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Despite being a pretty random, comedic show based as much on Comedic Sociopathy and not so much about being good to their fellow man, the show has managed a number of heartwarming moments between the main characters.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Carly and Spencer

Pretty much every episode that centers on the sibling bond between Carly and Spencer:
  • iWanna Stay With Spencer shows that despite whatever Spencer appears to be, he always has the best interests of his sister in mind.
    • Also inversely, even though Carly knows that her brother's obviously pretty weird and goofs up at times, she still sees Spencer as a responsible guardian.
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    • One scheme Carly tries in an attempt to convince their grandfather that Spencer is responsible is to show up dressed like a Goth (dyed hair and piercings included — though the piercings are revealed to be fake), in the hopes that Spencer will flip out and yell at her. The plan backfires, however, when Spencer says he loves it. After Carly leaves the room, their grandfather asks how Spencer can possibly approve, and Spencer replies that he doesn't. But he figures that Carly's just going through a rebellious phase (as teenagers are wont to do), and that being supportive of her interests is more important than disciplining what she wears. And, you know, he's not wrong.
    • What finally convinces their grandfather to let Spencer keep custody? Just before Carly leaves, their grandfather clearly begins to doubt his decision when Spencer gives him a detailed guide on all of Carly's favorite things. What tips the scales, however, is when Spencer suddenly realizes Carly forgot her inhaler, and bolts after them to give it to her, even though she hasn't had an asthma attack in over five years. Even if there's only a minuscule chance she'll need the inhaler, he's not willing to let Carly risk it.
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  • iPromote Techfoots: After Spencer helps Carly get out of a bad contract, and end up $10,000 richer, she uses it to buy him a motorcycle so he doesn't have to take public transportation anymore.
  • iGot A Hot Room: After the disaster of the titular hot room, Carly and Spencer's happiness once the room is complete is palpable.
  • iDate Sam & Freddie: Carly immediately apologizing and comforting Spencer after insulting him.
    • She later insults Gibby shortly after and then once again immediately hugs him when he starts crying.
  • iPear Store: Spencer protects Carly from Trey's advances.


Carly and Freddie

Carly and Freddie have a peacefully platonic relationship that is warmly compatible and cordial, a strong bond, and despite all the undercurrent of romance, they have had multiple heartwarming moments together:
  • Any time Carly stands up for Freddie and safeguards him from Sam's cruelty and tormenting antics. Kudos to her berating Sam for making Freddie miserable for embarrassingly announcing that he never kissed anyone. It really shows how sweet, gentle and loyal Carly is to her childhood crush.
  • iChristmas Carly running over to Freddie and warmly hugging him towards the end after everything gets back to normal with order restored.
  • iSpeed Date: Despite their awful night out with their horrible dates, Freddie tries to salvage the night by requesting Carly to share a special dance with someone they don't hate. She agrees and they happily share a heartwarming, romantic slow dance together, that visibly clears away the bad memories from the rest of the night, as they dance in each others arms, with Carly's head resting gently on Freddie's shoulder.
  • iSaved Your Life: Freddie courageously sacrifices his own life for Carly when he rescues her from being run over by a food truck, injures himself as a result, is considered a hero and his heroism wins her heart. Smitten with her savior, Carly finally kisses Freddie (and several times too!) passionately after she commends him for his heroics at school and informs Freddie that he means something special to her. As heart-warming as it is, Freddie sacrificing that relationship to avoid hurting Carly in the future is arguably the strongest moment of moral fibre on the show so far, and proves that Freddie truly and selflessly cares deeply for Carly by sacrificing his wishes for someone else's and their friendship beyond just his romantic attraction to her.
    • He does it again during iStart A Fan War (caring deeply for Carly, not saving her life), after Sam screws up and Adam walks out, Freddie steps in to try and fix it for her.
  • iReunite With Missy: Freddie sacrificing the six-month cruise around the world because he knows Missy isn't looking out for Carly's best interests, even if that means he has to keep enduring Sam's antics.note 
  • iParty With Victorious: Freddie courageously willing to stand up for Carly after she cried upon discovering Steven was actually cheating on her (even though she said he'd be "pound silly", she at least thanked him).
  • iOpen A Restaurant: In the school hallway, Freddie at one point cutely and flirtatiously tries asking Carly out if they were too late to love each other, which means that after everything he went through with Sam, he still has feelings for her. He even sheepishly and nervously tries to hide his new crush when Sam questions him. Their little lunch date. Setting up a study date in the hallway. Freddie helping Carly after she got blinded by light and finally, Freddie protecting Carly from Spencer's attack robot.
  • iGoodbye: Carly answers Freddie's question from iOwn A Restaurant by placing her palm on his hand and initiating a kiss with Freddie, who kisses her back, then proudly celebrates with his fists raised in the air as they exit the room. They might be living apart for the next several years, but they won't be apart forever. Freddie and Carly finally get their bittersweet ending, Carly is finally over the litany of jerks and toxic relationships, and Freddie finally has the girl of his dreams, the one he treated so well, even when it meant he lost her for several years.

