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"Sorry, dude."

Jules Winfield, Pulp Fiction

When one or more characters repeatedly say a word or phrase so many times that it prompts another character to say "Stop saying that!" or "Stop saying [repeated word or phrase]!" The word or phrase may also be one's Verbal Tic or Character Catchphrase or they're an Annoyingly Repetitive Child. Related to Broken Record and Don't Call Me "Sir".


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Azumanga Daioh, Osaka-san just won't stop saying "saataa andagii!" after she discovers that pastry in Okinawa. Naturally, she gets this reaction.
  • In K, Shiro says this to Kuroh, who keeps telling Shiro he's going to kill him, because Shiro was framed for a murder - Kuroh ends up giving Shiro the chance to prove his innocence, but until then, he keeps reminding Shiro of his mission. Even when they're sitting down for a meal together.
    Kuroh: Enjoy this, Yashiro, for it will be the last bowl of white rice you will ever eat.
    Shiro: Stop saying things like that!

    Fan Works 
  • Played for drama in Spots Off, when Marinette is in the middle of a breakdown after her identity as Ladybug is publicly revealed. When Chat Noir shows up, he offers to tell her who he is, so that he can be there for her out of costume:
    Marinette: You can't reveal your identity just because I messed up so badly! It's too important!
    Chat Noir: But I want to! You don't have to do this alone—
    Marinette: Why aren't you listening to me?! It's my mistake, and I have to face the consequences! You can't help me, Chat!
    Chat Noir: Yes, I can! You just aren't letting me! This isn't your fault! Let people help you, Marinette!
    Marinette: No! No, I can't!
    Chat Noir: Why!?
    Marinette: Because... because... Because it's my fault! I need to take care of this! I have to be the one to take care of this!
    Chat Noir: No, you don't!
    Marinette: Stop telling me that! Stop encouraging me! I'm just... I just... I'm stupid and I'm weak and I have to learn to accept the consequences when I mess up. So just let me deal with this, Chat!
  • The Delinquent and His Lover: Continuation: When Akira tells his friends about spending the night with Makoto, Ryuji asks, "For real?!", three times, with increasing volume and number of exclamation marks before Akira tells him to stop it. Akira later uses it against him when Ryuji tells him about Ann kissing him.

    Films — Animation 
  • Toy Story 2. After Jessie repeatedly says "It's you!" upon meeting Woody, he says "Stop saying that!"

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen:
    Agent Simmons: One man, alone...
    Leo: Stop saying that!
  • From Super Troopers:
    O'Hagen: We're all in the same boat, fellas.
    Mac: But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun.
    Thorny: Yeah, I mean his shenanigans are cruel and tragic.
    Foster: Which would make them not shenanigans, at all, really.
    Mac: [Irish voice] Evil shenanigans!
    O'Hagen: I swear to God, I'll pistol whip the next guy that says "shenanigans!"
    Mac: Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?
    Farva: [from other room] You mean Shenanigans?
    Mac, Foster and Thorny: Oh, no! [laughing; Mac and Thorny hand O'Hagen their guns]
    Farva: You're talking about Shenanigans, right?
    O'Hagen: PUT THOSE AWAY!
  • The Princess Bride: Count Rugen eventually yells this at Inigo Montoya after he's cut and stabbed Inigo multiple times but he keeps getting back up and repeatedly declaring "Hello!! My Name Is Inigo Montoya! You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die." That is until Montoya is having none of Count Rugen's deterrence, thus screaming from the top of his lungs much to the Count's annoyance.
  • Pulp Fiction: Hitman Jules is holding his mark, Brett at gunpoint and asks him to describe the appearance of his boss, Marsellus Wallace. Brett, confused and rightly terrified (especially since Jules went from softly spoken and polite to shooting another guy in the room only seconds before), can only stammer "What?!" in response to every question, which just makes Jules even madder and eventually leads to the page quote.
  • Hot Fuzz: Sgt Angel eventually gets tired of everyone in the village saying that what they're doing is for "The greater good":
    Angel: SHUT IT!!!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022): When Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are trying to fight out how to fight the Death Egg Robot, Tails declares they should find its weakness. Knuckles suggests the Groin. And when Sonic lets out a Big "WHAT?!" he proceeds to explain why the groin is traditionally a weak spot, much to Sonic's displeasure.

