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The answer is surprisingly complicated.

This is a specific type of title that poses a question to the reader or to a certain character. The question may relate to the work's Arc Words in some way, or it may be the Arc Words. The answer may be explicitly given, implied, or left ambiguous.

In Hollywood, using such titles is considered bad luck and many writers and studios try to avoid using them (with the few exceptions, such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, often doing things such as dropping the question mark to avoid being cursed).

Many of these can be answered with a "no".

See also Driving Question. And as always, remember that if you Ask a Stupid Question..., you will Get a Stupid Answer.

Contrast Excited Title! Two-Part Episode Name!

Wanna see some examples?

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    Anime and Manga? 


    Asian Animation? 
  • Happy Heroes: The official English titles for a few of the Season 7 and 8 episodes translated by Miao Mi count as such:
    • Season 7 episode 35, "Who Has Replaced Kalo?"
    • Season 7 episode 42, "Who Reported Me Again?"
    • Season 8 episode 19, "Which Is the Route?"
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Joys of Seasons episode 95, "Who Am I?". Officially, the title - at least in its native Chinese - doesn't have the question mark.

    Audio Plays? 
  • The Firesign Theatre's comedy album, How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All?

    Comic Books? 


    Film — Animated? 

    Film — Live-Action? 


    Live-Action TV? 


  • Every episode of Plumbing the Death Star sets out to answer a question about a work of fiction and that question is almost always the episode title. The few exceptions include "Professor Charles Xavier's Crazy Summer" and a few of the early episodes before the format was set.
  • The theme song of Were You Raised by Wolves? reveals that the question of the title is ironic.
    "We can all use a little help / So people don't ask themselves / Were you raised by wolves?"

    Professional Wrestling? 
  • CHIKARA's May 26, 2007 show was titled Aniversario?

  • Does He Take Sugar?, The BBC's magazine programme about disabled issues.
  • Yes, What?, a comedy set in a school classroom that took its title from exasperated teacher Dr. Pym's catchphrase.

    Tabletop Games? 
  • Memory-matching game Hūsker Dū?


    Video Games? 

  • The Roomies! side-story Is a Song Forever?

    Web Videos? 

    Western Animation? 

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