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He may be a scumbag, but he's your scumbag.

"None of you are on the level... of The DEVIL!"

Maxwell Tyler Friedman, better known by his ring name Maxwell Jacob Friedman (often abbreviated to MJF) (born on March 15, 1996), is an American professional wrestler currently signed to All Elite Wrestling where he's the reigning 1x AEW World Champion and ROH Tag Team champion with Adam Cole.

Friedman was trained at the Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy by Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) and Pat Buck, and went on to work for Combat Zone Wrestling, capturing the CZW Wired and CZW World Championships in his tenure there. In Major League Wrestling from 2017 to 2020, he was the inaugural World Middleweight Champion and a one-time World Tag Team Champion (with Richard Holliday) and formed his own stable dubbed the Dynasty (with Richard Holliday, Hammerstone, and Aria Blake). He's also known for his runs in WrestleCircus and AAW Wrestling.

At AEW, Friedman was the "best friend" of Cody Rhodes and his Nightmare Family until he turned on the former. Later, he would similarly manipulate Chris Jericho to join Jericho's Inner Circle stable, eventually forming his own stable, The Pinnacle.


  • Aborted Arc:
    • MJF was supposed to continue his feud with CM Punk for the AEW World Championship after All-Out 2022 but because of Punk's backstage altercation with the Elite, he was stripped of the title. Luckily for Max, Punk's replacement, Jon Moxley, is another person he has past issues.
    • He was almost certainly set to again feud with Punk after Punk returned to action claiming he was still the “real” World Champion while MJF was officially the champion but Punk’s firing from another backstage altercation squashed any chance for that.
  • Alternate Company Equivalent:
    • Can sometimes be viewed as one for EC3 during his original TNA run.
    • He can also be thought of as an American version of Alberto Del Rio, best known for his WWE run.
    • Most significantly and invoked by CM Punk himself, he's been accused of being a "less famous Miz". Things becomes even hilarious when Max, like the Miz, begins incorporates Danielson's LeBelle Lock into his moveset.
  • Animal-Themed Fighting Style: His "Kangaroo Kick", which has him take a stance imitating a kangaroo before unleashing a standing dropkick.
  • Anti-Villain: Has shades of both the Woobie (grew up a bullied and disabled teen without any friends, whose love for wrestling was the only thing that kept him together) and Well-intentioned (wants to turn AEW into the world's largest wrestling company and topple the WWE, but with him at the top) variety.
  • Anti-Hero: His face run in 2023 is more like this. He admits that he's still a scumbag, but wants to be the audience's scumbag.
  • Arch-Enemy:
    • To CM Punk. To say MJF hates Punk would be a vast understatement, and their feud effectively established MJF as one of Punk's greatest enemies, equal to John Cena and Jeff Hardy, the two greatest rivals of Punk's career.
    • Became this to Bryan Danielson after he severely injured Bryan's mentor, William Regal. The fact that this happened as Bryan refocused himself on Friedman's newly won AEW World Championship didn't ease tensions either.
  • Bad Boss: In every faction he was a part of, MJF treated the other members like shit, from firing and blaming his campaign team, to blaming Wardlow and denying him matches.
  • Became Their Own Antithesis: He was a bullied, disabled Jewish kid growing up. Now he is probably the biggest bully on the AEW roster. Admitted to this during his August 2023 promo, and since that and his subsequent face turn, he's been slightly less vitriolic and aggressive, to the point where he took part in a four-way-scissor with the Acclaimed and Daddy Ass even after they had lost a 4-way tag match.
  • Berserk Button: After becoming AEW World Champion, he freaks out if anybody so much as touches his belt. Naturally, this meant that he developed a searing hatred of Jay White when he stole the belt.
  • Big Bad: MJF rests comfortably on the throne as the near universally hated AEW World Champion, and will sabotage or betray anyone in the company to ensure he remains at the top. Subverted, more or less, now that he's a face, since many of his challengers to the title are heels, though he did put Kenny Omega over after Kenny's loss to him to cement MJF as the longest reigning AEW World Champion.
