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Logo used for the SnapCube series.

"I am sorry for creating Real-Time Fandub. It was a mistake."

Real-Time Fandub is a web series created by YouTuber Charley Marlowe and friends as an affectionate love letter to Gag Dubs and popular television shows. The main difference is the fact that this series is created and streamed live. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. It first premiered on YouTube on June 4th, 2016, and was moved to Picarto on June 29th, due to copyright infringement.

In mid-2018, Penny Parker began a sort of branch of the series called Real-Time Fandub Games (later rebranded to SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub), where, as you might guess, they dub cutscenes of video games. SRTF episodes are always posted straight to Penny's channel, rather than being livestreamed. Some bonus episodes are put out as part of the spinoff series BTDubs.

If you're still confused about the premise, just picture an entire series made out of child-unfriendly yet Hilarious Outtakes.

    Cast members 
  • Sophie Armstrong (SophieBaybey)
  • Scripter Beaumont
  • Dalton Broback
  • Ella Cesari
  • Alfred Coleman (PaperBoxHouse)
  • Brian Corbett
  • Dyvone
  • Ami Garrett
  • Haley Gore
  • Steven Grimes
  • Tom Hart Jr. (RecD)
  • Alex Hauptmann
  • HollowTones (Holly)
  • Joey (Angelina's pet bird)
  • Joy Charlotte/DollipDaze
  • Mar Katoto
  • Miles Kitts
  • Niya Kuznetsova
  • Arbër Lezi
  • Ray
  • Charley Marlowe
  • Victoria "Mickey" McMullen
  • Ryan Mitchum (Chongo)
  • Penny Parker (SnapCube)
  • Oscar Power
  • Sara Sarnicki
  • Shelby Sessler
  • Red Van Buskirk
  • Scout Young

Former cast members in alphabetical order:

  • Blue Lennox
  • Hayley Rose
  • Lucia Lobosvilla (from Turnabout Musical)
  • Samantha "Sammi" Doneff

Guest cast members in alphabetical order:

  • John Choi (Spuuky)
  • Angelina "Anjo" Deheve
  • Robby Fregosi
  • Allison Pregler
  • Malcolm Ray (from The Nostalgia Critic)

The series (the livestreamed one, anyways) usually starts off asking viewers to verify if they are live and if everyone can hear/see them, by telling them to write a catchphrase in the Picarto chat.

So far, the series has dubbed...

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    Real-Time Fandub 

    SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub 


    Other Projects 


    Real-Time Fandub 
  • Anachronic Order: Just about every series, but notably Gravity Falls and Steven Universe were dubbed in a random order, leading to some very bizarre and contradictory continuity.
  • Black Comedy: Mostly of a political and socio-critical nature. Sammi has mastered this. Lucia and Ella in particular can't dub anything without referencing Donald Trump or communism/capitalism in some way.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Before Gravity Falls, the series was prerecorded and then edited for release.
  • Fun with Foreign Languages:
    • In Back to the Future, Arbër voiced the Libyans by having them shout Real-Time Fandub Running Gags (in Albanian, at that).
    • In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, he returns in a subtitled segment as two Red Shirt fishermen who stumble upon Jack's hat, talking about how good of a day it is or isn't. They become the Kraken's first victims.note 
  • Metalhead: Brian. He made the metal Gravity Falls-RTF-Opening.
  • The Movie:
  • N-Word Privileges: Twice in the dub of "Sock Opera", on-screen text points out that Sammi as Mabel can crack Nazi jokes to the "Aryan" Gabe since she's Jewish.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Ella isn't the best at impressions and doesn't have that big of a range, but she can dub an entire Donald Trump speech on her own.
  • Ruder and Cruder: The dubs have quite a bit of profanity compared to the source material that they commonly parody, which generally contain little to no swearing. A particularly notable example is Eggman's announcement to the world which is filled to the brim with F-bombs and vulgar humor.
  • Serious Business:
    • Are you on #TeamGrub or #TeamSnacks?
    • Hayley combined both words in the title her podcast SnubDub, in which Real-Time Fandub cast members are interviewed and doing improv comedy skits. It's the best of both worlds!
  • Soprano and Gravel: Penny, Lucia and Dalton can do both at once.

    The dubs themselves 
  • Animal Motif:
    • Bill Cipher has been repeatedly compared to an ant by both Dipper and himself.
    • Kevin from Steven Universe was turned into a furry due to Penny not knowing what to say and just howling like a wolf.
    • Mikuru from Haruhi Suzumiya asks if Kyon is an "amphibi-y", as in "furry, but for amphibians".
  • Chummy Commies: Bismuth in the Steven Universe dubs is referred to as Communist Bismuth and is shown to be a mostly friendly Large Ham.
  • Konami Code: When his ship is crashing, Ralph says "Up up, down down, left right left right, B A start," but somehow puts in the wrong code.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: The dub version of Vanellope is implied to be homophobic, as she wants to "run over all the lesbians" who bullied her and turns them straight at the end. She's also bigoted against the elderly.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: King Candy is already canonically bigoted against Vanellope for being a glitch, but it's more obvious here, where he wants to send her back to her own country in "Glitch Third World."
  • Power Incontinence: Episode 9 of the Gravity Falls fandub would portray Bill Cipher as not being in control of his Reality Warper powers.
  • Robosexual: The crew made Greg Universe sexually attracted to cars. A "car-y" (or "furmetally", as the show calls it) if you will, like a furry but with cars.
  • Running Gag: Too many to possibly list them all, but "Forget about that guy", "We need to kill him" and Communist Bismuth come to mind.
  • Shaped Like Itself: In the Wreck-It Ralph dub, Ralph mentions the Nicelanders having "pie-flavored pie."
  • Shout-Out: Near of the Transformers Animated dub, Wreck-Gar tells Ratchet "I'll never let go, Jack."
  • Take That!: In the Wreck-It Ralph dub, Q*Bert laments that he had to be in Pixels. Ralph agrees that that's sad and gives him a cherry to prevent a Pixels 2.
  • There Are No Therapists: The main conflict in the Wreck-It Ralph dub is that there are no therapists in video games, and Ralph's quest to get a medal is replaced with a quest to get the only therapist in the world, which happens to be a gold circle.
  • This Is Reality: In the Wreck-It Ralph dub, Gene tells Ralph, "You think this is a movie, but it's not. This is real life! ...In a video game." Ralph retorts that video games aren't real, prompting Gene to flip out.
  • Waxing Lyrical:
    Gene: At least you got your own penthouse.
    Ralph: And a room with a view? [other dubbers start cracking up] If I was a rich man... with a million or two—
    Gene: That's— that's another movie. That's a whole other movie.
    • Haruhi Suzumiya's Itsuki Koizumi brings a murder mystery to a finish by reciting lyrics to "It's Gotta Be The Butz!" from Turnabout Musical.
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?:
    • Agniya, as a Russian, was cast as Bobinsky in the dub of Coraline and tried to voice him with an exaggerated typical Russian accent, like in canon. However, she was so focused on getting the accent right that she could barely think of anything to say, despite her normally talking with a Russian accent already.
    • Oscar Power, who is British, gives Everett K. Ross (who he calls "Morgan Free-Man") the strangest and most overpronounced American accent in history.

    SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub 
  • 419 Scam: Doctor Octavius proudly sends Peter an email telling him he's sent his bank information to a Nigerian prince who was going to send him ten thousand dollars. Turns out he made the right call:
    Peter: Oh I'm so glad that Otto followed up on that Nigerian prince 'cause now-I-had-ten-thousand-dollars-to-upgrade-my-suit!
  • Aborted Arc: The dubs can be... rather inconsistent, thanks largely to their improvised nature, and that inconsistency sometimes takes this form.
    • When Memphis Tennessee is introduced in Sonic 2006, he mentions kinning Shadow, and how his body is morphing to become 100% Shadow. This never gets brought up again.
    • Shadow is unsure what he should do in the Sonic 2006 dub, and at one point says that his new character arc is him going against YouTube for its algorithm helping make Fortnite Battle Royale as game of the year. Nothing comes out of his rage against YouTube. Even Shadow comments on it.
      Shadow: I had a YouTube thing going...
    • In Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman dramatically says that he knows who Tails' mother is. Nothing comes of this.
    • Discussed and Played for Drama during the climax of Until Dawn Part 2. The Funny Guys reveal that the mountain gradually makes you lose your memories, and your grasp on your very self, resulting in the amount of quickly forgotten plot-threads in the dub.
    • In the Shadow the Hedgehog fandub, Eggman creates an army of Shadow clones to take over Apple. Eggman never refers to this goal or his Shadow clones ever again. When Rouge and Omega stumble upon the Shadow clones later on, they notice they're all defective and decide to blow them all up.
    • Halfway through the Shadow dub, it's revealed that Shadow has been building an army of aliens (presumably the ones the Devil summoned when arriving on Earth) to take over Hell. The aliens never appear again, since Shadow ultimately decides he doesn't want to take over Hell and turns his vengeance toward the Devil in particular.
  • Accidentally-Correct Writinginvoked: Happens repeatedly in Adventure 2, due to the fact that several of the cast members have never played the game before.
    • After Eggman warns Sonic and Shadow that "you have thirteen seconds before the island fucking explodes", Alfred has to be informed that that really is what happens.
      Alfred: Wait, seriously—? [the island starts to explode] OH MY GOD, I DIDN'T KNOW! OH MY GOD, I DIDN'T KNOW!
    • Alfred again in the Dark Story, when the Biolizard is unleashed:
      Alfred: [as Eggman] Shadow could have been a true beast, and now you shall die!
      [cut to black]
      Ryan: That's actually the story.
      Alfred: ... Is it?
    • During the final cutscene, Rouge refers to Shadow as "Hedgehog Jesus" (It Makes Sense in Context) then openly wonders whether that means he'll come back to life. After recording ends, and Penny notes that Shadow was brought back in the later games...
      Blue: Wait, are you telling me when I called him "Hedgehog Jesus", that was actually like a—
      Penny: Oh, no, it absolutely is.
      Blue: [laughing] That's so fucking funny.
    • In Sonic Riders, the Zero Gravity portion is kicked off by Ryan reciting Wallace Breen's "Welcome to City 17" speech. Later on, Breen himself actually makes a cameo during the Garry's Mod segment.
      Scout: Welcome to City 17! He's here!
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade:
  • Adaptational Context Change: The flashbacks to Team Chaotix' cutscenes in Heroes in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub have them help Shadow with the election, instead of helping Eggman escape his prison.
  • Adaptational Dumbass: Due to its improv nature, some characters are portrayed as being rather dim compared to their originals.
    • In the original Resident Evil 2 remake, Mr. X is a cunning monster who constantly tracks down the main characters. In the dub, he gets completely thrown off by Claire closing a door (due to having No Object Permanence).
    • In the original Sonic Adventure 2 game, Rouge is rather smart and Amy is of average intelligence. In the dub, Rouge can only read basic English and Amy never learned to read at all.
  • Adaptation Species Change:
    • In the original version of Until Dawn, the Wendigos are… well, wendigos. In the dub however, they’re changed to being Anthropromorphic Personifications of the rudeness in Rude Mountain.
    • In the original Shadow the Hedgehog, Black Doom is an alien. In the dub, since he is now the actual devil, he’s a fallen angel.
  • Adaptational Gender Identity: Samus' repeated usage of the vocal training phrase "Heat from fire, fire from heat," in Subspace Dubbed Over implies that she's a trans woman (though it's later revealed that it's also the password for the room where her Power Suit is being held), whereas in the Metroid canon she is a cisgender woman.
  • Adaptational Heroism:
    • Silver's fights with Sonic are not murderous here. He's just trying to talk Sonic out of his rap career (because in the future his raps become so lit they literally set the world on fire), and things escalate from there.
    • Memphis Tennessee also kills Sonic by complete accident, and is remorseful of it.
    • Clockwerk's schemes in the Sly Cooper fandub, though still petty, are a far cry from his much more ruthless plan in the source material. He isn't even responsible for gassing Sly.
    • In Shadow the Hedgehog, Black Bull is a monstrous creature summoned by Black Doom to attack Sonic, and is unambiguously evil. In the Shadow dub, he's a Nice Guy who donates to charity, and Satan summons him so Shadow can kill him and accumulate Sin Points.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: Storm in the Sonic Riders dub, while not a genius, is at least of average intelligence compared to his Dumb Muscle personality in the games. This doesn't make him any less of a Butt-Monkey, though.
  • Adaptational Jerkass:
    • Due to Rule of Funny, practically all the heroes. Sonic and Shadow, in particular, go from an easy-going, care-free cool kid and haunted, melancholic anti-hero to a dick who makes his friends sign contracts saying he can ditch them if they "did something lame, or stupid, or uncool" and a selfish bully who sleeps with other people's spouses and pisses on other people's possessions (and spouses) to mark them as his.
    • In the original Subspace Emissary, Dedede gives his brooch to the princess so she can be revived once Tabuu uses his Off Waves instead of him. In this version, he gives the brooch to the princesses because it has asbestos/lead in it and he wants to poison them with it.
  • Adaptation Name Change:
    • Zigzagged with Mephiles, who refers to himself as Memphis Tennessee, but the other characters and the credits still refer to him as Mephiles.
    • The Wendigos are now called the Vibe Monsters, or "Funny Guys".
    • Black Doom is now The Devil. He claims to have a separate name, but chides Shadow for not knowing it from Christian myth, all the while not telling him what it is.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: In the Sonic Riders dub, Jet is a far cry from the cocky Jerk Jock he is in the source material. While he still bickers with Storm and Wave from time to time, he's otherwise much more cordial with everyone, even wishing to be part of Sonic's friend group. Hilariously, in the dub's climax, it's him who calls out Sonic for acting like an ass all the time; had he adhered to his game counterpart's personality, the opposite would be true.
  • Adaptation Origin Connection: Rouge used to be in a polycule with the Babylon Rogues but they kicked her out for only knowing two of the Beatles.
  • Adaptational Sexuality: Pretty much everyone.
  • Adaptational Villainy:
    • Maria Robotnik is not the pure-hearted soul the games portray her as in the SA2 dub. Rather, she's a petty and vindictive person who tries to kill Shadow because he ripped a really bad fart.
    • Gerald Robotnik lacks any Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds qualities here, instead intervening in the story after his son's nudes hit the internet.
    • Eggman is too busy drunkenly melting down to help the heroes in the Last Story of the Sonic Adventure 2 dub (at least without counting the behind-the-scenes footage uploaded after the fact). Granted, said breakdown was brought on by the heroes fucking his wife, getting his Twitter blocked, and posting his nudes to Twitter, so arguably the "heroes" are more villainous...
    • Murray falls into villainy after Sly shoots him with a gun. He makes Carmelita disappear, threatens to make Sly disappear afterwards, beats Bentley while humming Pumpkin Hill, traps Bentley on a snowy island so that he can talk with Sly more, forces Carmelita into a dance ray, and gasses Sly when he tries to save her.
    • Though more Adaptational Anti-Heroism than outright villainy, Sly kills the Fiendish Five instead of letting Carmelita arrest them. (Though two of them consented to it.)
    • Sonic might have actually been responsible for the world being destroyed in Silver's timeline, as his rap soundtrack for Shadow's Fortnite ripoff is so "lit" it literally set the world on fire. Though it's implied it might have actually been Shadow's rap that did it. It's not exactly clear.
    • As for Shadow, while it's debatable whether or not he caused the bad future in Sonic 06, it's clear he doesn't regret making it worse with Rouge beyond the fact he feels he failed in his attempt to make a battle royale game out of the city infrastructure, while Rouge is genuinely worried about the greater issue that they somehow made the future worse. Additionally, much of the Dark Story dub from Sonic Adventure 2 is spent with Shadow being a general ass to Eggman; most of the really terrible stuff Eggman does in that dub are a result of the terrible indignities Shadow put him through. And while he's True Companions with Rouge and Omega in the games, in the dub, he treats Omega as a tool purely to aggravate other people and otherwise ignores him, and while he's married to Rouge, he's also far colder to her.
  • Adaptational Wimp:
    • Played for Laughs with Silver, who struggles to hold an unconscious young Elise in his arms during the Duke of Soleanna's death scene.
    • Several boss fights are also Played for Laughs this way, with the bosses acting confused and upset as to why they're being attacked and making no attempt to fight back.
  • An Aesop: Despite the random nature of the Dubs, many of them do have actual morals.
    • Sonic Riders: Be careful with how you treat your friends, because they will not appreciate it if you mistreat them. If they call you out on it, work to be better.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog: Don't become obsessed with other people, they aren't obliged to like you. Shadow says near the end of the Shadow dub that just because he was made for someone (it turned out to be a prank anyway) and Satan is deeply in love with him, he is not obliged to return the feelings and is free to be his own person.
  • Affably Evil:
    • Unlike Mephiles in his origin game, Memphis Tennessee falls into this trope in the dub. He spends most of his time playing and talking about Fortnite, and later in the dub, becomes a salty ex towards Shadow and starts making his own battle royale game. He even falls into a mental breakdown after killing Sonic on accident, when originally he did so intentionally and did an Evil Laugh afterwards.
    • Following suit, and with the same voice actor no less, is Satan, the Real Time Fandub version of Black Doom. While a manchild and still the Devil from the Bible, he's remarkably chummy with Shadow and co. and wholeheartedly believes the former is his friend after he commissioned him from Gerald. The dub even implies that the invasion is a side effect of him opening up the hell portal to help Shadow get his Sin Points up enough to go to Hell, as he doesn't appear to have an army of his own and he has no idea what the Black Arms are. All Satan's here to do is help Shadow get down to Hell because he believes he's his friend.
  • Age Lift:
    • Generally, all of the Sonic characters besides Tails are treated as adults rather than teenagers, as they're suggested to be around the same age as Eggman and his wife.
    • In the original games, Knuckles is 16, only one year older than Sonic. In the dubs, while no explicit age is given, he apparently graduated from Princeton University in 1907; Amy was also alive at that time.
    • The Sonic Adventure 2 dub states that the events on the ARK happened 10 years ago rather than 50, which would make all the characters involved significantly younger (hence why Gerald is Eggman's father rather than his grandfather). However, the Shadow dub retcons it back to being 50 years ago, likely because of Commander Tower, a child on the ARK who is an old man in the present.
  • The Alcoholic:
    • Eggman drinks to soothe his pain throughout the Sonic Adventure 2 dub. The entire rant about pissing on the moon was done while he was incredibly wasted, to the point he doesn't remember it the next morning. In the epilogue, when he asks Tails for another drink, the young fox tells him that he needs a therapist, not a bottle.
    • Aunt May struggles with alcoholism. "It's a problem!~"
  • Ambiguous Robots: People infected with negativity by Mr. Negative are interpreted as possibly becoming robots in the process, based on their Chrome Champion appearance. Some of them seem to think they're robots now at least, as do Peter and Officer Davis.
    Martin: I have no idea how my fucking powers work.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: Josh manipulating the vibes on Rude Mountain ends up resulting in inanimate objects gaining sentience and the ability to speak, most notably with the barrels.
  • And I Must Scream: Downplayed in the Garry's Mod portion of the Sonic Riders dub, where Storm finds himself immobilized, but still able to speak despite his mouth being closed.
    Storm: I don't feel so good... Why are all my limbs slack? Why can't I move my eyes? [heavy breathing] Why can't I move my mouth? Is this an internal dialogue? I can't see the end of the horizon-[Hatsune Miku runs around the corner, carrying a shotgun] HATSUNE MIKU!? Is that you!?
  • Angrish: When informed that his Fortnite account is being hacked, Eggman lets out a noise that the subtitles describe as "demonic high pitched screeching".
  • Animate Inanimate Object: While looking for Mz. Ruby, Sly encounters a sentient piece of paper in a safe.
  • Answer Cut:
    • The Sonic Adventure 2 dub has Tails ask Sonic how to "fuck crops"; one Smash Cut later, he regrets hearing the answer.
    • From the Sly Cooper dub:
      Sly: Why do I have a gun?
      Bentley: Yeah, it's a gun! I made it for you! You're gonna use it at some point.
      Sly: Am I gonna shoot Murray?
      [Smash Cut to Sly holding a piece of paper]
      Bentley: It's a restraining order from Murray after you shot him with the gun!
  • Arc Number: The Sonic 2006 dub has Sonic shout out "One!" whenever he points a single finger.
  • Arc Words: The idea of "carrying on the legacy" crops up several times:
    • Annette asks Sherry to take over her Club Penguin account.
    • Ada encourages Leon to carry on her "feminine message".
    • Tails becomes the new Eggman after the original is presumed dead.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Eggman's plans tend to revolve around this. For example, in the Adventure 2 Hero Story, his plan is apparently to conquer the universe and force everyone in it to... watch his Splatoon 2 Let's Plays.
  • Art Shift: Due to the actual game's climax being in an area bereft of any cutscenes, the climax of the Sonic Riders dub is a Garry's Mod animation.
  • Ascended Extra: The giant mosquito Sly flies on during his showdown with Mz. Ruby is given dialogue and a name (Skeeter).
  • Ass Shove: After Sonic and co. form their plan to stop Gerald Robotnik's destruction of the world, Sonic goes off and shoves an entire bag of jelly beans up his ass.
  • Badass Boast: The Psycho in Until Dawn - Part 2:
