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Main Series

    Animal Soccer World 

Real Time Fandub games

    Sonic Adventure 2 
  • Everything that comes out of Alfred's mouth as Dr. Eggman, especially in the Dark/Last Story video. The guy seriously carries the entire thing. As a cherry on top, Alfred had never seen the plot of Sonic Adventure 2 before taking part in the dub, so as a result he ends up making either absolutely perfect guesses or just gets blindsided by things like Eggman's pyramid base having a space shuttle inside it.
    • Most famously, his rant about Shadow pissing on his wife, the most famous moment in RTFD history. It gets so ridiculous that, for once, the crew ends up laughing so hard that they have to pause the video to catch their breaths, then stop recording temporarily just to save that particular moment. Big props to Alfred for not corpsing either.
      Eggman: I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitch-ass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking wife. That's right, he took his hedgehog fuckin' quilly dick out—
      Child: (gripping her mother's hand as Eggman rants) Mommy?
      Eggman: —and he pissed on my fucking wife, and he said his dick was (imitating Shadow) "tHIS bIG" (regular voice) and I said "that's disgusting". So I'm making a callout post on my Twitter dot com: Shadow the Hedgehog, you got a small dick. It's the size of this walnut, except WAY smaller. And guess what? Here's what my dong looks like. (Eggman makes explosion sounds with his mouth) That's right, baby. All points, no quills, no pillows — look at that, it looks like two balls and a bong. He fucked my wife, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck the earth!! That's right, this is what you get! My SUPER LASER PISS! Except I'm not gonna piss on the earth. I'm gonna go higher. I'm pissing on the MOOOOOON! How do you like that, OBAMA? I PISSED ON THE MOON, YOU IDIOT! You have twenty-three hours before the piss drrroplets hit the fucking earth, now get out of my fucking sight, before I piss on you too!
    • The original rant from the Hero story is often overlooked but is equally as bombastic.
      Eggman: Hehehe, hey everyone! Guess what? I know you wanna buy my stocks, but fuck you, I'm keeping your stocks. That's right you ugly little girl, I HATE YOU and your STUPID NOSE, I'm taking EVERYTHING from you, GIVE me your phone. I'm taking over Victoria's Secret, I'm taking over Best Buy, the News is MINE and EVERYONE ELSE CAN LEAVE, you see that planet!? I'M TAKING IT TOO! IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING WALNUT! BLAM! AND IT BUSTED A NUT! THEN AND THERE! (evil laughter) Now DIE.
      Civilian: Oh my god, it missed!
      (The laser hits the moon)
      Eggman: Fuck you moon, you never had the cheese I wanted!
      Civilian: Oh. Well that wasn't very nice. I-I think that's gonna have some kind of effect on the tides or something.
      Eggman: I hope you're ready to die, It's gonna be like Evangelion, get the fuck out.
      Sonic: Whoa.
      Amy: That is like, Evangelion or some shit, man that is crazy.
      • In a hilarious Crosses the Line Twice moment, Eggman's evil laughter before firing the Eclipse Cannon is punctuated by one of the other voice actors singing, "Feel good!"
    • And then at the end of the Last Story there's his drunken rant about his wife where he somehow manages to add Trilling Rs to a word that doesn't have any.
      Eggman: She fuckin- he fuckin- she- they fucked my wife! The animals fucked my wife! Then everybody fucking left because the ship was gonna be destroyed. She was able to escape because I designed a robot that would be able to pleasure her in such an intense way that I would be able to finally fuck her! But it didn't happen! Because then she decided to become a furry fucker and fucked the whole Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow Team, which didn't even fuckin matter because then it went into a new ark AND THEN SHE FUCKED THE WORLD. THE WORLD WAS HER NEXT TARGET, BECAUSE HER JUSSY WAS NOT PLEASED ENOUGH. SO SHE HAD TO HO HERSELF OUT AND BE THE BIGGEST THHRRRRROT THAT YOU'VE EVER SEEN. THE WORLD. IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED. RIGHT NOW. I'M LOGGING OFF.
