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Episode 1: The Exciting Animal Land

  • The Zyuohgers managing to hold their own against the foot soldiers for quite a while is an impressive feat.
  • Yamato's battle against a Deathgalien General. He is the inexperienced newbie of the team... he wins.

Episode 3: Want To Go Home But Can't

  • Yamato uses his newly enhanced eyesight to swat the enemies shots right out of the air.

Episode 5: Monarch of the Jungle

  • After the team got curbstomped by Azald throughout the episode, Yamato was given the Zyuman power of Larri, letting him transform into Zyuoh Gorilla. Yamato then proceeds to utterly demolish Azald.

Episode 8: Savanna's Melody

Episode 11: Animal Assembly

  • In order to let his friends search for the Champion Symbol, Yamato faced G.I.F.T. by himself without using any of the mecha. He was bruttaly curbstomped, but it was awesome to see him willing to do this by himself.
  • After the team got together, they managed to land a serious blow on G.I.F.T. not by using their mecha, but by using team work in ranger form. Awesome indeed.
  • The cherry on the top is Wild Zyuoh King's debut. It's incredibly awesome to see the five rangers piloting the mecha together for the first time. Even better seeing the new robot kicking G.I.F.T.'s ass.
  • The whipped cream below is Wild Zyuoh King's transformation sequence. As the cube animals spin into formation, they slowly stack on top of one another before turning and transforming into Wild Zyuoh King.
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  • The ice cream below that is the roll call for the episode. Between a perfect use of the instrumental theme of the show, as well as the King's Credential in calling out the animals of each Ranger, it made it apparent that G.I.F.T. was about to get wrecked.
  • Some props should be given to Birdman for battling the Zyuohgers sans Yamato as well as he did as he was outnumbered, probably not the best physical condition after donating his power to Yamato that many years ago and unable to morph. He only began to have real trouble when the Zyuohgers decide to morph and pull out all stops.

Episode 12: The Short-Nosed Elephant


Episode 15: The Terrifying Sniper

  • This episode is an awesome moment in the series, being a nod to one of the best plots in Mahou Sentai Magiranger — a sniper MOTW hunts down the rangers and The Lancer must outsmart the villain in awesome fashion.

Episode 16: Finding Zyuman

  • Uncle Mario showing off his brass balls, by talking down Naria, while being choked. Not only was he totally unafraid of her, you could see he was unimpressed. No wonder she was so angry.
    Naria: To decry the Blood Game is to defy Master Genis. You're just one of this planet's inferior lifeforms! (Picks up Uncle Mario by his neck)
    Mario: When it comes to life, nothing is inferior, or superior, got it!? (Said while punching Naria's arm, and face)
    (Mario looks at Naria with a withering stare)
    Mario: Don't mess...with this planet.

Episode 17: Extra Player, Intrude

  • Zyuoh The World debuts in this episode and leaves a great first impression. By using his Fishing Rod, he defeated Yamato. By using Wolf Form and Flash Step, he defeated Amu and Sela. By using Crocodile Form, he defeated Leo and Tusk. To top it all off, he activated his Instincts to finish the slaughter. Dio would be proud

Episode 19: Who Can Be Trusted?

  • Yamato manages to single-handedly break through Zyuoh The World's brainwashing and free him from Ginis and Naria's control. We have our Sixth Ranger, ladies and gentlemen.

Episode 20: Monarch of the World

  • The proper heroic debut of Zyuoh TheWorld, double teaming with Zyuoh Eagle against Cuval and Azald and easily handing them their asses.

Episode 21: Prison Break

  • Misao taking on some Moebas unstransformed, first barehanded, then with Zyuoh The World´s rifle. He is painfully awkward and constantly depressed, but when he gets up, that guy is fearsome.

Episode 22: Awakening? Or a Mistake?

  • Only three words need to be said... WAIRUDO TOUSAI KINGUUUUUUU!!!note 
    • WTK's finisher is sheer awesome. He impales the poor clod he's fighting with the power of all thirteen cube animals!
      • Speaking of, it was cool as can be to see the entire pack of Cube Animals charging into battle.
  • How about the fact that Misao pulled a goddamn building out of the ground? With a fishing pole, and not even in his power form, to boot?
  • Give Amu props for figuring Misao out. It was thanks to her that he was able to act as the MVP this episode.

Episode 23: Mega-Beast Hunter!

  • Bunglay overpowers Misao's fishing rod. You know, the weapon that pulled a freaking BUILDING out of the ground last episode.

Episode 24: Revived Memory

  • Yamato hands Bunglay's butt on a silver platter on this episode all on his own, and the fight is epic!
    Bunglay: I need to know, who are you?
    ZyuohEagle: ZyuohEagle, YAMATO KAZAKIRI!

