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"But how could they be jamming us if they don't know... if we're coming?...Break off the attack! The shield is still up!"
Lando Calrissian, Return of the Jedi

Bob has the situation under control, and is explaining it to his partner, Alice. While he initially thought everything was fine and going to plan, it's only once he stops to think about it and hears himself say it aloud that he realizes how much trouble he and Alice are really in.

Essentially, a case of in-universe Fridge Logic (or Fridge Horror) catching up to the characters, can be played for laughs or drama. Can be triggered by the listening party's Let Me Get This Straight... putting a new perspective on Bob's explanation. If the character doesn't realize how screwed they are until after they're done explaining, it's Delayed "Oh, Crap!".

The Oh, Crap! can also be simply that there really is No Time to Explain. Some situations go further with this, having the feared event happen directly after it's realized, which is a case of Five-Second Foreshadowing.

The Placebo Eureka Moment is an inverse, in which the act of explaining leads to a solution rather just than a realization that there's a problem. Not to be confused with I Can Explain or Not Helping Your Case. If the realization is that there's something previously told by another character that doesn't fit the facts or make them fit all of a sudden, then it's a case of I Never Said It Was Poison.

Compare Punch! Punch! Punch! Uh Oh..., You Answered Your Own Question.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Mahou Sensei Negima!, as the students of Mahora set up to deal with Chao's impending invasion in an hour, Setsuna starts thinking out loud:
    Setsuna: So, Chamo, what if Chao sees what we're up to out here and abandons her plans?
    Chamo: Then we celebrate. The festival event will be a major bust, though...
    Setsuna: Supposing she delayed her plans?
    Chamo: No way. It takes time to set up a spell like that, and the magical energy needs to be used at its exact peak. She could delay an hour, tops.
    Setsuna: Then what about moving up her plans to trip us up?
    Chamo: Erk. [long pause] That's a possibility...
    [the invasion force starts appearing, over an hour early]
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, there's a scene where Knuckles and Tails find out that Metal Sonic showed up at Sonic's home and trashed the place. Once they get the news, they're at first relieved that nobody was home at the time, but:
  • Digimon Tamers has Cheerful Child Suzie Wong trying to make friends with a rather looming Rabbit digimon. Looking over at her, Henry and Takato wonder if they should be worried. Takato digresses into talking about the Devas they have left to fight, one of which is the Rabbit Deva. Cue reaction.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge:
    • Near the end of the film, when Cooler has been shot into space by Goku, he notices the sun and contemplates blowing it up and letting the Earth freeze to death... before he realizes that Goku's shooting him into the sun:
      Cooler: It's the star from this planet's solar system. Maybe I'll blow that up instead and let them all freeze to death in darkness. Wait a minute... I'm heading right for it!!
    • As he's frying in the sun, he's ranting at Goku and wondering why he wasn't destroyed with the rest of the Saiyans when Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, and then flashes back to the day Frieza did so; during that time, Cooler saw Goku's space pod escaping the explosion, but refused to intervene, partially because he had his own schedule and refused to fall behind to cover Frieza's own mistake, and partially because Goku was just a baby at the time, so he dismissed him as any immediate threat. With that, Cooler realizes that Goku was the very Saiyan he let escape, and suffers a Villainous Breakdown:
      Cooler: I don't believe it! I could have killed him! I let him go! I let him go!
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, following Jack's interrupted duel with Yusei, while reviewing the footage of Yusei's last move before the Crimson Dragon blacked out New Domino, Lazar points out that if that hadn't happened, Yusei's move would've defeated him. Jack denies this until:
    Jack: I still had 900 Life Points after my combo, and his Meteor Stream was only going to take away [beat] all of them.
  • In the ending of Fate/Zero, the Grail dives into Kiritsugu's mind to determine what kind of person he is, and extrapolates his greatest wish from this. During this moment of introspection and self-analysis, it starts to dawn on Kiritsugu that his thinking was flawed all along and that following his ideal to its ultimate end is going to result in the extinction of humanity.
  • In chapter 17 of Kushuku Gakkou No Alice, Romeo realizes too late that his cool plan to invade the Cat Dorm was also, objectively, kind of stupid:
    Juliet: You came all this way...just for thatnote ?
    Juliet: You got everyone involved...and got yourself hurt again for that...?
    Romeo: Err...
  • In Bokurano, after winning his battle and dying, Kanji wonders which of the three remaining pilots will be next. He rules out Kana (since Ushiro had forbidden her from playing the game), but then rules out Ushiro (who'd recently admitted that he wasn't in the contract), as well as Machi (knowing that she's Koyemshi's accomplice). Kanji then wonders who it could be, and is horrified when he realizes that it's actually Kana, who'd signed up after Kokopelli's battle.
  • In Attack on Titan, Falco does this in an internal monologue. After introducing Reiner to Eren Yeager, who'd claimed to be Reiner's old friend, Falco realizes that if Reiner had met his "friend" more than four years ago, it was probably while he was infiltrating the island of Paradis, meaning that the person in question is actually an enemy.

    Board Games 
  • In chess, one of the methods for dealing with a speculative sacrifice by an opponent is known as the show me method. If you can't see the point of the sacrifice, or even if you do see the point but don't think it will be all that effective, the recommended course of action is to accept it and continue playing natural moves, daring the opponent to show you their idea. Sometimes this works and the sacrifice fails. When it succeeds, however, you end up with this trope.

    Comic Books 
  • Played for laughs in the Garth Ennis-written Adventures of the Rifle Brigade. Captured by the Nazis, Lieutenant Cecil asks Captain Darcy just what the mission was in the first place. Darcy is confused as Cecil was the one who called to set it up. It turns out Cecil had called to say "it's on," meaning a stag party for a friend but Darcy misunderstood.
    Darcy: I say... so when I phoned back to tell you it was all arranged and the Berlin Express left at seven, you assumed an op had come up and we'd have to skip the party. Which means...
    Cecil: Yes, sir. We've gone a commando raid by mistake.
  • Batman '66: Professor Overbeck while explaining why he doesn't think his brain regulator "could have been used to make a whole group of people... hysterical".
    Professor Overbeck: One would have to connect it to a broadcast antenna like the kind I use for transmitting long dis... GOTT IN HIMMEL! Mein antenna is gone!

    Comic Strips 
  • In MAD, there are a few.
    • In the parody of The Godfather, when "Vino Minestrone" is warned that he's endangering himself by refusing to go into the drug trade.
      Vino Minestrone: Could I be harmed by that cute Italian fish peddler? By those sweet Italian kids, playing Hop-Scotch? By those nice Italian button men in their big black car... barreling down on me at 80 miles an hour? OH-OH!!
    • Subverted in "Ecch-Men"
      Judo-Lee: If they register me with the Federal Mutant Agency, I'll be taken away! That means I'll never see mom and Dad again! Hey, cool!
    • In the parody of The Shining, Jack, talking with his predecessor as caretaker, has an example of this.
      Egbert Grisly: They TOLD me that I would rot in Hell!
      Wack Torrents: Well, I'm glad you learned your less— Wait a minute!! You mean THIS place is HELL?!?
  • Inverted in The Boondocks, Riley, having repainted several street signs to carry the names of rappers he likes, is approached by Cindy, who's also interested in doing so. Riley, however, is laying low due to the police looking for the culprit, and starts to warn Cindy that if she follows suit, she'll get caught- at which point he gets the idea to have her take the fall for his misdeeds.
  • As Calvin and Hobbes indicates, Bill Watterson loves this trope.
    • One storyline had Calvin and Hobbes pushing the family car out of the garage so they could use the structure as a clubhouse, only to discover that the driveway is on an incline, which sends the vehicle careening into a ravine across the street. After they run away, Calvin's mother notices the situation, and begins to wonder aloud:
      Calvin's Mom: And how on Earth did they go in straight backward? To do that, the car would have had to come...right...out...OUR...DRIVEWAY!
    • In another arc, the family goes to the zoo, and Calvin gets lost when he starts following a woman who looks like his mom. As his parents try to figure out where he's gone, Calvin's dad hits upon an idea—"Maybe Calvin's at the tiger pit, since he likes tigers so much." After walking a bit, he laughs to himself: "Ha ha, maybe Calvin's in the tiger pit, since he likes tigers so much." He then realizes that that's a perfectly plausible scenario and breaks into a run.
    • In one of the Transmorgrifier arcs, Calvin believes that he's been permanently transformed into an owl. He's delighted when Hobbes points out that this means he'll get to miss school the next day. Upon waking up, Calvin's mother points out that he's not an owl, and Calvin shouts with joy that he go to school.
  • In one Garfield strip, Jon demands to know what Garfield did with Mrs. Feeny's dog, along with a bunch of stamps, a box, and some twine...before pausing in shock as his mind begins to connect the dots.
    Garfield: Take your time...It'll come to you.

