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These four friends have arrived to change the taste of your life!note 

A little spicy, a little crisp, and a lot of fun
With me around, it's a guarantee life is always yum!
It's because I'm simple
It's because I'm really cool
Everybody loves me and I love them too
And I'm happy just doing whatever I do...
It's because I'm Simple... Samosa!
—English version of the show's theme song

Simple Samosa is an Indian animated series created by Sanjiv Waeerkar and produced by Ice Candy. It premiered on Disney Channel India on May 14th, 2018 and started airing a second season in early 2020.

In the fictional Anthropomorphic Food town of Chatpata Nagar live four excitable young friends. Samosa is enthusiastic, Jalebi is level-headed, Vada is young and trusting, and Dhokla is kind, cautious, and caring. Together, they play, explore, and save Chatpata Nagar from unexpected trouble.

A few episodes and clips can be watched on Disney India's YouTube channel in various languages, including English. Check out the YouTube channel here and see the official website here.

As of March 2020, the series has been made available for viewing on Disney+ as one of its launch titles in India. Originally only the first 30 episodes were available on the service, which was rectified in December 2021 when the rest of the series was added. Before that, episodes were also put on JioCinema.


Has a character sheet and an index of episode recaps.

Simple Samosa provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Long Limousine:
    • In "Cupcake Gang", Banoffee Batenburg and her princess daughter arrive at Chatpata Nagar in a long, pink limousine.
    • Reddichillina Roly, the celebrity that Mayor Royal Falooda had expected to arrive at the clothes store's grand opening in "Banana Fontana", has her lengthy limousine held up by a bun cow in the road.
  • Advanced Tech 2000: In "Patang Hurdang", Samosa builds an air glider called the Glider Launcher Samosa 2000 to get Vada out of the sky. When that one fails to work, he follows it up with the Glider Launcher Samosa 5000 and the Glider Launcher Samosa 10000.
  • An Aesop: "Cupcake Gang" teaches that everyone is different with their own special characteristics, with the food characters' different tastes being how they get the message across.
  • Affectionate Nickname:
    • Vada considers Samosa his superstar, and as such he likes to refer to him as "Samosa-Bro".
    • Tutti Frutti called her father Mayor Royal Falooda by the name of Poppsy right from her birth. She also calls her friend Banta by the nickname of "Banteee", complete with not two, but three e's.
  • Ageless Birthday Episode: Not once in "Jalebi's Birthday" is Jalebi's age ever specified.
  • Alien Episode: "Anda Bhatija" is about a fried egg alien coming to Earth.
  • All Just a Dream: The episode "Hakka" ends with Samosa being woken up by his friends. Subverted when Samosa finds a note from Hakka telling him "thank you".
  • Alliterative Name: Yes, his full name is literally Simple Samosa.
  • Alliterative Title: Simple Samosa repeats the letter S. Several episode titles repeat a letter as well, such as "Makkhi Makkhi", "Doctor D", and "Meethi Masi".
  • And Now You Must Marry Me: In "Hakka", Samosa is carried off to the castle of Hakka, a woman who wants to marry him against his will to get rid of a curse that has been placed on her. She eventually falls in love with another man and makes him her sweetheart instead.
  • Animate Inanimate Object:
    • In "Hakka", when Samosa enters the mysterious castle, he grabs a lantern to give him light and finds out that the lantern is sentient. A sentient tea kettle and handheld mirror soon join it.
    • In "Khelo Samosa", the Game Master looks like a coin.
  • Anthropomorphic Food: Chatpata Nagar is populated by anthropomorphic food, including the four main characters. This extends to the town's local wildlife as well, as baked potato "ducks" and birds that appear to be cut-open kachori appear in a few episodes.
  • Anticipatory Breath Spray: In "Dadi Ke Saath", the Party Pizza uses a breath spray which appears to be pizza sauce when he encounters Jalebi.
  • Argument of Contradictions: In "Patang Hurdang", Samosa lets Vada fly his kite. Jalebi is concerned that the kite is strong enough that it will carry Vada into the sky with it, and Samosa assures her otherwise (he comments that he couldn't possibly fly off since "he doesn't have wings"). The debate quickly turns into them repeating their respective opinions at each other, with Jalebi stating Vada will fly off and Samosa saying he won't. The argument is cut short by Dhokla pointing out Vada actually is being lifted into the sky by the kite.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": A samosa named Samosa, in this case. Same goes for the other characters; take a wild guess as to what foods Jalebi, Dhokla, and Vada are.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: Vada is the youngest person in Samosa's group of friends.
  • Bait-and-Switch: In "Dadi Ke Saath", Vada is kept from entering what he assumes is the train his friends are riding, which is leaving the station. A few seconds later, another train is revealed nearby which actually does have Samosa and the others in it.
  • Balloon-Bursting Bird: In "Patang Hurdang", Samosa and Jalebi inflate Dhokla and use him like a hot air balloon to catch up with Vada and kite that's blowing him into the sky. A bird appears and pops a hole in Dhokla, sending him, Samosa, and Jalebi crashing to the ground.
  • Banana Peel: In one episode, the gang is literally controlling Jalebi's house like a giant robot and Samosa honks a horn at Cham Cham to annoy him. Cham Cham gets scared, jumps into a trash can to hide, and then emerges and throws aside a banana peel that was in the trash can... only to slip on that banana peel seconds later when he tries to walk away.
  • Baseball Episode: A Cricket Episode, actually. In the episode "Cricket Match", Samosa and friends participate in (what else?) a cricket match. More specifically, Samosa is named the umpire in a game of cricket, and is surprised when he learns that his friends are on the playing teams in the game as well.
  • Beach Episode:
    • "Jaa One" has Samosa and his friends go to the beach near Vada's house to have fun. They later get stuck in a pod that sinks underwater and encounter a giant octopus called the Javan.
    • "Bonda Kumari Kabhi Na Haari" takes place during a party on the same beach. Bonda Kumari, a former friend of Vada's, shows up and annoys him with her impeccable skill at the games everyone plays at the party.
  • Berserk Button: Samosa's is messing with the tip on the top of his head, as shown in "Sumo Momo". In round 93 of the fight between Sumo Momo and Samosa, Sumo Momo manages to hurt Samosa badly enough that the tip on the top of his head cracks. Samosa is very unhappy about this, as he immediately goes into a rage and attacks Sumo Momo over it.
