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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance
  • Especially in the beginning, you were actually given a chance to make a cameo in the show. By uploading a video of yourself doing something cool, wacky and/or fun, if the cast and crew enjoyed it, it could be featured on the show either during the web show or in the end credits. It makes the show more unique to know you could star on what eventually became one of the most popular shows.
  • In "iHate Sam's Boyfriend" Jonah and Sam are ridiculously lovey-dovey with pet names, hand holding, the works. Out of nowhere, Jonah tries to kiss Carly, and eventually Sam finds out and dumps him. Then in "iKiss", no one mentioned Jonah, and it seems like Fridge Logic that Sam never kissed Jonah at all over the week or two they were inseparable. If you accept Sam revealing she'd never kissed a guy before as truth it means that she never kissed Jonah at all. The Fridge Brilliance is that it now offers a potentially plausible explanation as to why Jonah suddenly turned into a jerk, because despite being into Sam, Sam wouldn't even kiss him, causing him to hit on Carly because he was bored with Sam.
    • Similarly, In "iWill Date Freddie" Freddie implies that he and Valerie kissed. From the look on his face, it's pretty obvious that they did. So Freddie and Sam had kisses before "iKiss".
      • In "iKiss", Freddie mentions that even though Valerie kissed him, he didn't consider it a true 'first kiss'.
  • Mrs. Benson had a GPS chip implanted on Freddie's brain during his toddler years from a "questionable" doctor in Venezuela. Freddie began his mannerism of talking Gratuitous Spanish when this chip was activated onward since iGo To Japan, making this chip a probable cause of such since Venezuela is inhabited by Spanish-speaking people.
  • Some people viewed the use of Good Charlotte in "iGo To Japan" as not caring. However, Pop-Punk bands like Good Charlotte are very popular in Japan, to the point that relatively unknown bands in America have a following in Japan. So why use a Japanese band that would be unknown outside of their home country, when you could use a popular American band who are well known in America, worldwide very popular in Japan.
  • Remember how Sam has been stated to have only been suspended from school once? That's not because she's a Karma Houdini. In "iMake Sam Girlier", when Sam's bummed that the guy she likes doesn't view her as a girl, a senior is bullying a kid half her size and Carly asks if Sam's going to do anything, implying Sam's usually the person who stops the older kids bullying the younger ones. So the reason Sam's only been suspended once isn't because she's a Karma Houdini, it's because not having Sam in school is the worse option.
    • Sam would probably view a suspension as more of a vacation than a punishment, and the administration knows this.
  • The episode "iTake On Dingo" is about Carly and co. butting heads with a TV channel called "Dingo" who are stealing ideas from their show for their own productions. Recall that the real company known as Dingo Pictures fills this exact role for the real Walt Disney Company... It's likely pure coincidence as the show's Dingo is portrayed as a Captain Ersatz of the Disney Channel, but still.
  • Freddie's importance to 'iCarly goes far beyond his tech skills - as Valerie, in "iWill Date Freddie", knew all too well when she tried to steal him away. Even though Sam berates him constantly and occasionally alludes to the fact that he's not as important to the show as herself and Carly (because his primary job is the production and tech work), the fact is that Freddie actually is the third cast member of 'iCarly' . If "iWill Date Freddie", "iDon't Want To Fight" and "iKiss" didn't hammer the message home, "iStart A Fan War" proved it beyond all doubt - otherwise, why would any of the fans care about who Freddie is, what he does on the show, or which of the girls is dating him? Additionally, he's a big part of the tie-in website, which in-universe would mean he's probably got just as much screentime as the other girls.
  • Why does Gibby become a regular cast member on the iCarly web series and start spending more time with Carly, Sam, and Freddie at the beginning of season 4? Because he risked his life to save them from Nora in "iPsycho" and they owe him their lives, and Gibby proved he's an excellent friend who should be kept around.
    • Gibby's presence also makes iCarly a better show, because he's a kid-friendly version of Johnny Knoxville. He's the one that will do the really crazy, over-the-top stunts and dares, and as iParty With Victorious showed at least four times, Gibby is a huge fan favorite. who even celebrities like Kenan Thompson are interested in watching.
