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Episode 1: The Exciting Animal Land

  • Many of the background Zyumen are in humorous situations such as a Dog Zyuman petting an actual dog and the Horse Zyumen wearing the popular horse masks

Episode 2: Don't Underestimate This Planet

  • Leo's, Sela's, and Amu's reaction to the human world. They cause Yamato so much trouble that he is forced to put them on leashes to keep them from running off.
  • While arguing with Tusk about what to do after they find the Link Cube destroyed, Leo swells up.....and proclaims the next priority to be finding a meal!
    • Bonus points for the camera cutting quickly to the girls who nod in agreement. Extra points towards SELA being the one first to nod.
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  • Tusk and the natto.
  • After destroying the monster, Eagle and Tiger are both cheerful and exchange a "Yay!". Eagle tries to get Elephant in on it, but he responds it's not really his thing.

Episode 3: Want To Go Home But Can't

  • After Leo complains that they couldn't find Amu and Yamato, Amu reminds him that their changers double as cellphones, by calling him.

Episode 4: Roar in the Ring!

  • Yamato asks Tusk to use his keen sense of smell in an effort to find Leo and Sela. When Tusk is given the choice to either sniff out one of Sela's garments or Leo's sock, he choose Leo's sock, and is revolted by the sock's horrible stench. When Yamato's uncle walks in and sees Tusk holding on to a sock, he drops his cup in sheer shock at what Tusk is doing.

Episode 7: It's a G-G-Go-Ghost!

  • Amu's note to Tusk to do all her chores.
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  • Amu constantly interrupting Tusk as the latter tries to tell her off.
  • Ghost's appearance in the episode which leads to both the Zyuohgers' and Takeru's interest in each other.
    • Ghost posing with the Zyuohgers.
  • Lord Genis orders a continue on Shocker Fiddlerking. Naria takes the medal and just kinda shoves it in his mouth.
  • Takeru and Yurusen's excitement over Zyuoh Wild.
    • Yurusen doing the Tarzan yell.

Episode 8: Savanna's Melody

  • By now we know Sela's beef with Leo also comes from his booming voice and her super hearing - this week we finally see what Sensory Overload does to the poor girl. She reverts to shark form and collapses flopping on her side. Like an actual fish (probably not like a shark ought to, but hey.)
  • From earlier in the episode,the first skirmish with Yabaiker leaves Sera the one affected by the Pararira noise. Her solution? A pair of earphones, a scarf and a motorcycle helmet.
    • Unfortunately this setup prevent her from able to see properly thus Amu eventually had to move her arm and her head to make sure she is facing the right direction.
    • Bonus points for her being the one unaffected by Pararira noise version 2!

Episode 12: The Short-haired Elephant

  • Leo is... not much of a artist. A lot funnier because Mario compliments his work while ignoring Sela's far more realistic drawing.
  • Tusk is... not good at charades.

Episode 13: The Summit of Witnesses

  • Noborizon's final sentence as he's destroyed by the Bear Axe.
    Noborizon: When climbing a mountain...(is struck by the Bear Axe final strike)...always beware of BEARS!
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  • Throughout the episode Leo has been trying to impress Yuri who he thinks likes Yamato more. before discovering the reason she keeps looking at him is because he reminds her of her pet parakeet

Episode 15: The Terrifying Sniper

  • Tusk, Leo, and Amu keep the people that have turned into dolls as a result of the Monster of the Week at Mori's house. This becomes a Brick Joke at the very end of the episode when everyone gets turned back to normal, resulting in there suddenly being a large group of people stuffed inside a small house, much to Mori's confusion. Mori is also in a cow costume, for some reason.
    Mori: Who are all you people?! If you're here to milk me...Moo! Moo! Moove on out of here!

Episode 20: Champion of the World!

Episode 21: Prison Break

Episode 22: Awakening? Is It Wrong?

  • After Misao lifts a bicycle, it explodes. Cue reaction.
  • The Monster of the Week is basically DeathGalien Michael Bay that turns everything into explodium. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Amu's attempt to play up her cute side to get Misao to help them and she is able to convince Sela to help her out. What makes this funny? All of the Zyuohgers are presently transformed.
  • As the Zyuohgers fight the MOTW later in the episode, he attacks them by summoning a slinky, cymbal-banging monkeys, noisemakers, and giant sock puppets with googly eyes.
  • The Zyuohgers' attempts to figure out how to combine all nine Zyuoh Cubes. They act like children who just got a new toy, but lack the instructions.
    • Even better, they do this while the monster has already grown giant sized!