    Fan Works 
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged:
    • Zorin loses the last of her composure at the sight of Seras tearing through her troops and demands to know why she was never informed of Seras' powers, and why nobody did proper reconnaissance on the girl. This trope only kicks in after asking that last bit, as she remembered that gathering recon on the Hellsing Organization's headquarters was why the Major sent her there in the first place, and the overconfident Blood Knight Zorin had ignored those orders and charged in blindly instead.
    • In the second episode, Jan Valentine tortured a Hellsing employee and forced the poor man to read an incredibly crude and violent rape threat to his boss Integra. At the very end of said threat comes the part where Jan sets the guy up to read about how Jan is about to kill him, after which Jan will shoot him. The unfortunate employee realizes what is about to happen at the last second and has a moment of panicked horror before Jan kills him.
      Hellsing Employee: [still reading the statement/threat Jan wrote out for him] Now pardon me while I blow this faggot ginger's brains o- OHGODNO!!! [Jan shoots him]
  • From Calvin and Hobbes Get XTREME!:
    Calvin: This is my grueling competition. A little sun... cool water... my best friend... a monster shark... a scared sea gull... Wait a minute. A MONSTER SHARK!
  • Fallen King has this played for drama and tears. After narrowly escaping death, Joey suddenly remembers his promise to Serenity and how she'll now be blind forever.
    The world, my friends, my family...
    Joey's eyes shot open as reality slapped him in the face.
    "Serenity," he whispered.
  • A Game Comes to Equestria: Right in the middle of an explanation of Pinkie Sense, we get this exchange:
    Pinkie Pie: Well, my tail's all a-twitchy witchy, my knees do ache a bit, and my left ear's all wobbly and shaky.
    Wishing Star: And that means...?
    Pinkie Pie: That means we're about to get ambushed!... Uh-oh. That's not GOOD. We're about to get AMBUSHED!
  • First Try Series Kiri nin, Mizuko Sanbashi and Kampachi are investigating the aftermath of an ambush where they trace the source of Jinchuriki. They try to figure which Jinchuriki it was and deduce that the people ambushed and the source of the energy had to be someone from Konoha. They initially believe that Konoha doesn't have a Jinchuriki, Mizuko realizes which Jinchuriki was there when he explains which villages do have Jinchuriki and figures out that Konoha has the Kyuubi by process of elimination.
  • In The Hell-er-Nator: Chaos Machine Xander and Cordelia are explaining to Rory (Xander's uncle) that anyone who bought their costume from Ethan's Costume Emporium became their costume and that some won't/didn't change back, including Larry Blaisdell (who is now a Terminator hunting Cordelia), when Xander suddenly remembers that Harmony bought a Terminator costume as well.
  • In the third story of the Facing the Future Series, Danny and Sam have this moment when Tucker offhandedly comments that it seems like the ghosts are trying to play Relationship Sabotage, which they are.
  • A comedic example occurs in Minimum Requirement when Hizashi accidentally discovers Naruto's parentage.
    Hizashi: "Hey there little fella. You look an awful lot like Kushina. In fact, I think you are Kushina's. Did you know I could've been your father if my marriage hadn't been arranged since childhood and Kushina hadn't been so in love with...with... Holy Crap!"
  • This trope is how Shinji realized his mother tampered with his mind in Alpha and Omega. When Shinji starts rambling about all the different signs that the Asari were genetically modified, Aria asks how he could possibly know all that. Shinji's in the middle of explaining how he has a doctorate in evolutionary biology and three PhDs when he remembers that he never finished high school.
  • Discord of all creatures, gets one in Misunderstandings. Throughout the story, the human protagonist Peter has been absorbing the magic around him and channeling it to Earth, only now a sabotage of Twlight's experiments has cut off that connection. Discord starts out explaining how it happened in his strange way — he pulls off one of his horns to symbolize the connection — but starts to get very nervous when he realizes the magic building up in the broken conduit will eventually cause Peter to explode.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act III chapter 46, after dismissing the possibility that Akua and Kahlua are Fairy Tale agents, Kou proceeds to explain to the headmaster that the Chrono Displacement spell that Fairy Tale stole from the Shuzen estate was stored in a secret archive that only Issa and his daughters knew about. As soon as those words are out of his mouth, Kou realizes that the only way Fairy Tale could possibly have known about the archive, let alone the spell, is if Akua and Kahlua were working for them.
    • Throughout Act IV, after receiving a glimpse into an Alternate Timeline, Tsukune and the others expect Hokuto and his Co-Dragons, Jovian and Jacqueline, to pull off a full-scale attack on Yokai Academy to capture Moka as part of his plan to resurrect Alucard, and prepare accordingly. When that day comes, however, they're caught completely unprepared when a Brainwashed and Crazy Felucia shows up alone, several hours instead of schedule. While trying to work out why it's happening differently, they suddenly remember that unlike their current timeline, Luna was not present at the academy during the Alternate Timeline, something they never considered before then; thus, Hokuto isn't launching an all-out attack on the school.
    • In Act VI chapter 13, Kyouko insists that Talon can't be evil because he's targeting those who were part of Fairy Tale... and then remembers that since Dark, Akua, and Kahlua are ex-Fairy Tale agents themselves, they're on Talon's hit list too.
  • Sight When Ichigo is explaining how his ability to see zanpakutou works, he tells Shinji that he couldn't feel Shinji's zanpakutou, Sakanade when he first met Shinji. Only to realize since Sakanade was Hollowified, it means that Shinji would have had to lock away his own zanpakutou spirit.
  • Occurs in Majority Rule when Tony explains to the rest of the Avengers that, by human standards, Thor's age would come out to be about seventeen.
    Tony: There's a bigger issue. Namely that Thor isn't the only Asgardian we deal with.
    Bruce: Well, but Odin is definitely an adult, and—
    [and then he stopped, as he and everyone else at the table remembered Thor's brother; Thor's homicidal suicidal megalomaniacal little brother.]''
  • In the The Legend of Korra fanfic Book 5: Legends, Mako does this in his head, and has to spell it out for Tahno when they realize the man they're looking for may be nearby.
    Mako: Don’t you get it? If you want to hide a gem you hide it in a treasure trove. If you want to hide a tree you hide it in the forest.
    Tahno: Mako, what're you talking about?
    Mako: So, where would you hide a masked man?
    [his accompanying, sweeping gesture of the plaza answered the question neatly for Tahno, who adopted a similar expression of dawning realization as he saw all the masked revelers drifting to and fro]
    Tahno: Oh no...
  • In This Bites!, Vice Admiral Jonathan has a civil, friendly even, conversation with Cross about why the latter is terrible at chess. There's too many rules and no matter what you do, it has to follow those rules but sometimes, Cross just wants to flip the board. This and the accompanying explosion let Jonathan know that Cross just metaphorically flipped the board on their little game.
  • A case where someone else panics comes up in Once More With Feeling when Genesis tests Cloud's knowledge by asking how to beat the Midgar Zolom. After Cloud's explanation, Genesis is very worried to realize Cloud described how to beat a Midgar Zolom. It gets worse when Cloud tells him about Master Tonberries, which get stronger the more Tonberries you've slain.
  • An amnesiac Cordelia in Memory spends a couple minutes trying to figure out what about Devon is bugging her despite being the only familiar face around. It's not until she notes how he doesn't look his age that it hits her that he looks exactly as she remember despite her missing five years of memory, thus realizing he's a vampire.
  • One of the Slytherin prefects in Sort the Dragon correctly guesses that the new zero tolerance policy towards bullying is because of Harry Potter as nothing happened the previous year to instigate it and he's the only first year important enough to warrant such measures. However, she can't understand why Potter would need such protection given that she couldn't even look him in the eyes when she tried to lecture him on the train. It isn't until Snape declares it a pity she didn't follow her train of thought to the final station that she realizes what's actually going on. The rules aren't in place to protect Harry Potter, but to protect everyone else from him.
  • In Don't Look, Misato hears Shinji's story of how he first met the Slender Man who murdered several of his classmates. Shinji explains how despite Slender Man's entreaties, Shinji wouldn't look at him, knowing he'd die if he did; all he could do was go completely still in the hopes he'd leave. As Shinji goes on to tell her what happened at school today, he trails off. Misato thinks he just needs a moment and notes that he isn't shaking any more; then she realizes he's not moving at all, which means Slender Man is nearby.
  • In Where Talent Goes To Die, Mizuhara recalls seeing Sakuragi stop by the laundry room before the first body discovery announcement. After a moment, he realizes, based on what's been discussed, that Sakuragi had been checking out the laundry room, hoping to wash the blood off his clothes.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Aristocats: In his overconfidence, Edgar reveals to Frou Frou the horse that he's the catnapper because he made the headlines in the newspaper and is gloating how the police won't find a single clue to implicate him — only to realize that he left his hat, umbrella, motorcycle side car, and the cats' basket back at the countryside, and rushes out to retrieve them before the police can.
    Edgar: Oh, they won't find a clue to implicate me. Not one single clue. Why, I'll eat my hat if they—... MY HAT! MY UMBRELLA! Oh, gracious! I've got to get those things back tonight!
  • Finding Nemo has a scene where Peach wakes up to find that the tank has been cleaned overnight by a new filter system, foiling the gang's plan to escape.
    Peach: The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are getting out of— [gasp] The tank is clean. THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!
  • In Help! I'm a Fish, Fly tricks Joe into drinking more of the fish potion antidote that increases brain power by asking him several questions... when he asks Joe what happens if a fish drinks too much of it, Joe replies, "It becomes human!" And then...
    Fly: Can humans breathe underwater?
    Joe: Of course no-- [drowns]
  • Hercules:
    • Meg, having fallen in love with Hercules, refuses to work for Hades any longer... which, unfortunately, convinces Hades that she is Herc's weakness.
      Hades: Meg, listen. Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of your freedom, fluttering away, forever!
      Meg: I don't care! I'm not gonna help you hurt him!
      Hades: [sighs] I can't believe you're getting all worked up over some... guy.
      Meg: This one is different. He's honest, and sweet...
      Hades: [rolling his eyes] Please...
      Meg: ...he would never do anything to hurt me...
      Hades: He's a guy!
      Meg: [smugly] Besides, O Oneness, you can't beat him. He has no weaknesses! He's gonna—
      [turns and sees Hades smirking at her]
      Hades: I think... he does, Meg. I truly think... he does.
    • Pain and Panic experience this when they work out that the warrior who beat Nessus the centaur is the same baby they failed to kill years ago. The "Oh crap" is because Hades figured it out before them.
    Pain: Wait a minute, wasn't Hercules the name of that kid we were supposed to...
    Pain & Panic: Oh my Gods!
    Hades: [grabs the demons by the throats] So you "Took care of him". "Dead as a doornail." Weren't those your exact words?!
  • The Iron Giant: During the climax of the film, Mansley, unable to accept that the Giant isn't a threat, orders a nuclear strike on the Giant. Immediately after, he has to be reminded by General Rogard that the nuke is targeted to the Giant's current position, and at that moment, the Giant is standing right in the middle of a town full of innocent civilians, less than 5 feet away from him.
    Rogard: That missile is targeted to the Giant's current position! WHERE'S THE GIANT, MANSLEY?!
    [Mansley looks back to see the Giant right behind him, and cringes and sucks in air through his teeth as he realizes how badly he screwed up]
    Mansley: ...W-we could duck and cover! There's a fallout shelter right there. If we can—
    Rogard: There's no way to survive this, you idiot!
    Mansley: You mean... we're all going t
    Rogard: To die, Mansley. For our country.
    Mansley: Screw our country! I WANNA LIVE! (steals an army jeep and attempts to drive away, but the Giant stops him with his hand.)
  • Played for laughs in The LEGO Movie, when Emmett tries to argue that President Business can't be a villain.
    Emmett: But he's such a good guy. And Octan... they make good stuff: music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, all history books, voting machines... wait a minute.
  • The Little Mermaid: Triton asks Sebastian about Ariel being in love. Sebastian thinks the king knows that she is in love with a human, and blurts it out.
    Triton: Let's see, now... Oh, who could the lucky merman be? [notices Sebastian just outside the door] Come in, Sebastian.
    Sebastian: [inhales deeply] I mustn't overreact. I must remain calm. [skitters to Triton; squeaky voice] Yes? [clears throat] Uh, yes, Your Majesty?
    Triton: Sebastian, I'm concerned about Ariel. Have you noticed she's been acting peculiar lately?
    Sebastian: Peculiar?
    Triton: You know, moaning about, daydreaming, singing to herself... You haven't noticed, hmm?
    Sebastian: W-well, I-I-I...
    Triton: Sebastian... I know you've been keeping something from me...
    Sebastian: [big gulp] Keeping... something?
    Triton: About Ariel?
    Sebastian: [trembling] Ariel?
    Triton: In love?
    Sebastian: I TRIED TO STOP HER, SIR! SHE WOULDN'T LISTEN! I told her to stay away from humans! They are bad! They are trouble! They are...
    Triton: Humans? WHAT ABOUT HUMANS?!
    Sebastian: Humans? [chuckles nervously] Who said anything about humans?
  • During the heist scene in Over the Hedge, the coffee maker turns on and we get this exchange:
    Verne: What is that?
    RJ: That is what gets humans up in the morning.
    [three seconds later, they turn to the surveillance camera to see the upstairs bed is empty]
  • From Pinocchio, when Jiminy discovers that the boys on Pleasure Island end up turning into donkeys.
    Jiminy: Boys? So that's what... PINOCCHIO!!!
    • Then later, during the final act, when Jiminy reads the Blue Fairy's message that Geppetto was Swallowed Whole by Monstro the Whale.
      Pinocchio: Swallowed by a whale?!
      Jiminy: (Oblivious) Yeah, uh huh (With realization) A WHALE?!
  • Pocahontas: Ben and Lon, Those Two Bad Guys, find John Smith with Pocahontas and Grandmother Willow, who trips them with her root:
    Ben: Watch your feet, ya big oaf!
    Lon: It wasn’t me, it was the tree!
    Ben: Oh, of course! The tree just felt like lifting its roots, and--
    (Ben stops in midsentence when he and Lon turn around to catch Willow lowering her root)
    Ben: Let’s get out of here!
    • Come to think of it, Ben downplays this trope by using sarcasm.
  • Inverted in The Secret Life of Pets. After Duke knocks over a vase, Max panics, thinking that Katie will flip out, then pauses as though he's realized she might blame him for it. Instead, he realizes she's more likely to blame Duke, and promptly sets about knocking over everything in sight while Duke frantically tries to stop him.
  • At the climax of Treasure Planet, Robot Buddy B.E.N. gets his memory back... just in time to recall that Captain Flint's hoard of treasure is booby-trapped.
    B.E.N.: It's all flooding back! All my memories! Right up until Flint pulled my memory circuit so I could never tell anybody about his booby trap! (distant explosion) Speaking of which...

