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People having to explain something before they realize the problem in live-action TV.

  • In one episode of Adam Ruins Everything, Adam’s lecturee of the week turns out to be a fan of the show. Adam offers to let her do his usual intro, which she happily does before remembering exactly what she’s in for.
    ”Hi! I’m Winnie Jones, and this is Adam Connover, and I’m on Adam Ruins Everything! ...Uh-oh.
  • All in the Family:
    • In the episode "Archie in the Lock-Up", after Michael gets back from a protest that had turned ugly, Edith and Gloria ask him where's Archie, who they had guilted into going after him.
      Michael: Yeah, but Gloria, how could he find me? I mean, the place was a madhouse, with people running around, yelling, screaming, the cops arresting everyone. (beat as his eyes widen in realization) Oh boy.
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    • Another episode plays this for laughs. Edith has Archie on a healthier diet per his doctor's orders, which is already making him grouchier than usual. He takes his anger out on Mike for separating his food before eating it, explaining that the best way to enjoy a meal is mixing everything together. Archie goes on to describe how this makes the sandwich the perfect food...and soon works himself into such a hunger that he declares "I gotta have a sandwich, Meathead!" Cue him running to the kitchen.
  • Angel:
    • In "City Of", Cordelia is invited to the home of Russell Winters. Taking note of the fact that the Big Fancy House has no mirrors and numerous curtains, Cordy quickly realizes that her host is a vampire... and doesn't even finish talking before she realizes how much danger she's in. Thankfully, Angel shows up Just in Time.
      Cordelia: I finally get invited to a nice place with no mirrors and lots of curtains ... hey, you're a vampire!
      Winters: What? No, I'm not.
      Cordelia: Are too!
      Winters: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Cordelia: I'm from Sunnydale! We had our own Hellmouth! I think I know a vampire when... I'm... alone with him his... fortress-like home...
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    • In "Dear Boy", when Angel is believed responsible for the murder of Mr. Kramer, Kate storms the Hyperion with a SWAT team to arrest him, firmly convinced that Angel is evil and always will be evil. However, Gunn asks if Mr. Kramer's wife DeEttanote  actually invited Angel into the house; Kate responds that no, of course Angel wasn't invited in... and as soon as those words are out of her mouth, she realizes that Angel is innocent, since Angel couldn't have entered unless he was invited inside or the real owners were already dead.
      Cordelia: Okay, okay, lets not get off track here. We want to find Angel as much as you do.
      Kate: No you don't. You want to protect him even though he's lost it: he stalked that woman because he thought she was this Darla from his past. She begged him to stay out and he knocked down the door and killed her husband. I've read about him, too, I know he is and I know he hasn't changed.
      Gunn: No he hasn't, he's still a vampire.
      Cordy: Gunn - not helping.
      Gunn: So, how'd he get in the house? She invite him in?
      Kate: Of course she didn't in... (Stunned Silence)
      Cordelia: The only way Angel could get in that house uninvited is if the real owners were dead. It's what he was saying all along; she isn't DeEtta Kramer!
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    • In the episode "Calvary", Wesley, Gunn, Connor and Fred are tracking Angelus through the city while Cordelia and Lilah are back at the hotel.
      Connor: Angelus would want to feed, but his scent ends here, and it's not a highly populated area.
      Gunn: It ends here? Somebody pick him up?
      Connor: He would go to the place where he could wreak the most damage.
      Wesley: Which doesn't necessarily mean highly populated.
      Fred: He doubled back.
  • Batman had an episode featuring Gotham Museum sponsoring a "Great Comedians" exhibit. Batman is called in when someone installs a crude statue of the Joker in the middle of the exhibition; he urges the museum guards to escort everyone outside and seal off the building, as it's clearly some kind of trap. The guards follow orders and begin bragging about the extremely high-tech security measures—once the system is activated, it's impossible for anyone to get in or out of the museum. Batman realizes what this means and has the guards repeat themselves so they catch on, too—the Joker wasn't planning to break into the museum. He and his thugs are already inside, and now no one can get back in to stop them. Sure enough, the Joker bursts out of the statue, calls to his minions (who are hiding in the other sculptures), and heads for the rare gem display.
  • Best Friends Whenever: In the episode "Girl Code", Shelby asks two guys to build a website for her. The two guys have a crush on Shelby and are distracted by her asking how to figure out if a girl likes them. Shelby, being Oblivious to Love, tells them that when a girl likes a guy she will touch his arm (which Shelby does). One of the guys tells her that he likes blondies and Shelby still doesn't realize they are talking about her until Cyd tells her.
    Shelby: I asked them if they like brownies. They told me they like blondies. (beat) Oh my god, Cyd! How did I not see this coming?!
  • A variation occurs in The Big Bang Theory season 4 episode "The Hot Troll Deviation" as the conclusion to that episode's B-plot regarding a feud between Sheldon, Raj, and a Brobdingnagian desk:
    Leonard: Oh, God, what's that smell? (Knocks on Sheldon's office door)
    Sheldon: (Comes out wearing a gas mask) Yes?
