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Ladies and Gentleman, the dancing team.

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  • Anytime we see the Hot-Blooded Keichirou yelling over trivial matters.
  • The fact that the Patrangers, without knowing always see the Lupinrangers everyday at their restaurants. Not to mention that while they get along well with Kairi and the others, they didn't act like that with their alter-egos, the Lupinrangers. A good example is Kairi and Keichirou. Keichirou despises the Lupinrangers, especially Lupin Red. However, with Kairi, he acts nice even though Kairi act like a rebellious child against him.
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  • Touma in particular, had a unique and memorable moment with Sakuya in #27, which is dancing with a Gangler in disguise. This ended up being the Running Gag for him on later episodes.
  • Just the fact that the Lupin's have to stop, get changed into their phantom thief getup and then go after the Ganglers.


    #1: The Thieves Everyone's Talking About 
  • During the Lupinranger's raid of the Gangler casino, Rouletter gets tired of the Lupinrangers toying with him and throws two energy balls at them, causing an explosion that blows out all the windows on that floor. When the smoke clears, the fully morphed Lupinrangers are sitting there unharmed. This in itself is an awesome moment, but what pushes it to hilarity is the fact that they are literally sitting there in fancy chairs looking very comfortable. This comes back almost immediately after during the ensuing fight. While taking on a group of Pordermen, Touma flops down once again in a comfortable chair. The Pordermen actually pause in disbelief before Touma resumes attacking them.
  • While Umika fights, she grabs a jar full of darts and tosses its contents, skewering a group of Pordermen... and Rouletter, who thought he was safe.
    Rouletter: How? I was hiding!
  • Keiichiro and company burst in during the fight. Cue the Rouletter being flung through the air towards them complete with cartoon sound effect.
  • There's something comical about how the Lupinrangers don't even look at the soon-to-be-Patrangers as they destroy Rouletter and the resulting explosion knocks Keiichiro and friends on their asses.
  • When summoning the Dial Fighters, the VS Changer makes the infamous airhorn sound effect.
  • A pair of men are praising the Lupinrangers and how they've been more effective than the police at stopping the Gangler. Unbeknownst to them, Keiichiro is sitting right next to them and getting more and more agitated with each word they say. Keiichiro, fed up with hearing people praise the Lupinrangers at the police's expense, crumples up his newspaper and is about to toss it. Kairi, who's been watching him in his civilian guise, helpfully warns him that he's going to miss the trashcan if he throws it. Keiichiro takes the shot anyway and predictably whiffs it, much to Kairi's amusement. Keiichiro coughs awkwardly before walking over and dropping the paper in the trashcan. Made even better by how quickly Kairi goes from warning the detective in his phantom thief voice to sounding like a little kid giving friendly advice to an adult.
  • Anyone who's not a morning person can relate to the exhausted Tsukasa trying to deal with the endlessly cheerful and energetic Sakuya. She even smacks him in the arm for being giggly.
  • Sakuya praises the Lupinrangers for taking down the Gangler's casino, not realizing that Keiichiro just entered the room. He pulls an epic Oh, Crap! face once he hears Keiichiro start to call him out on it. Tsukasa even makes a face that screams "Hoo boy, you're in for it now." After Keiichiro chews Sakuya out, the future green ranger bows so fast and hard that Keiichiro has to duck out of the way to avoid getting headbutted.
  • Keiichiro is not moved by the Lupinrangers' seemingly noble tendencies. But what makes it hilarious is how the scene ends.
    Keiichiro: Doesn't matter if they're targeting the Ganglers, they're still crooks. (yelling at Sakuya again) We will not be counting on their help!
    Tsukasa: We get it, we get it! Down boy! (Shoves a candy bar in Keiichiro's mouth)
    Keiichiro: (With the exact same intensity) Tasty!
  • Umika complains that Kairi is unreliable (because he skips the work) and Touma a bully (because he teases Umika because she can't cook). She also complains that Kairi isn't going to save them anyway when she and Touma were held hostages.

    #2: The Global Police in Pursuit 
  • During the chase in their respective vehicles, Keiichiro is launched into the sky, opens up his cockpit up and leaps towards Kairi's fighter, only for Kairi to turn his aircraft vertical, Keiichiro is dropped to the water angrily shouting at the Lupinrangers. What makes it funnier is that the music abruptly stops as soon as Kairi flies off.
  • Patranger dealing with the Podaman, using their megaphone, telling them to stop and line up. Funnily, the Podaman all did as told, before the Patrangers start beating the crap out of all of them.
  • We are introduced to Patren Ugou, which using GoodStriker, combined all three Patrangers. While the Patrangers are dealing with this, the Lupinrangers watch them from the rooftop, laughing their asses off.
    Keiichiro, Sakuya, and Tsukasa: What the fudge?!
    Keiichiro: What happened to my body?!
    Tsukasa: *punches self* Hey! Don't touch, I'll sue!
    Sakuya: This is bad. And something smells sweaty...
    Keiichiro: Sakuya, what did you just say?! It's not me, Tsukasa! I'm telling you!
    Tsukasa: It is, Keiichiro.
    Keiichiro: It is not!
  • After Garetto Nago is enlarged, you can see Patren Ugou rolling on the ground.
  • At the end of the episode, we can see that GoodStriker goes with Lupinranger as they hang out at their restaurant before Patranger comes in. Umika, desperate to hide their new ally, put him in the pot. Poor Goodie whines that he doesn't want to get into the pot.