    Samosa: Hey, I'll give you one tip. Never mess with my tip, okay?
  • Big Ball of Violence: In "Mayor Gaayab", when a bunch of the townspeople are fighting over who gets to be the political leader of Chatpata Nagar, they produce a big ball of smoke with their arms and legs protruding from it. Cham Cham, who had super-glued himself to his "throne" with sugar syrup earlier, hops into the cloud and gets in on the chaos.
  • Big Honking Traffic Jam: One appears at the beginning of "Time Freeze". The cars in the traffic jam stop honking by the time Samosa finds them, leading him to further believe that time has stopped.
  • The Big Race:
    • "Buntantra Divas" is about the gang preparing for the "Bun Pratigotiya", an annual race where the participants ride buns down a trail of butter.
    • "Dhakkad Race" has Jalebi and the rest of the gang racing in the Dakkad Rally monster truck race.
  • Birthday Episode: "Jalebi's Birthday", of course.
  • Bizarrchitecture: Samosa's house is a giant saucepan while Dhokla's house is a giant cooking pot. For that matter, a lot of the buildings in the main characters' hometown of Chatpata Nagar are shaped like food-related containers such as pots and bottles.
  • Bizarre and Improbable Ballistics: In "Cricket Match", a replay of the final stretch of the game shows that when the ball was hit, it went into Samosa's mouth, sending him flying all over the stadium before he crashes to the ground. Never mind the fact that Samosa shouldn't be that bouncy; inertia must clearly be at an exaggerated cartoony high if the ball is able to get Samosa flying through the air.
  • Bland-Name Product:
    • Their version of Google, called Gargle, appears in a few episodes. There is also a "Gargle Maps" app that Jalebi uses in "Jalebi's Birthday" to find Vada in the Masala Mall.
    • Similarly, GheeTube is seen several times.
    • The mail delivery service Badam Couriers has a logo with an orange arrow at the bottom, clearly meant to look like Amazon's logo.
  • Bragging Theme Tune: Samosa praises himself in the theme song, calling himself "really cool" and explaining that everyone loves him.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At the end of "Buntantra Divas", the judges determine Samosa is the winner of the bun race. When Vada asks why, he gets the following response:
    Samosa: What is the name of the show? Simple Samosa!
  • Business of Generic Importance: A number of Chatpata Nagar's community events and sports take place in a stadium known simply as the Stadium Dome.
  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: When Sollid starts the competition in "Sollid Survival", he snaps his fingers, causing the lights to suddenly go out and leaving Samosa's eyes as the only visible object for a few seconds.
  • Camping Episode: "Hakka" begins as one, with Jalebi telling the others a scary story before they go to sleep. In the middle of the night, however, Samosa finds all his friends gone and is whisked away to a mysterious castle.
  • Carnivore Confusion: The anthropomorphic, sapient foods have been shown or implied to be eating other foods that are anthropomorphic and sapient as well. Literally nobody minds it... except perhaps for Samosa himself, as is demonstrated in "Samosa Mama" when he gets panicky over his punishment being that he's going to be served to someone to eat.
  • Cartoon Cheese: Any anthropomorphic cheese characters that appear are orange or yellow wedges/cubes/circles that may or may not have holes all over them.
  • Cartoon Juggling: The "shower" type is used in "Chhote Rajaji", where one of the victims of the spicy illness juggles balls for a birthday party before he becomes infected.
  • Catapult to Glory: In "Dhokla Typewriter", Samosa uses a big catapult to launch himself up to the window of Dhokla's bedroom.
  • Cheated Angle: There are several instances where Jalebi is seen from a side angle, but the giant swirl on her head still appears as it would when she's seen from the front.
  • Cheeky Mouth: Most of the characters' mouths are fully visible even when the characters are viewed from the sides.
  • Clear Their Name: The episode "Samosa Mama" is about Samosa being taken to court for kidnapping Garlic, Green Pepper, and Mushroom, and having to get help from his friends to prove that he is not responsible for kidnapping them.
  • Clip Show: In "Guest of Samosa", Samosa and his gang wonder who will visit his house and remember the events of earlier episodes. The specific episodes that are sampled are "Makkhi Makkhi!" (where the gang are scared by a fly that gets stuck to Jalebi), "Meethi Masi" (where Samosa's aunt visits), and "Anda Bhatija" (where an egg alien follows Samosa around).
  • Closing Credits: Averted in a few airings, which skip the credits.
  • Company Cross References: The episode "Banana Fontana" is about Samosa pretending to be a popstar named Banana Fontana, which is most likely derived from one of Disney's American series, Hannah Montana.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • In "Kakadi Kabaddi", to hide from the townsfolk chasing them, Samosa, Dhokla, and Jalebi all go into the display window of a store and pretend to be mannequins, with Samosa donning his Banana Fontana outfit from the episode "Banana Fontana" and Dhokla wearing his Doctor D getup from "Doctor D".
    • In "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow", Dhokla wears a box on his head to hide his baldness and passes by a popsicle couple; the female popsicle says "Oh, hello" to him in a flirtatious tone. This is a recycled gag from "Makkhi Makkhi!", where Jalebi passes by the same couple wearing a Brown Bag Mask and the male popsicle flirts with her.
  • Courtroom Episode: "Samosa Mama" has Samosa being taken to court for supposedly committing a kidnapping. His friends go to the courthouse to help prove him innocent.
  • *Crack!* "Oh, My Back!": In "Moong Fu Samosa", one of the moves Samosa uses on Judo Momo during their wrestling match is to flick a pebble on the ground in front of him. Judo Momo goes to pick it up, but cracks his back in doing so.
  • Creative Closing Credits: The credits add in some interesting clips of the characters.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: In "Samosa Mama", Samosa is almost subjected to the punishment of being served to someone for them to eat before Vada comes in with the true culprit behind the kidnapping that was blamed on Samosa.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: In the episode "Sumo Momo", Samosa is challenged to beat the wrestler Sumo Momo in battle. Sumo Momo is way stronger than Samosa, causing him to be able to defeat Samosa easily... 93 times in a row.
