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It should not be understated that the members of the Real-Time Fandub gang are masters of comedic improvisation. Here’s just a few of the many hilarious things that go on in these dubs!

Spoilers Off for Moments pages. You have been warned.

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Main Series

    Animal Soccer World 

    Lazy Town 
  • This conversation:
    Trixie: Sharks are awesome! They're our friends!
    Stingy: They are not our friends, have you ever seen Jaws?! That-
    Sportacus: Yeah, they'll-
    Stingy: That shit is scary! That shit is very-
    Sportacus: Yeah, they'll - they'll bite your dick off!
    Trixie: Anti-shark propaganda!
    Stingy: Oh. Well, I'm sorry.
    Sportacus: Yeah, you should be, ya dumbass!

    My Little Pony 
Helping Twilight Win The Crown
  • "You know that we are the girls and we are actually horses, except that we're not! We used to be horses, but now we're humans and then we pretend to be horses! Yeah! You know what we're talking abooouut!"
  • "Yeah we're girls, Teen Girl Squad, that's the plot..." "I can do it, I can do it nine times!"

     Back To The Future: The Animated Series 
  • The theme song ends up getting longer when the cast realise that the opening isn't done yet, leading to the singer getting blindsided by its contents. "*What the hell's happening?! I think I'm going crazyyyyyyyyy!*"
  • Doctor Emmett Brown somehow got stuck on a small island in the middle of nowhere and is probably going to die. Also, he named his boat after his wife Clara. Why? So he could fuck it.

