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     Space 1: The Greatest Superstars in the Universe! 
  • Lucky's introduction to the his star scooter dying and him crashing toward the planet the others are on. He even crashes right into the Jark Matter forces, accidentally clearing a path for the Kyuurangers and civilians.
    • Round two isn't much better, even after Raptor supposedly fixed it.
    Lucky: This isn't fixed at all!
    • Related, when Lucky asks Raptor if she fixed his machine, Raptor mentions it was no easy task while looking momentarily depressed. Hame takes a second to comfort her.
  • Lucky decides to join the team.
    Lucky: (triumphantly) I'm the fourth Kyuuranger!
    All: (React in shock)
    Hame: You mean you have a Kyuutama!?
    Lucky: (still triumphantly) I sure don't!
  • When the team catches up with Lucky, they find him on the receiving end of a beatdown from Garou. Spada is worried about him while Hame and Champ are both laughing their asses off.
  • When Lucky does his catchphrase, he pulls off a familiar pose and hits two mooks in the process.
  • While Lucky's fighting some Jark Matter soldiers, they get hit by a big wave of water and get pulled out into the ocean, making them easy targets for his Regulus Impact finisher.

     Space 2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team 
  • The episode opens on Balance complaining that the Kyuurangers have a higher bounty than he and Naaga do. Naaga responds:
    Naga: (laughs loudly with an over-the-top expression, before immediately returning to a more neutral one) Balance, is this what you mean?
    Balance: So close, Naaga! You were supposed to get mad.
    Naaga: (pouting) Emotions are difficult.
  • During Raptor's briefing, she gets mad at Lucky's interrupting. Spada tries to calm her down, telling her that fretting will give her wrinkles (despite her being an android). Raptor responds by smacking him hard enough to send him flying into Hame while Champ laughs good naturedly in the background.
  • The plot is kickstarted by Lucky throwing a dart at a starmap. He immediately decides that the planet he hit is where the team will find their next recruits. He's right.
    • Lucky rushes out in Leo Voyager toward said planet, and clips the figure of Orion in the back of the head. It shakes its head to shrug off the blow.
  • How nonchalant the team is about Lucky going off with two criminals. Garou even hands them a set of Seiza Blasters on the way out.
    Lucky: Trust my luck!
    Garu: (nonchalantly) I'll trust it. Take some spare blasters with you, grr.
  • During the first fight of the episode, we see Spada use his suit's pointy nose to stab an enemy mook in the neck.
  • Lucky teaching Balance how to assemble a Kyuu Weapon, in a manner reminiscent of the "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" video. Balance puts together a Kyuu Sword, then finds it too heavy before switching to his signature Kyuu Crossbow afterwards!
  • After defeating the MOTW, Lucky and Balance do a victory pose. Naaga is a little slow on the uptake.
    Lucky: (strikes a pose) Good luck!
    Balance: (striking the same pose) Good luck!
    Naga: ...
    Lucky: ... hey. (nudges Naaga, strikes pose again) Good luck!
    Balance: (immediately strike pose again) Good luck!
    Naga: ... (awkwardly strikes pose) Good luck.
    • The best part is that he doesn't not do the pose out of any bad will, he genuinely doesn't know what his friends are doing.
  • Spada's reaction to seeing the enemy tower take off like a rocketship.
    Spada: Mamma mia!
  • While the appearance and maiden battle of Tenbin Voyager and Hebitsukai Voyager is generally a CMOA, some of the moves the two robots use against the monster call to mind synchronized swimming.
  • Tenbin Voyager and Hebitsukai Voyager literally pulling the Chameleon Voyager and Kajiki Voyager off Kyuuren-oh and taking their spots.
    Naga: I will go here...
    Balance: Don't take it personally!
  • Balance walks in on the team to show off his new "uniform". Naaga responds by immediately jumping from his chair and screaming at the top of his lungs over how good it looks, with Balance patiently telling him he doesn't need to be that shocked. All the while, Hame is laughing at how the uniform is really just a paint job.
  • There's something to be said about Balance and Spada shooting finger-guns at each other after being introduced.
    • And Spada playfully flicking Balance's "earring".
  • Balance and Naaga take Lucky and Garou's place in the Kyuutamas from the last credits sequence, allowing viewers to see them do the dance. During the pelvic thrusting part of the dance however, Naaga puts even more into his thrusts than Balance!

     Space 3: The Man from the Desert Planet 
  • Hearing Champ make strange noises in his sleep, Lucky tries to wake him. Champ responds by grabbing him and pinning him against a railing until he taps out.
    • It's small, but the fact that Garou and Spada were playing a game of pool before this interruption counts as this. As does the fact that Garou had his foot on the pool table for some reason.
  • Hame, surprised (and amused) that Champ is able to dream asks Balance if all robots can dream.
    Balance: Well I'm not a robot, I'm a mechanical lifeform! Keep that in mind, 'kay? (finger salute)
    Naga: (leaning in from off-screen) 'Kay? (finger salute)
    Balance: GAH! (leaps away in surprise)
  • Raptor comes in to introduce Shou to the Kyuurangers. The intimidating dragon-man walks in to important-sounding music and...
    Shou: Hello everybody! Appreciate you picking me up! (spins on the spot and poses) Yahooi!
  • Shou teaching the Kyuurangers his name after Spada confuses it for food.
    ‘‘‘Spada’’’: Sounds like the name of a tasty soup dumplings.
    Shou: No, no. Shou. Lonpou. (gives thumbs up) Yaaaaaay~
    Balance: Yaaaaaay~
    • The conversation later… Bonus points for Naaga.
    Shou: It is ‘'mai’’ duty to direct you all. Please tell me that you are okay with our suicide mission.
    Balance: (Approaches Naaga) Naaga, I think we should get out.
    Naaga: (Angrily) I THINK SO TOO!
    • Garou comments how unrealiable Shou was.
  • It's otherwise a serious moment but when Stinger first transforms, he points his Seiza Blaster at the Kyuurangers, causing them all to flinch.
  • Shou's use of ball-related puns throughout the episode.
    Shou: This is unbelieve-a-ball!
  • Twice during the episode, Raptor gets stressed because of the situation and turns to Shou who seems to be deep in thought. It turns out he's trying to decide what to have the Kyuurangers say in response to his orders (rejecting "copy that", and "roger" as being too formal before ultimately deciding on "OKyuu"). The first time, Raptor smacks him for not taking things seriously. The second time she grabs him by his collar and shakes him while screaming at him.
    • Near the end of the episode, the team responds to one of his orders with "OKyu" causing him to crow "I knew it would catch on!"
  • Lucky's plea to Champ while he's on the ground wounded:
    Lucky: Champ! Give up on your revenge! In exchange, I'll help you get vengeance!
    Champ: (weakly) You're... not making any sense!
  • Lucky using the Gemini Kyuutama for the first time creates a clone of himself. What is the very first thing he and his clone do?
    Both: (hug) Alright, Lucky!!
    • The fact that Lucky and his clone always speak in unison.
  • Lucky annoying Stinger with his happy-go-lucky persona.
    Lucky: We're gonna win! Right, Stinger?
    Stinger: Keep my name out of your mouth.
  • When the enemy ship shifts into a battle mode, Lucky asks if transforming like that is allowed... Despite the fact that he's in a giant robot that pretty much did just that!
  • Naaga still isn't asking before making changes to Kyuuren-Oh...
    Hame: Hey! Don't switch without asking!
  • Just how buddy-buddy Shou and Balance are throughout the episode.
  • This week sees Spada and Hame in the Kyuutama for the ending credits dance. And just like Naaga before him, Spada is putting an awful lot of energy into his thrusts!