  • Blasphemous Boast: Declared himself "better than Moses", and also repeatedly said that he is "the Devil himself" during his feud with CM Punk as a reference to a Ring of Honor promo of his where he did the same. Since, one of his favorite catchphrases is “No one is on the level of The Devil.”
  • Broken Pedestal: His feud with CM Punk draws on this. At one point, MJF said that he used to look up to Punk when he was a kid, but Punk has since become a "corporate product" that ruined MJF's dreams. At another point, MJF said that Punk "may as well come out here preaching hustle, loyalty, and respect". However, that's just a smokescreen for the real reason he hates Punk — he never forgave Punk for leaving professional wrestling and staying away for seven years, as Punk was his hero and his inspiration for becoming a wrestler in the first place.
  • The Bully: Puts down various personnel on the AEW roster, such as Brandon Cutler, Tony Schiavone, and Conrad Thompson. Even after his face turn, he's not above hurling petty insults towards anyone who's not Adam Cole, such as calling Adam's friend Roderick Strong a simp or calling his challenger Jay White bland tofu.
  • Call-Back:
    • At AEW All Out 2023, as Samoa Joe walked down to the ring following Max and Adam Cole's tag team match, he pushed Max aside. At WWE NXT TakeOver Brooklyn: II during 2016, Joe shoved Max as he made his way out to the ring for his NXT Championship match when MJF was an extra. This time, however, Max took exception as he's the defending AEW World Champion and attacked Joe.
    • At the press conference following All In 2023 Max met "Tits McGee from Whore Island" again (wrestling journalist Alicia Atout) who he'd last seen 5 years earlier at the first All In.
  • Character Catchphrase:
    • He will usually find a way to insert into his promos how he's the "salt of the earth." He does it less often as of 2023, though.
    • He usually ends his promos with "I'm better than you...and you know it!", sometimes preceded by "My name is Maxwell! Jacob! Friedman!"
    • He also says "Cut my music! Cut my music!" for his entrance theme to turn off so that he can cut his promos in the ring.
    • "When you're in The Pinnacle... you're always on top." Obviously retired after the disbandment of the Pinnacle.
    • He usually uses the term "mid" to express his dislike for a city, wrestler or anything else.
    • "Nobody is on the level of the Devil."
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Important rule; never trust Max. In the span of four years, he has been associated with four different factions (Nightmare Family, Inner Circle, Pinnacle, and Firm) but all except The Firm came crashing down after betraying them or his poor treatment towards the other members—and that one was only because he had them "on retainer" and was never an official member. Even when Lord Regal helped him win the AEW World Championship, Max repaid his generosity with a brass knuckles punch to the back of Regal's head. He even has the Rolling Cutter as a finisher, naming it Double Cross to serve as a reminder of his betrayal of Cody Rhodes. However, since his face turn, he has become leagues more trustworthy. As of November 2023, he has not betrayed Adam Cole despite Adam injuring his neck with a tombstone pile driver, and he did not attempt to screw over the Acclaimed in any way after they came to his aid against Bullet Club Gold.
  • Combat Pragmatist: MJF won't hesitate to use any trick or item to get the win, whenever it's by wearing his diamond ring, using his championship belt, or even an oxygen tank to hit his adversaries. He even attempted to bribe Sammy Guevara into laying down so he could pin him, telling Sammy to think about his future baby, though Sammy only feigned accepting.
  • Custom Uniform: When MJF won the AEW World Championship, he debuted a custom version of the belt that retained the same overall design, but with a subtle Burberry pattern on the strap.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Defeated Jay White at the main event of Full Gear 2023, not only delivering Jay his first singles loss in AEW, but also being the first person in the company to succesfully pin him at all.
  • Defiant to the End: During his Dog Collar Match with CM Punk. Just as Punk was about to brain him with his own Dynamite Diamond Ring (happily gifted to him by Wardlow), MJF spat in his opponent's face rather than concede defeat.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Thanks to Adam Cole teaching him The Power of Friendship. Shockingly seems to have stuck, overriding Max's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder... for now, at least.
  • Dirty Coward: He's quick to attack enemies of his in matches he's not involved in whenever they look vulnerable, and is even quicker to flee if someone tries to attack him for doing so.
