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Fridge Horror

  • Once you learn that Kate engaged in a relationship with Derek in his youth, suddenly her comments about Jackson and being a substitute teacher for his benefit don't seem so innocuous.
    • When you do the math that the show gives you of Jackson being born in June of 1995 and Teen Wolf being late-winter/early-spring of 2011, that puts him at 15 during the show. Kate's gravestone puts her at being 28.
    • New spoilers from Season Three hint that Derek was 14/15 when he slept with Kate so this adds in a whole new level of Fridge Horror and Squick.
    • The above spoilers deal with Visionary, which doesn't have much to do with Kate. Derek was definitely in High School and probably underage though.
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    • This might be Fridge Logic, but the events of Visionary show that Derek lost his first love by indirectly causing her death through the werewolf bite. It makes the whole Kate thing seem really stupid, unless you consider Kate a rebound for being the opposite of Paige, and therefore Derek's way of moving on. Also, Paige was okay with Derek being a supernatural creature, so he didn't realize that someone would kill his entire family for the case. Poor Derek has had a really tragic adolescence.
    • Just for extra squick, consider that Kate does not regard werewolves as being human, but rather beasts. Thus any time she expresses sexual interest in actual or suspected werewolves she could be construed as consciously pursuing what is to her bestiality.
    • Plus of course she invariably plans to murder them.
  • In the opening episode of season three Scott has already met the leader of the alpha pack and didn't even sense he was a werewolf, just thought it was some blind guy who needed his help. That shows how powerful he is.
    • The Alpha twins are currently going to Beacon Hills High and have managed to pass mostly unnoticed.
    • This is apparently not that hard. Derek did not realize that Peter was the Alpha in season one, or even notice that he was not really comatose.
    • Scott had to basically tackle every member of the lacrosse team in order to figure out which of them was the new werewolf. It was only by causing Isaac to partially wolf-out that Scott was able to identify him as a werewolf at all.
    • Wordof God says that Alpha's have the ability to hide their presence among Betas, so Scott couldn't know any of them were Alpha's until they essentially showed him
  • Whether it was deliberate foreshadowing or not, the first place Derek took Erica was the morgue. That's where they had their first conversation and where she received the bite, which contributed to her death.
  • In 3x06 if fire snaps the werewolves out of their hallucinations and Scott was holding one of the flares then his attempted suicide could have been genuine
    • Technically it was being burned that snapped them out of it. That was how they figured it out. Ethan wasn't exposed to fire, he accidentally touched an electric heater. The use of the flares was incidental, since they were the only portable means of burning someone that was available. Which means the real fridge horror is that Scott probably would have regretted his suicide attempt as soon as he set himself on fire!
      • Except that Scott didn't get burned. He didn't have to be broken out of it, like, Isaac or Ethan or Boyd. All Stiles had to do was talk him down. And comparing Scott's utterly devastating expression when he was talking to Ethan and Isaac and Boyd's practically blank faces when they were possessed, it's entirely possible the attempt was genuine, especially considering that, only an episode before, Scott nearly died because his guilt over Derek meant he wasn't letting himself heal. All the Darach might have needed to do was put the idea in Scott's head and use the hallucination of Melissa being killed to drive the idea that it's all his fault people are getting hurt home.
      • Also, Scott was entirely lucid, compared to the others. Isaac was catatonic, Ethan had lost it entirely and not even aware of what he was doing until he was snapped out of it, and Boyd was somewhere between the two. Whereas Scott was completely lucid and fully aware of what was happening. So, it's very possible and even likely that really was Scott. Especially considering that Scott's shown signs of depression since season one. And continued showing signs of depression after Motel California.
    • The visions were meant to drive the werewolves to suicide. Ethan attempted to cut himself open with an electric saw, Boyd tried to drown himself, and Scott tried to light himself on fire. But Isaac just hid under the bed. We knew that his dad did a number on him already, but to make it so bad that an actual attempt at convincing him to kill himself was closer to putting him in a catatonic state...