Real Time Fandub games

    Sonic Adventure 2 
Original Dub
  • Everything that comes out of Alfred's mouth as Dr. Eggman, especially in the Dark/Last Story video. The guy seriously carries the entire thing. As a cherry on top, Alfred had never seen the plot of Sonic Adventure 2 before taking part in the dub, so as a result he ends up making either absolutely perfect guesses or just gets blindsided by things like Eggman's pyramid base having a space shuttle inside it.
  • Sonic's literal first line in the Hero Story cements Penny's delivery (and the rest of the dub).
    Sonic: I'm gonna kill all of you!
  • Sonic witnessing Shadow's Chaos Control for the first time:
    Sonic: He's faster than Sonic! He's faster than Sonic! What?
  • After Knuckles breaks the Master Emerald to keep Eggman from stealing it, he has to deal with sass from Rouge. His response to that is priceless:
    Rouge: I can't believe you did this. This is all your fault.
    Knuckles: I can't believe your tits are one polygon!
  • While Tails and Eggman fight each other for the first time:
    Eggman: OH MY GOD! That's it; I'm calling the police! 911-
    Tails: I AM THE POLICE!
  • Eggman yelling at Sonic for taking his wife and somehow fucking his crops. And Sonic explaining how he did it in vivid detail to Tails off-screen. We don't hear anything about it, but Tails is completely scarred for life, and Amy considers herself a veggie because of it.
    Tails: I didn't expect that to be exactly how you explained it, but then after you explained it, it made so much sense that that's exactly how that would work... but now I'm wondering, why the fuck would you do that?!
    Amy: Well, it's a personal choice and I'll thank you not to judge me for it-
    Sonic: AMY, SHUT UP RIGHT NOW! Shut your mouth, right now! We are NOT opening up that can of worms.
  • Sonic only has this to say after he gets trapped in a capsule and sent flying down to the planet:
  • Eggman's reaction after sending Sonic down to the planet and Tails' response:
    Eggman: Now, I will control the universe! AND EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO WATCH [right next to the mic, in the softest voice he's ever done] Splatoon 2 Let's Plays [normal voice] BY EGGMAN!! Now GET in the FUCKING ROOM!
    Tails: Shoot me, you fucking coward! Do it! (Hayley loses it in the background) You won't! I have no reason to live now that Sonic is gone... and my piss rock.
  • During the Hero story, Alfred (as Eggman) runs a subplot about everyone needing to get off Prison Island before it explodes, not knowing that's actually what happens in the game.
    Eggman: It would seem that you bitches have come to a standstill in Tarzan's forest. You have thirteen seconds before the island fucking explodes, you Hot Topic wannabe and you blue gumball son of a bitch. You have done nothing but destroy my life, I hope you both die.
    Sonic: HOT TOPIC?!
    Shadow: NO! My secret!!
    Ryan: Alfred, I hope you know that's actually what happens in the story.
    Penny: That is actually- like, he literally was like-
    Alfred: Wait, dead seriously? Seriously?
    (the island explodes)
    • The scene directly before it is a bundle of laughs too. The quick change from Sonic being a well meaning opponent to being an egotistical brat as soon as Shadow tells him he's won is surprising and hilarious.
    Sonic: It seems as if we're evenly matched in some kind of way!
    Shadow: (lying on the ground in defeat) We aren't. You just killed me.
    Sonic: Just kidding! I'm better than you! I'm better than everyone!
    Shadow: (still reeling) But... I'm the Ultimate Lifeform...
  • Eggman's Detonation Moon rant from Hero Story is often overlooked, but is equally as bombastic as the Dark Story rant.
    Eggman: Hehuhuh, hey everyone! Guess what? I know you wanna buy my stocks, but fuck you, I'm keeping the stocks. That's right, you ugly little girl! I hate you, and your stupid nose! I'm taking everything from you, give me your phone! I'm taking over Victoria's Secret, I'm taking over Best Buy, the news is mine, and everyone else can leave- you see that planet!? I'M TAKING IT TOO! IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING WALNUT! BLAM! AND IT BUSTED A NUT! THEN AND THERE! (evil laughter) Now DIE!
    Civilian: Oh my God, it missed!
    (The laser hits the moon)
    Eggman: Fuck you moon, you never had the cheese I wanted!
    Civilian: Oh. Well that wasn't very nice. I-I think that's gonna have some kind of effect on the tides or something.
    Eggman: I hope you're ready to die, It's gonna be like Evangelion, get the fuck out.
    Sonic: Whoa.
    Amy: That was like Evangelion or some shit, man, that was crazy.
    • In a hilarious Crosses the Line Twice moment, Eggman's evil laughter before firing the Eclipse Cannon is punctuated by one of the other voice actors singing, "Feel good!"
  • Kind of a dark example, but the fact that, out of everything Eggman says or does throughout the dub, the one thing that gets Alfred to corpse is him threatening to shoot Amy in the face.
  • At the beginning of the Dark Story dub, Eggman starts his escape from the military building he's been trapped in by leaping in the air while exclaiming "Going uuuuup!"... And then falling down as the music cuts off. He then spends three years trying to break out, all the while the robots grow increasingly sentient and even begin referring to him by his name!
    Robot: Please stop, Ivo.
    Eggman: Whuh- How did you know my MIDDLE NAME?!
  • When Eggman releases Shadow:
    Eggman: Why you got hot sauce on yo' head? What's wrong?
    Shadow: I put hot sauce on everything, from Twinkies to milk! It's what I do... as the Ultimate Lifeform!
  • Eggman logs into his Twitter Dot Com account to find out what his wife Martha was posting while he was gone...
    Eggman: Martha, what have you been tweeting about..... WHAT THE FUCK!? IS THAT'S SHADOW'S DICK!?!?
    Shadow: [on-screen] I fucked your wife!
  • Shadow and Sonic first meeting in the Dark Story dub:
    Shadow: Finally, I have the weed crystal!
    Sonic: Hey! Gimme that! That looks really scrumptious!
    [extended beat]
    Shadow: No.
  • As Eggman sits on an elevator while Rouge logs into his twitter account:
  • "I'm going to kill you... [beat] ...and then kill you again!"
  • When Shadow threatens to delete Eggman's twitter account:
    Eggman: Hehehahahahahaha... You fool. I have SEVENTY ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW MY MAIN!
  • When Rogue introduces herself on the ARK:
    Rouge: Hey bitches, what's up? Eggman, I found your weed supplier through your Twitter account, thanks man.
    Eggman: I told you, I have alternatives!
    Rouge: Anyway, I also saw that this guy over here fucked your wife. That sucks a lot, dude. You must be pretty shaken up about that.
    Eggman: How do you think I feel about being cucked by a HEDGEHOG?
    Rouge: Well, it might upset you to know that I also fucked your wife. [pulls out Chaos Emerald]
    Shadow: Good job.
  • We cut immediately to the three of them in a jungle.
    Eggman: Alright, since Team FurAffinity fucked my wife, I'm gonna have to have both of you be a part of my team. WHY IS THE CAMERA ZOOMING IN?!
    Rouge: Alright, as long as I get my weed back, I don't really care.
    Shadow: I don't have a character motive.
    Eggman: Listen, we're going to explore this island, you're going to find Sonic! He has all of the weed that you need! The ganja, that Mary Jane, Marij Jamij! All in his pockets! He is your local drug dealer, and I'm going to BLOW UP THE ISLAND. Now go look for Sonic. And hurry up, you fucking... cuckhogs.
  • Shadow, while looking for Sonic on the island, suddenly gets a memory of Maria. What does he say afterwards?
    Shadow: Rouge, what if you had, like, human hair? Would that be weird?
    Rouge: Probably.
    Shadow: Alright, cool, bye. [runs off-screen]
  • Shadow and Sonic's rumble in the jungle:
    Sonic: So you've been looking for me, huh?
    Shadow: Yes, I've been looking to stick my quills right into you, just like a (quill sticking noise) situation-
    Sonic: Please, please rephrase-
    Shadow: No, right there in-
    Sonic: Please rephrase, I'm begging - ow, you killed me.
    Shadow: -directly in. Now perish. There was penetration, Sonic.
  • Now that Alfred knows what's going to happen to the island for the Dark Story:
  • The advent of Shadow's pissing fixation.
    (flashback to Shadow and Maria looking out the station's window at the Earth)
    Maria: Doesn't it look wonderful, Shadow?