    #3: We Will Get Them Back! 
  • The start of the episode after last week's cliffhanger. The Patrangers enter Jurer Bistro while the Lupinrangers are discussing their next move. The atmosphere is tense as the two parties glare at each other. Then Keiichiro lifts his hand towards the VS Changer strapped to his hip... only to raise three fingers.
    Keiichiro: Party of three.
    Kairi: Huh?
    Tsukasa: Aren't you open right now?
    Kairi: (looking like he's trying to suppress a laugh as the soundtrack starts playing silly music) Oh! Yeah, yeah, we are! Have a seat. You guys are the Global Police, right? Sorry! You looked so serious that I thought there was a criminal lurking around.
    Tsukasa: Sorry for the scare. Our office is nearby.
    Sakuya: See, I told you your face was scary, Keiichiro-sempai.
    Keiichiro: (making a scary face) What!? My face is fine!
  • After the Patrangers are forced to leave the bistro after being called to a Gangler attack, Tsukasa apologizes and says they'll come another time. The second they're out of earshot:
    Kairi: You seriously don't have to!
    Umika: Blehhh!
  • After the Patrangers leave, Kogure suddenly appears at a table to remark on how busy they looked. The Lupins actually nod in agreement with him before whirling around in shock to see him sitting there.
  • At the end of the first fight, Nahmero escapes. Kairi and Umika are about to leave, only to realize that Touma is still fighting Tsukasa. Kairi proceeds to very casually walk over to Touma and physically drag him away. After the Lupins escape, Keiichiro runs after them, screaming at the top of his lungs through his megaphone. This would be funny enough, but then Tsukasa calls him over to help get Sakuya unstuck. Sakuya's impotent whining and flailing combined with Keiichiro's exasperated body language really sell the scene.
  • Keiichiro is chewing out Sakuya for allowing Touma to temporarily steal his VS Changer and get stuck by the Gangler before angrily plopping down in a chair. Sakuya apologizes and Keiichiro jumps up to reprimand him some more. Cue Tsukasa jumping in once more with "down boy!", sitting him back down in his chair and even turning it so he's facing away from Sakuya.
  • Just the fact that the Lupins make use of the Patrangers by having them spring Nahmero's trap, leaving him free for them to take out. Keiichiro's position while stuck. He's on his knees, face down, with his ass up in the air
  • After Sakuya frees himself and Keiichiro from Nahmero Bacho's attack, they begin to leave the art studio to pursue him. It takes the yells of Tsukasa to realize they were about to ditch her. When they realised, even the Hot-Blooded Keiichirou was reduced to a child who realised his own mistake while apologising with Sakuya.
    • Just before this, while Keiichiro is yelling encouragement to Sakuya, he's also attempting to get free himself. Sadly, due to how he is stuck all this means is that you get a few shots of his backside moving from side to side while he's heroically struggling.
  • Umika recalls what happened with the Patrangers last time when Kairi decides to use GoodStriker. She immediately begins to leave, complaining that she doesn't want to fuse with anyone but Kairi pulls her back because he thinks it would be interesting. Touma doesn't really care that much and just wants to get the whole thing over with. The entire sequence of the Lupins using GoodStriker is hilarious on its own. It happens very similarly to the fusion, except Umika and Touma fly off the screen. Then a shimmering light comes over Kairi's body and the screen zooms in to show that... absolutely nothing has changed. Then he splits into three amidst the VS Changer's trolling laughter. Even Goodie is surprised by the result. The best part? No one notices right away. No one. All three Kairi's look over at Umika, then to Touma, before realizing what's happened and looking at each other.
  • After Kairi mentions Kogure, GoodStriker freaks out and begins to fly away, only to smack Ichigou in the head, who just managed to catch up with the Lupinrangers. The same thing happened to an un-transformed Kairi earlier in the episode.
  • Later, Keiichiro forces Goodie into his VS Changer as Goodie whines that he doesn't want to be put in it. Keiichiro ignores him and launches Goodie anyway.
  • During a shootout with an enlarged Nahmero and PatKaiser, the former accidentally destroys the statue of Dogranio Yaboon that he made, while it was caught on broadcast for not only Dogranio, but also Destra Maajo and Gauche Ru Medou to see. What really takes the cake is the long Awkward Silence. In one of the subs, Destra's next line is: "At least the feet are still there?"
  • The Patrangers finally meet Goodie, who's decked with a little police hat. Their reactions are amusing, with Tsukasa training her VS Changer on him when he pops up, Keiichiro shouting "Who are you!?" and Sakuya just freaking out. Instead of giving them an answer, Goodie simply says "Bye!" and dumps them and their Trigger Machines before flying off.
  • Sakuya gets a good look at Umika unmasked for the first time and immediately becomes smitten. If only he knew...
  • Touma's suggestion to sneak in laxatives in the Patrangers' meal while they deal with a smitten Sakuya.

    #4: An Unforgivable Relationship 
  • As hinted at in the show's OP, Tsukasa is obsessed with stuffed toys. Partway through the episode, she spends an entire scene angsting about whether she should hug a stuffed shark that happens to be important evidence for the current case, treating it more like a forbidden romance scenario. In fact, it's because she hugs the shark that she gets teleported into the MOTW's base and ends up rescuing its prisoners.
  • Tsukasa's horror upon realizing that the plushie's mouth is the MOTW's teleportation device and serves as its own mouth (his Collection Piece allows him to make one object look like another), meaning that she just indirectly kissed the MOTW.
  • After using PatrenUgou form to finishes the MOTW off, returned-to-normal Tsukasa sniffs her body for a quick moment before joining other Patrangers in their stand-off with the Lupinrangers. This is maybe a callback to episode 2, when they used the PatrenUgou form for the first time and Sakuya complainined about Keiichiro's body odor.
  • Both Keiichiro and Sakuya hugging the stuffed shark to rescue Tsukasa. The faces they make while doing so are even commented about in the episode.
    • What makes this even more hilarious is that just prior to their rescue, Tsukasa is being beaten by the MOTW and assumes that neither Keiichiro or Sakuya will figure out how to rescue her. In the end, it turns out Keiichiro figured out what to do because he knows Tsukasa is obsessed with stuffed toys. In fact, he has known ever since they were both in training. What sells it is how, during the flashback, Keiichiro just blankly stares at Tsukasa and walks away, leaving Tsukasa oblivious to the fact that Keiichiro knows her secret.
    • Just the fact that Keiichiro does not care about Tsukasa's plushie obsession in the slightest. He's totally indifferent to dropping the bomb that he knew (in a conversational tone no less), and even while everyone else is reacting, including Hilltop, he's just sitting there stuffing his face, completely deadpan. It's a hysterical contrast to her waxing dramatic over it earlier in the episode.
  • During the fight, the PatKaiser is assisted by the Lupinrangers. Impressed by them, Goodie ejects from the PatKaiser, throwing the Patrangers out, to form the LupinKaiser with the Lupinrangers. The Patrangers are just left on the ground trying to figure out what happened.