  • Animorphs:
    • This is one of the running gags. Ax, the local alien, calls the leader, Jake, "Prince Jake". It almost always ends with:
      Jake: And stop calling me Prince Jake.
      Ax: Yes, Prince Jake.
    • Similarly, Ax always refers to the time left in morph as "X of your minutes", to which Marco replies with "They're everyone's minutes".
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, during the duel between Oberyn Martell and Gregor Clegane, Gregor is reduced to screaming at his opponent to shut up after Oberyn loudly and repeatedly accuses him of atrocities against his sister Elia and her child. The scene is a Shout-Out to the above-mentioned climax of The Princess Bride.
  • In Jingo, Vetinari reacts with an uncharacteristically nonthreatening threat when he gets sick of Vimes's habit of saying "sir?" when he's trying to play dumb. Nonetheless, Vimes goes right back to saying it. (There is a distinct lack of trouble.)
    Vetinari: If you say "Sir?" again in that stupid voice, Vimes, I swear there will be trouble.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Life with Derek: Nora thinks the reason her daughter Lizzie is rebelling is because she is going through puberty. After a long discussion, Nora realizes she can have fun teasing Lizzie with the word puberty. She gets excited.
    Nora: Really, cause uh, getting mad at me's just another symptom of puberty and your hormones are.
    Lizzie: Mom, stop saying that word!
    Nora: What word, hormones or puberty?
    Lizzie: Uh, mom stop! (covers her head in her face)
    Nora: (makes a reassuring face like she is going to stop)
    Lizzie: (looks up, thinking her mother is done)
    Nora: PUBERTY!
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?: The game "Two Line Vocabulary" loves this. Three people have to act out a scenario (improv) and one person (usually Colin) can say whatever he wants, while the other two can only use two lines. In the one with Whoopi Goldberg, her lines were "Have you thought it through?" and "that's impossible!"
    Whoopi: Have you thought it through?!
  • Chuck:
    • "Chuck Versus the Nemesis"
      Jeff: Pineapple!
      Morgan Grimes: Dude, will you stop saying that? It doesn't have any meaning if you keep saying it.
    • "Chuck Versus the Tango"
      Chuck Bartowski: I've been a spy all of five seconds, and I already have soy sauce on my shirt.
      Sarah Walker: Well, go wash it off. And, Chuck?
      Chuck Bartowski: Yeah?
      Sarah Walker: Stop saying you're a spy.
  • Grey's Anatomy:
    • "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response".
      Dr. Meredith Grey: Right, okay. Sorry...
      Dr. George O'Malley: Stop saying you're sorry!
    • "Shake Your Groove Thing"
      Dr. Cristina Yang: The bigger the party, the less time for bad sex with the hockey player.
      Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens: Would you stop saying that?
  • Angel:
    Gunn: Try not to say the word "gestating" anymore.
  • The Mystery Science Theater 3000 host segment where they can't say "Owner of a Lonely Heart" anymore because they end up assaulted by the orchestra hit.
  • From Friends, the episode where Phoebe is a surrogate mother and gives birth to triplets, and the one they'd named after Chandler turned out to be a girl:
    Frank: Chandler's a girl!
    Chandler: Oh god, playground flashback.
    Frank: Chandler's a girl! Chandler's a girl!
    Chandler: Okay, stop saying it!
  • In the first couple of seasons of Lost, Jack's mantra is "live together, die alone", which he repeats in times when he needs to get the castaways to band together. In an episode where Rose is worried about her husband, who's been captured by the Others:
    Rose: If you say "live together, die alone" to me, Jack, I'm gonna punch you in the face.
  • In Season 3, Episode 5 of Gavin & Stacey, Pam and Mick have this conversation about their son Gavin's low sperm count:
    Pam: I can't talk to him about... (sperm).
    Mick: Well, I'm not going to talk to him about sperm!
    Pam: Why? That's what the problem is! (Sperm!)
    Mick: Well I'm his dad, and I don't want to.
    Pam: Exactly! He is your sperm! He is made from your sperm!
    Mick: Can we please stop sayin' the word sperm?
    Pam: All right... essence! Whatever!
  • Frasier:
    • An episode has Frasier prompt this line from Niles after repeatedly yelling "If I were, doctor, you'd never know it!" in response to every accusation Niles makes towards him.
    • "Give Him the Chair" [1]
      Niles: You know, Frasier, there is a perfectly sound psychological basis for getting rid of this chair.
      Frasier: Oh, really? Well, enlighten me, doctor.
      Niles: With pleasure. Originally, Dad needed it to bridge the transition from his old apartment to life here with you. But as with all transitional objects — be they a teddy bear, be they a thumb, be they a blankie, be they a chair...
      Frasier: Stop saying "Be they!"
  • There was a The Kids in the Hall sketch where a blue-collar worker got in trouble for saying the word "ascertain" at least once per sentence to the annoyance of his colleages. At the end of the discussion his boss says he's happy to have been able to "delineate this little problem," to which the worker wonderingly responds, "...Delineate... Don't worry, sir, you'll never hear that other word again," indicating this is an ongoing cycle.
  • The absurd challenges presenters are set on Top Gear (UK), give Jeremy Clarkson a catchphrase that foreshadows them going hilariously wrong. Sometimes he's called on it:
    Clarkson: How hard can it be?
    Hammond: Don't say that!
  • The Big Bang Theory: Penny asks Sheldon to stop saying "coitus" as it makes her (and everyone else, really) uncomfortable. Predictably, it doesn't stick.
  • From Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell:
    Shaun: [referring to a blindfolded puppet of Tony Abbott that was seen in a protest march] Is your point that Mr. Abbott has blinded himself to these climate change facts, or has someone else done it? Ie, who put the blindfold on Mr. Abbott? And if you say "Me and Dirk" I will arrange to have you injured.
    Mick: ...Someone else did it?
    Shaun: Alright, well presumably whoever controls him.
    Mick: Yeah, me and Dirk.
  • Kim's Convenience: A variant of the phrase from both sides is said when Jung awkwardly explains what a dong chim is to his boss Shannon and all she can focus on is the "anus" bit.
    Jung: No, it's just how you put your hands. And then you just give a quick jab. For fun.
    Shannon: So you jab the anus for fun.
    Jung: It's got nothing to do with the anus. Okay? Just forget about the anus.
    Shannon: I'd like to, but you keep saying "anus".
  • In an episode of Step by Step, Cody tries electro-shock therapy to try and stop saying "dude". He gives the controls to Dana, who gets a little too much pleasure in administrating it.

