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Fridge Brilliance

  • This is a bit of ironic Fridge Brilliance, but still. Lucky's Kyutama is #1 - since luck is part of his character, you'd think it would be a number associated with luck, like 7, 8 or 10note , right? However, as a ranger, he is associated with a number associated with luck - he's the 4th person to become a Kyuranger. And this is where the ironic part comes in - 4 is an UNLUCKY number.
  • It makes sense that Lucky's Leo Voyager is bigger and forms the frame of Kyuren-Oh. His Kyu Globe is #1, so it was probably the first built and the other Voyagers were likely built to act as limbs.
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  • It might seem a bit abrupt to have Lucky get into conflict with Garu in the first least until you remember the fact that the former is the team's red ranger, while the latter is the team's blue ranger. By having them fight in the first episode, the obligatory "Red vs Blue" fight is out of the way.
  • Of the Incredibly Lame Pun variety: In Space 2, the BN thieves join Kyuren-oh by ripping off the Kajiki and Chameleon Voyagers.
  • During the ending theme's dancing, the emotionless Naga is putting a lot more into his dancing than the others. Thinking about it, for a man wanting to learn about and experience emotions, and occasionally imitating the actions and words of his friends with often over-the-top results, dancing like he is makes perfect sense.
  • Considering that Sasori Orange debuted in the third episode, it makes sense that he's blacked out on the team photo at the end, since while he has transformed, he hasn't joined the team.
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  • Assuming that Jark Matter plans on having Sasori Orange hunt down the other Kyurangers... Well, there's a mythological precedent for Scorpius chasing Orion.
  • Space 4 introduces Kyulette, a lottery device that determines who will be sent on missions. The Fridge Brilliance kicks in as it justifies Lucky's Born Lucky trait: it'll be the reason why the Red Ranger is always present no matter the combination rolled, his luck will make him always win the "Kyuranger lottery" (that and the team needs a base to form the Combining Mecha).
  • Also in Space 4, Garu agreeing with Spada's insistence on not involving Raptor in combat makes sense since he lost his people in the same way.
  • Again from Space 4, Naga catching on to Xiao's Secret Test of Character - he comes from an entire race that's internalised all their thoughts and feelings. Such people are more likely to make these connections.
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  • "Dorado" is both the name for the swordfish constellation and the Spanish word for "golden". Gold is a metallic shade of yellow.
  • Why is Lucky's sign Leo? he's actually a prince and gets promoted to king. Lions are kings of the jungle.
  • Koguma's smaller form wears mittens and a scarf, while the larger one discards them. Of course he'd need one as a kid; he'll get cold more easily as a child.
    • An even more clever reason is that Ursa Minor resides in the Northern skies. If you're going north, you'll need warmer gear the further you go.
  • It makes sense that Balance uses the Kyu Crossbow, while Naga Ray uses the Kyu Sickle - each use a different attachment, and the attachments for the Kyu weapon when combined make a sword, much like how the two are a team.
  • Similarly, Champ and Garu using the same attachment hints that they're Not So Different - ignoring the beast-man designs, they are the only ones with Death by Origin Story.
  • When Stinger poisoned everyone on the team (sans Lucky and Champ) they managed to recover in some time. He was revealed to be on their side later on; perhaps he limited the amount of poison used as to get them out of the way without killing them, but also without his Jark Matter superiors getting suspicious. Scorpions and snakes can decide whether they inject poison when they sting/bite depending on the situation so it may be safe to assume that Stinger has some liberty in it's usage too.
    • It's also why baby stings/bites are generally considered far worse than their adult counterparts due to them not having that reflex needed to control their toxicity.
  • Ryu commander's Ryu Tsueder design makes sense considering it was built to force a transformation into a Kyuranger by Xiao Longbao himself so he couldn't fix some of the wonkier features like the mouth that doesn't close all the way over the Kyutama compared to the Seiza Blaster
  • Related to the previous point, of course Ryu commander's ranger suit design is the only odd one out (star symbol on the exact middle of the chest instead of slightly lopsided to the left). Not only it originated from an ability kyutama instead of morphing kyutama, the morpher itself is also different.
  • The Voyagers used to first make Ryuteioh are reasonable considering they are Scorpion which belongs to stinger, Xiao's spy and the first Kyuranger to be recruited and the Bear Voyagers which are connected to Big Bear, Xiao's old commander and the former leader of the rebellion.
  • While it's now obvious in hindsight, of course the Kyutama can grant wishes. They contain the power of the stars, and what do you do when you see a (shooting) star?
