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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

  • "iPilot": When Sam tells her the video of them making fun of Mrs. Briggs has only 27 views. Carly then notifies her of the little "k" next to it...
    Carly: Sam...
    Sam: Yeah?
    Carly: THAT'S TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND! (Sam falls off chair)
    • Carly and Sam shouting "I DON'T KNOW!" at each other in fake French accents.
  • "iWant More Viewers": PEE ON CARL
    • Additionally, the cop who brings Spencer back to the apartment is named Carl.
    • Of course there's also when Sam and Carly's sign gets ruined by the rain.
    Seattle Beat Hostess: That sign is messed up!
    • Spencer meeting Ms. Briggs again.
    Spencer: Oh, hello Ms. Briggs. Or, now that I'm older, may I call you "Margaret"?
    Ms. Briggs: You may not!
    Spencer: Why?
    Ms. Briggs: My name is Francine!
  • "iDream of Dance": Sam, during her dream:
    Sam: (while dancing with a group of other students to Miss Brigs playing the bagpipes) Who choreographed this?!
  • "iSpy a Mean Teacher": Freddie's giant plastic piece of pie.
    Sam: (holds up a large plastic fork) Hey look, it even comes with a giant fork!
    • Carly and Freddie are trapped in the teacher's closet.
    Carly: We're in a very serious situation here, Freddie. This is no time to bust a move!
    • This gem:
    Freddie: I guarantee you, in twenty years, I will be Carly's second husband.
    Carly: What happened to my first husband?
    Freddie: Nothing you can prove.
  • "iWill Date Freddie":
    Mrs. Benson: You won't get respect if your back's not erect!
  • "iPromise Not To Tell": Spencer's casual attempts to turn on his new lamp while speaking with Carly
    Spencer: "What?-Lamp?-What?
    • Not to mention when Carly and Spencer are both screaming "RANPU!"note at the lamp, Freddie comes in, sees what they're doing, looks at the camera, and sloooowly backs out...
    • Spencer buys Carly a giant TV for her room after being falsely led into thinking she really did get straight A's. Given her guilt, she doesn't want it, so she suggests to give it to a hobo. Spencer's response is telling her that would be silly since "hobos can't afford cable." At first she uses this as a Wild Card Excuse when she runs off from the conversation due to sadness...and then she continues bringing it up like it really is part of what's bogging her down. Especially hilariously used as Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking when she hits her Rage Breaking Point, as we rummage through her thoughts of things said to her earlier in the episode regarding her false straight A's, ending on "Hobos can't afford cable!"
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  • In "iDon't Want to Fight":
    Sam: Guess what else I got?
    Freddie: Pimples on your butt? (Sam turns back to him and gives him a Death Glare, prompting Freddie to sprint out of the room)
    Sam: He was smart to run.
  • "iHatch Chicks": Sam and Cary hear one of the missing chicks in the drain, and they flip a light-switch. Buuut it turns out to be the garbage-disposal instead. The good news was the chick was in a pipe, not the garbage disposal, but Carly's scream made it hilarious.
    • Also this exchange...
    Carly: What's the temperature in here?
    Spencer: Seventy-two!
    Carly: Turn the heat up to ninety!
    Spencer: Ninety degrees?
    Sam: No, ninety pickles! Yes ninety degrees!
  • "iWin A Date":
    Gibby: I'm all Gibby. And you know what that means?
    Carly: Tell her what it means Gibby!!!
    Gibby: It means I like to dance! WITH MY SHIRT OFF!!
    • Also, the scene earlier on where they keep hint-dropping that the girl Gibby wants is number 2 by emphasizing it anytime they say "two" or a homophone of it. And he doesn't catch on at all.
    Sam: Girl number one... (Gets in his face) GIRL NUMBER TWO... and girl number three.
    Carly: (after both looking irritated that he still hasn't caught on) If you really want TO go on a date with Shannon, then you need TO choose carefully.
    Sam: That's all you have (together) TO! do.
    Gibby: (mockingly) Oh...kaaaay!
  • In "iGot Detention", as part of the 50th webcast video, a student answers correctly, "Mr. Howard Eats Pants", when Mr. Howard returns. He then notices the sentence. His reaction sells it.
    Mr. Howard: WHO WROTE THIS?! WHO WROTE THIS LIE?! Never in my entire life have I eaten one pair of pants!
    • The kid who the iCarly trio used to distract Mr. Howard into leaving the kids in detention alone. Better yet, it's the exact same kid from the pilot episode that Carly and Sam chastised in the talent show!


