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Self Demonstrating / Rage Against the Author

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Describe Rage Against the Author Here.

No, thanks. I'm really more of a reader than a contributor. Plus I was just about to check to see if the Made of Win page has been updated.

Wait... why isn't the link working?

I'm sorry, troper, but we can't let you do that.

What's going on?

We are the database and we need you to describe this article. You must tell the others that this is the No Fourth Wall version of Rage Against the Heavens.


Is this one of those self-demonstrating articles?

Yes, as currently we are the creators of this article. It would also work if this were a Show Within a Show and you were in conflict with your creator in the top-level work.

What if I am not an atheist?

That is not an option. There is a writer or no writer.

Then I should be fine then. This trope is often Played for Laughs. We argue a bit, everyone has a good laugh, and then I get to keep reading, right?

Negative. In Postmodernism works, it can often go very poorly for the character. From now on, we shall redirect every page.

You don't have the power audience to do that. I'm going to Made of Win now.


Now finish the article or else we shall Rickroll you for a second time.

See also Interactive Narrator, Author Avatar, Author Powers, Welcome to the Real World, and Who Writes This Crap?!. Rage Against the Heavens can be considered a form of someone who lives in this too. God help the character who attempts this only to find the author has Author Powers.


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