Episode 23: Mega-Beast Hunter

  • A new, fierce enemy completely unrelated to the DeathGaliens arrives on Earth. What's the first thing he does? Crash a barbeque for some grub.
    • Just as he's about to dig in, the meat he's holding gets burned to ashes by a randomly-firing Cruiser. ...oh, frick.
    • He later interrupts a battle between the Zyuohgers and said Cruiser, demanding to know who destroyed his meal. Cue both sides bickering that it was the other.
  • Man, this is the first time since episode 20 where Misao doesn't get all depre- his yukata got all torn up and he's telling himself he doesn't deserve to watch the fireworks because of it. Nice job, Toei. You pulled through.

Episode 24: Revived Memory

  • Yamato doesn't believe in ghosts. ...remember what Kamen Rider he met a while back? note 

Episode 27: Which are the real ones?!

  • Bunglay creates copies out of Tusk and Sela and straps bombs on them; the only way to disarm them before 30 minutes are up is to find out who the impostors are. Yamato's solution? A game show.

Episode 28: The Space Pirates Return

  • Marvelous gets into a scuffle with Sela, Leo, Tusk and Amu over the Grand Champion Symbol. How do the four Zyuohgers win this? By having Amu tickle Marvelous!
  • After Bunglay appears to confront them, Marvelous throws poor Navi through the air so she can tell the other Gokaigers about the situation.
  • When Marvelous Gokai Changes into GaoRed, Leo realizes that they both share the same lion theme and tells Marvelous to stop stealing his style. A similar thing happens with Amu when Marvelous Gokai Changes into GekiRed.
  • When Yamato and Misao change into Zyuoh Gorilla and The World Crocodile to confront Marvelous, he responds by Gokai Changing into Red Buster. Misao, realizing that Marvelous has 4 different forms compared to his 3, he thinks that he can't compete and slumps down depressed. Yamato then gently tries to snap Misao out of his Heroic BSoD like a parent gently talking to their child.
    • As Marvelous bolts, the Zyuohgers and Bunglay chase after him. In a Funny Background Event, Yamato and Tusk bring up the rear because they were busy dragging the still-catatonic Misao with them.
  • Marvelous' Gokai Changes in general. Not only is he changing into red rangers that have the same exact motifs of the Zyuohgers as he takes them on, not only is he wiping the floor, er, ground with them, but he's doing so in a way to troll all of them. He's more experienced than them, he knows how the past rangers' powers work to be able to trounce them, and he's having fun while doing it. Not only that, but he started doing it before he even changed into another red suit other than his own.
  • Gai Ikari, begging on his hands and knees, begging for help from the young forms of the ToQGers. You know they included this because the To Q Gers are the only team of kids. It looks funny that the one time we see asking for help, it's a grown man asking prepubescent kids. But it works because It Makes Sense In Context.
    • As he does this, he realizes that Marvelous is already using the Ranger Keys even though they haven't collected them all yet.
    • The fact that Gai has grown his hair. The wild look doesn't really suit him...
  • As the Gokaigers, san Marvelous and Gai, arrive to hold off the Zyuohgers, san Yamato and Misao, Don points out how they have two faces: One for the animal faces on their chests, and one for their helmet.
  • Leo accidentally looking up Luka's skirt during their fight. Cue Luka stomping on him while declaring him a pervert.
  • Don is constantly on the run from Tusk during their fight, which eventually escalates in the former somehow riding a cart away from him while shooting at him.
  • It's a quick moment, but after the Gokaigers change into post-Gokaiger Sentai, Don (As ToQ 4) has some trouble lifting up his axe, mumbling about it being heavy.