     Space 4: The Dreaming Android 
  • The revelation that not only does Raptor fantasize about being a Kyuuranger she writes fanfic of it!
  • As the Orion goes into warp speed to travel to Earth and most of the team float around the room, Garou's getting around by doggy paddling.
  • Shou's explanation of why only five Kyuurangers at a time can go down to a planet. Raptor clarifies that he's talking about the Kyuu Energy that the Kyuurangers draw on to transform but we all know what he's really talking about.
  • During the scene of the Kyuurangers putting their Kyuutama into the Kyuulette, Naaga's gets stuck. Raptor's suit actress casually pushes it the rest of the way in without looking.
  • Shou's Kyuulette dance, much to the confusion of the Kyuurangers. During the dance, Raptor is clapping in time to the rhythm with as little energy as possible.
    • And speaking of Raptor, viewers who look closely during the scene where the Kyuurangers are reacting to Shou about to dance will see Raptor delivering an absolutely exhausted Facepalm. Evidently this is not the first time she has seen this dance. Even Champ freaks out.
    Champ: Why the dance?!
  • Balance and Naaga's reactions to not being on the away team.
    Balance: Aw boo, so we're got to watch the base?
    Naaga: (gigantic goofy grin) How frustrating!
  • When Shou tells Raptor that he wants her to handle something for him, she immediately assumes that she's going to join the Kyuurangers and begins squealing in excitement. When Spada asks if she's okay she immediately calms down and replies that it's nothing.
    • Shou then informs her that he wants her to buy him some peaches while on Earth. The disappointment coming from Raptor is palpable even with an expressionless face.
  • When Raptor returns to the Orion, she angrily shoves the cans of peaches into Shou's chest. Naaga correctly guesses that she's angry and looks very pleased with himself.
  • Another one from Naaga and Balance. When the two of them contact the other Kyuurangers to let them know that they can now access the Auxiliary Kyuutama through their Kyuu Buckles, Balance has his around his neck.
  • The noise that Yumepakkun makes when Washi Pink's attack interrupts him while he's discussing with his minions what he should eat after he thinks he's destroyed her. Seeing as she shoots him square in the gut, this is completely justified.
  • When the Kyuurangers are about to use their final attack on Yumepakkun, he reacts by quickly shoving his minions in the way while saying "you guys handle this".
  • The catchphrase Raptor says in the Kyuuren-oh fight might sound familiar.
  • After Raptor manages to hit the giant enemy ship-robot, she begins freaking out in the cockpit about how she actually hit him.
  • After vanquishing the enemy robot, Raptor pledges to get the universe back and tries to stand up dramatically in her cockpit. She grossly overestimates the size of it and smacks her head on the ceiling.
    • Another moment is Shou Lonpou's Funny Background Event while Naaga and Balance celebrate the team's victory. He's moping about being unable to open the canned peaches he had Raptor get him. Later on, after Spada brings in a cake for Raptor in which he used the canned peaches, Shou is seen holding and poking one of the open cans, still baffled by it. He can't even eat it
  • There's something oddly funny that out of all the characters shown doing the credits dance, Shou Lonpou puts the least amount of energy into his hip thrusts.

     Space 5: The Nine Ultimate Saviors 
  • Once again, as Shou is about to do his Kyuulette Chance dance, Raptor heaves a massive sigh and hangs her head in anticipation of what's to come, only this time she's joined by the rest of the Kyuurangers. Except Balance, who looks like he's about to join in.
    • And when Naaga is selected, the picture of him the editors chose to represent him was his absurdly goofy grin from the previous episode.
  • Just as Yumepakkun is about to order the Indabees to attack the Kyuurangers, he is completely interrupted by children throwing rocks at him.
    Kotarou: Stop picking on grownups!
    • Even better, Lucky seems to be fired up by the kids' example, while Hame and Spada seem to be freaking out over kids being on the battlefield.
  • Lucky fires a few rounds at Yumepakkun and completely misses him. The Daikaan takes a few seconds to taunt him for his terrible aim, until it was revealed that Lucky's attacks blasted loose a section of the wall behind him, which then proceeds to fall on him mid-sentence. He then has three tiny Yumepakkun's spinning around his head.
  • After the initial battle, Kotarou compliments the Kyuurangers.
    Kotarou: You older guys and older lady are pretty tough!
    Hame: Whoa, hang on, I'm not that...
    Champ: HA!
    • Spada then has to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder to calm her down.
  • When Stinger and Eriodon first arrive at the abandoned site where the Kyuurangers and the kids are, Eriodon announces that the Kyuurangers will be eliminated. Stinger takes a second to give the alien some epically subtle side-eye.
  • When the Kyuurangers show up to trade their Kyuutama for the children, Yumepakkun seems a little offended by how roughly they hand over the priceless and extremely powerful Kyuutama.
    Yumepakkun: They threw them!
  • When Stinger betrays Eridoron, Eridoron is about to give an enraged speech... and then Stinger punches him before he can finish the first sentence.
  • When Stinger reveals his true allegiance. Bonus points for Naaga of all people being appropriately outraged.
    Stinger: I'm a spy.
    Garou: A spy!?
    Shou: (over comms) Oh, that's right! Forgot to mention it. Stinger is a spy I sent to infiltrate Jark Matter!
    Naaga: As I thought, he cannot be believed!
    • Raptor also seems to be appropriately exasperated that even she didn't know!
  • As Kotarou and his brother leave the battlefield, he once again wishes the "older guys and ladies" luck. Not only is Hame still offended but so is Garou.
    Garou: I ain't that old...
    • It's a little funny that the only person they don't call old is Stinger, who they refer to as "Scorpion brother"
  • The fact that Champ seems to be fighting down a temper tantrum about Lucky being right about Stinger all along.
  • Yumepakkun attempts to eat Lucky's dream. Lucky responds by dreaming so big that Yumepakkun literally explodes!
  • Raptor joins in on Champ's catchphrase at the end of the episode, but she puts a little too much oomph into it and winds up spinning out of control before falling down.
  • Meta-example: In Stinger's backstory, it is revealed that his older brother, Scorpio, betrayed their homeworld to join Jark Matter. Scorpio is potrayed by the same man that potrays Takatora Kureshima, who was the victim of betrayal from pretty much all sides in Gaim.

     Space 6: Fly High, Dancing Star! 
  • During Raptor's briefing, Lucky gets confused and refers to Planetium as Ramune juice. Raptor then corrects him without once changing the tone of her voice.
    • Then when Spada throws in his two cents, he accidentally says Ramune juice as well. Cue Champ laughing his ass off.
  • To show the Kyuurangers the sector they will be liberating, Raptor throws the holographic screen across the table. The Kyuurangers respond by flinching and ducking out of the way.
  • Naaga throwing in on nominating himself for leader (seemingly because everyone else was doing it), much to Balance's surprise. Especially since he does it completely deadpan.
    • Raptor imagines herself as the team leader. As she's lost in thought, Lucky jumps into the air and knocks her Imagine Spot away.
    • There's something funny about the fact that Balance is one of the two Kyuurangers not fighting over who gets to be leader.
  • As usual, Balance and Naaga are just pure hilarity; Naaga, not chosen for the away mission, spends most of his time Leaning on the Fourth Wall, while Balance is just himself. Special mention goes to, after the Kyuuranger dance fight away the Mooks, he still dancing while the others are challenging the MOTW.
  • When Garou and Hame are fighting over who is The Leader, with Lucky thrown in, too, Balance and Spada just stand by and watch like exasperated parents. In fact, Balance and Spada aren't even morphed yet, which says a lot about how hasty the other three are to prove themselves.
    • Even better, as Garou and Hame are arguing (while Lucky seems to be the only one focusing on the mission), Denvil seems pretty offended over the fact that he's being ignored.
  • Raptor's super pool skills.
  • Pega-san. For starters, Lucky stops to have a conversation with his new, animated armour, even saying 'It's nice to meet you, Pega-san,' while everyone else is fighting. He then cheerfully notes how everyone is getting 'fired up,'but then Pega-san announces to leave the fighting to him and basically starts throwing Lucky around like a rag doll, interspersing his fighting taunts with 'Pega Pega.'
    • And then, when he transforms back, Pega is still there.
  • Shou's exceptionally well-drawn storyboard of his adventures with Pega-san.
    Naaga: I am certain this is a lie.
  • The entirety of the dance lesson; from Naaga and Balance busting out crazy moves, to Raptor imagining she's performing to an adoring crowd, to Champ and Garou actually being in sync, and Spada doing fine until Balance takes his hat off. Oh, and the entire time Lucky is being tossed around again by Pega-san.
  • Crossing into Heartwarming as well, the scene where all the Kyuurangers rejoin Lucky for dance rehearsals, apparently in the middle of the night, as Naaga just threw his jersey over his pajamas, Balance has some kind of baby bolster, and Raptor is in a literal big girl's blouse.
  • The two Dark agents who almost walk (quite dramatically) past Stinger, then back up... To ask him if he's heard anything about the Kyuurangers. Then they start arguing with each other when the female one gets aggressive and the guy tries to calm her down—resulting in him getting hit.
    • For that matter, the fact that the male Karo, Ikagen, is an Affably Evil Pungeon Master despite his intimidating looks. The reason his partner Madako hits him is more because he used too many squid puns in his attempt to calm her down than the fact that he tried to calm her down.
  • The ending theme is so catchy that Denvil starts dancing and humming along when the Kyuurangers break out a dance battle.
  • As the team members on the bench watch the away team use dancing to fight:
    Raptor: It looks like the dance practice paid off!
    Champ: By working together, they're fighting a lot sharper! You had this all figured out, Commander?
    Shou: Precicely!
    Naaga: No. (looks directly into the camera) I am pretty sure he did not.
    Raptor: Yes, well...
    • Made even better by the absolutely hysterical look on his face as he says it. And behind him, Raptor's shaking her head while waving her hand as if to agree that Shou's lying, and it's a whopper.
  • Near the end of the episode, Lucky is worried that Pega-san hasn't been answering him since the fight. Shou then announces that the battle had been too taxing on him and that Pega-san is gone. The rest of the group begins to mourn his death... until he wakes up from his nap.
    Pega-san: Stupid! Stop trying to write me off!
  • At the end of the episode, Lucky claims that the Kyuurangers don't need a leader, because all of them are stars. Garou is in complete agreement, adding a "just like I told you guys". Hame counters that Garou never once said that. Cue the two of them fighting again.
  • Just the fact that Naaga refuses to buy what Shou's selling. And Raptor doing her literal Hand Wave both times.

