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Nightmare Fuel / iCarly

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • iWanna Stay with Spencer: If Carly hadn't ducked, the hammer that flew off Spencer's fan of hammers almost certainly would have killed Carly, with a worldwide audience to see it. Granddad Shay definitely had every reason to be concerned about Carly staying with Spencer.
  • iSam's Mom: The Shadow Hammer is a violent criminal, named that way because he's never caught and carries around a hammer as a weapon. Mrs. Benson fears for her and her son's safety after they have their address exposed on TV. They end up hiding in Carly and Spencer's apartment. In the end Spencer gets sick of them, and switches Freddie's apartment number with some random apartment down the hall. At the end of the episode the Shadow Hammer appears, stalking the hallways of their building. He looks at Freddie's apartment, realises it's not the right one, then continues down the hallway to find the apartment that Spencer switched numbers with! Let's hope that apartment was empty!
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  • Nevel Papperman. Okay, it's creepy enough when he just wants a kiss. Then he surrounds his Hacker Cave with close-up shots of Carly on the webshow. Seeing an 11-year-old act this insane is just chilling...and that's just his first appearance! His later actions are even more twisted and cruel, from trying to get Carly brutally beaten by a professional and temperamental boxer, to tricking the others into basically torturing Freddy, all for his sick amusement.
  • Nora in iPsycho lives up to the episode's title. Her insanity isn't played for laughs; she keeps the iCarly crew as her prisoner and tries to murder Gibby with a firepoker when he tries to rescue them. She even wore a creepy Richard Nixon mask while wielding an axe for no reason, looking like a slasher villain!
  • The whole relationship between Lewbert and Marta is terrifying. Everything seemed perfectly normal between them and, for the first time in his life, Lewbert was happy. However, Marta soon changed and turned into crazy Control Freak. The stress led to Lewbert's wart forming and his mental state started dwindling. He decided to jump off a cruise ship, swim to shore and change his identity just to get away from this woman. Years later, Carly and her friends located her and led Marta to Lewbert, resulting in bad memories flooding back. One night, the trio decided to spy on them to see how things were going between them. Marta initially tries being nice and inviting him to the Philharmonics, which he declines. Marta suddenly goes into Yandere mode and demanding him to do what she says. She forcefully cuts his hair while he's cringing in his seat. Although the abuse is supposed to be Played for Laughs, the idea that Lewbert was in an abusive relationship that drove him insane and was almost sucked back into it is terrifying. While he is a scumbag, he didn’t deserve any of this.
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  • The near death experience the girls went through in iQuit iCarly. The insane wind, being up so high in the air, dangling from the platform, the screams... all of it. Dan even admitted himself that it was insanely frightening. On a related note, a college student in Indiana was killed under similar conditions. It is to the point Carly and Sam realize their fighting nearly killed them, causing them plus Fleck and Dave to break down in tears and reconcile.
  • iStill Psycho: Nora's not just insane, but her parents are as well and they're accomplices in her plan to keep the iCarly crew as prisoners.
  • Her way of keeping the gang from making any sudden moves? If they did, she would push a button, which will make Spencer spin so fast, his brain would turn to goo.
  • Chuck's little brother, Chip. While Chuck was a Jerkass with a vendetta against Spencer, he wasn't scary, just vicious and aggressive. At the very least, he only focuses on Spencer and is civil with Carly. Chip, however, has a very well done Death Glare, wants revenge on Spencer for getting Chuck busted and thrown in military school... and is just as good as his brother at beating on Spencer. And he's the little brother.
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  • Mrs. Benson boards the elevator in iCan't Take It and a man hidden in the corner (we as the audience realize it's only Gibby, but she certainly doesn't) reaches past her to press the emergency stop, causing the elevator to jerk to a sudden halt and the lights to automatically dim, adding an even more frightening atmosphere and further disguising him, as if the long coat, hat, and sunglasses weren't enough. When she asks him why he stopped the elevator and her breathing speeds up, it's not hard to imagine where she feared this was heading.
  • Spencer's "garlic-powder prank" flashback is portrayed like a horror movie, with creepy A Nightmare on Elm Street-esque singing, and a whole bunch of kids shrieking in agony as the garlic powder essentially blinded them. It was so bad that the kids, now adults, hold major grudges against Spencer for it, and proceed to beat him when they get the chance.
  • Both times when Carly has a claustrophobic panic attack. The first time it happens (iSpace Out) she, Sam and Freddy are staying in a simulated space pod for 36 hours to win the chance to go into space. At first Carly is the one trying to keep the peace between Freddie and Sam but it ultimately becomes too much for her and she breaks a window to escape. The second time occurs in iSam's Mom where in an attempt to patch things up with Sam and her mom, she gets all three of unwittingly trapped in a confined space. She is reduced to bleating like a goat. Both times are played for laughs but it is rather frightening to watch. Although some may find the goat noises quite annoying.
  • Father McGirthy getting stuck in the floor. Given that he’s morbidly obese, who knows how long he was there?
  • The Halloween episode. Sam, Carly, and Freddy explore a creepy room with bloodstains and an old woman shouting “die”. Turns out it was just the old woman yelling at her cat for getting into the red hair dye (which the kids had assumed was blood), but the fact that the kids were in the dark for most of the time in that room doesn’t help.

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