    Leonard: What are you doing in there?
    Sheldon: I'm making hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gas. Just a little experiment in pest control.
    Raj: (Steps out of the office) It's not gonna work, dude! I grew up in India — an entire subcontinent where cows walk in the street, and nobody has ever had a solid bowel movement.
    Sheldon: Well, we'll just see how long you can hold out.
    Raj: Well, we'll just see how your noxious gas fares against my cinnamon-apple-scented aromatherapy candles. (goes back into the office)
    Leonard: Didn't you say you're making hydrogen sulfide gas?
    Sheldon: Yes.
    Leonard: Isn't that flammable?
    Sheldon: Highly. (Leonard gives him a concerned look) Oh, dear.
    Raj: (steps out completely covered in soot) This is not over.
  • Blackadder:
    • In "Head", after the title character has mistakenly executed Lord Ponsonby: "And when the Queen gets back from seeing Ponsonby, we'll... ohh, God!"
    • In Blackadder's Christmas Carol, Blackadder's change of heart towards being bad means that he slams the door on Queen Victoria. In fact he does it without even checking who she is, when she had come to give him his enormous cash reward for being the kindest man in London.
      Blackadder: Look, whenever the Queen goes anywhere she leaves behind her royal seal.
      Baldrick: You mean like this one?
      Blackadder: Yes, exactly like that on-
  • Blindspot:
    • In "Why Let Cooler Pastures Deform", the FBI is raiding a house, worried that their phones are scrambled. They're thus thrown when suddenly, their communicators start working again.
      Reade: Why would Sandstorm turn their scrambler off now and risk letting a signal out?
      Kamal: So they can get a signal in... Get out, it's a trap!
    • Played for laughs in "Artful Dodge" as semi-reformed crook Rich talks to an FBI agent overseeing his deal working with the team for his freedom. Asked how he helped out Patterson in an earlier episode, Rich gushes on how he hacked her computer, used secret passages he's built throughout the building, dropped a virus into the mainframe, knocked out a security guard and made a fake bomb.
      Rich: What are you writing down?
      Reviewer: Oh, just adding up how many years you've tacked onto your prison sentence based on that story alone. Now tell me more about the virus.
  • Used several times on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • In "The Puppet Show", Buffy and Xander have assumed that Willow will be targeted by a demon that wants to steal a good brain. Willow idly wonders if they should warn Giles, to which Xander responds "Don't worry about Giles, I mean he is really... smart." Cue them running out of the library.
    • In the second season premiere "When She Was Bad", the Scoobies have discovered a plot by the Master's order to bring the Master Back from the Dead using a Human Sacrifice, said sacrifices being those "closest" to the Master. Shortly after Buffy leaves for the Bronze for an obvious trap, Giles finishes translating the ritual and discovers that "closest" to the Master actually means those who were physically present when the Master diednote . Giles doesn't even finish his sentence before he realizes what this means. A double dose of this trope follows when he sees vampires crowding onto the mezzanine level, and realizes the "trap" was actually meant to lure Buffy away so the Order could capture them without interference.
      Giles: It is a trap. It just isn't for her.
    • "Primeval": When the group is reconciling after the events of "The Yoko Factor", Buffy lets the others come to their own conclusions to realize that it was Spike who played them off against one another.
      Giles: Well, Spike can be very convincing, and... we're very stupid.
    • And before this in the same episode, Spike and Adam are discussing the success of Spike's plan — he has successfully separated Buffy from her friends, now they just need Buffy to work with her friend to decode the information disc. Adam points out the contradiction here. According to the episode commentary, this was actually a bit of an Author's Saving Throw from when they had the same realization.
      Spike: Our little witch gives her the info and pop — Alice heads back down the rabbit hole.
      Adam: The witch.
      Spike: Uh, Willow. About so high, perky, good with math. Natural choice.
      Adam: Her friend.
      Spike: Right.
      Adam: One of the friends from whom you've so efficiently separated her.
      Spike: Damn right I did. You should've seen 'em. They won't be talking to each other for a long, long... [beat] Hang on. I think I might have detected a small flaw.
    • In "Blood Ties", Dawn breaks into the Magic Box at night with Spike in an attempt to figure out what the Key that Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang have been talking about is. Reading Giles' journal, she starts to realize that all of the signs of the Key correspond to things that she's experienced in the last few months... even before she gets to the part explicitly stating that the Key's makers gave it the form of a sister for the Slayer. Cue Heroic BSoD.
    • Glory buys supplies for a dangerous summoning from The Magic Box before Giles actually knows what she looks like - he only has Buffy's vague description of a superpowered girl. Later, when Anya is horrified to see what he sold, Giles assures her that it's no danger because "The young woman would have to have tremendous power... oh god."