      Rouge: You shouldn't talk to your wife that way!
      Eggman: I don't give a flying fuck, that bitch can fuck off, I've divorced her ass three hours ago! I'm SO SICK, my body is doing THINGS - THAT THING! And you over there, SHUT UP. And you, take off my pants! YOU WANNA SEE SOME--WEIRD SHIT?!
      Tails: Eggman, you need to calm down!
      Eggman: I'M-I'MMMMM TIRED OF BEIN' CALM ALL THE GODDAMN TIME! I WANNA LIVE MY LIFE! AND YOU! (progressively gets close to the microphone) YOU, YOU, YOU. I'M SO SICK OF YOU.
      Rouge: It looks like we won, everybody. We... Broke him, finally.
      • "To make a long fuckin' story short, I put a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass."
    • Alfred also accidentally makes the correct assumption about the Biolizard, causing him to stop dead when told so.
      Eggman: You shall revel in nothing but destruction. Shadow could've been a true beast — and NOW YOU SHALL DIE!
      (the screen cuts to black)
      Ryan: That's actually the story.
      Alfred: (genuinely surprised) it?
    • At the beginning of the Dark Story dub, Eggman starts his escape from the military building he's been trapped in by leaping in the air while exclaiming "Going uuuuup!"... And then falling down as the music cuts off. He then spends three years trying to break out, all the while the robots grow increasingly sentient and even begin referring to him by his name!
      Robot: Please stop, Ivo.
      Eggman: Whuh- how did you know my MIDDLE NAME?!
    • Eggman logs into his Twitter(dot com) account to find out what his wife Martha was posting while he was gone...
      Eggman: Martha, what have you been tweeting about..... WHAT THE FUCK!? IS THAT'S SHADOW'S DICK!?!?
      Shadow: I FUCKED YOUR WIFE!
    • As Eggman sits on an elevator while Rouge logs into his twitter account:
    • "I'm going to kill you... [beat] ...and then kill you again!"
    • When Shadow threatens to delete Eggman's twitter account:
      Eggman: Hehehahahahahaha... You fool! I have SEVENTY ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS! YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT MY MAIN!
    • When Rogue introduces herself on the ARK:
      Rouge: Hey bitches, what's up? Eggman, I found your weed supplier through your Twitter account, thanks man.
      Eggman: I told you, I have alternatives!
      Rouge: Anyway, I also saw that this guy over here fucked your wife. That's sucks a lot, dude. You must be pretty shaken up about that.
      Eggman: How do you think I feel about being cucked by a HEDGEHOG?
      Rouge: Well, it might upset you to know that I also fucked your wife. [pulls out Chaos Emerald]
      Shadow: Good job.
    • Immediately after that...
      Eggman: Alright, since Team FurAffinity fucked my wife, I'm gonna have to have both of you be a part of my team. WHY IS THE CAMERA ZOOMING IN?!
      Rouge: Alright, as long as I get my weed back, I don't really care.
      Shadow: I don't have a character motive.
      Eggman: Listen! You are going to find Sonic! He has all the weed that you need. He has all the gonja, the Mary Jane, that Marij Jamij, all in his pockets! He is your local drug dealer, and I am going to BLOW UP THE ISLAND. Now go look for Sonic, and hurry up, you... fucking... cuckhogs!
  • Sonic's literal first line in the Hero Story cements Penny's delivery (and the rest of the dub).
    Sonic: I'm gonna kill all of you!
  • Ryan singing the Pumpkin Hill theme in every gameplay segment in the Behind the Dub video.
  • While Tails and Eggman fight each other for the first time:
    Eggman: OH MY GOD! That's it; I'm calling the police!
    Tails: I am the police!