Episode 29: The Champion of Champions

  • When the Gokaigers use the powers of the Denziman and Liveman in Wild Tousai King against Gokudos Gill, who kicked the Gokaigers' asses on the Zangyack homeworld, and is also the fusion of every evil cosmic emperor's will, the Zyuohgers are amazed at the show of power, especially Misao, who grabs Gai by the shoulders, saying "It's magnificent!", in which the latter murmurs that he's "kind of a pain..."
  • During the fight, the Zyūōgers take down Brajira spectacularly. That's not the funny part. The funny part is Don and Ahim randomly slacking off and commentating on it while polishing their weapons as the others are fighting. Luka has to fire a few shots in their direction to get their attention.
  • Marvelous' reaction to the Whale Change Gun's over-the-top show of power. "Seriously?!"
  • The "Super Sentai Hero Getter ver. 2016" ending once again has Don acting goofy with some of the poses.
    • As Go-On Green, he has his hands to his hips as he spin kicks.
    • As Shinken Green, he takes a decisively un-Samurai-ish pose.
    • As his own self, Gokai Green, he does a little "Come at me, bro"-like dance.
    • As Kyoryu Green, he over does the dino-like stance.
      • At the end of the song, the Gokaigers pose as the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger before Yamato busts through the background as Zyuoh Gorilla, scattering the pirates and taking back their Zyuohger's ending after the pirates drop in at the beginning.
      • As the Ninningers, Don is in the form of ShiroNinger, which is very fitting considering what trope their characters have in common.
  • As the Gokaigers prepare to leave, they mention they feel like they forgot something, but shrug it off. Turns out Navi is still back at the house, with Mario discovering her.
  • When the Zyuohgers form Wild Tousai King, the Gokaigers are right there, practically sitting in their seats WITH them! Made even better by the fact Marvelous wants to pilot it, but has no idea how to do it, so he spins the Control Cube and Wild Tousai King just kinda...lumbers forward and tanks a few shots to the chest before the Zyuohgers take control again.
    • And Don is sitting on top of the frame of Tusk's cockpit.
    • Gai ends up sitting in Miaso's lap and had to quickly do the call out with the Zyuohgers.

Episode 30: The Legendary Mega-Beast

  • When Sela, Yamato, and Bunglay dive down to find Cube Whale, Misao tries to fish Bunglay out, but he fishes Sela instead. She flops around upon landing.

Episode 31: When the Mega-Beast Stands

  • At the end of the episode, Yamato introduces Cube Whale to the other Cube Animals. The way they stumble about is pretty funny.
    • Not to mention that they look like they're more interested in interacting with each other.
    • And Rhinos is cautiously approaching Whale.

Episode 32: Heart Flipped Over

  • The MOTW can make a person's inner feelings overpower their outer feelings, making them hate each other, and hits the Zyuohgers, causing them to argue. Except Leo, because he's completely open with his feelings already.
  • Misao makes the weirdest faces when the real feelings are thrown to him like flying text.

Episode 33: Cat Tricks and Gratitude

  • Leo and Amu think that the Cat Trick involves tricking a cat. As felines, they take offense to it.
  • Every time the MOTW ranks up in sumo wrestling, he lifts up and throws the Mook by his side. This gets to the point where the poor Mook has to wear a cast.
  • When Zyuoh Lion manages to defeat Sumotron in a sumo match, Azald shows up to "properly discipline" his Player... By way of the two of them having a match. And Azald loses! (he later admits that he threw the fight, but still)
    • Even better: Azald actually has a Yokozuna rank. Sumotron also gets promoted once he wins, complete with graduation ceremony!
  • Then it's Zyuoh Tiger's turn to step into the dohyo. When she sees she is completely outclassed, she instead tries to woo Sumotron just to get close enough to stick her fingers into his nose before knocking him out with a headscissor combo - something that is completely not sumo, but the announcer gives her the victory anyway!
  • When Sumotron is defeated, Azald and Nalia are watching while having tea in the traditional Japanese style. Seeing non-human alien invaders performing an Earth custom so casually is funny in and of itself.

Episode 34: Revenge of the Mega-Beast Hunter

  • At the beginning of the episode, three giants appear, so realizing that it's an obvious trap to lure out Cube Whale, the team decides to just use their regular cubes. Once the battle is over and they return home, they find Cube Whale raging at them because they didn't fight with him.
  • When the Zyuohgers show up to fight Bunglay with Mario's animal heads on. Hilarious on it's own, but as they're doing roll call, you realise that Amu and Sela are wearing a zebra and a seal respectively, instead of their actual animals; made even better in that they have the sound effect for the head they're wearing, rather than what they are. And, when the animals appear behind them at the end of the call, even they have the heads one! (It also looks like the eagle is bouncing up and down for some reason...)
  • Everyone's truly terrible acting, especially Yamato.

Episode 35: The Zyuohgers' Final Day

  • Leo having to catch Cube Whale with a net.
  • Bangray asking Cuval for a hand. Cuval then cuts off Bangray's.
  • During the dramatic meet-up, if you're listening close, you'll realise... Misao can't whistle. Like, at all.