    Shadow: ...I wanna pee on it. I just... wanna piss on it. Find a rock, get it nice and, you know - (pissing sounds) You feel me, Maria? You get where I'm coming from, right? It's like I'm... marking territory. It belongs to ME. When I do that. A sign of power, if you will.
    [Penny losing it in the BG]
    Shadow: I'm gonna pee in a Hot Topic, Maria. It will be mine, and I will own it.
    (flashback ends with Shadow and Rouge at the same window)
    Shadow: Well, ten years have passed and I feel the same way, Rouge.
    Rouge: You still wanna pee in a Hot Topic?
    Shadow: Yes, Rouge. Thank you for listening to my insane ramblings about peeing in a Hot Topic.
    Rouge: Listen, I'll take you to a Hot Topic.
    Shadow: Finally... a place to release myself.
    Rouge: I know you've been holding it for so long—
    Eggman: (entering) What are you two FUCKING talking about?!
    Rouge: Fucking your wife again. And peeing in a Hot Topic, because, you know, what else do you do on a Saturday night?
    Shadow: (striding past) I peed on your wife, Robotnik. She's mine now. That's the law.
    Eggman: What the— what the actual SHIT?! WHAT?!
  • Which leads to the most famous moment in RTFD history. It gets so ridiculous that, for once, the crew ends up laughing so hard that they have to pause the video to catch their breaths, then stop recording temporarily just to save that particular moment. Big props to Alfred for not corpsing either.
    Eggman: (on screen) I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitch-ass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking wife. That's right, he took his hedgehog fuckin' quilly dick out—
    Child: (gripping her mother's hand as Eggman rants) Mommy?
    Eggman: —and he pissed on my fucking wife, and he said his dick was (imitating Shadow) "tHIS bIG" (regular voice) and I said "That's disgusting". So I'm making a callout post on my Twitter dot com: Shadow the Hedgehog, you got a small dick. It's the size of this walnut, except WAY smaller. And guess what? Here's what my dong looks like. BWOOOOOOOOSH! That's right, baby. All points, no quills, no pillows — look at that, it looks like two balls and a bong. He fucked my wife, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck the earth!! That's right, this is what you get, my SUPER LASER PISS!... Except I'm not gonna piss on the earth. I'm gonna go higher. I'm pissing on the MOOOOOON! How do you like that, OBAMA? I PISSED ON THE MOON, YOU IDIOT! [Beat] You have twenty-three hours before the piss drrropllllets hit the fucking earth, now get out of my fucking sight, before I piss on you too!
  • Not that he remembers the next morning.
    Rouge: Yeah, you pissed [on the moon], and you cursed out Obama. It was, like, really bizarre.
    Eggman: Obama is a... strong figure to the... America- I would never say such a thing! No way!
  • Quite possibly Eggman's most bizarre series of ramblings in the whole fandub:
    Eggman: What the fuck? Why does Tails have all the fucking weed? Why does he have the WEED? Why is my body doing this thing? I'm like a puppet on a string! EUUUUUUUGH! You see that? Look at that! I put the thing, and then I pull it out, and then I rrrrrrrrrrugh pull it out again, and I look at you and I'm like ooooohh. Okay, I'm loggin' on to Twitter, I'm gonna like, uh, I'm gonna see what's up, okay, everybody shut up, shut up, shut up. Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
    Rouge: None of us were talking, Robotnik.
    Shadow: I can't believe he came to his intervention drunk.
  • Shadow and Rouge both call Sonic on the "evil phone line". Eggman is not pleased.
  • "Wait, I know you! I saw your dick on Twitter!" "OH, GOD DA-"
  • Apropos of nothing:
    Shadow: Maria...
    Everyone: (laughs for fourteen seconds straight)
  • Shadow explains to Rouge what Eggman's dick looks like - "like every Tetris block at once." Cue him getting a phone call...
    Shadow: Wait, hold on... is that Eggman-
    Shadow: Yeah, piss off. [hangs up] Anyway... begone, thot.
    Rouge: Hey, that's not how you're supposed to talk to a friend! I thought we were FRIENDS, Shadow!
    Shadow: Maybe friends with benefits.
    Rouge: Really?
    Shadow: No. You got a... gross bat face.
    Rouge, amidst the racous Corpsing: What the fuck, you Hot Topic hot sauce motherfucker?! Why would you even SAY anything?!
    Shadow: There's nothing hotter than hot sauce, Rouge.
    Sonic: So if I were to put it in a blender, would that like-
    Shadow: Yes, that's right, it would still look exactly the same. It defies nature like that.
    Sonic: Oh my god, that's- that's Lovecraftian!
    Shadow: [as he lands the final blow] Indeed. Also, perish.
    Sonic: [flatly] Okay.
  • Eggman's drunken rant about his wife where he somehow manages to add Trilling Rs to a word that doesn't have any Rs.
Eggman: She fuckin'- he fuckin'- she... they fucked my wife! The animals fucked my wife! And then everybody fucking left because the fucking ship was gonna be destroyed. She was able to escape because I designed a robot that would be able to pleasure her in such an intense way that I would be able to finally fuck her. BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Because she decided to become a furry fucker and fucked the whole Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow team! Which didn't even fuckin' matter since it went into a new ark, AND THEN SHE FUCKED (gets close to the microphone) THE WORLD. The world was her next target, because her jussy was NOT EVEN PLEASED ENOUGH, SO SHE HAD TO HO HERSELF OUT AND BE THE BIGGEST THRRRRROT THAT YOU'VE EVER SEEN! The world. Is going to be destroyed. Right now! I'm logging off.
  • Right afterwards, Eggman's severe Sanity Slippage.
    Rouge: You shouldn't talk to your wife that way.
    Eggman: I don't give a flyin' fuck! That bitch can fuck off, I divorced her ass three hours ago! I'm so sick, my body's doing things-that thing! And you over there?! Shut up! And you?! Take off my pants! You wanna see some... weird shit?!
    Tails: Eggman, you need to calm down!
    Eggman: I AM- I'MMMMM- I'M TIRED OF BEIN' CALM ALL THE GODDAMN TIME! I WANNA LIVE MY LIFE! AND YOU! You. (gets progressively closer to the microphone) YOU. YOU. I'M SO SICK OF YOU.
    Rouge: It looks like we won, everybody. We... broke him, finally.
    Knuckles: Alright! Do we get to have a big furry orgy now?
  • This entire bit with Amy and Shadow.
    Amy: I feel like there's a pervert here! Nope, no. (Big the Cat randomly runs past her) Wait, I knew it! I'M THE PERVERT! HOORAY! (walks up to Shadow) Hey Shadow, whatcha thinkin' about? Thinkin' 'bout peeing on the world? Thinkin' 'bout-
    Shadow: More than anything that I've ever thought about in my entire life. Just imagine it. Warm liquids.
    Amy: Well, I have a story for you! When I was little, I used to wet the bed. But that didn't mean it was my bed, cause I was a renter. I started renting my first apartment when I was six years old cause I'm a self-sufficient woman, and my mom kicked me out for being far too obnoxious. And that is why I am the true owner of the world! That's right, all that you see before you? Everything the piss touches? That is your kingdom! And you my son shall go forth and inherit it!
  • "To make a long fuckin' story short, I put a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass!"
  • Alfred also accidentally makes the correct assumption about the Biolizard, causing him to stop dead when told so.
    Eggman: You shall revel in nothing but destruction. Shadow could've been a true beast — and NOW YOU SHALL DIE!
    (the screen cuts to black)
    Ryan: That's actually the story.
    Alfred: (genuinely surprised) it?
  • Shadow's obsession with pissing on things becomes this once his voice actor realizes its logical conclusion.
    Ryan: You know what's funny about this?
    All: What?
    Ryan: Super Sonic.
    Penny: No. Stop.
    Ryan: (an absolute chortle)
  • Which leads to...
    Shadow: Sonic, do you like getting peed on?
    Sonic: Yes I do!
    Shadow: Do I have good news for you!
    [Both of them turn into their Golden Super Mode.]
    Sonic: Woah, Shadow! You're dehydrated, buddy!
    Shadow: A little bit.
    Sonic: What have you been drinking?
    [Beat; music stops]
    [cast laughs for a split-second]
  • The Biolizard has an... interesting choice for its last words:
    Biolizard: (in Eggman's voice) I have a question for both of you...
    Sonic: What's up?
    Biolizard: If I gave Shadow... fifteen apples... [beat] ...and then Amy gave Shadow sixteeeeen... and Tails took away three... my question is... what's the total mass of the Sun?
    Shadow: As Obama told me, it's three! [lands the final blow]
    Biolizard: YOU FIGURED IT OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooouuuuuuuuuuu...!

