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Web Video / Death Note Abridged Tio H And Dargonakis

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Soichiro: We caught Kira!
NPA Investigation Team: GASP!
Soichiro: Oh, my mistake. What I meant to say was, we haven't caught Kira.

An early abridged series, pre-dating LittleKuriboh's original ban from Youtube. It originally ran for 5 Episodes, went on hiatus, then came back for two further episodes when interest in Death Note increased due to the dub airing on [adult swim], and then finally stopped all together despite the creator's plans to start back up. Eventually, it was not only cancelled, but the videos were removed, and are now no longer present online. The link above actually goes to the first of a two-video compilation a fan put together to pay homage to what he perceives to be some of the best scenes from this old show.


The concept of this series was mainly the same as the original manga and anime...except that Light was notably...less intelligent, although considering that everybody else was also dumbed down, that really didn't increase his chances of getting caught.

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