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  • In Episode 2 of Charlie Brooker's How TV Ruined Your Life, a lot of viewers were fooled by a fake sitcom created for it. The interesting part is that it proves another reason how TV ruins our lives; we are trained to ignore the production captions in tiny boxes during these types of shows, so people missed the dead giveaway 'Shitpeas Production' credit. As in Barry Shitpeas from Screenwipe and Newswipe.
  • "Too Many Cooks". a minute segment aired on the [adult swim] program Infomercials, is an 11 minute sitcom title sequence that gets increasingly convoluted and bizarre as it goes on. But aside from some of the real Mind Screw elements, it can be seen as a parody of how a long-running show can go through constant retools, Breakout Characters, and general Executive Meddling until it's barely recognizable.
  • Penn and Teller and The Colbert Report both have alien abductees state that their captors probed their noses. Where else would you insert a neural probe, the subjects arse?.
  • Sheena (2000): In its Deconstruction of National Geographic Nudity. One episode starts with Sheena getting dressed in western-style clothes. When she puts on the bra, she doesn't know how to latch it shut, so she ties it up in back instead. This makes sense since she would have grown up around NGN being played straight, meaning she would have had no fully-dressed female role models to teach her how to correctly put on a bra.