BTDubs Material

  • As a warmup, the gang does a dub of two Rhett & Link videos.
    • Alfred shines as always.
      Food Explaining Guy: Please add the cocaine to the-
      (Link pours the bowl of cocaine into the mixer)
      Food Explaining Guy: Not the whole thing, I wanted it in the cup!
    • "I'm not understanding any of this, but here's a gloog."
    • Rhett (Penny) describing the smell and taste of various food items like "my mom on a Saturday night."
    • Rhett and Link gargling alcoholic beverages is interpreted as singing and strangled screaming respectively.
    • The piss jokes started early.
      Food Explaining Guy: I- Yes, that's piss, we're gonna put the gook in the piss. So that way you get a nice, strong-
      Rhett: So you get a nice, pissy flavor, I get it. So if we were to all drink piss, does that make you, or me?
      Food Explaining Guy: It makes us both avid piss-drinkers.
    • The outro to the first video is very abrupt.
      Food Explaining Guy: Can I ask you, um...
      Rhett: No. Make sure to like, comment and subscr- (corpses)
    • "This is a Big Macintosh."
    • Food Explaining Guy has a spork tattoo.
      Food Explaining Guy: Does that make me random?
      Rhett: Dude, that is so random. I love - and it makes me laugh... like XD-laugh, y'know?
    • Wagyu steak.
      Food Explaining Guy: Named after the dogs. Because... Wagyu tail.
      Rhett: WHAT?!
    • After Link pours alcoholic beverages all over Rhett's hands, Food Explaining Guy reaches off-screen for a paper towel... then sets down a jar of pickles.
    • "Don't worry, this one literally has gold on it, so you WILL die if you eat it."
  • Ryan singing the Pumpkin Hill theme in every gameplay segment, to the point of annoying the other cast members.
  • After being told not to speak witch, Knuckles ignores it and completes part of the Klaatu Barada Nikto incantation, summoning King Boom Boo... Who turns out to be a little too friendly to be evil.
  • Eggman, meanwhile, summons the Egg Golem, who sounds like Cr1TiKaL. Just before that, Alfred's introduction of the boss is, before he hams it up with villainous laughter, is pretty funny:
    Eggman: Everything will be mine! [Egg Golem hand reaches for the platform] Hahahahahaha! Now let me give you... A hand! [Alfred starts Chewing the Scenery]
  • In the Eternal Engine level, Tails ends up facing off against a machine, which goes as well for the bad guys as one would expect. This leads to a standout Precision F-Strike:
    Eggman: Robots I need you to... You gotta kill Tails. Just kill Tails. What are you doing? Just kill T-
    Tails: Can't catch me, fucker!
  • As it turns out, the "hot sauce" gag was Based on a True Story. A kid in Alfred's school was upset about not having "his topping" on his Twinkie. Alfred assumed he meant a sugary substance or fruit, so he gave him a sugar packet. The kid rejected it, and a jock next to Alfred pointed to the hot sauce. Alfred just said "No." The kid then stated he put hot sauce on everything, even his milk!
  • There's also this gem from Sonic and Shadow.
    Sonic: Hey, that's-!
    Shadow: Hey, that's-!
    Sonic: Hey, that's-!
    Shadow: Hey, that's-!
    Sonic: Hey, that's-!
    (Alfred wheezes)
    Shadow: I found you, faker!
    Sonic: Faker?!
    Shadow: I think I'M the fake hedgehog around here!
    Sonic: (clearly trying not to laugh) You're not even good enough to be my fake!
    Shadow: I'll make you eat those words!
    • What makes it better is that it's more or less a straight up parody/reversal of the infamous cutscene.
  • In Cannon's Core, Rouge comes across an Artificial Chaos P-1... and mistakes it for Elsa.

    Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus 

    Marvel's Spider-Man 
  • Peter busts into Kingpin's building to leak his nudes on 4chan. When he finds Kingpin's main office, he sees Fisk struggling to delete them before calmly, but frustratedly, closing the computer down to address him, then walks behind a wall of glass.
    Spider-Man: Uh... You gonna kill me with a window, or something? I don't get it.
    Kingpin: You know what they say, Spider-Man. To the window, to the wall. [Several support columns in the room open to reveal automated turrets]
    Spider-Man: To the turret?!
  • Alfred plays J. Jonah Jameson as Tsundere for Spider-Man.
    Jameson: Why do I even have a radio station to talk about this Spider- I don't even know where he is! I feel like he's listening to me right now! Are you making fun of me, Spider-Man?! Are you making fun of me as I'm making fun of you? If you can hear me... Please call me back. Please...
  • Jefferson Davis essentially gets a split personality due to his voice actor mistaking him for someone else twice:
    Spider-Man: Hey, give those bazookas back!
    [after a brief pause]
    Jefferson Davis: No.
    Spider-Man: Wait, Jefferson!? You're the bazooka stealer?
    Miles: Oh, I didn't see my thing on there, sorry-
    [the entire cast erupts into laughter]
    Alfred: Oh my fucking god!
    Spider-Man: Jefferson, you're having some issues today, buddy!
    Ryan: It's always fucking Jefferson, Miles!
  • Jefferson Davis' Famous Last Words are most certainly a message to live by:
    Jefferson Davis: Oh, hey, robots... My least favorite color!
    Suicide Bomber: Noooo...! Robot's not a color!
  • Penny and Sammi's characterization of Peter and Mary Jane as having broken up because MJ keeps freaking Peter out with her constant rambling about radical doubt that sends him into existential crises. Exemplified by their text conversation, which was edited to better reflect their, eh... dynamic.
    MJ: (texting) hey 🅱️eter are you safe
    Peter: (disgusted; aloud) Don't... put the fuckin' emoji there... (texting) Please stop that
    MJ: (texting) lmao. how's Li
    Peter: (aloud) "How's Li", he's going to Magic Prison. (texting) He's going to prison. For probably a long time.
    MJ: (texting) that's bold of you
    Peter: (aloud; exasperated) Oh my God. Please. What do you mean by that, MJ? (texting) I'm very scared to ask what that means (aloud) Holy shit, do not say something existential.
    MJ: (texting) time isn't real
    Peter: Aaaand of course.
    MJ: (texting) i learned that the hard way
    Peter: (aloud) "Learned that the hard way"...?
    MJ: (texting) i've given you an opportunity to learn it the easy way, Peter. join me and experience true freedom
    Peter: (sighs) MJ, what the fuck? (texting) I have to go
    MJ: (texting) That's okay. I'll see you soon. I always do. I see you right now. A perfect view. Sultry. Satisfactory. You look good at sunset.
    Peter: (aloud) I don't feel safe!
    MJ: (texting) You could see as I do. Were you not a coward. (47 image attachments)
  • MJ almost steals the soul of the museum curator with her camera... and she doesn't really care.
    MJ: (pulls out camera) Smile!
    Curator: (horrified) No, don't steal my soul!
    MJ: O-okay, then don't smile. Look, I'm-'m a ginger, I don't have a soul of my own. I need yours-
    Curator: That's fair. (leaves)
    MJ: And the only I can get it is with this camera. (puts camera away) goddamn bitch
  • Norman Osborn turns his seizure of Otto's evil robot arm research into a teachable moment:
    Norman: It's my robot arm now! I bought it! I bought it with the money... that I saved... from stealing it...
    Otto: Oh. [the cast corpses] That's a good strategy.
    Norman: I stole it! From myself! [Sammi continues corpsing]
    Otto: That's actually a pretty good lifehack, I can't believe I never considered that.
    Norman: Here's good life advice, Peter: steal money, it's for your own good.
  • Martin Li's continued desire to "ask [Peter/Spider-Man] a personal question" and mounting obsession with the show ChalkZone.
  • In Dr. Octavius's first appearance, a flub by his actor means that he briefly forgets that he's not supposed to be evil for once.
    • "But, Peter... everyone tells me to do bad things. Even my hair...!"
  • After getting evicted, Peter gets a surprise phone call:
    Uncle Ben: It's me, Uncle Ben.
    Peter: U-Uncle Ben?!
    Uncle Ben: I'm calling to let you know how proud I am of y- Wait, do I have the right number? Is this- is this- is this May? Sorry, wrong number. [hangs up]
  • After witnessing Li's Chalk Zone powers, Peter calls Yuri in a panic, but he's so distraught that he can't get any words out and just keeps yelling her name over and over, annoying her into hanging up on him. He then calls Mary Jane and makes the same mistake.
  • When Peter unintentionally is a little too rough in his rescue of Mary Jane when she jumps off of the Oscorp building, Mary Jane decides to tell Peter she's going to sue him.
    MJ: I'm gonna sue you, like in The Incredibles. (someone begins losing their shit in the background) That's what's gonna happen, Peter.
  • While Spider-Man dwells in Mr. Negative's dark realm, the latter begins to give the former a speech... and then cue his actor (Chongo)'s audio completely cutting out, and the rest of the cast bursting into laughter.
    Alfred: Discord just took the biggest shit alive!
  • When Doc Ock sees Spider-Man in his special Anti-Ock suit, he immediately fails to recognize him:
    Doc Ock: Well, well, well, Black Panther!
  • Once Ock breaks Spidey's mask, he's shocked upon seeing his face: not because he sees his Secret Identitynote , but he's stunned by the fact that Spider-Man even has lips and eyes to begin with.
    Doc Ock: You have eyes?! I don't even have eyes! I'm jealous!
  • This exchange:
    Spider-Man: I'm gonna knock this tower down!
    Doctor Octopus: Too late, Spider-Man, I already...helped knock it down...
    (cast erupts in laughter)
    Spider-Man: Thanks for the assistance!
  • Otto completes his transformation into his Doctor Octopus persona upon discovering that Norman outlawed the very concept of evil:
    Norman: And so, uh, we discovered that being...
    Otto: I hate this channel! (growls as he inserts the neural interface of his tentacles)
    Norman: You know like, I said evil in the past has gone good, but you know what? You know, I'm running for mayor, it's probably not the best...
    Otto: The writing on this show has gone downhill.
    Norman:, I'm banning evil. Evil is now illegal.
    Otto: What?!
    Norman: It's my first act as mayor. So, don't be evil!
    Otto: Garbage!! (smashes the TV, Norman somehow saying "ow" during it) Yeah...I just destroyed a very expensive television.
    (cast corpses)
  • When Miles gets into a scrap with two escaped prisoners, he discovers that he has gained the power of these hands.
    Miles: You want some?!