  • Dramatic Unmask: At All Out 2022, the Casino Ladder Match for a future AEW World Championship match was won (thanks to massive outside interference) by the Joker of the match... that is, a masked wrestler literally billed as "The Joker". Said wrestler stayed masked until after CM Punk defeated Jon Moxley to reclaim the world title, upon which The Joker revealed himself as MJF, making his first AEW appearance since his searing worked shoot promo three months earlier.
  • Elite Four: He coined in a promo the title "The Four Pillars" (inspired by the legendary "Four Pillars of Heaven" in All Japan Pro Wrestling) to describe AEW's top four future stars — himself, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara. He does, of course, rate himself as the top among them, having already scored wins over Jungle Boy and Sammy when he cut the promo, and then beating Darby in their subsequent confrontation at Full Gear 2021. CM Punk would invoke and exploit this during his feud with MJF, removing MJF from the equation and instead inserting his own preferred wrestler, Britt Baker. In 2023 during his world title reign, he again acknowledged that he and the other three were still the Pillars but then noted he’s the only one that’s really holding anything up.
  • Eviler than Thou: Friedman uses Punk's old "I'm the devil" speech against him, both to drop Punk's guard in order to sucker punch him as well as to prove to Punk that he is more evil than Punk. While Punk did a lot of bad things when he was a heel, especially during his time in the WWE note , Punk at least spent as much time as a face as well as a heel and can be Affably Evil at times while Friedman has been a heel since day one of his wrestling career and has no respect to anyone for himself. Furthermore, Friedman has betrayed ally after ally ever since he first set foot on AEW, something Punk himself rarely did.
  • Expy:
    • Reminiscent of a younger EC3 or Ted DiBiase or even an American version of Alberto Del Rio (right down to wearing a scarf and using an armbar as a Finishing Move). Since the creation of the Pinnacle, he can also be one to the legendary and Four Horsemen founder Ric Flair. He also has shades of early Miz when it comes to his promo style and his ability to get under the skin of his opponents.
    • He's also one of his Arch-Enemy CM Punk, including Punk's willingness to follow through Refuge in Audacity for the sake of getting heat from the audience. Punk himself remarked on it, admitting that one of the reasons he came to dislike MJF so much is because he saw so much of his younger self in his rival, and it felt like having all his mistakes being thrown back into his face.
  • False Friend:
    • Spent the early goings of AEW trying his damn best to be in the Nightmare Family's good graces, even though in reality he couldn't tolerate anyone else on the AEW roster— least of all Cody himself.
    • He also proved to be this to Chris Jericho, sucking him up into joining his Inner Circle stable, and in particular managing to put him at odds with Sammy Guevara, with whom Jericho shared a closer bond due to being The Baby of the Bunch among the stable, to the point of managing to get Sammy to quit the group. Fortunately for Jericho and the group, Sammy came back after a while to blow the lid off MJF's plan.
    • A variation of this occurs with Sammy Guevara. Both MJF and Sammy can't stand each other, but due to an alliance benefiting both of them, they pretend to be incredibly close friends with each other while MJF helps Sammy cheat in the Four Pillars Tournament.
    • Attempted to become this to Adam Cole after being paired together as part of the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament. Adam was well aware that MJF wasn't being genuine, but played along due to MJF being easier to deal with that way. As the tournament progressed however, the friendship grew genuine on both ends, to the point where even after Adam Cole injured his neck at All In 2023, MJF and Adam Cole still consider each other best friends.
  • Fan Disillusionment: Essentially his Start of Darkness. When his favorite wrestler CM Punk left wrestling, he briefly gave up his dreams to become a wrestler himself, until he decided otherwise as a roundabout way to spite Punk. When Punk finally came back to wrestling and finally met him face-to-face, it looked like MJF was ready to let that go and let bygones be bygones if Punk actually acknowledged him — but when he didn't, that seemed to be the last straw. MJF now hates Punk more than anything and anyone else in the world, and by Revolution, has made no secret of it.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. He is better than you, and wants you to know it, something Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole both have used against him to get him to take on challenges he previously begged off.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He can make a show of being friendly or polite, but as soon as he takes off the suit and flashes off his smug grin and shows what a brutal shark he really is, the "rich" and "cultured" MJF looks like he would fit right in amongst roughnecks in a mafia neighborhood, as the smugness underneath always bleeds through.