  • Why is the heroic title of the smallest Kyuranger, the "Big Star"? Besides the fact that he also represents and can draw upon Ursa Major, the Big Bear, Big Bear himself aids the boy from the other side. It's a small way the young warrior can honor his fallen ally and new friend.
  • From Space 10: Garu has one of the worst reactions from the Orion reaching close to the sun, while Stinger has the least. Dogs only have sweat pores in their paws to release body heat, which is incidentally why dogs are always panting, while scorpions are famously desert-dwelling creatures and well equipped for the heat.
  • Of course Earth is important to Jark Matter. The Kyutama is based on constellations that can be seen from Earth. Not to mention, Earth also houses the 3 Kyutama that make up the Argo constellation.
  • While Lucky being the one who inspired Garu to become a Kyuranger explains why he trusts Lucky the most, after we learn Lucky's backstory, there's another reason why: Much like Superman, Lucky was sent from his home planet to another planet and separated from his parents. And as it just so happens, Superman had a pet dog - Krypto The Super Dog!
  • Scorpio's venom zombifiying people makes sense under the theory that zombies (Voodo, not Night Of Living Dead) were created by drugging people with a mixture of narcotics and poisons.
    • Stinger being able to counter his brother's poison is not very far from reality because many antidotes are created from poisons (put in a simplified way of course).
  • While the reason for Garu having a beastily side that's activated whenever Shishi Red uses the Moon side of the Hikari Kyutama is pretty obvious, it's not as obvious as to why the sun powers up Balance - sure, he's a mechanical life form, but since the moon powered up the blue ranger, wouldn't it make more sense if it was the team's second red ranger that got powered up instead? Well, Gold is a metallic shade of Yellow, and Shishi Red is a Superman expy, Superman's powers come from a yellow sun, and Superman upholds justice, the scales of which provide the motif for Balance's costume.
    • I just figured he was solar powered.
    • In a later episode Naga benefits from the Sun power too - snakes, being cold-blooded, rely entirely on the sun for body heat.
      • Funnily enough though that's a great reason, the show seems to play it off as him emulating Balance. This seems to be confirmed as it has no effect on Hebitsukai Metal.
  • It might seem odd that Houou Soldier is red - considering that every color except white is present, why not just have the team's third Sixth Ranger be white? Well, in a way, white will be present eventually - when Lucky uses the Saiko Kyutama, he'll become Shishi Red Orion, whose colors are mainly white.
    • It turns out that there's another answer to that: Houou Soldier was the Red Ranger of the original Kyuranger team.
  • Raptor's big Freak Out over Tsurugi hanging on the Orion's exterior makes sense if you remember that the outside of the Orion is where she often writes her fanfic, meaning that the vaccuum of space is something of a safe zone for her... and now it isn't anymore.
  • The Kyurangers being targeted by their own memories also reveals quite a bit about them.
    • Balance is so eternally upbeat that he encounters zero resistance. Things that bother you, never bother me...
    • Raptor is a special exception as she encounters something that never even happened... marriage proposals from four other Kyurangers. Tsurugi might be right about her mechanical flaws as her imagination is blending into her memories.
  • Why does Xiao Longbao play pool with the Kyutama? "Kyu" sounds like "cue". As in, "cue ball".
  • It remains to be seen, but Naga encountering nothing during the mission where everyone has to deal with something they remember may just mean that Naga has attained absolute peace of mind already, with his hangups over emotions as merely hangups, hinting at how the Hebitsukai Metal arc is going to end.
  • Space 30 has Xiao and Champ staying in the past to keep the Kyuranger legend alive. Why them? Simple: they're a dragon and a robot! In case it's still not obvious, being a dragon and a robot means they have no problem living hundreds of years! Even if they can't return to the future, they can just wait before traveling to earth. Eventually, they'll see the other Kyurangers again, simply by waiting out all those years.
    • This was the case for Champ, since he seemed just fine when the rangers returned, but it might not have been the case for Xiao, since he ended up using a sleep pod.
      • We saw Xiao in the past version of Rebellion base overseeing the building of Orion Battler. Considering the Rebellion resistance only happened some time after Jark Matter returned, it can be assumed that the same case does apply to Xiao as well, and he sleeps in the pod just to pass time because he has nothing else to do, unlike Champ.
  • Hammy as Lunar Chameleon Green gets Kyurenoh to pull an impossibly high kick to take a Death Worm off its back. This move can be done for real, and was in fact made famous by female action heroes such as Trinity and Yu Jiaolong. So Hammy wasn't kidding about the danger of adult women!
