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    Open Theories 
Claudia Stilinski's last words to Stiles
So far we know that A) Stiles blames himself for his mother's death even though she died of frontotemporal dementia which he had no control over B) However the effects of said frontotemporal dementia made Claudia believe Stiles was trying to kill her C) Stiles was alone with his mom when she died. It's entirely possible that little Stiles sat by his dying mother's bedside, listened to her final breaths and - having succumbed to the disease - the last thing Claudia ever said to her son was "this is your fault."

Peter had a hand in the Hale Fire
In flashback episode about Deucalion and Derek's origins we saw a young Peter convincing Derek to try to Paige into a werewolf. He subtly manipulating Derek into doing it with the same silver tongue he has in the present. He clearly lied about doing so to Stiles and Cora, which he would have no reason to do unless there was more to it than he was letting on. At the end of the first half of season 3 had Peter screaming how he was always the Alpha, which suggests that he felt he should have been the Alpha all along, not his sister Talia. In second half of season 3 when he and Derek used Talia's talons to communicate with her he seemed a bit too eager to learned what Talia said to Derek. Peter's knowledge of werewolf lore and Alphas can do is much more extensive than say Derek or Cora's. With all this in mind the fact that Peter appeared to be the only survivor of the fire (before Cora was revealed to be alive) seems very suspicious. He was very wary of Cora when he learned she survived the fire too, originally sowing the seeds of doubt in Derek on if they could trust her. Later when they thought Derek was dead is when he first approaches and talks to Cora. He was worried if she knew something he didn't want her to know. Peter knows Gerard and how he operates in season 2, better than Derek does.

Peter might have made a pact with Gerard or Kate to help them kill Talia and the rest of his pack, while thinking that Talia would defeat them, but be weakened enough for him to kill her and take the Alpha power from her then kill the hunters. If anyone survived he would lie about how he helped Talia fight back the hunters and how she let him kill her to lead their pack or if they all died he would just make a new pack. He manipulated Derek into trying to turn Paige knowing or hoping she wouldn't take it and she would die, leaving Derek heartbroken, so that Kate could seduce him, while he was mourning. All the while he was plotting with Argents to take Talia out and start the fire. Peter probably told them to attack on a day he knew Talia would be at their house and helped them make sure she couldn't escape. Kate being Kate betrayed Peter when she set the house on fire and nearly killed him. Peter found a way to escape, but couldn't kill Talia like he hoped. The injuries he sustained were so bad he was inactive for years. Much to his dismay Laura became the next Alpha instead of him. Peter is desperately trying to keep this a secret, because he's been hiding under the Alpha powers are what made him evil. He knows if the truth ever gets out he'll not only have to worry about Derek and Cora trying to kill him, but the werewolf society learning that he betrayed his pack preventing him from ever joining up with a new pack and leaving him vulnerable.

Stiles's mother was possessed by the nogitsune, although it was dormant in her.
Think about it; she and Stiles show the same symptoms of neurological damage. How do we know that the damage isn't a result of the nogitsume biding its time in their heads; further, who's to say that when Claudia died as a result of what appeared to be frontotemporal dementia, the demon didn't jump into the only person nearby as a means to survive? It was stated that Stiles had been in the room when she passed. It could stand to reason that the demon slept dormant in him, causing small amounts of damage, until the Nematon or Kira's fox fire brought it to life again.

Nothing happened in the basement during "Echo House"
During the episode, it appears that Stiles has sex with Malia before being taken over by the nogitsune in exchange for her safety. However, it's important to note that right before this, he was sedated against his will, the one thing that could bring back the nogitsune. Everything after that point is most likely a hallucination meant to make Stiles break. It wouldn't even be the first time that Stiles hallucinated about that very same basement.
  • The last scene of the episode is Malia leaving the hospital to look for Scott. She says nothing about being restrained or knocked out. Even if she didn't care for Stiles as more than a fling, she'd probably have said something about him being possessed...unless she was never in the basement because it wasn't real.

Deaton's ritual served some other purpose
Supposedly Scott, Stiles and Allison were stepping in as substitute sacrifices for their parents, which would prevent Jennifer from killing them. Instead they had a 16-hour Near-Death Experience, which in their cases accomplished nothing except to reveal the location where their parents were being held. Otherwise, it did not interfere with Jennifer or her magic. This bit of Canon Discontinuity, in two episodes meant to be aired just a week apart, seems very strange.

Even more bizarre, Deaton, a Druid, lives in Beacon Hills, and logically should be familiar with the local telluric currents and should most definitely know about the Nematon and where exactly it is located. Instead he makes three teenagers undergo 16 hours of the world's coldest spa treatment whose only apparent effect is to show them that the Nematon is a place they had all already been to before. Frankly, in 16 hours Danny could have probably pinpointed it just based on his existing research into the telluric currents!

So it seems as if the ritual must have served some other purpose that Deaton is not disclosing.

Derek was a weak Alpha because he was never trained to be one, Peter was a powerful Alpha because he had always planned to steal it from his sister.
Derek seemed to stumble along as an Alpha, not really understanding how to use any of his new powers other than his enhanced strength. He could not change into wolf form, use Telepathy or do any of the other things Peter did when he was the Alpha in season one. In contrast, Peter knew a great deal about werewolf powers and supernatural, including how to return from the dead. Even as a Beta he was able to do a Mind Meld, which Alpha Derek could not. In speaking of his older sister Talia, Peter takes a somewhat resentful tone. It may be that he hated that she was older, and the Alpha of the family, and was planning to kill her and take it even before the fire. Thus he studied everything he could about werewolves so that he would be able to use the powers most effectively once he had them. Since Derek also had an older sister, who was destined to be the next Alpha after their mother, he was probably never taught how to use Alpha powers. Unlike Peter, he never planned to turn on his mother or Laura, so he never saw any point in learning how to use them.

Sheriff Stilinski is a much better marksman than Chris Argent
The Sheriff was able to sever the rope Deaton was hanging from with a single shot. In contrast, Chris frequently sprays his targets with huge numbers of rounds fired from semi- or fully-automatic weapons, usually without hitting them. He emptied four clips trying to nail the Darach without a single hit (and he did not even attempt anything so ambitious as using a shot to free the history teacher). This actually makes a certain sense. Hunters are accustomed to having overwhelming firepower superiority over their werewolf prey, as well as using things like poisonous gas, electrical stunners, ultrasonic devices, snares and other means to immobilize and/or incapacitate their targets. They also show no interest whatsoever in collateral damage (or in some cases civilian casualties), such as when they used assault rifles to shoot up the police station. Precise marksmanship may actually be a low priority for Hunters, whereas it is a high priority for cops. Thus Chris may actually be a much less precise shooter than the Sheriff is.