     Space 7: Take Back the Birthday! 
  • Champ's idea of a birthday present for Balance is a dumbbell.
  • Just the fact that the Kyuulette Dance is done in fast-forward.
  • When the episode shifts into The Caper, Hame's ninja infiltration skills come to the forefront as she sneaks into the Supervillain Lair and gets ready to use the hitherto-unseen Aries Kyuutama on a Mook. You half expect something like a ram's head shooting at him to KO him, but nope... it's a ring of jumping sheep, circling his head and causing him to fall asleep. Seriously.
  • Not only does Ex-Aid first appear in his chibi Level 1 form, but he initially thinks Lucky is his opponent before being directed towards the Shocker monster, which he takes in completely stride. This is immediately followed by said Level 1 form bouncing all over the place, as usual.
    (this is paraphrased)
    Ex-Aid: Bring it on!
    Lucky: No, no. The enemy's over there.
    Ex-Aid: Oh? Over there?
    • The fact that he appears already posed (in his chibi form), and then the camera stays on him for just a few seconds longer than necessary.
  • Upon accidentally putting Ex Aid in Level 2, one of Lucky's first reactions is to poke at the spikes atop the Rider's helmet.
  • The Shocker monster came to interrupt the Kyurangers. He tell them that he will defeat them or whatsover but when the heroes told him that they are busy, he replied politely and was about to leave, only to turn back and rammed onto them.
  • In a extra note, TV Nihon's April Fools subtitle track for this episode. On-screen messages are translated as the exact opposite of what they're actually saying, character names being changed (Balance being renamed Bender, Champ is Moo, Shou Ronpo is Chinese Dumpling). Not to mention the song lyrics.
    We're going to bribe kids to watch our show!

     Space 8: Commander Shou Lonpou's Secret 
  • Spada disobeys Shou's order. When the commander try to talk some sense into him, it turns backward. Shou's response (he had no idea what that means) before Spada cut off the communication?
    Shou: Oui, Chef!
  • Balance, Champ and Naaga were assigned to search for Rashinban Kyuutama. The first thing Balance do is lead them to a dead end.
    • Following that he announce so loudly, causing the ceiling crack and collapse, Luckily Champ was strong enough to save them and Naaga supporting him.
    Balance: Don't mind!
    Champ: I do mind!
  • Balance intuition again… leads the trio to being chased by a rolling boulder.
    • They found the Kyuutama but it was way too high. What did they do? Making a ladder out of themselves, each standing on their friends' shoulder. Champ is the base and Naaga on top, with Balance in between. Naaga had to step both feet on Balance's head, which is not amusing to the latter. The next thing happen, they slipped.

     Space 9: Burn, Dragon Ma-Star 
  • After officially becoming a Kyuuranger, Shou's first that the team now identify as Uchu Sentai Jyurangernote . The rest of the team shoots him down immediately.
    • The next episode will have Kotarou become Koguma Skyblue. If Shou's name change had been accepted to reflect the number of rangers, the team name would have needed to have become Uchu Sentai JuIchinote Ranger in the next episode to stay accurate in the next episode. Additionally, Houou Soldier would bring the team to 12 members, meaning that the team would eventually need to be called Uchu Sentai JuNinote ranger.
  • When Hame starts to chastise Kotarou, he calls her "granny" again. This really ticks her off and she starts chasing him around the command room.
  • Dragon Voyager's flying in front of the Moon has reminded many of Dairanger's opening and has led to a few people to add Dairanger's theme to that moment.

     Space 10: The Small Giant, Big Star! 
  • Kotarou complains why Kyuutama chooses Uncle Shou but not him. Shou's response?
    Shou: That is because I am a very good boy.
Everyone else call him out for it.
  • Kotarou smuggled a Seiza Blaster from Orion-gou and Lucky tries to take it back. During the struggle, Lucky accidentally released the control, causing the Kyuutama to be driven out from Shishi Voyager before he started chasing Kotarou who tried to escape with the Seiza Blaster.
  • Naaga's been found knocked out cold, and the Orion is headed for a suicide course towards the sun. Shou Lonpou decides that someone on the ship caused all this, with everyone as a suspect, and then uses the Kyuulette to figure out who it is. Guess which one comes out.
    Voiceover: Ryuu Kyuutama!
    • To which Shou cheerfully announces 'It's me! I'm the culprit!' Raptor meanwhile drops to her knees in sheer disbelief.
      • Even better, is that Raptor sees the Kyuulette coming.
      Raptor: (deadpan) You're not...
    • The next time we return to the Orion, we discover that the others have tied Shou up because of it. He is confused by this.
    Shou: Huh?! Why me?!
    Garou: Well, you said you were the culprit...
    • Also, big revelation of who knocked Naaga out... No one. He fell off one of the stools while trying to practice smiling in the mirror. Shou's response is essentially "Whoops!", which causes everyone to facefault, Raptor in a full "orz" on the floor and pounding on it in frustration, and Stinger who cannot be bothered to care in the slightest.
  • The fact that Stinger remains predominately uninterested for the majority of the incident. Even when, naturally, Champ accuses him.
  • Big Bear constantly possesses Kotarou and Lucky like an Imagin - complete with Eye Color Change and blue hair.
    • Big Bear thought Lucky could lead him to find the enemy, only to find a food stall because it smells good. Even better is that Mothma actually appeared there because he was tired from the chase.
  • As the Orion gets closer to the sun, everyone is complaining about how hot it's getting, including Raptor and Balance. That is... Until Champ reminds them that they're robots and the heat won't effect them. Both instantly snap back to their regular personalities, with Raptor handing her pink fan off to Stinger, of all people.
    • This is immediately followed by them cheerfully going off to find out what's wrong, with Balance humming while going up the stairs.
  • There's just something funny about the fact that, while everyone else is either sitting, or, in Garou's case, spread-eagled on the floor and/or fanning themselves, Stinger is standing in one spot glowering, like he just plain refuses to fall on that floor or something. After Raptor hands him her fan, he doesn't even use it. The heat is clearly effecting him, he's just too stubborn to react!
  • Mothma trying to escape Lucky, Kotarou, and Big Bear is pretty hilarious, as he is constantly horrified and shocked to find that they've found him.
  • Lucky gives an inspiring little speech about how much faith they have in Shou, leading to Big Bear wondering he'd misjudged Shou. We then cut to the Orion where Shou... Is still tied up, and screaming for someone to save them as he is going to become fried dragon when the Orion-gou is closer towards the sun.
    • Then, later, when they're about to hit the sun, he decides to break out the last option...
    Shou: Prepare to fire the Orion Cannon! We'll blow the sun away!
    Raptor: There's no such thing!
    Shou: Then make one!
  • During the last battle with Mothma, Big Bear apparently forgets what a Kyuutama is, and has to waffle for a moment before asking Kotarou to get it out. The icing on it is, he puts his hand up to his mouth like he's trying to keep a secret.
    Big Bear: (Kotarou produces Kyuutama) Yes, yes. That!
    • The result is Kotarou becomes giant. Mothma, who was starting to taunt him about just being a child, then becomes horrified, and we are treated to a silly scene of Kotarou trying to stop the Daikaan like a cockroach while Mothma runs about in a panic.
  • After all of this, while Big Bear is giving his final speech to the team, Shou tells him that he can count on him to lead, turning to the team for confirmation. He...doesn't quite get it.
    Raptor: *putting her hand on his shoulder* (tiredly) Commander...*head droops*
    Spada: (equally tired) *putting his hand on Raptor's shoulder* Commander...*head droops*
    Hame: *putting her hand on Spada's shoulder* (so, so tired) Commander...*head droops*

     Space 11: The 3 Kyuu Tama that will save the Galaxy 
  • When Hame asked if the Argo Ship was that amazing, Shou's response? As the music was tense, he said..
    Shou: Well... I dunno.
    • Cue Face Fault by nearly everyone and bonus points for Naaga raising his fist in anger, wanting to punch Shou.

     Space 12: The 11 Ultimate All Stars 
  • Everyone congratulates Lucky for get his luck back at episode's end. Excluding Stinger, who not only stands aside like usual, but also turns his back to others when they get too noisy.
  • Thanks to Gemini Kyuutama, Lucky makes hundreds of clones of himself and all of them saying "Yossha Lucky!" (to the point that a shockwave is sent throughout the entire Earth).

     Space 13: Stinger's Challenge To His Brother! 
  • Shou describes Stinger's Roaring Rampage of Revenge following his brother's betrayal and comments that he learnt to approach his issues in calmer way. Given how Stinger is well established as The Stoic a question arises whether he had not taken that too far.
  • During the battle, Shou just stand by the sideline and admits how envious he was seeing Kotarou being active compares to himself, who was already old. He sat down by a chair on the sideline to relax but was scared in surprise by one of the zombie-infected Indabee that touched his head from behind. The commander went panics and went ballistic
  • Kotarou is having a goodbye party before he leaves for training at Rebellion HQ, and Shou gets up to say a few words... Instead, he announces that he would like to sing. Cue Hame and Raptor trying to stop him, while Spada and Kotarou attempt to keep Balance and Lucky from encouraging him, and Naaga and Garou just stand there watching.
    • Garou even shakes his head exasperatedly.
  • Stinger and Champ doing a Straight Man and Wise Guy routine at the end of the episode. No points for guessing who is who. Champ tries to bring Stinger doing the 1,2,3... Moo! Too bad Stinger ignores him twice.