    Prisoner: (backing off with arms raised) No, I'm - I'm allergic to hands!
  • Aunt May's legendary last words are "Do it, you won't!", much to Peter's horror.
    Peter: (sobbing) WHY WERE HER LAST WORDS "DO IT, YOU WON'T"?!
  • The post credits scene, featuring Norman and a symbiote-bound Harry, seeming to plot something very peculiar...
    Norman: And together, we will become... the Incredible Hulk. Because we're both green.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 
  • Chase as Mephiles is almost as good as Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2. The fact that he can say most of his lines with a straight face makes it even better.
    • Mephiles's introduction to Shadow and Rouge after he got freed.
      Mephiles: Welcome to Tilted Towers. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Memphis Tennessee, and I'm part lizard. Nice to- yoroshiku onegaishimasu, as they say in Nippon. note 
    • Mephiles talking with Silver and Blaze and bringing them to his gamer pad. The icing on top is that Chase's dialogue matches Mephiles's in-game motions perfectly.
      Mephiles: I, too, have insomnia, but unlike you mine is not caused by depression.
      Silver: Hey, that's not- well, yes, I'm depressed, okay...
      Mephiles: Mine's because I play so much Fortnite. I stay up late, and go to Tilted Towers- [out of character] I don't actually play Fortnite, I don't know any other places- [camera switches as the crew begins corpsing and Chase resumes] Welcome to my house. As you can see, I've knocked over many chairs because I get so tilted at the towers.
      Silver: Um... this isn't really tilted, or a tower...
      Mephiles: Well, you see, it's a gamer pad. Not many girls come in here because I get friendzoned so frequently, but that's okay...
      Silver: I'd like to be in the friendzone! I'd like friends!
      Mephiles: It's not as pleasant as you'd think. They don't treat you like a friend; they treat you like an item. Sometimes I wish I could be more than just an accessory for these women, but unfortunately, as a gamer, I don't get respect.
      Silver: Well, I'm not a gamer, so maybe they'll respect me!
      Mephiles: That just makes you a beta cuck. [The entire crew starts corpsing again] That's the difference between you and I, Silver the Hedgehog! I- I'm an alpha- gamer — [Chase corpses as well] Anyway, where we — where we droppin', boys? These are all the newest maps they've added... and a newspaper.
      Blaze: Have you ever actually interacted with a woman in your life before, Mephiles?
      Mephiles: That doesn't matter. Check out this cool gem I got on eBay for 7 dollars.
      Silver: It's so cool! Can I add it to my rock collection?
      Sonic: (in a fiery landscape) OH! OH MY GOD! SOMEONE HELP ME!
      Silver: Oh my god. That looked like it hurt. What do you think, Blaze?
      Silver: ...Blaze?
      Blaze: [dryly] I didn't see it.
      Mephiles: Gimme back my thing. You see, I had to trap Sonic in the hell dimension 'cause he disrespected gamers.
    • "Go on, Shadow... Don't you support gay rights?"
    • "You silly, feeble-minded little gay... I am so far beyond Fortnite!"
  • In the beginning, as the citizens are cheering on Elise, someone randomly shouts that his bed is made of scorpions. Another one says that he should get that fixed.
  • "Ha ha, ha, One!"
  • When Sonic lifts Elise, the first thing he says is: "You're heavy!". The best part is that this line syncs perfectly with the animation, complete with Elise giving Sonic a head-nod of approval.
  • Very early into the dub, Rouge makes a casual reference to Fortnite being her favorite game in a rather innocent response to a "Find the Computer Room" joke. As a result, the entire story gets derailed into being about gamers, leading to moments such as the above Mephiles rant.
    Sonic: We can still be friends, Elise! But first I have to take care of this...alpha...gamer...incel guy. I guess.
    Shadow: Yeah, that's the plot.
  • Tails's dream.
    Tails: Robots in the sky? This is just like that dream I had once, about robots! In the sky!
    Sonic: Tell it to us in excruciating detail, Tails!
    Tails: Well... It was a whole dre- (runs off) Bye!
    Ryan: You fucking knew that was coming, you asshole.
  • "Why don't you tell me your incredibly complicated backstory in an interesting, long-winded monologue, complete with background visuals?"
  • Silver gets a rare moment of peace and quiet:
    Silver: You know, maybe things aren't so bad. I'm here, I got the nice ocean breeze. Just alone with my thoughts...
    Blaze: Hey, Silver-
    Silver: GOD DAMNIT!
  • Omega's reaction to the weed crystal.
    Rouge: Do you want some weed?
    Omega: I do not have lungs, so I cannot smoke weed. But I will take it anyway, and place it directly into my brain cells. Here we go. (inserts the gem into his system)
    Omega's Operating System: Downloading weed.exe.
    Omega: Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
    Ryan: [Losing his composure while Alfred holds the syllable] Keep holding it! Keep holding it! Keep holding it! Yes!
    Omega: [inhales] Wow. Hayley: Oh, fuck me running...
    Rouge: How does it feel? You enjoying it?
    Omega: What planet am I on? What's today? My brain cell: destroyed. My wig is gone!
  • Immediately after, Mephiles introduces Shadow to a "cool shield" he made, and goes on to monologue about the deadly new Fortnite map he's makingnote ... before getting sidetracked by Sonic being in his shield.
    Mephiles: I know more than you could ever compreh- is that Sonic? How did he get in there? What the fuck is he doing in my shield? (turns to Shadow) You know him, right? You guys are exes or something. Get him out of my fucking shield!
    Shadow: No, don't you see-
    Mephiles: If this relationship is going to work, you can't bring your exes. You know how uncomfortable that makes me, sweetie.
  • Shadow telling Omega to count how much sand is in the desert, much to Rouge's horror.
    Shadow: The desert. Count how many sand is here, Omega. That's your first mission.
    Omega: Okay. One, two, three... Rouge: (As Omega continues counting in the background) Why the fuck would you make him do that?!
    Shadow: It passes the time.
    Rouge: It's going to take so long! Shadow... it's going to be so annoying!
    Shadow: I'm curious what the biggest number is!
    Rouge: No! He's just gonna be counting forever!
    • There's also the reveal that Omega was counting in millions and concludes there are 30 million sand particles in the desert.
    • This comes back later on when Mephiles clones himself:
    Shadow: Omega, count how many mouths he has!
    Omega: Okay. Beat
    Shadow: Yeah, exactly! You ain't got no mouths, bitch!
  • A collection of some of the nuggets said by Eggman's robots:
  • When Shadow boards Eggman's train, the doctor has this to say:
  • When Elise revives Sonic by kissing him, the entire cast is reacting with disgust in the background.
