirk":
    I locked you out, left you naked in the front yard
    Burned all of your clothes having nothing can be really hard

  • One of Frank Muir's stories on My Word! involved him going to a laundromat in the early hours of the morning and, while he was there, deciding to wash the clothes he was wearing as well. Inevitably, he ends up locked out of the laundromat in the altogether.

    Video Games 
  • In Paper Mario 64, this is how Mario first meets party member Kooper the Koopa. An army of Fuzzies have invaded Koopa Village, and they've stolen Kooper's shell. He hides behind a bush until you reclaim it for him, at which point he joins you. Technically he's not naked, since he and all other Koopas wear a shirt underneath their shells, but they all still would prefer not to be seen without them.
  • Shantae: Shantae's Character Blog at one point chronicled the events of Shantae trying to cover herself after somebody stole her clothes while she was swimming. It turned out that Bolo buried Shantae's clothes because he saw them lying on the ground and thought she had melted.

    Visual Novel 
  • Bachelorette Party: Chapter 6 has the Girl Scouts forced to flee their hotel room when the Norwegian Mafia shows up, despite the fact that all four women are barefoot and Mandy is wearing only underwear.

  • In Alice, the titular character goes Skinny Dipping in the local pond with her friends Dot and Joanne, and the girls end up the victims of Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen when a dog carries off the platic bag they'd put their clothes in for safekeeping and are forced to trek their way back home naked. Dot and Joanne manage to get home without getting spotted — Alice doesn't.
  • The first story of The Bare Pit begins with a character accidentally going out into public without remembering to get dressed first.
  • Deliberately invoked by Ed Lincoln against his sister in Between Failures. When she makes off with his DS, he chases her out of the apartment and refuses to let her back in until she "relinquishes her hostage". She relents when the awkward neighbor guy gets a photo of her in nothing but her panties.
  • In Concession, Thonnen's little cousins somehow get Roland outside and steal his boxer shorts to get him out of the way so that Valae can rape Thonnen.
  • Happens to Ethan in Ctrl+Alt+Del, after he attempts to surprise his then-girlfriend Lilah following her tournament. When she sees he's been wandering around naked, it makes her angry enough to go from losing to crushing the competition.
  • Chapter 10 of Dungeons & Denizens features a subplot about Min and Gazdar having respawned in Seidistika's office without clothes, and trying to get back to their rooms wearing only Modesty Bedsheets.
  • Chapter 3.5 of Evon is devoted to the title character and Herodotus dealing with the consequences of Evon accidentally teleporting their clothes off at the end of Chapter 3.

    Web Original 
  • Critical Role: Jester, the daughter of the Ruby of the Sea, got herself kicked out of her hometown of Nicodranas this way. She played a prank on one of her mother's clients by sneaking into the room disguised as the Ruby, convincing the man to step out onto the balcony wearing only a pair of garters, and then locking the door behind him. Unfortunately, that man turned out to be a very high-ranking noble in Nicodranas, and if Jester hadn't left, he would definitely have had her killed.
  • This happens to Liza Koshy in the Liza On Demand episode "Naked", after she locks herself out of her home while her robe gets caught in a door and she runs around town in the buff in search for clothes.