     Space 14: Exciting! Space Dragon Palace Castle! 
  • Poor Garou, ended up having Heroic BSoD and in Corner of Woe upon not being chosen in the Kyuulette so many times when he was confident he will be selected to deploy.
  • The team uses Kyuutamas based on what Shou throw to them. Most ended up with hilariously bad result because Shou decided what to throw via twisting Raptor's musings into ideas. Obviously, Raptor isn't pleased. Eventually Raptor grabbed his collar and shakes him in frustration.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Garou tries to press a button that would open the hostages' prison. Every wrong push ends with Lucky and Spada being thrown out of the building in hilarious fashion.
  • The fact that the MOTW realised that he fell in love with a Kyuuranger (Garou), who is a werewolf. Before being beaten, he asked Garou to go out with him but the later rejected him anyway.
  • The whole episode references the legend of Urashima Taro, who spent hundreds of years partying in the undersea Dragon Palace while thinking it was only a week. Instead, we get a Space Dragon Palace, no such time dilation takes place, but Balance comes across the thing that aged Urashima Taro to the correct amount of time, which killed him. When Balance opens it... nothing happens. Because he's already 300 years old anyways. And he's elated at earning 100 birthday parties out of nowhere!

     Space 15: Saviors of the Water Planet Vela 
  • At the beginning, when mentioned about how beautiful planet Vela was to go for vacation, Raptor had her Imagine Spot wearing a swimsuit and relaxing. If you noticed during the early series, you might mistaken her front hair bangs for her chest because of its shape.
    • Even better, the members of the deployed team except Lucky and Spada apparently bring stuffs for vacation. Naaga of all people bring an air filled dolphin.
  • Hame was known to be shy when she was young. Naaga's reaction? UNBELIEVABLE!
  • Hame chastises Lucky for his attack 'Yossha Lucky no Jutsu', saying there is no such thing.
  • Hame nearly falls on Lucky while doing her pose.
  • It's odd to see Champ's dumbbells still on the ship, but then we see that Garou needs both hands to pick up one.

     Space 16: Stinger's Reunion with his Brother 
  • Instead of relying on that Kyuulette again, Shou grabs a handful of Kyuutama and makes Balance lucky-draw one for Champ's urgent use. It turns out to be Bootes the ox-herder, which doesn't make much sense at first - until it manifests as a guy with a whip, who whips Champ and gets him riled up enough to bodycheck a Deathworm. Bonus Fridge Brilliance if you know what sort of gruelling training a wrestler like Champ has to go through!
  • The Rangers ready the All-Star Crash to put an end to the fight with Madako and her two Giant Mooks. We know Madako has Resurrective Immortality and will just reassemble, right? No, she grabs the Mooks and shoves them into the path of the blast. They blow up real good. Madako says something to the effect of "I don't actually like dying, you know." and teleports away.

     Space 17: Lighting the Dome of Darkness! 
  • Everyone's Face Fault reaction when Shou dumbly hesitated whether the Hikari Kyuu Tama will shine or not. (DUH! If it is named after light, of course it will shine)
    • Balance repeats that too
  • To hand the Hikari Kyuutama to the ranger, Shou tries to go into the dome through the tunnel dug by C Hameleo Voyager. The Ryuu Voyager got stuck as the result.
    • You can ever hear the grunts from the Ryuu Voyager that sounds as if it is complaining.
  • Poor Lucky. Even a whisper of scorning can be heard by MOTW.
  • An interesting interpretation of Lucky's luck when he gets bitchslapped by the Monster of the Week across the bay... and lands on a mattress. And then both the ladies land on him.
  • Using the Lunar and Solar Modes of the Hikari Kyuutama have different effects on both Lucky, and Garou and Balance. Solar makes Balance go bonkers and completely whacky (basically acting like Lucky and Garou), while Lunar makes Garou and Lucky become overly dramatic and super eloquent—complete with Garou standing up straight! Everyone is weirded out.

     Space 18: Emergency Dispatch! Space Hero! 
  • Hame confused visa with pizza (as in with extra cheese?!) when being asked by Koume.
  • Every moment when Geki and Lucky bickered. Poor Naaga becomes a victim in their dogfight.
  • The Dekarangers meet Hame, Shou, and Garou...and automatically assume he's related to Doggie Kruger. When the Kyuurangers meet Doggie, Hame is able to trick Shou and Garou into believing that Garou is related to Doggie...and Doggie even goes along with it.

     Space 19: Forest Spirit of Planet Keela 
  • Hame makes the MOTW more handsome. Cue Spada and Hame complimenting him.
  • The chief of the forest tries to tell stories to the Kyuu Rangers but they ran off silently.
  • Eris acted hostile initially towards everyone but when handsome man ask (In this case it was Spada), her attitudes changed. Not to mention, she tolds the team to forget about her bad attitude.
  • The forest spirit is just so off puttingly ridiculous that she must be seen to be believed.
  • Balance tried to flirt with Eris, claiming himself as handsome and complimenting her as cute but she shot him down by coldly said to Balance to return to his own planet.
    • Next moment, we see Balance playing with a stick while sulking. When Naaga points out this emotion, the stick broke down. Balance had the similar reaction when Eris told the Kyuurangers to leave.
  • The team perform their roll call as the ultimate saviours while suitless, with Hame giving a wink. But Eris belittle the Sentai and told them that she was just waiting for A NORMAL SAVIOUR. Cue PRATFALL by them.
  • Balance, Hame and Spada playing rock paper scissor with the current Daikaan.
  • Lucky uses the Hikari Kyuu Tama again and instead of just Balance acting whacky, Naaga got infected too and in fact acted even crazier. Lucky and the rest were puzzled.
  • Eris change of liking towards Lucky instead of Spada and pushes the chef away. When Naaga remarked it is cute. Everyone had that huh/eh? reaction towards him.

     Space 21: Farewell Scorpio! Revelation of Argo 
  • Lucky and Kotarou gleefully rush to open a deep sleep pod they found on Argo. The oddness of Houou Soldier's debut follows. He emerges from a deep sleep pod as a hairy Humanoid Abomination. Lucky tries to talk to him, but he attacks the Kyuurangers anyway.
  • Lucky thought that Tsurugi wouldn't will to break the vase like container when Lucky tries to hand it over. The next thing Tsurugi, break the vase with just a pat from the sword and Lucky's awkward laugh and Oh, Crap! response.
  • Tsurugi only stops when he sees that they really are the ultimate saviors. Gee, as if the jackets and Seiza Blasters were not enough of a giveaway.
    • Also, much like ToQ 6gou, there's a big lead up to him saying something - you think that he's going to realize something incredible that none of the Kyuurangers have noticed before...only to ask if the Lucky and co are the Kyuurangers. You'd think that he was about to reveal how they could defeat Don Armage, given the way the music was building up!
  • Stinger scares Kotarou by walking right behind him without being noticed just as he tells the team that Stinger made the plushies version of them so Champ wouldn't be alone in Rebellion HQ. The moment he lays his hand on Kotarou's head in usual manner Kotarou first has Huh? expression followed with a minor Oh, Crap! as he jumps away, unsure about how will Stinger react. He didn't mind.
  • Stinger being so Adorkable that he rivals Zuko. He comes into Orion's main room to apologize for making a mess and somehow manages to stumble through the task before attempting a hasty exit. Unfortunately, this attempt is thwarted by the door not opening immediately. Others are, obviously, laughing their asses off just as he leaves and they wrap their minds around what just happened. Just Commander is unsually silent.
  • Tsurugi has so much swag in his fight and mannerisms and it's hilarious.

     Space 22: True Identity of the Legendary Savior 
  • Balance and Champ were chosen to visit Eris to gain information about Tsurugi. Champ got a bad feeling that it would not turn out well while Balance was confident that Eris likes him and got excited. You can guess what will happen if you haven’t watch the next episode.
  • Stinger has priceless what the hell? face upon seeing Tsurugi outside Orion's front window.
  • Raptor has not just one, but TWO funny reactions in this episode, the first one when Tsurugi just show up on Orion's window, and the second one when Tsurugi called her as a beautiful assistant.
  • Also, Tsurugi's reaction whenever it is revealed people don't know him and his "legend".
  • Spada walks in on Tsurugi leaning close to Raptor in a suggestive manner. He freaks out at first but tries to cover it later when he gets to know Tsurugi was only ascertaining the amount of damage to her mechanics by listening up close.
  • Pay close attention to the new summer-festival ED. Tsurugi has an oddly out-of-place feather boa that you'll be seeing again.

