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Fridge / Runaways (2017)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Karolina/Nico kiss parallels the Chase/Karolina kiss. In both cases, someone unexpectedly kisses someone because they're not sure they're going to survive. The difference is, Nico reciprocated Karolina's kiss while Karolina did not reciprocate Chase's.
  • The show's slow pacing annoyed some, but it may have served a point. In the comics, the kids almost immediately learn that their parents are supervillains, and then quickly run away. The result is that the status quo of the original miniseries was that the kids were always homeless and their parents were always their enemies. But this ignores all of their childhoods, where they had safe homes and thought they could trust their parents. By showing us the normal home lives the kids had before, it makes them feel like they actually had run away, since we're given a sense of what they ran away from, and the parent-child relationships that were shattered when the kids realized the truth.
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  • Frank's jerk behavior in the second half of season 2 could be explained by the fact that he learned that his WHOLE RELIGION is based on a lie. Of course he wouldn't be able to cope with that. Also, he's been treated like crap by his wife the whole time. It's understandable that he would want to take over the church when she abandons it.

Fridge Horror

  • It was revealed that Jonah was friends with Leslie's father since she was eight and was part of a church that worshipped him as a messiah. Flash forward to present day where Leslie has had sex with Jonah at least once and was the most loyal member of PRIDE. This means she was groomed by Jonah to be his loyal lieutenant and lover. After all it's hard to find someone to be loyal to you. It's much easier to create them yourself. Which adds another layer of Adult Fear to the scene where Tina returns from a Pride sacrifice to find that Jonah is playing affectionately with a young Amy. Not only is there the implied threat that he will harm her if Tina fails to be loyal, it adds a suggestion that he might groom her the same way he groomed Leslie.
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  • She may be a bitch, but Eifell is at the dance in Episode 10 with one of Karolina's would-be rapists. It's not hard to imagine the guy might try again...
  • A change from the comic: in Runaways, the Pride only framed some of the kids because they didn't want anyone to be able to make the connection between their families. Here, they include all six kids, implying that they don't care whether they're connected and have enough power to deal with the consequences.
  • Chase's arc in the second half of season 2 is a disturbingly good portrayal of an abuse victim unable to leave their abuser. He rationalizes the parents' behavior saying they did it for the kids' good, he feels helpless at the thought of trying to fight back, and he listens to emotional manipulation when his abuser talks to him.


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