  • Descriptiveville: Bubblegumpur has its name because it's made out of bubble gum.
  • Diegetic Soundtrack Usage:
    • The theme song is played as Franky arrives in Chatpata Nagar in "Franky Dayaloo", albeit with the lyrics changed so that they're the name "Franky" shouted repeatedly.
    • At the end of "Pimple Samosa", a group of pimples appear to sing their own version of the show's theme song, with all instances of "Simple" in the song's lyrics being changed to "pimple".
    • At the end of "Banana Fontana", Samosa sings the last line of the theme song while performing at a concert.
  • Disembodied Eyebrows: Dhokla and Vada both have eyebrows that float above their eyes.
  • Distant Reaction Shot: In "Simple Hitchki", when Samosa is fed lots of chutney to help cure his hiccups, he becomes visibly obese for a few seconds before creating a burp large enough that the scene cuts to a far-away shot of Chatpata Nagar to show the resulting mushroom cloud.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Queen Banoffee Batenburg's daughter arrives in a foreign country, sees that the locals are different from the people in her country, and tries to forcibly change them, which is rather reminiscent of colonialism.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: Mostly. The full theme song is divided into four parts, each of which describe one of the four main characters; apart from Samosa's part of the song, all of these parts are sung by the respective character they describe. The Tamil version of the theme song actually does have Samosa singing his part, thus playing the trope completely straight for all four characters.
  • Don't Look Down: In "Simple Hitchki", Chewlypso says this as he explains to a blindfolded Samosa that each step he makes will open a chakra that will bring him at peace (all of this is to cure Samosa's hiccups). Samosa takes off his blindfold anyway and freaks out upon realizing he's on a rope high above the town, leading to him slowly falling back down to the ground; as for the hiccups, it doesn't cure them.
  • "Double, Double" Title: The episode "Makkhi Makkhi" (translates to "Fly, Fly").
  • Dreadful Musician: "Cultural Programme" shows that Vada is an awful violin player.
  • Dream Intro: The episode "Moong Fu Samosa" begins with Samosa having a dream about his fight with Sumo Momo from the earlier episode "Sumo Momo". After stock footage of Samosa giving the wrestler a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown is used, the scene cuts to Vada trying to wake up Samosa, who grabs him during his dreaming.
  • Dug in Deeper: The premise of "Cultural Programme" is that Vada wants to play a song on the violin for the Cultural Programme, but he's awful at playing the instrument and has no idea. The rest of Samosa's gang, not wanting to hurt Vada's feelings, come up with different ways to try (with no success) to dissuade Vada from attending the event to perform his song.
  • Egopolis: In "Mayor Gaayab", when Cham Cham takes the place of Royal Falooda as mayor of Chatpata Nagar, he declares that he wants to rename the town "Cham Cham Nagar".
  • Emoticon: In "Dhokla Typewriter", Dhokla has a book filled with all sorts of kaomoji (Japanese emoticons).
  • Episode Tagline:
    • In "Chhote Rajaji", the townspeople scream the episode's title as they are in pain from the spiciness epidemic.
    • In "Tufaan", Samosa would rather keep riding his bicycle than help the townsfolk and keeps telling them to "do it yourself".
    • Throughout the episode "Kheer", the other characters react to Samosa feeding them the magic pudding by declaring that one day, "you will be king".
  • Episode Title Card: Zig-zagged. Certain episodes have variants where the title does not appear at the beginning ("Sumo Momo" and "Chutney Dam", for example, lack title cards for their official YouTube uploads but do have them for TV airings). On an unrelated side note, the font used for the title cards in the original 2018 season of episodes is changed in the 2020 episodes.
  • Establishing Shot: Episodes generally begin with a shot of the location where the episode is to begin. Examples include "Spa Wars" which begins with a shot of Amma Spa, "Maa Mooli" and "Doctor D" which both begin with a shot of Dhokla's house, and "Sumo Momo", "Meethi Masi", "Sollid Survival", "Tufaan", "Pimple Samosa", and the show's opening which all begin with a shot of Samosa's house.
  • Event Title: Guess which event occurs in "Cricket Match".
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: In "Comic Book", Samosa suddenly appears as a dinosaur for seemingly no reason. Not in the story his friends were writing, mind you, but in real life. Turns out Samosa himself wrote this into the story - the events of the episode were all a product of his imagination.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: In "Dhokla Typewriter", Dhokla develops noticeable bags under his eyes after spending too much time working with a typewriter.
  • Exploding Closet: In "Telephone Bhoot", as Samosa and co. are investigating where a strange sound is coming from, Samosa opens a dresser and gets covered in clothes.
  • Exposed Eyeballs as Eyes: Vada has eyeballs that aren't connected to him in any way.
  • Extra Eyes: The show depicts potatoes as having multiple eyeballs scattered throughout their body on top of having the two on their face, a Visual Pun on the fact that the little spots on real-life potatoes are called eyes.
  • Extremely Short Intro Sequence: The intro used by some of the TV broadcasts is about five seconds long and shows nothing but the logo and the main characters laughing happily. Interestingly, this means that the actual theme song has to be written into the episode itself if the producers want to use it.
  • Faceless Masses: In "Chutney Dam", the crowd is drawn with less detail.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: Anyone who falls ill with the strange spicy sickness in "Chhote Rajaji" breathes a visible fire out of their mouths for a few seconds. The culprits of the epidemic, fittingly, are a pair of little spicy peppers who were just messing around and presumably meant no harm.
  • Flies Equals Evil: The episode "Makkhi Makkhi" is about the townsfolk of Chatpata Nagar trying to get rid of a single fly that has escaped imprisonment, believing it to be a threat to everyone. Subverted in that the fly turns out to be completely friendly.
  • Follow Your Nose: "Kasturi Khushbu" begins with a smell approaching Samosa while he's sleeping. Samosa likes the aroma so much that he starts to float into the air, only to land on the ground again when someone rings his doorbell.
  • Foreign Language Theme: The browser game is mostly in English, but the theme song (specifically the ending part with lyrics) is still in Hindi.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: Every character has four fingers on their hands.
  • Full-Body Disguise: At the end of "Banana Fontana", Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada reveal that they've used disguises of each other and unzip the costumes. Dhokla is wearing a Jalebi costume, Jalebi is wearing a Vada costume, and Vada is wearing a Dhokla costume.