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Played for Laughs in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, when Ace deduces that Ray Finkle is now Lois Einhorn, who he was attracted to:
    Ace: Finkle is Einhorn... Einhorn is Finkle... Einhorn is a man! [beat] Oh, my God Einhorn is a man?!
    [cue montage of Ace vomiting his entire stomach's contents into the toilet, burning his clothes, and then scrubbing himself down in the shower while sobbing]
  • Late in Apollo 13, after the astronauts have (with great difficulty) brought their damaged spacecraft around the moon and have detached the command module for reentry, they are able to make a visual inspection of the damaged service module and report what they see. At first this seems to be of only historical interest, since they've already discarded the service module and it no longer matters how much damage it took... until they realize the damage might not have been limited to the service module.
    Jim Lovell: Houston, we're getting our first look at the service module now. One whole side of the spacecraft is missing. Right by the high gain antenna, a whole panel is blown out. Right up... right up to our heat shield.
  • Back to the Future Part II: When Doc figures out he and Marty can just pick up Jennifer at hers and Marty's future home, Marty is happy at the prospect of meeting his future self but Doc starts explaining why it mustn't happen until he, by doing so, figures out there's a high probability Jennifer will meet her future self.
  • In Bedazzled (2000), when Elliot wishes to be a famous writer to impress Alison, they arrive at his apartment to find a man waiting in his bed. Elliot tries to convince Alison he's not gay by describing his personality... only for the things he's saying to make him realize that in this life, he is gay!
  • In Danger: Diabolik, having received word that Diabolik survived, Inspector Ginko receives what his sergeant believes to be Diabolik's death certificate but he knows is actually Ralph Valmont's death certificate. He then connects Valmont's cause of death to Diabolik's next big hit, based on what he knew about the emerald necklace that Diabolik had stolen.
    Ginko: Sergeant... this is our friend Valmont's certificate. Cause of death: eleven machine gun shots.
    [close-up on Ginko's eyes as he realizes the meaning of this]
    Voiceover: Eleven emeralds... eleven bullets...
    [Ginko suddenly gets up]
    Ginko: To the morgue!
  • The short version: In Death Note, it was split. Light doing the explaining and Ryuk doing the Oh, Crap! reaction.
    • The long version: Ryuk wonders why Light was ignoring him. When Light in the convenience store explained to Ryuk that the former has a feeling that he's been watched via CCTV which means no Apples for Ryuk, it took a few seconds for the Shinigami to realize what Light meant and reacted in sorrow.
      Ryuk: Nooooooooo!!!
  • Demolition Man features a scene where John Spartan discusses with his two partners and the police chief what Simon Phoenix's next move would be. Spartan insists that it will be to get a gun, which the police chief insists is ridiculous — the only guns in San Angeles are in a museum...
  • In Die Hard, after John McClane tells Sgt. Powell to tell his wife that he loves her in case he doesn't make it out, Powell tries to reassure him that he'll survive. John says that "that's up to the man upstairs"... and remembers Hans Gruber's visit to the roof of Nakatomi Plaza earlier in the film, at which point he realizes that Hans was up to something funny. Sure enough, when he gets there, he finds that Hans is planning to blow up the roof with all of the hostages on it, along with the helicopters coming to rescue them.
  • Dr. Strangelove:
    • The bomber has a chance to make it through! General Buck Turgidson explains that if the pilot's really good, they can fly "on the deck", below Soviet radar. Meanwhile (due to a malfunction, not strategy) the bomber in question is doing exactly that.
      Major Kong: Well, boys, we got three engines out, we got more holes in us than a horse trader's mule, the radio is gone and we're leaking fuel and if we was flying any lower why we'd need sleigh bells on this thing... but we got one little budge on them Rooskies. At this height why they might harpoon us but they dang sure ain't gonna spot us on no radar screen!
    • Early on, Group Captain Mandrake realizes there is no imminent Russian attack, and goes to tell General Ripper to call off his bombing mission. When Ripper challenges him on the facts, Mandrake counters:
      Mandrake: Well, I'm afraid I'm still not with you, sir, because, I mean, if a Russian attack was not in progress, then your use of Plan R — in fact, your order to the entire Wing... oh. ...I would say, sir, that there were something dreadfully wrong somewhere.
    • And near the end, after it's been outlined that if a single nuke lands on the Russians it's World War III, and the end of humanity, General Turgidson is asked if the remaining bomber has a chance at reaching its target and dropping its nuclear payload on it. Turgidson, having praised both crew and plane effusively, starts out with a cheerful "HELL YEAH!" until he visibly deflates, realizing they're doomed.
  • In Godzilla (2014), when the MONARCH team discovers that the two Mutos have been communicating with each other, Serizawa explains that the female Muto's egg is currently located at the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository — which is not only filled with radioactive waste (which the Mutos feed on), but also happens be located right outside Las Vegas.
  • In Herbie Rides Again, Mrs. Steinmetz and Willoughby trick Alonzo Hawk's wrecker into knocking down Hawk's own house. (In reality, Hawk had ordered his wrecker to knock down their firehouse). Alonzo's retorts?
    Wrecker: Sorry to disturb you at this time of night Mr. Hawk, but a guy at my job can't afford to make mistakes!
    Hawk: What are you talking about?
    Wrecker: That address you gave me on the phone...?
    Hawk: What about it?
    Wrecker: "343 Oleander Heights." Are you sure that's the right address?
    Hawk: Of course I'm sure, you idiot! I know it as well as I know my own address! [hangs up] Wait a minute... IT IS MY OWN ADDRESS!!
    [Hilarity Ensues]
  • Averted in Hero. The emperor calmly explains that Nameless is clearly lying about the earlier assassinations, and therefore must be there to kill him. When Nameless asks how long he's known, he replies that he figured it out while they were talking, too late to stop Nameless from getting close enough to kill him. He never shows any emotion at the fact that he's moments away from death.
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has an example where it's one character talking to himself that leads him to a conclusion.
    Radagast: I don't understand why it's not working! It's not as if... it's witchcraft. (Beat) Oh, but it is.
  • In Spike Lee's Inside Man, Denzel Washington's character is talking about how they plan to retake the bank, only to realize the bank robbers are wiretaping them, and know about the impending swat team raid, which he then tries to stop, unsuccessfully.
  • In Machete, Booth's guards go through this when Machete infiltrates their boss's mansion by posing as a menial gardener. They let him through without any real check, then question why they weren't more thorough because he could be anybody, then realize their stupidity.
    Guard: Did you ever notice how you let a Mexican into your home just because he's got gardening tools? I mean, no questions asked, you just let him right in. He could have, y'know, a chainsaw or a machete...
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • The Avengers: After a battle on the helicarrier that leads to Agent Coulson's death, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark discuss Loki's next move in the following exchange:
      Tony: He crossed a line. He made this personal.
      Steve: That's not the point...
      Tony: No, that is the point. That's Loki's point. He hit all of us right at where we live. Why?
      Steve: To tear us apart.
      Tony: Yeah, divide and conquer's... great... but, he knows he has to take us out for him to win, right? That's what he wants! He wants to beat us; he wants to be seen doing it. He wants an audience.
      Steve: Right. I caught his act in Stuttgart.
      Tony: Yeah, that's just previews, though. This is opening night! And Loki, he's a full-tilt diva, he wants flowers, he wants parades, he wants a monument built to the sky with his name plastered...
      [beat; Steve raises his eyebrows pointedly at Tony's choice of description]
      Tony: Son of a bitch. [He realizes Loki will use his own Stark Tower for summoning the Chitauri]
    • In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Agent Sitwell, after some High-Altitude Interrogation, reveals the plan to give HYDRA control of Project Insight, and use it to kill anyone who might potentially oppose them. Then he realizes he'll probably be one of the first ones they kill with it, and pulls an Enemy Mine.
    • In Avengers: Age of Ultron, as the Avengers are discussing Ultron, Stark and Banner focus on how he keeps building humanoid forms even though, as a sentient AI, it's a rather impractical choice. From this they deduce that he's trying to prove himself superior to them, then Banner realizes they haven't heard from Dr. Cho for a while.
    • In Captain America: Civil War, this is how Team Cap realizes that someone inside the UN framed Bucky for the bombing in Vienna. They're talking about everything that doesn't add up about the incriminating photo (since as the Winter Soldier, he went fifty years without ever being photographed in the field), and (correctly) conclude that it was faked with the goal of setting off a worldwide manhunt:
      Sharon: ...But that still doesn't guarantee that [whoever framed him] would get him, it guarantees that we would.
      [dramatic zoom in on supposedly the psychologist Dr. Broussard, actually Zemo]
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail has a variation with the Trojan Rabbit, as King Arthur and his knights — including Bedevere, Lancelot and Galahad — watch the large wooden rabbit they've constructed be towed into the French castle from a distance:
    King Arthur: What happens next?
    Sir Bedevere: Well, now, uh, Lancelot, Galahad, and I wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the French by surprise — not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!
    King Arthur: ... Who leaps out?
    Sir Bedevere: Uh, Lancelot, Galahad, and I. Uh, leap out of the rabbit, uh, and uh...
    [Sir Bedevere looks around and realizes that he forgot to explain the bit where they are supposed to climb INTO the rabbit, and said named people are not actually in the rabbit; everyone begins to Face Palm]
    Sir Bedevere: Um, l-look, if we built this large wooden badger... [gets dope-slapped]
  • The Mummy (2017): When the tomb of the titular character is discovered, Nick and Chris are sent in to check it with Jenny accompanying them for a historian's perspective. As they enter the burial chamber Jenny begins recording her observations, including what seems to be wrong with a lot of them: the guardian statues are facing inward rather than outward, there are no provisions for the journey to the afterlife, there are channels for liquid mercury to guard against evil spirits. After a few of these she stops, and says that this room layout wasn't designed to keep something safe. It was designed to keep something trapped.
  • Towards the end of Now You See Me, Thaddeus mulls over how the Horsemen are still a step ahead of him and realizes that Dylan, who he's talking to, is the fifth Horseman.
  • In Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Grover recognizes one of the statues at the Garden Gnome Emporium:
    Grover: Check this out... he looks just like my Uncle Ferdinand. [notices a mole on the statue's forehead] That's crazy. Got the mole in the same place. [beat] Nah, that's not my Uncle Ferdinand, 'cause my Uncle Ferdinand was killed by... [Oh, Crap! face] Medusa.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Sao Feng's men take a spy captive when negotiations with Elizabeth and Barbossa become tense, resulting in this exchange.
    Sao Feng: Drop your weapons, or I kill your man!
    Barbossa: [shrugs] Kill him, he's not our man.
    Will: Wait, if he's not with you, and he's not with us... who is he with?
    [a dozen EITC soldiers kick down the doors and open fire]
  • In The Producers, Franz Liebkind isn't sure if he's using a quick fuse or a slow fuse for the dynamite to blow up the theater, so he decides to check by cutting it and then lighting it. Seeing the speed the fuse was burning, he bragged to Max and Leo that his suspicions were right and it was the quick fuse...before realizing the implications:
    Franz: Ze kvick fuse!?! (theater blows up)
  • From Quick Change:
    Lt. Jameson: Chief, The Peruvian Connection. The Subway Psycho? The people are gonna remember what you've done. What's so memorable about a clown stealing a million dollars?
    (Rotzinger gives him a look.)
    Lt. Jameson: Jesus, we gotta get this guy!
  • In Scrooged, Frank is led by the Ghost of Christmas Future to a private funeral ceremony. At first, he's convinced that his brother James was the deceased. But then James shows up with a minister, and Frank is initially overjoyed... until he slowly realizes that he is the one about to be burned.
    Frank: Oh, no. James... my brother... he's dead. Why did this have to happen? Well, when I get back, I'll... [he brightens up as James walks up to the coffin with a minister] THERE HE IS! JAMES! [he realizes something's not right] ...Who's in there?
  • From Serenity, after they see the destruction of Haven:
    Jayne: How come they ain't waitin'? They know'd we was comin', how come they only sent one?
    Zoe: ...they didn't know we'd come here. Get on the Cortex. Wave the Sanchez brothers, Li Shen — anyone who's ever sheltered us after a heist. Tell them to get out. Get out now!
  • In Small Soldiers, the designers of the Commando Elite get a call from the main character claiming that the toys have caused major damage to his house. The more mercenary of the two not only doesn't believe him but is even planning on suing because the toys weren't released yet...
    Irwin: What if this kid's telling the truth? We can't have toys out on the market that may be dangerous.
    Larry: [lackadaisical] How can they be dangerous? Everything on them is standard. The design is standard, the materials are standard... the mechanicals are standard. Even the... [sudden Oh, Crap! face] Oh.
    Irwin: What's "Oh"?
    Larry: What?
    Irwin: You just said "Oh".
    Larry: No, I said "Oh!"
    Irwin: You mean "Oh" like, "That's interesting" or "Oh" like, "We're screwed"?
    Larry: No. I mean, "Hey! Whoa! Oh!". Look, forget the "Oh". I'm gonna head over to legal and get the ball rolling on the countersuit. I—
    Irwin: The chips! That's the "Oh"!
  • Star Trek:
    • An example of this coming way too late in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Klingon Commander Kruge sends his men to take control of the USS Enterprise after the ship's crew surrenders, but Kirk slips in a little surprise for the boarding party just before letting the Klingons take control.
    Torg: My lord, the ship appears to be deserted.
    Kruge: How can that be? They're hiding!
    Torg: Yes, sir. The ship appears to be run by computer. It is the only thing that is speaking.
    Kruge: Speaking? Let me hear it.
    * Torg holds the communicator over the computer, which is counting down. Kruge soon realizes it's the ship's Self-Destruct Mechanism*
    * The Enterprise explodes, killing all of the Klingons aboard*
    • In Star Trek: Nemesis, after negotiations with Praetor Shinzon of the Romulan Empire have gone south, the Enterprise is warping back to Federation space to join a Starfleet battle group. While en route, they enter an area called the Bazen Rift, which causes them to lose contact with Starfleet.
      Data: The rift will interfere with all long-range communica—[Oh, Crap! face]
      Picard: [hits combadge] Commander Riker, evasive maneuvers!
      [the Enterprise shudders as Shinzon opens fire]
    • Star Trek Into Darkness: Kirk has something bothering him, and Admiral Marcus asks him to speak up. Kirk points out that the normal response to an incident such as Harrison's terrorist attack is to gather all the available captains and first officers in a single room. Like the one they are in now. And then he looks out the window.
  • Star Wars:
    • A New Hope has Luke Skywalker realizing that the Empire, who slaughtered a group of Jawas that had captured and sold R2-D2 and C-3PO, the two robots the Imperials are after because of the Death Star plans they're also after, are now after his family.
      Luke: But if they traced the robots here, they may have learned who they sold them to, and that would lead them back... home!
    • Return of the Jedi provides the page quote, from the beginning of the assault on the second Death Star, when Lando Calrissian realizes that the Empire has lured the Rebellion into a trap.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze: When they discover that the Shredder plans to turn Tokka and Rahzar loose in Central Park unless the Turtles agree to fight them again, Donnie asks, "How are they gonna avoid all those people?" It's only after he says this that he realizes that Tokka and Rahzar aren't going to avoid the people.
  • In Wes Craven's New Nightmare, shortly after Julie's death and Dylan escaping from the hospital to get away from Freddy, Heather is desperately searching the hospital for him. When Dr. Heffner tells her that Dylan had been sedated, she explains that Dylan is prone to sleepwalking, and is perfectly capable of getting out of the hospital, only to realize that he had probably done just that.
    Heather Langenkamp: [Dylan] doesn't need to be awake to be on his feet!
    Dr. Heffner: What?
    Heather Langenkamp: He sleepwalks, you idiot! He's fully capable of walking out of this hospital! (Beat) ...Oh, shit!

  • A variation occurs in Animorphs #16: The Warning:
    Tobias: Wait. You're saying I'm in a toilet bowl. And someone sat down. But then... oh, man.
  • A rather charming one in The Belgariad when Jeebers, an elderly personal tutor of her little Imperial Highness Ce'Nedra, explains to the heroes that the emperor has the utmost trust in him. Which is exactly why "the princess knocked on his door deep at night, revealing to him that he got tasked to help her to disguise herself, then sneak her out of the palace without anyone else noticing, and to then escort her (alone) across half the country" a time when people are murdering each other in the streets due to all sorts of politics. Which is when he notices in sheer horror that the emperor had nothing to do with it and that this was all rebellious little Ce'Nedra's idea. Poor guy.
  • The Canaris Fragments by Walter Winward takes place during the Nuremberg trials of 1945. The main characters have discovered that a group of SS men plans to liberate the prisoners and have had the courthouse surrounded by security, but then they start discussing why a group of SS men would go through so much trouble and realize that Kaltenbrenner, the only high-ranking SS member among the defendants are not in the courthouse, but at a hospital in the other end of the city.
  • Discworld:
  • In the Honor Harrington novel At All Costs there's an internal version when Admiral Chin wonders about the strange maneuvers of the Manticoran force that just hypered in behind her. Over the course of several paragraphs of narration, it dawns on her exactly which formation she is looking at... and what they're armed with.
    But if Third Fleet was what they'd just finished destroying, then these people had to be Eighth Fleet, which meant Honor Harrington. And Harrington didn't do things that didn't make sense. So what—?
    Her eyes opened wide in horror.
    "General signal all units!" she shouted, spinning towards her com section. "Hyper out immediately! Repeat, hyper out—"
    But it had taken Genevieve Chin two minutes too long to realize what was happening.
  • In Mission: Levity: "But how can there be gravity? The planet is too far away and there's nothing else there but that... ship..."
  • In the second volume of the light novel for Sword Art Online Progressive, Kirito, in a duel with Morte (someone who's trying to get him to abandon his current quest for unknown reasons, and so challenges him to a duel), gets hit with an attack that leaves him just over half health, and wonders why Morte didn't take off the small amount left and win. At that point, it dawns on him that if he takes a strong enough attack, he won't just lose the duel, but also die (in the game and real life).
    Kirito: [narrating] If Morte had left me with just a bit of health on purpose... He was not hoping to win this duel and force me to leave my quest for another day. He was planning, here and now... to kill me.
  • In Wizard's First Rule, first book of the Sword of Truth series, Zedd invokes this on a mob that's coming to burn him for being a witch. Zedd asks them why, exactly, they want to burn him, and they say it's because of his horrible magic powers. Zedd asks them to elaborate and be more specific. As they list all the different ways that they think Zedd can throw magical wrath around, the crowd slowly realizes that attacking someone who can shoot fire out of his fingertips might not be the brightest idea after all.
  • Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms: One Good Knight: Andie has this reaction when she realizes she's just explained why her mother would want to rig the Human Sacrifice lottery to get rid of Andie.
  • In Timeline, one character is trying to convince the others that it is possible to travel to the past via a wormhole. Another character points out that it is impossible for a physical body to safely go through one. The first character retorts that the same can be said about a fax machine. The second character launches into trying to explain that the fax machine first has to convert the scanned data into a "stream of electrons", before realizing that the first character is talking about the same for the wormhole with a big "Oh shit!".
  • Warhammer 40,000: A comedic version in the Ciaphas Cain novel The Traitor's Hand. Cain is discussing Mauve Shirt "Jinxie" Penlan with the command staff when her reputation comes up, and...
    Cain: "But she's not nearly as accident prone as she's supposed to be. I'll grant you she fell down an ambull tunnel once, and there was that incident with the frag grenade and the latrine trench, but things tend to work out for her. The orks on Kastafore were as surprised as she was when the floor in the factory collapsed, and we'd have walked right into that hrud ambush on Skweki if she hadn't triggered the mine by chucking an empty food tin away..."
    My brain finally caught up to what I was saying and I trailed off rather lamely. "Well, you know how soldiers exaggerate these things."
    • In the Horus Heresy novel Unremembered Empire, when Curze is on the loose in the Temple of Hera, the entire forces at nearby Residence sets out to hunt him down. One of the members of the strike force, Gantula, wonders aloud whether Curze is a predator, using wolf as his example. Then this happens:
    Gantula: [...] So, while the herdsmen are occupied, guarding the herd, the wolf turns to where they are not - the larder, the granary, the stables, the bird cages... (beat) (Gantula stops and turns back, running to the Residence)

