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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

  • iFence:
    • Mrs. Benson after Toder insults Freddy during fencing class, she gets not one, but TWO rapiers, and then proceeds to not only beat but drive off the bullies who insulted Freddie.
      • Since this set off her Berserk Button, she did this in her dress, without the typical fencing gear (aside from the helmet, although that was likely to disguise the stunt double.) Remember that this is a woman who is so neurotic, she refuses to let her child hold scissors and carries a first-aid kit in a 3-foot high toolbox. There are no less than 5 fencing foils flying around (including 3 aimed at her) and she still jumped into a 3-on-1 fight with no armor and kicked their butts from pillar to post.
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    • In the same episode, after the Dorfmans leave, Carly gets a minor one when she very coldly tells Spencer to go in the kitchen and clean it up without her, because he wasn't there to help her at that point.
  • iCarly Saves TV:
    • Carly gets her own TV show, but the producer forces her to let a Barney-like dinosaur named Zeebo on the show with her and Sam. After less than a minute of putting up with Zeebo, Sam grabs the nearest microphone, tackles Zeebo to the ground and for the next thirty seconds, proceeds to beat the tar out of him. After five seconds of beating it was just silly, but it got hilarious about 15 second in.
    • The TV exec informs them of a change to the show involving Sam. She proceeds to tell him what she will do if she has to wear the dinosaur costume, he interrupts her and tells her that she is fired. Carly defends Sam and later mentions how she can't do iCarly without Sam. While Carly and Freddie seem upset about this, Sam doesn't care, but she does want to know if she gets fired, does she still get paid for the whole week. When he tells her yes, she says, without an inch of remorse, "Later" then walks off eating ribs as the most aloof and unaffected person to ever be fired from a TV show or any job for that matter. She didn't even respond to Carly and Freddie calling for her to not to walk off the set.
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    • Freddie snapping and quitting after being told to clean a toilet.
  • iRue the Day
    • Carly using her military connections to force Nevel to stop hacking into her website.
  • iDon't Want to Fight
    • This episode focused on Carly and Sam's feud. So Freddy decided makes a poll with two options for fans to vote for - if Carly was right or if Sam was right. But WAIT, he admits that he added another option for fans to vote and it's: "Carly and Sam are both acting dumb and should make up and be friends again" the third option gets the most votes and wins in a landslide and Carly and Sam apologize to each other. And Carly starts, despite having more votes than Sam.


Season 2

  • iOwe You:
    • Sam quitting her job. Anybody who's worked a crappy job dreams of being that awesome.
  • iGo To Japan:
    • Carly and Sam acting out the entire plot to a group of security guards that don't speak English.
    • Everything else in that scene as well.
    • Sam taking down Kyoko and Yuki, who were fighting for at least a few minutes in a few seconds.
  • iKiss
    • Carly vehemently berating Sam for jerkishly and callously informing the world that Freddie's never kissed anyone with a scathing tirade. Usually she just tries to avert and prevent any conflict between them, but even she knows that her best friend crossed the line. This is then followed by Sam feeling remorseful and admitting that Carly was right about going too far, then Sam calls out the people that have been taunting Freddie because of it, and revealing that she never kissed anyone either on-air to thousands of viewers, which renders Carly speechless.
  • iWant My Website Back:
  • iMeet Fred:
    • While it was ruined shortly afterward by Sam essentially torturing him into taking it back, Freddie standing up to Lucas, the man who had basically launched a cyberbullying campaign against him as a publicity stunt, and refusing to take back the opinion he is entitled to, was pretty ballsy.
  • iMake Sam Girlier:
    • After Sam realizes that her Tsundere tendencies are causing her to be treated like a boy amongst her peers, she gets Carly to try and give her an image makeover at the same time that a senior bully named Jocelyn has started pushing around students at her school. During Jocelyn's first confrontation with Sam, Sam backs off, still wanting to maintain her attempt to be more feminine. When Jocelyn pushes Carly down, however, all bets are off. Sam goes into a screaming frenzy, giving Jocelyn the beatdown of her life and forcing her to tap (and scaring off her two bully friends just by screaming at them). Oh, and the guy she's trying to get, the one she tried to become more feminine for? It turns out he actually did like Sam for her tomboyishness, and the two of them proceed with their date.
      • Not to mention: "OOUUT!"
      • And this is after Carly tells Sam, "Rip her head off," straight after she got pushed down.
  • iTake on Dingo:
    • Spencer infiltrates Charles Dingo's secret cryogenic chamber and gets rid of a security guard with verbal abuse.
    • Sam whacking the douchebag Totally Terri writer with a sock full of butter TWICE.
  • iFight Shelby Marx:
    • Carly, Sam and Shelby (with Freddie's help and Gibby's lighting) giving Nevel his comeuppance for tricking Shelby.