    #5: Targeted, the International Police 
  • When PatrenIchigou and LupinRed end up using the opposite team's VS Vehicle, PatrenIchigou is in the Cyclone Dial Fighter and LupinRed is in the Trigger Machine Biker, they both admit that the other vehicle has its benefits rather casually.
  • The villains make note of how the Lupin Collection pieces they have are notably different from the ones the two teams use. The funny part kicks in when you recall all of the Lupin Collection pieces the monsters have are either recycled props or modeled after certain items from past seasons - only the ones used by the rangers are original and brand new props!

    #6: What To Protect 
  • Kairi runs across Keichiro while on his break. The face he makes while turning away hastily is priceless. Then he tries to approach Keichiiro for some information, only for the cop to jump from his seat, yell "you damned thieves" and run off. Kairi picks himself up from the ground, eyes his spilled popcorn and grumpily mutters "so scary".
  • Sakuya starts giving the Lupinrangers too much information, only for them to get disappointed once he realizes he's saying too much. And Umika's face when he starts hitting on her is priceless. When he enters the Bistro, Kairi gives Umika a delighted, positively trollish grin.
    • Kairi and Sakuya acting all overly buddy-buddy is hilarious too. When Sakuya imitates the slap, Kairi pretends to get hit.
  • Patren Ichigou protecting the civilians was Heartwarming and Awesome. But the funny part is what comes afterwards when Goody makes Lupin Red spin around before taking the Trigger Machine Biker for Patren Ichigou. The Lupinrangers aren't amused.
    • Once again, this occurs without anyone noticing at first. However once everyone notices, they seemingly have the same befuddled reaction at first before the Pats begin cheering while and the Lupins all begin chewing Goody out.
    • Goody complains that he just polished his body when the MOTW damages him and the Lupinrangers call him out for it throughout the whole fight.
    • Touma, in particular, responding to Goodie's 'got me in the mood' with 'I'm in the mood to take you apart,' and threatening to polish him on a grindstone later.
  • The exchange after the giant battle is over:
    Everyone: Forever... Adieu!
    Goody: That feels awesome! [Lupin Red smacked Goody with his VS Changer]
    Lupin Red: It is NOT awesome!
  • Zamigo Delma, the infamous Gangler that murdered the Lupinranger's loved ones, has a hobby of eating ice....the same material he uses to kill people. And his human form's hair is very similar to a certain skunked colored radiologist Doctor Rider...
  • Kogure drinking the tea that is still hot.

    #7: Always Saved 
  • Umika and Sakuya are going on a date, which shocks even the narrator himself in the preview.
  • Tsukasa drops the bombshell that multiple people at a restaurant have suddenly disappeared. Sakuya's reaction? Shock and outrage because that was where he wanted to take Umika out to a date. This occurs again when he suddenly overreacts from being invited by Umika for a date at said restaurant during his day off.
  • Sakuya then hands Umika his contact info, to which Tsukasa responds by dragging him out by his ear. Sakuya then dashes in to do it again in an understandably uncomfortable, but nonetheless hilarious scene.
  • Later, Keiichiro asks whether Sakuya is serious about his crush on Umika. Sayuka answers that he just wants to "get along" with as many cute girls as possible.
    Keiichiro: "Disgusting!"
  • Good Striker appears on cue for the mecha battle and dashes towards the Lupinrangers. Their response? Kairi tells him "We're done for today," and shoos him off with Touma more courteously explaining that "being eaten leaves you exhausted."
  • Umika realises that she accidentally ditched her date with Sakuya.
  • Umika being in Sakuya's mind pretty much the whole episode, such as when he mumbles her name after the MOTW is defeated.

    #8: The Phantom Thieves' Identities 
  • The use of Latex Perfection in this episode:
    • To disguise Lupin Red's Good Striker induced duplicates as Lupin Blue and Yellow, the other Dial Fighters aren't used. Instead, latex masks are placed over the helmets and different colored costumes are put over the suits. The way they're just peeled off in The Reveal is just indescribable.
    • To prevent the Patrangers from questioning why Kairi isn't in the Bistro while he's springing the Police trap, Kogure of all people disguises himself as Kairi.
  • How do the Patrangers make a mock Gangler? Crudely duct-tape a safe onto Jim Carter's head and have him fight disguised police officers. Just the fact that Jim Carter is working through some repressed aggression at the same time is hilarious.
    • Jim's outburst causes Keiichiro to question if it's really just acting.
  • Sakuya becomes incredibly serious during the second half of the episode and comes up with the decoy operation. Why? He wants to prove Umika innocent as soon as possible.
  • Jim believes raising a riddle would distract the Lupinrangers. The workers who are global police in disguises have their minds blown, staring at Jim while Keiichiro obviously believes it won't work. It actually does, probably because the Lupinrangers are actually Kairi with clones created from GoodStriker.
  • When Keiichiro finds out that Jim is captured in Gauche's "laboratory" alongside some civilians, he comes to Jim's rescue, only for Jim to remind him that there are civilians who need help. Keiichiro immediately heads toward the civilians, leaving Jim still strapped to a table, much to the robot's dismay.
  • The mooks are the ones turned giant this time and naturally they're no match for Lupin Kaiser. The last four try to gain an advantage by hoisting one of them up, like the "cavalry battle" game frequently seen in sports festivals portrayed in anime. The Lupinrangers just stare at them with Blue outright saying "Doesn't get much more desperate".
  • At the end of the episode, it shows both Kairi and Keiichiro are both still puzzled over Jim's riddle ("What sticks to manju and monaka, but not dorayaki?"). The answer was "lips", referring to how humans pronounce the food's names, which is a funny thing in itself considering Jim has no lips to begin with, as he's a robot.