  • Finishing Move: Salt of the Earth (a Fujiwara armbar), Heat Seeker (a rope assisted pile driver), Double Cross (a rolling cutter directly based on Cody Rhodes' Cross Rhodes). With Adam Cole, a double clothesline has been their go-to finishing move as a tag team.
    • MJF has probably won more matches by just punching someone with his Dynamite Diamond Ring than anything else.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Adam Cole. The two couldn't stand each other initially, and were not happy about being assigned as tag-team partners during the Blind Tag Team Eliminator tournament after their match against each other. The both of them initially pretend to be friends with each other for their own benefit, but begin to genuinely bond as the tournament progresses. It culminates in MJF allowing Adam Cole to have a rematch with him at the end of the tournament, regardless of the outcome. Even after All In 2023, where MJF retained, he and Adam Cole remained firm friends, defending their ROH World Tag Team Championships against the Dark Order shortly afterwards at All Out 2023.
  • Friendless Background: Reveals that he didn't have any friends growing up when Adam Cole asked if he never played multiplayer in a video game before.
  • Genre Throwback: Much of his character is a tribute to the old-school jerkass heels of the '80s and prior, down to his strict adherence to kayfabe.
  • Hate Sink: As a Heel, he was the most notorious example of this trope in pro-wrestling. He's a complete asshole who likes to run his big mouth, beat and bully the older members of the AEW roster, personally insults kid fans and lacks a Freudian Excuse or Pet the Dog moments. Is it really surprising that even the smark-heavy AEW fanbase absolutely loathes him and that he generates genuine heel heat? While his interactions with CM Punk ultimately revealed that he did have a Start of Darkness, his brutal beating of Punk before their match at Revolution after luring him into a false sense of security, capped off by calling Punk a "stupid old man", proved that he'd long become heinous enough that Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse and pushed him back into this territory.
    MJF: I'm going to show you and all these mindless sheep that I'm the devil himself!
  • Heel: One of the most notorious bad guys of wrestling in recent history.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: MJF shows signs of turning face in the final months of 2022 when he refuses to have The Firm to gang up on Jon Moxley and fires them, leading the heel faction to beat him up as well. In the following weeks however, Max retains his heel tendencies and even wins the AEW World Championship via cheating. He cemented his heel status two weeks after Full Gear by betraying William Regal, whom helped him win said title.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Slowly shown signs of pulling one off as a result of bonding with Adam Cole. The turn was eventually completed after the two lost against FTR, MJF rejecting his initial instinct to strike Adam from behind with his belt, and later praising FTR for the match and burying the hatchet with them. And as of All In 2023, MJF appears to have solidified himself as a reformed man. In spite of Cole's willingness to take liberties against him, Max refused multiple opportunities to return the favor, tried desperately to console Cole after Max's victory, and even offered himself up for belt attack after feeling that Cole had betrayed him. He’s still willing to use heelish tactics though. As the man says himself, he is a scumbag, but he is now the people’s scumbag.
  • Hero Killer: Whether they are veterans or underdogs, Max went through all of them. He has defeated the likes of Cody Rhodes, "Hangman" Adam Page, Orange Cassidy, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, Darby Allin and Ricky Starks and in Lord Regal's final appearance in the company, Max punched him in the head using Regal's brass knuckles. Most notably, he ended CM Punk's undefeated streak in AEW and defeated Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear 2022 (in addition to being one of the few people who defeated Moxley in AEW).
  • A Hero to His Hometown: Before his face turn, MJF was despised the world over... except on Long Island. When AEW went there, the crowd cheered him and booed CM Punk à la Bret Hart and D-Generation X in Canada.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Rarely takes to the air in his matches, but he is capable of swanton bombs and Fosbury flops if he feels like it.
    • He actually still has a lot of respect and admiration for Punk. He just hates him that much more for leaving wrestling like he did.
    • Outright admits in a November 2023 promo that he's become scared of all the different challengers coming for his championship, a far cry from the smug confidence he usually conducts himself with. He also apologized to the Acclaimed, who were attacked for their association with MJF, saying that he's sorry he dragged them into the crosshairs of all those challengers.