  • Carly developing aggressive claustrophobia that comes back in "iSam's Mom". Carly never showed anything like this before, the brilliance is that the reason Carly has aggressive claustrophobia is because of the Space Madness in the simulator.
  • The trick Spencer pulled on the Shadowhammer seems to be destined to fail when the guy finds out he was sent to the wrong apartment and comes back. But then you realize that while Spencer might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer at times, even he's smart not to trick a dangerous criminal into attacking an innocent family and probably put the sign on an empty apartment. If the Shadowhammer finds an empty apartment where the one who ratted him out was living, its not a stretch he'd assume they expected he'd come after them and moved somewhere.
  • iMust Have Locker 239: In the scene where Sam and Freddie are at the meeting to reveal who would soon own the namesake locker, Carly's absence at the scene is literally hand waved in a single line, with Sam saying she overslept. This seems like a cheap, throwaway gag at first, however, if you remember that the previous scene took place at 2:00 A.M in the morning and featured Carly being woken up by Spencer in a failed attempt to teach her art. Any rightfully normal person would think to get extra sleep after being deprived of it in the middle of the night.
  • People often criticize Carly for being so Oblivious to Love with Freddie, yet if we look at some of her more memorable love interests; a guy who hasn't been single since the second grade, and has multiple chicks crushing on him (Jake Krandle), a guy Sam also wants (Shane), a boy Spencer won't let her date (Griffin), and finally a boy explicitly stated to go to California every other week (Steven), the fact Freddie makes it so easy may be just what turns her off so much. In other words, Carly wants what she can't have.
    • It looks like Freddie fits in here now as well. Carly is leaving to go to Italy, but Carly goes up to him and kisses him. They will be a long distance relationship until one of them goes to where the other is.
    • Alternately, Carly's just shallow. Most of the guys she's interested in are pretty boys, and Freddie (while he isn't bad-looking, per se) isn't really a "pretty boy" type of guy.
  • In season 3's second episode, Carly says "Hand me the Peruvian Puff Peppers!", which is an obvious Call-Back to Drake & Josh. What puts it in the fridge is that the Peppers came from the second episode of the third season of the show. How they did that is beyond me.
  • When "iOMG" first aired and Sam suddenly kissed Freddie, people were really skeptical about Seddie and thinking that Sam & Freddie's kiss came out of the blue. But consider this: after Sam & Freddie's first kiss, they seem a little more friendly to each other, while at the same time Sam sometimes is more mean towards him. This can be because Sam's feelings for Freddie actually began to grow after they shared their first kiss with each other. And her being mean to Freddie even more could've been her way of trying to deny it. Also remember that in iLost My Mind, she believed that it wasn't possible for her to be his girlfriend anyway. However, when Freddie encourages her to open up about her feelings to the guy she's in love with, she accepted his advise really seriously and for a moment, she let herself go and express her feelings to the one who she's in love with: Freddie.
  • Despite that there was Creddie and Seddie, it never formed into a love triangle where there was competition between the two girls (not counting when they weren't friends in iQuit iCarly) as it would happen on most shows. Out of all the boys Carly and Sam may have argued over, they never let Freddie come between them and they all managed to stay friends to the end, making them a lovely golden trio.
  • After "iLove You", you'll notice in the final episodes of iCarly, and later in the spin-off Sam & Cat, Sam actually changes a little bit and shows to be and do more good, while still being the character we've recognized for so long. Once in awhile, we'd see her either save someone and stand up to bullies for other kids ("iRescue Carly" and "iBattle Chip" are perfect examples of this), and she once was rewarded to the Fat Cake Factory in Canada for decent behavior while live on iCarly once. It goes even further in Sam & Cat as she gets into less trouble and regularly has to guide the characters of that show out of a situation.
  • Sam's shown to be so happy when Spencer rewards her the motorcycle in "iGoodbye". Dan Schneider even mentions in his fun facts that it's not every day that Sam gets a gift like this from anyone that would be special to her. In the spin-off, she mentions how growing up, she'd never get good gifts and definitely not from her own mom. So this scene is even more special and Jennette McCurdy does a brilliant job showing Sam the happiest she's probably ever been in her whole life to receive such a heartwarming gift.