      • Isaac was found hiding under a bed, a very small space. Since we've been shown multiple times that Isaac is severely claustrophobic, he may have felt as if he was committing suicide, as he would probably have panicking and likely having trouble breathing while under there.
  • The episode Visionary we learn a major part of Derek's past. he had to Mercy Kill his high-school sweetheart, Paige, when The Bite didn't turn her and was killing her slowly and painfully. Then you realize Ennis gave her The Bite to recruit her into his pack, a pack which Ennis would have slaughtered for power when Deucalion showed him why he should. Because Derek went with Peter's idea of turning her, he would have been (or felt) responsible for her death whether the bite took or not.
  • Isn't it strange that Lydia has a propensity for finding the victims of the Darach's sacrifices? It is as if she has an instinct for finding the newly dead. Given that banshees are said to appear when a person dies a violent death, it's not so strange at all.
  • In "Motel California", Scott, under the influence of wolfsbane, hallucinates Deucalion killing his mother. Come "Alpha Pact" and "Lunar Ellipse", where it's implied that Scott's father was awful enough that Stiles hates him, and Scott slams the door in his face before he can even talk. Scott's dislike of his father puts his fear in "Motel California" in a different light. (Which is even worse. Scott's dad had custody for a while, but Melissa got him back, and if Melissa died, not only would he lose his mother, but he'd be stuck with the father he hates, presumably for very good reason.)
    • On the plus side, it would only be for a couple years, and if his father tried to get abusive Scott could easily throw him through a wall. Actually, thinking about it, Deucalion should have considered that as a plan to turn Scott into a murderer. It might have worked better.
      • Eh, I think we're jumping the gun on Scott's dad being abusive to him or his mother in the past. We've only heard Melissa's side of the story on how bad their marriage was. Scott disliking his dad could be for multiple reasons, liking missing a lot of events in his life or moving him away when he had custody. The man can be a jerk, but without the whole story the abusive angle for this Fridge Horror seems to jumping the gun.
      • How canon it is is unclear, but the Teen Wolf novel On Fire has a flashback to Scott's childhood, where his father would withhold his inhaler while he was having asthma attacks.
    • Scott's father may not have been abusive per se (not like, say, Isaac's father), but he did have a problem with alcohol, which can make even normally nice and even-tempered people behave reprehensibly to people close to them. It seems pretty clear there was at least some alcohol-induced abuse between Scott and his father, even if Agent Mc Call isn't an abusive person by nature.
  • After Malia Tate was reunited with her father, a lot of fans noted some Fridge Horror. For one, she had been a coyote most of her life, ever since her age was in the single digits. In addition to the many issues there, there's the small matter of explaining to her father what she's been up to all this time (her father who had developed a Captain Ahab like obsession with the coyote that killed his wife). When we next see her, a lot of this Fridge Horror has made it to the script. Thankfully, the fear of her being mentally nine years old didn't happen, but she is in Bedlam House. Malia has almost no impulse control or sense of social norms, and admits to Stiles that she wishes she were still a coyote so she wouldn't have to explain what happened to her father.
    • And then she has Coitus Ensues with Stiles in the dirty basement of the mental asylum where they were both currently admitted to for in-patient care. And this is a girl who, by all accounts and logic, should mentally and emotionally be the equivalent of a 9-year-old child, at least in terms of being a teenager who has been disconnected from all forms of human society for over 8 years. In addition, Stiles is mentally unstable, exhausted in all senses of the word, and under Demonic Possession through the whole thing. Neither appears to use protection, either. Very, very far into the Squick territory.
    • There is a very good reason why patients in mental institutions are not allowed to have sexual relations of any kind, and romantic ones are discouraged as well. As the name suggests, patients are not mentally well or in control of their facilities and most are on very strong medications, all of which take away their ability to give informed consent. For anyone who knows anything about mental illness (especially the types that require in-patient care), Stiles' and Malia's sexual encounter just screams of mutual uninformed consent and perhaps even undertones of rape. Neither of them were in any way mentally stable at the time, nor should they be in the near future with those kind of experiences.