  • Of course Raptor uses the Telescopium Kyutama as part of her finishing move. Birds of prey have excellent eyesight to spot prey on the ground from high above the sky.
  • Perhaps Hammie's closeness to her master could be an inspiration for her wanting to become a teacher.

Fridge Horror

  • Here's something nobody seems to have considered. The opening narration says the UNIVERSE has been taken over by the Jark Matter. Now, the fact Lucky has never met them until now may imply that only a majority of it has been taken over, the cold opening included what is implied to be Earth being invaded. Now, considering how all Super Sentai have a Shared Universe normally...whatever happened to the previous 40 teams?
    • Remember that this is set an unknown number of years in the future. For all we know, all the teams are long dead.
      • That makes it better?
      • Technically. Rather than dying in battle, we can at least assume that everyone passed peacefully, while Earth was at peace. Does it suck for Earth afterward? Totally, but that's what the new guys are for. What should worry you is finding out that we're not that far into the future, because then it's far more likely that they're either all captured...or...
      • Well, another possibility is that this is an Alternate Universe, something they probably had to implement after last season. I mean, they DID fuse Earth with Zyuland, and seeing as we only saw human kids in the cold opening...yeah...
      • It's kind of like what they did with Power Rangers RPM for Samurai and Megaforce.
      • The implication from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is that almost all the original teams lost their powers in the Legendary Battle at the end of that series, donating their power to erase what was assumed, at the time, to be the greatest threat to the universe period.
      • Let's hold off before assuming one thing or another. Until either the VS movie, or a crossover episode there's no way to tell either way with certainty. That said, the teams got their powers back at Gokaiger's end, so it's technically possible that this is set in the Shared Universe.
      • The Kyurangers do appear in Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Cho Super Hero Taisen and don't forget about their early bird cameo in Zyuohger vs. Ninninger. So it's very likely that it is in the same universe.
      • In Space 3, Champ mentions that he just won his ninth title the night his creator was killed and that his creator built him to fight the Jark Matter implying that Jark Matter has been ruling the universe for at least nine years.
    • Keep in mind that Jark Matter just reached Earth in Space 1, which may mean none or few of the teams (such as Flashman, Dekaranger, and Gokaiger) had encountered them before.
      • Well, come Space 4 the team go to Earth. Looks to me like the invasion was a complete success. If the previous teams do exist in this continuity, Jark Matter did what even Zangyack couldn't do.
      • Bear in mind that according to the last crossover the Gokaigers took their war all the way to the Zangyack homeworld - it's not a huge stretch to assume that the resulting power vacuum would be exploited by Jark Matter, which even emphasises its hierarchial system.
      • So this is Marvelous's fault then? Oddly funny given his Rider counterpart.
      • Episode 18 has the team visit an alternate universe in order to crossover with Gavan and the Dekarangers, seemingly indicating that Kyuranger takes place in an alternate universe. While this means that the teams in the main universe are safe (hence the reason why Zyuland isn't present in the series), there's still the chance that in this universe, the teams failed.
      • There's also a chance that before Kyuranger, Super Sentai doesn't exist in their universe.
      • Unless everyone is wrong and that instead of going to another universe, it turns out that the Kyurangers went into the past.
      • I dunno, the translation appears solid. So it seems we're down to either A) The Kyurangers are the first instance of heroes in this universe, or B) All others before them failed and died. Scenario A seems likely, given that Lucky and Naga didn't know what policemen, or even rookies were. Meanwhile visas were unknown to the rest of the team, so interplanetary travel either doesn't require them, or else Jark Matter has been at this longer then we've guessed at.
      • Additionally, Gavan is established to exist in the same world as the Dekarangers, and he states that Jark Matter would also have to deal with the Space Sheriffs if they invaded, meaning that if all the previous teams did fail, then the Space Sheriffs did as well.
      • Not just them. Assuming every hero that has been seen to fight alongside Sentai fought to defend the Earth as well, this means every single Kamen Rider, Izunaman, the Metal Heroes, Kikaider, and literally every other guardian Earth has would've had to fall during its invasion. And while it's certainly possible, the odds of that occurring are very, very remote. It is far more likely that the Kyurangers exist in another universe due to the alternative being almost impossible to achieve.
      • Hell, Fourze, and Gaim both have powers that let them traverse space so they also would have fought back and sent a warning to Earth long before Jark Matter could arrive. To stop this they would have needed to kill a warrior literally powered by space, and a literal god. Again, possible, but ridiculously unlikely.