Season 3

  • iQuit iCarly:
  • iSaved Your Life:
    • Freddie risking his life to push Carly out of the way of the truck that was about to hit her.
    • In the middle of the Sam/Spencer paintball war, a large box is delivered to the Shay apartment. Spencer is understandably cautious. He gets the delivery guy to open it, check for Sam, and to remove the item inside; a large lollipop. The delivery guy says that they don't call it a lollipop where he comes from.
    Spencer: What do they call it?
    Delivery Guy: A sucker.
    • He then smacks Spencer across the face with the sucker, sending him staggering back, and dives out of the way. Then Sam flips down from the doorway, hangs upside down, and nails Spencer with a headshot while he's still trying to get his paintball gun up. And the crowd goes wild.
    • The records that this episode managed to set. With 11.16 million viewers, not only did it become Nick's most watched live action telecast in history, but also their most watched half-hour telecast ever (it tops any episode of SpongeBob to date), AND 2010's most watched non-sports cable telecast. And then it proceeded to bring upon their biggest premiere ever. For Martin Luther King Day, that was absolute insanity.
    • While heartwarming, Sam comes back to tell Spencer "FREDDIE'S HURT!" and throws the pizza Spencer was using as a shield to the floor to get his attention.
  • iCook:
    • Near the very end of the episode, after the group has talked Ricky Flame out of his slump, when the group finds him at a school ''wrestling little children'' because he has discovered it is winning that he likes, he then forces Carly to wrestle him. Sam them pummels him to the ground. Proceed to watch him mope on the floor. The group then leaves. Cue credits, thank you very much.
  • iHave My Principals:
    • Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby work to drastic extremes to get Principal Franklin his job back. They end up in an insane situation by locking Ms. Briggs and Mr. Howard in a closet, and then the students break out of their uniforms, and start attacking superintendant Gorman to show that Briggs and Howard aren't fit to run the school. When Franklin comes back, after the students quiet down, Gorman offers him to come back. Then, Howard begs him not to drop his position, claiming, "My wife finally thinks I'm not a loser!" Gorman replies back saying, "You are." And then, when Franklin is about to punish Carly, Sam and Freddie, Carly interrupts him, saying Howard and Briggs are gone, and after a moment of silence, he says, "I love you guys". That was a big standout for this troper.
  • iPsycho:
    • Former Joke Character Gibby taking a serious level in badass at the end of iPsycho and kicking down a frickin' door! Followed by an epic, intense fight scene with the crazy fan Nora in order to save his kidnapped friends, where he emerges victorious.
    • Credit also has to be given to the iCarly trio for getting out a message to Gibby alerting him of their situation without tipping off Nora to what they were doing.
    • Also one note that Gibby has brightened up a bit by being able to decode the message. Remember when he totally missed the hidden messages tbe iCarly gang were giving him in iWin A Date?
  • iMove Out
    Freddie's Mom: You get up to your room this instant Freddie Benson, I am your mother and you will do as I say!
    Freddie: No!
    *Freddie's Mom then blames Carly*
    Freddie: I think you should go.
    Freddie's Mom: No, I'm sorry, I have to leave. And when you realize you can't handle living on your own, you may come home, where I'll be waiting with a big steaming bowl of I told you so.
    Freddie: I'm not coming home. I live here now.
    Freddie's Mom: Eat this prune pop!!!
    Freddie: I don't want that prune pop.

Season 4

  • iGot a Hot Room:
    • That room. Seriously. Exactly as Spencer said, it's enough to make all the other teenage girls cry.
  • iStart a Fan War. The pure insanity thats occurs throughout the entire second half.
  • iHire an Idiot
    • The entire second half. Freddie stands up for himself against Carly and Sam, got to fire Cort, tricked the girls with the most ingenious plan since Sam tricked Spencer last season and the best part of all that? He wins. For the first time ever, Freddie Benson actually beat the girls and got to keep said victory. Even Sam was so impressed she did nothing to him.
  • iOMG:
    Sam: That's it! Get out of here before I do a double fist dance on your face.
    Freddie: You can threaten your double fist face dancing all you want! (pause) But Carly's still right. Look...I know it's scary for you to put your feelings out there. 'Cause you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back. Everyone feels that way. But you never know what might happen if you don't-(Sam kisses Freddie on the lips out of nowhere. (Behind this, Carly can be seen watching in shock. After Sam stops, Freddie looks speechless) I...
    Sam: Sorry.
    Freddie: It's cool.
  • Most of iParty with Victorious. Mainly the gang's revenge on Steven and the Theme Song mashup at the end.
    • The latter especially since all of the regular cast members get to join in, as opposed to just Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice.
    • A small one at the beginning of the episode when Freddie says that Sam's family is filled with freaks and mutants; all she can say is, "Touché."