Stiles mercy-killed his mother when she was agonizing in the hospital

It could explain why he feels like it was his fault during his Mushroom Samba at Lydia's party. And his somewhat awkward relationship with his father is thanks to this too, since Hallutination Sheriff is angry and alcoholic, and it’s implied that it DID happen a lot the first years. And Stiles most that likely thinks it’s his fault.

What being a Spark means...
  • Stiles is described as a 'Spark'. What is one of the definitions of the word 'Spark'? To set in motion; activate. And what has Stiles done pretty much the entire time? Oh, just pretty much be the reason for so many plotlines. (Feel free to add other examples)
    • Scott getting bit by a werewolf in the woods? There because of Stiles.
    • According to the book On Fire, Derek getting togther with Kate? Saw Stiles and his mother.
    • According to season 3 rumours, Scott and Stiles stumbling on the new mystery? Stiles trying to find love.
  • Seriously, there has to be something significant about the word considering that Stiles is not, apparently, magic.
    • It may represent some kind of ability to affect probability. He did not seem to have enough Mountain Ash dust to make a ring around the entire club, until he really thought about it and then suddenly he did. Dr. Deaton was in fact quite adamant that Stiles needed to make the circle and believe that it would work. Likewise, Stiles was doing rather poorly on the lacrosse field, but then started scoring over and over again. This could be more of an unconscious attribute than a deliberate power.
    • Others have noticed the differences in the way Stiles and Allison interact with the mountain ash. When Stiles broke the ring around the club, he waved a hand over it and the ash split cleanly below it. When Allison broke the ring keeping Cora and Boyd in the bank vault she physically moved it and left finger tracks in the ash. Clearly something is special about Stiles, but it's difficult to say what, exactly.
      • Could he be some sort of (good, of course) Druid? Regarding the Mountain Ash thing, in "Alpha Pack," Ms. Morrell was able to throw a handful of it into the air and have it land in a perfect ring around her, similar in the way Stiles somehow managed to break the circle of ash.
    • In "Motel California", when Stiles, Lydia and Allison are doing room-to-room searches, they cannot get into the room where Ethan is about to take a circular saw to his own stomach because the door is locked, so they move on. But then they hear Ethan turn on the saw, and suddenly Stiles can open the locked door easily, because he had an urgent need to.
    • Jeff said that, while not magic, Stiles can make magical objects work while other people couldn't
    • What if being a Spark means being energy incarnate? Okay, hear me out: in most fantasy media of today, magic = energy, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Teen Wolf. Mountain ash, for example, is magical in itself, but it doesn't work without a Spark, as Deaton explained. So, magic is more of a tool than an intangible force that dwells within, and it needs a energy source, a "spark" if you will. It would explain why Stiles himself isn't considered magic, but he can magical things WORK. He's basically a walking, talking vessel of energy just waiting to be tapped, and that could've manifested in his ADHD until this point.

The Hale fire happened during the full moon eclipse
  • Since it was revelead that is the time when werewolf's lose their powers
    • Not really. Otherwise, Peter could not have survived, since it was his Healing Factor the thing that saved him in the fire.
    • But it was implied by Jeff Davis in a interview that it was a special night in which something different happens to the moon and whatever it is that happens to it have a special effect in the werewolf mojo.

The Hale fire was a Batman Gambit by Gerard.
The facts are these: Kate said she did what she was told to by killing the majority of the Hale family and the only person who could possibly give Kate orders is Gerard. Anyone who put as much time into planning a mass murder by fire as Kate had would think to remember that Derek (the innocent crux of her diabolical vagenda, the only reason she had as much intel on the Hale house as she did) and his sister wouldn't be home when she burned that mother down. Gerard uses Kate's death as an excuse to implement his genocidal plan. What if Gerard had intended for Laura and Derek to survive specifically so they could kill Kate to avenge their family and Gerard, in turn, could do exactly what he ended up doing in Season 2?

Werewolves have telepathic powers similar to Vulcans
Werewolves seem to have the ability to implant memories and commands in others' minds after initial blood contact via teeth or claws. When Derek scratched Jackson, he gave him some of his own memories and emotions. The alpha could call Scott to him while he was sleeping and influence his behavior while he was awake. He could not do this to Derek. And Peter could leave part or all of his consciousness inside Lydia while his body was dead similar to how a Vulcan can transfer his katra (soul). Werewolves also have the ability ease another's pain through physical contact but lack the ability to heal the cause of the pain.The only reason werewolves do not have greater control of telepathy is that they lack the patience and control required to train the abilities properly. Peter's abilities are probably stronger than anyone else's because he basically spent six years meditating.

Gerard sent Kate to kill Derek and/or Peter
  • You know, we never did find out why Kate showed in Beacon Hills in the first place, Mr. Argent (Chris) says she came remarkably quickly after he called. Gerard is part of a splinter of the family (or Allison's immediate family is the splinter) as was Kate. This splinter has abandoned the "code" of the Argents and is far more Knight Templar-y about the whole thing. Alternatively they have a personal grudge with the Hale family. In either case, Gerard sent Kate to kill off the werewolves in Beacon Hills with or without them having spilled human blood. After Kate is killed, Gerard shows up personally to finish the job.

Scott WANTED Derek to hear him talking to Gerard
  • So Scott's in a pretty bad position, where Gerard will kill his mother unless he betrays Derek and the pack to them. He can't take the risk of warning them in case he gets found out, but if Derek sees them, then he'll get enough of the situation to take steps to protect his pack, such as making sure Scott isn't in a position to find out details about the Pack's movements. Derek keeps the Pack safe, and Scott can honestly say he's telling the hunters everything he knows.

Isaac's father killed his wife
  • He was shown to have an anger problem, when Isaac was digging the grave it shared his last name, and the Kanima kills murderers.
    • Wasn't he digging Kate Argent's grave???

The Mountain Lion at the end of "The Tell" was sent by an Alpha

In "The Tell", when the school parent teacher conference seems to be under attack by the alpha. And it turns out after Mr. Argent shoots it, it was a mountain lion. I'm just thinking could the whole Brick Joke be a bit of Fridge Brilliance.

As all the werewolf incidents are dismissed as mountain lion attacks, plenty of people would continually find this suspicious. I believe the Alpha under this assumption somehow found a mountain lion and made it attack the conference in order to convince people it was simply all mountain lions doing it all and silencing all who found this suspicious.

  • Or Chris unleashed the mountain lion so it could get killed, the Sheriff would close the case, and he could proceed to hunt the werewolves without worrying about police interference.

