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Ho Yay / Drake & Josh

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  • Drake and Josh, Craig and Eric
    • Josh even kisses Drake in more than one episode.
  • Despite all their heterosexual activity, you might as well call Drake and Josh the show's Official Couple. They constantly find excuses to hug each other, had full on the lips kissing, and managed to have an episode where they break up, followed by a tearful public confession about how one needs the other.
  • Craig and Eric are heavily implied to be in a relationship (to the point where they go on a double date with another couple)
  • This pretty much covers it.
    • Even they missed a few, like when Drake "proposes" to Josh in "Pool Shark". There's also the way Drake likes to use his seduction voice whenever he's trying to get Josh to do something.
    Drake: (to Josh) 'Cause she's purdy. * leans closer* You're purdy too...
    Josh: (after a nightmare in which Drake's head blows up) Oh, Drake, your head is fine.
    Drake: You have pretty eyes.
  • "The Drew and Jerry Show": the entire episode
  • In one episode, Eric gets popular after beating up Drake and once he does he stops spending time with Craig. Naturally, Craig acts more like a heartbroken girlfriend that's jealous.
  • Josh really likes hugging Drake. To the point that his Catchphrase is "HUG ME BROTHA!"


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