    Psycho: Phil Spencer could walk on water. Chuck Norris could swim through land. But I...? I could fly through death, bitch.
  • Bad Santa: Fat, white haired Chief Irons keeps being compared to Santa by his terrified hostage Sherry, in particular to a nightmare she had of being chased through her house by Santa on Christmas Eve. Considering they're both embodiments of aspects of FloppyFeet's mind he probably is one, and that nightmare was FloppyFeet's.
  • Bait-and-Switch: For no real reason, Shadow has Omega count how much sand is in the desert. Omega then proceeds to start counting from 1, much to Rouge's horror... only for it to turn out that, once Omega reaches 30, he was counting by millions.note 
  • Bathos: Her tone laden with gravitas, FloppyFeet warns Claire that she doesn't have long to live... "I've shitted... too hard..." Cue corpsing from most of the cast.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Getting cuckolded is this to Dr. Eggman. He posts a massive rant when Shadow fucks and pees on his wife, and in the Sonic 2006 dub, he drops his Cold Ham act and shouts to fire missiles at Sonic when he rescues Elise from him.
    • Mentioning his mother appears to be this for Tails.
      Eggman: Tails, listen to me. I know who your mother is...!
    • For Memphis Tennessee, disrespecting gamers. He traps Sonic in the Hell Dimension for this reason, and rants about getting friendzoned for being a gamer. He seems to look down upon non-gamers in general, as he calls Silver a beta cuck after he says he's not a gamer.
    • On the flipside, Sonic hates gaming, shown when he disrespects gamers and gets trapped in the hell dimension for it, and also suggests that Elise blows out the Flame of Gamers.
    • Knuckles is generally pretty easygoing in the dubs, but in the Riders dub when Sonic expresses disbelief that Knuckles managed to learn braille, Knuckles snaps and calls him an "ableist piece of shit."
    • This bit from the Shadow the Hedgehog dub:
    Shadow: ...You have to do what I say, or you're under arrest, Eggman! Egg-face! Egg-poopy-poopy-butt!
    Eggman: You may be the—don't you ever fucking call me that ever again, I'll kill you!
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Eggman says "shut up" several times in a row as he leaves his intervention during the Adventure 2 dub, culminating in a final loud "SHUT! UP!" Rouge notes that no-one had actually been speaking.
  • Big "WHAT?!":
    • Alfred sees the space shuttle in Eggman's pyramid hideout:
    • Eggman on learning that Shadow pissed on his wife:
      Eggman: What the actual shit?! WHAT?!
  • Big "YES!": Ryan lets out a triumphant yell when his Pumpkin Hill Running Gag makes it into the Until Dawn dub.
  • Bizarre Human Biology: Eggman's been alive since before 1907 and has a single celled brain that suffers little affect when a piece is removed, a non-Euclidean penis that has been compared to both a cluster of Tetris blocks and a Metroid, four golden "realistic penetrating nipples", and possibly also tentacles capable of spreading over a substantial geographical area (though he has difficulty believing that one). Notably, his father doesn't have a "Tetris dick".
  • Blatant Lies:
    • After Eggman fully learns of how his wife has slept with almost all the furries, Sonic promises that they can fix things between them... while giggling.
    • In the midst of Subspace Dubbed Over, Red claims that their mom called them down for dinner, prompting them to leave mid-recording before returning with dinner. It's public knowledge that Red's only housemate is Ryan, which is alluded to even before the bit as Ryan alerts Red to their mic being muted but still being able to hear them in their room.
    • Also in Subspace, after the cacophony that's caused by Mario's group before Snake appears Alfred expresses confusion about what's going on to which Penny tells him that they're almost done. There's 16 minutes left.
  • Body Horror:
    • The shape of Eggman's penis is variously compared to "every Tetris block at once" and "that monster from Metroid! You know, a Metroid!".
    • Mere seconds after his first appearance in the World of Thematic Resolution, Tails is reduced to a pile of mangled limbs on the ground. Not that he's too horrified by it, anyway.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • Two characters do this in the Adventure 2 dub:
      • Eggman points out that an explosion effect is just a JPEG image, asks why the camera is zooming in on him at one point, and directly addresses the audience the first time he's seen out of the Egg Walker:
      Eggman: Bet you didn't think I had legs, did ya?
      • Knuckles also points out a JPEG image (a door, in his case), and then there's his famous "I can't believe your tits are one polygon!" line to Rouge.
    • The fourth wall gets completely demolished in Part 2 of Until Dawn, when Josh's manipulation of the vibes causes Mike/Mikeiplier/Markiplier to gain Josh's awareness that they are all characters in a comedy dub of a six-year-old video game. By the end, the two have completely broken character and are referring to everyone by their actor's names.
      Josh/Ryan: We always get confused for one another, don't we, Chase?
  • Brick Joke:
    • At the very beginning of the Sonic 2006 dub, one of the Soleannans yells that his bed is made of scorpions, which another suggests he should get fixed. While Memphis Tennessee is in the process of turning everyone in the world into his boyfriend, the same guy notes that his bed has been fixed.
    • In the Sonic 2006 dub, Eggman says he is now Todd Howard while discussing his battle royale game with Shadow. Later, when Eggman flies over Soleanna in his ice-cream cone shaped ship:
    • After making it to the Space Colony ARK in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, Sonic realizes he's going to have to take Tails to therapy after explaining how he fucked Eggman's crops. One joke early in the Sonic Riders dub involves Tails being upset that he missed a therapy appointment.
    • Eggman somehow makes a retroactive one of these in Sonic Adventure 2. After trapping Sonic in a capsule aboard the ARK in the Hero Story, he claims that he "knew (Sonic) was going to fart in there", so he installed a seal. Come the Dark Story, it turns out this was, presumably, the same reason Maria sealed Shadow away (though he denies it in the flashback).
    • From Shadow the Hedgehog, Commander Tower says that he needs to update his audio equipment after he's stolen a soldier's bits, and he cocks a gun to do so. Later in the dub, Shadow and Sonic encounter Tower, and he's prepared with his "new audio equipment."
    • During the Sonic 2006 dub, Memphis Tennessee calls Shadow a dickhead. Shadow responds with "You are what you eat", though it goes unnoticed due to the racket Memphis makes while summoning his clone army. Shadow pulls out the line again during the Shadow the Hedgehog dub after Sonic calls him an asshole, which causes several of the voice actors to start laughing.
    • In Subspace Dubbed Over, Red supposedly gets interrupted twice by their mom calling them down for dinner, and they eventually leave by the 45 minute mark. When they return around ten minutes later, they're audibly eating while they talk, making their lines completely unintelligible.
  • Buffy Speak: During the Spider-Man dub, Silver Sable refers to herself as "the Pew-Pew Girl" and Spider-Man as "the Pew-Pew Thwip-Thwip Man" at one point each.
    Spider-Man: Pew-Pew Thwip-Thwip Man is down, Silver Sable...
  • …But He Sounds Handsome: During the Spider-Man dub, Martin Li unconvincingly calls the Demons evil during the raid on the museum and notes that their leader "must be so... handsome and sexy!"
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Eggman spends three yearsnote  of his life trapped inside a G.U.N. stronghold, is repeatedly cuckolded by nearly the entirety of the Sonic the Hedgehog cast, his Twitter accounts are screwed with, and his nudes are leaked to the internet (revealing that he has a Tetris-shaped dick). And then someone hacks into his Epic Games account, costing him all his progress on Fortnite.
    • Silver in the Sonic 2006 dub; in addition to being a deeply depressed insomniac, he has no friends and gets no respect from anyone else in the cast (not even Blaze) until near the end.
    • Memphis Tennessee is trapped in a vape pen/Fortnite update Amiibo for a decade, fully aware of his surroundings but unable to do anything, and when he gets out, he finds himself constantly ignored and belittled by everyone else, his boyfriend cheats on him, and Omega is constantly shooting him.
    • Peter Parker. Everyone he considered a friend reveals they don't consider him one (minus Doctor Octavius, who goes insane, and Miles Morales), Aunt May is constantly using his grief and pain for Vines and social experiments (and monetizes them), and MJ constantly sends him into existential crises, to the point where they had to break up.
    • Mr. X is still a threat in the Resident Evil 2 dub, but he's also turned into a generally unsuccessful Scary Librarian with No Object Permanence.
    • The Devil in the Shadow dub gets no respect from anyone, not even Shadow, whom he considers his one true friend. He gradually loses it as Shadow continues to insult him, eventually going on a tirade when he decides he's had enough... which is immediately followed by Shadow attacking him from within his bloodstream, Gerald revealing that Shadow was created as a joke to piss him off, and then Shadow killing his dog.
  • Call-Back:
    • There are multiple references to the Sonic cast sleeping with Eggman's wife Martha in the follow-up to the Sonic Adventure 2 dub.
    • The Hero Story dub has Sonic repeat his "Talk about a low-budget flight!" line invokedafter being ejected from Space Colony ARK.
    • Alfred tries to reference the famous "pissing on the moon" line at the very end of the Sonic 2006 dub (at Ryan's request), but is cut off by the credits before he can get further than "I'M PI—"
      • Omochao, of all characters, references the line during the Sonic Riders dub, appearing on a TV screen and proclaiming, "I'm here to make an announcement... wait, no, wrong script."
      • In the Shadow dub, when the ARK finally does "piss on the Earth", Alfred goes "Oh, hey, reference!", briefly breaking character to do so. Later, Maria tells Shadow to call the Devil a "bitch-ass motherfucker", and while Shadow does, it's not framed as a reference. Immediately afterwards, however, as the Black Comet is destroyed, Alfred can't resist yelling "This is what you get: my super. Duper. Laser. PISS!", to cheers from the rest of the cast. Sonic remarks "I love a good throwback", and Knuckles begins harassing Eggman to make another one.note 
      • In Subspace Dubbed Over, as Ganondorf and Bowser emerge from Subspace with the Subspace Gunship, one of the dubbers asks Alfred to make a "pissing on the moon" reference with regards to its giant Wave-Motion Gun, and another goads him on with, "I've come to make an announcement". Alfred does not oblige on this occasion, although given the general cacophony of the dub, even he would have struggled to make himself heard anyway.
    • In the Sonic 2006 dub, Omega mentions Rogue's one-polygon tits, a reference to a Running Gag in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub.
    • In general, the entire series is full of this/Running Gags, except some are much easier to miss than others. For example:
      • Shadow shouting at Maria that he didn't fart is a reference to Eggman sealing Sonic in a capsule for farting. The scene is later repeated almost verbatim in Shadow.
      • Sonic 06's "worn out Blazes" is a callback to Eggman doing the same thing in the SA2 dub.
      • Amy calls Knuckles a harlot in the Riders dub. Wonder who called her a harlot in the SA2 dub?
      • Sonic says "I'm not in the sky, dicknips," to Eggman in Riders after Shadow used that exact line on Sonic in Sonic '06. Both times were preceded by the target of the line pointing upward while claiming they were pointing straight at the speaker. And that particular insult was first used in the Sonic Adventure 2 fandub, with Shadow telling Sonic that "Diamonds aren't green, dicknips." Shadow gets to say "dicknips" again in the Shadow dub, this time to the Devil.
    • In the Shadow dub, right at the end of the flashback to Rouge finding Shadow's clones, Ryan deadpans "Tire", a call-back to the Tire Robots from the Riders dub.
    • n the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, it was briefly mentioned that Sonic and the President were once lovers. In the Shadow dub, during one of Shadow's attempts to kill the President, Sonic remarks that he wants to kill the President as well, for breaking up with him.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Storm combines this with Saying Sound Effects Out Loud.
  • Capitalism Is Bad: Bird capitalism secretly controls the world and Shadow thinks an "oversaturation" of regular capitalism will cause him to dissolve into vape juice.
  • Central Theme: While the dubs' plots are often inconsistent by the nature of being improvised, several of them manage to focus on repeated themes throughout a dub.
    • Sonic Riders focuses on Sonic's toxic friendships and the limits to which people will put up with him unless he changes for the better.
    • Until Dawn examines the structure of dubs themselves and how "real" these characters can be within these extended gags.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog highlights and deconstructs various parasocial relationships, from The Devil's obsession with Shadow to Shadow's fixation on Maria.
    • Parodied in Subspace Dubbed Over, where at the end of the story, the actors hastily construct a central theme about being gay by depicting Tabuu as bisexual.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The Until Dawn fandub is initially just the exact same as the others in terms of tone, but by Part 2, the dub starts becoming genuinely serious with Mike and Josh Noticing the Fourth Wall with the latter slowly descending into insanity, while still retaining some form of comedy.
  • Character Development:
    • Sonic learns to become a better person after the Sonic Riders dub, which proves to stick in the subsequent Shadow dub.
    • In the Shadow the Hedgehog fandub, after having the Devil obsess over him and nearly destroy the world over him, Shadow comes to the conclusion that Maria wasn't a good person and drops his obsession for her.
  • Chased Off into the Sunset: Eggman's final appearance in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub is him running away from Knuckles, who's trying to get him to quote his "pissing on the moon" speech again despite having just done so and asked that nobody request any more references from him.
    Knuckles: Eggman! Will you say it, will you say it again, Eggman?
    (Screen hard cuts to Knuckles chasing Eggman)
    Knuckles: Come here, come here, come here! Say it, say it, say it! I'm gonna get in your Twitter mentions. Say it, say it, say it!
    Eggman: No, no, no, no, no! Stop, stop, stop, stop getthefuckawayfrommeeee – aaaaah...!
  • Chess with Death: Shadow alludes to having played chess with the Devil before in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub.
  • Chewing the Scenery: Alfred in Sonic Adventure 2 as Eggman. To a point where, for once in the series, they had to pause to stop laughing so hard because of the "pissing on the moon" scene.
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    • This moment from the Sonic Adventure 2 Hero Story:
      Dr. Eggman: You have thirteen seconds before the island fucking explodes, you Hot Topic wannabe and you blue gumball son of a bitch. You have done nothing but destroy my life, I hope you both die.
      Sonic: HOT TOPIC?!
      Shadow: No! My secret!
    • Rouge shows Eggman a part of the newspaper to prove to him that he pissed on the moon the previous night. However, all Eggman cares to notice from it is that Tails has all of the weed.