Season 2

  • "iSaw Him First":
    Carly: I have a date with Shane tonight!
    Sam: Obviously!
    Carly: What's that supposed to mean?
    Sam: Why don't you ask your new helping bra!?
    Carly: (gasps) That's it! I'm out of here!
    (Carly walks out, walks back in)
    Carly: This is my house.
    (Sam walks out)
    Carly: (defensively) There's nothing wrong with a little help.
  • Sam's hilarious tirade after being given a 526-dollar tip by an adult hired by Carly and Freddie in "iOwe You". Admit it, watching a 15 year old girl crazily dancing on top of the counter, showing other customers her tip before stuffing her face with their fries, eating chili directly from the pot and sticking a plunger right onto her boss's face before dancing out of the door made you laugh out loud.
  • "iStage An Intervention" has one for Carly/Spencer and one for Sam.
    • Sam delivering a rant against the audience of the Video Game Channel.
      Sam: Stop watching the Video Game Channel, you big bunch of losers; you're wasting your lives! Get a job, kiss a girl, do something! (turns to reporter) ...No offense.
    • Carly confronting Spencer about his Pak-Rat addiction.
      Carly: *hoses Spencer* What about the labradoodle sculpture for that important doctor guy!?
      Spencer: He's not picking it up 'til Sunday!
      Carly: Today is Sunday! *hoses him again*
      Spencer: It is?
      Carly: Yes! You have a problem; you're addicted to Pak-Rat!
      Spencer: I am not!
      Carly: *hoses him again* Admit it!
      Spencer: No! I am not addicted to Pak-Rat! *gets hosed again* Would you stop squr- *gets hosed again* I'm addicted to Pak-Rat!*
      Carly: I know! *hoses him again*
    • And at the very end of the episode:
      Spencer: Carly? Carls? Hey?
      Carly: *sleepy* Hmmmmmm?
      Spencer: Did you play Pak-Rat all night?
      Carly: Mm-hmm. It's so fun...
      Spencer: Yeah...all right, kiddo. Go on up to bed.
      Carly: Carry me... *he does* It's such a fun game...
      Spencer: I know.
  • Near the end of "iChristmas":
    Carly: Thank you, Mitch.
    Mitch: Thank you.
    Carly: Why thank me?
    Mitch: Because, if it weren't for you, I would have never gotten my wings. *computer screen shifts down to show a plate of chicken wings*
    Carly: ...Chicken wings?
  • Carly and Freddie's horrified reaction to finding out Mandy bought the iCarly website.
    Freddie: Aw man, it is her!
    • The only thing we hear of Mandy's plan to get the website back from Nevel:
  • In "iLook Alike", Spencer has a moment where he acts like an adult for a change and refuses to let Carly go to an MMA fight because they are too violent.
    Spencer: Look, I'm sorry you're upset, but I'm in charge here. You're the kid, and I'm the adult.
    *Carly proceeds to take his smoothie off his hands*
  • In "iTwins", this exchange.
    Melanie: Maybe Sam hates you.
    Freddie: You are Sam!
    Melanie: Really? Would Sam do... this?
    * (Melanie kisses Freddie*
    Freddie: (distressed) You swore we'd never do that again.
    Melanie: I didn't swear anything. *leans in again*
    * Freddie flees*
  • In "iFight Shelby Marx", Spencer suffers from short-term memory loss. As a result, he asks the same questions over and over, until Carly gets fed up with it.
