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If anything can take Mundane Made Awesome to its absolute limit, it's having Justin Lee Collins host a big-money Game Show on Channel Five that's literally a high-stakes game of coin flipping. There was a board with 20 coin-shaped Mystery Boxes on it — 16 with money, four with lives. Once a coin was selected, the contestant had to predict the result of a coin toss to reveal what was behind it. Lives were added automatically, but if it was cash the player had to do another coin toss in order to actually add it to their bank. Each contestant only got 12 flips total to work with; when three remained, they could use one of three lifelines (see below).


The lives were used in the final round, a series of double-or-nothing flips with the banked money (with a cap of £1,000,000). If the contestant had lives left and guessed wrong, the bank would only be halved.

Heads or Tails? was, as you may have guessed, a flop. Five aired its 11 episodes daily during the final days of 2009 (and re-edited half-hour versions that cut out the excess filler in March 2010). Clearly, people were too busy doing anything that didn't involve watching this show: it probably needed a currency rotation specialist.


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