  • History Repeats: MJF defeated Darby Allin at Full Gear 2021 by using his Dynamite Diamond Ring to punch Allin, then using a headlock takeover to pin him. In Double or Nothing 2023, MJF did something similar, only this time using the AEW World Championship belt when Allin is using the Coffin Drop on Jungle Boy before using the same move to pin him.
  • I Gave My Word: Despite being a self-admitted scumbag, if MJF promises something will happen, more often than not, said thing will happen. This usually will happen in regards to him promising to beat an opponent in a particularly silly manner such as beating Darby Allin with the aforementioned headlock takeover or winning the ROH World Tag Team Championships with a Kangaroo Kick.
  • Invincible Villain: MJF surprisingly has an impressive win-lose record in AEW since its establishment, with only six singles losses, two of them are from Shawn Dean which are the results of disqualification and count outs due to outside interference.
  • It's Personal: With CM Punk. As revealed during the build up to Revolution, MJF's rivalry with Punk isn't just some standard disrespectful rookie/venerated veteran rivalry that it was initially presented as. MJF loathes Punk in a deep and unrelenting fashion, having never forgiven his former idol for abandoning professional wrestling to the point that it briefly caused MJF to abandon his own dreams of becoming a wrestler himself. For all that he played at his rivalry with Punk being "beneath" him, it turns out Punk had him pegged from the start—he's an obsessed fan who holds a massive grudge against his rival for "leaving" him.
  • Jerkass: As a heel, MJF is a proud, unapologetic asshole who likes to run his mouth. The impressive part is that he never drops this even outside the ring. Even as a babyface, he cheats during his matches and openly calls himself a scumbag, though he is more willing to show respect to his face opponents such as Kenny Omega.
  • Kayfabe: Even though it's an Open Secret these days that pro wrestling is staged, you won't get MJF to break character. Bleacher Report writer Jonathan Snowden tried in this January 2020 piece, and failed. In a previous interview, MJF listed Tully Blanchard as one of his favorite wrestlers to study, and Snowden asked MJF what it was like to personally learn from Blanchard, now an AEW producer. However, since Blanchard was then the on-screen manager of Shawn Spears, with whom MJF was feuding, MJF had this to say:
    It's just such a shame that he's hanging out with such a complete loser like Shawn Spears. … I mean look, I would love to walk up to Tully and pick his brain, but there's just no shot because Shawn's going to be nearby.note 
    • This lessened to a very small degree after his face turn. While he still generally maintains kayfabe, he has dropped the mask from time to time, notably when discussing antisemitic bullying he faced in school and the issues caused by his ADHD.
  • Kick the Dog: Probably Max's favorite pastime. Back in 2020, not only did he fire his campaign team, he also yells at the sole female member for her constant smiling (that he forced her to do) to the point she cried.
  • Little "No": Used to great effect in his promo-off against CM Punk.
    Crowd: SHUT THE FUCK UP! (clap clap clap-clap-clap) SHUT THE FUCK UP! (clap clap clap-clap-clap) SHUT THE FUCK UP! (clap clap clap-clap-clap)
    MJF: No. (crowd boos, trails off and falls silent)
  • Mythology Gag: One of his entrances in AEW during his political campaign-style world title challenge had him pushing an aide. This was a reference to how MJF had a very brief appearance at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II as a security guard whom Samoa Joe pushed aside.
  • Never My Fault: After losing his AEW World Championship match at All-Out 2020, MJF blamed his campaign team for their incompetency and fires them with the exception of Wardlow.
  • Not So Above It All: For all his grandstanding and ego, he was clearly starstruck when he and Punk stood in a ring together for the first time. That's why Punk was able to see through his act of being "disappointed" with the Punk that came back; the reality is that MJF's ego can't stand the fact that his childhood hero didn't immediately go after him when he arrived in AEW and has no real respect for him.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Worming into the good graces of Chris Jericho, who states that he's savvy of the usual pro wrestling tropes because he watches the show; beating him to join his group, who clearly talk to each other on a regular basis; while being utterly transparent in trying to poison it from within by turning them, first against The Baby of the Bunch, Sammy Guevara, then Chris himself? Was obviously going to backfire eventually. And that's to say nothing of the comedic antics that MJF joined Jericho in for the sake of this plan, such as turning a random dinner into a musical, and getting hung over in Vegas with the Inner Circle, Konnan, and an Elvis Impersonator.note  But just in case you think MJF Didn't Think This Through... it was all to distract them from the real plot: forming a stable of his own, The Pinnacle.