  • Comic Trio: Team Dark does one of these routines in the Sonic 06 dub upon arriving in Dusty Desert. Shadow (the schemer) tells Omega (the follower) to count "how many sand" is in the desert, and Omega complies, leaving Rouge (the straight man) to chew Shadow out on how long this task will take... until Omega reveals that he was counting in the millions, and that there are 30 million sand particles in the desert.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Sammi as Carmelita. Her Mary Jane, meanwhile, is more into solipsism.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • An odd example which crosses over different continuities: in the Until Dawn dub, Dr. Hill says that "[they] haven't had a vibes incursion this bad since the echidna incident of 1907", presumably refering to Knuckles in the Sonic dubs.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog fandub contains scenes from Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes as flashbacks. Since the former has its own fandub, some jokes from it got reused or elaborated.
  • Cool Old Lady: Aunt May, YouTube and Vine e-celeb prankster. Much to her nephew Peter's misfortune.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: The dub’s version of Eggman seems to be one of these, albeit one that occasionally goes on drunken rampages and is still discovering his sexuality. His evil schemes, when being carried out soberly, typically revolve around grabbing essential resources to make, or engineering advertising for, a variety of shady sounding Let’s Plays, video games, consoles and movies, and the Sonic Riders dub reveals he secretly owns RedBox.
  • The Corruptible: Otto Octavius is very easily influenced to do evil, even by his hair, which is why he got rid of it. His heel turn is ultimately cemented when he decides to become an influencer like his idol Aunt May.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: FloppyFeet dies from shitting too much after eating bad Chipotle.
  • Damsel Scrappy: Lampshaded in the Sonic 06 dub.invoked
    Eggman: How many times are you going to run!? I've captured you seventeen different times!
    Elise: I feel like it's gonna be, like, at least eighteen.
    Eggman: [wheeze] ... The Caucasity of this bitch.
  • Darker and Edgier: Fittingly, the Shadow the Hedgehog dub. While it is still plenty comedic, some moments are still treated rather seriously, namely Maria's death.
  • Death by Adaptation: The Fiendish Five die instead of being arrested.
  • Death Seeker:
    • In the Sonic '06 dub, much of the cast desires death for a variety of reasons in the aftermath of Sonic's demise. Eggman just seems to be done with the silliness, Silver saw Blaze disappear in front of him and doesn't have anything else, Elise is an Extreme Doormat and is willing to let Silver kill her because he wants it, and Amy (presumably because Sonic is gone) is initially going to go along with what she thinks is a group suicide. They get over it pretty quickly after they figure out they can bring Sonic back.
    • Storm and Jet as a result of their experiences in the World of Thematic Resolution at the end of the Riders dub, the experience having mentally broken them (especially Storm).
      Jet: Is that fucking Hatsune Miku? Are you asking for death from Hatsune Miku?
      Hatsune Miku: Yep!
      Jet: Me next! Me next! Me next!
  • Decomposite Character: In the actual Shadow the Hedgehog game, Devil Doom is Black Doom's final form. Here, it's his pet dog.
  • Deconstructive Parody: The Until Dawn dub deconstructs the dubs themselves, showing how the characters would react to Noticing the Fourth Wall, with Josh going insane and beginning to refer to characters by their actor names, and Mike trying to keep himself mentally stable while noticing things in the game that no one else normally would.
  • Demoted to Extra: Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have far less presence in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub than they did in both the original game and the other dubs. While Tails and Knuckles get a few lines each, Amy doesn't speak at all, and her presence in the first Egg Breaker fight is completely ignored.
  • Depraved Homosexual: Memphis Tennessee. By the end of the dub, he's tried to destroy the world with his indie battle royale game and used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to forcibly make every man on the planet his boyfriend.
    Memphis Tennessee: Now I have all the colors of the rainbow, and I can unleash my true gay power! (maniacally laughs) NOW EVERYONE IS MY BOYFRIEND!
  • Determinator: Mr. X will never stop until he takes back the cast's overdue library books. He even follows them into FloppyFeet's mindscape.
  • The Devil Is a Loser: Black Doom in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub becomes "The Devil from the Bible" and a parasocial fanboy of Shadow who doesn't have any friends besides him and fails to realize Shadow trying to usurp him is not metaphorical.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Due to how comedic things are, it's not uncommon for villains to be characterized as having rather petty motivations.
    • Shadow's reaction to Eggman thinking to use "eatmyasshole" and "69" to access Shadow's Social Security account (and his We Can Rule Together proposal) is to call him fat and fuck his wife.
    • Maria Robotnik traps Shadow in a capsule and sends him down to Earth simply for farting. Even then with how Shadow acted, it may or may not have been even his.
    • Eggman's whole motivation for blowing up the moon in a drunken stupor with his super laser piss is because Shadow slept with (and peed on) his wife. In the Hero Story, he blows it up for not being made of cheese.
    • Gerald Robotnik triggers Space Colony ARK's Colony Drop not to avenge Maria's death, but because Eggman's nudes got leaked on Twitter.
    • Memphis Tennessee traps Sonic in the Hell Dimension for supposedly "disrespecting gamers". Given his personality, it's likely even more petty than that.
    • Mr. X is an angry librarian, whom is stalking and trying to murder almost all of the RE2 protagonists. All because they have way overdue library books. Most of them being Children's Books even.
    • According to Storm, Redbox's punishment for overdue movies is to cut your eye off.
  • Dissimile: During his rant in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, Eggman claims that Shadow's dick is "the size of this walnut" while the screen displays the Space Colony ARK, only to clarify "except way smaller" as it gets zoomed in on.
  • Doing In the Wizard: The Shadow the Hedgehog dub addresses the game's branching paths by having the Devil reset the timeline after every ending due to Shadow screwing up being sinful in some way. At the end, however, it turns out that Satan can't actually control time and has been gaslighting Shadow into thinking he can, meaning that everything that happened up to Last Story really did all happen. As it turns out, Shadow really sucks at actually killing people.
  • Dub-Induced Plot Hole: Since the only things being dubbed are the cutscenes of the game, there's a significant amount of plot information in the Sonic 06 dub that doesn't get told to the viewer, such as Elise somehow ending up on an out-of-control train and more. The climax to the Sonic Riders dub is made in Garry's Mod specifically to avoid this, as the resolution of that game, barring the ending cutscene, is done entirely in gameplay.
  • Dumbass No More: Parodied. In the Zero Gravity dub, Amy used the five-year time gap to get a master's degree... in abstract thinking, a new degree which she made herself.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Eggman's wife is actually mentioned twice in the Hero Story dub; once early on and once half the story later. In the Dark Story dub, her and the Sonic cast fucking her becomes a major plot point.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: The dubs can be inconsistent in how they go about gameplay and cutscenes.
    • Sonic Adventure 2 is dubbed over pre-existing recordings of somebody playing the entire Hero story, the entire Dark story, and the Last story. The dubbers have to skip over the gameplay itself to get to the cutscenes, and some of the gameplay is seen in The First Night.
    • Spider-Man features a bit of gameplay interspersed throughout the cutscenes.
    • Sonic '06 is the first dub entirely without any gameplay. This leads to certain events being skipped over, which is lampshaded in one instance.
    • Sly Cooper features some gameplay, similar to Spider-Man.
    • Sonic Riders goes back to lacking gameplay entirely. Penny and Joy went out of their way to make a climax for the gameplay-less footage by messing around in Garry's Mod and dubbing over that.
    • Until Dawn goes back to featuring scant amounts of gameplay. However, the game's format of having little gameplay that isn't in a cutscene anyway mitigates this somewhat.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog is the first Sonic dub to use the same interspersed gameplay style as Spider-Man, having Shadow quickly brutalise the bosses instead of skipping over to after they've been defeated. Final Haunt is also shown in part.
  • Easy Road to Hell: Inverted, if Satan's Sin Points are anything to go by; all the violent, questionable, or even criminal acts (such as murdering the president or even Sonic) that Shadow does to get Sin Points are all good things, and Satan at one point says he's earned himself a throne in Heaven next to God. Even when Shadow tries to follow Satan's advice and become the evil dictator of America, the Devil worries he'll do too good.
  • Eat Dirt, Cheap: Elise subsists mainly on rocks while kidnapped and making her way back home, which might have some part in how loopy and out of it she is. Learning this swiftly derails Amy's plan to Murder the Hypotenuse by filling her stomach with rocks until it bursts, and she gives up entirely on killing Elise quickly afterwards.
    Amy: You've been eating rocks? You're immune. Damn it!
  • The Eeyore:
    • Silver suffers from depression and insomnia. He also frequently complains and belittles himself.
    • One of the hazmat suited corpses in NEST is reimagined as Dumfledore, a sadsack denizen of FloppyFeet's mindscape who's so depressed that not only does he immediately assume Leon and Claire have ulterior motives for wanting to help him, but he doesn't even want to get up from the corner he's slumped in.
  • Eldritch Location:
  • Emotion Eater: Chief Irons, the embodiment of FloppyFeet's bad thoughts, is an emotional vampire who lethally drains positive feelings. He intends to do this to Sherry, a rich source of positivity as the embodiment of FloppyFeet's childlike innocence, and the reinterpretation of his trophy room as his "secret room of positivity" suggests she's far from his first victim.
  • Establishing Series Moment: The Sonic Adventure 2 dub sets up the series' irreverent and comedic tone with Sonic's first line, which is "I'm gonna kill all of you!" in a chipper tone of voice.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Memphis Tennessee is disgusted when Shadow offers Elise as an 11-year-old girl a vape.
    • Eggman may be the biggest sinner in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub, but even he finds the Devil's parasocial relationship with Shadow unhealthy.
  • Even the Subtitler Is Stumped: Penny's parody version of "His World" includes the line "Here comes a running gag in this dub,", followed by three garbled syllables, the last of which somewhat rhymes with "fits" from the end of the previous line. Turn on the subtitles, and the end of the line is written out as "[unintelligible]"note .
  • Everyone Has Standards: Shadow is sufficiently horrified when he realizes that he had sex with his own mother.
  • Everything Is Online: In the Shadow the Hedgehog dub, Team Chaotix are trying to steal presidential ballots stored on a digital blockchain by right-clicking and saving them.
  • Evil is Petty:
    • Clockwerk switched Murray and Bentley's bodies and covered up the lesbian affair between Benjamin Franklin and George Washington out of boredom and the hope that it would slightly inconvenience Sly in some way.
    • Memphis Tennessee trapped Sonic in the Hell Dimension for "disrespecting gamers".
  • Evil Laugh Turned Coughing Fit: In the Sonic 06 dub, Mephiles is introduced emerging from the shadows laughing evilly until he coughs on the smoke he's emitting, but he resumes after Shadow lets him.
  • Evil Mask: In Spider-Man the masks worn by the Demons turn whoever wears them into bad dudes in general. According to Martin Li, they were somehow birthed from a human woman named Rebecca in 1907. They're also sentient and speak with voices that sound like Stitch, which even Li thinks is weird.
  • Extreme Omnisexual:
    • Among other things, Sonic has fucked Eggman's wife... and his crops. He also had an affair with the President of the United States, and got into a polyamorous marriage with Silver and Shadow. Also, Eggman's wife fucked the world out of some desire for sexual satisfaction.
    • Ike in Subspace Dubbed Over is pansexual. As in, he's sexually attracted to cookery.
  • Famous Ancestor: Downplayed with cousins instead of ancestors. When the Commodore 64 keyboard denied Jet access because he is a bird who is not Falco Lombardi, Jet said "I knew I should have invited my cousin Falco Lombardi!"
  • Foil: Sonic and Jet in Riders. Jet loves making new friends and is totally devoted to Storm and Wave, even if they do bicker frequently. Sonic, on the other hand, is so rigid that he actually has a friendship application process and the arguments he has with his team is much more vicious, culminating in Sonic realizing he hasn't been a good friend.
  • Forced Transformation:
    • Upon the Cooper Gang's arrival at Sir Raleigh's hideout in the Panama Trapezoid, Bentley inexplicably starts transforming into Larry the Cable Guy, and Sly needs to quickly retrieve the "Anti-Larry Device".
    • Norman "Devil's Breath" Osborn's stank breath, in high enough concentrations, makes people start turning into tables.
    • In Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow hits two GUN soldiers so hard that they become dogs.note 
  • Foreshadowing: Happens quite a bit, either intentionally or unintentionally. You really can't tell with this group.
    • In the Hero Story of Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman tells Shadow that he's ruined his life and he wants nothing to do with him. We find out that, by this point in the Dark Story, he's already slept with Eggman's wife, explaining why he feels this way.
    • In the Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman calls Shadow a "bitch-ass motherfucker" for having sex with his wife. In the follow-up dub, it's revealed that Eggman created Shadow (before it was subjected to a retcon), meaning that he did fuck his mother.
      • To add onto that, Eggman tells Shadow about how he knows about how his dick looks likes because he created it. However he immediately changes the subject to tell Shadow to stop talking about his egg-shaped (actually Tetris-shaped) dick.
    • In Part 1 of the Until Dawn dub, Dr. Hill talks about the Ship of Theseus problem, and wonders what would happen if the same philosophy were applied to a person, and whether or not they could still be considered human. Near the end of Part 2, one of Rude Mountain's Funny Guys reveals that this is exactly what happens to people who come to the mountain, as the Vibes cause people to lose bits of themselves and either become self aware like Dr. Hill or become another Funny Guy.
    • In the Shadow dub, a random GUN soldier claims to be the President's "biggest fan", and to have subscribed to his OnlyFans and Twitch accounts. It later turns out that Shadow is also a Twitch streamer, and Satan is his biggest fan.
    • Later in the Shadow dub, The Devil asks a bunch of invasive questions as to Shadow's personal connections, and also seems very insistent on having Shadow join him in Hell, occasionally mentioning how he'd want Shadow as his friend. As it turns out, Shadow was made to (supposedly) be The Devil's friend and has a huge obsession with him as a result.