Sam and Carly

Sam clashes with Carly almost as much as she does with Freddie, but they always know they can depend on the other and that their friendship will survive any trial:
  • Sam reconciling with Carly making up at the end of iQuit iCarly and iDon't Want To Fight following their bitter feud.
  • Sam attacking the bully who shoves Carly to the groundin "iMake Sam Girlier."
  • In "iGot a Hot Room" when Sam comforts Carly after her room's been destroyed. Just the way she says "C'mere, kid." Also, while it may not have done anything to cheer up Carly (in fact, it seemed to make her even more upset), Sam's heart was at least in the right place when she offered to let Carly live with her and her mom, Pam, until her room was remodeled.
  • A relatively small one but in "iShock America", Sam is shown holding Carly's hair back while she's vomiting.

Freddie and Sam

Sam might be a snarky, rude jerk, tormenting bully and a seemingly cruel prankster to Freddie by getting under his skin and maltreating him like dirt, but despite their antagonistically adversarial clashing and locking horns at each other's throats, they share moments that prove beyond doubt that they care deeply for each other with a rock-solid friendship buried underneath their frequent explosively confrontational clashing, because there's so much more amid their forceful headbutting, even if they don't want to admit to it publicly. They have a strong friendship, and had an undercurrent of romantic tension. They briefly dated temporarily early on in Season 5 after she kissed him in the Season 4 finale.
  • Despite the latter's frequent maltreatment and bitchiness torture of the former, Fred and Sam are capable of getting along. The best examples would be the following episodes below:
  • iKiss: Sam feels remorseful for humiliating Freddie on the internet and making him a laughingstock at school. She genuinely apologies to him for publicly announcing he's never been kissed. They share a tentative first kiss in private. Then Freddie jokingly and sarcastically says "I hate you" to Sam before she leaves with a smile on his face, revealing that their animosity isn't truly malicious at all.
  • iReunite With Missy: Sam begging Freddie for help in the hallway, when Missy starts to steal Carly away from their friendship with an evil plot. One of the few moments where she desperatelyneeds him.
    • And it's even more sweet when you realize Freddie gives up a six-month cruise around the world to help her.
  • iMake Sam Girlier: Freddie announces that despite Sam teasing, bullying, pranking, humiliating and tormenting him with physical and emotional pain he thinks of himself and Sam as "good friends."
  • iSaved Your Life: When Sam comes running into the loft, forgetting about the paintball war screaming "Freddie's hurt!" to Spencer in desperation. Perhaps one of several heartwarming times Sam's shown concern for Freddie's physical well-being. Along with her metaphor at the end because she doesn't want to see either of her friends hurt.
  • iOMG: Freddie's speech of friendship towards Sam, to try and help her overcome what he believes is her inability to put herself out there to Brad.
  • iLost My Mind: At the end of the episode, where Carly asks the web show fans what they think of Sam liking Freddie (who says that no one has even asked HIS opinion yet). Then, while Sam is worrying that he is about to embarrass her in front of the entire Internet as payback, he kisses her.
  • iDate Sam And Freddie: They share two adorable kisses during the episode. They also put their arms around each other. They go on multiple dates. They share a smoothie together. Sam calls Freddie "Baby".
    • As Carly said, though it was extreme for Sam to sticking bees in a teacher's car, it showed that Sam cares a lot about Freddie.
  • iCant Take It: Sam shares two more adorable kisses with Freddie, who says "Hey Cuteness" to Sam and she replies "Lips, Please".
    • Freddie refusing to be bribed with the palladium from his mom if it meant breaking up with Sam.
      • Considering that bar was worth around $100,000, I'd say that's pretty sweet of him.
    • Freddie forgives Sam for sabotaging his chances to get into that N.E.RD Camp when he realizes how truly sorry she was and that she really does love him.
    • When Sam says that she no longer hits Freddie in the face. Awww.
  • iLove You: Although they ultimately break up upon realizing that they're far too dissonant and incompatible polar opposites, it was sweet seeing Sam say "I love you" to Freddie—it shows that Sam does have feelings for Freddie and they agree to remain as friends.
  • iBalls: Sam consoling a depressed Freddie (even though she's not trying that hard).
  • Their friendship has become progressively less bellicose and more genuine in the last season.