  • The webshow ends up changing everyone's life for the better: Carly gets to enjoy the celebrity status while Sam and Freddie have to learn to work together which makes Freddie learn to have a tougher skin when he's being insulted and having to work together and spend more time after school together can be seen as understandable as to why the two would later grow close as friends and later boyfriend and girlfriend. Without the web show, Freddie would still be a bit insecure and wouldn't be as close to Sam. So if they never dated and break up, Freddie wouldn't have suggested to Sam that maybe if she were a little more normal (or he become more abnormal) they could end up being back together and Sam wouldn't have taken his advice seriously and done more good towards the end of the show such as saving her friends, doing more good things that would later be rewarded with a ticket inside the Fat Cake factory, and helping other kids against bigger bullies. And without the iCarly web show, Gibby wouldn't have learned to be more confident with himself if the gang hadn't used the web show to try to win him a date with his crush (that failed when he accidentally chose Carly), and his crush may not have had a crush on Freddie if he wasn't known as being the technical producer and main cast of the web show, so they all would've never had that date in the cheesecake restaurant and Gibby would've never learned to just accept being himself. And without the iCarly web show, Nora would've never been in the picture to kidnap the gang and Gibby would've never saved him and become a popular character amongst the group and fans after that.
  • A minor joke, but George the Bra in the Twilight parody says hes great with kids. Makes sense considering breasts are intended to feed children.
  • Remember in "iGo to Japan" when Freddie said about the competing show "Kyoko and Yuki" having an "homefield advantage," since it's a Japanese web show and the iWeb Awards was being held in Japan? Kyoko and Yuki didn't see it that way because even if they have a "homefield advantage," it wouldn't matter because (in their minds), iCarly is a web show juggernaut very appealing to many on an international basis. Which is why they kidnapped them under the pretense of taking them shopping before the award show and left them in the middle of nowhere.
  • iEngageGibby: The newspaper thought Spencer was dead because he was "sculpting with the Angels".
  • Carly's decision to argue for Nora to be released from juvie was also likely influenced by how being separated from her dad had affected her.

Fridge Horror

  • Jeremy was made into a Brother Chuck and vanished from the show. Jeremy was shown to be excessively sick or allergic, and constantly sneezed and coughed. This sickness could have got worse, and Jeremy died.
    • If Jeremy has been sneezing violently since elementary school, it's possible that he was allergic to something in the area and moved away from Washington and possibly the Pacific Northwest depending on the allergy.
  • George The Bra started off telling ghost stories. Eventually he stopped that, and became actually funny. Then one story involved a broken washing machine. To a human that seems trivial. Then think about how a bra might feel in that situation.
  • Nevel has despised Carly ever since she shoved tapenade on his face for trying to kiss him. However, his romantic obsession towards her still doesn't dwindle. This is reflected by the screens in his Hacker Cave which show a montage of Carly's close-up shots. That is some Foe Yay and Stalker with a Crush Fridge Horror.
    • Not only that, but think back to his first appearance. He acts all sweet and gentlemanly (in his mind, actually it was rather creepy) the second he and Carly are alone together. Then he kisses her cheek out of nowhere and slyly says he'll kiss her lips next. After Carly rejects him (and shoves tapenade in his face) he instantly changes his personality and becomes angry, shouts at her, and says she'll "rue the day." Think about it. A guy acting sweet and nice, but becoming ragey when the girl he's hitting on won't let him kiss her...One almost shudders to think of what kind of adult he'd turn out to be...
  • In "iSam's Mom" Spencer gets fed up with Freddie and his mom and his bodyguard staying at the Shays to hide from the "Shadow Hammer" robber whom Freddie caught on video. Spencer switches the number plate of Freddie's apartment with another down the hall so their place is now safe and they can move back in. The Bensons are safe but that means the Shadow Hammer will now go after whoever lives in the apartment they switched numbers with!
    • Or come back once he realizes that the apartments had been switched.
    • Actually, this has already been explained in the "Fridge Brilliance" section.
  • In "iEnrage Gibby" Carly and Sam convince the art critic that he was the reason Spencer (accidentally thought to be dead) died/killed himself because of the mean review about he wrote about Spencer's sculpture make him feel bad. Although it's meant to be played for laughs, the man is obviously feeling horrible thinking that he caused someone to take their own life, and he doesn't come back in the episode. He could become severely depressed before learning that Spencer is alive, or if he gave up art critiquing or moved out of Seattle he may never find out it was a lie.