    Spencer: So how was school today?
    Carly: IT BLEW UP OK!
    • Another one of his side effects is uncontrollable muscle spasms. He ends up flinging a full tub of popcorn out of Gibby's hands TWICE ("Not cool, man") and slapping Shelby Marx.
    • Sam tunes into a pay-per-view channel to watch Shelby Marx without permission. When Spencer realizes it, he starts to get worried. Then she tries to pacify him by saying it only costs eighty bucks, which of course makes him freak out more. And then she mentions she ordered it in HD so it was actually a hundred. His reactions are just priceless.
    • Later, when Freddie locks Nevel in the ring after the match:
    Nevel: Ok, Freddie, I'm not scared of you.
    Freddie: That's cool. Gibby! Lights!
    (Gibby turns a spotlight on Carly)
    Carly: Hello, Nevel.
    Nevel: I'm not scared of you, either.
    (Gibby turns a spotlight on Sam)
    Sam: S'up, Nevel.
    Nevel: Ok, you I'm scared of.
    • And when Shelby has a spotlight fixed on her:
      Shelby: Hi, Nevel.
      Nevel: Oh, dear.
  • In "iRocked the Vote", after Wade Collins explains that he needed the prize money for his mother, who is sick in the hospital.
    Carly: Aww! His mother needs surgery...
    Spencer: (deadpan) ...She's not gettin' it now.
    • And after Spencer gives back the yo-yo he was playing with, only with the two plastic sides broken off...
      Spencer: I think someone broke your yo-yo.
      Carly: I think you need to go downstairs.
    • Lets be real, Wade Collins was a huge jerk, but the whole montage of his Jerkass behavior ended up being too hilarious to hate.
    • Wade calling people hobknockers.
  • "iMeet Fred": Freddy getting hated by everyone in school after his insults "kill" Fred.
    Freddie: I didn't know it was going to turn into this whole brouhaha!
    Sam: Brouhaha?
    Carly: You can't say things like "brouhaha" and not expect to get hit!
  • Kelly Cooper: Terrible Movie.
  • "iPie": This exchange when Spencer is trying to get a pie recipe:
    Trudy: How about we move this party to the couch?
    Spencer: The couch is broken...
    Trudy: (suggestively) Then let's go break it some more.
    • And then there's this scene:
    Sam: (flatly) Oh my gosh, the bear ate Freddie. (he's actually in a bear costume) Bad bear! (hits Freddie with an umbrella, knocking him to the floor)
    Freddie: (gets to his feet with Carly's help) Never do that again!
    Sam: You're not the boss of me. (hits Freddie AGAIN with the umbrella, knocking him right back down)
  • From "iTake On Dingo", "SIT DOWN, GLENN." Something about the way Miranda Cosgrove delivers that line is just hilarious!
    • Then there's the butter sock.
    • "Hey, what's in that sock?!" "PAYBACK!"
    • "What're we gonna do?!" "We're gonna find them, and kick them in their dingos!"
    • On the topic of the frozen head of Charles Dingo:
    Hobo: I heard that Charles Dingo's head is somewhere deep in the bowels of the original studio.
    Spencer: See? It's in the bowels!
    Carly: Alright, next person who says bowels sleeps in the bathtub!
    Hobo: Bowels! I got the bathtub!
    (Carly frantically closes the window)
  • "iGo to Japan": Carly and Sam have a discussion about what is more important- pudding or legs- while on swing sets and barefoot.