    #9: To See Them Again 
  • Keiichiro watches sakura petals fall and comments that this is the time where crime increases before Zamigo passes by. His reaction to seeing Zamigo's outfit?
    Keiichiro: Seems like it's also a season for weirdos to show up.
  • Kairi uses a telescope to spy, and Umika, wanting to see, just snatches it out of his hands. Kairi keeps his hands in the same position and looks through his fingers as if the telescope were still there.
  • Kairi took a fainted guard's clothing to disguise himself. We then gets to see what happened to the poor guard: he's almost naked in a hilarious pose. To be specific, it's identical to Keiichirou's embarrassing pose in Episode 3.
  • GoodStriker helps the Patranger in the giant battle. He keeps getting pushed down by Keiichorou as he tries to warn them to not directly attack the MOTW. The result? They all get blown away.

    #10: It's Not Over Yet 
  • Umika's idea to get the collection back is to collect the pieces and glue them back together.
  • The revived, giant Gangler multiplies into 100. As the new LupinKaiser Knight slaughters them, the survivors decide to try and flee back into the original. This results in the Gangler almost splitting halfway open with all of his clones trying to get back all at once. And, of course, the Lupinrangers take advantage of this to launch their Finishing Move.
  • Keiichiro's new "Kei-chan" nickname, courtesy of Kairi, which is translated as "K-Man" in some subs.

    #11: I Will Continue Shooting 
  • All the Patrangers get subjected to Gender Bending.
  • The whole acting gig. Keiichiro's super stiff acting is one thing. But then Sakuya gets... a little too into his role and then attempts to seduce Keiichirou. Keiichirou's stoic attitude snaps and he's whimpering like a little girl. The Lupinrangers, who are hiding since the Patrangers are around, blow their cover from laughing too loudly.
  • In a surprisingly brazen moment for a children's show, the first thing that Keiichiro and Tsukasa do when they get hit by Pitch Cock's... ability is to examine the changes. Speaking of brazen moment, notice how this episode features a monster whose name involves the word "Cock"... and has an ability that involves gender. Sexual innuendo is all over the place in this episode.
  • When Sakuya is questioned by Keiichiro and Tsukasa about why he insists to continue shooting, he reveals that their encouragement during his academy days inspired him — though Keiichirou doesn't seem to recall the incident. Also, notice how, in the flashback, both Keiichiro and Tsukasa showed up to Sakuya in their specifically colored field uniform, which shouldn't have existed until they were chosen to become the Patrangers. Knowing Sakuya, he might have made the whole thing up (hence why Keiichiro and Tsukasa wear their Red and Pink striped field uniform, as Sakuya has never seen them in their previous field uniform), and his real reason is, like fans are suspecting, to make girls admire him.
  • The announcer in this episode gets a nice case of Breaking the Fourth Wall this episode when he shows off the Patrangers and gives off a dumbfounded reaction when "witnessing" their new appearance, along with introducing them... then having to redo their names due to their gender-swap. Even Keiichiro gets in on this, questioning his(her?) "new name".
    Announcer: ... they are known as the Keisatsu Sentai... Patrang— wuh?
    Announcer: #1! PatrenIchigou, Asaka Keiichiro. Wait, no... Keiko!
    Keiichiro: Why...?
    Announcer: #2! PatrenNigou, Hikawa Sakuya. No! Sakimi!
    Announcer: #3! PatrenSangou, Myoujin Tsukasa! That name works either way...
  • How did Sakuya figure out Pitch Cock's real disguise? Women's intuition. Touma's not at all convinced, nor is anyone else, with Tsukasa looking like she's about to hurl.
    Keiichiro and Umika: No way!
    Touma: Is he even allowed to say that?
  • The Patrangers' reactions to being changed back to normal:
    *Ichigou and Nigou feel their groins while Sangou feels her chest*: They're back!
    *Ichigou and Nigou feel their chests while Sangou feels her groin*: They're gone!
    All three to each other: We're back to normal!
  • The appearance of the Hammer Dial Fighter, which was created after Pitch Cock hit the Blade Dial Fighter with his Gender Bender beam. Even the Lupinrangers question how exactly that worked. Even better when one realizes it's based on French wordplay, wherein nouns typically have a gendered property to them.Context 
  • After Goody sees the Fighter change, all he can muster is a little "Eeek!"
  • The Director, despite everything that's happened and the fact that his entire production staff was made up of Ganglers, still wants to continue filming. And note that almost everyone assumed he was a Gangler since no sane person would keep filming under these circumstances.
  • Pitch Cock's master plan? To make a movie about the greatness of the Ganglers, with even Dogranio seeming very interested. When Pitch Cock is defeated and about to be revived, Dogranio seems disappointed and Destra is puzzled that his boss might have wanted to actually see a movie like that. Oh, and his collection piece doesn't change his target's gender, that's his natural ability. His collection piece's power is to remove the friction from his surrounding area.
  • The end of the episode heavily implies the result of Patranger's shooting is... questionable and embarrassing, for the lack of a better word. And somehow both Keiichiro and Sakuya are convinced that it's good.

    #12: The Magic Bracelet 
  • At the start of the episode, Jenko Copamino is easily fooled by Lupin Red and Blue from their compliments about him being too fast for them to catch up without riding in their Dial Fighters - and you just know what their plan is since Lupin Yellow is conspicuously absent.
  • A minor one in discussion with the Patrangers, they learn Jenko Copamino use explosive worth 10 kg TNT and his super speed was because of Lupin Collection. What is funny is how Sakuya makes light of the situation and gets called out by Hilltop. Then, to reduce damage in the city, Tsukasa suggest to face the explosive attack head on, which Sakuya whined about it hurts but Tsukasa just told him to bear with it.
  • Kairi decides to end the match in a get-go by using Scissors Kaitou Boost and destroy Jenko Copamino in one blow. The Patrangers barely managed to avoid it, with Sakuya having a leaf stuck on his visor when he stood.
  • Good Striker arrives with his speech but Tsukasa told him to shut up and just assist them. The reason for that was this episode has a heavy focus on the boy who wants to use the Lupin Collection to win the race and make his friend smile. Hence, the Patrangers barely had any screen time for this episode.