Episode 28: The Space Pirates Return

  • The return of the Gokaigers. Yes, ALL of them!
    • Even better, they're now sporting the Ranger Keys of the teams after them but before the Zyuohgers.
  • Captain Marvelous vs. the Zyuohgers is quite entertaining. He turns into GaoRed, which incenses Leo into attacking him. Marvelous slams him into the ground and drags him through it. Then, he changes into GekiRed and is able to disorient and defeat Amu. When Yamato and Misao go to fight him, he changes into Red Buster, which sends Misao into a panic as he's no longer special.
  • We get to see how the Gokaigers still keep their signature techniques and fighting styles. Joe's swordplaying seems to be even more refined.
  • The episode's final frame. Yamato and Marvelous (as Red Hawk) clashing swords while flying. A truly badass way to end one of the greatest episodes of the whole franchise.
  • Also: Gokai Changes for Yellow Buster, Kyoryu Pink, ToQ #4, and AoNinger!
  • For a non-Gokaiger-related one, how about Cetas, standing up for the Earth against a seemingly unbeatable enemy and becoming the first Zyuohger in the process?

Episode 29: The Champion of the Champions

  • Two words: 2,000th, episode!
  • The trailer certainly looks amazing enough, with Bunglay leading an army of past villains against the combined forces of the Gokaigers and the Zyuohgers with Yamato morphed into Zyuoh Whale.
  • Yamato blew off part of the moon. Yes, you read that correctly. And that's just the base of his new power.

Episode 30: The Legendary Mega-Beast

  • Cube Whale appears and shoots the crap out of all three factions- the Zyuohgers, the DeathGaliens, and Bunglay- all at the same time!

Episode 31: When the Mega-Beast Stands

  • Yamato also uses DodekaiOh's spear, allowing him to easily overpower Bunglay and G.I.F.T!

Episode 35: The Last Day of the Zyuohgers

Episode 38: The Wings Take Flight

  • The last episode left off with Yamato at the mercy of one of the Zaguil Brothers and Bud transforming into ZyuohBird. Here, he takes on the Zaguil Brother toe to toe and finishes him with his own Eagriser and a truly awesome Glide Feather Slash.
    • Which is utterly topped by the final fight, wherein the Zaguil Brothers turn out to be able to infinitely regenerate as long as one of them survives. And once the Zyuohgers realize they have to kill them both at the same time, they sprout jetpacks and play keep away. Luckily, Bud shows up, he and Yamato transform, and they have an utterly awesome dogfight that ends with human and bird-man taking down the Zaguil Brothers with synchronized swordsmanship! Damn!

Episode 41: The First and Last Chance

Episode 42: The Future of This World

  • Continuing last episode's awesome, the sheer might of Genis's new form crushes Quval's hopes of revenge utterly, leaving him a terrified wreck who decides to try and destroy the Earth in a blaze of glory with the hopes that Genis will be amused enough to spare his life. That's right, Genis is so powerful that the calculating mastermind has been reduced to a simpering lapdog.
  • Misao pulling himself out of his fearful state and walking out of his hospital bed into the battle, stating, with the total support of his three Zyuman hallucinations, that he doesn't WANT to change, he's GOING to change. For the timid and depressive Misao, it's quite the bold statement.
  • The rollcall while in the mechas, which also includes the mechas posing.
    • Followed by the Zyuohgers summoning in the auxiliary Zyuoh Cubes and easily fighting off Quval. Oh, and there's Theme Music Power-Up.

Episode 46: The Immortal God of Destruction

  • The Zyuohgers doing what Cetas himself couldn't do and finally putting an end to Azald. This involves them reaching his core by blowing him up and then pulling off a Stepping Stones in the Sky with the pieces of him.
    • The kicker? Leo, Sela, Amu and Tusk are the ones to do the finishing blow by themselves, after Yamato has done his part.

Episode 47: The Final Game

  • Wild Tousai Dodeka King PULLS THE SAJITARIARK DOWN TO EARTH!!! Even better? Genis is surprised! You know, the guy who has continued to be calm for 46 episodes, has finally been taken by surprise!

Final Episode: The Earth is Our Home

  • The Final Battle with Genis. To elaborate: the Zyuohger learn his greatest secret, causing him to finally lose his cool. Then, after Genis damages their Champion Symbols, their refusal to give up causes the earth to restore their powers. Then Yamato goes One-Winged Angel when he combines all three of his beast forms together and gives Genis an epic thrashing. Then the Zyuohger deliver a powerful Zyuoh Final, destroying the Cube Whale data disk inside Genis, severing his connection to Earth's power. Then, once Genis grows, without access to Earth's power, he is severely weakened and the Zyuohger curb-stomp him within two minutes before finally destroying him once and for all. Game over for the Blood Games.
    • And the finishing blow to Genis is Wild Tousai Dodeka King's final finisher, which involves it throwing a mirage of the earth at its target.
    • Genis himself deserves credit for putting up a hell of a fight, especially compared to the Curb-Stomp Battle that took out his predecessor Kibaoni. Usually as soon as the theme song starts playing, the Big Bad is toast, but he still kept beating down the Zyuohgers, even knocking Yamato out of the sky with Misao!

Meta Examples

  • The mere fact that this series represents the 40th year of Super Sentai is worth celebrating.
  • The cinematography during the flight scenes with Yamato are breathtaking.
    • Many of the effects are quite impressive, in particular the animations of the individual Zyuoh Cubes and the colored cube effects of some attacks.
  • The fact that in the final battle, they actually made a one-time use new Ranger suit for Yamato, just like they couldn't be bothered to do last year with Kyuuemon.



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