  • Gainax Ending:
    • In "Comic Book", Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada all laugh at the story about Samosa they worked on when, out of the blue, a warning is given to the town of Chatpata Nagar and the townspeople discover a samosa dinosaur who wants four people for some unexplained reason. The dino turns out to be Samosa himself, and just to reiterate, this dino isn't in Samosa's friends' story and isn't even real in-universe because it turns out to be the result of Samosa writing the episode. The scene ends with the show's theme song playing as if nothing weird just happened.
    • "Kasturi Khushbu" ends with Samosa visiting a United Nations meeting where everyone gives him a ton of consecutive farts. This collection of toots turns out to be the scent Samosa was looking for throughout the episode. Suddenly, Samosa winds up almost completely naked on the grass, and his friends see him sniff his own fart before Jalebi says Samosa didn't need to spend so much effort looking for an aroma he had with him the whole time.
  • Glass-Shattering Sound: At the beginning of "Kohra Ka Keher", Mayor Royal Falooda's terrible singing is enough to make the lenses on Cham Cham's glasses break.
  • Good Luck Charm: Dhokla wears several of these in "Maa Mooli" to stop his sudden bad luck. It works... for a little while, until he gets squashed by a hot air balloon.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: In "Chhote Rajaji", Cham Cham's shorts have a heart-print design as well as his name printed on them.
  • Gratuitous English: Being a show from India, where English is one of the most common languages besides Hindi, the non-English dubs throw in some snippets of English here and there. In particular:
    • The full version of the theme song in Hindi contains the English lines "Meet my sweetest friend, Dhokla!" from Samosa and "What are you doing? Grow up, boys!" from Jalebi in an otherwise Hindi-language song.
    • In "Doctor D", Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada sing a short song to Dhokla where they take each letter of the word "dost" (Hindi for "friends") and use them at the beginning of words that can describe Dhokla and their friendship with him. In all of the non-English dubs, even including the Hindi version, they say D is for "Dhokla", O is for "omelet", S is for "special", and T is for "tasty".
  • Gratuitous French and Gratuitous Spanish: Pop up in the English dub of "Jalebi's Birthday". When Jalebi asks if Dhokla has anything else to say after thanking her for untangling him from some lights, instead of the answer of "happy birthday" she expects, Dhokla says "merci, merci, gracias, gracias!", which are French and Spanish for "thank you" respectively.
  • Groin Attack: Implied in "Chhote Rajaji". The third victim of the spiciness epidemic, Cham Cham, contracts the condition when he puts on his shorts, suggesting it hit him right in the you-know-where.
  • Group Picture Ending: "Toast Malone" ends with Samosa's gang getting in on a selfie with Toast Malone after his rap battle with Samosa.
  • Guilty Until Someone Else Is Guilty: In the "Samosa Mama" episode, Samosa is the target suspect of kidnapping but never actually committed the misdeed. The only people who believe he's innocent are his friends, one of whom (specifically Vada) goes to locate the actual "perpetrator,"note  Special Samosa, and brings him to the courtroom right as Samosa is about to be wrongfully punished over it.
  • Handy Remote Control: One of these is used in "Spa Wars" to control the different objects in the spa.
  • Happy Birthday to You!: Since this show entered production after the song entered the public domain in 2015, in the episode "Jalebi's Birthday", Samosa and the others actually get away with singing "Happy Birthday to You" to Jalebi.
  • Harmless Freezing: In "Tip Top Tip", Samosa is brought to Camp Chill and fishes in an icy lake along with the other campgoers. Vada accidentally fishes Samosa out of the water, revealing him to be frozen; the ice melts when he heats up in his anger and he moves on to the next camp activity as if nothing happened.
  • Harmless Villain: Many of Cham Cham's attempts to rival Samosa in being the best are relatively tame. The one exception is in "Samosa Mama", where he gets Samosa wrongfully taken to court for supposedly committing a kidnapping and nearly gets him EATEN as a punishment for it.
  • Hearts Are Health: In the web game, the player has up to three hit points represented by hearts. Heart power-ups appear in the levels to increase the player's health if needed.
  • Heroic Mime: Averted by the normal show, but played straight in the Licensed Game where there is no dialogue.
  • Hiccup Hijinks: In "Simple Hitchki", Samosa gets hiccups and gets help from his friends to find all sorts of increasingly insane ways to cure them. He finally stops hiccuping when he gets scared over discovering his gang's voice actors in their recording studio, which is apparently in Dr. Goti Sodawala's hospital.
  • Hospital Epilogue: "Chhote Rajaji" ends with Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada visiting Samosa as he is recovering from the spicy sickness in the hospital.
  • Humongous Mecha: In "Dubki Samosa", Jalebi's house is turned into a giant mech with metal, robotic arms and legs so that the gang can go to the surface of the ocean.
  • Inconsistent Coloring: In "Carnival Chaos", the pink-colored Sher Singh appears in yellow a couple of times. Later on, he is depicted as either pink or yellow depending on the episode.
  • Inconsistent Dub: There are two different English dubs of the opening. Certain episodes use one version and other episodes use a different version.
  • Innocent Aliens: Yolky, the fried egg alien from the episode "Anda Bhatija", is a completely harmless alien who eventually becomes Samosa's friend.
  • Instant Waking Skills: In "Sumo Momo" and "Pimple Samosa", Samosa wakes up and goes into full consciousness almost immediately when his alarm clock sounds. Only a few seconds pass before he goes into his Morning Routine.
  • Instrumental Theme Tune: The browser game uses a mostly instrumental version of the theme song.
  • Invented Individual: In "Banana Fontana", Mayor Royal Falooda has scheduled the celebrity Reddichillina Roly to appear at the opening of the new Zeera clothes store, but she's held up by a bun cow in the street. When asked to find a replacement, Samosa makes up a celebrity named Banana Fontana and ends up having to pretend to be her for most of the episode after the fake popstar becomes popular with the townsfolk.
  • It's Always Spring: All of the episodes take place in summer, since the characters are seen swimming in a chutney lake in "Chutney Dam" and there are no distinctly autumn or winter-like features such as colorful fallen leaves or snow that appear anywhere in the series.