  • Sonic's parting words to Silver.
    Sonic: Silver, you know what? You're a twink. I'm gonna go smoke some weed now.
    Silver: How long were you waiting to say that?
    Sonic: The whole dub, baby!
    • Also, leading into that, Sonic's fury at Silver for preferring Bubbles popsicles over Spongebob ones.
      Sonic: (collapses to his knees) I never thought...that someone could misguided... (punches the ground in anger) OOHHHHH!!
      Silver: Yeah, that's...that's my name...and my game. Wait, how does that saying go? Uh, I'll shut up now...
      Blaze: Don't be so hard on him, Sonic.
      Sonic: I' as hard on him as I wanna be!
      Silver: That's very suggestive, but, also if- if you're- if you're offering, then I'd be happy know...
      Sonic: ...What.
  • According to the narrative of the dub, Mephiles killed Sonic by accident.
    Mephiles: (rises from the ground; to Sonic and Elise) What the fu- what are you people doing on my front lawn?! Get out of here! (impales Sonic from behind with an energy beam)
    Sonic: (screams in pain)
    Mephiles: (horrified) Oh my God. Oh my God, are you okay?! Holy shit! I-I-I don't think I should pull it out. I think if I pull it out, he'll bleed out. (dispels beam) Oh my God. Oh my God. I didn't mean to do that. Oh my God. Oh-
    Sonic: (grabs chest; collapses slowly) You were right! I'm bleeding out!
  • "Oh my god, it almost went as white as me! That's bad!"
  • As time is collapsing around everyone, Eggman can only say one thing.
    Eggman: Finally, God, take me. (someone snickers) I want it now. Give me death. Just like Sonic.
    Shadow: Satan, if you're out there, I want a piece of that pie too.
    Knuckles: Oh, wait... I have hands?
  • The crew have the expected reaction to Eggman's sudden scouter goggle technology.
    Eggman: (activates goggles) I am now Sans Undertale, go into my eyes.
    (various noises of confusion and laughter, someone starts humming Megalovania)
    Chase: What the fuck? Since when? Since when?!
  • There's also Eggman getting fed up with Elise's escapes:
    Eggman: How many times are you gonna run? I've captured you 17 different times!
    Elise: I feel like it's gonna be at least 18.
    (Extended Beat), Eggman wheezes
    (Everyone devolves into raucous Corpsing in the background)
    Eggman: ... The caucasity of this bitch. You run and run, I am an ALPHA MALE GAMER. She be like "This asshole..." I love Fortnite. Without me, you wouldn't even exist! Without me, you wouldn't be able to contain the demon because of gaming. Look around you, imagine: dragons. Now, imagine it. Gaming, on Fortnite BR.
    Elise: I'm imagining the ocean, because, I've established that when I don't want to be somewhere, that's what I think of.
    Eggman: Frank Ocean can't save you now, sweetheart!
  • At the very end, where Sonic's watching the moon:
    Ryan: ...say it, you won't.
    Alfred: [inhale] I'M... PI- (credits roll)
  • Behold the horror of the Egg Carrier.
    Little child: (over the Egg Carrier's blaring of "Turkey in the Straw") It's the ice cream ship!
    • "Is Todd Howard riding an ice cream truck?"
    • Elise would rather meditate about the ocean instead of doing literally anything about the ice cream ship.
      Advisor: (pleading) Ma'am, you're the ruler of this kingdom, you have to act!
  • When Mephiles decides to show Shadow his Crystal Gem cosplay, Omega proceeds to shoot at him.
    Omega: I need you to stop right now, for you are not a true Gem, you are nothing but a fraud. (blasts Mephiles away)
    Mephiles: Oh my God- (crashes and tumbles on the ground; violent choking noises) What the fuck, (higher pitched) oh my God.
    • Later on, at the beach, Omega decides to have a casual conversation with Mephiles:
      Omega: (while repeatedly shooting Mephiles)note  Take that! And that! You motherfucker! YOU STEAL SHADOW AWAY FROM ME, I TAKE YOUR FUCKING SKULL! YOU MOTHERFUCKING BITCH!
      Mephiles: (in pain) Yo, you need to chill the hell out, dude, I'm too high for this. All right, anyway, uh... This is the last time I try to have bots play on my Fortnite server.
      Omega: You are nothing but a Fortnite PR fake and a actual diamond accessory.
      Mephiles: What the fuck does that even mean? Those string of words just absolutely mean nonsense to me. You are so far below me, you lowly little trashcan man.
      Omega: (revs up miniguns) You are nothing but a fake gamer and you will never find happiness you piece of SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! (guns Mephiles down)
      Mephiles: (grunts of abject pain) Ow! Dickhead! What the fuck?! (lays down) I'm gonna lay down, I need a second after that. Jesus lord... (turns into a purple cloud) Ugh, I'm turning into vape juice, no-! (vanishes)
  • Amy's attempt to bring Sonic back from the dead.
    Amy: I'll never get to play the song I wrote for him... Maybe if I sing it now, it'll help!
    Shadow: Don't-
    (Amy starts humming the Pumpkin Hill-theme)
    Shadow: Actually, never mind, this is a jam.
    • The best part is that everyone else ends up joining in, some while crying.
  • Amy's assessment of Elise upon helping her escape from the music studio: "...yep. I can kill ya."
  • Eggman's reaction to Solaris.
    Eggman: (Evil Laugh) ... Cock.
    Shadow: Mood, Eggman. Mood.
    Omega: Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooock!
  • Everything after Sonic's revival.
    • "I was gay before the light!"
    • Sonic, Shadow and Silver start a gay polyamorous marriage.
      Sonic: We'll all be yellow!
      Shadow: Wait, is this how this works?
      Silver: Okay...
      (They start to transform into their super forms)
      Shadow: Silver, you're the double bottom!
      Silver: I'll be the twink!
      Shadow: Yeah, that's what I said.
      Rouge: I now pronounce you husband, husband and husband.
    • The very abrupt ending, since the Solaris fight wasn't part of a cutscene.
      Sonic: And then we killed it!
    • Amy and Elise.
      Amy: Hey! Hey, do you wanna go out?!
      Elise: M-Mhm. Yeah.
      Amy: Hell yeah! Sonic, look, I'm gay too!
      Rouge: Amy, what the fuck?!
  • "If I could do anything, I would eradicate three colors. Yellow, silver, and then silver again."
    Silver: (depressed) ohhhh... You meant me...
  • Shadow and Sonic's "wedding reception".
    Sonic: Tails, did you forget to decorate the pavilion?
    Tails: No! I-I wasn't in charge of decorations. That was Knuckles' job!
    Sonic: Oh my god, of course! Oh! [picks up newspaper] THE INVITATION! You didn't hand it out!
    Knuckles: I put it on the ground as decoration.
  • Shadow and Mephiles' relationship, starting with Shadow becoming attracted to him because he has the same appearance. Shadow later captures Mephiles in a scepter.
    Shadow: Now I can carry around my boyfriend wherever I desire. And what do you know? The perfect shape.
  • The Duke of Soleanna's Elmuh Fudd Syndwome.