    MJF: I played into your games! I shucked and I jived, I sang and I danced, I PRETENDED TO LIKE YOU AND YOUR HA-HA COMEDY BULLSHIT!
  • Odd Friendship: With Adam Cole due to their mandatory partnership for the Blind Tag Team Eliminator Tournament in June 2023, but as they kept winning matches, a budding friendship was building, leading to them winning the tournament and a shot against defending AEW World Tag Team Champions, FTR. Even though they lost, Adam and Max still participated in off- and on-screen shenanigans.
  • Older Hero vs. Younger Villain:
    • The Younger Villain to CM Punk's Older Hero. MJF is seventeen years younger than Punk, and has no issues rubbing Punk's advancing age in his rival's face.
    • Also served as the Younger Villain to Bryan Danielson's Older Hero during their feud. MJF is about fifteen years younger than Danielson, and constantly pulled any dirty tactics he could to besmirch, injure, or get Danielson disqualified from matches.
  • Out-Gambitted: Turns out, his plan to infiltrate The Inner Circle, weaken it from within, and set them up to be beaten out of their Big Bad spot by The Pinnacle, was actually this to The Inner Circle's plan to suck him dry and kick his ass.
  • Power Copying: MJF initially uses Cross Rhodes because he is being trained by Cody but after betraying him, he renames it to Double Cross, as a mockery towards the American Nightmare. When fighting Danielson, he defeats the American Dragon with the LeBelle Lock at Revolution 2023 and started using it as part of his moveset.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: Even after his Heel–Face Turn, MJF remains as bigoted as ever, from mocking people for their financial status, to stereotyping people based off where they're from.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain:
    • During an appearance on Being the Elite, he appears training alongside his butler Walter. When Walter gives him some water, MJF spits it out, clearly displeased with its quality, and asks:
      MJF: Where'd you get this water from, Walter?! Mexico?!
    • He threw out a challenge to anyone in the locker room at Beyond Wrestling's Heavy Lies the Crown. Kris Statlander answered. He initially dismissed her, saying (referring to her gimmick of being a Human Alien) "Aliens aren't real, and neither are women who can beat MJF." He finally accepted the match, which Kris won.
    • When he crossed paths with AEW's Japanese wrestler, Konosuke Takeshita of DDT fame, he crammed pretty much every offensive Japanese stereotype imaginable, starting with greeting him with the most condescending "Konichiwa, buddy!" imaginable, on top of calling him "Take-a-shit-a".note 
  • Pop-Cultural Osmosis Failure: During their feud, Chris Jericho attempted to insult him by saying that he guesses that MJF's parents got hot and heavy watching Jericho wrestling Juventud Guerrera in WCW, and nine months later MJF was born. MJF first got angry... only to then confusedly ask "Who the hell is Juvi?" Jericho told him to Google it. And apparently he did, because Juvi would be one of MJF's Five Labors for Jericho.
  • Power Fist: The Dynamite Diamond Ring.
  • Power Stable:
    • In MLW, he formed the "Dynasty" with Alexander Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, and Aria Blake.
    • In AEW, became part of the Inner Circle in late 2020. Was removed from that group in March 2021 after an attempt to usurp Chris Jericho... but he'd already formed his own new stable, The Pinnacle.
    • After The Pinnacle effectively broke up, and after three months off TV following a searing worked shoot promo in June 2022, he revealed himself as having hired a new stable, The Firm, managed by Stokely Hathaway, also including Austin and Colten Gunn, Lee Moriarty, W. Morrissey (later known as Big Bill), and Ethan Page.
  • Precision F-Strike: MJF got one in the main event of All In 2023, likely getting the biggest cheer of the night in the process:
    MJF: We're going 'til we got a winner in FUCKING Wembley!!