  • Jaw Drop:
    • In "Cricket Match", Samosa's jaw drops when he first sees that Jalebi is participating in the cricket game, complete with an Overly Long Tongue rolling out of his mouth.
    • Happens twice in "Spa Wars", both examples also featuring Overly Long Tongues. The first instance is when Dhokla stares in awe at the futuristic technology in Appa Spa; the second is when Samosa looks on in surprise at Iddiyappam Appa confessing his love for Iddiyappam Amma, and the latter returning the former's feelings.
  • Kid Hero: Samosa is the main character of the series and a kid who acts and talks like a real kid.
  • Kids Driving Cars: Samosa and friends are young children, but are nevertheless seen driving vehicles every once in a while.
    • In "Chutney Dam", Samosa drives one of the many construction vehicles aiming to squeeze the chutney out of Dhokla.
    • In "Dadi Ke Saath", Samosa's grandma lets Jalebi and later Samosa himself ride her motorcycle.
    • In "Dhakkad Race", the gang ride a monster truck in a race.
    • In "Patang Hurdang", one of Samosa's attempts to get Vada down from the air is to launch himself skyward by riding a motorcycle up a ramp.
  • Ladies and Germs: In one version of the English theme song, Dhokla's verse is preceded by Samosa saying "Ladies and gentlesnacks! Meet my sweetest friend, Dhoklu!"
  • Leitmotif: "Tutti Frutti" has a song about Tutti Frutti that appears throughout the episode. "I scream, yeah, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, yeah!"
  • Let's Meet the Meat: What do you do when your characters are anthropomorphic foods, but you still want to give them something to eat? Give them more anthropomorphic foods to eat, of course! At least, this seems to be how it works here, and it's implied that nobody in Chatpata Nagar minds it at all - not even the foods being eaten. Cases in point: At the beginning of "Doctor D", Dhokla is seen packing some sentient foods into a suitcase to eat for a trip he's taking to another country (or more specifically, the foods pack themselves into the suitcase), and in "Jalebi's Birthday", Jalebi's birthday cake is sentient but doesn't show any objections to being eaten.
  • Licensed Game: Has a browser platformer called Simple Samosa Game.
  • Line-of-Sight Alias: In "Banana Fontana", when asked to find a celebrity to replace the one the mayor had set to appear the opening of a clothing store, Samosa claims to know one personally and gives the fake musician the name Banana Fontana after seeing a banana peel.
  • Limited Animation: The animation is noticeably stiff compared to most other modern-day Indian cartoons most of the time.
  • Lookalike Lovers: Amma and Appa, who get married in "Spa Wars", look rather similar to each other, both having white-colored bodies with humanoid shapes, Non-Mammalian Hair, and similarly-colored clothes (red, white, and yellow).
  • Lost in Translation: In "Doctor D", Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada sing Dhokla a song where they spell "dost" (Hindi for "friend") using the first letters of various words that fit him. The original English dub of the episode changes the lyrics of the song so they spell "friends" in English instead, but the "dost" that appears on-screen during this scene is left in, creating an inconsistency between the audio and the visuals. The second English dub, as well as all the non-English dubs, don't have this inconsistency.
  • Lustful Melt: In "Tutti Frutti", several male townsfolk notice Tutti Frutti and immediately show signs that they've fallen in love with her. A popsicle bystander melts in this fashion upon seeing her.
  • Magnificent Mustaches of Mexico: The Mexican participants in the monster truck race in "Dhakkad Race" are a taco and a chili pepper, both with a mustache.
  • Midair Bobbing: In "Patang Hurdang", Vada flying through the air holding on to Samosa's kite and Dhokla when he's being used as a hot air balloon both bob up and down as they float.
  • The Middle Ages: The episode "Sabse Sweetest Kaun?" has a medieval theme going for it. In that episode, Chatpata Nagar is a kingdom and Mayor Royal Falooda is a king who gets mad when he discovers that Dhokla is said to be the sweetest in all the land.
  • Minor Living Alone: Samosa lives in his house completely by himself, without the assistance of any parents.
  • Mobile Shrubbery: In "Chutney Dam", Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada hide under boxes when they go to find Dhokla, so as to prevent them from being chased by the townsfolk who are conviced they stole all the chutney from the Chutney Dam. The disguise works until they trip over a rock and are noticed by Cham Cham.
  • Morning Routine: In the morning, the alarm clock wakes up Samosa and he gets out of bed, brushes his teeth, and takes a shower. This is shown in the episodes "Sumo Momo" and "Pimple Samosa".
  • Multilingual Song: In the Hindi dub, the otherwise Hindi theme song contains the English lines "Meet my sweetest friend, Dhokla!" from Samosa, and "What are you doing? Grow up, boys!" from Jalebi.
  • Musicalis Interruptus: In the ending of the theme song, Jalebi, Dhokla, and Vada interrupt Samosa when he's singing to tell him the song is over.
  • Nature Tinkling: In "Sabse Sweetest Kaun?", Mayor Royal Falooda sees one of his royal subjects and notices he seems to be peeing on one of the bushes outside his castle. Then he turns around and we learn that he was just watering the bushes with a hose.
  • Newhart Phonecall: When Mayor Royal Falooda has a conversation over the phone in "Chutney Dam", we can only hear him.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: The show features one-off characters named Melon Musk (Elon Musk) and Toast Malone (Post Malone), both with personalites based off of the original celebrities (Melon Musk with his penchant for electric cars and space travel, Toast Malone with his passion for music).
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: In "Sumo Momo", Samosa subjects Sumo Momo to such an attack after the latter cracks the tip on top of Samosa's head.
  • No Mouth:
    • Mayor Royal Falooda's mouth is usually obscured by his mustache, though it does appear whenever he screams.
    • Yolky the fried egg alien from the episode "Anda Bhatija" outright lacks a mouth.
  • No Theme Tune: Most of the episodes don't play the theme song. The song is written into the few episodes it does appear in due to TV broadcasts using a much shorter intro before the episode.
