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Character Sheet for Deadpool.

This is the character sheet for the various Deadpool comic book series from Marvel Comics, sorted by their primary relationship to the character Deadpool.

Remember, this sheet is for characters and examples from the Prime Marvel Universe Deadpool series only. Please do not list characters, or examples from other shows, movies or alternate universes here. If you have thought of a trope that fits a Deadpool from another universe please take that example to its respective sheet.

WARNING: There are unmarked spoilers on these sheets for all but the most recent comics.

Prime Marvel Universe note 

  • Wade Wilson / Deadpool
  • Supporting Characters:
    • Friends and frenemies: Agent X, Benjamin Franklin; Blind Al; Bob, Agent of Hydra; Bullseye; Cable; Dr. Betty; Doctor Bong; Domino; Emily Preston; Michael the Necromancer; Sandi Brandenberg; Sluggo, Spider-Man; Taskmaster; Weasel
    • Love interests and liaisons: Carmelita Camacho, Copycat, Death, Outlaw, Shiklah, Siryn
    • Daughters: Eleanor Camacho, Warda Wilson
    • Teams Deadpool has been a part of: Agency X, The Avengers, Code Red, Frightful Four, Great Lakes Initiative, Heroes For Hire, Landau, Luckman, and Lake, Maggia, Mercs for Money, The Defenders, S.H.I.E.L.D., Six Pack, Thunderbolts, Weapon X, X-Force, X-Men
  • Rogues Gallery: Agent Allison Kemp, Ajax/Abyss Man, Black Box/Commcast, Black Swan, Butler, Doctor Ella Whitney, Doctor Emrys Killebrew, Hit-Monkey, Macho Gomez, Madcap, Slayback, T-Ray, Vetis, Zombie Presidents of the United States

Alternate Versions of Deadpool

  • Deadpool Corps: The Deadpool Corps team, Dogpool, Headpool, Kidpool, Lady Deadpool, The Evil Deadpool Corps team, Dreadpool, Evil Deadpool, Ultimate Deadpool, Venompool, Counter-Earth Swordsman/Deadpool

Adaptions, Crossovers, etc.


Film Versions

Video Games

Western Animation