  • Preppy Name:
    • "Maxwell Jacob Friedman" has to be in the running for most convoluted name in pro wrestlingnote , but for a guy as snobby as MJF, it fits like a glove.note 
    • During the time he auditioned the gimmick on WWE Tough Enough, he used the surname "Feinstein" instead of Friedman, sounding even more convoluted.note 
  • Psychopathic Manchild: For all that he's a snobby, cowardly and whiny brat, MJF has got a hidden psychotic streak a mile wide, as Punk learned the Dynamite before their Dog Collar match at Revolution.
  • Reformed, but Not Tamed: While he became a nicer person as a result of Adam Cole's influence, he remains as egotistical and prone to making offensive comments as ever, as well as being more than willing to cheat in matches. Or as he put it when addressing the fans in an August 2023 promo:
    MJF: I'm still a scumbag, don't get me wrong. But GOD DAMMIT, I AM READY TO BE YOUR SCUMBAG!
  • Running Gag: MJF may declare to his opponent, "Sportsmanship!" and goad them into a friendly handshake akin to the "code of honor" from Ring of Honor during a match. If his opponent accepts, chances are Max will follow it up with an Eye Poke due to his Dirty Coward routine.
  • Satanic Archetype: Max has claimed on more than one occasion to be "the Devil himself!" It's caught on to the point that "The Devil" has begun to overtake "The Salt of the Earth" as his Red Baron. Fittingly, he has a number of betrayals against his allies and mentors, including Chris Jericho, who calls himself Demo God around the time of said betrayal.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Is never without his fancy scarf. His merch for AEW is also a scarf that says "I can afford a real scarf".
  • Slobs Versus Snobs: The theme of the Dynasty vs Hart Foundation feud in MLW. Teddy Hart took the Middleweight title formerly belonging to Upper-Class Twit MJF, MJF brought his friend Richard Holliday back to assault Hart, one tag team match later and Alex Hammerstone would make the feud 3v3.
  • Shout-Out:
    • At Double or Nothing 2019's Casino Battle Royale, he kicked Dustin Thomas'snote  ass before saying "Sorry about that, Lt. Dan".
    • In some of his promos on Dynamite, he channels Jim Cornette, one of AEW's most vocal and controversial detractors, almost quoting some of his criticisms of Jon Moxley and The Elite verbatim. It's a pretty good way to get heat given AEW's smarkalicious and protective audience.
    • MJF framed his challenge to Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship in the style of a presidential campaign, and he would subtly (or maybe not so) imitate some mannerisms of none other than Donald Trump (who incidentally had some experience in pro wrestling), including MJF quoting Trump's infamous "small loan of a million dollars" line, and even referring to Moxley as "Dictator Jon", similar to Trump's "[derogatory description] [first name]" template to call out his political adversaries.
    • He has recently started signing off from media scrums by telling the assembled journalists "Thank you, fuck you, bye!"
  • Sixth Ranger Traitor: To the Nightmare Family and Inner Circle. That's right, he betrayed the top face group and the top heel group.
  • Starstruck Speechless: When CM Punk confronted him for the first time in a wrestling ring, MJF was clearly this, as much as he tried to hide it. When he finally gathered up the courage to introduce himself to Punk, an unimpressed Punk simply chuckled and left without saying a word, leaving MJF speechless again for an entirely different reason.
  • Start My Own: Formed his own stable in March 2021 and unveiled it immediately after being fired from the Inner Circle. His new faction, since unveiled as The Pinnacle, includes Shawn Spears and FTR, and also included Wardlow and Tully Blanchard until March 2022. However, it effectively broke up a few weeks later.
  • Start of Darkness: MJF was a bullied Jewish kid with several learning disabilities and no friends whatsoever. Professional wrestling, particularly his favorite wrestler CM Punk, is what helped him get through the day. Fast forward a few years to high school graduation, when he's just about ready to start on his journey to become a wrestler like Punk, and his hero abandons wrestling and wouldn't be seen in another wrestling ring for seven years. MJF was heartbroken, and briefly gave up his dreams to go to college, until he saw an old photo of Punk and decided to become a wrestler again— this time to be the idol for the bullied kids of today, and promised to never abandon them like Punk did to him.