  • Not-So-Forgotten Birthday: In "Jalebi's Birthday", Jalebi's friends keep asking her for help doing various things (Samosa needs his radio put together, Dhokla needs to be untangled from some lights, and Vada needs to make it off of a non-working escalator) without acknowledging her birthday. Jalebi is understandably frustrated by this until she finds out they were planning a surprise party, and all of those things she fixed for her friends are involved in the party somehow (the radio is used to play "Happy Birthday to You", the lights are decorations for the party, and the escalator is in the Masala Mall where the party takes place).
  • Not the Fall That Kills You…: In "Shakti Samosa", when Samosa goes to exercise at a gymnasium, one of the things he does is use a pull-up bar. The catch? His trainer decides to open a trap door below him that's high above the room they're in and leads directly down into the middle of the road, forcing Samosa to not let go... which, unfortunately, he does. Thankfully, there's a net placed somewhere along the building that not only catches him before he falls too far down, but almost bounces him back up to the pull-up bar. Almost.
  • Not Your Problem: Inverted in the episode "Tufaan", where Samosa rides his new cycle, the Storm 5000, around town and keeps running into people requiring some kind of help. He keeps ignoring them and justifies it by saying that it's written on the back of the Storm 5000's box in bold letters to "do it yourself".
  • The Notable Numeral: One of the official episode descriptions on Disney+ Hotstar refers to Samosa's gang as the "Chatpata Four".
  • Now Which One Was That Voice?: The end credits do not list the voice actors at all.
  • Ocular Gushers: Whenever a character cries, their tears are shown coming out of their eyes in this fashion.
  • Off-Model:
    • In one of the ending shots in "Chutney Dam", specifically one where Samosa, Vada, and Jalebi are sitting next to each other, the swirl on Jalebi's head is noticeably bigger than it's usually depicted.
    • As the Mayor introduces Queen Banoffee Batenburg in "Cupcake Gang", his mustache is bigger than usual in one shot.
  • Official Couple: Amma and Appa are married as of the episode "Spa Wars".
  • Overly Long Name: Iddiyappam Appa, upon introducing himself in "Spa Wars", gives his full name as "Appa Samba Wada Dosa Onion Pypa Butta Masal Appam Beinda Rasam Medu Rava Bist Bele Plain Curry Kela Thali Saptam".
  • Overly Long Tongue:
    • In "Cricket Match", Samosa's jaw drops when he first sees that Jalebi is participating in the cricket game, complete with an overly long tongue rolling out of his mouth.
    • Happens twice in "Spa Wars" during characters' Jaw Drops. The first instance is when Dhokla stares in awe at the futuristic technology in Appa Spa; the second is when Samosa looks on in surprise at Iddiyappam Appa confessing his love for Iddiyappam Amma, and the latter returning the former's feelings. Both times, another character comments that they should put their tongue back in their mouth.
  • Paper People: In "Spa Wars", as Iddiyappam Appa is chasing Samosa, he is Squashed Flat by Samosa using his remote to control one of the pieces of spa equipment. Appa is paper-thin for a few seconds after this, and then he inflates himself back to normal.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: In "Cultural Programme", Dhokla disguises himself as Vada as part of the plan to keep Vada himself from disappointing everyone with his terrible violin music. The disguise is literally just a box with Vada's head and face painted on the sides, which doesn't seem to make any of the audience at the Cultural Programme suspicious.
  • Parental Bonus: One episode features a character named Corn Wick. This reference is most likely aimed at older viewers, as all the John Wick films have a Restricted Rating in their native United States.
  • Parody Names: One episode features a parody of John Wick called "Corn Wick" to fit with the show's Anthropomorphic Food setting.
  • Plot-Sensitive Button: The remote control in "Spa Wars" does different things each time the button is pressed.
  • Pokémon Speak: The episode "Buntantra Divas" features bun "cows" that make low-pitched "bun, bun, bun" sounds.
  • Pop-Culture Pun Episode Title:
  • Poster-Gallery Bedroom: Samosa has a bunch of posters for his favorite professional wrestler, Sumo Momo, on a wall in his bedroom.
  • Potty Emergency: In "Meethi Masi", Samosa has to use the bathroom, but his cousins keep using it before he gets a chance to do so.
  • The Place: The episode "Chutney Dam" is named after the dam serving as a primary plot point of the episode.
  • Premiseville: The main setting is Chatpata Nagar. Its name means Spicy City, which describes how it's populated by Anthropomorphic Food.
  • Produce Pelting: In "Cultural Programme", the audience at the Cultural Programme thinks the good music being "played" by Dhokla posing as Vada is absolutely terrible, to the point that they throw produce such as tomatoes at him. When the real Vada appears, a member of the audience, still convinced he played that "terrible" music, asks if he wants to be pelted with eggs instead.
  • "Psycho" Shower Murder Parody: The episode "Franky Dayaloo" features a scene where Franky is attacked with a bottle of ketchup in the shower, referencing the scene from Psycho. The scene is even presented in Deliberate Monochrome, just like the original movie.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink:
    • Princess Batenburg not only wears a pink dress, but has pink hair and appears to have very light pink skin.
    • In "Khelo Samosa", Cham Cham is forced to play the part of the princess that needs saving in one of the video game's levels and is seen in a pink dress.
  • Pun-Based Title:
    • The episode "Pimple Samosa" is a pun on Simple Samosa. It's about Samosa getting a pimple.
    • The title of the episode "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow" is a pun on the phrase "here today, gone tomorrow". The episode is about Dhokla losing his hair.
  • Punny Name: One episode features a musk melon who is a parody of Elon Musk. His name is Melon Musk.
  • Quarter Hour Short: All of the episodes are about 11 minutes long. Apart from Disney Channel India's YouTube uploads of a few of the episodes pairing "Sumo Momo" with "Chutney Dam" and "Makkhi Makkhi" with "Jalebi's Birthday", none of the episodes are paired with each other as in the Two Shorts episode format.
  • Questioning Title?: The episode "Sabse Sweetest Kaun?". The title translates roughly to "Who is the Most Sweetest?".
  • Random Events Plot: The story that everyone writes in "Comic Book" goes all over the place in regards to its plot. When Jalebi is initially working on it, it starts with Samosa walking through town to find some strange happenings on the street (multiple cars quickly driving in the same direction at once, a tank driving on the street, water flooding the street, etc.) When Vada appears and adds to the story, he writes in Samosa being named the mayor's successor and becoming a superhero. Then Dhokla comes in and keeps the story going; his "contributions" are nothing but him repeatedly bouncing Super Samosa into the air after removing his cape.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Mayor Royal Falooda is the leader of Chatpata Nagar. He works hard, has good intentions, and is generally liked by his people.