    Confirmed Theories 
Derek's sister was an Alpha.
When we see her body, it's much more lupine than human, much like the Alpha and not like the little Bumpy-Head-Betas. In addition, Derek says "He's an alpha now " suggesting that the Alpha has only recently become so. This leads to the conclusion that to become an Alpha you have to kill the previous Alpha.
  • Partially proven in a webisode. Derek's sister was an alpha, but how she became one wasn't made clear.
    • Confirmed by Word of God
Thoughts on Stiles' mother.
  • She died in the Hale house fire. (related to the she-was-a-wolf theory above)
    • She was the previous Alpha.
  • Random act of violence, perhaps a robbery gone wrong. Stiles' dad was unable to stop it.
  • She died in a car accident.
    • The mechanic responsible for the car problem that caused the accident and was killed by the Kanima.
  • She died punching a werewolf in the face. Unlike her son, she didn't get away with it. Stiles had to get those balls from somewhere, and his dad hasn't been shown with that trait yet. (Possibly related to the she-was-killed-by-a-wolf theory above)
  • She isn't really dead.
  • She died of a completely mundane disease, maybe cancer. Confirmed when Stiles hallucinates his father at Lydia's party, he talks about her wasting away in a hospital bed. Specifically, it was frontotemporal dementia.

Wounds from Alphas heal slower, regardless of species.
  • This is why Jackson bounced back quickly from bullet wounds, but bled for a bit after he was hit by Derek.
    • Makes sense, considering what Doctor Deaton said in "Ice Pick"
    • Confirmed.

The Kamina was going after a specific target in the Gay Bar
  • It moved straight through a path in the crowd, but killed no one. They weren't it's targets. It was going after another person and then the plan was interrupted.
    • The target was Danny. But Derek prevented the murder.

Gerard Argent is using Allison as a figurehead
  • There are old hunters, and there are dumb hunters, but there are no old dumb hunters. There is no way Gerard doesn't know that it's a crappy idea to put a teenager whose mother just died in charge of a bunch of people who kill things. Therefore, he's putting Allison in charge because her grief over Victoria makes her easy to manipulate. She's not really heading the Argenta at all, Gerard is, because all he has to do to make Allison do what he wants is bring up Victoria in the right way
    • Confirmed in the Season Two finale. Gerard commands the Kanima to threaten Allison's life in order to use her as a bargaining chip with Scott.

Gerard intended for his family to die
Related to the previous guess, Gerard planned the Hale fire with Kate as scape goat both so that the Hales would die off and so that any possible survivors would kill Kate. Her death in turn supposedly gave him the motive to kill off all werewolves, but we know he's wanted that all along, so it's most likely just the justification he's giving to keep other hunters from stopping him. Add to that, the women in the family are meant to give orders to men and Gerard wouldn't have approved of taking orders from his own child since his wife is not the picture (and where did she go? is she dead too?). Killing Kate is to his advantage however you look at it. He also took the opportunity to off Victoria, the other woman who could have given him orders. He then used her death to manipulate Alison into thinking that his ideas are her own. She looks like the bad guy to the wolves, but he's the one making decisions. He clearly had no problem with his son and granddaughter dying in the season two finale. All that is obvious, but I think that he planned for them to die. He was going to become a werewolf and knew that his own family were the ones with the best chance of killing him, so he wanted to kill them first. We don't know how long he's been sick. It might be six years or more.
  • Since it is established by the situation with Victoria that any hunter that becomes infected with lycanthropy must either commit suicide or be killed by their fellow hunters, it is pretty much a given that Gerard's plan required him to kill Chris and Allison, along with all the other hunters he knew of. This puts an added spin as to why he needed to capture Derek, not just get bitten by him. Gerard would need to become an Alpha and assemble his own pack in order to help him take out all of the hunters.
    • Confirmed. He openly states that he would kill his own children and grandchildren to cure his cancer.
    • Not entirely confirmed. There is a subtle difference between being willing to kill your children to further your aims and planning their deaths from the beginning as part of a Batman Gambit to eliminate potential future enemies. The original WMG assumes that he's been planning and helping to carry out multiple, specific human and werewolf deaths at least six years in advance and implies that he killed his wife, too.

There is something magical about Beacon Hills and Hale House
Beacon Hills, and Hale House in particular, seem to have some kind of special significance to werewolves. With hunters making it dangerous to live there it is odd that Derek stays. It is even more odd that the Alpha Pack would try to move in, since it clearly is not safe territory for werewolves. Peter, buried beneath Hale House, was somehow able to make metaphysical contact with Lydia after his death and direct her through the steps of resurrecting him. Derek did not appear to know that this was possible, but he was only a teenager when his family was killed and probably did not know all of their arcane secrets. Otherwise he would have disposed of Peter's body another way. He also buried Laura on the house's grounds. Maybe there was some Hale family tradition that family members should be buried on the grounds of Hale House because resurrection was possible under some circumstances, and Derek just didn't know that was why?
  • pseudo-Confirmed as of Currents. Beacon Hills is a beacon of Teluric Currents that have a lot, very big lot of energy, which is aparently why the Darach is doing his/her sacrifices there, since the sacrifices/abduction/body-founding placesmatches points of strong teluric currents.

The show takes pace in the same universe as Big Wolf on Campus
In both show's only Alpha's can create new werewolves, and their depiction of werewolves are simaler.

Scott doesn't need to be part of a werewolf pack
It was already established that werewolves literally become stronger when in packs (stronger, faster, and generally more powerful). Scott, however, can take advantage of this power-up through his (mostly human) friends: Stiles, Allison, Lydia, and maybe Jackson and Isaac. At one point, Derek noted that Scott wasn't an Omega, but rather the Alpha of his own pack. Although Derek was only speaking metaphorically, it's possible that this statement could become literal if it hasn't already. Scott is receiving a power-up through his human friends just as though he were a member of a werewolf pack.
  • Confirmed. Scott gains a pack in his friends (as of the current plotline: Stiles naturally, Allison, Lydia, Isaac, Aiden, Ethan, and Kira).