    • After Glory attacks and Mind Rapes Tara, Willow is furious and planning to take revenge on Glory, but Buffy seemingly manages to talk her down, insisting that doing so would be potentially suicidal. Later, when talking to Dawn and Spike about it, Spike, understandably skeptical, points out that an angered witch, especially one as strong as Willow, is not so easily reasoned with, and if Glory had attacked his loved one, he would have reacted the same; then Dawn asks Buffy how she would react if Glory had attacked and Mind Raped her. Cue realization on Buffy's end.
  • Charmed (1998):
    • The episode "Spin City" mixes this with a healthy dose of Genre Savvy. The Monster of the Week, a spider demon, wants to kidnap Piper and feed on her magic. To achieve this goal, she infects Chris with her venom, slowly transforming him into her minion. Paige and Phoebe lock Chris in the basement to keep an already-webbed-up Piper safe; later, the sisters are chatting with Leo in the kitchen when Phoebe's empathic powers kick in, prompting her to lash out at the Whitelighter with Chris's resentment. Leo is surprised that her abilities can reach the basement...and Paige quickly deduces they haven't—Chris has escaped. They dash into the living room and find Chris, now able to transform into a spider, kidnapping Piper.
    • In "Sin Francisco", a demon is infecting humans with the concentrated essence of the Seven Deadly Sins. He throws four orbs at Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Leo, who seem unaffected and try to go about taking care of the demon. One scene later, though, Phoebe is trying to talk her history professor into sleeping with her, Piper is maxing out her credit cards to buy fancy clothing while drinking champagne, and Leo is vegging out on the sofa. Prue realizes that they've been infected with Lust, Greed, and Sloth, respectively. Later, the trope is played again when the police chief points out the Prue is acting dangerously reckless and conceited; Prue agrees, then realizes that this means that she's been hit with Pride, as the sins' whole M.O. is to gradually corrupt the infected to self-destructive acts.
  • On Designated Survivor, Hannah is checking with computer hacker buddy Chuck at his apartment when she notices an odd smell.
    Chuck: Yeah, there was a gas leak in the building earlier. A guy from DC United checked it out, said it was fine.
    Hannah: Chuck, DC United doesn't check out gas leaks. The fire department does. Out, now!
    • In season 2, tapes of Kirkman's therapy sessions are leaked, calling into question his ability to make decisions. Lyor is annoyed that various members of the Cabinet aren't returning his calls, figuring they're staying out of this. His secretary reports how she's heard the Cabinet are all talking to Vice-President Darby. Lyor wonders why the Cabinet would be meeting with the VP in total secrecy...then sees the news. He races in to warn Kirkman of how the Cabinet are prepared to invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to remove Kirkman from office.
  • In one episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show' Rob calls Laura and disguises his voice to see if she recognizes him. When it seems like she doesn't, he starts flirting with her as a joke. He only realizes the implications afterwards:
    Rob: I tell you, I fooled her! She was entranced! You know what she thought? She thought she was flirting... with a complete stranger...
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Pirate Planet": The Captain uses his technology to loot the planet Calufrax and has constructed a psychic-jamming device to defeat the telepathic Mentiads. The Doctor insists that the device can't work because it requires very rare minerals to supply power.
      The Doctor: And as far as I know, they occur naturally on only one planet, and that's...
      Fibuli: Captain, the crystals from Calufrax.
      The Doctor: Calufrax! ...My biorhythms must be at an all-time low.
    • "Remembrance of the Daleks": The Seventh Doctor has just disabled a Dalek transmat device and mentions that it'll slow the Daleks down until the "operator" can restore it.
      Ace: Operator?
      The Doctor: [distracted with the transmat] Yes, the Daleks usually keep an operator on station in case of any malfunctions.
      Ace: Which would be... another Dalek?
      The Doctor: [realizing] ... Yes.
    • "The Doctor Dances": The Doctor is talking about how the Creepy Child leader of the gas-mask zombies has "the power of a god". Then he realizes that, earlier, he got the zombies to back off by ordering all of them to go to their rooms... and he, Rose and Jack are in the Child's room... they turn around to see him standing there.
    • "The Impossible Planet": The Doctor explains to the staff of Sanctuary Base 6 how he and Rose got to their remote outpost and where the TARDIS is parked... in a section of the base that was just lost due to an earthquake that collapsed part of the planet's surface.
    • "The Runaway Bride": The Doctor, when he realizes that Donna has been dosed with huon particles and the device he gave her to hide her from the robots pursuing her therefore won't work:
      "Huon energy doesn't exist anymore, not for billions of years. So old that... [looks at Donna] …it can't be hidden by a bio-damper!" [runs to a window and sees the evil robot Santas approaching]
    • "Partners in Crime" has a variant where the explanation is done by someone who's trying to get the point across to the person who does the Oh, Crap! that they're in danger:
      The Doctor: Listen, I saw the Adiposian instructions. They know it's a crime, breeding on Earth, so what's the one thing they want to get rid of? Their accomplice!
