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The meaning under the text. Here's an example from Woody Allen's Annie Hall. The subtext is directly under the text, in italic.

HER: Hi!
Oh, God, nobody cool says Hi.

HIM: Hello!
I'd love to take her out. I hope my deodorant's working.

HER: Nice view.
He's talking to me! And he'll hate my silly dress.

HIM: (Taking a furtive step toward her) Just look at the clouds over there.
I've got to find out who she is.

HER: I'm Leslie ...
What a stupid name. He'll hate it and hate me.

HIM: Neat dress.
I just love her name.

The example is about a sexual attraction, but there are tons of other things that it could be about, anything which is not being said out loud about a topic that is present in the context. Note, in particular, that subtext can be (and frequently is) read into a work where none was actually intended by the author.





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