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Douglas: Question-and-answer film double bills.
Martin: What do you mean?
Douglas: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Gandhi.
Cabin Pressure, "Xinzhou"

Lots of works ask questions. Some of these are rhetorical questions, never designed to be answered. Some of them are big questions that drive the entire plot. You could be respectful and wait for the work to finish addressing these questions. Or, you could be a jerk and give a sarcastic answer right now. This page is for the second one. Answer a rhetorical question. Make snarky responses to a work's driving question. Go ahead, this is a Just for Fun page. That kind of stuff is allowed. Warning: unmarked spoilers.

Not to be confused with Ask a Stupid Question... which refers to questions acknowledged in-universe as being stupid.


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  • Who is buried in Grant's tomb?
    • No one: The tomb isn't underground.
  • When was the War of 1812 fought?
    • From 1812 to 1815.
    • Or from 1812 to 1814. The Battle of New Orleans took place after the Treaty of Ghent was signed.
  • How long was The Hundred Years War?
    • About 116 years, give or take.
  • How long was The Thirty Years' War?
    • Thirty years, or forty-one if you include the Franco-Spanish War.
    • Twenty-nine.
  • The "Canary Islands" are named for which animal?
    • The dog. In Latin, "Canariae Insulae" means "Island of the dogs". (The bird was named after the islands.)
  • What was the color of George Washington's white horse?
  • What colour is a white rhino?
    • Black. The word "white" in the name is mistranslated and really should be "wide".
  • From which animal do you get Cat Gut?
  • In which month did the the October Revolution take place?
    • In November. *
  • In what month is Oktoberfest?
    • September, actually. It's too cold in October. That said, the first Oktoberfests used to take place in October.
  • Which was the first name of King George VI?
    • Albert. *
  • What kind of animal did Prince Sang Nila Utama see that caused him to found a settlement called Singapura*, or Lion City?
    • A tiger. *
  • Are 'orange' and 'silver' impossible to rhyme?
    • No, 'sporange' rhymes with the former and 'chilver' rhymes with the latter. So much for rule 46.
    • No, but for 'silver', we have 'shiver'.
  • What kind of bird is the feral pigeon?
    • A dove (rock dove, to be specific).
  • What is Paul McCartney's first name?
    • James. Paul is his middle name.
  • What kind of species is a Guinea pig?
    • A mouse, not a pig.
  • Where do Guinea pigs come from?
    • Andes, South America.

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