  • In "iPsycho", when Nora fights Gibby, she seems to have no problem with trying to hit him over the head with a fire poker, possibly knocking him unconscious and or killing him. The horror comes in when you realize: If she had killed Gibby, what would she have done with his little brother Guppy?!
    • Again from "iPsycho", Freddie is lucky that he didn't end up in that fight in "iEnrage Gibby".
    • "iStill Psycho" adds a bit more to it. Nora's parents are every bit as Ax-Crazy as she is. Just how much of her plan in "iPsycho" where they in on? And on top of that, she really could have kept iCarly prisoner forever! And her mother actually tried to kill Mrs. Benson. The whole family are completely deranged Sociopaths (Nora even lampshades that she is one herself, just to show the viewer how truly screwed up she is) who have no problem killing people!
      • Spencer was on the wheel at around 9:30 PM. When the gang woke up in the morning, Nora showed them that he was still spinning, at 7:30 AM. That means he was stuck, spinning on the wheel for 10 hours straight!
      • Not to mention that Spencer still had a FULL BLADDER!
      • Gibby was stuck in the chimney for at least a day. Which leads to even more Fridge Horror, because he could clearly try to communicate with other people on the street at the least, but no one bothered to help him. So that means people were okay with letting a young man be stuck in the chimney!
    • I'm pretty sure that when the first "iPsycho" aired in Australia, they cut out a lot of the fight (including the bit with the fireplace poker).
  • What happened to that stain stick Spencer ate in "iGo Nuclear"?
  • If Sam has had 'hidden feelings' for Freddie.. she has fucked up a lot of scenes involving Creddie and constantly put down Freddie and his own feelings for Carly. If Sam has had them since before "iSaved Your Life", what she did in that episode goes from a concerned friend trying to make sure her other two friends don't get into a relationship for the wrong reason.. and turns it into Sam stabbing her best friend in the back to keep Carly away from Freddie, consciously or not, even if it appears to be for genuine reasons, she's too biased to get involved in the situation, and no matter how it's justified, that's a horrible thing to do to her best friend, morality chain and one of the only two guys who doesn't push her away.
    • That theory takes for granted that Sam realized that she had feelings for Freddie. Which based on the way the arc played out, happened sometime just before Brad showed back up, a long time after "iSaved Your Life". It stills leaves a 'subconscious' explanation but does stop Sam from directly taking action to break them up herself.
  • In "iStart a Fan War", Spencer set off a gas spray in Aspartamay's face (played by Jack Black). When Aspartamay asks what that foul gas was, Spencer admits that it was chlorine. ...Spencer just shot Jack Black in the face with chlorine gas. That's the stuff they used to use to kill people in the trenches.
  • In "iStart a Fan War", Carly dates a guy. When she tells her fans that they're dating they attack him and, if I remember correctly, yell something about killing him. We've been shown how crazy and obsessive the fans are, and Sam had tied him up before hand. He's never seen or mentioned again....
    • Fridge Brilliance: The Creddie shippers were the only ones attacking him. The Seddie shippers probably jumped in to keep him safe, so he would date Carly and Freddie could stick with Sam.
    • The Seddie shippers are mostly (and visibly) just standing around barely joining in the mayhem as the trio escapes the room.
  • In the second appearance of Mandy, notice that she's more annoying than usual and says her dad left her mom. We're laughing at a girl who's on a mental breakdown over her parents splitting up and retreating into presumably the last thing that made her happy.
    • In her first appearance, she says she made her aunt get a motel/hotel room, so she could stay in Seattle. Perhaps she was with her aunt because her parents were in the process of divorcing?
  • Sam's home life is generally Played for Laughs, but lines like "well my mother doesn't feed me" can make one feel like Sam might have an excuse for her behavior.
    • An explanation, not an excuse. There's never an excuse for her kind of behavior.