  • Recurring Riff: There's a recurring piece of background music used in the TV intro and at the beginnings of some episodes.
  • Rhyming Title: A small number of the episode titles rhyme: "Tutti Frutti", "Banana Fontana", and "Bonda Kumari Kabhi Na Haari".
  • Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: The kite festival in "Patang Hurdang" opens with Mayor Royal Falooda holding a big pair of scissors as if to cut a ribbon. Cham Cham is not happy when he cuts the string to his kite instead.
    Cham Cham: (chasing after his kite) My kite! No, my kite!
    Kulfi: Sir, that was a string! You have cut Cham Cham's line!
    Mayor Royal Falooda: So what? Why should I cut a ribbon and not a kite in a kite festival?
  • Rise of Zitboy: The appropriately-named episode "Pimple Samosa" is about Samosa developing a sentient pimple on his cheek... which claims it's actually a pea named Peter. Samosa spends most of the episode trying to get Peter off of his cheek.
  • Roger Rabbit Effect: The episode "Simple Hitchki" features a joke where the animated Samosa and co. find their live-action voice actors in the show's recording studio and freak out.
  • Running Gag: In "Patang Hurdang", the mayor accidentally cuts the string of Cham Cham's kite, sending it flying. Cham Cham spends most of the episode yelling "My kite!" as he runs around during the kite festival, looking for his kite.
  • Save the Princess: In "Khelo Samosa", when Samosa's gang comes to the final level of the arcade game, they have to save the male Cham Cham dressed as a princess. He's in a cage dangling from the ceiling.
  • Scooby-Dooby Doors: In "Kakadi Kabaddi", Samosa's gang is being chased around by the townsfolk in the hospital. There is a brief scene where both groups run through various doorways in the same hall, emerging from a different one than they came in each time.
  • Second Episode Introduction: Mayor Royal Falooda is introduced in the second episode, "Chutney Dam".
  • Seesaw Catapult: In "Dhokla Typewriter", in one of his attempts to reach Dhokla's bedroom window, Samosa sets up a seesaw and has Jalebi and Vada jump onto one end of it to launch him up into the air.
  • Senior Sleep Cycle: One of the recurring background extras is a wheelchair-using senior citizen who tends to fall asleep during conversations. According to Dhokla in "Moong Fu Samosa", he alternates between spending six hours awake and six hours sleeping.
  • Sequel Episode: "Moong Fu Samosa" may as well be called "Sumo Momo 2". The episode is about Samosa being asked to a fight by Judo Momo, Sumo Momo's friend, and actually having time to train with an elder to learn the art of "moong fu" to take on the challenger.
  • Short-Lived Leadership:
    • In "Kheer", Mayor Royal Falooda accidentally exposes his naked body to a crowd at the Stadium Dome and is not greeted kindly for it - so much so, in fact, that the crowd declares Dhokla should be a replacement mayor. The following day, Samosa feeds Dhokla magic pudding so that he can replace him as mayor; the pudding makes Dhokla grow into a giant, Samosa undoes the damage caused by said dessert, and Falooda is back to being the mayor in no time, all of which happens not even 24 hours after Dhokla is dubbed the new mayor.
    • In "Mayor Gaayab", when Royal Falooda resigns from being the mayor of Chatpata Nagar and runs away, the open job is quickly seized by Cham Cham, who proves to be too bossy and selfish to get anyone's support. The local strongman Mr. Fried Fritter manages to swipe the position from him, but also winds up losing the role rather quickly due to flushing himself down the toilet. This episode takes place within the span of only a few days.
  • Show Within a Show: In "Sollid Survival", Samosa appears as a contestant in an in-universe reality TV show called Sollid Survival.
  • Single-Palette Town: Bubblegumpur, a town made of bubble gum, is entirely pink in color.
  • Slow-Motion Drop: In "Misal Power", Samosa finds a key in the mayor's toilet tank but then lets go of it... right above the open toilet seat. The key slowly falls towards the toilet as the gang all look on with worried expressions, but then the mayor inhales the key through his straw, averting the crisis.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Jalebi is the only female out of the four main characters.
  • Snowlems: In "Tutti Frutti", Samosa and Vada travel to a snowy mountain during their search for Tutti Frutti. There, they ask a few sentient snowmen they come across for help finding her.
  • The Song Remains the Same: In the browser game, all of the text is translated to English, but the theme song (specifically the ending part with lyrics) is still in Hindi.
  • Sphere Eyes: Most of the characters have spherical eyes that overlap with each other.
  • Spell My Name with an "S":
    • The official spelling of Samosa's hometown is "Chatpata Nagar". There's at least one line of text on the show's official website which misspells it as "Chatapata Nagar".
    • Vada and Dhokla are occasionally referred to as "Vadu" and "Dhoklu".
  • Spelling Song: In the episode "Doctor D", Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada block Dhokla on social media for annoying them so much, leading to him becoming a celebrity called Doctor D. When the three finally find Dhokla again, they show that there's no hard feelings by singing a song where they spell the word "dost" (Hindi for "friends"). The original Hindi lyrics say that D is for "Dhokla", O is for "omelet", S is for "special", and T is for "tasty", which is changed to the following in the original English dub:
    Samosa: F for forever, R for relations!
    Jalebi: I for immortal, E for enjoyment!
    Vada: N for neverending, D for dear!
    Samosa: S is for special!
  • Squashed Flat:
    • In "Spa Wars", as Iddiyappam Appa is chasing Samosa, he is squashed flat by Samosa using his remote to control one of the pieces of spa equipment. Appa is paper-thin for a few seconds after this, and then he inflates himself back to normal.
    • In "Mission 925", Samosa is flattened by a big book that falls on him. A second later, he inflates himself back to his proper shape.
  • Stealth Pun: Almost all of the people running the carnival and its rides in "Carnival Chaos" are anthropomorphic corn cobs. In other words, they're "corn-ival" officials.