    • During the Shadow dub, Sonic offhandedly mentions that Shadow became the President of the United States while he was in a coma, winning by default because all of the other candidates were assassinated. Later, we see a flashback where Team Chaotix receives a phone call from Shadow asking them to help him rig the election, implying that they were the ones who carried out the assassinations.
  • Forgot I Could Fly:
    • A literal example. When Knuckles arrives at Pumpkin Hill, he's surprised to learn he can fly (well, glide). Justified as Knuckles spends the entire dub stoned out of his mind, not to mention the fact that his voice actress probably genuinely didn't know Knuckles could do that.
    • Another literal example in the Sonic 06 dub. After Tails suggests they go get ice cream, Sonic runs off. Tails flies after him, and makes the same remark as Knuckles in the Hero story dub.
    • Raleigh suddenly remembers he can swim after being defeated by Sly. It doesn't help since Sly murders him shortly after.
    • In the Shadow dub, after arriving in Rat Zone, Shadow has a flashback to Eggman mentioning his jet boots in the Adventure 2 dub and admits that he forgot he had them.
    Shadow: Wait... I have jet boots! That's badass! I should use them more often!
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Beth and Hannah in Until Dawn. After their fatal looming accident in the prologue, they are only mentioned in passing by Sam, who only refers to them as "those girls" and seems to find their deaths amusing. In Part 2 Chris doesn't even recognise Hannah when she appears in Josh's independent film.
  • For the Evulz: Shadow decides to sleep with Eggman's wife, Martha, after Eggman releases him, for no reason in particular than to just be a jackass. Rouge reveals that she did the same in the middle of trying to comfort Eggman.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Josh and Markiplier/Mike of Until Dawn both gradually realize that they only exist as characters in a YouTube fan-dub parody of a video game. This eventually escalates to Ryan and Scout just speaking out of character to each other while Sam desperately tries to get the story back on track.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: One happens between Murray and Bentley in the Sly Cooper dub.
  • Gag Nose: "I want you gone out of my life! Look at the size of my nostril, I can smell you from here!"
  • Gainax Ending: At the climax of the Sonic Riders dub, the characters race towards Astral Babylon, are engulfed in white light... and emerge in the World of Thematic Resolution, where things play out in increasingly bizarre fashion, culminating in the gang taking down a Strider with assistance from a munitions-wielding Hatsune Miku. This was presumably done partly due to a lack of footage of the actual climax, and partly to depict Sonic's inner battle to stop being a bitch, but the net result is both hysterical and bizarre.
    Jet: Where are we? Is this Xbox?
    Sonic: We're in the World of Thematic Resolution, Jet!
  • Gaslighting: Satan apparently gaslit Shadow into thinking he was capable of resetting time, when he actually isn't. Played for Laughs immediately afterwards when Sonic asks Satan to gaslight him next, and Satan replies that he's been gaslighting Sonic the whole time.
  • Gender Flip: Wolfie, a likely to be male wolf, is confirmed a female in the Until Dawn dub.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: The climax of the Sonic Riders dub ends with a fight against a Strider.
  • Gilligan Cut:
    • One happens in the Sonic 06 dub when Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles go to take down Eggman.
    Knuckles: Hey, don’t take me anywhere-
    (cut to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles running into the “computer room”)
    Knuckles: AW, FUCK!
    • Happens repeatedly in Shadow, due to the later boss fights being skipped over. Shadow and the boss will be trash-talking each other, only for the footage to suddenly Smash Cut to the boss lying defeated on the ground.
  • The Ghost: Martha Robotnik, Eggman's oft-discussed but never-seen wife in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub. Apparently, most of the Sonic cast has slept with her, to Eggman's disappointment.
  • A Good Way to Die: Silver thinks that Blaze got this, for as long as it lasted:
    "She went out the way we all want to... by turning into mist and sparkles after holding two diamonds..."
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Omega bombards Memphis Tennessee after finding out that he hooked up with Shadow.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: Satan traps Shadow in one in the Shadow dub, until he learns how to be a proper sinner and/or stops trying to usurp him as ruler of Hell. Subverted at the climax when Satan reveals he can't actually control time and just gaslit Shadow into thinking he could.
  • Harmful to Minors: Eggman's piss rant is displayed all around the city... which ends up terrifying a little girl who sees it. In the Hero Story iteration of that scene, Eggman calls her ugly and tells her that he hates her and her nose.
  • He Knows Too Much: As Markiplier becomes more aware of the other side of the fourth wall, the Funny Guys chase him down for learning too much about the truth of their reality. Not that Markiplier is nervous that the Funny Guys could actually kill him, though.
  • Hell Is That Noise: After Eggman finds out his Epic Games account got hacked, he makes a noise that the captions can only describe as "demonic high-pitched screaming" and what Eggman describes as "a birth of cactuses out of my asshole".
  • Hidden Depths: Subverted. While the Riders dub reveals Knuckles graduated from Princeton University in 1907, he only remembers learning that he's really handsome.
  • Historical Character's Fictional Relative: The Sly Cooper dub reveals that George Washington is Sly's grandmother, while Benjamin Franklin is Murray's grandmother, making them blood relatives.
  • Hive Mind: Dan, a mentally linked herd of deer who is the namesake owner of Dan Cliff… with the exception of Josh the deer, a new guy in the herd.
  • Incoming Ham:
    • Both of Eggman's news broadcast hijackings in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub start with this.
      Eggman (Hero Story): Hey everyone! Guess what? I know you wanna buy my stocks, but fuck you, I'm keeping the stocks!
      Eggman (Dark Story): I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitch-ass motherfucker!
    • Pretty much every time Satan appears on-screen in the Shadow dub, it's signalled by this.
      "It's me, the Devil! I'm here to convince you to do sin!"
      "Dingaling, cocksucker! Okay, you can't do that to Hell and get away with it!"
      "Eh, bing-bong! Hey, what's up? You're doing a bad job."
      "Wee-ooo-wee-ooo! Hey, I'm in your flashbacks now."
  • Info Dump:
    • Played for laughs at the end of Resident Evil 2 when a random truck driver very quickly provides a last minute explanation for how Sherry could leave the mindscape:
      Driver: The-reason-Sherry-was-able-to-escape-is-because-childhood-innocence-is-a-universal-concept-and-so-she-was-able-to-exist-outside-of-our-world FUCK YOU, LEON!
    • Dr. Hill provides a couple in Until Dawn: Part 2, explaining the true nature of Rude Mountain as a natural disposal site of bad vibes, how Josh's interference has disrupted the natural order of the mountain and how he is rewriting the timeline to try and repair the damage.
  • Innocent Innuendo: After Jefferson welcomes Peter to the car division, he tells him that they're going to assign him a person to drive him and ride him. Much amusement follows.
  • Insistent Terminology:
    • Eggman always refers to Twitter as "Twitter Dot Com" in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub. In the Sonic 2006 dub, he calls Twitch "Twitch TV Dot Com".
    • Also, it's "Memphis Tennessee", not "Mephiles" or any other variation Shadow gives, and he will have you respect his name.
    • The Devil constantly wants to get the point across that he's The Devil from The Bible.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: In the beginning of the Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2, Alfred as Dr. Eggman reaches a ledge in the military base and shouts "going up!" very loudly. Eggman then jumps down.
  • Ironic Echo Cut: In one scene that cuts from Amy and Elise in the present to Sonic and pals in the future, Amy and Sonic are shown to have the same thoughts on Elise:
    Amy: Aw, fuck it, I can't compete. You have—skin, and—hands—that are like, small, and dainty, and can fit in a butthole!
    (cut to the future)
    Sonic: And she has skin and hands that are small and dainty and can fit in a butthole. She's the girl of my dreams, Shadow!
  • Irony: In a Shout-Out to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Shadow has a habit of shouting "ZA WARUDO!" whenever he uses Chaos Control, which is used in the series itself whenever antagonist DIO stops the flow of time. Pretty much the only time Shadow doesn't say it is when he actually uses Chaos Control to stop (well, heavily slow down) the flow of time.
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: The Resident Evil 2 dub, which features Claire and Leon (somehow) venturing into the mind of Club Penguin user FloppyFeet and encountering manifestations of her personality. This is more or less unrelated to the currently ongoing zombie apocalypse.
  • Kick the Dog: Shadow initially plans to sin for the Devil by killing the President. Once he sees Eggman flying by, though, he changes his plans to adultery just to spite him.
  • Klingon Promotion: One method to gather Sin Points is to kill somebody else, taking their points. However, they also run the risk of making the world a better place all the while, as Shadow learns when he kills the President and Eggman. Satan indicates that one can take Sin Points from somebody else without killing them, and tells Shadow to take Eggman's Sin Points without killing him.
  • Lame Last Words:
    • In Resident Evil 2, whoever was supposed to voice Daniel Cortelli missed their cue, leaving the poor guy mouthing wordlessly before getting mauled by a zombie. Red interjects with "If only I'd said something to prevent my demise!"
    • Elliot Edward starts off strong with "Tell my wife I love her!" but then gets sidetracked specifying that they met at the founding of UPS. He goes out bragging about having been present for said historical event, calling it a "beautiful year", leaving Claire more confused than anything else.
    • The zombified Floppyfeet complains "I've been shitting for thirteen days!"
    • Annette begs Sherry to take over her Club Penguin account, ignoring her daughter's protests that she doesn't even know what Club Penguin is, before dying with a very loud groan.
    • In "Until Dawn - Part 1", Hannah and Beth are hanging for dear life on a cliff edge. Before letting go and falling to their inevitable deaths, Beth tells the threatening figure that their friends should get fucked if they're feeling cold.
    • This bit from the Shadow the Hedgehog dub:
      Shadow: Any last words, Robotnik?
      Eggman: [burps] I'm dying.
      Shadow: Not the best choice of last words...
  • Large Ham: Alfred's take on Eggman in the Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog dubs, and the Sonic Riders dub to a lesser extent. He takes more of a Cold Ham route with the Sonic 2006 dub, where the character's actions are comparatively less exaggerated and his design is more realistic.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In the Sonic Riders dub, after Knuckles' voice actor (who also voiced Amy) accidentally uses their Amy voice while voicing him, Sonic compliments Knuckles on his Amy impression.
  • Legacy Character: After Eggman seemingly dies halfway through the Sonic Riders dub, Tails decides to become the new Eggman. Shortly after the five-year Time Skip leading into the Zero Gravity portion of the dub, the original Eggman returns and takes back his title.
  • Little "No": In the Resident Evil 2 dub, a prisoner tells Leon that she has some crucial information to tell him. Leon then responds with "No." before invokedshooting her in the face.
  • LOL, 69: In the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, after jokingly telling Hot Shot that his Twitter password is "eatmyasshole" ("Awww, that's not an actual passwooooord—!"), Shadow follows up with, "And my Social Security number is 69".
  • Long Speech Tea Time: After Eggman's made his speech to Princess Elise in Sonic 2006, she says (she did say in the first place "I'm just gonna meditate here...") that she was visualizing a beach; that's what her father said to do under stress.
  • Love Dodecahedron:
    • A strange one forms in the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) dub. Elise is in love with Sonic (out of apparent obligation; she responds to Amy asking her about it with "I guess? If that's my character arc, then, yes"). Sonic is in love with Elise and Shadow, but later admits to Elise that he's been gay the whole time. Shadow is tsundere for Sonic and in an on-again-off-again relationship with Memphis Tennessee. Memphis also longs for Blaze, but feels that women don't respect him because he's a gamer. Silver is apparently in a relationship with Blaze, but he later forms a polycule with Sonic and Shadow. Amy has a one-sided obsession with Sonic and threatens Elise over it, but when she learns Sonic is gay, she decides that she's gay too and asks Elise out. Omega is in love with Shadow, who feels unworthy of Omega's love after seeing how great of a dancer he is. Despite Shadow being married to Rouge, the dodecahedron does not extend to her; Shadow and Rouge are comfortable in their relationship together, and Rouge actively helps get Sonic and Shadow married. She doesn't even bat an eye at Sonic and Shadow hooking up with Silver.
    • A much more reasonably-sized but still strange one appears in the Sly Cooper dub. Bentley is secretly attracted to Murray, who seems to violently fall in love with Sly after he accidentally shot him. Sly himself wants to have sex with Carmelita.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: After almost letting it slip in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, in the Sonic 2006 dub, Eggman reveals that he created Shadow to be the ultimate Fortnite player. Shadow, knowing that he slept with Eggman's wife, is unsettled by this revelation.
    Shadow: Well, if you're my dad, then that makes the last dub horrifying. God...
  • Madlibs Catch Phrase: Rouge has variations of 'Hello X,' with X being the pronoun that most fits the category of people or person she's saying hello to, most often in a sultry tone.
  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: In the dub of Resident Evil 2 (Remake), the Tyrant/Mr. X is reimagined as an implacable, determined librarian who hunts down people for overdue books, a characterization that doesn't change at all when the plot structure is revealed, with absolutely no attempt made to justify why this is the case. If anything, the fact that he doesn't fit in at all makes it even funnier.
  • Malicious Misnaming: In the Sonic '06 dub, Shadow refers to Mephiles/Memphis Tennessee as "Mee-philes" (pronounced "me files") and then "Mephistopholes". He keeps doing this even after Memphis Tennessee keeps angrily correcting him.
  • Mess on a Plate: The Grand Slam that Silver and Blaze order from Denny's is a giant, sentient lava monster (Iblis's first form) that threatens to consume their souls. They still manage to eat all of it offscreen.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: Satan views Shadow as one throughout the Shadow dub. Shadow's attempts at sinning involve, among other things: disrespecting Satan, killing Sonic and the President, wasting millions of military funds by destroying their expensive robots, rigging an election to declare himself the permanent dictator of the United States, and defacing the Constitution to allow furries to vote. Satan becomes increasingly exasperated as he explains that, in his view, these are good things (because the US was built on the backs of war criminals) that will probably earn Shadow "a throne in heaven next to God".