There is a way to become an Alpha without killing/defeating an existing one
One way to become an Alpha that has already been established is for a Beta or Omega to kill an Alpha. Derek has suggested before, however, that an Alpha could fall to Beta or Omega (which was what happened to Peter). It's possible that Scott will become an Alpha by feeling a need to protect his "pack". Either that or if an Alpha doesn't get killed by a Beta or Omega, then the Alpha-powers go to a member of the Alpha's pack.
  • Confirmed as of "Currents." Scott becomes a "True Alpha" out of sheer force of will and virtue (according to Deaton)

Deucalion plans to kill all the other Alphas
  • He reveals that he discovered that an Alpha could gain more power by killing their Betas. Now he leads a pack of Alphas, all theoretically equal but in practice subordinate to him to the point where they obey his orders and he may even casually slash them to remind them to do so. He is not shy about stating his superiority. By placing every other Alpha he can under his command, and later killing them all as he did his Betas, he may hope to attain even greater powers.
    • He appears to be trying to arrange circumstances to ensure that Scott becomes an Alpha by acquiring a pack of his own. Otherwise if he saw Scott as a simple threat he would simply have the Ennis, Kali, Aiden and Ethan kill him (and Derek for that matter). Instead he is instigating subtle antagonism seemingly designed to isolate Derek while causing some of the Betas to cluster around Scott. That would leave him with two more Alphas to add to his "collection", rather than just one.
  • Peter said to Derek that Alphas have the Spark, he could be lying and Maybe only Derek have it as an Alpha.
    • Confirmed. He gained power to stop Jennifer by killing his Alphas.

Scott is an alpha as of "Frayed"
  • Red eyes after Ennis' and Derek's supposed deaths, taking more time to heal his wounds, having control over Isaac and possibly Boyd, a lot of signs are pointing to his evolution much sooner than later.
  • From what Ms. Morrell said whatever will make Scott go Alpha depends on Derek being an Alpha and part of the Alpha Pack
Whenever Scott finally does become an alpha, the matter of whether or not to bite Stiles will become an issue between them.
  • We know that Peter Hale was able to at least tempt Stiles with the bite at the end of season 1, even though Stiles refused him. Accepting the bite from Scott would be a whole different matter. So either Scott will offer the bite to Stiles and he'll be pissed at Scott for tempting him or Scott will not offer and Stiles will be pissed for that. (In no universe does Stiles actually get the bite. It would wreck his character.)

Jennifer Blake is the Darach
  • Or at least working with it. It was odd how fast Derek had sex with her, considering his last girlfriend/sexual partner burnt his house down and killed his family.
  • That could explain the oddly out of character moments that Derek after all, just look at Motel California and all the mind rape that happened. Plus those corny songs that play at those moments may be the same thing that the whole warrior chanting thing the Darach does.
    • Confirmed.

Ethan's going to perform a Heel–Face Turn...
...Because of Danny. I feel like he's the most likely of the Alpha pack to do it, given his demeanour when he's not around his brother, and again, he has a very good reason to in the form of Danny.
  • Likely, since Word of God hinted that Ethan could start having feeling for Danny. Whatever this means he will pull a Heel–Face Turn or a Redemption Equals Death is still unknown.
  • Ethan is at least reasonable, sometimes even helpful, towards Scott when Danny is nearby. He is distinctly more sinister when he is with the other members of the Alpha Pack.
    • Confirmed.

Jennifer somehow manipulated/influenced Derek
Their relationship led to a lot of Out Of Character Moments for Derek e.g. he went to her for help when everyone thought he was dead, it was because she influenced him to seek her out because she had some sort of hold over him since it was Derek killing Paige that essentially saved Jennifer's life and she knew that. That's why having sex with her helped Derek heal and she wanted him to help her kill Deucalion even though he was just a Beta. It was broken when he saw her real face.
  • Partially confirmed given that she said killing the different types of people gave her powers, therefore killing virgins gave her seduction powers

Stiles is the Big Bad of the second half of season 3.
Or, rather, he's being possessed by the Big Bad. There are a couple things about Stiles that are not adding up: first, as someone pointed out, he's been wearing the same t-shirt multiple times over the course of the season - rather mundane, except for the fact that in this show the characters tend to not repeat clothing, and he even changed into it for a few seconds in episode 3x15 in a scene that looks like a production error but is very likely intentional. Second, it's revealed in 3x16 that it was Stiles who wrote the note on the board that sent Barrows after Kira - yet Stiles clearly has no memory of doing this. There's also a promotional picture of Scott, Allison, and Stiles with their faces looking a bit like a reflection in a broken mirror (parts of their faces offset from the rest) on the MTV Teen Wolf page. Stiles is front and center of the picture and his face is offset cleanly down the center.
  • Confirmed

    Jossed Theories 
The Alpha is female
So far Derek and everyone else is only assuming that the alpha is male. In animal wolf packs, they are typically constructed of an Alpha male and Alpha female and their offspring. Unlike dogs they do not mate with their direct relatives and if one of the pair dies, then they either stop eating and die, the pack breaks up or they seek out a non related mate to bring in to help lead the pack. Maybe Derek's sister was killed so the unknown female could raise to Alpha status and perhaps is related to Derek Derek's Uncle raised his finger, which Derek missed, after asking him if anyone survived the fire, Derek's relatives and some non werewolves were present when the house burned down, so this is a fair assumption that it could be a relative. So seeking out fresh blood for the pack, the alpha attacked Scott.

The Alpha is the Chemistry teacher
He told Mrs. Mc Call that Scott needed a male authority figure in his life, which would make for a convenient excuse for him to volunteer for the job and spend more time with Scott (while actually training him as a werewolf).After the attack at the video store, the teacher was also very sympathetic to Jackson, telling him he could miss class if he wanted. His plan is probably to make Jackson another member of his pack (hence "marking" him with his claws).
  • Except that it was Derek who clawed Jackson accidentally.
    • Wasn't that just the one mark from Derek? It looked like the Alpha did the same thing (except with all his claws) in the next episode, resulting in Jackson putting on the bandage. Either way, the Alpha could have killed Jackson on two separate occasions and didn't.
      • No, Derek stuck his claws in the back of Jackson's neck, then the Alpha inspected it, or reclawed it, but Derek definitely was responsible for the claw marks.
  • Jossed. But Harris was involved with the fire that killed the Hale family.

Jackson is Scott's half brother
Combining two things mentioned that will probably become important (who Scott's father is/why he left etc with the fact that Jackson is adopted and the effect that's had on him). It would add to Jackson believing he needs to compete with Scott. Scott's father had a baby (Jackson) with another woman and left. This theory is nowhere near full proof but could end up appearing as a red herring.
  • Jossed. We learn what happened to his parents in season two— both are dead.
    Jackson is a Hale.
He has been having nightmares about fires— which killed most of the Hale family— and is adopted. Uncle Burn Victim did twitch a finger at the inquiry that there was someone who had escaped the fire. With Jackson behaving so weirdly after being scratched by wolfsbane-poisoned Derek, (namely "Do you want a bite?" reaction, and reeling dynamically at the Alpha's howl,) it might be possible.
  • Jackson recently revealed that he's had dreams about a house and a fire. He also bears more than a passing resemblance to the Alpha, Peter Hale.
    • Actually, Word of God says Jackson's nightmares were just glimpses of memories that Derek accidentally shared when he clawed Jackson in the back of the neck in Magic Bullet. This was also seen when the Alpha claws Scott in the back of the neck.
      • ACTUALLY actually, Word of God says that, had Colton Haynes not left the show after season 2, Malia's storyline about being Peter's daughter would have been Jackson's. So this one was only Jossed by the actor leaving.