      • Plus, if you extend the list to heroes that have fought alongside the Kamen Riders, the various Ultras would also have fought in the defense of Earthnote , meaning that if Jark Matter couldn't have handled Gaim, then there's no way they could've handled Ultraman Zero or Ultraman King. Yes, I know that Ultraman hasn't been confirmed to exist in the main universe yet, but still.
      • Well, there's a reason for that: Ultraman is third-party with ties to Toho, Toei's rival.
      • It's been confirmed that Kyuranger is an alternate universe, so the 40 previous teams didn't exist
  • In Space 6, the monster forces humans to do coordinated dances according to his choreography. It may seem silly, until he tells them to dance around the rangers so that they can't attack, and then the mooks take turn to attack the rangers. The monster effectively has an army of human shields at his disposal, and there's nothing the humans can do about it.
  • Scorpio's ability - to zombify people with venom - might not seem like that much of a threat since the Kyurangers have Stinger (who can create antidotes), but suppose Scorpio had decided to stop by Earth before the Kyurangers had visited the planet. Even worse, who's to say that he hasn't infected an entire planet before?
  • In Space 14, had Garu picked the right switch earlier, he would have freed the prisoners...only to lead them into guards.
    • So in hindsight, him picking all the wrong switches earlier was lucky in the long run since he had to wait for the right moment to free the prisoners when Leo and Spada were there to save them.
  • Space 15: The planet the Kyurangers went to had a village with only one girl. Think about it—how are they gonna populate with just one?
    • And she's still a child. Most of the males seen in the village are either an adult or an elder.
    • I assume there are other villages on the planet. Perhaps they just intermingle? Or else the women were off doing something else, or just indoors the whole time.
  • Space 18: Lucky and Naga don't know what police are. We can infer from this that Jark Matter would handle any police duties, but that begs the question: Just how long has Jark Matter been in power?
    • Space 22 provides a bit of hint about this - while Tsurugi's self-claimed "legend" definitely has exaggerated points in it, some of it is implied to be true, particularly the part where Jark Matter used to fight him in the past, as it was confirmed by a Jark Matter member himself. This history of him fighting Jark Matter was erased from the entire galaxy, something that would not be possible in just one or two years. Even assuming Jark Matter has a galaxy-scale amount of troops to do the job, it still would have taken at least two digit amount of years (10+ years) to make people forget such an important history, meaning Jark Matter has been in power for at least that many years.....
  • Space 20: Scorpio taunts Stinger (who is beaten and tied up) about his futile attempts at fighting him. Scorpions don't shy away from killing and eating their weaker specimen.
  • Space 25: Among the cavalcade of past villains as solidified memories, Ikagen is noticeably absent (they even pad out the numbers with MOTWs.) Considering that beating him relied on strength of numbers, showing up just for one Kyuranger would mean game over. (Then again, they're allowed to help each other once they're done, and they have the benefit of hindsight.)
  • A recent flashback reveals that Balance was fleeing a heist gone wrong on Naga's homeworld, apparently in the dead of night, when he met Naga just walking around and wondering aloud what feelings are. It gives the impression that Naga had been turned out of his own home just for having these notions, like a son coming out to his family.
  • Space 33: In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, it is implied that Mr. Pegas (the spirit of the Pegasus Kyutama) has been erased from history as a result of the teams' time travel. It is not known what happened to the Pegasus Kyutama itself, it can be assumed history is changed to a point where Xiao does have it but never let Lucky use it.
    • Jossed in Space 44, where Spada has access to the Pegasus Kyutama.
  • The team's time travel into the past allows them to defeat the first Don Armage. After that, they started to disappear, because with Don Armage defeated already, there's no longer any need for Kyurangers in the future, even if the legend remains alive. But they want to remain as a team, which makes no sense as there is no need for Kyurangers in a future that is Don Armage-less. This causes the time and space to fix itself according to their wish, and creates a second Don Armage to ensure there is a reason why the Kyurangers are gathered in the present. In other words, the entire reason why the second Don Armage exist is because of their own wish to remain as friends and a team.
    • What's even worse, this means their travel to the past is doomed since the start - no matter what, there will be a Don Armage in the present time. If they didn't go to the past, they would still have to fight against the present Don Armage, if they go to the past, they would want to stay together in the end, and that wish creates the second Don Armage in the present.
    • Turns moot when Space 45 when it's revealed that the Don Armage they defeated was just a copy from the start.

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