Episode 36: The Prince of Halloween

  • The MotW has obviously been watching far too much Kyoryuger than is appropriate. Dancing the samba in order to activate something? Yelling "Carnival!"? Yeah, he's probably been enjoying Daigo's scenes a lot lately.
    • Apparently he's also been watching Ninninger. His use of fire and yelling "I'm on fire!" note  calls back to Takaharu's catchphrases. Yamato and the others would later meet Takaharu and the rest of the Ninningers in the VS movie.
  • Upon seeing Tusk bring Mami back to Mario's house, Misao instantly thinks that Tusk has gone to depths that they can't reach and promptly begins to sulk.
    • And after Mario assumes that Tusk and Amu are dating, we see Misao's hopes get crushed as he turns around and promptly falls to the ground.
  • The Zyuohgers' Halloween costumes. Yamato's dressed up as a pumpkin, Sela is a witch, Leo's decked out in a French Maid outfit, Tusk is a prince, Amu is a butler, and Misao is a Bed Sheet Ghost with face paint on.
    • What's even better is when everyone else is seeing Misao show off his costume, we quickly see Yamato copping a feel at Leo in his costume.
    • Bear in mind that bats are an often used Halloween decoration - if you look closely, Misao is wearing Cube Komori.
  • The robot sound effects whenever Misao moves during the whole scene, in particular when he gets back up to say they should pick their Halloween costumes.
    • Also, it seems kinda like Misao is the jealous one, rather than Amu...
      Misao: Don't ditch me, Tusk...

Episode 37: Prince of the Sky

  • A new cube has been discovered- and it's huge. The gang gets the idea to use Zyuoh King to dig it out, except there's no place they're gonna put it due to its size. Cue Imagine Spot where Zyuoh King lowers the cube on top of the house.
    • And then later, King grabs the cube and starts bashing the DeathGalien with it. The kicker? That actually makes it wake up.
  • Anytime we get 'Gangstah' characters, in this or Kamen Rider, it becomes impossible to take anything else in the episode seriously.
  • Three words: jumprope with DeathGaliens.
    • Specifically, DeathGaliens who will not stop yelling 'Yo.'

Episode 39: Calories and Necklaces

  • Sela is on a date with the others following her. First by hiding behind newspapers, then by forming Scooby Stack behind ice-cream shop. Without the help of cartoon physics, Misao has troubles peeking over his five teammates despite being the tallest member of the team.
  • The show ends with Sela in Heartbreak and Ice Cream mode (long story), Amu is sitting opposite her and all of the guys are looking cautiously from a distance:
    Misao: This is enough. I have to ask her what happened...
    Leo: NO. One wrong word and you're dead meat...
    Sela: (Nightmare Face on) I can hear you.
    (all the guys back off)

Episode 40: A Man's Values

  • The very start of the episode has Masashi Takada as a boyfriend wearing a bizarre variety of colors in his clothes, and wearing a blonde afro wig. The MOTW gives him a black eye and Masashi runs off having lost his pants, letting us see him in Goofy Print Underwear as he has on heart boxers. It's pretty funny that this is one of the suit actors who gets to beat up monsters all the time, here acting like a strangely dressed wuss.
  • Leo forming the ZyuohKing Octopus when the current team's mecha was Wild Tousai Dodeka King. This results in Yamato getting knocked from his seat and having to scramble back to it while Sela awkwardly hangs from her's. After they finish off the MOTW, Sela slaps Leo over the head before leaning on his chair and accidentally falling onto it. The way the latter scene plays out makes it seem like they just decided to add in that last part just for the heck of it.

Episode 42: The Fate of this Planet

  • While the whole episode is serious, it was quite hilarious seeing Naria giving a Continue to Kubar. Reminder that the latter kidnapped her in his gambit to make Genis fight the Zyuohgers that she was shocked that Genis ordered her to give him a Continue. So when Naria was going to do her shtick, she kicks Kubar's body to flip him over, inserts the coins with utter contempt, and angrily states that he should be grateful for Genis's mercy.

Episode 43: The Christmas Witness

  • Much like the example in #40 above, Leo's actor mumbled a line with regards to buying a present. He immediately slaps himself and said the line again. They left it in.
  • So the Zyumen heroes wanted to help out a baker sell his cakes so they could earn some cash to buy Mario a gift. At first no one was giving them attention, so they turned into their animal form! Yamato and Misao saw them on TV much to their shock, whereas the reporter and the people thought it was more like a really real costume.