  • How much less sexual Isaac has become since he's grown more well-adjusted.
  • The Japanese internment camp is called Oak Creek. The oak in question? The Nemeton. Just imagine how the tree's vibes affected the atmosphere at the camp and vice versa.
  • The scene where Scott tried to relieve the pain of an injured police officer, and accidentally felt him die. Think about it.
  • Lorraine Martin's last words were "Don't hurt Ariel". Ariel is her nickname for her granddaughter Lydia Martin. It's one thing to be killed by a man you thought was helping you, but she knows that someday her granddaughter will be at his mercy.
  • Valack bored a hole into his head to access his very literal third eye that he uses to put Deaton into what would've been a permanent coma if it wasn't for Lydia's powers. Valack implies he's done it before. The end of season 4 suggests that this is what will befall Peter Hale.
  • Kira's mother is revealed to be immortal, reaching over 900 years old. Kira at the moment is in her teenaged years. Will she have to deal with out-living the rest of her friends?
  • More Fridge Depression, but: Erica's comment to Allison that "This might make seem like kind of a bitch, but I've always wondered what it would be like to steal somebody's boyfriend" seems a lot less bitchy when you remember that that was most likely less "bitchy" and more part of a series of fantasies about how awesome it would be to not be sickly, bedridden, and unpopular for most of her life.
    • Erica is basically the poster girl for "power corrupts," Derek having offered her the bite to cure her assorted medical conditions, grant her power and strength, and with those come confidence, sexiness, and popularity. And she becomes a vindictive bitch, passing on the pain she's suffered her whole life to others. On the one hand, Derek turning her can be seen as noble, offering an end to suffering for a young woman desperately in need of it. On the other hand, it can also be seen as preying on a weak little girl, desperate to do anything to be fixed. In that vein, it's horrific, especially when Derek's pack rapidly implodes, at least in part because none of his wolves had the strength of character to rise to the challenges that confronted them. Except Isaac, who became a pretty badass wolf. . . after he left Derek for Scott.
  • In Co-Captain, Peter violated Scott, by forcing his memories of the fire into Scott,(a scene that looked eerily like a rape scene, with a half dressed Scott being attacked by two fully dressed grown men, with Peter putting his claws into Scott, while Derek, someone Scott was trying to start to trust, stopping him from running away), making Scott live through being burned alive. And to make this worse, now just imagine how this gave Scott the idea of how to kill himself in Motel California...

Fridge Brilliance

  • Cora's introduction in season three confused a lot of people. However, in season one, two different figures are given for the number of deaths from the Hale house fire. Derek says there were eleven people in the house, with Peter the sole survivor. The police report, however, says that there were eight deaths.
  • At the end of "Alpha Pact," right before Scott, Stiles and Allison are about to sacrifice themselves to rescue their parents and Derek sacrifices some of his power to save Cora, Mr. McCall picks up a copy of A Tale of Two Cities, in which one of the most famous lines is given right before Carton's Heroic Sacrifice. "It is a far, far better thing..."
  • Although for a while all the moments of Lydia screaming in her bed or in the shower seemed to be some weird writer fetish, or just making Lydia another emotionally-unstable woman, her true nature suddenly makes total sense out of all those random moments.
  • Scott being able to break the barrier of mountain ash makes sense, once you consider the primary use of it. It's used as a barrier, to either contain or shield against creatures that could hurt someone. Scott, however, is primarily a defensive fighter, has never killed anyone, nor does he want to, and he's never intentionally actively tried to hurt someone. So, it makes sense, that as a werewolf who has ascended to the rank of alpha without resorting to violence or murder, he'd be able to break through the mountain ash barrier.