    Video Games 
  • In the MySims series, Chaz McFreely is a Jerkass extremely obsessed with showing off in extreme ways. His extreme obsession figures into his speech, in that he uses a certain adjective and its other forms an extreme amount in an extremely short period of time. In MySims Kingdom, this prompts Travis to get extremely fed up with it and yell at him to stop saying it.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In the Achievement Hunter Let's Play of the game Mari0, Gavin said "Think with portals" a few times, prompting Micheal to say "SHUT UP! Stop saying that. Geoff is lying cold, dead in a ditch somewhere, and all you can think about is portals?"

    Western Animation 
  • Regular Show: After Mordecai and Rigby rap about the food they're going to serve at their party in "Party Pete", Benson asks "Why are you guys yelling 'hummus'?"
  • The Simpsons loves this:
    • In "Dumbbell Indemnity", Homer gets jailed for a quasi-botched attempt at stealing and destroying Moe's car so he can collect his insurance coverage to pay for his romantic interludes with his love interest Renee. Homer overhears Moe speaking about Hawaii, and begins asking about Hawaii, leading to Chief Wiggum's memorable reaction.
    • "Bart's Girlfriend" has Bart trying to impress Reverend and Helen Lovejoy when he's invited to dinner by their daughter Jessica. But it goes very wrong:
      Rev. Lovejoy: Don't you ever come near my daughter again! Never have I heard such gratuitous use of the word "butt"!
      Bart: But-but-but...
      Helen Lovejoy: [plugging her ears] Make him stop, make him stop!
    • Also from season 6 is "Homer Badman", where, at the candy convention, Homer sees the stunning candy which will eventually get him in big trouble:
      Homer: [lustily] Ohh... [walks up] What's that?
      Man: [with German accent] That is the rarest gummi of them all, the gummi Venus de Milo, carved by gummi artisans who work exclusively in the medium of gummi.
      Marge: Will you two stop saying "gummi" so much?
    • "Lard of the Dance", Lisa and her friends are with a more teenage-minded girl:
      Lisa: [holding a black dress] I am not wearing this.
      Alex: Oh, come on, Lisa. It's totally you. Just, you know, add some accessories, lip gloss, maybe drop five pounds...
      Lisa: Aren't we a little young for make-up, and... what do you mean, five pounds?!
      Janey: Well you want to look nice for your date?
      Lisa: Date?
      Alex: Hello? For the dance? Eh?
      Lisa: You guys have dates?
      Sherri: Hello?
      Lisa: Stop saying "hello"!
    • During "Love, Springfieldian Style":
      Nelson/Sid Vicious: Look, an American nerd bird.
      Lisa/Nancy Spungen: Nerd bird? Would a nerd bird have chocolate? Huh? Would a nerd bird?
      Bart/Johnny Rotten: Stop saying "nerd bird"!
    • From "The Blunder Years":
      Homer: Yep, the old quarry's just a stone's throw away.
      Lisa: Stop saying that.
      Homer: Never!
  • The "evil alternate dimension bearded twin" of Cartman in the South Park episode "Spookyfish" has the twin overuse of the word "hella", to the annoyance of everyone else.
  • In an episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, while they were dating, Velma tries to curb Shaggy's habit of saying "like" all the time, stating it makes him sound ignorant. When he can't seem to break it, she places a rubber band around his wrist, and advises him to snap it hard whenever he slips up. Even Scooby can't help but get in on this.
  • A variation occurs in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends's "Frankie My Dear". After Bloo makes "Especially not Mac" a couple of times in his speech about getting Frankie, Mac gets fed up and yells "DON'T SAY IT!" right as he gets to "Especially..."


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