    Uchuu Sentai Kyuu Ranger the Movie: The Geth Indaver's Counterattack 
  • Garou becomes a motorcycle.
  • Shou explains that he do crawl strokes after he was blown into space. Naaga refused to buy that, saying it is a lie. You can even hear later Garou complains regarding the lie as well.

     Space 23: Become My Shield! 
  • Balance, as expected, gets rejected by Eris, with a SLAP. That leaves a mark on Balance's presumably steel face.
    • The next time Balance & Champ called the others again, if you notice carefully, you can see that Balance has earned another slap prior to the call.
  • And during that second call, the calling screen moves towards Lucky so abruptly, he actually gets taken by surprise and jumped back.
  • At the end of the robot fight, everyone announced their winning catchphrase....which becomes funny when you see that Tsurugi is the only one who says something different, and he complained about it.
  • Despite the above mentioned shenanigans, Balance returns to the Orion in triumph, and Naaga pets him like a dog. Lucky doesn't even do that with Garou.

     Space 24: I Will Be A Shield to Fight! 
  • Some of the crew's overreaction when they got their identity card.
  • The entire reason why Lucky did not get captured by the MOTW? He fell off the stairs behind him!
  • After two episodes of Tsurugi saying the Kyuurangers should just be his shield, this episode's Monster of the Week meets his end when he's shoved into the path of new mecha Kyuutamajin's finishing blast by his general to take the blow for him.
    Tsurugi: Using an ally as a shield? What a jerk!
    Lucky: You don't get to say that!

     Space 25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination! 
  • Some of the memory illusions are downright funny. Raptor's was her four human male teammates proposing to her, Garu's was himself in drag from earlier in the series, and poor Spada had to fight ALL of Maadakko's personalities so far.
    • There's a Heartwarming moment when Shou ends up facing Big Bear again, and instead of a My Greatest Failure moment, Shou is completely over it. Then it gets funny when Shou and Big Bear chill out, drinking and and shooting the breeze like it was old times, until Shou forgets why he went there in the first place.
      • Balance helps Shou to get to the business with the key by finishing his drink for him. That would've been suicide if he wasn't conveniently a robot.
  • And then a real Maadakko shows up with her latest personality, an odd mix of samurai and idol fangirl who declares the Kyurangers are "moe" and glomps them.
  • Balance's illusion? Naga. Not "Naga angry about a past lie", just plain Naga. Balance proceeds to do one of their little BN Thieves dances, and Illusion!Naga goes along with it with his usual deadpan expression.

     Space 26: Warrior of Darkness, Hebitsukai Metal! 
  • The enemy has caused civilians emotions to go wild leading to the team scrambling to prevent chaos.
    • Garou and Kotarou come across a man in a barber shop enraged about a bad haircut leading Kotarou to use the Coma Bernices Kyuutama to give them a new haircut inadvertently giving everyone in the barber shop one (including Garou).
    • Raptor comes across a group of people in tears so she uses the Lyra Kyuutama to get them all to dance to a portion of the ending theme. Amusingly, Raptor did think about leading the people in a dance during Space 6...
    • Champ comes across a group going crazy and doesn't even bother finding out the cause before using the Aries Kyuutama to put them all to sleep.

     Space 27: Indabee Panic Within the Orion!? 
  • A group of Indabees sneak on board the Orion before it departs for the past resulting in the Past team hunting them down. During the hunt the Indabees reveal they battled the team before leading into a clip episode.
    • When the Past team heads off to find the Indabees, Tsurugi just continues to sit in the main room like if it didn't matter to him. Spada has none of it.
    Spada: Tsurugi, you too.
    Tsurugi: My word. note 
    Spada: Don't 'My word' me. (They take off.)
  • Shou pulls his back and is sidelined for most of the episode as even one of the Indabees assists him.
  • Tsurugi's face close up was the funny part as he's telling everyone that they should just dump the Indabees into the time hole.
  • The Red Indabee tries (and fails couple times) to get everyone's attention back to his Evil Gloating while they have screaming contest about who is to be blamed for the situation. Everyone but Shou, who is still suffering with his bad back and Stinger, who has this ridiculously pouty face over everyone's attitude.
  • Due to the Indabees sabotage the team ends up in prehistoric times as a familiar T-Rex approaches. Champ and Stinger assume this is Don Armage and prepare to fight it. Tsurugi stops them because he knows what a dinosaur is.
    • Tsurugi's following temper tantrum. He first screams at them that he would be better off on his own and then simply keeps on yelling Nante kotta over and over again.
  • The five Indabees perform their version of the teams role call only for the background explosion (apparently caused by Don Armage himself) to knock them all flat as the Kyuurangers decide to not even transform to fight them.
  • Shou declaring that they can win without transforming but he overdo it upon declaring Uchuu Sentai. He falls when everyone else finished the line. Following that Spada advise him not to overdo it.
  • There's something funny in Spada explaining about Kyuutama to the Indabee, considering said Indabee most likely already knew since his opponent uses Kyuutamas regularly anyway.

     Space 28: The BN Thieves Break Up 
  • Balance using the Kirin (Camelopardalis) Kyuutama to strech his neck. What happens if humans use it?
  • Shou whined about how the impact of exiting timehole will hurt his back. Surprisingly the shock cured it and he was overexcited.
  • Flashback when Balance first encounter Naaga. He had the Oh, Crap! when Naaga couldn't be trick and fell down.
  • Hame and Garou's reaction when they met their doppelganger after Lucky shot them with the effect of Futago Kyuutama.

     Space 30: Alright! The Miraculous Kyuutama 
  • When Shou and others finished doing the mecha transformation, as usual, Shou lets out his signature phrase.....only for the others to cut it with Lucky's catchphrase. Another funny thing that most likely will gets lost in translation, is that from all the animals Shou managed to say before getting cut, all of them are animals who has name (or in case of Kajiki, alternate name) that ends with "-shi", thus creating some kind of wordplay.
  • Shou tries to give a cool farewell speech... but Champ interrupts him.

     Space 31: Naaga Great Recapture Strategy 
  • As awesome as Balance's plan to free Naaga is, there's still the fact that he and Lucky got into Naaga through his nose while he was laughing like a lunatic.
  • When Microtsuyo Indabee grows large, we see the usual frog eye camera scene, along with him announcing "bow your heads!" like all the other Daikaan do when they grow big. And then the camera pulls back and shows that he merely grew from his micro size to human size.
  • When Balance starts to cry at the end it ends up looking hilarious because of how fake the tears look.

     Space 32: Orion, Forever 
  • Naaga said he know where Don Armage is and said that the location was in Crux system. The funny part is that he add 'Around there' afterwards. Cue Face Fault by Hame and Spada. Simultaneously Stinger puts on Face Palm. Balance compliment him for making a nice gag but Garou went ballistic.
  • With Shou absent, Tsurugi decides to take over for the Kyuulette Chance routine...Visual-kei style, complete with a feather boa and tassels. And Stinger helps out by providing guitar and backup vocals.
    • Kotarou's reaction to Stinger is "Not you too, Big Bro...", and later on he remarks that Tsurugi is making him embarrassed to be an Earthling.
    • Before that, everyone's surprise reaction when Tsurugi sat on Commander's seat and said earlier...
    Tsurugi: What the hell! A deployment, huh?
  • The deployed team except Lucky is being annoyed by the broken electronics/appliances. Garou being sucked by a vacuum cleaner, Hame spinning in a washing machine, Tsurugi was being forced to fit into a rice cooker and Naaga being chilled by the refrigerator.
  • Hame asked why MOTW had so many weapons. His reply? Because it seems cool. Everyone actually stopped attacking just to listen to that. Tsurugi had his 'Nante Kota' sigh and Naaga breaking the fourth wall.

     Space 33: Launch! Battle Orion Ship 
  • Eris come out of nowhere and embrace Lucky. Afterwards, she said she love Shou and the dragon gave a peace sign with a yay... Poor Balance just stood there.
  • The Monster of the Week has the ability to twist the personalities of anyone it targets. Although Hame and Spada have rather amusing twisted personalities, the ones they get pale in comparison to Balance's, who has to be seen to be believed.
    • To wit: Spada has become a punk, Hame a cranky old lady, and Balance is comically formal.
    • Lucky and Naaga eventually figure out how to motivate them using Reverse Psychology.
  • A couple of moments that look like they were joshing around with the suit actors:
    • Raptor starts leaping about in excitement once inside the new Orion, despite them just reusing the existing Orion set, before running up the stairs and tripping up.
    • Spada, Hame and Balance rush out the exit, and Balance is trying to remain The Stoic despite bumping into the doorway, as his VA adlibs a "meant to do that" reaction.
  • Like in Episode 6, Shou told the made-up drawing stories again to the team. Naaga said it is a lie while looking at the camera, Stinger and Kotarou nodded concurringly while Raptor as usual, puts on a face palm.
  • When Shou admits that he never found the Kyuutama needed to launch the new Battle Orion Ship, Raptor shakes him by the coat while yelling at him for being such a twit... before straightening it and admitting that it's comforting he's the same as ever.
  • In a funny Call-Back, Shou finally gets to say 'Fire the Orion Cannon!' and have an actual cannon being fired. Now they can blow away a sun if necessary. Maybe.
    • There's another funny Call-Back moment in this episode - remember how Lucky and the others found Tsurugi because Lucky is too excited to see what's inside the sleeping capsule? It happened again with Shou's capsule!
      • To add more to this? Garou even competes on pressing the button with Lucky and Kotarou!