  • We learn in "Motel California" that Scott has never seen the Star Wars movies. Which helps explain why he did not laugh (as this troper did) at Deucalion's speech to get him to go over to The Dark Side, which sounds incredibly similar to the dialogue between Emperor Palapatine and Luke in Return of the Jedi. Deucalion and Palpatine even look a lot alike!
  • Jennifer gave herself away before the big reveal at the end of "The Girl Who Knew Too Much". When Lydia was freaking out over the missing history teacher, Aiden was standing right next to her comforting her. Yet Jennifer did not seem at all disturbed by his presence despite having been held captive by him and his brother and watching them help kill Boyd in "Currents", or lamenting to Derek that the twins were still roaming freely around the school. She was also expressing a bizarre degree of skepticism about the missing teacher(s) being abducted, even though she herself had been taken briefly by the Alpha Pack.
    • Jennifer gave herself away in her very first scene. Who the heck goes and gets hold of teenager's cell numbers and then proceeds to send them the last line from Heart of Darkness? Her very name ought to have clued in viewers as well Jennifer meaning "white phantom" and Blake meaning "black, dark, bleak". Not to mention her fetish for black blood and grievous injury.
  • Stiles' insistence to Scott's father that he doesn't have a clique makes a lot more sense when you think about the fact that Scott is Stiles' Only Friend, and that the group Scott's father refers to as a clique is just Scott's friends, none of whom are actually Stiles' friends.
    • All the evidence points to Lydia and Allison considering themselves to be Stiles' friends; especially Lydia, who's probably closer to Stiles than she is to Scott. Isaac somewhat less so, as he is more Scott's second wingman. What was interesting was Agent McCall counting Ethan and Aiden as part of their group, since at that point most witnesses would attest to some hostility between Scott's circle and them (especially Isaac). Yet he unknowingly identified everyone who would be part of Scott's pack by the end of the season.
  • The amount of time Lydia spends screaming makes a hell of a lot more sense given that she's a banshee, creatures well-known for their unearthly screams.
  • How do we know that Victoria Argent was Obliviously Evil? Because, as we saw in "Lunar Ellipse", she has so little regard for human life that she cannot be bothered to stop to check on someone she nearly ran over without being screamed at by her daughter. Once she grudgingly goes back to check, they find the asthma inhaler, which obviously did not belong to a werewolf (who would not need such a thing) but they hear a werewolf howling in the distance. Victoria leads Allison back to the car, contemptuously tossing the inhaler away. So she knows that there is a person, with asthma, alone in the dark woods, with a werewolf running around, and she just doesn't care! Presumably she figures they will either get killed or bitten. In the first case the Hunters can always kill the wolf that killed them. In the latter the Hunters can kill the victim too. This despite the theoretical principle that the Hunters exist to protect people!
  • Of course Stiles was better at teaching Scott than Derek was — not only had Derek not been prepared to be alpha, Stiles has most likely been experimenting with different studying/learning/focusing methods from the time of his diagnosis. Derek has never had to consider an alternate means of focusing or learning, but Stiles has thought about it all his life. Knowing Scott personally is a handy bonus, but Scott could have been trained much better and easier if Derek and Stiles had worked together.
  • Although it could be coincidental, it makes sense that Lydia has red hair and green eyes when you remember that banshees originated from Irish folklore.
  • Malia Tate's true parentage makes sense once you realize the Hale women are the only shapeshifters we've seen transform into a full animal state.
  • In Season 3a, Stiles is worrying about becoming a Virgin Sacrifice, so claims he needs to lose his virginity. Danny jokes that he could help. It's just a one-shot gag, but it's one of the only times another character overhears the conversations about the supernatural that happen in earshot of everyone. And then we learn at the end of Season 3 that Danny wasn't Locked Out of the Loop after all.
  • When Scott, Allison and Stiles are hallucinating as a result of their near death experiences, the hallucinations match up with their individual strengths. Scott, the one with supernatural abilities, gets knocked back down to his early Season 1 self; he couldn't shift properly, and when he did, there was a real chance of him going on a murder spree. Allison, the long ranged fighter, couldn't control her hands, and thus couldn't aim. Stiles, the avid researcher, lost the ability to read. This is on top of Allison hallucinating Kate, and Stiles having lucid daydreams. And Scott losing control of his temper, leading to him throwing Isaac into a wall.
