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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the episode "Bomb", the nuclear missile cracks open and a tiny plane comes out. I didn't understand this until it occurred to me that dropping the bomb was a plane laying an egg, and a baby plane 'hatched' from it.
    • "Bomb" also solidifies Neil's position as the Only Sane Man. Take a look at what each of the lads try to do with the bomb; Mike sees a money-making opportunity in it and tries to negotiate with Libya in order to make a profit off the bomb, whilst Rick tries to hold the British Government to ransom with it and Vyvyan simply tries to set it off earlier than it would. As for Neil? He does the sensible, logical thing and sets out a survival plan for when the bomb goes off.
  • Technically, the lads won University Challenge, albeit only because Rick replaced Bambi's question-cards with Call Backs to Vyv's trivia questions from an earlier scene, then confessed to having done so on live television.
    • Of course, Vyv's blowing the other team up with a hand grenade probably gives them the win by default.
    • Then again, they get eaten by an elephant before the episode finishes recording so chances are that there was no winner this time.
  • In "Time," part of a joke involves Vyv describing, in great detail, the process by which he was going to vomit. He describes everything down to the muscles that would contract...which makes perfect sense, given his status as a medical student.
    • Vyv's pregnancy in "Cash" also makes slightly more sense because of this—if literally anyone else in the house had tried to claim they were pregnant just to get out of having to get a job, Vyvyan's medical knowledge would have kicked in and he would have known how impossible a thing it was for a man to get pregnant. As the housemate with the most medical knowledge, Vyvyan would be able to convincingly pull off a fake pregnancy and the others would be more inclined to believe him about it.
      • Although dialogue from the house party-attendees in another episode suggests that none of Vyvyan's medical student friends (all of whom are punks like him) have a clue that men can't get pregnant. We do know that Vyvyan is the second worst student in the whole world, which presumably makes him the worst medical student, period.
  • Why, specifically, was Vyvyan the one to quiz the vampire who claimed he was a driving instructor in "Nasty"? Well, in the context of the series, Vyv's the only one we know who has a car or vehicle of any kind. It's well likely he's the only one in the flat who even knows how to drive.
    • It's Rick who initially steals and turns up with the bus in "Summer Holiday", although Vyv is seen to have taken over the driving later.
  • In "Boring", Rik accidentally summons a demon by reading a typo in The Guardian out loud. Pretty funny if you know that the Guardian is exactly what newspaper a wannabe lefty intellectual like Rik would read, even funnier if you know that The Guardian used to be so notorious for its frequent typos that its nickname is The Grauniad.

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