    Live-Action TV 
  • All in the Family:
    • In the episode "Archie in the Lock-Up", after Michael gets back from a protest that had turned ugly, Edith and Gloria ask him where's Archie, who they had guilted into going after him.
    Michael: Yeah, but Gloria, how could he find me? I mean, the place was a madhouse, with people running around, yelling, screaming, the cops arresting everyone. (beat as his eyes widen in realization) Oh boy.
    • Another episode plays this for laughs. Edith has Archie on a healthier diet per his doctor's orders, which is already making him grouchier than usual. He takes his anger out on Mike for separating his food before eating it, explaining that the best way to enjoy a meal is mixing everything together. Archie goes on to describe how this makes the sandwich the perfect food...and soon works himself into such a hunger that he declares "I gotta have a sandwich, Meathead!" Cue him running to the kitchen.
  • In the Angel episode "Calvary", Wesley, Gunn, Connor and Fred are tracking Angelus through the city while Cordelia and Lilah are back at the hotel.
    Connor: Angelus would want to feed, but his scent ends here, and it's not a highly populated area.
    Gunn: It ends here? Somebody pick him up?
    Connor: He would go to the place where he could wreak the most damage.
    Wesley: Which doesn't necessarily mean highly populated.
    Fred: He doubled back.
  • Batman had an episode featuring Gotham Museum sponsoring a "Great Comedians" exhibit. Batman is called in when someone installs a crude statue of the Joker in the middle of the exhibition; he urges the museum guards to escort everyone outside and seal off the building, as it's clearly some kind of trap. The guards follow orders and begin bragging about the extremely high-tech security measures—once the system is activated, it's impossible for anyone to get in or out of the museum. Batman realizes what this means and has the guards repeat themselves so they catch on, too—the Joker wasn't planning to break into the museum. He and his thugs are already inside, and now no one can get back in to stop them. Sure enough, the Joker bursts out of the statue, calls to his minions (who are hiding in the other sculptures), and heads for the rare gem display.
  • Best Friends Whenever: In the episode "Girl Code", Shelby asks two guys to build a website for her. The two guys have a crush on Shelby and are distracted by her asking how to figure out if a girl likes them. Shelby, being Oblivious to Love, tells them that when a girl likes a guy she will touch his arm (which Shelby does). One of the guys tells her that he likes blondies and Shelby still doesn't realize they are talking about her until Cyd tells her.
    Shelby: I asked them if they like brownies. They told me they like blondies. (beat) Oh my god, Cyd! How did I not see this coming?!
  • A variation occurs in The Big Bang Theory season 4 episode "The Hot Troll Deviation" as the conclusion to that episode's B-plot regarding a feud between Sheldon, Raj, and a Brobdingnagian desk:
    Leonard: Oh, God, what's that smell? (Knocks on Sheldon's office door)
    Sheldon: (Comes out wearing a gas mask) Yes?
    Leonard: What are you doing in there?
    Sheldon: I'm making hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gas. Just a little experiment in pest control.
    Raj: (Steps out of the office) It's not gonna work, dude! I grew up in India — an entire subcontinent where cows walk in the street, and nobody has ever had a solid bowel movement.
    Sheldon: Well, we'll just see how long you can hold out.
    Raj: Well, we'll just see how your noxious gas fares against my cinnamon-apple-scented aromatherapy candles. (goes back into the office)
    Leonard: Didn't you say you're making hydrogen sulfide gas?
    Sheldon: Yes.
    Leonard: Isn't that flammable?
    Sheldon: Highly. (Leonard gives him a concerned look) Oh, dear.
    Raj: (steps out completely covered in soot) This is not over.
  • Blackadder: In "Head", after the title character has mistakenly executed Lord Ponsonby: "And when the Queen gets back from seeing Ponsonby, we'll... ohh, God!"
  • Blindspot:
    • In "Why Let Cooler Pastures Deform", the FBI is raiding a house, worried that their phones are scrambled. They're thus thrown when suddenly, their communicators start working again.
      Reade: Why would Sandstorm turn their scrambler off now and risk letting a signal out?
      Kamal: So they can get a signal in... Get out, it's a trap!
    • Played for laughs in "Artful Dodge" as semi-reformed crook Rich talks to an FBI agent overseeing his deal working with the team for his freedom. Asked how he helped out Patterson in an earlier episode, Rich gushes on how he hacked her computer, used secret passages he's built throughout the building, dropped a virus into the mainframe, knocked out a security guard and made a fake bomb.
      Rich: What are you writing down?
      Reviewer: Oh, just adding up how many years you've tacked onto your prison sentence based on that story alone. Now tell me more about the virus.
  • Used several times on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • In "The Puppet Show", Buffy and Xander have assumed that Willow will be targeted by a demon that wants to steal a good brain. Willow idly wonders if they should warn Giles, to which Xander responds "Don't worry about Giles, I mean he is really... smart." Cue them running out of the library.
    • In the second season premiere "When She Was Bad", the Scoobies have discovered a plot by the Master's order to bring the Master Back from the Dead using a Human Sacrifice, said sacrifices being those "closest" to the Master. Shortly after Buffy leaves for the Bronze for an obvious trap, Giles finishes translating the ritual and discovers that "closest" to the Master actually means those who were physically present when the Master diednote . Giles doesn't even finish his sentence before he realizes what this means. A double dose of this trope follows when he sees vampires crowding onto the mezzanine level, and realizes the "trap" was actually meant to lure Buffy away so the Order could capture them without interference.
      Giles: It is a trap. It just isn't for her.
    • When the group is reconciling after the events of "The Yoko Factor", Buffy lets the others come to their own conclusions to realize that it was Spike who played them off against one another.
      Giles: Well, Spike can be very convincing, and... we're very stupid.
    • And before this in the same episode, Spike and Adam are discussing the success of Spike's plan — he has successfully separated Buffy from her friends, now they just need Buffy to work with her friend to decode the information disc. Adam points out the contradiction here. According to the episode commentary, this was actually a bit of an Author's Saving Throw from when they had the same realization.
      Spike: Our little witch gives her the info and pop — Alice heads back down the rabbit hole.
      Adam: The witch.
      Spike: Uh, Willow. About so high, perky, good with math. Natural choice.
      Adam: Her friend.
      Spike: Right.
      Adam: One of the friends from whom you've so efficiently separated her.
      Spike: Damn right I did. You should've seen 'em. They won't be talking to each other for a long, long... [beat] Hang on. I think I might have detected a small flaw.
    • Glory buys supplies for a dangerous summoning from The Magic Box before Giles actually knows what she looks like - he only has Buffy's vague description of a superpowered girl. Later, when Anya is horrified to see what he sold, Giles assures her that it's no danger because "The young woman would have to have tremendous power... oh god."
    • After Glory attacks and Mind Rapes Tara, Willow is furious and planning to take revenge on Glory, but Buffy seemingly manages to talk her down, insisting that doing so would be potentially suicidal. Later, when talking to Dawn and Spike about it, Spike, understandably skeptical, points out that an angered witch, especially one as strong as Willow, is not so easily reasoned with, and if Glory had attacked his loved one, he would have reacted the same; then Dawn asks Buffy how she would react if Glory had attacked and Mind Raped her. Cue realization on Buffy's end.
  • Charmed:
    • The episode "Spin City" mixes this with a healthy dose of Genre Savvy. The Monster of the Week, a spider demon, wants to kidnap Piper and feed on her magic. To achieve this goal, she infects Chris with her venom, slowly transforming him into her minion. Paige and Phoebe lock Chris in the basement to keep an already-webbed-up Piper safe; later, the sisters are chatting with Leo in the kitchen when Phoebe's empathic powers kick in, prompting her to lash out at the Whitelighter with Chris's resentment. Leo is surprised that her abilities can reach the basement...and Paige quickly deduces they haven't—Chris has escaped. They dash into the living room and find Chris, now able to transform into a spider, kidnapping Piper.
    • In "Sin Francisco," a demon is infecting humans with the concentrated essence of The Seven Deadly Sins. He throws four orbs at Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Leo, who seem unaffected and try to go about taking care of the demon. One scene later, though, Phoebe is trying to talk her history professor into sleeping with her, Piper is maxing out her credit cards to buy fancy clothing while drinking champagne, and Leo is vegging out on the sofa. Prue realizes that they've been infected with Lust, Greed, and Sloth, respectively. Later, the trope is played again when the police chief points out the Prue is acting dangerously reckless and conceited; Prue agrees, then realizes that this means that she's been hit with Pride, as the sins' whole M.O. is to gradually corrupt the infected to self-destructive acts.
  • On Designated Survivor, Hannah is checking with computer hacker buddy Chuck at his apartment when she notices an odd smell.
    Chuck: Yeah, there was a gas leak in the building earlier. A guy from DC United checked it out, said it was fine.
    Hannah: Chuck, DC United doesn't check out gas leaks. The fire department does. Out, now!
    • In season 2, tapes of Kirkman's therapy sessions are leaked, calling into question his ability to make decisions. Lyor is annoyed that various members of the Cabinet aren't returning his calls, figuring they're staying out of this. His secretary reports how she's heard the Cabinet are all talking to Vice-President Darby. Lyor wonders why the Cabinet would be meeting with the VP in total secrecy...then sees the news. He races in to warn Kirkman of how the Cabinet are prepared to invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to remove Kirkman from office.
  • In one episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show' Rob calls Laura and disguises his voice to see if she recognizes him. When it seems like she doesn't, he starts flirting with her as a joke. He only realizes the implications afterwards:
    Rob: I tell you, I fooled her! She was entranced! You know what she thought? She thought she was flirting... with a complete stranger...
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "The Pirate Planet"; the Captain uses his technology to loot the planet Calufrax and has constructed a psychic-jamming device to defeat the telepathic Mentiads. The Doctor insists that the device can't work because it requires very rare minerals to supply power.
      The Doctor: And as far as I know, they occur naturally on only one planet, and that's...
      Fibuli: Captain, the crystals from Calufrax.
      The Doctor: Calufrax! ...My biorhythms must be at an all-time low.
    • In "Remembrance of the Daleks", the Seventh Doctor has just disabled a Dalek transmat device and mentions that it'll slow the Daleks down until the "operator" can restore it.
      Ace: Operator?
      The Doctor: [distracted with the transmat] Yes, the Daleks usually keep an operator on station in case of any malfunctions.
      Ace: Which would be... another Dalek?
      The Doctor: [realizing] ... Yes.
    • In "A Good Man Goes to War", the Eleventh Doctor runs into this when it turns out that Amy and Rory's daughter Melody Pond is part Time Lord, which the supporting cast assume was a result of her being conceived on the TARDIS. He insists that this can't be possible as, between the various cosmic retcons that went on the previous season, the first time they were on the TARDIS together in this version of reality was the night after their wedding — oops.
    • A milder example takes place in a flashback scene in "Let's Kill Hitler", when teenage Amy explains to Rory why he has to be gay; "In the whole time I've known you, when have you shown the slightest interest in a girl?" (Penny in the air...) "I mean I've known you for what, ten years? I've seen you practically every day. Name one girl you've paid the slightest bit of attention to... Oh my God. Rory!" (And the penny drops.)
    • In "Asylum of the Daleks", the Doctor notices the humans with Dalek eyestalks were created by nanogenes that infect living or dead human beings. Amy realizes he said "...or dead" in a room full of dead bodies. The Doctor continues to explain until he realizes he's also in the room with dead bodies. Uh oh.
    • In "The Zygon Invasion", Clara and Jac, a UNIT official, are investigating an underground Zygon bunker full of pods.
      Clara: Look, they're here. They're growing duplicates of us. We have to destroy them. I've seen this happen before. It happened to that little boy. They took his parents and then they took him.
      Jac: But I don't see how these are duplicates. That's not how Zygons work. They don't grow duplicates. They kidnap the originals so, these... [sees "Clara" turning with a wicked smile] These are the humans! IT'S A TRAP!
  • Firefly plays with this in the episode "Out of Gas". The crew of Serenity is in a dire situation with the life support system failing. They are in a deserted region of space with little chance of any ships wandering around there. Wash has lost all hope, when Mal suggests a way to boost the SOS signal.
    Wash: What do you expect me to do, Mal?
    Mal: Whatever you have to. And if you can't do it from here, then get a suit on and go outside on the side of the boat...
    Wash: And what? Wave my arms around?
    Mal: Wave your arms around. Jump up and down. Divert the nav sats to the transmitter. Whatever.
    Wash: Divert the — right! Because teenage pranks are fun when you're about to die!
    Mal: Give the beacon a boost, wouldn't it?
    Wash: Yes, Mal, it would boost the signal. But even if some passerby did happen to receive, all it would do is muck up their navigation.
    Mal: Could be that's true.
    Wash: Damn right, it's true. They'd be forced to stop and dig out our signal before they could even go anyplace.
    [beat, Mal waits for Wash to get it]
    Wash: [still yelling as if he's angry] Well maybe I should do that, then!
    Mal: [yelling back] Maybe you should!
    Wash: Okay!
    Mal: Fine!
    Jayne: [enters the room] What the hell do you two think you're doing? Fighting at a time like this? You'll use up all the air!
  • Happens once in Frasier where the title character tried to set Daphne up with his co-worker, only to later find out that there had been a slight fault in communication.
    Frasier: What on Earth could have made him think that I was interested in him? I just asked him if he was attached, and then we talked about the theater and men's fashions — oh, my God. Niles, do you realize what this means?
    Niles: Yes, you're dating your boss.
  • In the Friends episode "The One With The Memorial Service", Chandler and Ross have been having a prank war posting bogus information on each others' college alumni webpages. This culminates with Chandler announcing Ross's death.
    Ross: Your little "Ross is dead" joke didn't work, okay? There were no responses. Nobody posted anything on the website, nobody called my parents. So the joke, my friend, is on you. Nobody called, nobody wrote anything. Nobody cares that I'm dead! (Beat). Oh my God! Nobody cares that I'm dead?
  • In the pilot of Game Shakers rapper Double-G confronts Babe and Kenzie on stealing his song for public use.
    Babe: Hey, we didn't steal your music. We just put your song in our game.
    Kenzie: Yeah, then we posted our game online and Oh my God, we did steal his music, we're criminals!
  • The George Lopez Show: In "George Doesn't Trustee Angie's Brother", when it finally hits Veronica that her father Ray was only after her large inheritance.
    Veronica: My dad couldn't even look me in the eye at breakfast. [...] He had that same look on his face when he left five years ago with all the money I got from my quinceañera...Oh my God.
  • In Home Improvement, Jill has a rather lighthearted version when her sons tell her they want to be The Three Stooges for Halloween:
    Jill: Why do you want to be the Stooges? They're obnoxious, they're always hitting each other - it just became clear.
  • I, Claudius features an inversion when the Praetorian Guard find Claudius hiding behind a curtain after Caligula's assassination. The sergeant of the guard explains to Claudius that with no Emperor, the Praetorian Guard are out of a job and have to go back into the army. Just as he instructs some of his men to escort Claudius to find his wife, Messalina, one of them gets the idea to make Claudius the new Emperor (he is the most senior of Caligula's surviving blood relatives). The sergeant begins explaining why Claudius is unsuitable... and realises halfway through his explanation that those reasons actually make him a perfect candidate where the Praetorian Guard are concerned:
    Gratus: [suddenly grins and points at Claudius with his sword] Why can't we have him for an Emperor?
    Sergeant: What? Old Claudius? Don't be stupid, lad, he's a simpleton, he's... [smiles as it dawns on him that a simpleton would be easy for the Praetorian Guard to push around] Oh, I dunno! [the other guards begin murmuring in approval]
    Gratus: It's better than nothing!
  • In one episode of I Love Lucy, when Lucy has a snafu that prevents her from getting a passport to Europe, she decides to stow away in a trunk. After realizing it's a bad idea, she asks Ethel to let her out, leading to this exchange:
    Ethel: Lucy, where are the keys?
    Lucy: They're right here. I've got them. I've got them?!
  • In Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, when Kit explains to Drew Lansing/Torque why he shouldn´t fight Grant Stanley/Camo and realizes he has been tricked, his expression is utterly priceless.
    Kit: Torque, stop, listen. Xaxiax has been tricking the other riders, offering each one something he wants. He told Incisor he'd give him a million bucks to take out Wing Knight. This guy [points to Camo] wanted a challenge. Xaviax told him Wing Knight was the toughest man on two worlds. Everyone who's after Wing Knight... [realizing he has been tricked] is working for Xaviax...
    Torque: [laughs] Congratulations, Kit. Thank you for playing. Let's tell him what he's won... a one-way pass to the Advent Void.
  • MacGyver (1985): In "The Odd Triple", Pete tells Jack the plan to rescue MacGyver, which involves Pete masquerading as a buyer of stolen gems and slowing down the auction to give a disguised Jack time to find Mac. Then Pete realises that it means he has to trust... Jack Dalton.
  • On the series premiere of Major Crimes, Flynn is berating Raydor for getting the bank robber they'd captured killed by his accomplices because she followed the recently-implemented new LAPD procedure of keeping him on the scene instead of immediately taking him to a station, which allowed one of them to come back and snipe him, and that this wouldn't have happened with any other law enforcement agency or previously with the LAPD. Raydor agrees with him, but then they both realize that this meant the shooter knew about a brand-new internal policy that no one outside the LAPD should be aware of.
  • Happens in the Monty Python's Flying Circus episode, when the final inspector, of a long series of inspectors in the episode's Running Gag, stops the episode's final sketch.
    Inspector: Good. Now I'm arrestin' this entire show on three counts: one, acts of self-conscious behaviour contrary to the 'Not in front of the children' Act, two, always saying 'It's so and so of the Yard' every time the fuzz arrives and, three, and this is the cruncher, offenses against the 'Getting out of sketches without using a proper punchline' Act; namely, simply ending every bleedin' sketch by just having a policeman come in and... wait a minute.
  • In one episode of My Wife and Kids, the family goes on a road trip to Paul Revere's house on his birthday, which is unfortunately complicated by Jay and Claire simultaneously coming down with PMS and becoming emotionally unstable. At the end of episode, when the family finally makes it:
    Mike: Here we are. Paul Revere's house.
    Junior: Which one?
    Mike: The one behind the sign that says "Paul Revere's house closed for his... birthday".
    [cue Mike crying along with the emotional Jay and Claire]
  • Person of Interest. Harold Finch is about to get shot by a serial killer who is Impersonating an Officer, Detective Carter turns up Just in Time to save his life by shooting the killer In the Back.
    Carter: So is that him, our Identity Killer?
    Finch: He was posing as an FBI agent. He was really quite good at it; he had a badge and a gun and... body armor...
  • Red Dwarf does this in the episode "Out of Time". The cast are going through unreality pockets, making them believe different things. One makes them believe Lister is actually a droid. A droid less advanced than Kryten, and therefore lower ranking. Kryten takes advantage of this to give him humiliating orders. Then comes this exchange:
    Rimmer: So we just crashed through an unreality pocket?
    Kryten: Which created a false reality making us believe... Mr... Lister was... oh my. [cue awkward silence for a few seconds]
    Cat: You mean he's not a...
    Kryten: No.
  • Sherlock, the eponymous character often does after a Sherlock Scan.
    • At the end of "A Study in Pink", when Sherlock agrees to help Lestrade figure out who killed Jeff Hope.
      Sherlock: The bullet they just dug out of the wall is from a hand gun. A kill shot over that distance from that kind of a weapon? That's a crack shot you're looking for, but not just a marksman. A fighter. His hands couldn't haven't shaken at all, so clearly he's acclimatized to violence. He didn't fire till I was in immediate danger, though, so strong moral principle. You're looking for a man probably with a history of military service, nerves of steel...
      [Sherlock looks over at John, and realizes that he was the shooter]
      Sherlock: Actually, you know what? Ignore me.
      Lestrade: Sorry?
      Sherlock: Ignore everything I just said. It's just the...the shock talking.
    • In "The Blind Banker", Sherlock is looking through an apartment and talking to John (well, sort of — John's left grumbling outside the door, can't hear a thing and might as well not be there).
      John: You think maybe you could let me in this time? Oh for heaven's sake. Can you not keep doing this, please?
      Sherlock: I'm not the first.
      John: What?
      Sherlock: Someone else has been here. Someone broke into this flat. He knocked that vase, just like I did. Size 11. He was tall. But not heavy. Long, thin fingers. Our acrobat.
      John: What are you saying?
      Sherlock: Why didn't he close it when he left—? [beat] Stupid. Stupid. It's obvious! Because he's still in here.
    • In John and Sherlock's Christmas party in "A Scandal in Belgravia" when Sherlock does his Sherlock Scan on a Christmas present that Molly brought, smugly trying to explain what was on Molly's mind when she wrapped it. Then he realizes who she brought it for.
      Sherlock: Oh come on. Surely you've all seen the present at the top of the bag. Perfectly wrapped with a bow. All the others are slapdash at best. Must be someone special then. Shade of red echoes the lipstick. Either a subconscious association or one that she's deliberately trying to encourage. Either way, Miss Hooper has love on her mind. The fact that she's serious about him is clear from the fact that she's giving him a gift at all. That all suggests long-term hopes, however forlorn. And that she's seeing him tonight is evident from the make-up and what she's wearing. Obviously trying to compensate for the size of her mouth and breasts.
      [Sherlock sees the tag on the present, which reads "Dearest Sherlock, Love Molly"]
      Molly: You always say such horrible things. Every time. Every time...
  • On Silicon Valley, Richard is confused as to why five different focus groups are having problems with the beta to Pied Piper. He talks about it to Monica, saying how everyone he showed it to loved it, and she realizes the issue.
    Monica: Who did you give the beta to? Your friends. Engineers.
    Richard: Well, yeah, Monica, I wanted to give it to people who would understand what I was trying to do, give useful feedback. And with all respect, I gave it to you - the one person without a computing background - and you said it felt engineered. Beat Oh, shit.
    Monica: Exactly. You're trying to sell this to regular people, but you never put it in the hands of regular people. Like them.
  • Stargate Atlantis: The Team is on another planet and has found a crashed Wraith ship. Sheppard wants to know if one of the Wraith could still be alive.
    Sheppard: I'm just thinking out loud here...
    McKay: What?
    Sheppard: How long do you think the Wraith could feed on all those humans back there?
    McKay: Well, they're capable of hibernating for hundreds of years at a time, but, I mean, think about it. Ten thousand years ago was roughly the dawn of human civilization.
    Sheppard: So there's no chance that uh—
    McKay: No, no, no, no, no. Are you kidding? [beat] Well... maybe.
    Sheppard: [annoyed] McKay.
    McKay: No. No. No living thing could survive that long under those conditions. It's ridiculous.
    Sheppard: Okay.
    McKay: That would require an incredible power source capable of sustaining the stored humans in suspended animation almost the entire time.
    Sheppard: So it's possible?
    McKay: [horrified] Oh, my God. It is possible. We've got to get out of here.
  • In the Tales from the Crypt How We Got Here episode "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone," homeless guy-turned-guinea pig Ulric, who's had a cat's special gland implanted in him which gives him nine lives, has been buried alive for his last ever stunt (he gets killed but always comes back, and he's got one more life - his ninth), which will earn him beaucoup bucks. Unfortunately it's only then that it occurs to him that the cat had to be killed to get the gland out. Meaning he only had eight lives...
  • That '70s Show: In one episode, Kitty drags Hyde to a jewellery store to see the ring she thinks that Red is buying for her behind her back. The jeweler shows her an engagement ring on reserve from a Mr. Forman. There's an inscription, "To Donna..."
    Jeweler: You're a lucky woman, Donna. [...]
    Kitty: Oh my goodness. This is from Eric to—
    [she looks at Hyde in complete horror]
  • Timeless: A common bit, usually with how the main trio figure out time-travelling crook Flynn's plan.
    • In the pilot, they're baffled as to why he would save the Hindenburg from exploding on its arrival in New Jersey. They then go over the manifest for its next trip and realize Flynn wants to blow it up when its passengers include Nelson Rockefeller and Omar Bradley.
    • Jiya tells Lucy that the reason her sister Amy no longer exists is because in this new timeline, Lucy's father, Henry, married another woman and never met Lucy's mom, Carol.
      Lucy: But... they're still my parents.
      Jiya: Keep going...
      Lucy: Wait a minute, how was I born?
      Jiya: You're almost there. [sees Lucy's face fall] Yeah, you got it.
      Lucy: Carol is my mother but Henry isn't my father...and never was. Which means my mother has been lying to me my whole life.
    • When he discovers mentor Anthony in 1962, Rufus tries to get him away, figuring he's rescuing him from Flynn, but Anthony refuses.
      Anthony: If that man comes back and sees you, he'll kill you, he won't listen to me.
      Rufus: Why would he listen to you? You're Flynn's prisoner... who's completely unsupervised. Anthony... you are his prisoner, aren't you?
    • In 1944 Germany, Lucy figures Flynn is going to kill Wernher von Braun as without him, the U.S.'s space program will be hindered. She confronts Flynn, openly wondering why he didn't kill von Braun when he had the chance before. Seeing Flynn smiling, Lucy realizes Flynn is really going to deliver Von Braun to the Soviets who will use him to reach the moon first.
    • The team had figured Flynn was going to use the nuclear core he got from 1962 to give to the Nazis. When they return to report he didn't, they openly wonder what else Flynn could use a powerful source of plutonium for. At which point, Mason and Rufus stare at each other in shock as they both remember Anthony talking about using such a core to become a battery for the time machine to make it more powerful.
  • In Ken Burns' miniseries The Vietnam War, a Japanese-American soldier relates a story about how he had once traded his rations to a kindly villager in exchange for some of her rice. One of his squadmates gave him grief for eating all her rice, to which the soldier joked that she had enough rice for a dozen men... and then realized that meant she was more than likely hiding Viet Cong guerillas.
  • In the second season episode of White Collar called "By the Book" there is a Let Me Get This Straight... moment when Peter points out the flaw in the Perfect Exchange but later when Mozzie figures it out its more of one of theses as he exclaims 'There is no middle man!'
  • Often occurs to humorous effect in Whose Line Is It Anyway? when the host is reading a suggestion for one of the performers to act out, only learn partway through reading that the suggestion includes them.
    Aisha Tyler: [reading from a card] Wayne, you are the sportscaster who's going through an entire relationship with Aisha oh my god.