  • Missing Mom: Tails seems to have one according to the Hero Story dub. He was hoping to make the piss rock her birthday present and is despondent he needs to sacrifice it to disable the Eclipse Cannon, and Eggman claiming to know who she is causes him to lash out and call him a liar.
  • Missing Steps Plan: Otto Octavius admits during his final monologue that he didn't have a plan for after he turned everyone in New York into tables and was just hoping that afterwards, it would somehow come back around to benefiting him.
  • Mood Whiplash: A surprisingly warm moment between Knuckles and Rouge is interrupted by this gem:
  • Moral Myopia: Satan insists that he is the good guy for punishing sinners in Hell, leaving out that he is the one who tempts them to sin in the first place.
  • Morton's Fork: To Memphis Tennessee, if you're a gamer then you're doomed to never have a girlfriend. If you're not a gamer, then you're a "beta cuck".
  • Motor Mouth: At the end of the Resident Evil 2 (Remake) dub, the trucker seen at the beginning swiftly drops a last-second explanation as to how Sherry was able to escape FloppyFeet's mindscape despite being a personification of her childhood innocence.
    Trucker: The reason Sherry was able to escape is because childhood innocence is a universal concept and so she was able to exist outside of our world FUCK YOU LEON!
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After Memphis Tennesee accidentally kills Sonic, he becomes immediately remorseful and horrified.
    Mephiles/Memphis: What the fu- what are you people doing on my front lawn? Get out of here! (accidentally shoots a laser beam at Sonic, impaling him) Oh my God. Oh my God, are you okay? Holy shit. I- I- I don't think I should pull it out. Uh- I think if I pull it out he'll bleed out- Oh my God. Oh my God, I didn't mean to do that, Oh my God. [...] I mean, you shouldn't have come on my property, you scared me, I'm sorry I- I didn't know what I was doing. I was- it was self-defense, and it is- I- we are in America, it was self-de- Oh, my God, I'm- I'm gonna fucking puke.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Considering the fact that it's on Penny's gaming channel, it would make sense that Ryan would reference bad movie tie-in games.
    • The "And then we played Neopets." line at the end of the 06 dub could be a reference to the Neopets: The Darkest Faerie Let's Play on the Snapcube channel that Penny, Ryan, and Red (who play Sonic, Shadow, and Silver respectfully) are involved with.
  • Never Trust a Title:
    • When the Sonic Riders fandub was released, it was simply titled as "Sonic Riders". There is no mention of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity being part of the fandub along with the first one.
    • Meanwhile, for Shadow the Hedgehog, the fandub also makes use of Sonic Heroes for a heavy portion of its story, mainly to explain Shadow's backstory prior to the main story.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Due to Hayley apparently initially mistaking heat distortion for an underwater effect and running with it, Knuckles spends most of his first encounter with Storm drowning in his own lungs, which Storm claims is the power of his Stand. For obvious reasons, this power and his Stand never come up again.
  • Netorare: Though not an anime example, In Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow fucking Eggman's wife is what drives Eggman having a long-lasting grudge against Shadow by blasting the moon using a Super Laser Piss. Additionally, Eggman's wife, Martha is an insatiable housewife leading Eggman divorcing his wife and became The Alcoholic before he gets over it.
  • Nice Guy:
    • Miles Morales. He's nice to almost everyone, steps up to defend people, and is basically the only person who is both Peter's friend and doesn't become a villain.
    • Sonic is relatively nice to everyone, even Amy, who is obsessed with him, and Eggman. The only people he is rude to are gamers, which is why Memphis Tennessee traps him in the Hell Dimension, and Silver, because he's weird. However, this is averted in the Riders dub, where Sonic has become such an asshole that none of his friends like him, and he has to learn to be a better person.
  • No Body Left Behind: Hatsune Miku's fate while fighting a Strider (though it's not clear exactly what the Strider did to kill her) in the climax of the Sonic Riders dub. The ending implies she either came Back from the Dead or managed to Ascend To A Higher Planeof Existence, seemingly taking control of Astral Babylon.
  • No Object Permanence: Mr. X, who gets thrown off by Claire closing a door.
    "Where'd she go?" [Claire opens the door again] "There you are! CLAIRE!" [Claire closes it again] "Where'd she go?"
  • Noodle Incident: Apparently, the events of Shadow the Hedgehog aren't the first time the titular character has gone up against the Devil.
    Shadow: I've outsmarted you once again, and I didn't even have to play chess this time!
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: Discussed and exploited by Claire and Leon in the Resident Evil 2 dub regarding the zombies. They do refer to the undead as "zombies", and acknowledge the use of this trope in various movies, but reason that since this is happening in real-life, they may as well get to come up with a catchy name for them. After a brief bit of pondering, Claire decides to call them "eaters".
  • Off the Rails: It doesn't take much for the plotline of a game being redubbed to get completely derailed by the dubbers finding a joke and sticking with it, such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 ignoring the overarching Solaris plot (Iblis never gets namedropped and is ignored in most of the scenes it appears in) in favor of the characters racing to make the next big battle royale game. Resident Evil 2 is the biggest example, turning into a Journey to the Center of the Mind story where most of the characters are just mental representations of personality traits and Umbrella's zombie outbreak is left to the wayside.
  • Offscreen Inertia: Ada Wong safely lands and escapes offscreen in the original Resident Evil 2. Ada the embodiment of FloppyFeet's libido and sexual inclinations... doesn't. And repeatedly makes it clear. The last line before the credits?
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome:
    • A Running Gag across the whole series, because gameplay is usually skipped, is that dramatic action scenes or boss fights will be glossed over with no further elaboration. Often punctuated by the characters talking about how awesome the off-screen action was.
    • The Sonic 2006 dub only includes the cutscenes (both in-engine and pre-rendered) for dubbing, with no gameplay present. This leads to several cases of this due to lacking certain scenes, such as Sonic's Radical Train having to be summarized with a text slide (since Penny couldn't find any cutscenes that showed Sonic saving Elise from the train) and Solaris being abruptly killed between shots.
    • The Sonic Riders dub subverts it. Because the actual climax of the story takes place entirely in gameplay, they decided to take a different approach: playing with ragdolls of the characters in Garry's Mod.
    • While the Shadow dub includes some gameplay, it skips over repeat boss fights, so it becomes a running joke that pre-boss banter is always followed by a Smash Cut to Shadow standing over the boss's battered body.
  • Older Than They Look: Knuckles and Amy still look like they're around the age of the other main Sonic characters, but a brief conversation between the two in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub reveals they were alive back in 1907. The Sonic Riders dub takes Knuckles' case even further by revealing he was in college at that time. Eggman's significantly older looking, but he too has been alive (and wanting gamer dick) since then.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Parodied in Adventure 2, in which Eggman is apparently able to do this at will.
    Eggman: [in a video message that's constantly glitching out] I'm taking over the universe! I'm taking over your world! I'm taking your TVs! I'm glitchin' it! They call me the Glitch! You know why they call me the motherfuckin' Glitch? 'Cause I glitch the TVs out!
  • Once More, with Clarity: The context of Maria sending Shadow off to Earth is only gleaned over in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub as Maria pettily sealing him for ripping a bad fart. Shadow the Hedgehog shows they were discussing Shadow's sins beforehand, Maria dying from the surprise of Shadow rejecting her choice to be a good person. Maria does still send him off for ripping that fart, though.
  • Only in It for the Money: Eggman is this by the Riders dub, as after acquiring an IKEA rug signed by Adam Sandler he believes can be sold for a fortune, he’s outright gleeful at the idea of not having to “chase hedgehogs” anymore thanks to the sudden windfall.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • While he does have some Not So Above It All moments, Spider-Man acts as this to those around him, from questioning Doc Ock for making a self-destructive prosthetic for himself, doing his best to keep Doc Ock from becoming evil, calling out Aunt May for her rather twisted pranks and "social experiments" (that are usually targeted at him), calling out Mary Jane for her using philosophy to repeatedly send him into existential crises (often at the worst times), and getting annoyed at everyone randomly referencing ChalkZone.
    • Elise in the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) dub also qualifies, especially in comparison to everyone else. She's the only one who takes Eggman's threats somewhat seriously (though she tends to respond to them by meditating and hoping the problem goes away) and is fully aware of the fact that her character arc is being governed by the narrative around her. She's frequently bewildered by the antics of the other characters, as well. Of course, Not So Above It All sets in at points; she goes through a small hippie phase during the scene that's supposed to take place after Sonic's Tropical Jungle level, and she is rather casual about the fact that she's used to eating rocks whenever she's held captive.
    • Rouge counts too at times. When she isn't high, she's one of the most rational members of the cast, and tends to call others out for being needlessly cruel or wasting time.
    • Eggman briefly becomes this near the end of the Sonic 2006 dub, being the only person to refuse to join in the attempt to bring Sonic back by humming Pumpkin Hill Zone, and declares that it's ridiculous.
    • Ashley in Until Dawn who was specifically invited because she's the only one who knew how to read. As the situation escalates, she's the only one taking things somewhat seriously while the rest of the group either undergoes serious Sanity Slippage (Mike, Sam, Josh, Emily) or is just incompetent (Chris, Matt, Jess). Unfortunately, she spends most of the dub saddled with the Kinect obsessed Chris.
    • Subspace Dubbed Over shockingly manages to have one with Meta Knight, whose speech is remarkably normal and seems to be the only one who acknowledges how absolutely bizarre everyone else's obsession with jacking off is.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping:
    • The actors often are unable to keep up the voices they're doing when they start breaking into fits of laughter, especially noticeable with Penny's Sonic and Ryan's Shadow.
    • For two specific examples in the Shadow dub:
      • The President starts with a vaguely Bill Clinton-esque voice in his first scene, and then immediately reverts to Alfred's regular voice in the next scene. He lampshades it by going back to his previous voice and saying, "What happened to my voice I was doing before? Was that my inner monologue?" He sticks with the Clinton-esque voice for the rest of the dub.
      • The Devil starts with a deep, gravelly Boston accent that gradually loses the deepness and gravel while becoming more exaggeratedly Bostonian.
    • At one point in Subspace Dubbed Over, Holly as King Dedede forgets which voice she's dubbing him with and exclaims "Wait, that's not the voice!" before starting over. Given the extreme Stylistic Suck of that dub, it may have been intentional.
  • Orphaned Punchline:
    • While it still works as a standalone gag, Shadow's line "I put hot sauce on everything, from Twinkies to milk," is a reference to a story Alfred told immediately before filming began, about a kid he knew who did exactly that. This story wasn't shown in the final video, only as part of the behind-the-scenes footage, but Alfred can still be heard whispering "No!" as Ryan says it.
    • Shadow noting that Sky Rail "looks like Pumpkin Hill", and then singing that level's theme tune, was actually the culmination of an Overly Long Gag in which Ryan would sing it incessantly during every gameplay sequence, annoying the rest of the cast. Most of the gameplay sequences were then cut, and without them, the scene isn't half as funny as it would have been.
  • Overly Long Gag:
    • When Omega injects the Weed Crystal into his brain cells, he holds on to an elongated "holy shit" for a good ten seconds as the data is processing.
    • The Sonic 06 dub has Shadow telling Omega to count how many sand particles are in the desert. By the time Omega reaches "twenty", pretty much the entire cast is in stitches, and he keeps going to thirty.
    • In the Resident Evil 2 redub, there's an extended gameplay sequence where Claire confuses Mr. X by repeatedly entering and exiting the room he's in.
    • In Until Dawn, whenever a character needs to press a button, whoever is controlling the action takes slightly too long to do it.
      Ashley: [finger hovering over the button] Okay, hang on...
      Chris: Press this button.
      Ashley: Hang on!
      Chris: It'll turn on the Kinect. ...Hurry it up!
      Ashley: [invokedgiggling] I gotta concentrate!
  • The Password Is Always "Swordfish": In the Shadow the Hedgehog dub, Rouge correctly guesses that the password to Shadow's containment chamber is 8008 ("boob").
    Rouge: Works every time. They really ought to update the security around here, I'm tellin' ya.
  • Person as Verb: In the Sly Cooper dub's world, going through a "Freaky Friday" Flip is colloquially known as "Steve Urkeling".
  • Phallic Weapon:
  • Physical God: In Until Dawn - Part 2, Dr. Hill reveals that he is not just Josh's therapist; he is The Universe's Therapist, tasked with repairing the damage Josh has done by meddling with the bad vibes on Rude Mountain. He has the power to change the characters' fates, in order to assure that retroactively, they will have always been safe. There appear to be limits to this power; he regretfully notes that Josh's pooled bad vibes have doomed him. Despite all of this, Josh is somehow still legally obligated to pay for his sessions.
  • Plot Armor: Played straight and discussed in the Until Dawn dub, where Markiplier realizes that he (as well as almost all of the rest of the cast) cannot die because of his status as a character in a video game dub.
  • Pokémon Speak: Wario in the The Subspace Emissary dub only yells "WARIO!" or "I GOTTA WIN!"
  • Politically Correct Villain: Mr. X may be trying to kill Leon, but he still makes an effort to use the right pronouns after Leon gets force-femmed by Ada.
    Mr. X: Literary references won't save you now, little... girl? I'm sorry, I heard you're going by new pronouns, but I still have to kill you.
  • Polyamory:
    • Sonic, Shadow and Silver marry each other before taking on Memphis Tennessee. And Shadow was already married to Rouge.
      Sonic: We'll all be yellow!
      Shadow: Wait, is that how this works?
    • Rouge also used to be in the same polycule as Storm before she was kicked out for only being able to name two of The Beatles.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Shadow drops one before defeating Devil Doom.
    Shadow: You forgot the number one sin, devil! Thou shall not have any gods before me!
  • Precision F-Strike: When Shadow chastises Knuckles and Rouge for wanting to smoke some weed, he says that they're the only two people present who smoke it. Sonic responds with this:
    Sonic: Speak for yourself, motherfucker!
  • Psychological Torment Zone:
