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Dungeon Engineer is a Fantasy Web Serial Novel available here.

Ike dies as a retired engineer in a sci-fi setting - and reincarnates as a Dungeon Core in a fantasy setting.With access to magic and telekinesis, a brand new set of engineering challenges await...

Dungeon Engineer contains examples of:

  • A Dungeon Is You - the protagonist
  • Boring Yet Practical - Rather than earning an income from killing adventurers or selling monster parts, Ike makes big money selling perfectly-cut stone blocks to the nearby developing town, whose builders appreciate high-quality building material, along with the occasional magical flower he cultivates.
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  • Gem Heart - Dungeon Cores are valuable resources, and Ike is uncomfortably aware that if people find out that he's a Dungeon, they may be tempted to destroy his Dungeon and take his core.

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