    Western Animation 
  • Underwear example: In the The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius episode "When Pants Attack", Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, and Cindy are left briefly outside the school in their underwear after Jimmy's latest invention animates their pants and causes them to run away. Downplayed, however, in that Jimmy is only laughed at by the other three and two background characters, and the other three are only embarrassed for about a minute. They spend most of the episode in their underwear and nobody is seen mocking them afterwards.
  • The All Grown Up! episode "What’s Love Got to Do With It" has Chuckie trying to avoid having to shower until one of his attempts to do so gets him stranded outside the locker room with no clothes or towel. At the end of the episode, he finally overcomes his fear.
  • Referenced in the Animaniacs song "A Quake, a Quake":
    I ran outside with neighbors, their faces filled with shock
    Mostly 'cause I'm standing there in nothing but my socks.
  • In Camp Lazlo, the last episode "Lumpus's Last Stand" had Scoutmaster Lumpus discover that a lot of time can be saved if people stopped doing laundry and simply painted on their clothes. Everyone initially praises Lumpus as being a genius, but things go sour when it starts to rain and everyone has their painted clothes washed away, leaving them in the nude.
  • Code Lyoko has Season 4 episode "Bad Connection" starting with Ulrich locked outside of his room in nothing save for a bath towel.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: In "Operation: B.U.T.T., the team forces Numbuh 1 to take a day off on the beach, but to his dismay, he ends up losing his trunks in the ocean and is forced to sneak through a crowded beach butt naked.
  • Sandy and her fashion club, minus Quinn, of Daria are stuck outside in their swimsuits because the door is locked and they couldn't handle the hot tub any longer.
  • The Critic: In "Lady Hawke", as Jeremy and Olivia have a discussion of her relationship with Jay, Jay is locked outside his window wearing nothing but a Modesty Towel. As soon as he mentions his limited apparel, a strong wind blows the towel off, followed promptly by a rainstorm. After a couple of minutes, he's seen whimpering like a puppy wanting to come back in.
  • In the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Streaky Clean", a Satellite Laser that was meant to remove stains from Dexter's clothes suddenly goes haywire and ends up burning off his entire outfit, at school nonetheless. He then has to make his way home, covering himself with a book.
  • Happens in Ed, Edd n Eddy in the episode "Pop Goes the Ed" when they're trapped in a kiddie pool at a party after their bathing suits fly off and they spend the whole day hiding in an inflatable pool missing out on cake and party games. It happens again in "See No Ed" when Eddy rips off his, Ed's and Edd's clothes off to look for their hand-drawn monkey mask.
    Edd: Eddy, I can't find my underwear!
  • The Fairly Oddparents: In "Crime Wave", Timmy wishes himself straight from the bath he's taking to the comic book store. His fairies oblige, but neglect to also magic up some clothes for him. As a result of Timmy has to go through town covering up his "private parts" with his hands, a newspaper or his pink cap and Timmy promptly gets mistaken for the Kid Hero "Naked Lad" by the people at the comic book store.
  • One episode of Family Guy had Peter Griffin and Mayor Adam West kicked out of the house naked. Peter admitted that "he lost a fight with his clothes".
  • In Garfield and Friends, an incompetent fairy makes it so that any resident of the Arbuckle home who makes a wish has it granted. At some point during this period, Jon is singing "Dixie" in the shower and soon finds himself naked in Dixie Land. He only gets out of it because, during questioning, he wishes he was home.
  • On episode 33 of the Canadian series Hoze Houndz, Squirt steals all of Steamer's underwear while Steamer is showering. Steamer, dressed in a towel and sandals, goes down to the beach to confront him about it. While Steamer is shaking Squirt by the neck, his towel falls off leaving him naked in front of a couple of girls, who promptly start laughing at him. Squirt points out Steamer's nudity and he quickly uses Squirt to cover himself. Then, rather than picking up his towel or any of the dozens of pairs of underwear around, Steamer runs off screaming. The very next scene, we hear a door open and shut at the firehouse and Steamer run through wearing nothing more than his sandals implying he streaked through the whole city to get there. We've seen just how big the city is in another episode. Steamer had a loooooooong way to run.
  • An episode of Jimmy Two-Shoes had Jimmy taking advantage of the town's Temporary Blindness to do whatever he wanted, which included Skinny Dipping in the town's fountain. Guess when the blindness wore off.
  • Les Sisters: A downplayed example. Wendy goes to the mall to buy a dress and ends up being followed by Marine. Wendy, who at the moment is in her underwear in a changing room, orders her sister to go back home, and Marine complies, but accidentally ends up taking Wendy's clothes with her, leaving Wendy at the mall (which is on the other side of town from their house) in just her underwear and training bra. Wendy ends up having to wrap a curtain from the changing room around herself and walk all the way home like that.
  • In the Lizzie episode "Operation Reptile Rescue!", Lizzie Green attempts to set free an alligator at the zoo, only to get trapped in the exhibit and left naked when the alligator rips off her clothes and then uses them to sneak away pretending he's a human (somehow). The rest of the short has her streaking in an attempt to meet up with her friends before getting tranquilized, coming to in time for her friends to let her know that the alligator was sent back to the wild and that everyone forgot about her ignominious misfortune.
  • In the "Flight as a Feather" episode of The Mask a crazed stripper, Cookie BaBoom, who had an affair with Mayor Tilton, tries to blow him up with dynamite bikini strapped to her body, which the Mask foils by yanking it off while sending her into a swirl spin. When the cops come for the Mask, he stops Cookie's spinning and distracts the cops by exposing her very attractive nude body to them and they melt in lust on the spot.
  • The 2013 Mickey Mouse short "No Service" has Mickey surrender his trademark red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves to Donald so he can order food from Goofy's Snack Shack due to the restaurant's No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service policy. As a result, Mickey is forced to stay outside the restaurant naked, trying not to let Minnie and Daisy see him. Eventually, Donald gets kicked out of the restaurant for trying to pay for the food with Mickey's I.D., and he loses Mickey's clothes as well as his own, all of which Mickey promptly puts on. Donald lands next to Minnie and Daisy, and the latter even chastises him for public nudity.
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey: In "Pranks For The Memories", Jake's final prank on Adam, was stealing his clothes, while he was in the shower, and forcing him to run around the halls, naked, before finally deconstructing the school, breaking down all the walls, exposing his nakedness to the outside world, much to the delight of his classmates.
  • Pet Alien: In "The Boy with Six Legs", Tommy accidentally locks himself out of the lighthouse while wearing Swanky's bathrobe, which he's very embarrassed about. Things don't get any better for him from there, as his pleas for the aliens to bring him clothes result in them mistaking a crab for him, Gabby stalks him, and Melba laughs at him.
  • Samurai Jack: The episode "Jack Is Naked" is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, with Jack's clothes and sword being stolen by a white rabbit while he was taking a bath. He chases it into a bizarre underground world, spending most of the episode grabbing whatever clothes or covering he can find while looking for his stolen possessions.
  • The Simpsons:
    • It supposedly happened to Apu off-camera in the episode "The Day the Violence Died". It apparently got him arrested, but two kids called Lester and Elisa (who creepily resemble the original drawings of Bart and Lisa) got him out.
    • In the episode "Natural Born Kissers", Marge and Homer end up in this situation after engaging in some fresco "snuggling" to spice up their sex life.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
  • Teen Titans Go!: In "Laundry Day", Robin gets locked out of the Tower naked and is swarmed by bees and fangirls with cameras.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: In the short, "A Bacon Strip" from the episode "The Acme Acres Zone" Hamton goes Skinny Dipping in Montana Max's pool (at Plucky's urging) and ends up having to flee, leaving his clothes behind. Stuck naked outside, Hamton tries to get home without anyone seeing him, using graffiti to paint a suit on the frontal half of his skin. On his way home, Granny asks him to help her cross the street, which he reluctantly does. When a car splashes him, it washes the painted suit off and a horrified Granny whacks him with her purse. When poor Hamton finally makes it home, he finds a surprise birthday party is awaiting him... and Plucky was in on it.
  • Total Drama: In "If You Can't Take The Heat", the boys of the Killer Bass are upset with Harold since he keeps leaving his underwear lying around and start pranking him to make him stop. Their final prank has them carrying his bed to the docks while he's asleep naked. Harold awakens the next day to discover he's stark naked outside, in plain view of several of the girls who swimming in the lake who begin teasing him while the guys are in a nearby boat holding his clothes hostage. Harold has a Naked Freak-Out and finally submits to their demands in exchange for his clothes.