  • Put on a Bus: Despite being major characters in the previous Sonic dubs, Shadow and Rouge are absent from the Sonic Riders dub as a result of them not appearing its or Zero Gravity's story mode.
  • Rapid-Fire "No!": The entire crew does this before the infamous scene where Elise kisses Sonic.
  • A Rare Sentence: The one time that the crew find the concept absurd even by their standards in the Sonic Riders dub is the climax where the entire section between Sonic, Jet, and the crew stopping a black hole and the ending is a Garry's Mod animation with a cameo of Dr. Breen and Hatsune Miku and the climax ending with a battle with a Strider. Once that ends, Ryan says this:
    "I don't use the word "fucking stupid" loosely..."
  • Reality Is Out to Lunch: Rude Mountain gets weird as it becomes ground zero for the unravelling of the Until Dawn fandub's universe.
  • Really Gets Around: Eggman's wife, Martha, is fucked by nearly everyone as a Running Gag. It's confirmed that she's been fucked by Shadow, Rouge, Sonic, and Knuckles, much to the dismay of Eggman.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman, if their claims about their experiences in 1907 are to be believed.
  • Related Differently in the Adaptation:
    • In the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, Eggman is Gerald Robotnik's son, not his grandson. A throwaway line from Shadow suggests that the flashbacks with Maria (likely Eggman's younger cousin in this continuity) happened only ten years prior to the events of the story instead of fifty, though this is retconned in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub.
    • It's implied in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub and later confirmed in the Sonic 2006 dub that Eggman created Shadow (as his biological son, no less), not Gerald. However, the Shadow the Hedgehog dub also retcons this, with Gerald creating Shadow as a friend for Satan (Black Doom).
  • Related in the Adaptation: Carmelita is revealed to be Sly Cooper's grandmother. And also both George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt, and was in a lesbian relationship with Murray's grandmother Benjamin Franklin, making Sly and Murray blood relatives... somehow.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Eggman lambasts Shadow for peeing on his wife, ending his rant by pissing on the moon, cursing out Barack Obama, and threatening to piss on everyone else in 23 hours. He was drunk at the time.
  • Retirony: Mary Jane's tazing of a guard identified as "Retirement Man" seemingly kills him, three years before he was supposed to retire according to one of the other guards.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Enforced. Because the Hero and Dark Stories of Sonic Adventure 2 use some of the same cutscenes, the cast (who are normally going in totally blind) knows what's going to happen, and can partly invoke this. For instance: Alfred was accidentally right that an island was going to explode in the Hero story. When it blows up in the Dark Story, he starts singing about Hawaii exploding.
  • Rogue Protagonist: Wilson Fisk's last name used to be Frisk, but many years after his adventures in the Underground he got rid of the R in his name and became a crime lord.
  • Running Gag: Many:
    • In general:
      • The beat of "A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup" (the Pumpkin Hill song), which finds its way into other dubs (including two different dramatic instrumental versions). A behind-the-scenes video for the SA2 dub revealed that this stemmed from Ryan singing the beat during every gameplay sequence, even after being asked to stop.
      • The green Chaos Emerald being referred as weed/marijuana, and Rouge and Knuckles being stoners across both Sonic dubs. After their voice actors were replaced, Omega seems to have taken over that particular role.
      • Eggman's destruction of the moon is often referenced when the moon appears. This reached its climax in another actual firing from the Eclipse Cannon, with Eggman calling it his super laser piss.
      • In the same vein, referring to the Yellow Chaos Emerald as the "Piss Rock."
      • Even outside of Sonic dubs, references to finding computer rooms occasionally creep their way in.
      • Shadow using Chaos Control is coupled with him shouting "ZA WARUDO!"
      • The date 1907, usually pronounced as "nineteen-aught-seven."
      • In the Dark/Last Story for the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, Alfred sang an improvised song about Hawaii blowing up while Prison Island was actually blowing up. In the Sonic Riders dub, a dramatic orchestral version of "There Goes Hawaii" can be heard as the shell for Babylon Garden breaks and causes a tidal wave and tornadoes.
      • The insult "dicknips" crops up across the Sonic series as well as Resident Evil 2.
      • The jeering phrase of "Say it. You won't." or other similar dares.
      • Both Sonic and Spider-Man have the heroes antagonize the villains by leaking their nudes online.
      • Characters being illiterate and thankful that a friend knows how to read.
    • Sonic Adventure 2 dub:
      • Rouge's large boobs being a single polygon.
      • Twitter, pissing on things, and fucking Eggman's wife.
      • Various Sonic characters trying to schedule dentist appointments.
    • Sly Cooper dub:
      • The papers that Sly finds in the safe that, among other things, tell him to graverob dead family members for potion reagents.
      • Sly saying "I was here" when leaving his calling cards.
      • "SLYYYYY!"
    • Spider-Man (PS4) dub:
      • Martin Li trying to ask Peter a personal questionnote  and getting interrupted every time.
      • Aunt May being an internet celebrity who constantly trolls her nephew Peter for views.
      • Mary Jane's navel gazing about how the world isn't real and everyone else are figments of her imagination she's conjured while trapped in the Matrix.
      • People Waxing Lyrical with alterations of the stanza of iLOVEFRIDAY's song "Mia Khalifa" popularized by the TikTok "Hit or Miss Challenge".
      • Remarking that Miles is going to be the star of "the next Spider-Man movie".
      • Someone in the background of a spectacular event saying "I'm putting this shit up on YouTube!"
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) dub:
      • Fortnite, Tilted Towers, and battle royale games in general. Memphis Tennessee, Eggman, and Shadow's story arcs all involved them trying to create the ultimate battle royale.
      • Shadow getting Memphis Tennessee's name wrong.
      • Elise mentioning that she had been eating nothing but rocks.
      • Shadow being gay.
      • Shadow ordering Omega to count how many things there are in a certain place, usually individual grains of sand.
      • "One!"
      • The Egg Carrier being reimagined as a giant flying ice cream truck.
      • Silver being depressed.
      • Going to Denny's. Blaze and Silver go to get a Grand Slam, while Rouge and Knuckles go to get high out behind it.
    • Resident Evil 2 (Remake) dub:
      • Club Penguin, which is the favorite game of Marvin Branagh (user name FloppyFeet).
      • Various references to the contents of FloppyFeet's mind, which is where most of the story ends up taking place.
      • Mr. X hounding the protagonists for their overdue library books.
    • Sonic Riders/Zero Gravity dub:
      • The GameCube 2.
      • The Babylon Rogues having to return Grown Ups 2 to Redbox.
      • Referring to Babylon Garden as Pompeii or Atlantis.
    • Life Is Strange dub:
      • A random guy in the background screaming "GOD I LOVE FOOTBALL".
      • Calling Chloe's car "the Wondertruck".
      • Referencing JoJo's Bizzare Adventure and other anime.
    • Until Dawn dub:
      • Mispronouncing "subscriber" as "scubscriber".
    • Shadow the Hedgehog dub:
      • A character threatening and/or arguing with Shadow being followed by an immediate cut to the same character lying battered and beaten on the ground in front of him, thanks to the dubs' tradition of rarely including gameplay in favor of cutscenes.
    • Subspace Dubbed Over:
  • Say My Name: SLYYYYYYY!!
  • Scary Librarian: In the Resident Evil 2 dub, Mr. X is changed from being Umbrella's Cleanup Crew to being a librarian hounding the cast for not returning their books, even though Leon can't read (but still checks out books anyway) and Sherry only just checked out War and Peace yesterday.
  • Screaming at Squick: The Sonic supporting cast has a predictable reaction to Elise kissing Sonic: abject revulsion.
  • Screw Yourself:
    • Shadow becomes interested in striking up a relationship with Memphis Tennessee because he had used the power of kinning to transform himself into a Shadow clone. On Memphis Tennessee's own end, after dumping Shadow he creates millions of clones of himself to fuck because he "can't trust anyone with [his] penis except for [him]self".
    • Subverted in Shadow. Upon stumbling across Eggman's clones of him, Shadow asks: "Can I have one for... personal reasons? Not what you think, though! Sicko!"
  • See You in Hell: In the Resident Evil 2 dub, as FloppyFeet's Chaos dies inside the collapsing mindscape, he tells Claire, Leon, and Sherry that he'll see them all in a burning hell.
  • Self-Soothing Song: In the Resident Evil 2 dub, when Sherry is hiding from Chief Irons as she tries to escape him, she sings "Everything is Awesome" to try and drown out an Ironic Nursery Tune he's singing as he searches for her.
  • Sensory Overload: The Subspace Emissary dub was designed to invoke this in order to help create the most so-bad-it's-good April Fools dub possible. On top of everyone yelling their jokes and Corpsing over one another, their audio is compressed so that it sounds even louder and more incoherent on playback than it did when they were recording it.
  • Shaped Like Itself:
    • In one scene, Storm threatens to punch Wave with his fists.
    • At one point in the Sonic 2006 dub, Silver laments that "I can't go back in time again, because... I can't go back in time again."
  • Shout-Out: Quite a bit here and there. Which is somewhat expected due to it's improv nature.
  • Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer: Team Chaotix does not appear in the trailer to the Shadow The Hedgehog dub, despite how they take up a role in the story.
  • Sleeps with Everyone but You: While Martha is constantly cucking Eggman, she'll only sleep with her husband via a robot proxy he created to sexually satisfy her.
  • So Long, Suckers!: In the Sonic Riders dub, when the World's Largest Suck is unleashed, Eggman says "Finally, you all can die! Yes, this is the chaos I wanted! See ya!" before evacuating.
  • So Proud of You:
    • Downplayed. Blaze tells Silver that she is almost proud of him after he passes her test of loyalty (she asks him to make sure people remember her by a cool name like "Jessica Grimdark", while Silver states her real name as an example). Even then, that means a whole lot to Silver.
    • Shadows randomly comes out with this while Rouge is showing off her Fortnite DLC Amiibo.
    • Uncle Ben starts to tell Peter this in a surprise phone call, only to hang up when he realizes he's dialed Peter instead of May.
  • Sorry, I'm Gay: After Elise revives Sonic with a kiss, Sonic admits to her that he was gay the entire time.
  • Sudden Downer Ending: Subspace Dubbed Over ends with Penny firing everyone. Given that the dub was done for April Fools, it doesn't stick.
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • Gerald Robotnik wasn't gunned down by a firing squad in the SA2 Dub, instead remotely setting up the events of the Last Story in retaliation for Eggman's nudes being leaked to Twitter. Also he's Eggman's father instead of his Grandfather.
    • Implied with Maria. She isn't shown being killed by GUN, and instead, just sends Shadow down to Earth because he let loose a bad fart.
      • Revealed to be maybe-averted in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub where she is, in fact, shot down by GUN in a flashback.
    • Black Doom, rather than being an alien invader, is the actual biblical Satan and is incapable of actually dying; instead, Shadow beats up his dog (Devil Doom), angering Satan to the point that he stops trying to befriend Shadow and goes back to hell.
  • Stealth Sequel: All Sonic dubs are generally disconnected, which lets the cast act differently with minimal acknowledgement of previous event. However, the Shadow the Hedgehog dub turns out to be in the same continuity as Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story) dub.
  • Stereotype Flip: Panda King does a lousy Scatman Crothers impression instead of speaking with a stereotypical Chinese accent. "It's still racist, but it's the wrong race."
  • The Stoner:
    • By her own admission, Rouge. She spends most of her screentime in the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Adventure 2 dubs high from marijuana. She also tries to press her drugs on other people at times.
    • Knuckles is this as well, saying in Sonic Adventure 2 that he wanted the last thing he breathed to be weed, and that he's "too high for this shit". In Sonic 2006, he claims he's only taking it for his concussion. Rouge seems to be his primary supplier.
  • Strangely Specific Horoscope: In "Until Dawn - Part 1", Dr. Hill tells Josh that he has looked up his horoscope for today: "You will be tried in court under conspiracy for murder."
  • Stronger Than They Look: Rouge is able to shove Shadow into Omega with one hand, something he immediately takes note of.
    Shadow: Did you lift me with one hand!? Are you swole?
  • Stylistic Suck: The Subspace Emissary dub was made for April Fools' Day and features every cast member going out of their way to be as unfunny and terrible as possible. Apparently, Penny only set three rules: reference "Bozo Dubbed Over" no matter what, only do impressions if they're completely terrible, and be as unfunny as possible while being convinced you're the funniest person in the world. According to Penny's Twitter, this even extended how the audio was recorded.
  • Suddenly Voiced: A character being mute, monstrous, or non-sentient in canon doesn't stop the dubbers from giving them a voice, most prominently in Resident Evil 2 where the zombies and Mr. X are very chatty.
  • Sudden Soundtrack Stop: Happens occasionally in the Shadow the Hedgehog dub, such as to punctuate the Devil's confusion at seeing Eggman (and later, a Black Arms alien), and in the wake of Ryan's "You are what you eat" line.
  • Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum: The real reason Josh brought his friends to Rude Mountain. After his own accumulated bad Vibes made him realize he's an extension of his voice actor Ryan and his universe is a parody of a game that exists in Ryan's world, he invited his friends to Rude Mountain to torment them and let the ambient bad Vibes turn them ruder and ruder, further destabilizing the Vibes until eventually their fanfictional world is destroyed.
  • Survival Mantra: In Until Dawn, Markiplier tells himself jokes to keep calm in stressful situations. Under intense pressure, he goes with the easiest jokes he can think of: Chuck Norris jokes.
  • Take Our Word for It:
    • We never hear how Sonic fucked Eggman's crops, but Tails is completely traumatized by Sonic's offscreen description of the mechanics. Meanwhile, sex with plants instantaneously becomes Amy's new fetish.
    • Omega's dancing abilities go unshown, but leave Rouge confident he could become more famous than Freddie Mercury and Shadow feeling inadequate as a potential boyfriend.
  • Take That!:
    • After Shadow creates drama with Eggman's Twitter account to get it blocked, he makes a snarky remark about Twitter's Skewed Priorities when it comes to banning users.
      Shadow: And yet they still can't figure out how to get Nazis off their site.
    • In the Sonic 2006 dub he has this to say to Omega:
      Shadow: Thank you, YouTube algorithm. Now go ahead and screw over some more creators.
    • Shadow says Sword Art Online is his favorite anime in the Sonic 2006 dub, then immediately follows it up by saying he has terrible taste.