      Miss Foster: Oh, I'm far more than that. I'm nanny, to all these children.
      The Doctor: Exactly! Mum and Dad have got the kids now, they don't need the nanny anymore!
      [Foster has one second to realize what he means before the levitation beam shuts off and she plummets with a SPLAT!]
    • "Forest of the Dead": The Doctor, after managing to talk to the Vashta Nerada, is so preoccupied with deducing, out loud, how they came to infest the Library that he doesn't pay attention to Other Dave until after he's started repeating himself a lot. It's not until he says the same thing four times that the Doctor catches on.
    • "A Good Man Goes to War": The Eleventh Doctor runs into this when it turns out that Amy and Rory's daughter Melody Pond is part Time Lord, which Vastra suggests was a result of her being conceived on the TARDIS. He insists that this can't be possible as, between the various cosmic retcons that went on the previous season, the first time they were on the TARDIS together in this version of reality was the night after their wedding — oops.
    • A milder example takes place in a flashback scene in "Let's Kill Hitler", when teenage Amy explains to Rory why he has to be gay; "In the whole time I've known you, when have you shown the slightest interest in a girl?" (Penny in the air...) "I mean I've known you for what, ten years? I've seen you practically every day. Name one girl you've paid the slightest bit of attention to... Oh my God. Rory!" (And the penny drops.)
    • "Asylum of the Daleks": The Doctor notices the humans with Dalek eyestalks were created by nanogenes that infect living or dead human beings. Amy realizes he said "...or dead" in a room full of dead bodies. The Doctor continues to explain until he realizes he's also in the room with dead bodies. Uh oh.
    • "The Zygon Invasion": Clara and Jac, a UNIT official, are investigating an underground Zygon bunker full of pods.
      Clara: Look, they're here. They're growing duplicates of us. We have to destroy them. I've seen this happen before. It happened to that little boy. They took his parents and then they took him.
      Jac: But I don't see how these are duplicates. That's not how Zygons work. They don't grow duplicates. They kidnap the originals so, these... [sees "Clara" turning with a wicked smile] These are the humans! IT'S A TRAP!
    • "Arachnids in the UK": The Doctor begins to piece together the chain of events from the spiders being experimented upon to the lab waste being brought to the secret landfill under the hotel... and suddenly realizes the mine shaft everyone's standing in is actually a giant spider nest.
  • Firefly plays with this in the episode "Out of Gas". The crew of Serenity is in a dire situation with the life support system failing. They are in a deserted region of space with little chance of any ships wandering around there. Wash has lost all hope, when Mal suggests a way to boost the SOS signal.
    Wash: What do you expect me to do, Mal?
    Mal: Whatever you have to. And if you can't do it from here, then get a suit on and go outside on the side of the boat...
    Wash: And what? Wave my arms around?
    Mal: Wave your arms around. Jump up and down. Divert the nav sats to the transmitter. Whatever.
    Wash: Divert the — right! Because teenage pranks are fun when you're about to die!
    Mal: Give the beacon a boost, wouldn't it?
    Wash: Yes, Mal, it would boost the signal. But even if some passerby did happen to receive, all it would do is muck up their navigation.
    Mal: Could be that's true.
    Wash: Damn right, it's true. They'd be forced to stop and dig out our signal before they could even go anyplace.
    [beat, Mal waits for Wash to get it]
    Wash: [still yelling as if he's angry] Well maybe I should do that, then!
    Mal: [yelling back] Maybe you should!
    Wash: Okay!
    Mal: Fine!
    Jayne: [enters the room] What the hell do you two think you're doing? Fighting at a time like this? You'll use up all the air!
  • Frasier:
    • Happens once where the title character tried to set Daphne up with his co-worker, only to later find out that there had been a slight fault in communication.
      Frasier: What on Earth could have made him think that I was interested in him? I just asked him if he was attached, and then we talked about the theater and men's fashions — oh, my God. Niles, do you realize what this means?
      Niles: Yes, you're dating your boss.
    • In another episode, Niles is dating a woman who Frasier realizes is actually a prostitute (long story) and Niles has an epic one of these when he finally gets it:
      Frasier: Niles, does Sabrina laugh at everything you say, is she fascinated by everything about you, even your collections?
      Niles: Well, yes. Actually, I even showed her my rarely-seen collection of eighteenth-century Portuguese bud vases.
      Frasier: And how did she react?
      Niles: Well, if you must know, she was rather aroused. She said she loved a man who collected porcelain and oh my God, I'm dating a whore!
  • In the Friends episode "The One With The Memorial Service", Chandler and Ross have been having a prank war posting bogus information on each others' college alumni webpages. This culminates with Chandler announcing Ross's death.