    #13: Best and Worst Holiday 
  • At the start of the episode, we find out that it's Tsukasa's day off. Sakuya believes she's on a date, which Keiichiro initially denies until Jim raises up the fact that she's dressed up more than usual.
  • We find Tsukasa's actual reason for going out: She's going to an amusement park for a raffle to win a stuffed animal. Only to find out that Umika showed up as well. Then they find out that the individual raffles are all handed out but they still have some for pairs.
  • After getting most of their card stamped out via riding the rides (collecting all of them wins both of them their prize), they come to the final attraction, a haunted hospital. Tsukasa is afraid of scary things, but being the brave cop that she is, she offers Umika her arm in case she's scared, only for her to already be inside. What seals this scene is that Tsukasa just stands there perfectly still for a solid 15 seconds before switching to her default serious expression as though nothing happened.
  • The Monster of the Week uses a kusarigama with a cucumber-shaped grip of all things (and even names one of the attacks "Cucumber Scythe Slash").
  • When trying to get in, Keiichiro and Sakuya both attempt to use their various weapons to break through the MOTW's barrier. Lupin Red and Lupin Blue both decided to piggy back off their plan and shoot their Cyclone shot when the Patrangers use their Bike shot. While the Patrangers are confused on why there was a helicopter shot added in, the Lupinrangers leap on their head Mario style and run for the Gangler.
  • At the end of episode:
    • Because Tsukasa was taken out of commission, she was unable to check if Umika was safe, but fortunately Umika managed to get their prize...except she got the wrong one. She originally thought that she wanted Fluffy Pan, a panda with bread for its head because that's what Umika wanted, instead Tsukasa wanted Porktato, a pig with a potato for a head and a not so attractive face.
    • Just like in #4, Keichiiro simply watches Tsukasa lament about her plush situation as he calmly drinks tea, completely stonefaced.
    • As Umika whispered to herself about Tsukasa's unique taste in plush dolls, in a blink-and-you-miss-it Funny Background Event, you can see Sakuya petting the plush doll.

    #14: The Trap Is Set 
  • Keiichirou attempting to smile. Everytime he does so, there's this cranking sound effect that makes it look like he's forcing a smile when he's actually genuine, because he's Keiichirou. Additionally, he was attempting to ensure a kindergartener that as the Global Police, his duty is to ensure that kids like them can go for their most beloved field trip safely... and then the kid rejects him, saying he likes the Phantom Thieves better. Keiichiro's 'smile' remains throughout the whole exchange.
  • Togeno's Collection piece can make him shrink. What makes it funny is how Kogure explains it to the Lupins: While holding his cup of tea, a tiny version of himself appears to be climbing into his cup, which makes Kairi and Umika think they're seeing things. A moment afterwards the screen shows Kogure was actually using a finger puppet, relieving the young Lupins.
  • Kairi gets a chance to take Odordo Maximoff's Lupin Collection. He puts his VS Vehicle into the safe door it announces... 4-0-4. Every viewer familiar with that set of numbers can easily guess what happens next: Odordo's Lupin Collection was another VS Vehicle, and it had already fallen into the Patrangers' possession at that point, so the safe is now empty. In other words, 404 Collection Not Found.

    #15: The Work of the Police Officer 
  • At the beginning of the episode:
    • After Commander Hilltop leaves, Umika shouts at Kairi loud enough to startle the customers - and one of them is so startled that he stands straight up.
    • Before that, Kairi sees the coast is clear and tries to slack off as usual. Umika attempts to stop him before he can give the excuse that there aren't many customers anyway.
    • Hilltop tried to tell Umika to come for a visit (for Sakuya and the others) in Japanese but he ended up saying a random English sentence, confusing her.
    Hilltop: Hold me tight. note 
  • Kairi ends up visiting the hospital under Umika's coercion. When Umika is trying to ask the nurse about the Patrangers' ward room, Kairi uses this chance to run away.
  • After the OP, we notice that Hilltop is accompanied by Jim when visiting his subordinates. Jim fails to enter the door at first because of his position and size.
  • Defeating the Monster of the Week instantly cures everyone of his poison. Since Keiichiro's problem is just being poisoned (instead of Sakuya and Tsukasa being injured), he celebrates being cured by breaking into a happy dance while Dogranio is watching.
  • Goody is surprised about Crane and Drill and wonders how they become a Trigger Machine, but Keichiiro shoves him off since he doesn't know. If you listen carefully to the sound effect, Goody just obediently shuts up and lets Keiichiro summon Crane and Drill.
  • In the end, the Patrangers visit the kindergarten to ensure that the field trip can go on as planned. The kid that Keiichiro attempted to assure before was running to congratulate them and Keiichiro was ready to embrace him... only for the kid to run past him and embraced Sakuya instead. Even Sakuya did not expect that.

    #16: Because You Are A Friend 
  • This is not the first time a MOTW voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama has switched bodies with one of the Rangers. It is also not the first time a MOTW has switched bodies with a Blue Ranger in general.
  • Tsukasa's intuition acts up again and she almost catches on to the fact that the Lupinrangers are hid the Gangler body that soul-switched with Touma. And all the tense build up only reveals that she detected a mosquito and attempted to pop it. And failed, because it's just dust. Then she tried sitting down on Gangler!Touma, and before she gets even more suspicious, Kairi and Umika cover for him by saying it's just garbage, and they start beating up and sitting on Gangler!Touma to prove it.
  • While Tsukasa begins chastising Touma for his actions, Sakuya of all people says that what Touma made a dick move. Poor Touma doesn't even understand what's happening. note  What's even funnier is not the fact that Tsukasa doesn't know better, nor the fact that Touma doesn't understand what's happening, it's the fact that SAKUYA , the womanizer of the series is the one who calls him out. He even admits this is hypocritical of him to say that! Keep in mind that this is going on in front of Kairi who is known, even by the Patrangers, to skip work.
  • After realizing what's happening, Touma gives Kairi and Umika a death glare, and both of them have expressions that say "Oh shit!"
  • Kairi and Umika low-key laughing their asses off while Touma gets grilled by Tsukasa.
  • Keiichiro sitting by, watching his teammates lecture Touma, and casually sipping his coffee. After telling Kairi and Umika to 'not let him trick [them] like that again,' he even has a subtle smirk.

