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Below is a list of the Ho Yay found in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, although it consists mostly of Misao interactions with other characters. He has strong, recurring Ship Tease with both Yamato and Tusk, and with Kinji during the Vs. Movie.

Interestingly, he doesn't have any with Leo, this could be both down to their limited interaction and Leo being portrayed as the 'manliest of men'.

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  • Yamato breaks Genis' control over Misao by hugging him in the middle of a fight.
  • Yamato saying he and Misao have a connection, when Misao asks Yamato why he cares what happens to him.
  • Yamato is the one who gives Misao his adorable nickname, Micchan.
  • In Episode 32, Misao rejects a duo with Tusk in favour of pairing up with Yamato. It plays exactly like a romantic-confession-rejected scene.
  • Yamato is devastated when Misao is kidnapped by Kubar and seems more keen than the others to rescue him. He's even more desperate to find him when it turns out the Misao they rescued was a copy.
  • In the following episode, Yamato arguing with the nurse and his father to stay overnight in the hospital with Misao is a painful moment because of his past, and also distressingly reminiscent of real life issues for same-sex couples who cannot legally marry.
  • In the final episode, after they finally defeat Genis and everyone is celebrating in the cockpit, Yamato practically tackle-hugs Misao.
  • Misao tends to get googly-eyes around Yamato, especially when Yamato praises him or is affectionate back.


  • Their first extended interaction is in Episode 21, with Misao and Tusk ending up trapped in a cave together. It's only through 'the power of friendship of two awkward guys' that they're able to escape, Misao breaks out of his funk and they activate CubeBat.
    • Sela asks 'Did you two get closer or something?' while clasping her hands together in a precious-children-falling-in-love-before-her kind of way.
    • After the fight is over, Misao intervenes in an argument between Tusk and Leo and tells Tusk that he's there for him, before inviting him to go fishing (based off of this and the one with Kinji, this seems to be Misao's way of inviting guys on dates) and he then drags Tusk off to fish, who despite seeming extremely reluctant, smiles back at the other Zyuohgers.
  • In Episode 32, Tusk is the only one able to break Misao out of his extreme funk by telling him that he loves him (they were all under the influence of a monster than amplified their inner feelings that they wouldn't normally express). They then combo together to fight both sides of the monster.
    • The final scene plays out exactly like a love triangle between Tusk, Misao and Yamato. Misao tells Tusk that he appreciated the sentiment but he'd rather be 'paired' with Yamato. Tusk is understandably crushed.



  • When Kinji and Misao fight together for the first time against Masakage Tsugomori, Kinji takes a photo with Misao (complete with a romantic pink filter) and Misao is rendered almost speechless, staring at his V-pose fingers and enthusiastically - and perhaps instinctively - activating his Super Unleash the Beast form.
    • Once they've defeated the monster, Kinji pushes Misao onto his knees in front of him and even through the helmet, you can tell Misao is momentarily confused as to what's about to happen (*wink, wink*)
  • After the battle, Misao nervously approaches Kinji (while hiding behind Tusk and clutching him around the waist) to invite him to go fishing. When Kinji enthusiastically agrees, Misao lets go of Tusk and drapes himself around Kinji (who doesn't seem to mind).
    • As everyone chases after/follows Takaharu to go fishing, Misao is the only who doesn't immediately follow. Kinji rushes back to him and picks him up bridal-style (in the above photo) while shouting 'Newly Wed' (a reference to Takaharu having just gotten married in secret, but it's easy to connect the dots between Misao and Kinji).


  • Takaharu and Yamato get a little bit during the Vs. Movie, notably when Takaharu mounts Yamato during their fight at the playground.
  • A preteen girl falls in love with Tusk for saving her, but by the end of the episode, has transferred her affections to Amu.

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