Season 5

  • iLost My Mind. Even if you don't ship Seddie, you've got to admit that Freddie had a pretty awesome moment when he pointed out that nobody had yet asked him how he felt about the whole situation. And if you do ship Seddie, you probably enjoyed the kiss that followed as well.
  • iDate Sam and Freddie, with Carly joining everyone who hates like the idea of Sam dating Freddie. Frustrated and fed up with getting dragged into the midst of their frequent explosively confrontational clashing and falling outs, she angrily berates them they should both stab each other in the face with a fork, bluntly declaring that they might as well break up if they can't learn to get along and resolve their own issues themselves.
  • iStill Psycho, Mrs. Benson and T-Bo getting dangerous and saving the gang from the Dershlit family. T-Bo proves to be a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass and singlehandedly takes out Mr. Dershlit off-screen, while Mrs. Benson goes full Mama Bear and defeats Mrs. Dershlit and Nora in a sword fight. Keep in mind that unlike the previous time she showed off her fencing skills, she is now facing opponents who were trying to kill her and she beat them so badly, that Sam just decided to sit back and watch the fight.
    • And to cap it all off, at the end, Sam calmly walks up to the winded Dershlits and knocks them all out with Spencer's electric pen. Not to mention how she easily disarmed and flipped Nora over the table to get the remote away from her.
    Sam: Okay, I'm tired of these Dershlits.
    • T-Bo had a minor CMOA when he told Mrs. Benson the truth about himself.
    "Okay, nobody calls me Terrence. I am T-Bo. T! Bo! I'm not fancy. I don't talk like this. I sling smoothies. I put foods on sticks. And I like a lotta women!"
    • Half this, Half CMOF. After the Dershlits pulled a very creepy 'forever, and ever, and ever' talk on them twice, we get this Ironic Echo:
    Carly (to the downed Nora): Well Nora, you and your freak parents are going to jail. Forever...
    Sam and Freddy (all three creating a similar monotone): And ever. And ever. And ever.
    Nora (weakly): And ever?
    All three: Yes. And ever. And ever. And ever.
  • iPear Store:
    • Spencer takes a serious level in badass beating up Trey after he tries to force Carly to kiss him. Doubly awesome because usually Spencer is the one who gets beat up. Even better, after physically throwing Trey out of the apartment, the little twerp whines that he left his phone in there... so Spencer grabs the phone, smashes it to smithereens with a shovel, and then throws the pieces at him. Seriously, don't try mess with Spencer's little sister on his watch.
      Spencer: You didn't put a case on there.
    • After indirectly getting Freddie fired from the Pear Store, Sam casually quits by tossing her tag on the ground and walks away.
  • iBattle Chip:
    • Sam beats the tar out of a bully for picking on a kid.
    • There's also Freddie, who fixes Gibby's wrecked toy laser gun. Here's the catch, when he fixed it, it fired a real laser.
    • Spencer getting some payback on Chip for tormenting him.
      • And Spencer using Gibby's phazer to destroy Chip's plan involving superglue.
  • In iRescue Carly, to prove she's not a scared little "baby girl", Carly goes to a "Smashing house party" at an abandoned house held by Dana, Sam's old delinquent friend. When Carly sees the crowd is too rough for her she calls Freddie and Gibby to be with her. Dana and her guests tie them up against the wall and proceed to throw objects at them smashing them near their head. Then Sam shows up armed with just a sock full of hard butter and nightvision goggles she got from Spencer, turns off the lights, and proceeds to beat the crap out of Dana and 30 of her friends.
  • Near the end of iBust a Thief, when Funk E. Fester's is seconds away from closing, Spencer is playing the electronic basketball game and manages to score 1000 points in the nick of time, which is enough to get him the magic dolphin that he had longed for since he was a kid.
  • Freddie's double raised fist celebration after kissing Carly in iGoodbye.
    • Not to mention Sam's final insult to Miss Briggs in the first scene.
    Miss Briggs: (to Carly and Sam) Shouldn't you girls be getting to class by now?
    Sam: Shouldn't you be married by now? (a defeated Briggs walks away)


  • As for Sam: her stylish "finishing blow" on Spencer in their paintball war in iSaved Your Life; her Unstoppable Rage in iMake Sam Girlier; her dance portion in iWas a Pageant Girl also counts.
  • In iSaved Your Life, Freddie gets hit by a truck as he pushes Carly out of its path, demonstrating his willingness to put his life on the line for the people he cares for. Hard to top that. Furthermore, in iGo to Japan, Freddie overrides the video signal to broadcast to the audience how Carly and Sam acted out their (mis)adventures in Japan and how they were sabotaged by their rival competitors. The same video he had aired earned them the Best Comedy title for the iWeb Awards.

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