Season 3

  • "iThink They Kissed": Freddie managed to pin Carly to the ground.
    Carly: Whoa! When did you get so strong?
    Freddie: Same time the voice got lower!
    • Also:
      Sam: You spoke of it!
      *Freddie screams, throws his cable, and runs out the door*
  • "iCook": Carly getting absolutely belted with a pillow so hard it split the cover.
    • Also, Spencer and Nug-Nug finally meeting in the Groovy Smoothie, complete with slow motion hug.
      • These lines:
      Carly: Where are the meatballs?
      Sam: Right about here (pats stomach) being dissolved by my stomach acid.
  • "iSpeedDate":
    Spencer: Come here, we need to talk.
    Carly: *sits down* What about?
    Spencer: Well... OK. You're going to a dance tonight. You know... with a new guy.
    Carly: Mmm-hmmm.
    Spencer: So I just think it's time you and I had a little talk about...
    Carly: *interrupts* I'm not having this conversation.
    Spencer: Thank you so much!
    • Sam tries to get the bacon:
      Freddie: Girls who are rude to me don't get a bag of bacon *holds up bacon*
      Sam: *really fast* Whoa, Freddie, I never realized what a hot handsome hunk of boy you really are. *immediately grabs the bag of bacon*
      Freddie: Better.
  • In "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love", Carly tries to tell Marta that perhaps it won't work between her and Lewbert. Marta knows exactly what's going on.
    Marta: You want me out of the picture so you can have Lewbert for yourself!
    Carly: Lewbert for my... the... I'm fifteen!
  • "iMove Out": Every time Spencer gets mauled by Harmoo the cat.
    • Not to mention the scene where the Petographers are hysterically crying over the fact that Sam stole Harmoo.
  • "iSaved Your Life": Everything Mrs. Benson says, included but not limited to:
    Mrs. Benson: (About the flowers Carly brought over for Freddie) I soaked them in bleach and pounded them with a mallet.
    Mrs. Benson: * leans over right next to Carly's ear* It should have been you!
    • The overly long security code for Freddie's room.
  • "iWas A Pageant Girl": The dress removal scene.
    Carly: And thanks for being gentle!
    • Also:
    Sam: *after wearing the dress* I feel hot!
    Carly: I feel violated!
  • "iEnrage Gibby": Freddie trying to talk to Gibby.
    (Gibby smacks Freddie's coffee out of his hands)
    Freddie: That was a chai latté!
    Gibby: Yeah, well I'm gonna make you a die latté!
    Gibby:(Unabashed of his Incredibly Lame Pun)Yeah. I said it.
    Veronica: I just wish I could hold him one more time...
    Spencer: You can hold me!
    Veronica: *Screams*
  • The climax to the Spencer/Mrs. Gibson sub-plot in "iFix A Popstar". Both of them start seeing relatives in them (Spencer sees Gibby, Mrs. Gibson sees Carly), they both freak out. And it's hilarious.
    • An angry Carly saying the Ginger Fox dances "like a diseased elephant".
  • "iBloop": When Drake Bell enters in character as Drake Parker.
  • "iBelieve In Bigfoot": The squirrel "wrestling" scene.
    Carly: I see some trees, some bushes... and oh, two squirrels wrestling.
    Freddie: Carly?
    Carly: Mm-hmm?
    Freddie: The squirrels are not wrestling.
    Carly: (pauses) Oh.
    • Then later:
      Spencer: Did you see those squirrels?
      Carly: (very quickly) Don't talk about it!
  • "iBeat The Heat": Oh, Spencer.
    Spencer: (as fast as humanely possible) It is a fifteen kilowatt liquid propane generator with a nine hundred and ninety-three cc pro-guard thirty-five horsepower v-twin engine- yeah I said all that.
    • This exchange:
    Mrs. Benson: When the temperature gets too high, the elderly will start to die!
    Spencer: Wow, that's a creepy rhyme!
    • Carly, realizing that there are way too many people in their apartment, loudly asks for just a few people to leave. As she opens the door, at least fifteen more people come running in the apartment.
    • Sam coming out of the freezer with a slice of frozen pizza in her mouth.
    Carly: I blame myself.
  • Again from "iThink They Kissed", when Spencer is teaching an art class to a group of convicts at a prison:
    Spencer: Stabbing . . . isn't really an emotion; it's more of an activity. That I hope you don't do to me.
    Convict: Well. Maybe. I. FEEL! STABBY!