  • Eminem's "Stan."
    I seen this one shit on the news a couple weeks ago that made me sick.
    Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge,
    and had his girlfriend in the trunk, and she was pregnant with his kid,
    and in the car they found a tape, but they didn't say who it was to.
    Come to think about, his name was... it was you.
  • In Jon Lajoie's "WTF Collective", MC Uses Time Machines Irresponsibly does this:
    Then I traveled in time to the night I was conceived
    I met up with my parents and we hung out all night
    Come to think of it, they didn't have any alone time...

    Puppet Shows 
  • Team America: World Police: Kim Jong-Il's translator, while interpreting for Kim during an arms deal, takes a moment to think about what he's translating. Unfortunately for him, the realization is the second-last thing to ever go through his head.
    Kim Jong-Il: [vaguely Korean-sounding gibberish]
    Translator: He asks what part of the deal you did not understand. He says that perhaps his translator did not make it clear to you. He says he should... f-fire his... translator?
  • The Muppet Show: In the Nancy Walker episode, Sam the Eagle gives an editorial about nudity, claiming that everyone is going around naked under their clothes. He then goes on to add that dogs and cats are also naked under their fur, and that birds too, under their feathers... And at this point, Sam stops, covers himself and runs off the stage.
    • In another episode, before the opening credits, Harry Belafonte has a word with Scooter:
      Scooter: Say, is everything all right?
      Harry: Oh, yeah, everything's OK. Except I haven't done the show yet and somebody started to put me down.
      Scooter: No! What do you mean?
      Harry: Just now I heard somebody outside my door say, 'Don't go inside that dressing room. Crazy Harry's in there.'
      Scooter: They didn't mean you. You see, Crazy Harry's a...CRAZY HARRY?!


  • Fagin's song in Oliver!, "Reviewing the Situation", is this trope in musical form. Having realized that the life of a criminal, with all its "trials and tribulations", might not be the best thing for him, and he muses over possible alternatives: getting married, living in society, getting an honest job. Each time, though, he comes to the realization halfway through that the "solution" he's describing would not be an improvement, leading him to conclude:
    Fagin: I think I'd better think it out again.
  • Deianira has shades of this in The Trachiniae as she talks to the chorus about the "strange sight" that is the bubbling, disintegrating piece of cloth she used to smear a love potion onto a shirt she just gave her husband.
  • In the Bill C. Davis play Mass Appeal, the young deacon, Mark, has been questioned about his sexuality after defending two seminarians suspected of being gay. He has decided to be honest and admit the fact that he has had same-sex relations as well as opposite-sex relations. Following the interview, he recounts the conversation to his mentor.
    Mark: He said, "Thank you for being so honest. Good day." Thank you for being so honest. Good d — (moment of realization) I'm in trouble, aren't I?

    Video Games 
  • Starcraft: "It's a zergling, Lester. A smaller type of zerg. But one of them wouldn't be out this far unless... OH SHIT!"
  • Star Control II: The Slylandro purchase a probe from the Melnorme, which would explore the galaxy, replicate itself periodically, and report back once it finds something interesting. However, in the midst of an in-depth discussion of said probes with the player, they realize that, due to an attempt to get the probes to replicate faster (by changing the priority of replication to 999, the highest setting on the dial), they have inadvertently caused their probes to attempt to procure raw materials for replication from ANYTHING they encounter, with a special priority on alien ships. This has effectively transformed their peaceful exploration fleet into a Horde of Alien Locusts.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, you can meet an Outlaw Couple who think that an antique submachine gun makes them dangerous enough to go on a crime spree through the Strip. If the Courier sarcastically says it's the most brilliant plan they have ever heard, the Bonny of the duo starts gloating about how they've got it all worked out, gradually noticing all the holes in the plan until she realizes they have no idea what they're doing and hands the gun over to you.
  • In Psychonauts, after a training session gone awry in Sasha's mind, Raz asks him what would happen if one were to block off all of a mind's censor outlets, which needless to say he'd just done.
    Sasha: Well, there would be a buildup of censor energy within that would, ah, eventually... Run, Razputin. Very fast.
  • Mordin Solus' introduction and Establishing Character Moment in Mass Effect 2 begins with Mordin performing a Sherlock Scan on the newly-arrived Commander Shepard and their team, while verbalizing his inner monologue; assuming the player doesn't interrupt him, he determines that the characters aren't from the area, too well-armed to be refugees, too informally-dressed to be any of the local mercenaries, and that they aren't there to wipe out the Vorcha or to investigate The Plague's usefulness as a bioweapon. Eventually, he decides that they must be looking for someone important, someone with secrets... and then realizes that they're almost certainly looking for him.