    Ross: Your little "Ross is dead" joke didn't work, okay? There were no responses. Nobody posted anything on the website, nobody called my parents. So the joke, my friend, is on you. Nobody called, nobody wrote anything. Nobody cares that I'm dead! (Beat). Oh my God! Nobody cares that I'm dead?
    • When Emily has been locked in the bathroom of the reception hall for over an hour, to hide from the humiliation of Ross having said Rachel's name during the exchanging of the vows, Rachel chides that when she left Barry at the altar, she locked herself in the bathroom, with the intent of climbing out the window and running away. She, Ross, and Joey chuckle at the comment...until the realization hits them. Ross then opens the door to find the bathroom empty and the window open.
  • In the pilot of Game Shakers rapper Double-G confronts Babe and Kenzie on stealing his song for public use.
    Babe: Hey, we didn't steal your music. We just put your song in our game.
    Kenzie: Yeah, then we posted our game online and Oh my God, we did steal his music, we're criminals!
  • The George Lopez Show: In "George Doesn't Trustee Angie's Brother", when it finally hits Veronica that her father Ray was only after her large inheritance.
    Veronica: My dad couldn't even look me in the eye at breakfast. [...] He had that same look on his face when he left five years ago with all the money I got from my quinceañera...Oh my God.
  • The Gifted: In "iMprint", the Mutant Underground are wondering why the Purifiers hit a mutant-friendly facility only to avoid actually hurting any of the mutants present. Then they look around their packed-to-capacity safe house and realize the Purifiers were using the other mutants as a means of finding them. Cue the heavily-armed Purifiers rolling up outside the building.
  • In Home Improvement, Jill has a rather lighthearted version when her sons tell her they want to be The Three Stooges for Halloween:
    Jill: Why do you want to be the Stooges? They're obnoxious, they're always hitting each other - it just became clear.
  • I, Claudius features an inversion when the Praetorian Guard find Claudius hiding behind a curtain after Caligula's assassination. The sergeant of the guard explains to Claudius that with no Emperor, the Praetorian Guard are out of a job and have to go back into the army. Just as he instructs some of his men to escort Claudius to find his wife, Messalina, one of them gets the idea to make Claudius the new Emperor (he is the most senior of Caligula's surviving blood relatives). The sergeant begins explaining why Claudius is unsuitable... and realises halfway through his explanation that those reasons actually make him a perfect candidate where the Praetorian Guard are concerned:
    Gratus: [suddenly grins and points at Claudius with his sword] Why can't we have him for an Emperor?
    Sergeant: What? Old Claudius? Don't be stupid, lad, he's a simpleton, he's... [smiles as it dawns on him that a simpleton would be easy for the Praetorian Guard to push around] Oh, I dunno! [the other guards begin murmuring in approval]
    Gratus: It's better than nothing!
  • In one episode of I Love Lucy, when Lucy has a snafu that prevents her from getting a passport to Europe, she decides to stow away in a trunk. After realizing it's a bad idea, she asks Ethel to let her out, leading to this exchange:
    Ethel: Lucy, where are the keys?
    Lucy: They're right here. I've got them. I've got them?!
  • In Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, when Kit explains to Drew Lansing/Torque why he shouldn´t fight Grant Stanley/Camo and realizes he has been tricked, his expression is utterly priceless.
    Kit: Torque, stop, listen. Xaxiax has been tricking the other riders, offering each one something he wants. He told Incisor he'd give him a million bucks to take out Wing Knight. This guy [points to Camo] wanted a challenge. Xaviax told him Wing Knight was the toughest man on two worlds. Everyone who's after Wing Knight... [realizing he has been tricked] is working for Xaviax...
    Torque: [laughs] Congratulations, Kit. Thank you for playing. Let's tell him what he's won... a one-way pass to the Advent Void.
  • Happens in one episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The team has just busted up a human trafficking ring that shares a visa forger with a group that's trying to smuggle a terrorist into the country, and Olivia realizes one of the trafficking victims is unaccounted for. As they go through the evidence, they start to realize something's off about this particular girl. Then it starts to dawn on them.
    Fin: She and the john weren't having sex. They were just talking.
    Amaro: What language?
    Fin: Something foreign. I couldn't hear.
    Amaro: Anna said Sofia had her own room in the house. And she's new.
    Olivia: The intercepted communications about the terrorism — did they say it was a he?
  • MacGyver (1985): In "The Odd Triple", Pete tells Jack the plan to rescue MacGyver, which involves Pete masquerading as a buyer of stolen gems and slowing down the auction to give a disguised Jack time to find Mac. Then Pete realises that it means he has to trust... Jack Dalton.
  • On the series premiere of Major Crimes, Flynn is berating Raydor for getting the bank robber they'd captured killed by his accomplices because she followed the recently-implemented new LAPD procedure of keeping him on the scene instead of immediately taking him to a station, which allowed one of them to come back and snipe him, and that this wouldn't have happened with any other law enforcement agency or previously with the LAPD. Raydor agrees with him, but then they both realize that this meant the shooter knew about a brand-new internal policy that no one outside the LAPD should be aware of.