  • Eggman yelling at Sonic for taking his wife and somehow fucking his crops. And Sonic explaining how he did it in vivid detail to Tails off-screen. We don't hear anything about it, but Tails is completely scarred for life, and Amy considers herself a veggie because of it.
  • Sonic only has this to say after he gets trapped in a capsule and sent flying down to the planet:
  • When Eggman releases Shadow:
    Eggman: Why you got hot sauce on yo' head? What's wrong?
    Shadow: I put hot sauce on everything, from twinkies to milk! It's what I do!
    • The best part is that, as explained in the Behind the Dub video for the SA2 dubs, this gag is Based on a True Story. A kid in Alfred's school was upset about not having "his topping" on his twinkie. Alfred assumed he meant a sugary substance or fruit, so he gave him a sugar packet. The kid rejected it, and a jock next to Alfred pointed to the hot sauce. Alfred just said "No." The kid then stated he put hot sauce on everything, even his milk!
  • Shadow and Sonic first meeting in the Dark Story dub:
    Shadow: Finally, I have the weed crystal!
    Sonic: Hey! Gimme that! That looks really scrumptious!
    [extended beat]
    Shadow: No.
  • Shadow, while looking for Sonic on the island, suddenly gets a memory of Maria. What does he say afterwards?
    Shadow: Rouge, what if you had, like, human hair? Would that be weird?
    Rouge: Probably.
    Shadow: Alright, cool, bye. [runs off-screen]
  • During the Hero story, Alfred (as Eggman) runs a subplot about everyone needing to get off Prison Island before it explodes, not knowing that's actually what happens in the game.
    Eggman: It would seem that you bitches have come to a standstill in Tarzan's forest. You have thirteen seconds before the island fucking explodes, you Hot Topic wannabe and you blue gumball son of a bitch! You have done nothing but destroy my life, I hope you both die.
    Sonic: HOT TOPIC?!
    Shadow: NO! My secret!!
    Ryan: Alfred, I hope you know that's actually what happens in the story.
    Penny: That is actually- like, he literally was like-
    Alfred: Wait, dead seriously? Seriously?
    (the island explodes)
  • Shadow and Rouge both call Sonic on the "evil phone line". Eggman is not pleased.
    Eggman: Why is SONIC on the same line as the VILLAIN LINE!?
  • "Maria..." [Explosion happens in the background, followed by the entire cast laughing their asses off for 14 seconds]
  • Shadow explains to Rouge what Eggman's dick looks like. Cue him getting a phone call...
    Shadow: Wait, hold on... is that Eggman-
    Shadow: Yeah, piss off. [hangs up]
  • Eggman spends two thirds of the Dark/Final Story dub video piss drunk over Shadow pissing on his wife.
    Eggman: What are you two fucking talking about?!
    Rouge: Fucking your wife again. And peeing in a Hot Topic, because, you know, what else do you do on a Saturday night?
    Shadow: I peed on your wife, Robotnik. She's mine now. That's the law.
    Eggman: What the— what the actual SHIT?! WHAT?!
    • This cuts to the aforementioned "pissing on the moon" rant, which then (once the cast have stopped laughing) cuts to Eggman stumbling around with a hangover with no memory of what happened last night.
      Rouge: Yeah, you pissed [on the moon], and you cursed out Obama. It was, like, really bizarre.
      Eggman: Obama is a... strong figure to the... America- I would never say such a thing! No way!
  • Shadow's obsession with pissing on things becomes this once his voice actor realizes its logical conclusion.
    Ryan: You know what's funny about this?
    All: What?
    Ryan: Super Sonic.
    Penny: No. Stop.
    Ryan: (an absolute chortle)
    • Which leads to...
      Shadow: Sonic, do you like getting peed on?
      Sonic: Yes I do!
      Shadow: Do I have good news for you!
      [Both of them turn into their Golden Super Mode.]
      Sonic: Woah, Shadow! You're dehydrated, buddy!
      Shadow: A little bit.
      Sonic: What have you been drinking?