Stiles is a Hale.
On his mother's side. Her death was arranged by hunters to look like an accident/suicide/disease since she was married to a cop who would otherwise track down said hunters if it was an obvious murder. However, she was most likely a cousin or more distant relative and only an Omega/low-rank, which is why hybrid Stiles has not wolfed out himself. The fact that Stiles seems to have a strange first name might reflect his mother wanting a traditional werewolf name.
  • If the Teen Wolf novel "On Fire" is considered cannonical, there are members of the Hale family who are *not* werewolves. In the book, Kate's ruthlessness and depravity as a hunter is demonstrated when Derek recalls how the extended Hale family had gathered for a major family celebration, and that it was during that event that Kate set the fire, killing everyone, including family members who had never killed a human, and those who were not even werewolves. IF Stiles' mom *is* a Hale, she may have been one who wasn't a werewolf.
  • Seemingly Jossed, as he would have had an immunity to the nogitsune had he been a werewolf.

Lydia is an Omega.
We already know that Omega werewolves exist, and are apparently the lowest form of werewolf. It's possible that being so low means they are unable to heal as fast as Betas can, if they even have accelerated healing.

Stiles's mother was killed by a werewolf
Stiles mentioned having panic attacks as a result of his mother's death, implying it was pretty traumatising to him. It's possible that the attack was dismissed as an animal attack the way the Alpha's killings were to begin with. Maybe it was a Hale, maybe it was another group of werewolves. Later episodes could have Stile's discovering this fact and it driving him away from the werewolves he associates with, especially if it WAS a Hale.
  • There's a non-traumatizing way to lose your mother?????
    • Jossed, she died of frontotemporal dementia, a neurological disorder.

Thoughts on Lydia
  • Lydia is an Omega werewolf.
  • Lydia is a Kanima.
  • Lydia is a succubus.
  • Lydia is a fairy.
    • Technically not wrong as a banshee is a type of fairy.
  • Lydia is a regular human suffering from a severe Sanity Slippage.
    • She's immune to the bite. Confirmed.
      • She's immune to all kinds of supernatural afflictions, not just werewolf bites.
    • She's the cure.
  • Lydia is a vampire.
  • Lydia is a Time Lord.
  • Lydia is an Assassin.
  • Lydia is a witch.
  • Lydia is a psychic medium.
    • All of these are Jossed. She's a banshee.

There are two kanimas.
The kanima at the beginning of the season has different facial features and coloration than the kanima that turned out to be Jackson.

The second kanima is
  • Adrian Harris, the chemistry teacher.
    • his car has a bumper sticker of an Einstein quote. He himself quotes Einstein in the same episode. Also, he's kind of creepy.
      • This could be supported by the fact that during the first season he mentioned how lonely he has been. Especially after Kate manipulated him.
  • Lydia
  • There is no second Kanima, it was just Art Evolution.
  • The Vet
    • Both of the above two theories are Jossed by virtue of there only being one Kanima.

There is a difference between killing and murder
  • This is why the defeat of the Alpha did not condemn the people responsible, and why the kills of the Argents don't seem to count. As the males of the Argent family seem to be lawful, they would kill but not murder. The lower hunters may not have been so careful as to their targets, and thus did murder. The mechanic may have tampered with someone's brakes, perhaps causing their deaths
  • The Kanima picks up on guilt to know it's targets, this is why it does not target the Argents- they aren't guilty. This may be why Danny's ex seemed to need help breathing. He was guiltier, and effected more.
  • The Kanima can be used to kill anybody. For example, all of those Beacon Hills police officers (who were highly unlikely to be murderers). The Kanima may kill only murderers by default, but once it has a master that person can direct it to kill anybody. Of course, there are consequences for breaking the rules and using it that way...
    • Jossed, as when Jackson becomes a werewolf, he has blue eyes, meaning he has blood on his hands, whether he was cognizant of it.

Momma Argent will utilize Matt
  • Through her father in law's cameras, she will note Matt's obsession with her daughter and use him to try and drive a wedge between Allison and Scott.
    • Jossed.

Grandpa Argent
  • His pills keep him from being some supernatural creature
    • Jossed, they were to keep cancer at bay.

The cookbook is more than a cookbook
  • Why would Mr. Argent keep a bestiary on his keyring, but keep a cookbook in a safe hidden in a house full of armed people who fight the forces of evil on a regular basis. Whatever is in that book is more valuable.
    • It could be or contain a coded version of something extremely important.
    • Gerard saying that "It took two hours but was worthy" means that he made the book so that Allison would think it was the bestiary.
      • Jossed. It was just a cookbook.
    • Gerard is a bit of a foodie, so it would make sense that he'd protect his favorite recipes carefully. Add in his long-standing hunter tradition, and "protecting it carefully" means a lot more than just keeping it on a good shelf and away from the mixer while cooking.

Thoughts on Jackson's birth parents
  • Despite "Restraint" I still think Jackson might be a Hale. Kate (or somebody like her — possibly Gerard) may have made more than one attempt at ending that particular bloodline of werewolves.

Jackson will get mode-locked
This will be the real reason why his actor won't be showing up in Season 3. His part will be played by a stunt-man in a costume.
  • Jackson's character is currently on the bus with no predictioon to his return, however there is no mention of him being mode locked.

The Alpha pack will do one of this things season three...
  • Bite Allison, and make Chris have a Sadistic Choice.
  • Have Peter and Gerard Demoted to Dragon.
  • Kill Jackson.
  • Kill someone important - Mellisa or Sheriff Stilinski.
    • All Jossed.

Stiles will become the Good Counterpart to the Darach.
  • He will use his something-powers to either save Scott, Derek, Papa Stilinski or Mama Mc Call from Jennifer's.
    • Jossed.

The next season will focus on Jackson and Lydia adjusting to life as outsiders
  • Season 1 focused on Scott's transition into a werewolf which made him cooler and more popular in high school. Season 2 focused on outsiders like Isaac, Erica, and Boyd trying to make the same changes in their lives by becoming werewolves. Now that Jackson is a werewolf and Lydia is his Secret Keeper, Season 3 will focus on his adjusting to life outside his circle and Lydia perhaps will try to regain some control over her life and sanity after the terrible events of this season.
    • Unfortunately Colton Haynes is apparently not returning for season 3, so look for Jackson to be Put on a Bus. On the other hand, that ups the probability of Lydia developing a more-significant plotline as it gives her another thing to deal with.

