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    Season 1
"You've been given something that most people would kill for. The bite is a gift"
Derek Hale

High-school sophomore Scott McCall finds that his life changes drastically when he gets bitten by an alpha werewolf. For one, the girl he is dating—Allison Argent—happens to unknowingly be the daughter of a werewolf hunter who has moved into Beacon Hills to track down the alpha that bit Scott. With the help of another beta werewolf named Derek Hale and his best friend Stiles, Scott learns to control his new powers and learn to shift into a werewolf at will. The alpha who bit Scott actively seeks to force Scott and Derek to join his pack and aid him in his revenge killing spree. Scott's newfound powers gain him popularity at school, not only with Allison, but also with others. Scott's skills at lacrosse draw the attention of varsity captain Jackson Whittemore, who becomes extremely suspicious of Scott and begins to want whatever it is that Scott has. Also taking notice is queen bee Lydia Martin, who so quickly took Allison under her wing when Allison first came to the school. Secrets are exposed and tensions flare as the story behind the Hale house fire slowly unfolds across the course of the season.

  1. Wolf Moon
  2. Second Chance at First Line
  3. Pack Mentality
  4. Magic Bullet
  5. The Tell
  6. Heart Monitor
  7. Night School
  8. Lunatic
  9. Wolf's Bane
  10. Co-Captain
  11. Formality
  12. Code Breaker

    Season 2
"Quite the situation you've got yourself in here, Derek. I mean, I'm out of commission for a few weeks, and suddenly, there's lizard people, geriatric psychopaths, and you're cooking up werewolves out of every self-esteem deprived adolescent in town."
Peter Hale

After season 1's explosive finale, season 2 starts off with a bang: Hunters and werewolves alike are on a goose chase, searching for the recently bitten Lydia, who has escaped from the hospital. As events unfold, Scott and his friends realize that Kate's death did not mean peace for the werewolves. In fact, with Chris's father Gerard coming to town to head up the hunters in Beacon Hills, matters prove to only be getting worse. The supernaturals and their allies line up for battle against the hunters, while a different supernatural threat strikes in the shadows. A werewolf mutation called the Kanima begins killing people in Beacon Hills, and clues begin to align that show all of the victims to be connected to the 2006 Beacon Hills High School swim team. When Jackson is revealed to be the Kanima, a new question arises: "Who is controlling the Kanima? Who is the Kanima Master?" The Kanima mystery hurtles to a screeching stop when Jackson is found dead on the lacrosse field, and Scott and his friends realize that something bigger is at play here. And Gerard Argent is directly in the center of it.

  1. Omega
  2. Shape Shifted
  3. Ice Pick
  4. Abomination
  5. Venomous
  6. Frenemy
  7. Restraint
  8. Raving
  9. Party Guessed
  10. Fury
  11. Battlefield
  12. Master Plan

    Season 3
"It's rare—something that does't happen within a hundred years. But, every once in a while, a beta can become an alpha without having to steal or take their power. They call it a true alpha. It's one that rises purely on the strength of character, virtue, by sheer force of will."
Dr. Deaton

Season 3A
After a silent summer with no supernatural threats, Scott and his friends find themselves thrust into a brewing war between a pack of alphas and Derek's pack. Tensions simmer to a violent boil as Deucalion, the head alpha in the pack, seeks to recruit Derek into the alpha pack—which would mean that Derek would have to kill all of his betas, including Scott. As the alpha pack continues to rise in prominence, a mysterious killer emerges in Beacon Hills, committing human sacrifice using an ancient Druid practice known as the threefold death. All season long, Scott and his friends scramble to uncover the identity of this dark Druid, known as the Darach. Following a major delve into what happened ten years prior, information begins to pour out, revealing that the Darach has been committing human sacrifices as a means of gaining power so that they can launch an attack on the alpha pack and enact revenge on them.

  1. Tattoo
  2. Chaos Rising
  3. Fireflies
  4. Unleashed
  5. Frayed
  6. Motel California
  7. Currents
  8. Visionary
  9. The Girl Who Knew Too Much
  10. The Overlooked
  11. Alpha Pact
  12. Lunar Ellipse

Season 3B
The events of the first half of season three catapult Scott, Stiles, and Allison straight into 3B, and the half-season begins with the three of them struggling to metaphorically "close the door" in their minds—a door that had opened as a result of sacrificing themselves to save their parents from the Darach. Chaos unleashes itself on Beacon Hills as mysterious Japanese demons begin attacking the supernaturals in town. All begins to be made clear when whisperings of a dark kitsune spirit called the Nogitsune begin to circle, and Scott's pack scrambles to reveal who in their close group the Nogitsune has possessed. Battle lines are drawn and sides are taken when Stiles is revealed to be the Nogitsune's host, and Noshiko Yukimura—the one responsible for this nogitsune's existence—warns Scott that Stiles is already dead, and killing the shell of his friend is the only option.
  1. Anchors
  2. More Bad Than Good
  3. Galvanize
  4. Illuminated
  5. Silverfinger
  6. Riddled
  7. Letharia Vulpina
  8. Echo House
  9. The Fox and The Wolf
  10. De-Void
  11. Insatiable
  12. The Divine Move