      [Beat; music stops]
      [cast laughs for a split-second]
  • The Biolizard has an... interesting choice for its last words:
    Biolizard: (in Eggman's voice) I have a question for both of you...
    Sonic: What's up?
    Biolizard: If I gave Shadow... fifteen apples... [beat] ...and then Amy gave Shadow sixteeeeen... and Tails took away three... my question is... what's the total mass of the Sun?
    Shadow: As Obama told me, it's three! [lands the final blow]
    Biolizard: YOU FIGURED IT OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooouuuuuuuuuuu...!
  • The BTDubs video gives us this gem from Sonic and Shadow.
    Sonic: Hey, that's-!
    Shadow: Hey, that's-!
    Sonic: Hey, that's-!
    Shadow: Hey, that's-!
    Sonic: Hey, that's-!
    (Alfred wheezes)
    Shadow: I found you, faker!
    Sonic: Faker?!
    Shadow: I think I'M the fake hedgehog around here!

    Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus 

    Marvel's Spider-Man 
  • Peter busts into Kingpin's building to leak his nudes on 4chan. When he finds Kingpin's main office, he sees Fisk struggling to delete them before calmly, but frustratedly, closing the computer down to address him, then walks behind a wall of glass.
    Spider-Man: Uh... You gonna kill me with a window, or something? I don't get it.
    Kingpin: You know what they say, Spider-Man. To the window, to the wall. [Several support columns in the room open to reveal automated turrets]
    Spider-Man: To the turret?!
  • Jefferson Davis essentially gets a split personality due to his voice actor mistaking him for someone else twice:
    Spider-Man: Hey, give those bazookas back!
    [after a brief pause]
    Jefferson Davis: No.
    Spider-Man: Wait, Jefferson!? You're the bazooka stealer?
    Miles: Oh, I didn't see my thing on there, sorry-
    [the entire cast erupts into laughter]
    Alfred: Oh my fucking god!
    Spider-Man: Jefferson, you're having some issues today, buddy!
    Ryan: It's always fucking Jefferson, Miles!
  • Penny and Sammi's characterization of Peter and Mary Jane as having broken up because MJ keeps freaking Peter out with sudden nihilistic ramblings and causing him to go into a constant existential crisis. Exemplified by their text conversation, which was edited to better reflect their, eh... dynamic.
    MJ: hey [B]eter are you safe
    Pete: (texting) Please stop that
    MJ: lmao. how's Li
    Pete: (aloud) "How's Li", he's going to magic prison.
    Pete: (texting) He's going to prison. For probably a long time.
    MJ: that's bold of you
    Pete: (aloud) Oh my god. Please. What do you mean by that, MJ? Holy shit, do NOT say something existential.
    Pete: (texting) I'm very scared to ask what that means
    MJ: time isn't real
    Pete: Aaaand of course.
    MJ: i learned that the hard way
    Pete: (aloud) Learned that the hard way...? [Sigh] MJ, what the fuck?
    MJ: i've given you an opportunity to learn it the easy way, Peter. join me and experience true freedom
    Pete: (texting) I have to go
    MJ: That's okay. I'll see you soon. I always do. I see you right now. A perfect view. Sultry. Satisfactory. You look good at sunset.
    Pete: (aloud) I don't feel safe!
    MJ: You could see as I do. Were you not a coward. [47 image attachments]
    • "Peter... what is life?" "... (sniff) I'm gonna cry, MJ."
  • Martin Li's continued desire to "ask [Peter/Spider-Man] a personal question" and mounting obsession with the show ChalkZone.
  • In Dr. Octavius's first appearance, a flub by his actor means that he briefly forgets that he's not supposed to be evil for once.
  • When Peter unintentionally is a little too rough in his rescue of Mary Jane when she jumps off of the Oscorp building, Mary Jane decides to tell Peter she's going to sue him.