    #17: Hidden Feelings 
  • This episode highlights Keiichiro's awkwardness around women. It turns out he's like that because he's Married to the Job and fears that a love life would be distracting. It's a justifiable reason, as you can enjoy anything with your girl when the world is at peace, but it's hard to do so when Ganglers are ruling the earth. However, this loops back to being funny again because true to the episode title, Keiichiro's awkwardness also makes him unable to explain that clearly in front of Umika, Sakuya, and Tsukasa when they keep pestering him about it.
  • The Lupin Collection in this episode is... surprisingly very small for what is supposed to be a recolored Sentai sidearm weapon. It seems they couldn't figure out how to make the Maskman prop fit into the Gangler Safe, so instead of recoloring the Maskman prop, Toei recolored the much smaller toy version instead. It's hilariously jarring seeing it in Lupin Red's adult-sized hand.

    #18: The Collection's Secret 
  • When Umika and Touma decide to follow Kairi, Touma tasks Kogure, who is present, to watch over the Bistro. Just looking at Kogure's dumbfounded reaction is liable to garner a few giggles. He even begins to try on Touma's apron, and begins looking around as if someone's watching. Simply Kogure with the apron attire is amusing.
    Kogure: ...Wait, they want me to work here?
  • Goodie somehow using a swing ends up looking very silly. Then again, this isn't the first time Toei has let a toy ride a swing.
  • As cool as it is, Keiichirou bungee jumping off of a crane attached to a drill looks ridiculous.
  • When the Patrangers try to form PatKaiser during the climax, Lupin Red knocks Patren #1 out of the way, causing Dial Fighter Red to form the head instead and Red to appear in the cockpit with the other two, which results in a showdown inside the cockpit, while also trying to keep the giant Gangler from destroying them at the same time.
    • The three of them even work together for a moment against the Gangler, before remembering they're enemies and resuming their fight.
    • When making the announcement, Goodie becomes confused on what to call PatKaiser because Dial Fighter Red has formed the head. He even dons the police gear as he assumed that he was forming the PatKaiser. When the other Dial Fighters form on the Kaiser, he switches to his thief outfit.
  • When Lupin Red gets the giant safe open, the Collection piece is revealed to have stayed the same small size.

    #19: Compensation for Disobeying Orders 
  • This episode, apart from Sakuya's plight and resolve, is funny throughout.
    • First, we have Hilltop's boss who keeps misprounoncing Hilltop's name.
    • Then, there's Sakuya punching Keiichiro, making him fall on Umika.
    • Then as Keiichiro came back to Bistro Jurer for an apology after the mess, he gives the Lupin trio a Patranger manju box. Made even funnier by the silent beat the Lupin trio have after seeing the manju, puzzled at how the police even have such product in the first place.
    • And then the Lupin trio visits the suspended Sakuya... and shove him the Patranger manju. Imagine how awkward it will be if Keiichiro found out. Another funny part was that at the beginning, Sakuya thought only Umika visited him, and hastily opened the door, only to see Kairi and Touma instead.
    • Then there's the invisible Gangler messing up by forgetting about how his Collection shines, allowing Sakuya to know his location and shoot him, thus revealing the Gangler.
    • The Gangler tries to escape by going invisible again... only for the Lupinrangers to throw paint on him.
    • At the end of the episode, Hilltop's boss comes back again, with everyone thinking Sakuya and Hilltop would get fired... only for the boss to happily announce the good news and hug Sakuya like nothing has happened. After the boss leaves, everyone just falls in confusion.

    #20: The New Thief Is An Officer 
  • The episode begins in the middle of an incredibly tense hostage situation at an abandoned train station with the Gangler involved reveals he's going to kill a man and his daughter despite the ransom being paid. With no Lupinrangers or Patrangers in sight and the Pordermen advancing on the man with weapons drawn, things look pretty grim... ...and then X Train Silver comes out of nowhere and just bowls over the Pordermen. On top of that the Gangler in question, Zaldan Hou, starts boasting about his Lupin Collection piece and its incredibly generic power of doubling his fighting strength by boosting his life energy. Unsurprisingly, Lupin X just denies Talking Is a Free Action and steals it while Zaldan is gloating. This is after Zaldan's previous attacks didn't do anything. If it wasn't for the fact that Zaldan was lucky enough to be a Status Double with a secondary Lupin Collection piece that grants him Super Smoke abilities he'd fall under Too Dumb to Live.
  • Noel's first scene has him show up out of nowhere and start doing impressive flips, boldly proclaim that he is Lupin X in front of Kairi and civilians, proving himself by revealing he's stolen everyone's cell phones during his stunt show, and then he gets arrested by Keiichiro while giving them back.
    • Gets funnier when you realize there's no way he can steal all those phones while doing the backflips considering his backflips are nowhere near Kairi and the civilians - which means he already stole the phones beforehand. Including Kairi's. Reminder, Kairi is Lupin Red.
    • One more is that when Kairi told his teammates about this, Umika of all people managed to pack up all her luggage in a flash to prepare for the sudden leave.
  • During the interrogation, Noel gives unnecessary information like his age and blood type. This extends to him having an Imagine Spot where he and the core Patrangers are having picnic to develop friendship, of all things.
    • The reason Noel got himself arrested was so that he could get to Global Police office without getting lost. Keiichirou is not amused and is close to grabbing Noel before Tsukasa stops him by shoving a manju into his mouth.
  • During the big teamfight, Keiichiro—being the Hot-Blooded Red that he is—screams his catchphrase through the Pat Megabo, deafening his teammates and startling Zaldan Hou.