     Space 34: Mysterious Masked Warrior Appears 
  • Champ is using a Paper-Thin Disguise that's so thin, it might as well be not there at all. Everyone can see right away that it's Champ.
    • Except Garou, who hilariously got fooled somehow. When Champ revealed himself, Garou's reaction has to be seen to be believed, especially after everyone else revealed they already knew since the start.
    • Adding that, Garou's reaction when Kotarou called him an idiot.
    • Every time "Jube" claims to not be Champ and Garou buys it, the entire rest of the team tries to inform him that it actually is Champ. He somehow misses this.
    • The fact that Shou figured it out and Garou didn't is also hilarious.
    • When Stinger decides to play along with Champ's facade to find out what happened, he does so by claiming to the rest of the team that it's not Champ and Rudely Hanging Up like he usually does. Raptor then comments that she expected this from Garou, but wonders if Stinger is really that dumb. Shou quickly concludes that he must have some sort of plan.
    • "Jube" even has a wrist-mounted gun that shouts "GALAXY!" just like Kyuurangers' Seiza Blasters. Considering the Kyuurangers are the only ones to have them....
  • Naaga sneezes Balance. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The sleep Kyuutama is apparently very effective—Naaga somehow managed to remain unmoved throughout the entirety of several giant mech battles.

     Episode of Stinger 
  • Before Champ and Stinger leave to find Scorpio, Shou hands in an empty Kyuutama among a number of them, giving the duo an extra task to find a new Kyuutama.
  • During the flashbacks, there are a few funny moments between Champ and Stinger
    1. Stinger pretty much ignores Champ when the latter talk to him.
    2. Champ making a fuss with his fighting practice and told Stinger to spar against him in order to get warm. Stinger shook his head and ignores him.
    3. The next moment you see the duo at a restaurant, having breakfast or lunch presumably. Stinger forcibly tried to feed Champ with meat (BEEF In fact). The robot got annoyed because he was a robot and what animal he was.
    4. Champ and Stinger pretty much having a race against themselves as who should be leading in the front. Since Stinger is carrying nothing in his hand...
      Champ: Hey! This is Heavy! (He was carrying a bag)

     Space 35: The Secret of the Universe's No. 1 Idol 
  • The selected team, particularly Tsurugi who are dressing like a popstar, complete with the feather boa he used during his Kyuulette the Chance.
  • The place where Kyuurangers fought Akyanba, is hilariously obvious to be just the usual staircase and hallway location with green filter added.
  • Ignoring any Fridge Horror that it entails, the mere fact that Don Armage has been Hidden in Plain Sight as a stupid little figure on Hoshi Minato's shoulder that looks like a bootleg LGM.

     Space 36: The Legend That Sleeps in Lucky's Homeworld 
  • Lucky denied his identity when his guardian recognises Shishi Red as Lucky himself and got smacked on the head while in the suit.
    Lucky: How did you know?
    Jiiya: The galaxy may be vast, but you're the only one who yells 'Yossha Lucky!'
  • There are two facts learnt about Lucky
    • 1. He ran away from home instead of seeing the end of galaxy as scolded by Jiiya and Hame laughed her ass off upon hearing this when she knew Lucky’s secret.
    • 2. He is a prince of Leo System, and his father is the king who gave him Caesar. There's something funny in Caesar somehow climbing up child Lucky's body without messing his clothing.
  • Garou suddenly asked Lucky an awkward question right in front of their opponent, which nearly made him slip.
    Garou: I know Caesar is your only friend. So...what about me?
  • The MOTW did not realise that Caesar was the legendary weapon he was seeking for.
    • Before that, he calls Lucky stupid for his usual catchphrase ‘Yossha Lucky!’.
  • The MOTW rode on Super Kyuuren-Oh's head and how did Hame get him off? Slap him using C Hameleon's stretching tongue.
  • It seems that the MOTW was able to rest in peace... cause he was able to ride on top of Super Kyuuren-Oh (basically, Caesar's head)!
  • At the end of the episode, Garou was playing with Caesar and the little cub hop onto his head. The werewolf try to catch it but hit his head instead.

     Space 37: Lucky Reunites With His Father 
  • Jiiya tells everyone to bow down before their prince. They promptly do so. Everyone but Tsurugi, who says that he is first leader of Galactic Federation and thus have higher status than a king/prince. Spada calls him out on it.
  • The Battle Orion Ship transformed, this time Jiiya and Shou are falling when it stood.
  • Lucky shows up in his new coat fit for a king. Kotarou takes a look, realizes who probably made that coat and asks Stinger, who is standing beside him looking as peeved as usual. Stinger agrees and allows himself a tiny smile before giving Kotarou a stern look. Champ pats his partner on the shoulder.
  • Everyone does Lucky's Yossha lucky shout. Stinger doesn't join in as he probably didn't realize what he is supposed to do in time to do it, so he only looks at his hand quizzically. That or he was caved in only after everyone else did it.

     Space 38: Shocking! The 9 Dangerous Trials 
  • Tsurugi with his feather boa and tassels AGAIN!
    • And during the Kyuulette dance, Shou's back acting up again, and he ends up being frozen in position throughout the whole dance.
  • Raptor acting like a fan girl upon seeing Tsurugi doing 9999 sit ups.
  • During his and Naaga's trial, Shou had to be stopped by Naaga's power in a hilarious position to avoid them from losing the trial.
  • There's something really hilariously absurd in seeing RAPTOR (reminder, she's a ROBOT) taking an onsen bath with Hame.
  • This episode also proves again that the stoic ones are usually the best in making funny faces.
  • Shou immediately knew he's fighting fake copies of the others, while this also doubles as an awesome moment, the hilarious part kicks in when he explained the reason he knew they are fake copies is because the fake ones actually respected him.
  • Shou throw Kyuutamas for the others to use, ones that resemble their animal counterpart (for example Raptor getting the Tsuru (Cygnus) Kyuutama because both Aquila and Cygnus are bird constellations). This allows them to use attacks related to those Kyuutamas. Poor Garou gets Ooinu (Canis Major) (a dog constellation) Kyuutama, leading to him complaining that it's something he has always done anyway, so Shou gave him Koinu “(Canis Minor)” Kyuutama.....that basically turns Garou into a puppy!

     Space 39: The Great Adventure of Perseus 
  • The cringe worthy RPG parody. Words do it no good. It must be seen to be believed. Cue Hame laughed her ass off seeing Stinger explaining through singing.
    1. Lucky is the girly mage, Kotarou is the main boyish hero, Spada is the manly Viking warrior, Stinger is a jester clown and guess what Champ is? A princess. Cue Lucky, Kotarou and Spada imagining Champ blushing for being called beautiful while wearing pink dress with lipsticks.
    2. The chants for mage are catchphrases. (Yossha Lucky (Lucky), Kitakore (Hame), Grazie (Spada)). Lucky chooses his usual catchphrase and ended triggering a land mine whenever he said it although he did not want the explosion to happen.
    3. Stinger expressing his feelings or conversing through singing... in an opera style. All his antics also include dancing and moonwalk running.note 
      • Stinger in clown costume singing and dancing to immobilized berserk Champ. Narm Charm at its best.
      • Champ telling Stinger that he should sing his terrible song to others too. Stinger scoffs and storms away from him. He is seen joining in on Champ's Catchphrase with everyone else a while afterwards.
  • At the end of the episode, the team are searching for the Perseus Kyuu Energy, if you watch closely and carefully, you can find two funny scenes:
    • Lucky and Hame search under two mannequins wearing women's clothes. Lucky tries to peek under the skirt, only to get slapped by Hame.
    • Tsurugi and Spada discussing in the background. If you listen carefully and can understand Japanese, Tsurugi did not actually do any search because he complains that the mansion was huge.

     Space 40: Opening Event! Deathball of Hell 
  • Everyone's reaction, especially Stinger when Spada served them delicious food.
  • The team performing their roll call, in baseball uniforms, and with baseball positions instead of their usual "Star" designations.
  • Spada is not good with baseball or sports. The team only realised that after Spada enters the field, messed up and later mentioned by Raptor.
  • Stinger in his Corner of Woe just on the left bottom side of the screen when Spada apologise his bad play.
  • Maadakko scored multiple points by batting away a single ball that multiplies. What makes this funny is the sound effect of the scoreboard right afterwards.
    "Tako (Octo) Tako (Octo) Tako (Octo) Tako (Octo)!"
  • Since Spada can't use the batter to hit the Death Ball, he uses... Kajiki's pointy bill visor as a substitute. (literally his nose!)
  • The team uses the move Kyuuranger Hurricane, just like Gorenger Hurricane. Raptor had no idea who to pass the ball to when she got it so she sends it to Shou. The commander was shocked because he was unprepared, and got knocked out from the ball hitting on his face.
    • The finishing move against MOTW makes him thought that he was victorious only to be defeated by it.
  • Shou suggest that that everyone should lift their MVP to the air. The commander was bamboozled and disappointed that he was not the MVP when everyone celebrates Spada instead (Even Spada wasn't aware that he was the star for the day). Stinger comes and try to comfort him with a few pats on his shoulder, understand how he feels.