  • Malcolm in the Middle features a variation of this. When Malcolm and Reese get into a prank war with each other at a Water Park, it escalates to the point where Lois finally steps in to tell both of them off for how obnoxious and embarrassing they are acting:
    Lois: Do you think we're wealthy?!
    Malcolm: What?
    Lois: Do you think we're wealthy? Wealthy people drive fancy cars. They buy fresh pasta. Do we do any of those things? No! Wealthy people can afford to have their vacations ruined. No big deal. They just pick up and they go again. Your father and I work so hard, we worked so long. What is wrong with you two?! Are you aborigines?! Every time I turn around, I hear someone screaming and fighting, and I pray to God it's someone else's kid, but it's not, it's always you! Sane children would appreciate this but you have to keep gnawing at each other like a couple of rabid monkeys! It is not enough that you do this every day, you have to make me suffer, too! So help me!
    [Immediately realizes that she's standing right behind the entrance of a very treacherous Water Slide and notices Malcolm has a very smug look on his face.]
    Lois: DON'T... YOU... DARE...! (jabs her finger at Malcolm threateningly.)
    [Malcolm pokes Lois's finger with his own, causing her to lose her footing and get swept away into the Water Slide.]
    Life Guard: Arms and legs crossed at all times!
  • In season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel protagonist Midge helps her friend Mary plan her wedding. At the reception, Midge gets asked to speak but quickly goes into her stand-up comedy spiel pretty quickly and starts making dirty jokes at Mary’s expense in front of her almost entirely Catholic wedding party at her church. Midge goes so far as to joke that it’s a Shotgun Wedding because Mary had just gotten engaged. She realizes mid-sentence that’s exactly what it is.
  • In M*A*S*H episode "The Red/White Blues", when Klinger claims to be tired when he's supposed to be working, Hawk-Eye and Houlihan think he's just faking it because he's upset his weekend pass to Tokyo was cancelled. Later on, when Goldman says he's tired, a conversation between Houlihan and Klinger makes Houlihan realize that Klinger isn't faking it and they could be faced with an epidemic:
    Klinger: Sure, you believe [Goldman]. I've got the same symptoms, and I'm a goldbrick.
    Houlihan: It's not the same. His back hurts, and he's tired and...(Stops as she realizes those are the same symptoms Klinger claimed he had)
    Klinger: Uh huh. It is the same, only I had it first.
  • A fun bit on The Middle is how when Brick was born, the Hecks accidentally took home the baby of another family, Blake Ferguson...and it took a month for them to realize the mistake. Years later, at a camp, Brick runs into Blake and starts laughing with excitement about them finally meeting, not noticing Blake's blank look.
    Brick: We were switched at birth! I spent the first month of my life with your family and you spent the first month of your life with my family! Why aren't you more excited about this? You're acting like you've never heard this story've never heard this story before.
  • On Midnight, Texas, the gang learn of the coming of an ancient dark witch named Theophilus who has a twin trying to restore him to life. Manfried believes the twin is Kai, the husband of the angelic Patience who Manfried has been having an affair with (Kai being a dark collector of supernatural powers adds to the theory). The two start a brutal fight with Manfried snapping he won't let Kai bring his twin back. A confused Kai states he's not Theophilus' twin; Patience is and has been wanting to restore her brother so he can aid her giving white witches good powers. In a back-and-forth talk, Manfried and Kai realize Patience has been playing them both for suckers to ressurect her twin and bring darkness to Earth. Kai then sees how Manfried is wearing a pendant Patience said would protect him. Kai states the pendant is actually meant to choose a new host for Theophilus..."and she gave it to you..."
  • Happens in the Monty Python's Flying Circus episode, when the final inspector, of a long series of inspectors in the episode's Running Gag, stops the episode's final sketch.
    Inspector: Good. Now I'm arrestin' this entire show on three counts: one, acts of self-conscious behaviour contrary to the 'Not in front of the children' Act, two, always saying 'It's so and so of the Yard' every time the fuzz arrives and, three, and this is the cruncher, offenses against the 'Getting out of sketches without using a proper punchline' Act; namely, simply ending every bleedin' sketch by just having a policeman come in and... wait a minute.
  • In the My Wife and Kids episode "Road Trip", the family goes on a road trip to Paul Revere's house on his birthday, which is unfortunately complicated by Jay and Claire simultaneously coming down with PMS and becoming emotionally unstable. At the end of episode, when the family finally makes it:
    Mike: Here we are. Paul Revere's house.
    Junior: Which one?
    Mike: The one behind the sign that says "Paul Revere's house closed for his... birthday".