Season 4

  • "iGot a Hot Room": Upon hearing his great-grandmother's watch was insured for $82,000, Spencer's pants drop by themselves, for no particular reason.
    Accountant: (deadpan) Look down.
    • The Fire Chief's reaction to Spencer introducing himself
    Fireman: Yeah. We know who you are.
    • Spencer telling Sam and Freddie to move out of his way as he runs upstairs when Carly screams her room's on fire, and then as they follow him up, he turns and runs back down the stairs, screaming at Sam and Freddie to move out his way, before sprinting across the apartment and running out of the door, closing it on Sam, Carly and Freddie before they can reach it.
    • After Carly's room has been rebuilt...
    Freddie: You got your room back.
    Gibby: Except for all your old photos and other personal items that can never be replaced.
    Everyone: GIBBY!!!
  • "iSam's Mom": Carly completely freaks out when being trapped in a very tiny room with Sam and her mom at the family therapist's office. Sam and her mom manage to have a touching reconciliation while Carly is crawling over the place, bleating like a goat!
    • This gem, as well:
    Carly: And don't leave your panties in the stairs!
    Sam: I told you I don't like that word!
    Spencer: Too bad! Stairs! Stairs! Stairs!
  • "iGet Pranky": Spencer's pranking montage was just hilarious.
    • At one point, he wiggles his butt around in an elderly couple's face.
  • "iStart a Fan War"...pretty much any scene with Spencer and Aspartamay. Like this one:
    Aspartamay: You have the breath of a dastardly goat with infected gums.
    Spencer: Your words have no bite. For they are spoken by a gutless thief. Sprung from a lineage of cowards and hog farmers!
    (The crowd gasps in shock.)
    Aspartamay: ...Okay, seriously dude, you take that back right now.
    Spencer: No returns, man. I put it out there and it's staying out there!
    • Or this one:
    Aspartamay: Say your costume's lame.
    Spencer: Okay ... YOUR COSTUME IS LAME!
    • Not to mention Spencer's dramatic entrance... followed by him announcing that someone should fix that steam pipe that burst outside the door.
    • Also the scene where Gibby, Guppy, and their completely insane grandfather ordering food from the drive-thru, only their grandfather wants soup, yet the restaurant he is patronizing does not serve soup. Gibby’s frustrations on dealing with the situation add to the humor and Guppy repeatedly shouting ‘French Fries!’ gets a special mention since the drive-thru operator keeps hearing that. Even more funny is that when Guppy shouts it for the final time, Gibby orders him to shut up. Also, when he asks his grandfather why they cannot eat at Webi Con, his Insane Troll Logic answer makes you want to bust a gut.
  • The cameo involving Stacy from Zoey 101 in iHire An Idiot. While being interviewed for an internship, Carly nervously screams, "Get out of here!" almost in a disturbed way.
  • The second scene of "iOMG" was amusing, too.
    Sam: Well at least you learned something.
    Carly: No we didn't.
    Sam: Oh that's right, you learned nothing.
    Carly: We wasted your time!
  • The Old Spice parody. Complete with Gibby as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like!
  • "iParty With Victorious": Spencer in Kenan Thompson's hot tub and Sikowitz from Victorious scaring the living crap out of him when he pops out from under the water yelling. Also a still in shock Spencer's incoherent speech afterwards.
    • Everything with Mona, Spencer's ex-girlfriend. Mona is still broken up over him shattering her heart...and her leg.
    • "Random Humiliation!"
    • After Freddie says he just realized something, Gibby says so did he and that there are no yellow foods. The others start naming yellow foods, which is funny enough. But then Gibby starts naming yellow foods. It's much funnier in context...
    • A Running Gag throughout the episode is a guy dressed as a panda crashing Andre's party and smacking people with a tennis racket.
    • During the Leave It All To Me/Make It Shine mash-up, Kenan just bursts into the room and "sings" the "'Cause I'm telling you just I feel" line from Leave It All To Me and swiftly exits the way he came. What really makes it, however, is the dumbfounded looks on the iCarly crew's faces afterwards.

Season 5

  • "iCan"tTakeIt": Mrs. Benson's meltdown after unsuccessfully trying to bribe Freddie into break up with Sam.
  • Carly and Spencer being told to bed by Spencer's girlfriend in "iLoveYou". Made even funnier because they both comply with almost no hesitation. Carly even innocently says "Goodnight" before leaving.
  • In "iRescueiCarly", Carly tries taking the elevator in her home, only to open the door and see two little girls riding it for some unexplained reason.
  • The entire subplot in "iToeFatCakes" where Carly is trapped in her bathtub for hours after getting her toe stuck in the faucet.

Season 6

Tie-in Merchandise

  • The show's original soundtrack is worth a mention, since it also has tie-ins with several Season 1 episodes. The four main characters simulate being DJs throughout the disc, inserting intermissions between tracks. It seems all of them are in incredibly snarky moods (emphasis on the girls) while doing their dialogues.
    Freddie: Let's play an improv game. You start by saying one word, and we just keep going until it turns into a story. Sound fun?
    Carly: Not really.
    Sam: No.
    Spencer: I'm tired.
    Freddie: Come on. Okay, I'll start. Yesterday...
    Carly: People...
    Spencer: Gathered...
    Sam: In...
    Freddie: The...
    Carly: Ocean...
    Spencer: Which...
    Sam: Made...
    Freddie: Them...
    Carly: Wet. (deadpan) Fun game.
    Freddie: (sighs in defeat) I'll play the next song.
  • And another one:
    Sam: Hey, check out what I bought today.
    Carly: You went to Build-a-Bra without me?
    Freddie: Can we talk about ANYTHING else?
    Carly: Ooh! You got the glow-in-the-dark straps!
    Sam: I know. Does Build-a-Bra rock or what?
    Carly: So rocks.
    Freddie: Oh-kay, next song!

  • Michelle Obama winning a bag of nuts and bolts.
    Michelle: Yes, now I can finally finish building that robot!
    Secret Service Agent: *whispers something in her ear*
    Michelle: Oh, I wasn't supposed to mention the robot?


  • In this video, Victoria Justice is driving around with the iCarly gang. Freddie mentions she's in Victorious, and then tells her that she looks a lot like Shelby Marx. She responds, "Yeah, I get that a lot."
  • From iQuit iCarly, we have this exchange while Carly is hanging off the edge of a building:
    Freddie: CARLY! DON'T LET GO!

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