    MJ: I'm gonna sue you, like in The Incredibles. (someone begins losing their shit in the background) That's what's gonna happen, Peter.
  • While Spider-Man dwells in Mr. Negative's dark realm, the latter begins to give the former a speech...and then cue his actor (Chongo)'s audio completely cutting out, and the rest of the cast bursting into laughter.
  • When Doc Ock sees Spider-Man in his special Anti-Ock suit, he immediately fails to recognize him:
    Doc Ock: Well, well, well, Black Panther!

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 
  • Chase as Mephiles is almost as good as Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2. The fact that he can say most of his lines with a straight face makes it even better.
    • Mephiles' introduction to Shadow and Rouge after he got freed.
      Mephiles: Welcome to Tilted Towers. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is, Memphis Tennessee, and I'm part lizard. Nice to- yoroshiku onegaishimasu, as they say in Nippon. note 
    • Mephiles talking with Silver and Blaze and bringing them to his gamer pad. The icing on top is that Chase's dialogue matches Mephiles's in-game motions perfectly.
      Mephiles: I, too, have insomnia, but unlike you mine is not caused by depression.
      Silver: Hey, that's not- well, yes, I'm depressed, okay...
      Mephiles: Mine's because I play so much Fortnite. I stay up late, and go to Tilted Towers- [out of character] I don't actually play Fortnite, I don't know any other places- [camera switches as the crew begins corpsing and Chase resumes] Welcome to my house. As you can see, I've knocked over many chairs because I get so tilted at the towers.
      Silver: Um... this isn't really tilted, or a tower...
      Mephiles: Well, you see, it's a gamer pad. Not many girls come in here because I get friendzoned so frequently, but that's okay...
      Silver: I'd like to be in the friendzone! I like friends!
      Mephiles: It's not as pleasant as you'd think. They don't treat you like a friend; they treat you like an item! Sometimes I wish I could be more than just an accessory for these women, but unfortunately, as a gamer, I don't get respect.
      Silver: Well, I'm not a gamer, so maybe they'll respect me!
      Mephiles: That just makes you a beta cuck. [The entire crew starts corpsing again] That's the difference between you and I, Silver the Hedgehog! I- I'm an alpha- gamer — [Chase corpses as well] Anyway, where we — where we droppin', boys? These are all the newest maps they've added... and a newspaper.
      Blaze: Have you ever actually interacted with a woman in your life before, Mephiles?
      Mephiles: That doesn't matter. Check out this cool gem I got on eBay for 7 dollars.
      Silver: It's so cool! Can I add it to my rock collection?
      Sonic: (in a fiery landscape) OH! OH MY GOD! SOMEONE HELP ME!
      Silver: Oh my god. That looked like it hurt. What do you think, Blaze?
      Silver: ...Blaze?
      Blaze: [dryly] I didn't see it.
      Mephiles: Gimme back my thing. You see, I had to trap Sonic in the hell dimension 'cause he disrespected gamers.
    • "Go on, Shadow... Don't you support gay rights?"
    • "You silly, feeble-minded little gay... I am so far beyond Fortnite!"
  • In the beginning, as the citizens are cheering on Elise, someone randomly shouts that his bed is made of scorpions. Another one says that he should get that fixed.
  • "Ha ha, ha, One!"
  • Very early into the dub, Rouge makes a casual reference to Fortnite being her favourite game in a rather innocent response to a "Find the Computer Room" joke. As a result, the entire story gets derailed into being about gamers, leading to moments such as the above Mephiles rant.
  • Tails's dream.
    Tails: Robots in the sky? This is just like that dream I had once, about robots! In the sky!
    Sonic: Tell it to us in excruciating detail, Tails!
    Tails: Well... It was a whole dre- (runs off) Bye!
    Ryan: You fucking knew that was coming, you asshole.
  • "Why don't you tell me your incredibly complicated backstory in an interesting, long-winded monologue, complete with background visuals?"
  • Omega's reaction to the weed crystal.