  • Stock Episode Titles: Episode 23 uses the stock title "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow".
  • Super Wheelchair: In "Moong Fu Samosa", Samosa's moong fu mentor at one point approaches him with rocket boosters on his wheelchair.
  • Sweat Drop:
    • In "Cultural Programme", a sweat drop appears on Dhokla disguised as Vada when he first sees the audience as he is about to perform.
    • In "Chhote Rajaji", a sweat drop appears on Samosa after he asks Jalebi how she knows the shorts are Cham Cham's, and she replies that they literally have his name printed on them.
  • Sweet Tooth: The princess who first appears in "Cupcake Gang" is so obsessed with sweet tastes that not only does she constantly say "sweet", but in the aforementioned episode, she has to be stopped from making it literally rain cotton candy to make everything sweet like her.
  • Tagline:
    • When the show was getting ready to premiere, it released promotional artwork with the tagline "Aa gaye chaar dost, badalne aapke life ka taste!" which translates to "These four friends have arrived to change the taste of your life!" in English. A similar phrase, "These four friends will add some spice to your life!", is used in early official promos, at least the English ones.
    • A tagline used on the YouTube playlists is "Nothing's Better Than A Simple Samosa".
  • Theme Tune Roll Call: The full version of the theme song introduces each of the four main characters one by one.
  • Time Stands Still: In "Time Freeze", Samosa keeps finding things and people that have completely stopped moving, leading him to believe that time itself has frozen for everyone but himself. In reality, time is moving just fine, and those people and objects just happen to be staying still when Samosa finds them.
  • Title Drop: The phrase "There is nothing better than a Simple Samosa" is thrown out in a few episodes.
  • Title Montage: The footage used for the theme song is all from different episodes of the show.
  • Title: The Adaptation: Simple Samosa Game is this minus the "The".
  • Title Theme Tune: "It's because I'm Simple... Samosa!"
  • Tooth Strip: All of the characters have long, undivided strips of teeth.
  • Toothy Bird: Well, a toothy insect, but the idea is otherwise the same. Makkhi Makkhija, the fly that gets stuck on Jalebi's head in "Makkhi Makkhi!", has teeth that are mostly rendered in the same Tooth Strip fashion as the other characters.
  • Totem Pole Trench: Popcorn, the carnival official at the entrance of the secret ride in "Carnival Chaos", is actually just three people stacked on top of each other and wearing a big trench coat to hide two of them.
  • Toilet Teleportation: Inverted. In "Toast Malone", Samosa, in his effort to stop Dhokla's addiction to Toast Malone's music, forbids him from entering his house (Samosa is keeping Dhokla's headphones in his house). One of the attempts Dhokla makes to enter the house is to come in through the toilet; this doesn't faze Samosa, who just flushes him back down.
  • Trapped in TV Land: The premise of "Khelo Samosa". A bunch of citizens of Chatpata Nagar suddenly disappear and Samosa and his gang discover they're stuck in an arcade game, so they go through the game's levels to save them.
  • Tree Buchet: In "Dhokla Typewriter", Samosa has Jalebi and Vada pull a rope tied to a tree to catapult him into Dhokla's bedroom.
  • Truncated Theme Tune: Most of the few episodes which have the theme song in them (the theme song has to be written into the episode since a five-second-long intro is used instead in TV airings) skip over most of the song.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: In "Mayor Gaayab", Mayor Royal Falooda, the kind, well-liked leader of Chatpata Nagar, leaves the town. The position of mayor is taken by Cham Cham, who is extremely bossy and selfish to the point of acting like a king. Then, Mr. Fried Fitter takes the position from him, but he forces people to do exercises that they don't like doing. In the end, Royal Falooda becomes the mayor again.
  • Untranslated Title: The episode titles seem to fluctuate between being in Hindi and English. The episodes with Hindi titles do not have those titles translated in the English dubs apart from them being rendered in Latin script, nor do the English titles get Hindi translations. Taken even further in the Tamil and Telugu dubs, where the titles are not translated to Tamil or Telugu at all.
  • Visible Odor: All over the place in "Kasturi Khushbu", since the episode's premise is Samosa searching for an aroma he wants to smell again. Samosa visits foods from around the world to find out what they smell like, and each food has a visible odor with a color corresponding to the color they are (red for Kimchi, green for Wasabi, etc.).
  • Visual Pun: "Sabse Sweetest Kaun?" depicts Mayor Royal Falooda as a medieval king - in other words, a literal "royal" falooda.
  • Vocal Evolution: Vada's English voice is noticeably higher-pitched and more feminine sounding in the 2020 wave of episodes.
  • Volumetric Mouth: Characters' mouths will occasionally open so wide that they cover the entirety of their faces. It often happens when a character screams, for example.
  • Watching the Sunset: "Hakka" ends with Hakka and her new sweetheart watching the sunset together.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The whole reason Iddiyappam Appa built his own high-tech spa right across the street from Iddiyappam Amma's spa in "Spa Wars", and thus caused a rivalry between the two spas, was because he's in love with Amma and wanted to be near her.
  • Whole Plot Reference: The episode "Aampur Ke Choley" copies the premise of the Bollywood movie Sholay, with Jalebi playing the role of the dacoit leader and Samosa and Dhokla as the ex-criminals serving as the protagonists of the original film.
  • Who's on First?: In the English redub of "Carnival Chaos", Vada meets a stranger in one of the carnival tents. When Vada asks for his name, the stranger replies "Popcorn", and Vada doesn't realize that's his name and says "no, thanks", thinking he's asking if he wants popcorn.
  • X-Ray Sparks: In "Patang Hurdang", Samosa uses Cham Cham's kite to fly into the air and grab Vada, who is being carried away by a big kite he is holding. Samosa hits a thundercloud and gets electrocuted, making his skeleton visible. Dhokla and Jalebi, who are holding the spool of Cham Cham's kite, are also electrocuted with the same result.
  • You Must Be This Tall to Ride: In "Carnival Chaos", Vada keeps getting barred from riding the carnival rides due to being too short, much to his annoyance since his friends are tall enough to get on the rides.

Samosa: It's because I'm simple-
Jalebi, Dhokla, and Vada: Simple, the song is over!
Samosa: Heheheh... erm, sorry!


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