     Space 41: Break through! Planet Southern Cross 
  • Lucky asked who will pilot Kyuuren-O (specifically Shishi Voyager) in his place. Garou volunteered to do so since he and Caesar had gotten along well. The funny part is that when he pilots it, he purposely uses Chameleon Voyager for punching, which annoys Hame.

     Space 42: My Father? The Universe? Lucky's Resolution 
  • The whole episode was downright serious but there is something funny about seeing the combined form of the three vice-shoguns

     Space 43: Swear ‘Yossha, Lucky’ on the Holy Night 
  • Mecha Madako taunts the Kyurangers over being powerless to stop Don Armage. Halfway through however, she realizes that if Don Armage destroys the universe the Kyurangers won't be the only ones to die, so will she. It horrifies her.
  • Spada tells Mecha Madako that he knows 99 dishes that include octopus while fighting her. One of those dishes are Tacos. Stinger tells Spada that octopus is not a usual ingredient in Tacos. Spada didn't know that.
  • Balance dancing while imitating like he was playing a clarinet/recorder when Naaga uses Hebi Kyuutama on Don Armage.
  • The usage of Christmas Kyuutama, which dressed the team in Christmas theme costumes.
    • At the bridge, a few of the members try to approach Lucky who seems to be feeling down, only to be scare in surprise when he yelled 'Yossha Lucky!'.
    • The costume that a few of the members wears:
      1. Tsurugi. Apart from his feather boa, he wore a bird/duck like suit. Cue him saying Nante Kota
      2. Champ, Garu and Spada are Reindeers
      3. Shou dressing like a Santa Claus
      4. Naga? He is a Christmas tree
      5. Balance is a snowman.
    • The ending as well, especially the pose by Stinger and Tsurugi

     Space 44: Don Armage's Identity 

  • Our heroes are put on the ropes when Evil Doctor Anton debuts his cybernetically-enhanced Death Worm. Cut to the end of commercials, and the Death Worm is already flinging around Hame and Kotaro like rag dolls, when Spada as Pegasus Kajiki Yellow is... just hopping around and lending no real help whatsoever.
    • Champ prototype claps as Brain in a Jar Anton explains his plan and then walks around making gesture that Anton would make as a proper Mad Scientist if he still had a body.
    • He calls the new Deathworm Bossworm and ask Isn't he adorable?. Hame tells him it's disgusting.
  • Hame is a walking, talking moment of funny one she gets her hands on the Hikari Kyutama. Complete with a shout out to Sailor Moon when she uses Tsuki Mode.

     Space 45: Tsurugi's Life and Earth's Peril 
  • The narmy spotlight on Tsurugi when he says that he will stop Cuervo even if it costs him his life.
  • Evil Champ prototype appears with Brain in a Jar Anton just completely out of nowhere just about two feet away from Kotaro when he is greeting Jiro.
    • He repeats his plan and gloats that he will spoken about as the scientist, who erased the universe. Kotaro points out the obvious fault in his logic. If he erases the universe, there won't be anyone who would remember him, let alone talk about him. Anton does not take being called an idiot very well, posseses the prototype carrying his case and goes berserk.
  • Doctor Anton takes it very hard when a five years old pelts him with rocks and Kotarou calls him stupid. He then decides to call destruction of Earth Operation Stupid.
  • Lucky ask everyone what they want to do after the battle ends.
    • Shou said that he wants a promotion, which Kotaro responded with a hand wave and saying it is impossible. Even Raptor don't think that will happen based on her tone.
    • Raptor wants to fall in love. You should see Spada's reaction to this.
    • Garou obviously doesn't know what he wants to do yet so instead he decided to travel with Lucky.
  • Tsurugi says Lucky makes too much of a fuss after the latter has a dramatic speech about ultimate saviors being gathered. Even funnier is that Lucky uses Tsurugi's punchline Suna wachi (In other words), acting as if he was Tsurugi.
  • Our heroes have to put down an Indaver breakout with nonfatal methods as it's revealed that humans can be assimilated into Indavers. They break out the Aries Kyutama (the sleep-inducing one, for obvious reasons), Columba Kyutama (the dove, which somehow wraps an Indaver in ribbons) and the Canis Minor Kyutama (used by Garu, which should carry some huge Catharsis Factor for him).

     Space 46: Between Hope and Despair 
  • Lucky passes the other variations of Kyuu the weapon to Naaga and Stinger. Naaga questions Stinger, in an ironic way it seems if he can uses other weapons besides spear. Stinger replied that there is no weapons that the Scorpius warriors aren't proficient at.

     Space 47: The saviours' promise 
  • After the absorbed Kyuu Rangers were restored, Raptor shakes Shou by the coat while yelling at him not to sacrifice himself for the team after he finished his line.
    • Meanwhile, the Saikou Kyutama just dropped from the sky, announcing "What's Up!?" like nothing fatal has happened to it.

     Space Finale: Echo Throughout the Universe! Yossha, Lucky 
  • Naga once again calling out Shou's tall tales—this time, with a side of Balance agreeing!
    Shou: Just the other day, I had to visit two neighbouring galaxies. Yay! (Gave a piece sign)
    Naga: I am certain that is a lie.
    Balance: It so is!
  • Raptor, Stinger and Kotaro arrive afterwards and the first thing Stinger do is push Raptor until she crashed her head onto Spada's stomach. The next moment Raptor claims her head hurts.
  • Lucky and Garou are late. The werewolf complains how Lucky was Lucky (from hearing the constellation fortune telling) when his scooter broke down a few times. Lucky accidentally hammered the control, causing the scooter to suddenly drift in such hilarious way until they crashed in front of Spada's restaurant. Lucky is all right but poor Garou got his back hurt from that ride.
  • The traditional baton pass has both Patran Ichigo and Lupin Red show up, with Lucky being incredibly confused. This is because the two would rather fight each other than actually initiate the pass. Poor Lucky gets shafted in favor of Head Butting Heroes.


  • The theme song has a few moments.
    • Shou is introduced to the audience by dancing then flashing them a big thumbs up.
    • We see Balance literally skipping across a battlefield.
    • Final panel shows whole team striking their poses in dramatic fashion. Everyone but Stinger, who is standing in the background facing away from them.
  • The ending song. All of it, both new and old version.
    • Out of all people, Naaga was awfully the most passionate with the dancing compared to Raptor. His counterpart? Shou Lonpou who was the most lazy in putting effort for the dancing.
    • Champ could not put his arms above his head during the early part of the dancing steps.
    • Garou shaking his right leg during the chorus part.
  • For the Lucky Kyuutama test, everyone except Stinger, Champ and Raptor did not have any particular catchphrase when telling the hint. It's just normal. Naaga did not have catchphrase for it but the funny part is that he raised his voice and scold the viewers as if the Test was compulsory to get presents.
  • Lucky Kyuutama test result, particularly when 12 people are added instead of just 9.
    • If the answer is blue, Kotarou ride on Garou's shoulder.
    • If the answer is yellow, Balance points to himself.
    • If the answer is green, Stinger in the background spin around while holding to the bar. Garou's pose as well.


     Henshin Lessons 1 
  • Lucky gets ahead of Hame, pronouncing and do things wrongly.
  • Lucky nails his transformation into Shishi Red in an instant after watching Hame transform into C Hameleon Green. The reason behind this: He's simply the luckiest guy in the universe. Hame doesn't accept this and calls him a cheater, and as she tries to catch him, he keeps getting away while jumping around saying his signature "Alright, Lucky!" as he calls for Spada to make dinner.

     Henshin Lessons 2 
After numerous failed attempts to impress Lucky by coming up with new roll calls, Balance and Naaga Ray transform one last time into Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver, respectively. The question here is: What do they do to impress Lucky? The answer: Doing their usual roll call. Lucky remarks it as "goisu" as the three dance along around the Orion, turning Naaga into The Comically Serious type.
  • Lucky stared at them weirdly, as in 'What the hell'?
  • The reason they were trying new poses and "Star" designations in the first place? Naaga pressured Balance into coming up with a new one, only for Lucky to say he considered their original pose to be the better one. Seeing Balance get more and more flustered as the video goes on does wonders to making him just as Adorkable as his counterpart.
  • One particular rejection leads to Balance freaking out as Naaga continuously says his name in an attempt to get him to calm down. Balance's reaction is to make a a noise that can only be written down as "NYAGAAAAAAAH!"
  • And the final rejection ends with Balance dropping to his knees and outright sobbing while hugging Naaga, who gently pats him on the head. Keep in mind that both of them are in their ranger forms at this point.
  • As they're dancing, confetti starts to fall from... Somewhere. Without missing a beat, Balance comments how it's going to be hell to clean up later!