    Rouge: Do you want some weed?
    Omega: I do not have lungs, so I cannot smoke weed. But I will take it anyway, and place it directly into my brain cells. Here we go. (Inserts the gem into his system)
    Omega's Operating System: Downloading Weed.exe.
    Omega: Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Wow.
    Ryan: [Losing his composure while Alfred holds the syllable] Keep holding it! Keep holding it! Keep holding it! Yes!
    Hayley: Oh, fuck me running...
    Rouge: How does it feel? You enjoying it?
    Omega: What planet am I on? What's today? My brain cell destroyed. My wig is gone!
  • Immediately after, Mephiles introduces Shadow to a "cool shield" he made, and goes on to monologue about the new Fortnite map he's making... before getting sidetracked by Sonic being in his shield.
    Mephiles: I know more than you could ever compreh- is that Sonic? How did he get in there? What the fuck is he doing in my shield? (turns to Shadow) You know him, right? You guys are exes or something. Get him out of my fucking shield!
    Shadow: No, don't you see-
    Mephiles: If this relationship is going to work, you can't bring your exes. You know how uncomfortable that makes me, sweetie.
  • Shadow telling Omega to count how much sand is in the desert, much to Rouge's horror.
    Shadow: The desert. Count how many sand is here, Omega. That's your first mission.
    Omega: Okay. One, two, three...
    Rouge: (As Omega continues counting in the background) Why the fuck would you make him do that?!
    Shadow: It passes the time.
    Rouge: It's going to take so long! Shadow... it's going to be so annoying!
    Shadow: I'm curious what the biggest number is!
    Rouge: No! He's just gonna be counting forever!
    • There's also the reveal that Omega was counting in millions and concludes there are 30 million sand particles in the desert.
  • A collection of some of the nuggets said by Eggman's robots:
  • When Shadow boards Eggman's train, the doctor has this to say:
  • When Elise revives Sonic by kissing him, the entire cast is reacting with disgust in the background.
  • Sonic's parting words to Silver.
    Sonic: Silver, you know what? You're a twink. I'm gonna go smoke some weed now.
    Silver: How long were you waiting to say that?
    Sonic: The whole dub, baby!
  • According to the narrative of the dub, Mephiles killed Sonic by accident.
    Mephiles: (rises from the ground; to Sonic and Elise) What the fu- what are you people doing on my front lawn?! Get out of here! (impales Sonic with a energy beam)
    Sonic: (screams in pain)
    Mephiles: (horrified) Oh my God. Oh my God, are you okay?! Holy shit! I-I-I don't think I should pull it out. I think if I pull it out, he'll bleed out. (dispels beam) Oh my God. Oh my God. I didn't mean to do that. Oh my God. Oh-
    Sonic: (grabs chest; collapses slowly) You were right! I'm bleeding out!
  • "Oh my god, it almost went as white as me! That's bad!"
  • As time is collapsing around everyone, Eggman can only say one thing.
    Eggman: Finally, God, take me. (someone snickers) I want it now. Give me death. Just like Sonic.
    Shadow: Satan, if you're out there, I want a piece of that pie too.
    Knuckles: Oh, wait... I have hands?
  • The crew have the expected reaction to Eggman's sudden scouter goggle technology.
    Eggman: (activates goggles) Alright now, Sans Undertale, go into my eyes.
    (various noises of confusion and laughter, someone starts humming Megalovania)
    Chase: What the fuck? Since when? Since when?!?
  • There's also Eggman getting fed up with Elise's escapes:
    Eggman: How many times are you gonna run? I've captured you 17 different times!
    Elise: I feel like it's gonna be at least 18.
    (Extended Beat)
    (Everyone devolves into raucous Corpsing in the background)
    Eggman: ...The caucasity of this bitch. You run and run. I am an ALPHA MALE GAMER. She be like "This asshole..." I love Fortnite. Without me, you wouldn't even exist! Without me, you wouldn't be able to contain the demon because of gaming! Look around you, imagine: dragons. Now, imagine it. Gaming, on Fortnite BR.