    [cue Mike and Junior crying along with the emotional Jay and Claire]
  • On The Outpost, Talon, Garrett and Janzo are on a mission to find a book belonging to Talon's people. They discover it was hunted by the evil Prime Order and burned. Garrett states that if the Order is willing to go to such lengths just to burn a book, "how far will they go" to kill Talon herself. Talon seems unsure as she asks "what would they do? Send an army?" As soon as the words exit her mouth, all three look in horror as they realize that's exactly what the Order would do.
  • Person of Interest. Harold Finch is about to get shot by a serial killer who is Impersonating an Officer, Detective Carter turns up Just in Time to save his life by shooting the killer In the Back.
    Carter: So is that him, our Identity Killer?
    Finch: He was posing as an FBI agent. He was really quite good at it; he had a badge and a gun and... body armor...
  • Red Dwarf does this in the episode "Out of Time". The cast are going through unreality pockets, making them believe different things. One makes them believe Lister is actually a droid. A droid less advanced than Kryten, and therefore lower ranking. Kryten takes advantage of this to give him humiliating orders. Then comes this exchange:
    Rimmer: So we just crashed through an unreality pocket?
    Kryten: Which created a false reality making us believe... Mr... Lister was... oh my. [cue awkward silence for a few seconds]
    Cat: You mean he's not a...
    Kryten: No.
  • On Santa Clarita Diet, Eric is pushed into a relationship with undead Ramona who wants him to help her with killing people. This comes after Ramona had a talk with undead Sheila and her husband Joel.
    Eric: She said she needed a Joel. Does that ring any bells with anyone?
    Joel: No. We just went over today and told her she has to be more careful.
    Sheila: Yeah and that we realize how much harder she has it because she's all alone.
    Joel: And doesn't have anyone to help her clean up and carry bodies, like I do for Sheila. Okay, I see what happened.
    Sheila: I hear it too.
    • In season three, the two go to check on Tommy, a member of a group out to destroy the undead. They check out his garage and find it covered with plastic all around.
    Joel: This is weird...
    Sheila: Kind of reminds me of our kill...
    Both: Shiiiiiiit.
  • Sherlock, the eponymous character often does after a Sherlock Scan.
    • At the end of "A Study in Pink", when Sherlock agrees to help Lestrade figure out who killed Jeff Hope.
      Sherlock: The bullet they just dug out of the wall is from a hand gun. A kill shot over that distance from that kind of a weapon? That's a crack shot you're looking for, but not just a marksman. A fighter. His hands couldn't haven't shaken at all, so clearly he's acclimatized to violence. He didn't fire till I was in immediate danger, though, so strong moral principle. You're looking for a man probably with a history of military service, nerves of steel...
      [Sherlock looks over at John, and realizes that he was the shooter]
      Sherlock: Actually, you know what? Ignore me.
      Lestrade: Sorry?
      Sherlock: Ignore everything I just said. It's just the...the shock talking.
    • In "The Blind Banker", Sherlock is looking through an apartment and talking to John (well, sort of — John's left grumbling outside the door, can't hear a thing and might as well not be there).
      John: You think maybe you could let me in this time? Oh for heaven's sake. Can you not keep doing this, please?
      Sherlock: I'm not the first.
      John: What?
      Sherlock: Someone else has been here. Someone broke into this flat. He knocked that vase, just like I did. Size 11. He was tall. But not heavy. Long, thin fingers. Our acrobat.
      John: What are you saying?
      Sherlock: Why didn't he close it when he left—? [beat] Stupid. Stupid. It's obvious! Because he's still in here.
    • In John and Sherlock's Christmas party in "A Scandal in Belgravia" when Sherlock does his Sherlock Scan on a Christmas present that Molly brought, smugly trying to explain what was on Molly's mind when she wrapped it. Then he realizes who she brought it for.
      Sherlock: Oh come on. Surely you've all seen the present at the top of the bag. Perfectly wrapped with a bow. All the others are slapdash at best. Must be someone special then. Shade of red echoes the lipstick. Either a subconscious association or one that she's deliberately trying to encourage. Either way, Miss Hooper has love on her mind. The fact that she's serious about him is clear from the fact that she's giving him a gift at all. That all suggests long-term hopes, however forlorn. And that she's seeing him tonight is evident from the make-up and what she's wearing. Obviously trying to compensate for the size of her mouth and breasts.
      [Sherlock sees the tag on the present, which reads "Dearest Sherlock, Love Molly"]
      Molly: You always say such horrible things. Every time. Every time...
  • On Silicon Valley, Richard is confused as to why five different focus groups are having problems with the beta to Pied Piper. He talks about it to Monica, saying how everyone he showed it to loved it, and she realizes the issue.
    Monica: Who did you give the beta to? Your friends. Engineers.
    Richard: Well, yeah, Monica, I wanted to give it to people who would understand what I was trying to do, give useful feedback. And with all respect, I gave it to you - the one person without a computing background - and you said it felt engineered. [beat] Oh, shit.
    Monica: Exactly. You're trying to sell this to regular people, but you never put it in the hands of regular people. Like them.