Gerard survived and will turn into a Wendigo next season.
Scott mixed his cancer pills with Mountain Ash but Word of God confirms his survival. This would mean Derek's bite will be altered and turn Gerard into a monster that matches his personality like Jackson turned into the Kanima. The only monster that is as blood thirsty and inhuman as Gerard is a Wendigo.
  • Gerard may return as a new Kanima. According to Derek, using the Kanima for purposes other than to avenge murder results in the master becoming the Kanima. Even if one could argue that Gerard was able to become the Kanima's master because of his desire to avenge Kate (herself a murderer), Gerard used it for entirely selfish ends and not to get vengeance on Kate's killer (Peter). There is also the fact that Gerard was himself a murderer, and who only knows how that factors into the effects of the Kanima curse. Matt used the Kanima for it's intended purpose, initially, but began directing it to commit murders that were purely self-serving, rather than providing vengeance for his own near-death. As a result, he was already starting to turn into a Kanima. Also of note, Jackson started hemorrhaging black blood after Derek bit him, a fore-shadowing that something was going wrong with his change. The same thing happened to Gerard. The Mountain Ash might have poisoned him, but it might not have been the reason for the black blood. That could have been Derek's bite speeding up the change into the Kanima.
    • Jossed: He’s an undying human that’s cured of cancer, but continuously coughs up black mucous.

Jackson is an undiagnosed sociopath.
Fits the profile pretty thoroughly. To list examples is to list almost everything he's ever done.
  • It's worth noting that you can't diagnose a pre-adult with sociopathy because all children display personality traits that would be deemed sociopathic in adults. A significant part of reaching maturity is outgrowing such behaviors. Jackson's got serious issues, yes, but he's still a teenager. They're known to be a little self-centered.

Unlikely, he has emotional attachments to Lydia and Danny. And is capable of feeling deep, meaningful emotions. Still if he does not revoke that restraining order and admit that the secure van situation was his fault, he will definitely come across as the most ungrateful, unpleasant asshole in Beacon Hills.

  • He did try to kill Danny at one point as the Kanima, then after he realized it was him, he proceeded to make exactly no attempt to stop himself killing people. He is cruel (some might say emotionally abusive) to Lydia when she's going through a really hard time, and has reacted with anger whenever she (or anyone else) looks like they might upstage him. He surrounds himself with the most popular people in school to make himself more popular, not because he particularly cares about their well-being. Even in the season 2 finale, he asked if she still loved him but never claimed to reciprocate those feelings. Everything is always about him.
    • Jackson tried to kill Danny because Matt learned in the library that Danny discovered the doctored video footage from the camcorder and was working to recover the edited-out portions. That would of course have resulted in him (and Jackson) discovering the truth about the Kanima. Once Jackson did eventually become aware of the fact that he was the Kanima and did not control his own actions when he changed, he warned Danny to run if he started to charge him on the lacrosse field.
      • Jackson shouldn't be blamed for everything the kanima did, but he can be blamed for not seeking help once he realized he was killing people during his blackouts. Several people died after he learned that he was the kanima because he refused to let anyone stop him. Danny was in danger long before Jackson gave him any kind of warning. Hundreds of people besides Danny were in danger that night, but Jackson didn't care about killing any of them. He certainly didn't worry about endangering his parents every night he slept in their house. Even if he had been a regular werewolf he could have accidentally killed them.
      • Jackson does not tend to think about the ramifications of actions very much in general. For example, he still had his heart set on becoming a werewolf even after learning about the hunters (maybe he thought his father could slap them with a restraining order?). But this discussion can get circular. By refusing to kill Jackson, or allow at least help Derek do so, Scott is arguably an accessory to all the killings (including of the Beacon Hills police) that Jackson subsequently committed after they captured him the first time. These people are teenagers. Their big picture thinking can be uneven at best. Regardless, Jackson is also more than a little unstable on a good day, and may not have been willing to accept that he could not control his change and what he did as the Kanima until after the slaughter at the sheriff's office. Not sociopathic so much as irresponsible and stupid.
    • Lydia was able to get in touch with Jackson's humanity as the Kanima.
  • It is more likely that Jackson merely suffers from severe interpersonal relationship disorders. His parents rather stupidly told him he was adopted when he was very young, and do not seem to have put much effort into asserting that they love him as much as they would their own biological child (perhaps because they don't). Only Danny is patient enough to really put up with him all of the time and Lydia, at least initially, only dated him because he was the most handsome, athletic boy in school (in addition to having a rich family). He may suffer from severe depersonalization, the ultimate manifestation of which being the Kanima, which has no sense of self at all.
    • We haven't seen enough of Jackson's parents to say how they raised him, but we do know that they talk to him often enough and pay attention to him enough to feel confident going to the police with the first text they got from him that seemed off. That seems like they care about his wellbeing at least. Whatever Lydia and Danny's reasons are for liking him, it doesn't change his behavior toward them. Whatever his real diagnosis turns out to be, there is no denying that he is really fucked up and needs more than the power of love to fix his issues.

Word of God may have stated that Jackson is not a Hale but he could be descended from a werewolf bloodine.
Humans died in the Hale fire as well, meaning that they were part of the family. And not all genetic traits are a 100% inheritable. So Jackson may have had a recessive werewolf gene that when he was bitten it was triggered. The only Beta shown with Icy Blue Eyes was pre Alpha Derek. Said Sourwolf is a born werewolf. Everyone else who was bitten has Eyes of Gold.

Victoria Argent is still alive
Her eyes turn yellow just before she's stabbed in the gut. We've seen other werewolves survive worse than that, and after she's stabbed I don't believe we actually see her body again.

Eaddy Mays, the actress who plays her, even congratulated someone on Twitter who pointed out that her eyes change before she "dies", hinting at this having future relevance. It's possible that Chris helped her fake her death and that she may return in the future.

  • Also, Eady Mays has been seen on the Teen Wolf set during the filming of Season 3, although this could be for the filming of flashbacks.
    • Jossed: She appeared as a vision of Allison’s, but as of yet doesn’t seem to have any plans to return.

The mysterious "Darach" is Gerard Argent
  • The murders/sacrifices are distinctly different from other werewolf killings. Also, Mr. Harris was apparently working for the Darach, and he had a prior history with Kate Argent that Gerard might have known about and used as leverage. We know from his ownership of a bestiary written in Archaic Latin that Gerard likely had access to a great deal of very ancient information about the supernatural. He easily identified and was able to control the Kanima. Given his open statement that he would do anything to survive, Blood Magic hardly seems beyond the pale.