  • Tempting Fate: MJF drew #1 for the 2019 Battle Riot. Prior to the match starting, he cut a promo about how he was better than everyone and called himself "The Ultimate Fighter". Then the second entrant was introduced: Former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Dan "The Beast" Severn! Cue MJF looking ready to crap his tights.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Among the rest of Cody's circle of friends and allies in AEW; he's unambiguously a Heel, being a complete and utter jerkass, but he sided with Cody in his feud with the Inner Circle, even when presented with what seem like golden opportunities to betray him. The general consensus was that he just saw more benefit in remaining aligned with Cody for the time being, and his eventual betrayal was simply a matter of time. During Cody's "if I lose then I never get another shot" title match at Full Gear, MJF threw in the towel— ostensibly to save Cody from a submission hold, but then low blowed him afterward. Needless to say, MJF's later claims that he turned on Cody because Cody only looked after himself rang hollow. MJF later joined the Inner Circle.
  • Troll: Exemplified at All Out 2021— his match against Chris Jericho had the stipulation that if the latter loses, he'll never wrestle again. Before the match begins, a countdown timer appeared on the screens (a Call-Back to Jericho's WWE debut and subsequent entrance theme during the Attitude Era). Fans expected it to be Jericho's entrance, but after the initial fireworks following a brief blackout, the words "Jericho's Last Match" was shown. MJF was mocking not only Chris, but the crowd for believing otherwise.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: MJF was once a normal kid with several learning disabilities that was mercilessly bullied because he was Jewish, and whose love of pro wrestling was the only thing that got him through those tough times. Suffice to say, this isn't the case anymore, though his face turn is slowly bringing out his better side.
  • Upper-Class Twit: He's very rich, and very much an idiot. Granted, most of the time it's just him being a jerkass, but sometimes he legitimately gets himself in situations way above his head.
  • Villainous Friendship: Parodied and subverted with Sammy Guevara during the Four Pillars Tournament. After telling Sammy that he'll help him cheat his way through the tournament in exchange for Sammy throwing the fight in Double or Nothing 2023, the two constantly act as if they're best friends with each other. However, it's made apparent how the friendship isn't genuine. Eventually during their tag-team match against Darby Allin and "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, the friendship falls apart completely due to MJF refusing to allow Sammy to take the pin, resulting in Sammy attacking MJF and ending the partnership.
  • Visionary Villain: MJF isn't just a spiteful jerkass who likes to hurt people For the Evulz (although he is that too), he has a vision of AEW becoming a massively successful and world famous wrestling promotion which endures for decades... with himself on top as the #1 star.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Became this with Adam Cole after bonding with him during the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament. MJF is ecstatic to hang out with him, but he still regularly argues with Cole from topics ranging from hobbies to food, and also regularly annoys him with his egotistical attitude and backhanded remarks.
  • Worked Shoot: Cut a searing promo of this type during the June 1, 2022 episode of Dynamite. At the time, it was publicly known that he was unhappy with his contract. In said promo, he trashed most of the roster (throwing particular shade to AEW executive VPs The Young Bucks) and concluding by telling AEW owner Tony Khan "FIRE ME! FIRE ME YOU FUCKING MARK!" before his mic was cut. He didn't return to TV for three months, and Khan "No comment"-ed every time he was asked, leading many to believe this was just a plain shoot rather than a worked one. Finally confirmed as a worked shoot (or possibly a real shoot that turned into a worked one) at All Out.
  • Would Hurt a Child:
    • The Brodie Lee tribute show revealed that he doesn't even consider an 8-year old child who recently lost his father as off-limits for his mockery. Brodie Lee Jr. got his revenge by whacking him with a kendo stick.
    • When dragged to a trampoline park against his will by Adam Cole, Max decides to take out his frustration on the children playing there, violently pelting them with dodgeballs.
  • Yandere: He comes off as a platonic version of this for Punk, especially after he revealed his Start of Darkness. At one point during their Dog Collar match, he demanded that Punk quit the match just like he had quit on him.

Alternative Title(s): Maxwell Jacob Friedman