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  • An unusual example for a kid show, near the end of one webcast Sam closes by saying, "Courage"—a reference to former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather, who closed his final newscast with the word and tried unsuccessfully to turn it into a regular catchphrase in 1986.
  • The magic meatball in the subplot to "iMeet Fred".
  • The character of Ricky Flame can be seen as either this or a Take That! to Bobby Flay.
  • "Robin's weiner dog dressed like a pig" and "Robin's Weiners" reference the show's supervising producer, Robin Weiner.
    • Writers often get a shoutout as well. For instance, Fleck and Dave from "iQuit iCarly" are named after Matt Fleckenstein and David Kendall. Likewise, Jake and Arthur from "iSell Pennytees" are named after Jake Farrow and Arthur Gradstein.
    • Dan Schneider's wife, Lisa "Hungry Girl" Lillien, has received a number of shoutouts, having her name used as a pageant contestant in "iWas a Pageant Girl" and actually making a brief cameo in "iGo To Japan." Not to mention having her website appear at the start of the opening credits.
  • In "iPsycho", when one of the characters eats a Food Pocket, they burn their mouth and say "Jim Gaffigan was right!"
  • In "iGot a Hot Room", Spencer hires a crew to fix Carly's room. When the carpenters come up in the roll call, they're shown to be look-alikes of Karen and Richard Carpenter.
  • In "iGet Pranky" Spencer's flashback to a prank he pulled gone wrong in middle school starts with the nursery rhyme in slo-mo like from A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • In "iEnrage Gibby", Gibby threatens Freddie with a tall and menacing "I'm gonna break you."
  • In "iStart a Fan War", Gibby is desperate to get to Webicon and shouts WebiKaaaaaaaaahn!!!
  • The kid-power plot of "iHave My Principals". The school's well-loved authority figure gets fired for "unbecoming" behavior and gets replaced by teachers with poisonous attitudes. All it takes are the ¡Three Amigos! to hatch a schoolwide mutiny to remove the ones in power and get their previous principal back. Sounds familiar?
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  • Could be coincidence, rip-off, or an actual shoutout : Groovy Smoothie.
  • "iOMG" has the featured webshow segment discuss The webshow your webshow could smell like.
  • Carly's last name (Shay) could be a Shout-Out to popular Youtube Vlogger "Shaytard."
  • "iWant To Stay With Spencer" has the Parker Nichols Hotel.
  • "iCook": Carly mentions Peruvian Puff Peppers when making spaghetti tacos.
  • "iMeet Fred": During the video they shot together Sam says I Buried Paul, a reference to the "Paul Is Dead" rumour involving The Beatles.
  • "iParty with Victorious":
    • Regina Goodbody, Chess Masterson, and Patty Schwab look like frickin' Gelflings!
    • Carly and Sam berate a cactus with lyrics from "I Will Survive" in their webcast (watched by Tori and Steven).
  • "iSaved Your Life": To The Wire, of all shows. And it was the scene where Michael shot Snoop, too.
  • Freddie's bodyguard in "iSams Mom" was called Gunsmoke.
  • In "iFight Shelby Marx", Seattle Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot is mentioned but not showed sitting the crowd of the fight.
  • in "iDate Sam and Freddie", Gibby's puppy is named Sir-Licks-A-Lot. In the same episode, the creepy dude that keeps hitting on Carly at Pini's, says his name is Paul, and the next thing he says about himself is that he is a DJ, which could be a shout out to DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia, a rap group from the same city, Memphis, as the show's creator/head writer.
  • The second bloopers episode is entitled "iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo" which is an homage to Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • In "iOpen a Restaurant", Billy Boots and "the take off your shirt" scene is a shout out to GoodFellas and the Billy Batts scene. Without the blood and the Cluster F-Bomb, of course.
  • In "iShock America'', the gang goes to a diner that looks just like the one from Seinfeld complete with the same maid uniform, and musical score. They even have Freddy and Spencer act like George and Kramer.
  • In "iBust a Thief", the vegetarian spaghetti taco presented during the webcast bears a similar resemblance to Shrek.
    • The cartoon featured in the episode has similar animation to South Park.
  • In "iLost My Mind", though it could be unintentional, the guy who plays Sheldon says the state of California will sink in to the ocean. California is where TBBT is set.

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