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Fridge Brilliance

  • During a part of one preview (the one with the four Zyumans walking around and enjoying the human world in their Zyuman forms) and during the 1st episode when the four Zyumans first meet Yamato, Leo gets loud. Both times, Sela angrily yells at him to stop. It is clear others are affected as well, but Sela's the only one to get nasty about it. Episode 2 comes along and it introduces the Zyumans' special abilities and wouldn't you know it, Sela's ability is strong hearing. The show doesn't go and actually say it (whether it actually does is unknown; the 2nd episode had just aired this week), but it's obvious to almost any viewer: Sela's nastier about Leo's loudness because it causes her THAT much more pain.
    • Confirmed in episode 8, when Leo lets out an especially loud roar that causes the other characters pain, but actually knocks Sela unconscious.
  • Leo's primary concern about food isn't that ridiculous - back in Kamen Rider Gaim, Oren mentions his survival training and how being able to find the right food is a priority. Coincidentally, both cases involve alternate dimensions.
  • Tusk's initial hesitance towards trusting Yamato. Of the group (Yamato included) he's the only one based on a herbivore/prey animal, meaning he would be more on guard against potential predators, especially in an unfamiliar environment.
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  • Zyuoh Eagle gets a whip weapon because he's the human, who often has to keep his animal companions in line- much like an animal tamer at a circus. (Thankfully, of course, he doesn't actually use the whip on his allies- though he did put them on leashes in episode 2.) This motif also extends to the Zyuoh King combination sequence, as the cubes jump through flaming hoops, just like circus animals.
  • Zyuoh King requires three Zyuoh Cubes in order to operate. In mathematics, the power of three is commonly known as being cubed.
  • Why did Yamato want to go to such lengths to befriend Larri, the gorilla Zyuman who was scared of humans and clearly just wanted Yamato to leave him alone? Well, the episode makes it clear that Yamato and Larri are extremely similar. Yamato is a human scientist who studies animals, Larri is an animal scientist who studies humans. Plus, as Tusk mentioned, Yamato was in danger of being in the same boat as Larri if he had been trapped in Zyuland. No wonder Yamato wanted to befriend the gorilla-man.
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  • In comparison to past Sentai villain groups, the DeathGaliens are a lot more deadly and focused on destroying planets with inferior species because it amuses Jinis. The genius comes in when you remember that the series has a partial video game motif, and the MoTWs are called "players". And just what do you do in most video games? KILL EVERYTHING. Even if it's covered by cartoony effects to temper it (or doesn't even try to), the fact remains that death happens in spades.
  • A minor aesthetic detail, the Zyuoh cubes form the initial mecha in the formation top to bottom as 1-2-3. This is immediately followed by the 1-5-4 combination. Why design the numbers to be out of order like this for a combination? To prepare for Zyuoh Gorilla, thus forming a 6-5-4 combination to be regularly used in fights with the 1-2-3 combination.
    • Try stacking up three six-sided dice like the mecha. If you have 1-2-3 showing on one side... the other side will be 6-5-4!
  • Why do the Zyuogers mistake the youkai as a deathgalien in the Ninninger Vs Toqger movie? Because the villains in Zyouger are based off of the designs of villains in previous sentai seasons!
  • Unlike most Super Sentai villains who seek to either enslave the Earth or destroy and rebuild it, the Deathgaliens simply view their mission as a game, with the monsters being Players who take their turns trying to destroy Earth. Why is this brilliant? Because for possibly the first time in forty years, there's actually a reason why the villains only send one monster at a time!
  • Cube Rhino, which is the default animal of Zyuoh The World, is given the number 9 in the order of the Cube Animals. Zyuoh The World is the sixth Zyuohger, however due to Cube Gorilla already using the number 6, Cube Rhino cannot use that number. By the order of numbers, it'd make sense for Zyuoh The World to use the next number which would be 7, but yet the default animal of Zyuoh The World uses the number 9. Seems strange, until one takes a closer look at the number 9, which is essentially an upside down 6. Thus this effectively allows Zyuoh the World, the sixth ranger, the designation of 6 even when the number 6 had already been taken.
    • In addition, as Zyuoh The World starts off as an evil ranger, he is effectively a reverse of a ranger, meaning a number 6 in reverse would be a fitting number for someone who is the opposite of a sixth.
    • Another way of looking at this: 9 is a multiple of 3, and The World happens to control 3 cube animals. Combine that the general cube motif, which requires 3 dimensions and you get a ranger who is the embodiment of 3 animals*3 dimensions to become 9 as a whole.
  • Why would Master Jinnis choose such a timid person to be the World? Anyone stronger could resist more easily and could turn on him on his own.
    • However, that also proved to be his undoing. People who are very self-critical tend to hold themselves back, up to and including to when they're angry in fear of hurting someone when they lose control of their temper.
  • Bunglay seems to have his eyes set on Yamato in particular considering all the things he tries to do to him, but considering his pirate motif and Yamato becoming Zyuoh Whale, one can compare them to Captain Ahab and Moby Dick, respectively. Except instead of any actual revenge, Bunglay's pretty much hunting Yamato because it's what he does the most.
    • Even before that, Bunglay seems to have it in for Yamato personally, constantly trying to break his spirit. That makes him apply for another trope as well.
    • Keep in mind, this was written before it was confirmed that Bunglay was in fact after Cube Whale.
  • The Gokaigers apparently got their butts kicked by Gokudos Gil, the fused will of past Zangyack Emperors, back on the Zangyack homeworld. Now, this makes perfect sense for two reasons. First, they returned all the Ranger Keys, so they're not operating on the same level they did back on Earth. Second, the Gokaigers went to an alien planet to plunder it, and got beaten back by the combined strength of past evil emperors, which is basically an inverse of the Legend War.
  • Probably coincidental, by the advent of Zyuoh Bird brings brings brilliance to the color arrangement of the Zyuohgers. The five core member plus Zyuoh Bird represents the sides of a Rubik's cube, while Misao's primary color, black, is the lining.
  • The Reveal of how insanely powerful Genis is both makes him possibly the only Super Sentai villain to justify his Orcus on His Throne behavior, and pushes the Dethgaliens' video game motif even more; Genis is after entertainment, not conquest, and simply curb stomping the Zyuohgers on his own wouldn't be much fun. In other words, he's the equivalent of a gamer who deliberately refuses to use an overpowered weapon because it takes the challenge out of the game.
  • Why Yamato and Bud are such an impeccable tagteam if they have never fought together before and barely met a few times? Precisely because this series is about connections and how you bond with others. Because Yamato has Bud's Zyuman Power they are bonded to the core, thus they can read and synchronize with each other movement without the need of any word or practice. What's more, you can even guess that "Zyuoh Condor" (the fusion of "Zyuoh Eagle" and "Zyuoh Bird" through Cube Condor's powers) is the avatar of the real power of the Bird Zyouhger.
  • Each of the main 5 Zyuohgers represents each continent.