    • In the Sonic Riders dub, Breen is thrown around by ragdoll physics mid-conversation. He apologizes and says it happened because he was thinking about Sonic Forces, which he clearly did not like.
    • The Shadow the Hedgehog dub has multiple jabs at the US political system; Shadow killing the President is described by Satan as an explicitly good thing, and Shadow even says "all presidents are war crime-committing bastards, and I want to become one". When he follows that up by destroying the Heavy Dog military robot, the soldier piloting it comments "Well, what's another hundred billion dollars for the US government, you know?" and Satan admits that he found it awesome and not sinful because wasting military money is super funny. Shadow's actions end up causing Satan to say that Shadow has guaranteed himself a place in heaven and Jeezy C. would probably love him.
    • The Shadow the Hedgehog dub repeatedly states that NBD voting ballots can be stolen by right-clicking and saving them, the blockchain doesn't provide adequate security to fungible material, and the Devil using it harms the ecosystem, with a clear parallel to criticisms of NFTs.
  • Take That, Audience!:
    • Eggman making a Call-Back to the iconic "pissing on the moon" scene in the Shadow dub is almost immediately followed by Knuckles harassing him to make another one, in what is almost certainly a jab at the portion of the fanbase that has been doing exactly that ever since the Adventure 2 Dark Story dub first came out, to Alfred's annoyance.
    • Subspace Dubbed Over begins with Penny talking about how much she doesn't want to dub The Subspace Emissary, since there's no dialogue and thus nothing to work with, and that she's sick of people constantly asking her about it. While it's likely a scripted bit, this is probably why the dub is so deliberately awful.
  • Tantrum Throwing: Memphis Tennessee's house: "As you can see, I've knocked over many chairs." Attributed to how he gets tilted at the towers.
  • The Tape Knew You Would Say That: Toward the end of Shadow the Hedgehog, a recording of Gerald Robotnik appears to taunt Black Doom by informing him that he never actually made Shadow to be Doom's friend. When Doom asks if that means the whole thing was a prank, the recording responds "That's right, it was all a joke. I don't know how I'm talking to you in real time."
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Sonic promises Elise that he'll never die after saving her from Eggman's ice cream airship. Memphis Tennessee kills him — by accident — in Sonic's very next scene.
    • Eggman begins logging into his Fortnite account, while exclaiming that if someone hacks into his account, he will have "a birth of cactuses out of [his] asshole". His computer informs him of the bad news.
    Computer: "Currently being hacked."
    Eggman: [demonic high pitched screeching]
    • In the Until Dawn dub, after Mike gets annoyed by his fourth wall awareness, he threatens to kill the very next person he sees. Wolfie then shows up to greet Mike, who can't bring himself to kill her.
  • These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know:
    • Shadow describes Eggman's dick in this fashion, with Sonic even calling it "Lovecraftian". Gerald Robotnik decides that it's best for the world that everyone dies by Colony Drop rather than to live with the knowledge of what his son's penis looks like.
    • An earlier example in the Hero Story is Sonic fucking Eggman's crops. Which has now scarred Tails for life to the point he needs therapy, but also given Amy a new fetish.
  • These Questions Three...: Attempted by Ridley during Subspace Dubbed Over, though he didn't come prepared, so he tries (and fails) to come up with questions on the spot. He only manages to give out the first riddle, and Samus doesn't bother trying to answer it. When he returns as Meta Ridley he tries to give them three more riddles, but this time they fly off before he can give out any of them.
  • Time Crash: In the Shadow dub, Espio notices how plot threads from previous iterations of the time loop are cropping up in subsequent loops, and concludes that "the timelines are converging". Subverted when it turns out there never was a time loop in the first place, so all the different iterations really did happen one after the other.
  • Title Drop: In the Life Is Strange fandub, Max's final words are "Life is really strange." Cut to the end cutscene of episode 1.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: Played for Laughs in Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow is trying to commit crimes against the US government in order to get into Hell, which eventually leads to him killing the president. However, the Devil then reveals to him that fighting against the corrupt government does not qualify as sinful, and killing the president will guarantee him a spot in Heaven, much to Shadow's frustration. From then on, he shifts his goal from killing the president to becoming the president.
  • Too Many Halves: One of Dr. Hill's monologues in the "Until Dawn" dub lampshades this:
    Dr. Hill: You turned yourself into a half-horse, half-ghost, half-man, THAT'S THREE HALVES YOU SONOVA BITCH!
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Deconstructed with Muggshot's disproportionate physique. Once he falls down and finds that years of skipping leg day has left him unable to get back up, he asks Sly to put him out of his misery.
  • The Twink: Silver is seen as and frequently called one by the people he runs into. When the three main hedgehogs enter their polyamorous marriage before the final battle with Memphis Tennessee, Shadow says Silver will be the "double bottom" in the relationship.
  • Troll: Shadow's primary characterization, summarized, is that he's a self-described asshole that likes to stir up trouble with people for his own amusement. A notable case of this happens when Shadow asks Omega to count the number of sand particles there are in the entire desert for no reason other than to annoy Rouge.
  • Trrrilling Rrrs: Eggman does this every now and then in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub. "Drrroplets" is the best known, but he even adds an R to the word "thot" just to get these going.
  • Unexplained Recovery:
    • Since the team jumped right from Sonic Adventure 2 to Sonic '06, Shadow's resurrection goes unexplained, despite Shadow's "last words" in Adventure 2 ("I'm dead for real, I promise..."). Shadow the Hedgehog continues from the Adventure 2 Dark/Final Story dub, and even flashes back to Heroes, but still doesn't explain how Shadow survived or even have him question it.
    • The Resident Evil 2 dub includes Mr. X's death at the hands of Birkin, as shown in Claire's route. However, he still returns to menace Ada, along with one last battle with Leon in the climax.
  • Unrelated in the Adaptation: In the Shadow dub, because Black Doom is now the Devil (from the Bible), the Black Arms are no longer related to him; instead, they're simply summoned as a side effect of him opening his portal. Shadow even turns them onto his side for a while, but nothing comes of it.
  • Urine Trouble:
    • A Running Gag in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub. Shadow confesses to Rouge that one of his heart's desires is to pee in a Hot Topic, before telling Eggman that he peed on his wife (who he already slept with). Eggman's reaction: to piss on the moon. The behind-the-scenes video expands upon this during the Cannon's Core sequence, in which Eggman and Shadow both unload their piss into a Hot Topic... and poor Knuckles has to swim in it.
      Blue: This whole session has just been a piss session.
      Ryan: It's the Piss Saga.
    • Amy also reveals that because peeing on things is marking territory, she is the true owner of the world because she used to wet the bed. They weren't her own beds though, because she started renting apartments when she was six years old.
  • Verbal Tic: Muggshot ends almost every sentence with "...See?" probably to reference his love for Mobster and Mafia movies.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: After Astral Babylon explodes, Eggman celebrates the heroes' imminent deaths before descending into the floor. He isn't seen for the rest of the dub.
    Eggman: Finally, you all can die! Yes! This is the chaos I wanted—see ya!
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • After Eggman has had enough of everyone's bullying in the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, he goes on a deranged rant about how his wife is a spectacularly unfaithful thot and that he's divorcing her, followed by more incoherent ranting about his misery and rage.
    • In Shadow The Hedgehog, Satan finally gets sick of Shadow's bullshit and furiously rants about how Shadow and his friends mean nothing to him and that he is the good guy for punishing sinners before attempting to destroy the world just to show off how easy it is for him.
  • Villains Out Shopping: Whenever the Babylon Rouges are by themselves in the Sonic Riders dub, they tend to talk about rather mundane activities like dentist appointments and returning ''Grown Ups 2'' to Redbox.
  • Vocal Dissonance:
    • A flashback shows that Martin Li sounded like his adult self even as a kid, due to his oldmanvoiceitis.
    • Black Doom/Satan in the Shadow dub speaks with a Joisey accent that makes him sound more like an Italian gangster than the ruler of Hell.
  • Vocal Evolution:
    • Alfred's take on Eggman in Sonic 2006 is more low-key and sinister-sounding, befitting the character's more realistic redesign.
    • Penny voices Sonic differently based on Sonic's voice actor in the game being dubbed, going from an impression of Ryan Drummond in Sonic Adventure 2, to a deliberately stilted impression of Jason Griffith in Sonic '06, to a normal impression of Griffith in Sonic Riders and Shadow the Hedgehog. During the Shadow dub, she goes back to her Drummond impression for scenes taken from Sonic Heroes.
    • Blue's voice for Tails got higher pitched with each fandub they were in.
    • Ryan's Shadow gained the emotions (mostly mania) of his natural speaking voice after the Sonic Adventure 2 dubs.
  • Was Once a Man: Doctor Green Z. Hill lets some things about himself slip that he probably shouldn't have...
    Doctor Hill: You ever heard of the Ship of Theseus? You know, it's a... moral dilemma. If you take some sort of boat, let's say, and you gradually replace every part of it over time, suddenly, well, is it the same boat as it once was? Or is it something new entirely? Well, what if we did that to a person? What if gradually, over time, we took every part of a person... and replaced all their bits with somethin' else? Do they still have a soul in them? Are they still the same person? Am I still the same person? [beat] Now this is all, uh... this is all just a joke, of course, uh, I am very human, I assure you!
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Chris in Until Dawn has virtually no ability to open doors of any kind; he has to throw his entire weight against them to break them down, or even burn them open with an improvised flamethrower.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Skeeter the Mosquito only appears in the second half of the Mz. Ruby fight, and then he dies by an X spell she shoots at him.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Rouge is pretty good at giving these. The first time in Sonic 2006, she calls out Shadow for arbitrarily telling Omega to count how much sand is in the desert, citing the fact that Omega will just be counting for eternity, and her final line in the dub is her calling Amy out for asking Elise out purely as a means to spite Sonic for being gay.
    • In the Riders Zero Gravity dub, Sonic is constantly called out for his attitude towards his friends throughout most the Riders dubs, and he eventually has to become a good boy so everyone can escape from the World of Thematic Resolution.
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?:
    • Silver Sable's accent seems to travel across the globe, ranging from vaguely Eastern European to vaguely Cajun to somewhat Texan. She's initially not sure where she's from either, but by the end seems to have decided she's a vampire.
    • In the Zero Gravity dub, Wave starts speaking in an accent that sounds like a mix of French, German and Russian. She explains it as the result of experiencing thirty years in France over the course of a weekend there via Time Dilation.
  • Wham Line:
    Eggman: Tails, listen to me. I know who your mother is..! [deathly cough]
    • In Resident Evil 2, a single joke from Alfred as FloppyFeet sends the plot spiraling off in a completely new direction:
    Claire: Is that Leon?
    FloppyFeet: That's my mind.
    • In Part 2 of Until Dawn, Josh has a conversation with Markiplier in the caves, and refers to him as his VA's name, completely obliterating the fourth wall that had been steadily chipped away up until this point.
    Josh: We always get confused for one another, don't we, Chase?
  • Wild Card: Throughout the Shadow the Hedgehog dub, it's entirely unclear whether Shadow is good or evil, thanks to the dub taking aspects from all of the original game's Story Branching. While Shadow does commit crimes under Satan's bidding, Satan points out that Shadow seems to conflate morality with legality, as his attempts at sinning are either illegal but morally correct (i.e. killing war criminals) or immoral but not illegal (i.e. adultery). It's eventually revealed that Gerald created Shadow specifically to frustrate Satan, meaning that he'll do whatever will make Satan angrier in the moment with no regards to his moral standing.
  • Wild Take: Alfred manages to do this with only his voice in the Sonic Adventure 2 dubs, reacting with cries of astonishment whenever the melodrama — Prison Island exploding, Eggman having a spare space shuttle in his pyramid — takes him by surprise. When he gets to the comparatively serious scenario of Eggman holding Amy hostage with a handgun, he finds the relative mundanity so absurd that he just starts corpsing.
  • With Friends Like These...:
    • Character teams and friendships in the dubs tend to not go nearly as well as they do in canon. The evil team in Sonic Adventure 2 quickly turns into Shadow and Rogue repeatedly dunking on Eggman, Sly gets more opposition from Bentley and Murray than he does from the Fiendish Five in Sly Cooper, and all of Peter's friends and family in Spider-Man seem to enjoy tormenting him.
    • By Riders however, most of Sonic's friends don't exactly enjoy being around him due to him being a massive Jerkass, to the point that even Amy has dropped her crush and Yandere tendencies on him due to his attitude.
    • Murray tries to force Bentley and Carmelita out of the picture so he can be together with Sly. And he's just as willing to harm Sly as the others.
  • Womb Level: The final level of Shadow the Hedgehog is interpreted as one, with Shadow trying to destroy the Devil from the inside.
  • Worst News Judgment Ever: Your Dad Is Dead News, a channel entirely about how the viewer's dad is dead and never coming back.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: Upon reaching Dusty Desert, Shadow orders Omega to count the number of sand grains in the desert, with him eventually tallying up 30 million. In real life, 30 million sand particles is nowhere near enough to fill a desert—it would be able to fit in a large bucket.
  • Wrong-Name Outburst: In the Sonic '06 dub, Rouge talks to Shadow and accidentally calls him Sonic. He gets upset because she apparently does that regularly, even at their wedding; Rouge apologizes for being bad with names and says it's because the two look so similar. Apparently even Shadow himself gets mixed up, since later on, he gets married to Sonic under the impression that he was Mephiles.
  • Yandere: Amy threatens to murder Elise when she learns that she and Sonic have been dating. Oddly enough, they're a couple by the end of the dub.
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: In the Shadow the Hedgehog dub, the Devil claims Shadow can gain Sin Points without committing crimes by killing someone else and taking their Sin Points.

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