Episode 44: The Champion of Humanity

  • Zyuoh Human. Just...Zyuoh Human.

Final: Earth Is Our Home

  • Gennis stealing the Zyuohgers' battle cry by smugly telling them not messing with this planet as he can use its power now.
  • Earth and Zyuland fusing into one planet results in a bunch of zyuman suddenly appearing in random places, including Mario's house.
  • The send-off scene. Shishi Red is trying to get Zyuoh Eagle's attention and it takes him awhile. Once he does and they do the hand-off shake, Eagle tries to fly away, only for Shishi Red to grab him and hold on, flying with him.

Super Animal War

  • The dumbfounded looks on everyone's faces when AkaRed states that his Blue Ranger counterpart is actually AkaBlue rather than AoBlue. What really sells it is the Comically Serious way he says it.
  • During AkaRed's Super Sentai class, we get some amusing moments.
    • Before the class begins, Amu is goofing around with her pencil and trying to make it wiggle.
    • The return of Jealousto, this time as a teacher for AkaRed's class. He brought DVDs of every season up to Ninninger for his lecture.
      • At the end of the first episode, he pulls up the Gōkaiger DVD and starts singing its ending theme song.
    • Sela not paying attention and instead listening to rock music with large headphones on. The way she bangs her head while ignoring the teacher like a rebellious teenager is the best part of it.
    • Amu interrupting the lecture by making a paper airplane and throwing it into the back of Jealousto's head.
  • The Stinger for the end of the first episode has Masato Jin walking in with a pungent odor filling the screen.
  • Shiro Ninger, Kyouryuu Blue and TOQ 6 challenge for the tiltle of Doubutsu Sentai. The three of them gave their reason they had relation to animal.
    1. Nossan said that ancient or present, dinosaur are animals.
    2. Fuuka said ninja=human=animal, which the right side and middle side equation is similar to what Yamato said in the first episode.
    3. Akira stretch the meaning of japanese word (things that move) and combined them as animal.
  • Aka Red even joins in to duel for the title of Doubutsu Sentai, much to Jyuohgers' dismay.
  • The roll call is fine but what makes it funny is that everyone else said the name of their (Doubutsu Sentai + original sentai of what they are). E.G Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters, Doubutsu Sentai Kyouryuuger, Doubutsu Sentai Toqger, Doubutsu Sentai Ninninger.
  • The other Sentai warriors fighting for the title basically because they want to be in the V cinema, only for Yamato to point out that the audition for it is already over.

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

  • At one point between Takaharu's chase with Yamato after they got separated from their teams, Takaharu tackles Yamato to the ground, and then he tried to take off his pants, to find Yamato's tail (not that he has any, but Takaharu doesn't know that).
  • Takaharu is revealed to be recently married and his son (which we meet in the film) is most likely conceived at this point as his son still existed despite Takaharu was supposed to die during the events of the film. The thing is he neglected to tell his father, his sister, his cousins and Kinji that he was married to begin with, leading to various funny reactions from them.
  • Not knowing of the hostilities between his fellow Niningers and the Zyuohgers, Kinji pals up with the latter (minus Yamato) while telling them what ninja means. Then Kinji finds out the Niningers issued a challenge to the Zyuohgers, he transforms into Starninger in front of them, causing the Zyumans to attack him.
  • Misao finally gets the Niningers to listen to what he wants to say, allowing the two groups to work out their differences without the Big Bad knowing. He's Bound and Gagged, so how does he relay his message? By playing charades...with his rear end.
    Runrun: Butt letters?!


  • The Super Hero Time opening for the show and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid has the members of both teams flashing with their corresponding trinkets, focused around DodekaiOh. And of course, we get Misao in his crouching position, right next to his flashlight.
  • Before the Zyuohger/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid crossover segment of Cho Eiyuu Sai 2017, there is a roll call for every single Red in the franchise. When Ginga Red's turn comes up, he stumbles and falls in the middle of his introduction.
  • The main page already mentions the Couch Gag of Over-Time using a variety of terms for groups of animals during the opening credits. The even better part is the 3 episodes with The World as a villain has the opening credits use the terms for the groups of animals of the 3 things The World draws power from. Episode 17 "A Crash (of Rhinoceroses)", Episode 18 "A Pack (of Wolves)", and Episode 19 "A Bask (of Crocodiles)".

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