    Real Life 
  • Truth in Television. Happens often in hotels and on cruise ships, where the door locks automatically behind you when you step out. Many a guest popping out to set out his room service has found himself outside in the nude or in underwear without a key card.
  • A rather common occurrence in college dormitories, where one roommate is in the shower sans key and the other, assuming the first gone, asleep, or otherwise with their key, leaves and locks the door... Quite common even where students don't share rooms if you happen to be unlucky enough to have room doors that lock themselves upon being closed. Or if you're in the shower when the fire drill goes off.
  • Suddenly realizing you're naked in public is a standard plotline for dreams of personal insecurity and humiliation.
  • According to legend, President John Quincy Adams was fond of skinny-dipping in the Potomac. Supposedly, a female reporter seeking an interview with JQA found him and sat on his clothes until he agreed to talk to her. (She even screamed when he tried to leave without agreeing!)
  • President Gerald Ford got himself locked outside with only his bathrobe on when walking the dog out in the early morning.
  • Ashley Judd likes being "in a cathedral of trees and the sanctuary of canyons." Judd's love of nature led her to be locked out of her cabin at the Ahwahnee hotel in Yosemite without her clothes. Judd leaned outside her door trying to get her yoga mat when the door slammed behind her. She covered herself up with her yoga mat and went to the lobby to get a new key. It was only later that she realized that not only was she naked, but her face had also been covered in pimple cream.


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