Fridge Horror

  • During the monster's rampage in Episode 3 there is NO way there weren't civilian casualties.
  • What happened to Yamato's parents that made made Mario and Yamato tried to avoid the subject when asked? It could be something minor that they are too embarrassing to talk about but the worst case scenario is that Yamato's is estranged from them or they have disappeared or are currently deceased.
    • There's a small hint in Episode 16: In a flashback we see Yamato, as a child, going to stay with Mario when he and his father had an argument over Yamato's love of animals. One could infer that Yamato's father never approved of his dream of becoming a zoologist.
    • Estrangement and death confirmed - Yamato's mother died, and he's been estranged from his father ever since, never forgiving him for being absent when Wakako died until he discovered Kageyuki was busy trying to help Bard at the time.
  • Kubar and Bunglay clash in Episode 25. They disappear later, and the next time we see them, they're fighting in what appears to be a giant crater. Think about that for a moment. They're so strong that them simply fighting is enough to cause that much destruction. What would happen if they went any further?
  • If it weren't Played for Laughs so well, everything about Misao would be horrifying and tragic. He grew up friendless and alone, leaving him psychologically vulnerable. He was abducted by aliens and given great power. He was made into a soldier in their war to destroy his planet. Three people were killed to grant him this power, and he's so haunted by it that he's haunted by the images of them. If Misao wasn't so outrageously over the top about everything, it would be so sad.
  • Bungray is perhaps the only Player whose hunting for sport is actually saving people. His prey are Megabeasts, which are actually the Monster of the Week for Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion. With him gone, this removes just one predator for these beasts to thrive upon.
    • Very likely just a case of Name's the Same.
    • Plus since the latest Megabeast he was hunting turned out to be Zyuoh whale, that means he likely considers any creature naturally of that size to be a "Megabeast"
  • The cruelty that Larry and Bud met at the hands of humans is horrible because we (the audiance) know that they mean no harm. But if you put yourself in the people's shoes, it makes perfect sense why humans in the Super Sentai universe, would attack them. For the last 40+ years, the Earth (namely Japan) has been under a constant state of attack by aliens, mutants, demons, interdimentioanl warlords and even home grown crimanal organizations. While not all the monsters have been evil, the good one have been far and few in between and the many that are evil are responsible for the deaths of thousands, if not millions. So it's only natural that the humans that live on the Super Sentai (and Kamen Rider) Earth, be scared for their lives when an animal person suddenly walks up to them.
  • Azald's true identity is Azald Legacy and he calls himself the "Immortal God of Destruction". There's no way he started with Earth, meaning there are more destroyed planets than the 99 that fell victim to the Blood Games.
  • Nobody said that Quval is the only Deathgalien member that came from a planet that fell victim to Ginis's Blood Games. Perhaps Quval's own Team Players did to or even Jagged (who we don't know much about) and his players or some of Azald's.

Fridge Logic

  • Amu's super sense is a strong sense of taste but the animal she is based on, tigers, has limited range of taste buds compared to humans because of their strictly carnivorous diet.
    • Maybe it's wide compared to other big cats?
    • That's true of real world tigers, but Amu herself doesn't appear to have such a diet.
    • they already gave the senses of sight, hearing, smelling and, in place of touch, yelling to the other rangers, they needed to give her something

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