    It happens again a minute later when Shepard explains that they were sent by a privately-funded human group to recruit Mordin. Immediately, Mordin starts sorting through a long list of possible candidates for the aforementioned group. After disregarding the Alliance, the Spectres, the Terra Firma Party, he finally realizes (with some shock) that the most likely candidate is Cerberus, a terrorist group with human-supremacist leanings.
  • In Mass Effect 3, if Shepard chooses not to tell anyone that the salarian STG sabotaged the genophage cure years ago and Shepard was informed of this in advance, and then tries to dissuade Mordin/Padok from going up the Shroud tower, Mordin will wonder why, since Shepard doesn't seem concerned for his safety. So is Shepard convinced Mordin might discover something? Well then it must be sabotage, but whose?...Ah. In Padok's case, he'll wonder why Shepard would abandon their goal after having come so far...unless there's something up there they don't want Padok to discover. The temperature malfunction wasn't an accident; Shepard knew about this!
  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance has a particularly well-done example late in the game, courtesy of Donald, Goofy, and Yen Sid. Thanks to Lea, they've already reasoned that Xehanort has known what they were going to do by sending Sora and Riku back in time to the day the Destiny Islands were taken by darkness. However, in order to interfere, Xehanort would need to have been at the Destiny Islands that day; Yen Sid is convinced that that level of foresight is beyond Xehanort. When Goofy proposes that he might have done the same time-travelling Sora and Riku did, Yen Sid clarifies that it is Mental Time Travel - he would still need a body at the destination, because not even Xehanort can transport his body across time. Mickey abruptly panics on remembering who the villain was during Kingdom Hearts I: Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. Xehanort's Heartless, who did not have a body of his own.
    Yen Sid: No! It cannot be! Could he be that cunning? Possess that kind of foresight?
  • Odd inversion from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning where Agarth starts off angry then calms down as the facts hit (He just saw you Screw Destiny and use it as a weapon). It helps that the destiny you just screwed happened to be the one that would have resulted in his messy death not two minutes prior to the conversation.
    Agarth: What are you!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE!? Do you know how many lives will remain untouched by his death!? How many children won't be born!? (calming down) How many people... he won't kill...
  • Kingdom of Loathing's "Heavy Rains" special challenge path replaces most of its usual bosses with a watery imitator. Luckily, there's absolutely no way that would ever work on the Icy Peak!
    "I mean, it's freezing up here! A water-based giant winged yeti would have to be... made of... oh, crap."
    A huge winged yeti that appears to be sculpted out of ice emerges from the mist, takes off into the air, and swoops toward you.
  • Pretty much anytime the lawyer in Ace Attorney points out a contradiction that puts their client into deeper hot water is bound to turn into this. Bonus points if it requires the prosecutor to explain why this is a problem for them. One particularly significant example occurs in Case 5-5: Phoenix Wright has managed to figure out where the vital evidence they need is, but when the accused asks to see this evidence, he realizes it was blown up by the courtroom bombing earlier, which is why the bombing happened in the first place.
  • At the end of Quantum Conundrum, Prof. Quadrangle finally recalls what he was doing before he got trapped in the pocket dimension. Unfortunately, he remembers too late that turning on the Uber-IDS — like he just told you to — was what started this mess in the first place, and you end up causing a nearly-catastrophic dimensional instability as the overloaded Uber-IDS causes the whole world to shift through the light, heavy, slow-mo, and anti-gravity dimensions.
  • Metal Gear Solid: After taking down Liquid's Hind D, Snake asks Otacon to fix the seemingly broken elevator he needs to proceed; as it turns out, the elevator starts working on its own shortly afterwards, and when Snake gets on it, the weight limit warning goes off. As the elevator goes down, Snake gets a Codec call from Otacon, who reveals that he had gone back to his lab to retrieve one of the remaining stealth camo prototypes for Snake, only to discover that all four prototypes are missing. He goes on to say that it seems that someone was intentionally holding the elevator Snake is currently in, and that the weight limit warning went off for him as well; as Otacon explains, he only weighs 135 pounds, whereas the elevator weight limit is 650 pounds. Snake realizes that it would take at least five people to go over that limit... and then they both realize that Snake isn't alone in the elevator.
    Otacon: Look out, Snake! The guys who stole my stealth prototypes are in there with you!
  • Undertale:
    • In the Genocide Ending, Flowey explains his backstory to the player, gloating to them about how they are Not So Different and the player enjoys killing everything that stands in their way... then realizing that this includes himself.
    • In a much lighter example, Alphys is all too eager to answer a question about "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie" during Mettaton's quiz show, despite the fact that you were supposed to answer. She realizes it partway through her answer, and smiles sheepishly as Mettaton catches on that she's been helping you answer correctly throughout the quiz.
  • Sonic Colors has Eggman using the PA system to inform the owner of a "white hovercar shaped like an egg" that their car has been broken into. He only realizes that it's HIS car that's been vandalized partway through repeating the message, and reacts accordingly.
  • The Lab's minigame "Slingshot" features a Personality Core named the Calibration Core. It explains that its only function is to be calibrated, which is (*cough*ostensibly*cough*) what you've been doing to the cores. After needlessly elaborating on this point for a while, we get to this dialog:
    Once the Calibration Core has been calibrated, the Calibration Core will have no purpose. Calibration of the Calibration Core may result in an existential crisis for the Calibration Core. [pause] Once calibrated, the Calibration Core will descend into a deep, deep, deep, deep, deep depression.note 
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Geralt and Vesemir discuss how fussy Yennefer has become. She even threw out the bed from the guest room, which was a nice bed. Triss loved that bed.... Then they realize that the bed she threw out is the same bed Geralt spent the better part of a year having sex with Triss, Yennefer's best friend, in, and wisely shut up.
  • Borderlands 2:
    • Early on, Robot Buddy Claptrap has his eye stolen by a bullymong (a four-armed yeti-like monster) named Knuckle Dragger. Luckily, Claptrap can receive transmissions from the eye when near it.
      Claptrap: My eye just switched back on! I see a tough-looking minion, and an incredibly handsome robot! Which means that whoever has my eye… (starts quivering in fear) …is very close…
      (Cue boss fight with Knuckle Dragger)
    • The Mr. Torgue DLC has a sidequest where Torgue realizes that the beer in the local pub has been contaminated and sends you to kill everyone in the bar to prevent them from getting poisoned by the beer. It takes him until after you complete the quest for him to realize what he just did.
  • In Sunrider Liberation Day, Kayto notices something off about the enemy fleet’s tactics during the Battle of Cera and wonders why the PACT fleet is closing in to engage with the Alliance ships (who have the decisive advantage at close range, due to their battleships mounting powerful kinetic weapons) instead of hunkering down and blasting them from long range with lasers (as Alliance ships traditionally don’t have the Deflector Shields needed to negate incoming laser fire). When Ava explains that the Alliance has brought in specialized shield cruisers to cover their entire fleet, Kayto suddenly realizes what the enemy is planning:
    Kayto: But if all our shields are generated by cruisers, a fleet of smaller craft can… Relay a message to the Alliance fleet. Prepare for Anti-ryder combat.
    Ava: Sir?
    Kayto: Do it now. (…) Form a defensive line in front of the shield cruisers! The prototypes intend to sacrifice all their ryders to take them out!

    Web Animation 
  • In the EVE Online Machinima Clear Skies 2, we get this little exchange between two characters in an escape pod wondering why their captain is trying to ram a Titan.
    Burke: I think he's going for the hydrazine tanks behind the engine.
    Fodder: But that stuff's stable!
    Burke: Not when the warp core goes up near i—oh my word!
    Fodder: How big a bang's that gonna make?
    Burke: How fast does this pod go?
  • Dr. Havoc's Diary: In "Captain Dr. Havoc":
    Brock: (the submarine is leaking) Oh, shit, Havoc. I think your boat has a hole.
    Dr. Havoc: How is that possible? (Beat) Brock, how did you get on my submarine?
    Brock: Oh, I just-I took a welding gun, and I popped a hole in the side, and then I-- Ah, shit. Yep. I figured it out. I did it.
  • In Camp Camp episode "Anti Social Network", Neil creates chatbots so the other campers can leave him alone. When he realizes that the chatbots are becoming smarter, he worries that a Turned On Their Masters scenario is occurring and gathers the chatbots with Max's help, then remember they forgot one;
    Neil: It's almost as if each device was trying to play to its owner's personality in order to get them to do something.
    Max: Well, I guess it's a good thing we got 'em all. Can you imagine if someone impressionable and naive enough to believe everything they heard from a chatbot had—
    Neil and Max: Oh my God, Nikki! (Nikki's maniacal laughter is heard)

    Web Comics 
  • It's more of an Explain Explain Oh My moment, but... Freefall has one somewhat like this. Florence is having a conversation with her friend Niomi about Uplifted Animals like Florence that segues into a discussion on terraforming.
    Niomi: As for Pfouts, that's a mirror world. Life there uses right-handed amino acids, Earth life uses left-handed. Our toughest viruses wouldn't surive there. To colonize Pfouts you'd have to redesign humans from the atomic level... Sheesh! It'd be faster and cheaper to engineer one of the local critters up to human... (beat) Isaac Asimov on a bicycle!
    Florence: Most things make sense when you look at them right. It's just sometimes you have to look really, really cock-eyed.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • Kevyn learns that there is a right time and a wrong time to invoke this on someone here.
    • During the Under New Management arc, Kevyn and Tagon discuss their current mission; being blackmailed by Xinchub into hunting down Kevyn's sister Breya. If they don't, Xinchub will have the Toughs arrested for a number of crimes. When Kevyn remains unhappy, Tagon asks who Xinchub will send after Breya once the Toughs are imprisoned. Kevyn responds, "I don't know... Some unimaginative, trigger-happy rear admiral, I guess." (Beat) "Oh, crap. I can't believe I just now figured that out."
  • xkcd: "How did the pole vaulters get up to our balcony?"
  • In Darths & Droids this happens to Annie when she finally tells Jim that she'd lost her job and in that same frame of time realizes it wasn't his fault entirely.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • A hilarious version with female Tedd and too reasonable Susan.
    • And another, slightly more dramatic one with Elliot: "I care deeply about her and I want her always to be a part of my life! I don't want to hurt her! She's like a sister to me!" ... When talking about his then-girlfriend, Sarah.
    • Later, Grace is sure that if Justin has a magic mark, he must know about it.
      Grace: How could he miss a small flame-shaped mark colored slightly different from the rest of his skin on a spot high up on his back where he'd need a mirror and probably have to make a deliberate effort to dammit!
  • In Gene Catlow, Gene Catlow and CatsWhisker are discussing the First Animen, who are hostile to them. CW wonders how beings so ancient who have been in psychic contact with so many minds remained sane—and Gene realizes that they didn't.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • In "The Comics Must Flow", Belkar is chugging spice in the middle of the desert. Seeing his eyes change color, Haley insists he read the warning label to avoid getting sick.
      Belkar: No, it doesn't say anything about eye color change. Just a disclaimer that the distributor is not liable for any gruesome violent deaths resulting from consuming this product in an open desert. So, see? It's perfectly safe for— ...Ah, crap.
      [cue giant sandworm bursting from sand]
    • In a later strip, when Roy and Belkar get arrested for not having proper entry papers, Durkon contacts them with Sending. After three Sending discussions, Roy tells Durkon to find the others, saying that he hopes Durkon has enough Sending spells. Durkon Sends again, telling Roy not to worry as he had prepared four Sending spells... before he realizes that he just used them all up.
      Belkar: [to Roy] I don't know what just happened, but I feel a sudden urge to help you come up with 25 synonyms for "buffoon".
    • In another strip, when the Order was walking around a bunch of fresh corpses that had been killed by vampires, Belkar commented that he hoped they didn't turn into more vampires, but Roy tells him that it won't be a problem as a person doesn't become a vampire until three days after they died and he had broken the staff that had the spell to speed up the process. It's then that Haley realizes that Vampire!Durkon's time spent researching the Protection from Daylight spell wouldn't make sense if he was going to be invading a subterranean city and that he had actually been learning the spell to speed up a vampire's birth.
  • In 8-Bit Theater, The Light Warriors are sailing on a ship they got from Bikke when a discussion on sea monsters attacking them ensues. Red Mage points out that such encounters are so common, most seafarers keep their ships ready...only to realize that maybe Bikke neglected to keep his ship ship-shape as he did with his own crew.
    Black Mage: Well, I’m sure we have nothing to worry about. Bikke seemed the responsible sort. I mean, he only fed his faithful, loyal, beloved pirate crew Cheetos for three months because it was cheaper than real food. And since that led directly to their deaths, he was then able to keep all the money Garland paid for his full crew to kill us. Money that would’ve undoubtably gone toward the upkeep of this boat had he not insisted upon giving it to us. Why does this sound like something Thief would do?
  • In this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic, a woman claims she has invented a time machine and went back twenty minutes, where she saw a a huge flash of energy and then an empty void. She concludes that reality came into existence twenty minutes ago. Someone takes a look at the footage and tells her that she's wrong. The machine was set to look forwards in time instead of backwards.
  • In this Something*Positive strip, Peejee puts in a bid on a nice looking house and is bragging to Davan that she'll likely get it for cheap because 1) the owners had severely reduced their asking price over the last year and 2) five previous bidders had backed out at the last second. It's only after she finishes saying this that she realizes those are actually some serious red flags she had glossed over.
  • In A Modest Destiny the Big Bad, after being pestered by the Hive that he needs to make a blood sacrifice now or the ritual will fail, he stabs one of them to death. When the ritual is still failing, the other members explain that as an undead he was barely a quarter alive.
    The Black Knight: So what you are saying is that I need to kill three more just like him, right?
    Hive #2: Correct.
    Hive #3:' ...Um...
    Hive #4:' ...Nuts.
  • Girl Genius:

    Web Original 
  • This happens twice to Todd in the Shadows during his review of One Direction's "Best Song Ever", as his criticisms fall flat and he starts to realize that he actually likes the song.
  • The Tabletop episode on Chez Geek has this happen to Storm when he plays the card Guy on the Couch. Wil asks him to explain the card, which leads to this:
    Storm: Guy on the Couch gives you Slack +1. You can play him at any time without rolling, but starting on the next player's turn, he'll go away if... oh, I'm an idiot.
    To give this moment context, on the next player's turn, Guy on the Couch moves to the room of the player with the most Person cards in play. This meant that Storm almost instantly lost the card.
  • Alison does this in the season finale of Brains as she realizes the identity of the murderer: Professor Sherman.
  • This happens to The Nostalgia Critic at the end of his review of A Simple Wish, where he rants about Mara Wilson's bad movies only to realize, as he describes what she looks like now, that she's currently watching him. She then proceeds to respond to his dissing of her movies from when she was a little girl by showing clips from some of the Critic's home movies from his own childhood.
    Critic: But I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of her movies! I mean, it's like everything Mara Wilson touched back then just turned to crap. I mean, look at her. [pulls up video of a modern-day Mara, looking visibly displeased] With her couch, her modern-day haircut, her twenty-five-ish-year-old body, her vengeful eyes that seem to be looking directly at me right noweeesh!
    Mara: Hello, Critic.
  • The Rap Critic's list of the top nine worst lyrics of 2016 has him wrapping up by putting the entirety of B.o.B.'s "Flatline" at #1. His discussion of the song's failings culminates in a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech at conspiracy theorists, accusing them of poisoning the discourse such that actual problems with government and corporate corruption and malfeasance can't be discussed rationally without being lumped in with raving lunatics. He then realizes that the proliferation of phony conspiracy theories to misdirect truth-seekers would be just what the people in power would want. This causes him to (sarcastically) go into raving Conspiracy Theorist mode himself.
    Rap Critic: In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd think that... oh my God. These conspiracy nuts are a plant by evil corporations! They're there to make any actual criticism of the effects of their tyranny look crazy! Oh my God, it's the perfect plan! To keep your mind occupied by fantasy that tells you that you're powerless, and misdirect people out there who want to be socially aware with gobbledygook about the Earth being flat! Because, y'know, that's what's ruining society! Listen to me, people! All you flat-earthers and 9/11 truthers out there, stop focusing your energy on this bulls**t! Remove the wool from over your eyes and realize that you should be using your energy to protest actual corrupt stuff like, like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, or pushing for better police training! Stop talking about the weather machines or pizza parties or whatever bulls**t you're actually thinking about! That's just what the Illumi-Nazis or the Build-a-Bear Corporation want you to think! Open your eyes, sheeple!!! I'm the Rap Critic, and... be aware, my friends. [takes off cap to reveal a Tinfoil Hat] Be very aware.
  • In the Rifftrax short Reading: Who Needs It, a high school basketball coach and a teacher are discussing the fact that one of his players can't read:
    Coach: "If he can't read, how'd he get through school?"
    Kevin: "That would mean we absolutely su...Oh."
  • Sword Art Online Abridged:
    • In Episode 7, Kirito tests Lisbeth's masterwork sword by hitting - and smashing - it against the edge of his current one. He then demands that he make her a new one, even better than her career's triumph, to live up to the 'Lisbeth Quality Guarantee'.
    Lisbeth: Grrr... Fine! You want the best sword in the game? I'll forge the best damn sword you've ever seen! I'll just need you to gather a certain ultra-rare metal for me.
    Kirito: Alright, just tell me where to find it. I'll make a milk run.
    Lisbeth: Oh, don't think it'll be that easy. It's hidden in the mountains of Floor 55 guarded by a Lv. 99 Elite Dragon!
    Kirito: Ooh, scary.
    Lisbeth: And good luck even finding it, because the metal won't even spawn unless you're partied with a master... black... smith. (Quietly) Oh, no.
    • In Episode 8, Kirito is questioning why the sandwich Asuna made him tastes 'like you dipped a dog turd in Kool-Ranch', despite her having cooked amazing meals for him before. She replies that 'My cooking skill is maxed out, you idiot. I could have actually done that you'd still call it the best meal you ever... had'. Cue the realisation: when she used her maxed-out cooking skill to make a meal with an S-Class ingredient in an earlier episode, no meal afterwards would ever compare.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!:
    • In the Halloween Episode, Stan is trying to make his haunted house better than his neighbors by displaying live serial killers in glass cases.
      Roger: Stan, don't worry I've fixed everything...I let the prisoners out!
      Stan: You what?!
      Roger: Yeah, Francine was right. A shark's not intimidating behind glass, but when you're in the ocean with it-
      Claus: But Roger, they're going to kill us all!
      Francine: AND CHOP OFF MY HEAD!
      Roger: Scary, right?... ahh, I never think things through.
    • In another episode, Stan's on a fishing trip, and says he's glad to be out of the house, because it's the first anniversary of a huge fight he had with Francine. When asked what the fight was about, he says he forgot their anniversary. His co-worker is about to point this out to him, but Bullock stops him. A few seconds later, Stan screams when he realizes what he's done, and Bullock smiles and says, "There it is!"
    • In "A Jones for a Smith", Stan is smoking what he thinks is cold medicine, but Roger tells him it's crack. Stan claims it isn't, explaining how he bought it from a bum in front of a soup kitchen...making him realize it is crack.
    • In "Rubberneckers", Stan crashes his car while rubbernecking, but since he doesn't want to admit it to Francine he claims that he swerved to miss a dog, which he also puts on his insurance claim. However, the insurance agent investigates and finds evidence that Stan was girl-watching, but tells Stan that he'll drop the case if he doesn't find anything in the inspection of his car. Stan breathes a sigh of relief, stating that the only evidence of his rubbernecking is some pictures he took with his phone, which he hasn't seen since the accident since his phone's in his car. Cue reaction.
    • In "The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin", Hayley plots to have Jeff burn Stan's photo album of CIA calendar pages in revenge for not appreciating her for anything. However, when Stan commends her for her hard work in helping him take the pictures, she is so touched that she has an Imagine Spot where she sings in a big production number about how she finally feels appreciated.
      Hayley: My Dad and I have had rough patches / That's why Jeff's upstairs with a book of matchesOH SHIT!
  • This is how Archer figures out the CIA was using the ISIS team to do their dirty work in the season finale of Archer Vice.
    CIA Agent Holly: Calderon needed weapons to fight the rebels, but he didn't have money to buy weapons, he only had cocaine, but Iran was like "No way, cash only," so...
    Archer and Lana: (simultaneously) IRAN?!
    Holly: Ooh, sorry! Iraq. Wait, no, Iran. Doesn't matter who. Anyway, to buy the weapons, we needed to...monetize the cocaine.
    Lana: (realizing what that means) (gasp) Oh my God.
    Archer: Join the club. We've been trying to monetize cocaine for, like... I mean, you even came to the house, where we... We've been selling cocaine for the CIA so they could buy arms from Iran?!
  • In the Arthur episode "Locked in the Library" Arthur and Francine get locked in the library when it closes (They were both in a previous argument and were not paying attention to the clock). After a failed attempt to escape through the window, Arthur remembers something important...
    Arthur: I just realized something.
    Francine: What?
    Arthur: Today's Saturday, which means... the library will be closed until...
    Both: MONDAY!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! [echoes]
  • In the episode "Claude Returns" from Atomic Puppet, we get this moment while Joey and AP are talking about the latter's clone and Mookie.
    Joey: So what other tech does Mookie have to help Claude become a more convincing Captain Atomic?
    AP: Eh, don't worry about that. I hid all the good stuff in the Invisi-shed. And you can't get in there unless you have my-
    Joey: Voice?
    AP: Oh boy!
  • BoJack Horseman: In "Love And/Or Marriage", Diane is invited via text message to a party being thrown by one of her clients. At one point, one his friends mentions a girlfriend of his whose name is also Diane, leading Diane to come up with a joke scenario that turns out to be real.
    Diane: Hey, wouldn't it be funny if you tried to text "cool, sexy Diane", but then, instead you texted regular, boring Diane by mistake, and then I showed up, and you were like "Who's this chick?", and then, all night, I'd be hanging out with you, like, thinking I was one of the gang, but actually, it was just a big mistake because you meant to text—Oh shit, that's exactly what happened.
  • In the Classic Disney Short "African Diary", Goofy is on safari and spots something in the tall grass.
    Narrator: It's only a tick-bird, who always makes his home on the back of the black rhinoceros... [gasp] black rhinoceros!
  • In Danger Mouse episode "The Day of the Suds", after Danger Mouse defeats Greenback's army of dish washer robots, Greenback realizes too late that his You Have Failed Me punishment was too widespread:
    Greenback: Stiletto!
    Stiletto: Si, Barone?
    Greenback: Destroy them all!
    Stiletto: Si, Barone! [pushes the command into the controls] Si! Si! Si! [beat] Hey, Barone?
    Greenback: Well?
    Stiletto: Destroy them all?
    Greenback: All!
    Stiletto: [points to the dish washer they're standing on] Including this one?
    Greenback: Yes! Includ- [with realization] No! Wait! [Kaboom!] AAAAAHHHHH!
  • In Donkey Kong Country:
    • As part of a Zany Scheme, DK flies around in Funky's bi-plane.
      DK: Hey, it's Dixie's pet crab! Aw, isn't cute, eatin' through all those funny-lookin' wire- This is definitely a bad thing. Ahh! The plane is out of control!!
    • From "Bug-A-Boogie" when DK informs Klump and Krusha there could be a bog monster lurking around:
      Krusha: What's a bog monster?
      Klump: Oh, it's a big, ugly, hairy beast that eats... anything in... sight. [gasp]
    • In the beginning of "From Zero to Hero", Krusha steals the Crystal Coconut out from Cranky's nose. However, he doesn't have it when he gets to K. Rool's lair. His Kritters remind Krusha that after Cranky's, they went to a swamp and met "That very cute lizard"...
    Krusha: Yeah, right, and-and then I handed her the Coconut...
    K. Rool: You handed her the Coconut?
    Krusha: Eh... Uh-oh. I didn't get it back. Back in a jiffy. (Leaves)
    K. Rool: The brains...of a NEWT!!!
  • Dragons: Riders of Berk:
    • Occurs in "The Eel Effect" as Hiccup and Fishlegs spot something while scouting Eel Island (which, as its name suggests, is home to thousands of poisonous eels) for Toothless:
      Fishlegs: That's a Typhoomerang mark!
      Hiccup: The only dragon that eats eels!
      Fishlegs: Yes, that makes sense... it's the perfect habitat for them, really... I bet there's tons of wild Typhoomerangs around here! [Hiccup stares blankly at him for the 3 seconds it takes for the implications to sink in] And that's bad. Really bad...
    • Also occurs in the second season finale: Hiccup, imprisoned by Dagur the Deranged, sends a message to the other dragon riders, telling them they need to lure the Whispering Death dragon that is threatening Berk to Outcast Island. Fishlegs suggests using dragon-root, which acts like catnip to dragons, to attract the Whispering Death.
      Snotlout: Just one problem; all our dragons go nuts when they go anywhere near it!
      Fishlegs: If you recall, not all the dragons are affected by the dragon-root. For example, as a boulder-class dragon, Meatlug is... [the others stare at him]... and I've said too much.
  • Dragon Tales: "Small Time" Emmy and Max are shrunken by Shrinking Violets (as in, literal violets that shrink anything when in bloom) just before the dragons arrive. The dragons are confused about only finding the kids' backpacks right by the flowerbeds. They realize what happened when Wheezie finds Emmy's kickball that also shrunk.
    Cassie: It's kinda funny Emmy and Max aren't here yet. They always come when we call for them.
    Ord: That's weird. You wouldn't think they'd only send her backpack. (holds up Emmy's backpack)
    Zak: Huh? How come Emmy's backpack is here?
    Wheezie: And Emmy isn't?
    Cassie: Where'd you find that, Ord?
    Ord: Right beside these flowers.
    Cassie: Careful, Ord. Those are shrinking violets. When they bloom, they shrink anything they touch!
    Ord: [pulling his finger away] Oh!
    Wheezie: Hey, what's this? [picks up the shrunken kickball] I found a marble that looks like a dragon ball.
    Cassie: Say, that looks just like Emmy's kickball. It must've shrunk. [gasps] What if Max and Emmy touched the Shrinking Violets?
    Zak: Well, then they'd shrink down to teeny, tiny... OH, NO! They shrunk!
  • In DuckTales (1987) episode "Till Nephews Do Us Part", among the plans Femme Fatale Millionaira Vanderbucks has for when she and Scrooge are married, she intends to give Duckworth and Mrs. Beakley the pink slip, which the nephews think is a gift.
    Mrs. Beakley: Oh, boys. A pink slip isn't a gift. It means I'm fired. FIRED?!
    • In the first episode of the 2017 reboot, Scrooge has this reaction when the kids react with fear after he angrily strikes a cursed gong.
      Scrooge: Oh, what are you gaping at? The curse is only activated if you ring the gong three times and... and, and you already hit it two times, didn't ya?
  • In the Ever After High episode "Just Sweet", a relieved Dexter comments that he's finally asked Raven out... only to realize that he just asked Raven out, and has no idea how to handle their first date.
  • In Family Guy:
  • Futurama, "A Clone of My Own", with Prof. Farnsworth's clone, Cubert:
    Fry: Nothing is impossible! You'd know that if you really took after the professor, like I do.
    Cubert: You're his uncle, dummy. He takes after you.
    Fry: Uh, wha?
    Cubert: Wait a second. That means I also take after you! AAAH!
  • In "Boomer's Blanky" from Kate & Mim-Mim, said blanky gets lost because of Tach's invention which makes things float through the air. Mim-Mim eventually finds it, but neither he nor Boomer recognize it for what it is because it's been washed and it's normally stinky. So Mim-Mim lets it go, back on its "magical journey through the sky." Eventually, Gobble, who had washed it, catches up with Mim-Mim, who talks about how he found that particular blanket and eventually released it.
    Gobble: You let Boomer's blanky go?
    Mim-Mim: [proudly] Yep, I let Boomer's blanky go. ...Eee! Wait! I let Boomer's blanky go!
  • In the Kim Possible episode "Clean Slate", Dr. Drakken starts describing how he drove all the soldiers off the military train he and Shego just boarded by activating an overload alarm... and then reveals/realizes that he caused an actual engine overload rather than a false alarm.
  • In the Looney Tunes cartoon "Canned Feud", Sylvester realizes that his owners have left on vacation and accidentally locked him in the house.
    Sylvester: They forgot to put out the cat! Ha, ha, ha! [beat] The cat?! I'm the cat!
    Porky: Well, t-t-that takes care of that. He won't bother anyone now that he's l-l-left the parking lot and g-g-gone into the hospital. (gasp) GONE INTO THE HOSPITAL?!
  • In Moral Orel, in one episode Orel popularizes a song from the point of Judas called "I Hate You Jesus". It becomes a hit in town, and soon everybody starts singing it in church. Orel is at first pleased with its success, but then this trope comes into play as he says, "Wow, everybody sure hates Jesus! Whoops."
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