  • Stargate Atlantis: The Team is on another planet and has found a crashed Wraith ship. Sheppard wants to know if one of the Wraith could still be alive.
    Sheppard: I'm just thinking out loud here...
    McKay: What?
    Sheppard: How long do you think the Wraith could feed on all those humans back there?
    McKay: Well, they're capable of hibernating for hundreds of years at a time, but, I mean, think about it. Ten thousand years ago was roughly the dawn of human civilization.
    Sheppard: So there's no chance that uh—
    McKay: No, no, no, no, no. Are you kidding? [beat] Well... maybe.
    Sheppard: [annoyed] McKay.
    McKay: No. No. No living thing could survive that long under those conditions. It's ridiculous.
    Sheppard: Okay.
    McKay: That would require an incredible power source capable of sustaining the stored humans in suspended animation almost the entire time.
    Sheppard: So it's possible?
    McKay: [horrified] Oh, my God. It is possible. We've got to get out of here.
  • In the Tales from the Crypt How We Got Here episode "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone", homeless guy-turned-guinea pig Ulric, who's had a cat's special gland implanted in him which gives him nine lives, has been buried alive for his last ever stunt (he gets killed but always comes back, and he's got one more life - his ninth), which will earn him beaucoup bucks. Unfortunately it's only then that it occurs to him that the cat had to be killed to get the gland out. Meaning he only had eight lives...
  • That '70s Show: In one episode, Kitty drags Hyde to a jewellery store to see the ring she thinks that Red is buying for her behind her back. The jeweler shows her an engagement ring on reserve from a Mr. Forman. There's an inscription, "To Donna..."
    Jeweler: You're a lucky woman, Donna. [...]
    Kitty: Oh my goodness. This is from Eric to—
    [she looks at Hyde in complete horror]
  • Timeless: A common bit, usually with how the main trio figure out time-travelling crook Flynn's plan.
    • In the pilot, they're baffled as to why he would save the Hindenburg from exploding on its arrival in New Jersey. They then go over the manifest for its next trip and realize Flynn wants to blow it up when its passengers include Nelson Rockefeller and Omar Bradley.
    • Jiya tells Lucy that the reason her sister Amy no longer exists is because in this new timeline, Lucy's father, Henry, married another woman and never met Lucy's mom, Carol.
      Jiya: But...
      Lucy: They're still my parents.
      Jiya: Keep going...
      Lucy: So wait a minute, how was I born?
      Jiya: You're almost there. [sees Lucy's face fall] Yeah, you got it.
      Lucy: Carol is my mother but Henry isn't my father and never was. My mother's been lying to me my whole life.
    • When he discovers mentor Anthony in 1962, Rufus tries to get him away, figuring he's rescuing him from Flynn, but Anthony refuses.
      Anthony: If that man comes back and sees you, he'll kill you, he won't listen to me.
      Rufus: Why would he listen to you? You're Flynn's prisoner... who's completely unsupervised. Anthony... you are his prisoner, aren't you?
    • In 1944 Germany, Lucy figures Flynn is going to kill Wernher von Braun as without him, the U.S.'s space program will be hindered. She confronts Flynn, openly wondering why he didn't kill von Braun when he had the chance before. Seeing Flynn smiling, Lucy realizes Flynn is really going to deliver Von Braun to the Soviets who will use him to reach the moon first.
    • The team had figured Flynn was going to use the nuclear core he got from 1962 to give to the Nazis. When they return to report he didn't, they openly wonder what else Flynn could use a powerful source of plutonium for. At which point, Mason and Rufus stare at each other in shock as they both remember Anthony talking about using such a core to become a battery for the time machine to make it more powerful.
  • In Ken Burns' miniseries The Vietnam War, a Japanese-American soldier relates a story about how he had once traded his rations to a kindly villager in exchange for some of her rice. One of his squadmates gave him grief for eating all her rice, to which the soldier joked that she had enough rice for a dozen men... and then realized that meant she was more than likely hiding Viet Cong guerillas.
  • In the second season episode of White Collar called "By the Book" there is a Let Me Get This Straight... moment when Peter points out the flaw in the Perfect Exchange but later when Mozzie figures it out its more of one of theses as he exclaims 'There is no middle man!'
  • Often occurs to humorous effect in Whose Line Is It Anyway? when the host is reading a suggestion for one of the performers to act out, only learn partway through reading that the suggestion includes them.
    Aisha Tyler: [reading from a card] Wayne, you are the sportscaster who's going through an entire relationship with Aisha oh my god.
  • Yes, Minister: Inverted in one episode where Hacker has been offered a position in the EU bureaucracy. He starts repeating an earlier rant about how high-ranking EU bureaucrats are on a gravy train, with high wages, constant benefits, beach holidays...and then his tone moves from scornful to speculative as he realises that the gravy train has just offered him a ticket.


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