    Resident Evil 2 (2019) 

    Sonic Riders 
  • When Eggman makes his entrance, Chase is very surprised at how tall he is compared to every other character.
    Jet: How the fuck did you get up here? We're, like, eight miles off the ground!
    Eggman: Uh, I've- I've, y'know, I just-
    Chase: [interrupting] HE'S SO BIG!
    Eggman: I-I-I flew! I'm very tall, I am at least seven-foot-one and I will step on each one of you like eggs.
  • Eggman makes another announcement on TV. While it's not quite as iconic as the legendary scene from the Sonic Adventure 2 dub, Alfred is in fine form as usual, rambling about how he's releasing a new console known as the "GameCube 2" and that he's somehow promoting this with a skateboard race. He also shows off a diamond (actually the blue Chaos Emerald) and says that he'll give it to his "new husband or wife" and then gets cut off before he adds more details to the contest... only to go back online to announce that he's bisexual after Sonic and crew already connected the dots. Not to mention this gem:
  • Sonic's reaction to seeing Jet on-screen, apparently forgetting that they had already met before:
    Sonic: Woah! Who's that? He looks pretty cool! Wait, I saw him earlier. Oh, I remember now! [out of character] God, that was garbage...
  • Throughout the game, Storm keeps bursting into Jet's office in a panic. Chase clearly has no idea why and has to keep making up reasons on the spot.
    Storm: Hey, has anybody seen my pacemaker?! Why is it that every time I come into this room I'm scared?!
  • "I'VE COME TO MAKE A—wait, no, wrong script."
  • Both of Hayley's characters constantly promote the value of tertiary education until Tails finally steps in.
    Sonic: Is college actually valuable?
    Knuckles: College is extremely valuable! You should all value your education! Back in Nineteen-Aught-Seven when I first graduated from Princeton University, I remember learning-
    Tails: Okay boomer, shut the fuck up!
  • Speaking of which, Alfred's Eggman continues to be an absolute treat. After hacking into Redbox, Jet and his posse discover that Eggman was in control of it the entire time. Why? To ensure that no one will ever be able to return a movie ever again. He also plans to make Grown Ups 3, with the power of the angel's wings, his mathematics, and a godly figure that he refers to as Adam Sandler, who will put product placement for the GameCube 2 in Grown Ups 3. It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context, of course.
  • When Knuckles and Storm meet in Egg Factory before the next leg of the race, Hayley interprets the heat warping the air as water and manages to spend most of the scene making drowning noises while everyone around Knuckles is unaffected due to either being a robot or somehow not having the effect visible on them. It culminates in Chase delivering one last punchline.
    Storm: It's my enemy Stand!
  • An odd exchange where Jet gives a reason for abandoning the Redbox scheme.
    Jet: I'm out! Done with this shit! Honestly, I'm not fucking with anymore Redboxes, last time I did, it spit a bunch of quarters at me.
    Wave: Wait, you don’t put quarters in there. (the cast starts corpsing) What were you- Jet, were you putting your quarters in the card reader? (everyone laughs even harder) Jet- Jet you have to- that's not how you do that!
    Jet: They were pouring out of it! I almost drowned like Scrooge McDuck!
    Wave: What the fuck are you talking about?! Is it a Coinstar?!
    Jet: Here, I'll show you!
    (cut to Jet in a giant pile of coins)
    Ryan: (amidst further corpsing; screeching) SHUT THE FUCK UP!
  • After Wave blows up Sonic's board, causing him to crash, it's briefly assumed Sonic died again.
    Announcer: And would you look at that, everyone, Sonic has fucking died! Who wants to bite the bullet and kiss him?
  • Sonic and Jet have some choice words after Wave's sabotage of Sonic's board gives Jet the GameCube 2:
    Sonic: (in pain) I'm gonna fucking kill you.
    Jet: Looks like you're stuck with the Wii U, you punk bitch!
    Sonic: (pissed) Aw, you're right!
  • The nature of such a video leads to some entirely unplanned bits.
    Knuckles: Aw, fuck. She got us that time. Well...
    (crew goes from corpsing to full-on laughter)
  • "Hey, audience, I know you're wondering what the fuck is going on, uhhhhh... me too!"
    • In general, Alfred's complete disbelief at the sheer escalation of stakes in what he was led to believe was a game about hoverboard racing, particularly in the scene where Jet raises Babylon Garden from the desert.
      Chase: Yeah, it's called "Digging Up Atlantis".
  • The crew losing it when they see Eggman riding a hilariously small motorcycle while on the tracks of Babylon Garden. With reactions ranging from finding it adorable to the obvious amusement of the disproportionate size of Eggman compared to his vehicle.
  • Marble Charlotte draws a blank. It gets left in.
    Storm: I didn't think this day would come.
    Jet: Well... [awkward silence] I can't think of anything!
    Wave: Zat is alright.
    Strom: Eh, it's okay. Game development is hard.
  • Hayley is clearly struggling to keep up throughout the video due to the large number of scenes Knuckles and Amy share. This eventually leads to a moment where Knuckles speaks in the wrong voice.
    Sonic: Knuckles, that's a great Amy impression you got there.
    Knuckles: Thanks, I've been working on it in my retirement.
  • Knuckles tries translating the stone carving because he can read braille. Problem is, he can't read Sumerian braille.
    Sonic: What's the texture like, Knuckles?
    Knuckles: It's rough...
    Knuckles: It's (voice cracks and several people corpse, including Knuckles) real rough...
  • When SCR-HD activates the black hole, Alfred can be heard breathlessly sputtering his disbelief, clearly not expecting the stakes to be raised so dramatically in what had been a simple racing game.
  • The plot-derailing that is so ubiquitous in these dubs reaches what must be an all-time apex when the footage randomly switches to Garry's Mod to fill the gaps in the story, using models from Half Life and having Doctor Breen and Hatsune Miku armed with a gun as actual characters!
    Ryan: I don't use the word "fucking stupid" loosely...
    • This entire scene was planned by Penny and Marble before the cast began recording to make up for Master Core ABIS not being in any major cutscenes like the Babylon Guardian. As a result, only they knew what was coming; everyone else in the cast was taken off guard by it.
  • Wave randomly changing to a foreign accent migrating between French to German to Russian after the shift to Zero Gravity.
  • The conclusion of the Riders portion of the video ends with massive corpsing from everyone.
    Tail: Hey, Sonic-
    Sonic: Wait, I don't talk to you. You're Eggman now.
  • The exaggerated facial expressions make for some excellent comedic timing.
    Jet: I'm very impressed but also very disturbed. (beat) AAAAAA!
  • Amy is not happy that Sonic left her behind with Eggman.
    Amy: You motherFUCKER! You just left me to die!
    Sonic: (slowly backing away) Top 30 reasons why Sonic is sorry... Number five will surprise you!
  • Storm begging for death at the hands of Miku Hatsune holding an HL2 Spas-12 shotgun.
    Storm: HATSUNE MIKU?! Is that you? Have you fum - fa - come to put me out of my misery? Please! I don’t like feeling like a slack three-dimensional model!
    Miku Hatsune: Hmm, you’re gonna have to beg a little bit harder than that, motherfucker!
    • And then:
      Jet: Is that fucking Hatsune Miku? Are you asking for death from Hatsune Miku?
      Miku Hatsune: Yep!
  • Due to being played by Chase, Storm is less of a meathead than he usually is which leads to his canon personality in the footage being at odds with Chase's more calm take on him. Due to the slapdash nature of going through the events of Riders and Zero Gravity along with the chaotic Garry's Mod trip, he's traumatized by the end of the video thanks to this personality.
    Storm: (calmly) After this experience, I don't think I'll ever be whole again.
    Jet: Honestly? I feel pretty good about everything that happened in the Hell Dimension. It's not bad, we made friends!
    Storm: A piece of me is forever sullied and I don't think I'll ever be able to experience again.
  • The fact that Marbles has played Sonic Riders more than once, and knows exactly what's going to happen in the cutscenes and when, allows her to make perfect joke setups.
    Jet: (In-engine cutscene) I'm turning up the graphics settings once and for all!
    [Pre-rendered cutscene starts playing a few seconds afterwards]
    • The aforementioned quarters scene also applies, with Jet's story about nearly drowning in quarters being illustrated via his canon Imagine Spot where he's shown lying in a huge pile of money.
  • This line, shortly after Jet turns up the graphics settings:
    Announcer: I can see my age! What the fuck?! I can- I have so much detail!!
  • This bit of presumably trailer fodder.
    Jet: You know, I have to say something really cool here to close out the dub trailer.
    Sonic: Okay. I'll say something cool too.
    • This is funny on its own as the trailer ends after this dialogue exchange. However, in the video itself, a few seconds pass before Chase responds with, "Great work, guys."
  • While explaining the rise of the tire robots in Riders: Zero Gravity, Alfred trips over his own tongue, before immediately playing it off:
    Eggman: So it all started here. I was building all of these robots, and then I had bought at least four to five Apple watches on the same day. And then, something happened. In the middle of the lab, as the robots were working at it, there was some sort of bright resource coming from the middle. And I had to go check it out, I had to see what it was. And little did I know, it was a tiny piece of my braincell, that I put inside of the machine so that way it could function around my mental main- men- my mental! My brain?! [beat] As you can see, I'm still missing the brain piece. [The others crack up.] I haven't gotten it back.
    • After that, Alfred likens the brain piece to a chunk of ham.
    • His explanation for the map graphic covered in arrows:
      Eggman: I didn't know what to do with myself so I spread out an emergency thing throughout the island. Each of these cursors represent [wheeze] my tentacles, what?
      Sonic: What do they repre- oh your t- your tentacles?!
      Eggman: Look, I have a lot of secrets, okay? Jesus...
      Jet: I'll say! Holy shit!


    Penny’s Streams 
Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics
  • Penny & Alfred decide, out of nowhere, to begin dunking on artists like Lorde and Billie Eilish:
    Penny: And there- there’s like a very understated cello line underneath, like, bum-bum-bum-bumbum-bum! And then a whole string section that doesn’t do anything interesting except for the occasional weeeeeeoooww..
    Alfred: Don’t forget the piano that comes in right at the very end!
    Penny: And it’s like, the most interesting part of the song, so it’s, like, your favourite part of the song, but it doesn’t last long enough to justify listening to the whole song!

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