Sam and Spencer

  • iSaved Your Life. Though it's mostly played for laughs (and probably one of the few episodes showing them together), it's heartwarming to see them having fun with their paintball war, even though their get too carried away with it.
  • iGoodbye. The entire everything that they did together in the episode.


  • in iCook, when Spencer finally gets his hug from Nug Nug.
  • In iBreak A World Record when he let's them share in his World Record after (accidentally) ruining their own attempt at it.


  • Gibby coming to the rescue of the trio during iPsycho is an extremely badass moment of heart-warming.
  • Freddie comforting Gibby in "iLost My Head in Vegas" after he "overdoses" on sugar.
  • Anytime we get to see any interaction between Gibby and his little brother, Guppy (the actors who play Gibby and Guppy are actually brothers in real life).


  • Any time someone shows even the most basic kindness to Freddie.
  • At the end of "iMake Sam Girlier", it seems like Sam ruined her chance with Pete after he sees her beat up Jocelyn. Turns out Sam's toughness was part why he liked Sam in the first place and the two continue their relationship.
  • Sam and her mother, Pam, making up at the end of iSam's Mom
    • "I guess I coulda had a worse kid." "(tearing up) You mean that?"
  • Nevel's emotional apology at the end of iPity The Nevel. Despite the Yank the Dog's Chain, which may or may not have just been Played for Laughs, it's rather heartwarming to see the show's Big Bad repent and pull a Heel–Face Turn like that.
  • Spencer and Marty's friendship in "iBalls". Even more so when you consider that Spencer was willing to rent out his apartment to a disgusting man just to have enough money to pay Marty for being his assistant. And then there's this exchange:
    Sam: Dude, you don't need an assistant!
    Spencer: But Marty needs this job!
  • Carly's speech in iStart a Fan War was really nice, and when she tried to change the fans for the better. The insane shippers deserve it.
  • Carly's internet chat with her father in iMeet The First Lady, plus the fact that Sam, Freddie and Spencer made it possible.
  • Also, Former First Lady Michelle Obama finds out about the chat, which was technically done by hacking. You'd assume that this means the iCarly group would be in trouble? Far from it. She arranges a visit with Secret Service's help to visit Carly and offer support, since she knows how hard it is for families to be separated while they have loved ones serving in the military. She then graciously appears on iCarly and joins in on the dancing.
  • Doubling as a Funny Moment, T-Bone flirts with the First Lady and asks if Michelle is married. He then gets a Delayed Reaction on realizing who she is.
  • This iGoodbye promo with the fans singing farewell to the show.
    • The ending of iGoodbye, in which Carly watches a montage of iCarly webisodes from the series' beginning to its end as she is in her airplane.
    • While she expresses appreciation for Gibby and Freddie's offer to take her to the father/daughter-dance after Spencer's unable to take her (which in itself is also very sweet), the moment in which a tearful Carly laments not having anyone to go to the dance with, and then her father walks in through the door, completely dressed in uniform, and he says he will take Carly to the dance. Cue her cheerful response, the studio audience applauding, and the viewers at home weeping Tears of Joy.


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