     Henshin Lessons 3 
  • Both Garou and Champ decide to train to help alleviate some of the sorrow from their respective losses. However when the girls find them sparring, they both freak out, mistaking their training for in-fighting.
  • Hame flies down, makes both shake hands, and hug, and them orders both back to the ship. While Garou is utterly confused, Champ just laughs and says that Hame can't be beaten.
    • Just like the previous episode, there is something that makes the hugging scene even funnier with Garou and Champ both being in their ranger suits.
  • Garou says that next time they need to ensure that she doesn't find out what they're doing.

     Henshin Lessons 4 
  • Just the mere fact that Raptor is daydreaming about Spada being in love with her. During the dream, Spada acts like a lovesick bumbling idiot ala Archie Andrews, while Raptor acts like an unimpressed femdom queen. Made even better when Raptor snaps out of it and her fantasies are juxtaposed with reality.
  • In Raptor's daydream, she was about to kiss Spada, only to end when Kajiki Yellow's bill visor stabbed her head.
  • Upon waking up from her daydream, just as she was about to grab her plate of cake, she accidentally tosses the cake away without realizing where the cake went. Unfortunately for Raptor, the cake landed right onto Spada's face. Raptor then breaks down into confusion... while Lucky and Naaga have their own slice of cake while briefly watching the ruckus.

     Henshin Lessons 5 

     Henshin Lessons 6 
  • Pretty much every time Lucky tries to tame Pega-san, ranging from using the Seiza Control to dancing.

     Henshin Lessons 7 
  • Every time Shou Lonpou attempts to transform to Ryuu Commander, Lucky, Kotarou, and Tsurugi always interrupt or ignore him.
    • And when he has the chance, he thought that his Ryuutsueder can talk, not realizing that the voice belonged to Kotarou and the Ryuutsueder was controlled by Lucky like a puppet.

     High School Wars Episode 1 
  • The revelation that Shou has, apparently, cheated the Kyuulette.
    • The team all went ballistic. With Lucky and Garou shakes his coat and Naaga was about to do the same before Balance stops him. Apart from that, Raptor berated that she looks like an idiot as she brings out a hanger trolley full of school uniforms.
  • After the selected team left, Garou picks up a shinai to beat Shou as he, Champ and Balance began to interrogate him. Commander begs for Raptor to stop them but she ignores him.

     High School Wars Episode 2 
  • The boys got brainwashed by hearing the school's broadcast bell while Hame is unaffected. Because she wore a headphone, listening to music.
  • What did she do to make them back to reality? Bitch-slapped every boys face and she did it repeatedly when it happens again and again. During the first time, other than Naaga who does not feel emotion and can't make face expression properly, you can see the look on their faces of pain, especially Stinger.
  • Naaga being lectured for having silver hair and Hame was as well for entering an all boys high school by the Indabee.
  • Lucky being accused of cheating against Council President in the painting competition and it's true.
  • Next turn is Spada and he had to make a painting of fruits. But what did he make a painting of? A glass of Ice cream made of the fruits.
  • Naaga surprisingly had talent at painting art in an exaggerating way and he draws Hoshi Minato more handsomely.
    • The Indabee Student finds it hard to comprehend as he drew things more accurately than Naaga.
    • Later the Indabee got punched by Hoshi Minato, exactly just how Naaga painted on a frame after he got the Gaka (Pictor) Kyuutama.
  • Everyone bows a gratitude and Stinger? He smacks his head on the table.

     High School Wars Episode 3 
  • The science teacher got damaged for every correct constellations that the Kyuurangers guess. Not to mention when they were in the brink of despair, she blurted out the hint for the remaining unguessed constellations.
    • Spada: It is Nonsense for evealing your secrets like that. You can't be a chef
  • Hame bitch-slapped the boys again.
  • Hame lampshades for not being able to distinguish the difference between the Indabee family in charge of the school starting from the son, the mother and now the father who is the principal. Because all three of them have the same face

     High School Wars Episode 4 
  • The boys got brainwashed again when listening to school bell. Hame slapped them again but to no avail. Then Champ (with a school uniform replacing his Kyuu Ranger jacket and a cap on his head) arrives and Hame told him to hit the boys again but hold back when doing it.
    • But too bad, Champ pats on their chest once or twice and then headbutt/punch/slap them with full strength. And Stinger berated Champ for going all out. Yup! He smack Kotarou even though he is a child. As for Naaga, Champ smacked him with a school bag
    Stinger: You idiot! Don't you even know how to hold back?!
    Champ: What's that?! It's your own fault for getting brainwashed easily!
  • Naaga suggested that they uses the stationary type constellation to fight the Principal Indabee to show their results of studying. When he summoned his selected stationary (Octant), he threw it away because he doesn't know how to use it. Hame and Kotarou throw theirs away too after summoning because they see it useless. Well, only Lucky can make good use of something useless.

     Chou Super Hero Taisen 
  • There is not much screen time for Kyurangers, but there are a few notable funny moments for them:
    • Stinger scaring Balance with what kind of poison it might bring with a deep tone from the situation on Earth.
    • Naga doing the BN Thieves pose when he explains to Hiiro how did they knew about the doctor's patient.
  • Although this has nothing to do with Kyurangers, Emu selecting his own teammates had some funny moments:
    • Momotaros was selected as the pink member. He was the best laughing material during the movie and he got angry on nearly everyone who did the following.
      • Emu had no idea who he was and she asked confused why he is in the pink slot when he has the aura that is suitable to be red. It turns out he was in there because of his name Momo in Momotaros. He crashed his head the frame upon coming out.
      • When his Imajin friends (Kuma/Kintaros and Kame/Urataros) come in, he just shoos them off because they seem unreliable. Kame sends him off just to flirt with TOQ GOGOU (Five).
      • Kitaoka Shuichi (Kamen Rider Zolda) referring Momotaros as "Gorou-chan" twice. First during Emu’s team member selection and the later when the team sans Emu was summoned through cards by Hiiro.
      • Later on, he tries to pity Momorenger when she pretends to get hurt badly by his attack and soon receive a kick on his crotch.
      • When the team transformed into Go Rider, he was bamboozled when his Momo Rider outfit was pink.
      • Each of the team ride onto their Sentai/Rider Machine, Momotaros ride on the Den-Liner, only to complain that it was cold.
    • Masato referring to Ao Nin as Ao Rin and Momotaros as Momorin. Even funnier is that when Masato addressing Momotaros as Momorin, he was carresing Momotaros's chin (as Den O) while treating him like a pet animal.
    • Yakumo stealing Momotaros’ catchphrase on being climax on the start and end.
    • Katou Yakumo was the blue member despite wanting to choose a ghost Kamen Rider.
    • Momotaros mistakes easy for Ii jiji (good old man/gramps/geezer).
    • Yakumo wanted the yellow member to be MagiYellow, but got Beet Buster instead.note 
    • Kamen Rider Zolda bragging on about signing a contract if the team wants him in. He complains near the end when he had to do beyond his contract.
    • Momotaros stuck in a trash can, with his head inside and his legs pointing upwards when Team Ex-Aid is declared winner of the final match. No one noticed him when he was just in front of them.
    • Ki-Rider, which just sounds like Kiraida (I hate you).


  • This April Fool's joke. Aside from it mentioning that the already adapted Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger is being skipped note , the thing seems legitimate at first...until you get to the Silver Ranger's name, Uchu Kita, and if that wasn't enough to make you realize it was a joke, the Green Ranger is Karma, "who's definitely not Rita Repulsa from the movie in disguise'', the Orange Ranger is still Stinger, who managed to wander to America, the Pink Ranger is "Shayera Thal, a winged police-woman from the planet Thanagar" and the Yellow Ranger is Roberto Filet, played by Bobby Flay.
  • The Episode of Stinger talk show has each of the actors present introduce themselves and say something, only for Kishi Yosuke/Stinger to quip something in response. Kizu Takumi/Lucky introduce himself and say he will be quiet and calm today and gets what is the point then? Taguchi Shota/Kotaro talks about having learned much on the set and is told he looks cute whatever he does and reminded to talk into the microphone properly in similar big brother fashion Kotaro is treated by Stinger.
    • Kishi Yosuke broadly pantomimes the slaps that Hammy was handing out in School Wars.
  • The annual hand off to the next series turns out to be a bit of a handful for Lucky since he gets used as a Human Shield by Lupin Red to keep Patren #1 from shooting him before both run off leaving Lucky standing there looking very confused.
  • During a talk show for Kyuranger vs. Space Squad, some humorous stories about Escape's actress Ayame Misaki were brought up, like her kicking Koichi Sakamoto on the back of his neck during the last day of filming and how when Go-Busters was airing and she was dropping off her nephews and nieces to school, their fellow children would recognize her as Escape and try to play shoot her repeatedly.

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