  • Somewhat jossed as of "Motel California". Gerard is alive, but he's both paralyzed from the waist-down and also weakened, so he can't be the Darach. I wouldn't completely joss this theory though.
    • Jossed completely three episodes later when it's revealed it's Jennifer.
  • On the other hand, it would not be the first time a villain has feigned being an invalid to conceal malevolent activities. Peter pretended to be catatonic in a nursing home by day, while slipping out to play Alpha at night.

The Darach is Peter Hale
  • And Peter is killing them in his human form rather than his werewolf form. He's been weakened since his return from the dead so perhaps he's sacrificing people as part of some spell to get the full extent of his strength back. He also had a history with Harris (threatening him in season 1) and has some knowledge of spells (as shown by his possessing of Lydia and having her perform the ritual that brought him back to life).
    • Jossed in "The Girl Who Knew Too Much", it's Jennifer.

Stiles with have a It's Personal moment with the Darach
Give that it killed a childhood friend of his, especially since she appeared to have a romantic interest in him.
  • Jossed, Scott and Deucalion fight the Darach; Stiles is elsewhere during the encounter.

Jennifer Blake is also Paige
...Because almost no one on this show can stay dead
  • Following te above, Peter had to do with her resurrection, as he took the body from Derek's hands and told him he could take care of the body. Plus, he seemed to have something against Derek back then, by the way he lied to Cora and Stiles about not giving Derek the idea of turning Paige.
  • Also, Paige died at a sacred druidic place, and Jennifer is the dark druid. Its not too much of a extent to think Peter revived Paige specifically in a Came Back Wrong way just screw Derek. Maybe some sucecion/pack leadership problem?. Peter wants to be alpha, but he knows the next for alpha is Derek... so he grows closer to Derek in order to make himself the alpha by puling a Lion King's Scar. OR, Peter had good intentions by reviving Paige, but she Came Back Wrong anyways, he fought her and left her mauled in the forest to die. Where Papa Stilinski found her and brought her to the hospital. And the plot is canon from there...
  • Jennifer also mentioned she's been in therapy and Sheriff Stilinski said they found a girl in the woods ages ago. And this would mess with Derek even more, which the show really likes to do.
    • Jossed. Paige died, but her death counted as a sacrifice to the Nemeton and it gained enough energy so Jennifer could sap it and live after being attacked by Kali.

Derek knew Cora was alive
  • He didn't seem super surprised that she was alive, more that she was here. She may have been staying with members of the extended family or family friends. Derek and Laura might have stayed there with her before coming back to Beacon Hills a little before the first episode (Stiles mentions they hadn't been living in Beacon Hills after the accident).
    • Seemingly Jossed.

Stiles and Cora's relationship will make Lydia jealous
  • Even if they don't hook up in the end, probably to cause Lydia to have a Green-Eyed Epiphany as regards Stiles.
    • Jossed.

The promos black eyes can happen when
  • During the lunar eclipse
  • If a Alpha loses their power. Jossed. Derek lost his Alpha powers, bur his eyes are blue, like in S1

Scott's anchor will end up being his father.
  • I have a hard time believing he's not going to have at least a slightly substantial role after suddenly showing up, especially since Jeff Davis felt he'd be important enough to warrant a mention during one of the Teen Wolf panels just before the season aired. Deaton won't be able to bring Scott back, leaving his father as the only one who can.
    • Jossed.

Why Barrow wanted to "galvanize" everyone....
Barrow suggested that he wanted to create The Unmasqued World. Whether he knew it or not, he was an Unwitting Pawn for whatever the masked Black Cloaks for this season are. It is suggested they feed on negative emotions. It is possible they wanted to be revealed to the world, as they would grow more powerful the more people knew about them.
  • Jossed. Barrow was controlled by the nogitsune.

The number 5 tattoos refer to Guy Fawkes Night.
The story has reached early November, and November 5 is Guy Fawkes Night. Perhaps there will be fireworks or fire involved, along with references to the failed attempt on King James I's life in 1605. Maybe there was some supernatural connection to that night.
  • Jossed. The tattoos are kanji which mean the person who has them is supernatural, but is also still themselves as opposed to being under Demonic Possession. When the Oni brand someone with the tattoo, it indicates that the person is clean, and the Oni leave the person alone after that unless provoked.

The love interest Stiles is supposed to be getting in Echo House?
Not going to be the girl, Meredith. It's going to be the guy, Oliver. Why? We've all felt that Stiles is bisexual and Illuminated strongly hinted at it when he's asked if he likes guys and does not say anything. So while some people think his love interest will be Meredith, it will actually be Oliver! Or Lydia.
  • Jossed; it was Malia.

Kira's Dad was the one who released the Shadow Demons.
Jossed; one of her parents has control of the demons, but it isn't her dad. It's her mom, and they're seemingly a force for good.

Derek will die.
It has been hinted at throughout the season: Derek passing the torch of the 'protector' to Scott, his relevance to the characters diminishing more and more as time goes on, and a few more subtle hints beyond this.
  • Jossed; Allison dies.

There are two nogitsunes, and one of them is in Allison
While not having as severe symptoms as Stiles, there are several that overlap, including hallucinations and blackouts (she doesn't remember turning her phone off, which she never does, and at one point she left for school and then was immediately at school, with no apparent memory of the journey there). Also, several of the nogitsune's attacks involve hunter weapons, which Stiles would likely not have access to. Who would? A hunter.
  • Jossed; Allison wasn't possessed.

Thoughts on Parrish
What is Parrish?
  • I think it's all but confirmed that he's a phoenix. When Jeff Davis was directly asked if Parrish was said creature, the former got very quiet and dismissive and refused to speak any more on the subject.
    • Even discounting that, he was burned alive and emerged fine. More to the point, we know he wasn't immune, and he still had his hair and nails even when a Healing Factor wouldn't have saved them. Phoenixes are known for two things: fire and regeneration. It would be more surprising if he isn't a phoenix.
    • At the London MCM comic con in late 2014, Word of God actually downright said he is not a phoenix. There are a lot of hints that Parrish might be a death creature similarl to Lydia and Meredith - and there are several mythological beings that can withstand fire besides phoenixes.
  • It's possibly hinted that he is a salamander. When the supernatural world is being explained to him in Derek's loft, the creature he specifically calls out is the Kanima. In the last episode, after he and Lydia call it a night from trying to figure out what he is, the bestiary is left on the Kanima page. If a Kanima is a snake/lizard shift, who's to say a fire lizard shift isn't possible. Kind of like the difference between a werewolf and a werecoyote.
  • Jossed. We all missed it completely: he's a hellhound.