    #21: Foe or Friend, On Board or Not 
  • Noel brings out the present which contains the stolen Lupin Collection and Kairi goes to accept it... only for Noel to dodge him and give it to Umika instead.
  • Noel describing the Patranger's serious face as no-man (meaning noh masks), with Keichirou and the others had white faceless masks on their face. Even Hilltop is confused.
  • Gabatt Kababacci, the MOTW in this episode, has a weapon in the form of a giant toothbrush, of all things.
  • While Gabatt is gloating about his collection piece's power, Lupin Red takes the chance to steal it.
  • After the MOTW is destroyed, Gauche notices that the broken safe is nowhere to be found on ground. Turns out it thrown into the water and Gauche feels rather indigant, probably because her powers may work in water, meaning she actually has to go in it herself.
    • Before that, it is funny yet surprising that Gauche and Destra are arguing that Noel is Lupin X and Patren X respectively until Dogranio gets fed up and tells them to settle with just X.
  • Like in episode 18, Keiichirou ignores Goodie's feeling of who he wants to help and uses him to finish off the MOTW with Ichigeki Strike.
  • Noel inside X Train launches a Groin Attack at the enlarged MOTW.

    #22: Love in Life 
  • This episode centers around Noel's attempts to hook up Sakuya and Umika together. The entire plot begins when Noel swipes Sakuya's phone and asks Umika to take it back for him.
    Noel: (while staring at Sakuya's smartphone that he snatched beforehand) Oh la la, Sakuya-kun forgot this.
  • Early in the episode Sakuya tells Noel that the way he knows he got rejected is if they utter the line, "You're a good person". At the end of the episode, Umika utters the same words to him. What's easily forgotten by Noel is that Umika is a Lupinranger, thus she isn't exactly thrilled with him to begin with.
  • When forming the X Emperor, he asks Kairi and Touma to launch his Fire and Lightning X-Trains. Both are annoyed by this since it seems like this is all they were good for this episode.

    #23: Status: Gold 
  • Keiichiro and his team posing as chefs gets hilarious when you see how simple their dishes are. It's extremely like heaven and earth when compared to what Touma cooked for Lymon and his gang.
    • To elaborate. The "dishes" the Patrangers make are:
      • Keiichiro: (Burnt) Grilled Fish
      • Sakuya: Ramen (very obviously from an instant brand packet)
      • Tsukasa: (Burnt) Pancakes with whipped cream (obviously from a spray can)
  • Normally, when the judges are also the bad guys, it is natural to expect that they won't be fair. However, Touma's dishes are so delicious, even the Ganglers cannot lie, causing a hilarious reaction from all three Ganglers that would fit right at home in a cooking anime.
  • Ushibaroque, the MOTW of this episode, keeps referring to his boss Lymon as "Lymon-chan". His boss doesn't seem to mind.
    • We also saw what his human disguise looks like, and it's painfully obvious he's a Gangler since he really stands out among the civilians.
    • On top of that, he constantly peppers his speech with cow related things. It even bleeds into his Evil Laugh!
      Ushibaroque: Ushi-shi-shi-shi!

    #24: A Promise to Return Alive 
  • While looking for information about Giwi, Kairi overheard Umika talking to the customers about Lucky Pendant. Then after searching on twitter, he shoved Umika aside to ask where the item was sold at.
  • The lucky charms that Giwi was selling end up being the exact thing that leads to his defeat. It turns out the lucky charm's magic power is able to negate the power of Giwi's own Lupin Collection piece.
  • The Patrangers are searching for any information about the last two members of the Lymon Gang, and the only thing they have to go off of is a picture drawn by Noel... which looks like a child's drawing of their imaginary friends. The best part is that Noel claims it is a perfect likeness of the Ganglers.
  • When Giwi grew big and engages with Pat Kaiser and X Emperor Gunner/Slash, we saw Raimon approaches Zamigo for collaboration. After seeing Giwi defeated, we saw Zamigo say So Cold!!!! with exaggeration about it towards Raimon, who seems annoyed by this.

    #25: I Will Make You Stronger Than Ever 
  • After getting tired of Patren Ichigou and Lupin Red's bickering, Goodie kicks Ichigou down to another part of the mech and brings the much more agreeable Patren Sangou up in his place. Not only is Ichigou sprawled in a way that suggests that his lunging out of his chair at Lupin Red caused him to straight up fall with his command seat, the noises Patren Sangou makes just scream "What just happened?"
  • After defeating the Gangler in the Good Cool Kaiser VSX, the primary cockpit has Lupin Red, Lupin X and Patren Sangou. Unfortunately for Tsukasa, this means her team's usual "Mission Complete" sign-off phrase is drowned out by Lupin Red and Lupin X's "Adieu".
    • On top of that, the two of them then try and get her to follow suit, which she refuses with a bashful "Uh, no, I don't think I'm..."
    • And then Good Striker kicks everyone out so he can leave before they start fighting again, causing everyone to make noises of panic as their VS Vehicles scatter from the combined mecha.
  • Initially Noel was brought into Kairi's room because he was injured. At the end of this episode, we can see an annoyed Kairi dragging Noel (whose injury has mostly healed) in the restaurant corridor to the door since Noel is apparently overstaying his welcome
    Noel: How cruel. You're going to throw an injured man into the cold streets.
    Kairi: It's SUMMER! THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER! *cue Kairi showing outside that it is daytime and the sun is shining*
  • Noel tries to bargain with them only to be shut down by all three. Noel stubbornly sits in a chair before Kairi and Umika can shove him out the door, exasperating them.

    #26: The Hidden Auction 
  • In the beginning after the last episode review, Kogure warns the Lupins not to collude with the Pats too often. Kairi shifts the blame onto Goodie while Touma argues about Noel since he was the one doing the colluding. What makes it funny is that the sound effects that come with Umika's agreeing nods sound like that of a woodpecker.
  • Poor Umika keeps having trouble with Noel's carefree attitude in spending the extremely rich Lupin family's money. At the end of the episode she forces both Noel and Kogure to hear her lecture about saving money.
    • It's obvious Kogure already knew Umika's reaction was bad news and actually tries to escape... only for Umika to push him back to his chair.
    • Even funnier if you know that Noel's "one-percenter" level of spending is on the record as work expenses, and certainly necessary at the time, and Umika's in full-blown nagging-housewife mode over it!
  • It seems Noel had been suspicious towards auction master since the beginning, back when Noel paid for the collection piece (hence Noel stating the item is now his and he won't return it, even though that doesn't need to be stated since it's the entire point of paying the bid anyway). Yet Noel dragged Umika AND Jim through the whole suspects drawing thing, likely due to his trickster personality, and even paid more money to make another auction, which ends up greatly ticking Umika off at the end of the episode. There's also the funny moment that Umika, donned in her phantom thief outfit, goes to each of the invited suspects and pinched their cheeks one at a time and said, "you're the real one".

