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Fridge / Spartacus: Blood and Sand

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Fridge for the tv series:

Fridge Brilliance

  • Agron's Catch Phrase is: "F*cking Gauls!", usually spoken in relation to something Crixus is doing. As Gaul is basically the future France, and Agron is a German, this is almost an ancient foreshadowing of later Franco-Germanic relations across the next 2,000+ years.
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  • The final speech delivered by Agron: "One day Rome shall fade and crumble..." is somewhat ironic as well as prophetic, since the Germanic peoples, especially the Visigoths, Vandals and Ostrogoths, would play a major role in the breakup of the Roman Empire and the sack of the city of Rome itself in 410, 455 and 546C.E. respectively.
  • In S 1 E 1, Sura tells her husband that she'd had a warning dream: an image of him on his knees before a red serpent, his life draining away. It gives the impression that the red serpent is the symbol of an enemy that will claim his life, and in that first episode he does face a gladiator with a red serpent on his shield—and defeats him. But then in S 4 E 10, after Spartacus is mortally injured by three spears and he is slowly bleeding out around them, Agron rushes to his aid and helps him up from the ground to his knees... while wearing a shield with a red serpent strapped to his arm.
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  • Lucretia's odd reactions to Illithya's kisses in Blood and Sand become much more apparent after Gods of the Arena. Lucretia genuinely loved Gaia, and is in some sense still mourning her. Illithya is similar to Gaia in many ways, but Lucretia just isn't sure if she's ready to let another woman into her life like that again.
  • Oenomaus mentions to Spartacus that he does not drink wine anymore, and has not for many years. When Spartacus asks if it is due to religion, Oenomaus replies it is a matter of discipline. It is later revealed in the prequel series that Melitta, Oenomaus's wife, died due to drinking poisoned wine. It is likely the true reason Oenomaus does not drink anymore.

Fridge Horror

  • Lucretia's continued rape at the hands of Ashur becomes especially horrific when you remember the layout of the ludus. The first act is as shocking as it is unexpected, but then he begins blackmailing her to allow it to continue to happen. But consider that it occurs a cell beneath the ludus. This means that Lucretia must continually walk through her home, into a prison beneath it to be raped. She has to UNLOCK the very doors meant to protect her from Ashur, descend into the prison, with the dread of what is about to happen increasing with every step. Afterwards she has to walk back up into her home, lock the door behind her, and put on a happy face, and then repeat the process again the next day.
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  • Few slave characters seem to have parents or siblings, or any family to speak of, not even mentioning or alluding to them. Then you realise it's probably because they were separated from their families at a young age to be sold to different Romans. They may not even know or remember their families, or they may be dead.

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