  • In "iPear Store", one of the scenes shows Trey (the nerdy boy that Carly was interested in) becoming all smooth and everything when Carly comes back from something upstairs. Trey informs Carly she has an "all access pass to Club Trey" and tries to kiss her. Carly refuses, so Trey starts chasing her around the apartment. Spencer walks in and kicks the guys ass. What makes this worse is that he drops hints that he's done this with other girls, and some of them probably didn't have anyone to save them. That's some hefty Fridge Horror right there.
  • "iShock America": Apparently in the Schneiderverse the Federal government has the power to shut down websites for nonpayment of fines structured to network broadcasters.
  • In iChristmas, it's shown that Sam ended up in juvie without Carly to act as a Morality Chain to her. Now consider that in the main timeline of the show Sam has frequently beaten up Freddie, enslaved children to work for her defaced property and other criminal/unethical acts. Just how bad was she in the iChristmas timeline to land in juvie?
    • Worse yet, Sam says in that episode that she never got any visitors until Carly? Meaning not even her own mother and sister visited her.

Fridge Logic:

  • "iGo To Japan": Employing English-illiterate security guards to man the entrances of a venue holding an international contest of various webshows, most of which speak English, in a country where the vast majority of people know at least a few English words, but they don't even know those.
    • Also, why would they put they put the sign: "I Do Not Speak Spanish" in English? Wouldn't they put it in Spanish? This goes for the "I Do Not Speak French" sign.
    • In the same episode, the original videos by the Japanese and French contestants that Carly, Freddie and Sam look up are both in English for some reason.
  • "iStart A Fan War" tried to equate the shippers in-universe with the shippers in real life, except that the equivalency was flawed. Firstly, there is a huge difference between internet fandom are how people would act in real life. People don't go crazy at Miranda, Jennette and Nathan in real life at their public appearances, which is what the Webicon panel would have been like. It would have been Carly Shay, Freddie Benson and Sam Puckett, 3 'real-life' teenage kids who host a web show making a public appearance. Just like how Miranda, Jen and Nathan are 3 real life teenage kids who play parts on a TV show do public appearances. People don't go up to them and go crazy like portrayed on the show.
    • They're not acting, it's their real selves, and the fans are shipping the actual people of Carly, Sam, and Freddie.
    • People in real life simply don't act like that in regards to public/con appearances.
  • "iStart A Fanwar": Isn't chlorine gas green, as well as DEADLY? What was Spencer thinking? Might go under Fridge Horror, considering how we don't see Jack Black get back up at the end of the episode...
    • If it was actual chlorine gas, you'd have known long before the end of the scene, as he'd have been coughing up a lung. And the "he" in question is everyone from Spencer to Jack Black to the guys watching them in the audience.
  • "iBelieve In Bigfoot" and "iWant Locker 239": Sam steals Mrs. Briggs bullhorn, and then gives it to Freddie and runs away with Carly. Freddie then gets in trouble when he tells Mrs. Briggs it was Sam, she doesn't believe him. Same thing goes for what happens in Locker 239, with the locker party and Sam's mom destroying the wall. Really? Sam, arguably the most infamous student at the school at least in their age grade, and Freddie, the nerdy Nice Guy, and they ignore him telling them Sam did it?
    • Partly Fridge Brilliance: Considering the teachers mentioned, they probably just look for an excuse to punish anyone (Punishing Gibby for being "too Gibby"?)
  • Carly looks at the Japanese instruction manual in "iPromise Not to Tell", and guesses "lamp" in Japanese is "rampu". She's right, but the loanword "rampu" should have been in katakana, so how could she have read it?
    • What if it was in romaji? Perhaps in a multi-language instruction booklet? (I know next to nothing about Japanese beyond some high school lessons, so forgive any ignorance.)
    • It's likely that since the instruction booklet was so cheaply made, they didn't bother to get an actual Japanese input method editor to write in proper Japanese and just wrote it with a regular keyboard. Alternately, Carly could have a very basic knowledge of the writing system, which more and more kids into anime do these days.
    • And in the episode "iPie", Carly's wearing a shirt with katakana on it in one scene.
    • Spencer: "Good luck. It's in Japanese."
    • She clearly knows enough that what is written as "ranpu" (ランプ) is pronounced as "rampu". Plus, it would make sense that Carly would know some Japanese after going to Japan (this is the first episode where the iWeb Award is visible in the studio).

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