    Elise: I'm imagining the ocean, because, I've established that when I don't want to be somewhere, that's what I think of.
    Eggman: Frank Ocean can't save you now, sweetheart.
  • At the very end, where Sonic's watching the moon:
    Ryan: ...say it, you won't.
    Alfred: [inhale] I'M... PI- (credits roll)
  • Behold the horror of Eggman's airship.
    Little child: (over the ship's blaring of "Turkey in the Straw") It's the ice cream ship!
    • "Is Todd Howard riding an ice cream truck?"
    • Elise would rather meditate about the ocean instead of doing literally anything about the ice cream ship.
      Citizen: (basically pleading) Ma'am, you're the ruler of this kingdom, you have to act!
  • When Mephiles decides to show Shadow his Crystal Gem cosplay, Omega proceeds to shoot at him.
    Omega: I need you to stop right now, for you are not a true Gem, you are nothing but a fraud. (blasts Mephiles away)
    Mephiles: Oh my God- (crashes and tumbles on the ground; violent choking noises) What the fuck, (higher pitched) oh my God.
    • Later on, at the beach, Omega decides to have a casual conversation with Mephiles:
      Omega: (while repeatedly shooting Mephiles note ) Take that! And that! You motherfucker! You steal Shadow away from me, I take your fucking skull! You motherfucking bitch!
      Mephiles: (in pain) Yo, you need to chill the hell out, dude, I'm too high for this. All right, anyway, uh... This is the last time I try to have bots play on my Fortnite server.
      Omega: You are nothing but a Fortnite PR fake and an actual diamond accessory.
      Mephiles: What the fuck does that even mean? Those string of words just absolutely mean nonsense to me. You are so far below me you lowly little trash can man.
      Omega: (revs up the miniguns) You are nothing but a fake gamer, you will never find happiness you piece of SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! (guns Mephiles down)
      Mephiles: (grunts of abject pain) Ow! Dickhead! What the fuck?! (lays down) I'm gonna lay down, I need a second after that. Jesus lord... (turns into a purple cloud) Ugh, I'm turning into vape juice, no-! (vanishes)
  • Amy's attempt to bring Sonic back from the dead.
    Amy: I'll never get to play the song I wrote for him... Maybe if I sing it now, it'll help!
    Shadow: Don't-
    (Amy starts humming the Pumpkin Hill-theme)
    Shadow: Actually, never mind, this is a jam.
    • The best part is that everyone else ends up joining in, some while crying.
  • Amy's assessment of Elise upon helping her escape from the music studio: "...yep. I can kill ya."
  • Eggman's reaction to Solaris.
    Eggman: (Evil Laugh) ...cock.
    Shadow: Mood, Eggman. Mood.
    Omega: Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooock!
  • Everything after Sonic's revival.
    • "I was gay before the light!"
    • Sonic, Shadow and Silver start a gay polyamorous marriage.
      Sonic: We'll all be yellow!
      Shadow: Wait, is this how this works?
      Silver: Okay...
      (They start to transform into their super forms)
      Shadow: Silver, you're the double bottom!
      Silver: I'll be the twink!
      Shadow: Yeah, that's what I said.
      Rouge: I now pronounce you husband, husband and husband.
      • "Sonic the Hedgehog said gay rights."
    • The very abrupt ending, since the Solaris-fight wasn't part of a cutscene.
      Sonic: And then we killed it.
    • Amy and Elise.
      Amy: Hey! Hey, do you wanna go out?!
      Elise: M-Mhm. Yeah.
      Amy: Hell yeah! Sonic, look, I'm gay too!
      Rouge: Amy what the fuck?!
  • "If I could do anything, I would eradicate three colors. Yellow, silver, and then silver again."
    Silver: (depressed) ohhhh... You meant me...

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