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Lustful Melt

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A fairly common staple of Western Animation, this trope involves a character being so enamoured with another, their whole body turns into a puddle of goo. Can be used as the female equivalent of Something Else Also Rises (and often is, as seen in a lot of Warner Brothers 1990s cartoons, like Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures).

Male characters can experience this too, but it's either used as a Censor Decoy if the censors don't want implications of erections to be shown or if the writer wants to move past metaphorically showing an erection or ejaculation and go straight to metaphorically showing an orgasm/post-coital come-down or if the writers want to show that a male character isn't as masculine as he appears to be (this is going by the knowledge that if the Something Else Also Rises trope is shorthand for an erection, then the Lustful Melt is almost always the female equivalent and putting feminine traits in a masculine character is almost always good for a laugh or some character development).


A Sub-Trope of I'm Melting!, Harmless Liquefaction and a (sometimes) Distaff Counterpart of Something Else Also Rises. Contrast Shameful Shrinking.


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  • A series of humorous ads for Norton Antivirus 2011 involved celebrities (representing cyber criminals) wanting to do bad things to critters/inanimate objects/etc (representing the viewer's PC/identity/etc.). The viewer had the choice to deny or allow this to happen. One of these was David Hasselhoff and an oscillating fan. One of the "allow" outcomes was Hasselhoff seducing the fan, causing it to melt. Viewable here
    Hasselhoff (in German): I am a sex machine. You are a wind machine. Let's get it on. *Fan melts*

    Anime & Manga 

    Asian Animation 
  • In the Simple Samosa episode "Tutti Frutti", several male townsfolk notice Tutti Frutti and immediately show signs that they've fallen in love with her. A popsicle bystander melts in this fashion upon seeing her.

    Comic Strips 
  • A Nemi strip shows the title character doing this while watching Khal Drogo, to her boyfriend's displeasure.
    Grimm: I think I'd prefer you to watch Khal Drogo alone.
    Nemi: [on the floor] But why?

    Fan Works 
  • This parody of Steven Universe has Pearl having some, ahem, issues with her physical form upon seeing Rose in a pretty bikini.
    Pearl: You look resplendent.

    Films — Live-Action 


  • Barry Louis Polisar:
    • In "With A Giggle and A Hug and A Tickle and A Kiss", the singer describes his unexpected falling in love as "melting in [the beloved's] arms".
      It's hard to think I'd let myself be captured by your charms
      In the middle of a snowstorm I'm melting in your arms.
    • "You're As Sweet as Sugar On A Stick" has a line where after kissing his beloved, the narrator expresses his pounding heart as "Like water down a drain, dropping drip by drip".


    Western Animation 
  • Animaniacs also utilises this repeatedly. It happens to Dot (and some aliens) in "Space Probed" after their inner fantasies are projected on a screen, and to Minerva Mink in both of her focus episodes, after seeing Trudy's cousin/Werewolf Wilford (and to non-werewolf Wilford himself in "Moon Over Minerva", due to Minerva flirting with him).
  • This happens to the titular character of Bonkers in the short "Ski Patrol", when his love interest Fawn Deer kisses him after he winds up in the hospital following a skiing accident.
  • Captain Flamingo: Happens to Lizabeth in "Blindsided" when she hears Otto's "Suave Voice".
  • Droopy, Master Detective: Happens to Rumpley in a Screwball Squirrel short called "A Screwball Romance", when he sees the cute poodle Fifi.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Happens to both Eddy and Kevin in "Pop Goes the Ed", when they first see Nazz in her bikini.
  • Used in a demonstrative sense in the Family Guy episode "Twelve Angry Men," Quagmire has his fellow jury members simulate the positions of an orgy. He then takes his position, "the butterpat", climbing on top of the pile and literally melting all over them.
  • Dexter the octopus does this once in Flipper and Lopaka, after being seduced by a jellyfish posing as an octopus.
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the principal's face melts off and exposes his skull at the sight of Sperg's mom.
  • In Groove High, Zoe melts into a puddle of water when Dom (Tom in disguise) compliments her.
  • This happens to Charlie Horse in the Bob Clampett cartoon It's a Grand Old Nag after his Hollywood crush Hay-dy La Mare kisses him as thanks for saving her from a fire.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Quite possibly the earliest example of this trope is the 1944 short "Swooner Crooner", where the singing of a Frank Sinatra Expy rooster causes one hen to melt where she stands.
    • The above would be neck and neck with Plane Daffy, also from 1944. Daffy gets kissed by spy Hata Mari, lights up like a Christmas tree, then goes all liquid, dribbling down a flight of stairs and through a crack in the floor. These two cartoons were both directed by Frank Tashlin.
  • Happens to Kellaway and Doyle after seeing Cookie BaBoom without her suicide belt bikini in the The Mask episode "Flight as a Feather".
  • In the 1956 Popeye cartoon "Parlez Vous Woo": When Popeye kisses her hand, Olive turns red, blows steam out of her ears, then melts into a thin flat Olive-Oyl-shaped puddle conforming to the contours of the staircase. Her comment: "I'm just like butter in your hand!"
  • In the Quack Pack episode "Heavy Dental," Huey melts into a puddle of steaming water after getting a good look at the gorgeous Agent X.
  • Played with in Ren & Stimpy. During a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot, Ren encounters and falls in love with a female bacterium. He collapses into a puddle after the first kiss... because she sucked out his skeleton.
  • Rocko's Modern Life:
    • The titular character in the episode "S.W.A.K", after he learns that the person he thought was his crush's boyfriend is actually her brother.
    • He also pulls a variant when he melts with pleasure at the sight of a "sad crying clown in an iron lung" for sale, as he's always wanted one.
  • In the Sidekick episode "News at 11AM", Vana melts like wax when she first meets Allan Amazing.
  • Spliced: Happens to Patricia in "Amazon", when she first sees Eduardo.
  • Happens to Casper in The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper episode "Poil Jammed" when Poil sweet-talks him into helping her be scary so Spooky will like her.
  • Teen Titans: In "Fractured", Larry does this after getting a hug from Starfire.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures used this a lot. It happens to Buster Bunny in the Pilot, to Babs during the Christmas Special (after both are kissed by the other) and Plucky during the "Acme Bowl" and "Pluck Twacy" episodes (both times after being fondled by an attractive female).
  • The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat:
    • In the first half of the "Sludge King" two-parter, Felix does this when he sees Candy Kitty for the first time.
    • He also does this in "Love At First Slice" after being fondled by Nastassia Slinky.
  • The Wacky World of Tex Avery: In the Power Pooch segment "P.P. Loves Fifi," Power Pooch melts after the beautiful Fifi passes by. Though the actual melting happens offscreen, the puddle he becomes is seen after Fifi leaves.