    • Not only that, but Stiles was dreaming of sign language. Skip few season ahead, where we learn that Kate is very much alive and that Kira has trouble reading because she's a fox, and in Japanese folklore words confuse foxes. Also, while unnoticeable to most viewers, Nogitsune has a thing for tapping his fingers or fidgeting them, alot (there were even a few close-up shoots of his doing so, like tapping his fingers on a school desk or tracing them along the row of school lockers). Stiles losing his ability to understand words and dreaming of finger-used Sign language starts to make sense once you realize he was probably possessed by Nogitsune at the time.
  • It might seem like a cheap move on the part of the writers to have Derek not die during Season 4 despite a banshee predicting it. But we already had a precedent for banshee predictions being averted. Lorraine Martin foresaw Lydia being killed by Brunski, and she got out of that situation alive.
    • Derek is a rather interesting case actually: his name was on the Deadpool just like everyone else's, but after a certain point, it was removed entirely, around the time he has completely de-powered and therefore considered human. Alternatively, he could have "died" at the end of the season as a trigger for the last step in his evolution. As for everyone else, Stiles, Malia and Lydia shut down the Deadpool, effectively pulling a Screw Destiny for dozens of people, proving that a banshee's prediction is a warning, not an unavoidable prophecy.
  • Mason is basically Danny. However, it might have been the writers invoking They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot. In the first three seasons, we never got to see Danny's relationship with Jackson after the later becomes supernatural. In season four, we get to see Mason react to his best friend suddenly becoming distant and acting strangely and he gets his own character arc where he's annoyed that Liam's keeping him Locked Out of the Loop but he'll still help him. He also finds out about the supernatural over the season, compared to Danny figuring it out offscreen.
  • In the season two premiere, Coach Finstock sent out his players to search for Lydia when she disappeared from the hospital. This seems pretty standard for the character, as he's often shown to care about his students' well-being. In season four, though, we learn that he and Lydia's mom are friends, so much so that she knows about his alcoholism. His helping was also him trying to help his friend who's seen him through rough times.
  • In the season 5 premiere, Scott fights off a werewolf trying to steal his power with mutated eagle talons. When, exactly, does he manage to overcome the effect? Right at the moment when his friends, his pack, are all together again. An alpha is made stronger the larger his pack is.
  • In the very beginning of the episode "Fray," we see that Scott is recovering from a wound from an alpha and Stiles is concerned that Scott is so bad while Boyd and Isaac appear fine (implying that they too got similar injuries at the same time). Now Derek said, back in season 1, that alphas can keep themselves from healing. With that in mind, this scene foreshadows the fight later in the episode (but earlier in the timeline) where Scott's eyes briefly glow alpha red.
  • The season 2 premiere shows two instances of presumed werewolf attacks: one in the graveyard where Isaac is digging Kate Argent's grave, and another in an ambulance later in the episode. The end of the episode reveals that, while the pack had assumed they were Lydia on her first turn into a werewolf, the attacks were by an omega searching for the new alpha Derek Hale. However, the omega only admits to the attack on the ambulance, not the graveyard. By season 4, it is revealed that Kate Argent is very much alive, and very much out of control of her powers. So it's very possible that she, being the one in the grave, was the one who attacked Isaac and ransacked a grave in the graveyard because she had just woken up from being in the casket and was about to be Buried Alive. This is likely a case of Accidentally Correct Writing, but let's just pretend it's not!
    • The Calaveras took Kate before she was buried.
  • Malia being irritated by Kira's ease with her powers in 5x15 makes perfect sense - Malia had to work extremely hard and still struggles with maintaining control over her powers, plus she has had to work to catch up to all her classmates at school, so it's a very reasonable thing for her to dislike.

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