    • In "Keep Calm and Flutter On", Discord decides he's not going to go through with the ponies' attempts to turn him good. Why should he? He's free at last, and the only things that can really stop him, the six Elements of Harmony, aren't working due to Fluttershy (one of the six Element bearers) giving her word that she will not imprison Discord again as a show of trust. Discord breaks this trust, saying he doesn't care if Fluttershy stops being his friend. Why should he care? She was only the first real friend he's ever had...
    • In "Honest Apple", Rarity decides to teach Applejack a lesson after the latter drives off some contestants in a fashion contest with a display of Brutal Honesty. She invites Applejack to talk with Strawberry Sunrise, a pony who hates apples and proceeds to flippantly bad-mouth them in front of Applejack. AJ explains why Sunrise's opinion made her so mad, realizing in the process that she was too hard on the fashion designers.
      Applejack: That's fine if she don't like 'em, but if she knew how hard we worked to make our apples perfect, maybe she wouldn't be so mean about— Ohhh... oh boy.
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh:
    • "No Rabbit's a Fortress": When Rabbit is finally fed up with his friends messing up his garden, he builds a fortress around it, complete with booby traps. However, he soon realizes that he has trapped himself inside the fortress!
    Rabbit: Now for a little peace and quiet... and gardening. Hmm, where did I leave my shovel? Oh, yes, it's right outside—THE DOOR?! [screams and panics] THE DOOR! I FORGOT TO MAKE A DOOR! I can't get out! I'M TRAPPED! DOOMED!
    • "Groundpiglet Day": Rabbit becomes convinced that it's Groundhog Day, due to his calendar pages blowing away, and hires Piglet to be a groundhog. Due to his hat covering his face, Piglet can't see his shadow, so Rabbit assumes that it's springtime, only for snow to fall. After Rabbit chews Piglet out for making a wrong prediction, he finally discovers the missing pages and has a Jerkass Realization.
    Rabbit: It's only November! It's nowhere near Groundhog Day! Hmm, Piglet wasn't quite as wrong as I'd thought. (beat) Piglet? Oh my! I'd better apologize to him!
  • Pinky and the Brain:
    • In the episode "Brinky," Pinky's genetic material accidentally gets introduced into Brain's cloning experiment, essentially resulting in their having a child together.
      Pinky: I'm a mommy, I'm a mommy!
      Brain: Pinky, that's absurd! You are nothing of the kind. Its chromosomal makeup just happens to include both of our genetic building blo— AAAH!! ...Oh my Lord, you are its mommy.
    • Another instance occurs in "Tokyo Grows":
      Pinky: [taps Brain on the the shoulder] Um, excuse me, Brain.
      Brain: Go away now, Pinky! Can't you see I'm fighting with Pinky?!
      Pinky: Narf! [starts to turn away, then stops] Oh, no, wait, how can you be fighting me over there, when I'm standing over here?
      Brain: It's a very simple principle, Pinky. It's because-(Turns around to see a visibly fuming Gollyzilla inches from his face, then his expression immediately switches to Oh, Crap!) That is the real Gollyzilla.
    • In "Leave It To Beavers", an experiment of Brain's gives Pinky the ability to communicate with beavers by pushing a remote control. With this skill, they get a bunch of beavers to build a dam to flood a city, which the beavers incorporate shiny things into. Unfortunately, this causes Brain's plan to hit a snag:
      Brain: Pinky, where is the remote?
      Pinky: I don't know Brain. Poit. You had it last.
      Brain: Well, I left it right here!
      Pinky: Did you check under the sofa cushions?
      Brain: We're outside! There is no sofa!
      Pinky: Well, there you are then. What does it look like, Brain?
      Brain: You know, it's remote! It's sort of black and shiny and -(Beat) Oh, no. [The beavers] put it in the dam!
  • The Real Ghostbusters episode "A Ghost Grows In Brooklyn" includes this conversation as the four guys are climbing a wall, following the roots of a giant, monstrous, destructive plant back to its source:
    Egon: Do you think there might be some significance in the fact that the giant plant is a geranium, just like the one I gave Janine?
    Ray: Pure coincidence, Egon — there must be a million geraniums in this city.
    Egon: Right... besides, if it was the same plant, then the center of the whole thing would be...
    [they've now reached the top of the wall and can see where they are]
    All: Janine's apartment!
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: In "Road Apples", Ren is annoyed that everyone in the RV is asleep and keeping him awake with their snoring. Then this happens...
    Ren: Grrrrr. Everyone's asleep except me. [beat] Wait, if everyone's asleep...THEN WHO'S DRIVING THE RV!?!?!?
  • Rugrats:
    • From "Grandpa Moves Out":
      Didi: Say, didn't those kids speeding by on the electric scooter look just like Tommy and Angelica?
      Drew: Yeah, they sure did.
      Didi, Stu, Drew, and Lou: TOMMY AND ANGELICA?!
    • From "No More Cookies":
      Tommy: Hey, Chuckie, where'd Angelica say she was going?
      Chuckie: To check on the babies.
      Tommy: Oh, okay.
      Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil: We are the babies!
    • From "Turtle Recall":
      Chas: Of all the places to leave an empty stroller! Some people just... [beat] Empty? Stroller? Stu! Where are the kids?!
    • A delayed-reaction example takes place in "Passover". It takes place during an Imagine Spot where the babies are all characters from the famous Moses and the Ten Plagues story. Angelica plays the hard-hearted Pharaoh in this retelling, and interestingly she's still her child self, rather than an adult. Of course she refuses to let Moses' people go even after most of the plagues, so eventually God gets to the last one, killing off the "firstborn" of every Egyptian. Angelica laughs it off at first...and then she asks her father who the firstborn of her family is. Her father explains that since Angelica is an only child, the firstborn would be her! Her father doesn't know about the coming plague, but the implications certainly sink in for Angelica, whose reaction is this trope.
  • The Simpsons:
    • One scene in "Homer Loves Flanders" has Homer asking why he's such a loser. Bart replies, "Your father was a loser, and his father, and his father — it's genetic, man!" [beat] "D'oh!"
    • In "Team Homer", the rain turns the students' gray school uniforms into bright rainbows.
      Principal Skinner: I don't understand; I bought them the same place I buy Mother's dresses — Oh dear God, Mother's in the park!
    • Plus, in "I'm Goin' to Praiseland", Ned finds out that the citizens that were having "visions" were actually the effects of a gas leak in his Christian amusement park. Homer tells Ned to ignore it because his park spreads a positive message of equality. Then comes this...
      Homer: Rich laughing with poor, bullies breaking bread with nerds, orphans lighting candles over a leaking gas line—LIGHTING CANDLES?!?!?
    • Inverted in the "Treehouse of Horror XIII" episode, "The Island of Dr. Hibbert," when Homer is trying to argue against Dr. Hibbert's insane experiments:
      Homer: All you can do is eat, and sleep, and mate! And roll around in your own filth! And mate, and eat—where do I sign up?
    • In "All About Lisa", Krusty's lawyer warns him that his new assistant Lisa will try to sabotage his career to make it big. Then he gets a call from Mr. Teeny...
      Krusty: If there was a rehearsal for the network, I would have been told by my—(gasp) assistant!
    • In "See Homer Run", Mayor Quimby gloats to the townspeople when they criticize him for all his fiascoes.
      Quimby: Read the charter people: I cannot be removed from office, except by a simple recall election. And—(beat) Er, uh, disregard that last part!
    • In "I Am Furious Yellow", Bart sets up an elaborate prank for Homer to get him angry and provide new ideas for his Angry Dad webtoon. However, when he finds out that the ".com bubble" burst and the animation company goes bankrupt, he comes to this conclusion:
      Bart: Yeah, but at least now that my show's cancelled, I don't need material, so there's no need to lure my dad into the trap I set for him. [gasp] THE TRAP!
    • In "Brick Like Me", Homer wants to remain in a LEGO-made dream world where nothing ever changes, but he then realizes the downsides outnumber the upsides.
    Homer: 'Cause in a toy town, everything stays shiny and wonderful, just the way I want it. You'll always be my little girl, Maggie will always be my giant baby. Bart will never move out of the house. [starts losing steam] I'll work for Mr. Burns forever. Marge and I will never grow old together and live like fat cats on Social Security. Good Lord! I'll never experience the ultimate reward for a life well-lived: the gentle slumber of death.
  • Brainy Smurf in The Smurfs episode "The Sky Is Smurfing", who tries to remain calm while explaining the current situation of Mount St. Smurf erupting before he has the Oh, Crap! moment.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons:
    • In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic Breakout", Robotnik builds a giant prison complex and imprisons a cartoonist who made fun of him, and later on, Sonic. When Sonic gets out of his Tailor-Made Prison, Robotnik is with the cartoonist when alarm sounds.
      Robotnik: [to cartoonist] Hmm? You haven't escaped. I would have noticed that. [beat] THE HEDGEHOG!
    • In one episode of Sonic Underground, Robotnik creates a potion that gives its taker super-speed, which allows his minions, Sleet and Dingo to catch Sonic. Later, Robotnik sees Sleet's feet expand to the point where he can't move.
      Robotnik: Must be a side effect. What a waste of a good invention. I wonder if the same thing's happened to— Dingo's guarding Sonic!
    • In a different episode of the same series, Sonia and Bartleby are talking about something strange that a robot was doing, making them want to talk more about Dr. Robotnik.
      Sonia: What did I say? Chili, shampoo, massage, hm... [gasp] Oh no! "Cramped, dirty secret rebel base!" I can't believe I said that!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • From "Hall Monitor", after Mrs. Puff scolds SpongeBob when his antics destroy half the city:
      Policeman: You know this guy?
      Mrs. Puff: Of course I do. I'm the one who gave him the uniform in the first place. He's my responsibility! [beat] Uh-oh.
    • In the episode "Just One Bite", Squidward has one when he breaks into the Krusty Krab to steal a Krabby Patty and triggers the burglar alarm.note 
      Squidward: This is our burglar alarm? A bucket of water? [opens the door causing the bucket to spill] That was too easy. [sniffs] Hey, this isn't water, this is... gas! [match drops]
    • In "Free Samples", after Plankton wrecks the Krabby Patty's credibility by giving out nasty counterfeits, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs try to win back the customers by giving away free Krabby Patties, much to Mr. Krabs displeasure. However, nobody wants one, which relieves Mr. Krabs...until he realizes that if nobody wants Krabby Patties even when they're free, then the Krusty Krab is truly ruined.
  • In the season 2 finale of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Marco's father Rafael has one of these reactions when Marco tells him that things have gotten weird between him and Star.
    Rafael Diaz: What could be weird? Two teenagers sharing a home. One boy, one girl. [beat] Oh. Oh, no.
  • Steven Universe:
    • A variation on this trope appears in "The Trial". Attorney gem Blue Zircon has a Eureka Moment regarding the death of Pink Diamond and launches into a Spotting the Thread monologue, culminating in accusing the most likely suspects: the Diamonds, who are presiding over the trial. In this case, the Oh, Crap! is not because of the implications of the explanation itself, but rather due to the realization that she just accused her supreme leaders of regicide and fratricide to their faces.
      Blue Zircon: Uhh, disregard that last statement, I might have gotten carried away!
    • In "Now We're Only Falling Apart", Sapphire, angered by the revelation that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond, fights with Ruby, believing their relationship was all a lie, and runs away. After Steven and Pearl find her and tell her the story of how "Rose" came to be and how Pearl and Garnet's choices led her to fall in love with the Earth and form the Crystal Gems, she calms down and begins to feel guilty for how she treated Ruby.
      Sapphire: That's just how I felt when I came here with– [gasp] Ruby! Oh no! We have to get back right away!
    • "Reunited": After Ruby and Sapphire's wedding, at the reception, Steven is talking with Garnet when he starts crying, which he assumes to be Tears of Joy. Then he realizes that they're uncontrollable, which means that Blue Diamond is nearby . . . and then Blue and Yellow Diamond's spaceships appear.
  • In the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Monkey Fun", Dr. Hamilton theorizes that the bacteria that just attacked him and his team grew because of exposure to a strange gas and then Earth's atmosphere. Then he remembers that Titano had the same exposure, and he and Superman both have a moment of this.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003):
    • "Return To New York Part 1": The Turtles kick off their counterattack on The Foot by sending their Battle Shell van in as a decoy. Shredder, who was told that the Turtles died in the explosion at April's apartment, undergoes this;
      Shredder: The Turtles?! But Stockman assured me that... Stockman!
    • "Return To New York Part 3": When the turtles are fighting Baxter Stockman, the Mad Scientist brags about his cyborg components each having their own power supply... which includes the machine gun arm the turtles had cut off earlier, which Donatello aims at Stockman.
      Stockman: Oh no. [is blown out the window into the sky and explodes]
  • Thomas the Tank Engine:
    • In the episode, "Duck in the Water", Sir Topham Hatt demands an explanation on what happened when Percy and Oliver bump into James and Rocky, who were in the process of lifting Duck out of a flooded track. Rocky takes the blame for accidentally knocking over a signal, until James sticks up for him:
      James: It was nobody's fault, it was an accident! I was in a hurry to go, and Rocky wasn't ready, so... so... [beat] Oh. Actually, Sir, I suppose it was my fault. I didn't give Rocky time to secure his crane arm properly. That's why he was swinging about.
    • In the special, "The Great Race", this exchange occurs between Victor and Kevin when the latter brings the former Gordon's safety valve after Gordon leaves Sodor to compete in the Great Railway Show:
      Kevin: I have a question!
      Victor: What's so important that you have to keep interrupting?
      Kevin: Uh, what, what's this?
      Victor: That's Gordon's safety valve mechanism.
      Kevin: Yes, that's what I thought it was.
      Victor: Gordon's safety valve? But that means Gordon hasn't been reassembled properly! I told him to wait for his safety check! If Gordon's safety valve isn't working properly, he could overheat, especially at high speeds!
  • In The Trap Door episode "Not Very Nice", Berk ends up down the Trap Door and finds himself in a very odd cave...
    Berk: Yech! There's that horrible smell again! Hang on, there's sommit funny about this place. The walls are slimy, and that green thing looks like a tongue, and them things over there look like teeth... Ohhh, globbits! I'm inside the mouth of some horrible thing!
  • In an episode of Xiaolin Showdown, a Face-Heel-Turned Raimundo is chasing some of our heroes around in a forest. This is what our heroes wanted, however, as a diversionary tactic so an attack on Wuya's palace could succeed. Eventually, Raimundo realizes that the chase is taking much longer than it should.
    Raimundo: What's wrong with you guys, why don't you just fly away?! It's like you're not even trying to get away... because you're NOT! Quick, back to the palace!

    Real Life 
  • Rubber Duck Debugging is a case of trying to forcefully invoke this trope in real life with a Companion Cube.
  • Socratic dialogues consist of constantly asking further explanation from another person who proposes a certain theory, until said person reaches a point where their argument falls apart, thus highlighting the hidden weaknesses in their theory. Socrates himself concluded that no-one really knows anything, since the technique always tripped them up eventually.