    General Theories 
The master of the Kanima is...
  • Grandpa Argent
  • The guidance counselor
  • Mr. Harris
    • This looked like it was confirmed, but it was later jossed.
  • the kid from the guidance counselor's office
  • Matt
    • Confirmed.
  • The Vet
  • Momma Argent
  • Is the person with the highest authority in the area. This is why it turned to Grandpa Argent. When there was not a person with a clear authority in the area, the kanima has independence. It did not turn to Scott because they have the same rank of co-captain.
  • Sheriff Stilinski
The kid from in front of the guidance counselor's office is...
  • A figment of Lydia's mind courtesy of Peter Hale.
    • Confirmed: He's a hallucination of Peter Hale as a teenager.
  • A ghost
  • The ghost of Peter Hale.
  • A witch

Monster candidates for season 3:
  • Wendigo
  • Or Slenderman
    • Sorta confirmed in a meta way: Doug Jones, who plays Slenderman in the upcoming Marble Hornets movie, will be playing a "known killer" named Barrow.
  • Kitsune
  • Some sort of masked demons.
    • Confirmed to be a kitsune, specifically a nogitsune, or evil kitsune.

The opening credits give everything away
This is less a WMG than an attempt to just get this theory out there to see if anyone else can figure things out. Because the opening credits are more important than anyone thinks.

Specifically, everyone has images near them that give away some fact about them. Sometimes this is obvious, like the fact that we get Derek and then an image of a real wolf, which means he's an Alpha. And Allison kissing Scott and pulling a bow is rather duh.

But we also have Scott floating in mid-air, to represent the fact that he can ascend to Alpha on his own...and a quick flash of a wolf right at the start of the credits before him, meaning he also will be an Alpha. And Lydia screaming to represent the fact she is a banshee.

So, what images are unexplained:

  • We get Allison doing her thing, then several hands reaching down out of dirt, with one hand bursting upward from below, then Stiles walking from his jeep, then get Allison covered in dirt being touched by a werewolf hand. So, assuming the image of hands pertains to Stiles, what is Stiles? Someone who can raise the dead? Or is he the lone hand below and will be raised from the dead? The hands go with Stiles, but it was said that it may have something to do with Derek, because 8 hands, police report 8 dead Hales
    • It's theorized that Stiles might become an Emissary, and the Emissary's job is to keep the werewolves "connected" to humanity. What are the hands doing? Reaching out, trying to connect. And there are currently 8 werewolves he's been in contact with that are still alive: Derek, Cora, Scott, Isaac, Aiden, Ethan, Deucalion, and Peter.

  • Also, considering the image after Allison being touched by a werewolf hand is followed by Derek, and thus that might be his hand, what are we supposed to take away from that? (Or, as the show is hinting at, is that possibly Isaac's hand?)

  • We also get two images of dancing mud-covered female bodies at the end, one alone and one mirrored...and considering that there are only two women in the credits in the first place, our choice is fairly limited in who those could be. One of those is mirrored, like the screaming image of Lydia, so might be her. And the other images is 'scratched' by claws, but appears unharmed...also like what happened to Lydia. (OTOH, Allison is dirty in when she's touch by a werewolf hand...but 'dirty' and 'muddy' might mean different things.)
    • On the other hand, the naked women covered in mud are. . . noticeably curvier than either of the two main female characters in Season 2 (with the possible exception of Lydia.) That may just be Rule of Sexy.

    Just For Fun Theories 
Teen Witch Will Get a Series if this Does Well

Teen Wolf takes place in the same universe as Supernatural
Some hunters travel the country taking out any evil little thing they come across. Some stick to a town if the evil little things are pesky. Especially if those evil things fall under your specialty.

Other clues:

  • The hunters seem to have all the lore about supernatural creatures like Werewolves, just like Bobby Singer did. And they seem to be the "shoot first and ask questions later" type that grandfather Henry Winchester mentions in Season Eight.
  • The Alphas have red eyes just like that pack of Purgatory creatures that were surrounding Dean in the Season Seven finale.
  • And now with the reveal of Lydia being a banshee, there's another link to the Supernatural universe - Dean Winchester mentions hunting one in Season One.

Teen Wolf takes place in the same universe as Grimm
The wolves are not Bludbaten, they are another type of creature. The Argents are simply another family trying to reign in the supernatural. They are Grimms, even though they may not be able to see the creatures for what they are.

Teen Wolf takes place in the same universe as Back to the Future
  • They mentioned the next town over was Hill Valley.
  • Stiles said Kira absorbed 1.21 gigawatts of electricity.

Peter Hale is a Voldemort wannabe.
  • He seems to be using a younger version of himself as part of a scheme to bring himself back to life. He also seems to be preserving part of his consciousness in Lydia. Unless, of course, she's just having a Sanity Slippage.
    • Bonus points because she's a redhead!

Teen Wolf takes place in the same universe as Ginger Snaps and The Vampire Diaries.
The connection is in the prequel to Ginger Snaps, there is a Reverend who's last name is Gilbert and there is a character named James who is played by JR Bourne. The Reverend and James obviously are ancestor's to the Argent family and the Gilbert family, both families are aware of the existence of werewolves, and the Gilbert's have extended knowledge of other supernatural monsters such as vampires and what not.
Bobby Finstock will turn into something.
Because he's just THAT weird...
Michael J. Fox will guest star eventually.
He has returned to TV with The Michael J. Fox Show and they could wear him down sooner or later.

The entire show is Michael J. Fox's nightmare.
He hated the movie and he's having a dreadful nightmare about the franchise growing.

Coach Bobby Finstock is the devil incarnate.
His birthday lies on Mischief Night, "the Devil's night."

The DJ in "Illuminated" was really Venom.
And there will be a crossover with The Amazing Spider-Man.

Kira is somehow connected to the Fox network.
And she plans on canceling everything!

Teen Wolf is actually an American version of the Whoniverse.
There is a werewolf in the Doctor Who episode "Tooth and Claw." There is a Trickster in both Teen Wolf and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Stiles' first name is never said because he is The Doctor. There will be a spinoff of this show called Who Stilinski.

Howard Scott McCall exits in the universe and would be brought on as a Dawn-like character.
Compete with a Cosmic Retcon that everyone else knew about him but never bothered because he was living elsewhere.

The Nogitsune is HABIT.
Both were active around the time of World War II. Both possess the quirky character and try to make said character kill their friends. Both can manipulate multiple people at once in addition to their host. Finally, the Nogitsune appeared in a season focused on psychological horror, which is a theme in Slender vlogs.

The Season 5 opener Big Bad Wolf is none other than Agent Mc Call


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