    Season 4
"Not all monsters do monstrous things."
Lydia Martin

Reeling from Allison's death, the pack travels to Mexico to save Derek from a family of Mexican werewolf hunters. Upon returning to Beacon Hills, they find that every supernatural in the city is on a hitlist, with a price on their head. The season finds the pack scrambling to save everyone they can from assassins hired mysterious by an overlord known as The Benefactor, while trying to protect themselves. Making matters worse is the fact that Kate Argent is back, and she's got a pack of her own—she's a werejaguar leading a group of mindless brutes called the Berserkers. Kate has returned for revenge after receiving news that Allison has died. Peter takes Kate's side in the fight, hoping to steal back Scott's alpha power.

  1. The Dark Moon
  2. 117
  3. Muted
  4. The Benefactor
  5. I.E.D.
  6. Orphaned
  7. Weaponized
  8. Time of Death
  9. Perishable
  10. Monstrous
  11. A Promise to the Dead
  12. Smoke and Mirrors

     Season 5
"A monster whose only purpose was to kill. Not for sustenance, not for revenge, not for any rational impulse other than the drive to end life wherever it's found. It also has a rather personal connection to our family...The Beast of Gevaudan."
Gerard Argent

New teen supernaturals begin appearing in Beacon Hills, and they follow a different set of rules—rules other than the ones most supernaturals follow. At the center of this development are mysterious, ancient doctors. These "Dread Doctors" have mastered pseudoscientific theories and are in search of a host body for the ultimate killing machine: a reincarnation of the Beast of Gevaudan—the original werewolf. Meanwhile, Scott finds himself with a rivaling pack: a teenager named Theo and his pack of chimeras with aims of using specially designed talons to steal Scott's power as an alpha. The Dread Doctors find that their ultimate goal coming to fruition results in their own demise, and The Beast destroys them. With The Beast running rampant through Beacon Hills, Scott and his pack must pull out every tool in their arsenal to take down the monster, and that means going to unlikely allies for help.

  1. Creatures of the Night
  2. Parasomnia
  3. Dreamcatchers
  4. Condition Terminal
  5. A Novel Approach
  6. Required Reading
  7. Strange Frequencies
  8. Ouroboros
  9. Lies of Omission
  10. Status Asthmaticus
  11. The Last Chimera
  12. Damnatio Memoriae
  13. Co-Dominance
  14. The Sword and the Spirit
  15. Amplification
  16. Lie Ability
  17. A Credible Threat
  18. Maid of Gevaudan
  19. The Beast of Beacon Hills
  20. Apotheosis

    Season 6

Season 6A

"What the hell is a Stiles?"
Lydia Martin
Determined not to let anything separate them after they graduate high school, Stiles makes sure that their senior year is one to remember. But fate seems to step in when the Wild Hunt comes to town, stealing people from everyone's memory—and Stiles is one of their first victims. Using Corey's unique power to see into the invisible world that the Ghost Riders function in, Scott, Lydia, and Malia race against the clock, trying to remember Stiles before the Ghost Riders erase everyone in Beacon Hills from memory. The fight turns sideways when a Nazi Alpha aims to steal the power of the Ghost Riders and lead them as the ultimate alpha. The world of the Wild Hunt begins to morph with Beacon Hills as the train full of erased citizens readies for departure. Scott and Liam must make a deadly gambit before the Wild Hunt's storm renders Beacon Hills a ghost town forever.

  1. Memory Lost
  2. Superposition
  3. Sundowning
  4. Relics
  5. Radio Silence
  6. Ghosted
  7. Heartless
  8. Blitzkrreg
  9. Memory Found
  10. Riders on the Storm

Season 6B
"I'm going to tell you a story, maybe it will sound familiar. There was this kid, 16, alone, and running for his life. He couldn't see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns, crossbows. They were hunting him. It started on the night of the full moon. Something came at him. Something bit him, and it changed his life. It changed everything."
Scott McCall

Lydia and Scott prepare to leave together for college, and Scott originally believes he has prepared Liam well for any supernatural threats to come. However, a strange new threat proves that Beacon Hills is not yet ready for Scott, Lydia, and Malia to leave. While a new monster called the Anuk Ite who feeds on fear begins to rise in prominence, Gerard Argent finds a new protege to train as a werewolf hunter—the school guidance counselor Monroe. Gerard's grand plan fleshes out, fueled by the distinct memory pf Monroe's personal experience with the Beast's attack in the previous season. The hunters begin to grow in numbers, with Gerard recruiting everyone that has any sort of animosity against supernaturals. Familiar faces return for the finale in a joint effort against Gerard, the hunters, and the Anuk Ite. At the end, Scott's pack heads forward into uncertainty, knowing that the fight may never end, but they will always win if they have each other.

  1. Said the Spider to the Fly
  2. Raw Talent
  3. After Images
  4. Face-to-Faceless
  5. Pressure Test
  6. Triggers
  7. Werewolves of London
  8. Genotype
  9. Broken Glass
  10. The Wolves of War


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