    #27: Dancing Command 
  • In the preview, we see that Touma has apparently joined a martial arts dojo with Sakuya as the instructor, but it turns out to be an aerobics dance class, and Touma is not pleased. Even funnier that it is shown and mentioned in the preview that the two wear leotards. This references Stinger from the preceding series as they are The Stoic second ranger (by designation, not by plot) of their respective series and they become Not So Stoic. In Stinger's case, he wore a clown outfit, acted melodramatic, and became a horrible opera singer.
  • When Touma tries to get more info of what made Sakuya get into the aerobics class, Sakuya's goes all goodie-goodie on Touma, insisting on calling him "Senpai" due to being the assistant teacher and having more experience (even Touma's actor is a year older than Sakuya's). This makes Touma's irritation towards Sakuya increase (with a bar meter too!), culminating in Sakuya telling Touma to call him "old-timer" now.
    • Later on, Noel warns Touma that Sakuya could be in danger and asks him if he's just going to let him get attacked by the Gangler. Touma takes a moment to think, and only remembers that all of his encounters with Sakuya have annoyed him. He answers, "Well, why not?"
  • Just the entirety of the first aerobics dance session...ALL OF IT!
  • The Lupinrangers decided to drop by on Touma's training dojo and... they actually complimented Touma's getup. Touma is embarrassed like hell.
    Touma: Kill me now.
  • What was the Lupinrangers' solution to Pyodor's Lupin Collection? Shut off Pyodor's mouth by stuffing it with the X Rod Sword!
  • During the battle against Pyodor with the Pat Kaiser, Keiichiro calls for Sakuya's abilities learned during the "dojo" to use it against the Gangler. It goes as well you can expect. It's not the first time we see giant robot dancing (Ohranger, Gaoranger, Go-Busters, Zyuohger, just to name a few). However, most of them are in the ending song, while this is actually done as part of the episode and battle! Goodie seems to actually enjoy it by yelling Yea! throughout the dance while Keiichirou and Tsukasa become speechless and almost lose their motivation to fight.
    Keiichiro: Sakuya, you...What were you learning?!
  • After the aforementioned moment, Sakuya gets knocked down and realizes how futile the "training" was (an expensive one no less)... and he gets SO fired up from rage that it actually makes his visor emit flames and even demands Keiichiro to give him Crane and Biker. And Keichiro complies without any complaint! Even better is how Keiichiro reacts. He doesn't agree as a superior officer agreeing to his subordinate's plans, he agrees as someone who realizes he shouldn't mess with the person asking something from him at this very moment. Seeing the normally over-the-top, hammy Keiichiro being reduced to giving a quiet and calm, almost meek answer to Sakuya is all kinds of hilarious. The icing on the cake is Goodie's reaction throughout the above exchange. He just sputters and stammers, his mouth wide open, as if wondering if this was the same Sakuya.
  • After forming Pat Kaiser Strong Biker, we see that Sakuya has taken the mech's center seat and is now so fired up that the entire cockpit is filled with flames. All the while Keiichiro, Tsukasa, and Goodie are quiet, nervous, and basically making it clear through their actions that they're fully aware of just how screwed this Gangler is.
  • Just the fact that his new Finishing Move is not just from the aerobics dance lessons, but it's something that Fortnite players may find familiar...
  • At the end of the episode, both Kairi and Umika make a Call-Back to Touma's embarrassing dancing session, mimicking his one-two-one-two moves.
    Touma: Forget that you saw anything today!! Please! Please forget!
  • When the Lupinrangers do their roll call, Touma usually sounds serious. This time he sounds absolutely pissed.
  • The best part is the dancing song used is available for sale.

    #28: Fighting on my Birthday 
  • Kairi ate Umika's pudding... and left the empty cup on the fridge.
  • Kairi gets chased by Umika's dad because the latter thinks he was being a playboy with Umika. Makes you wonder what would happen if he saw Sakuya instead, who is a playboy...
  • One of Lupin Kaiser Magic's attacks involves somehow turning buildings into cupboards that actually store clothing. And the Gangler actually goes ahead and searches through it. The Patrangers, who are watching this from the ground, point out out the absurdity of all of Magic's attacks.

    #29: Pictures are Memories 
  • It turns out this isn't just an amnesiac ranger episode... it's also a Recap Episode. And pretty much everyone has a recapping moment, even the Ganglers!
  • Keiichiro loses his memories and can't remember the other Patrangers. He seems to remember Commissioner Hilltop, though... but he just thinks he's Eddie Murphy. There is one funny background event that you may miss when the photos at the HQ fly back to Keiichiro, which is Jim trying to persuade Hilltop to wear the same jacket that Keiichiro thought up earlier.
  • The Lupinrangers recapped Touma's dancing episode. Cue Touma's embarrassment again.
    Umika: And Touma... *chuckle* danced with a Gangler.
    Kairi: One two! One two! One two!
    Touma: It's my dark past.....Forget about it!
  • Tsukasa and Sakuya are happy that Keiichiro still remembers even their embarrassing moments (namely the Gender Flip episode and Tsukasa's obsession with stuffed animals). And then we get this:
    Sakuya: We've been through a lot, and senpai remembers it all, huh?
    Tsukasa: *takes the photo from Sakuya and tries to rip it* Let's trash it.
    Sakuya: W-w-whoa, you can't!
  • Note that the Monster of the Week is a Porderman with a safe for a head (as in, the safe becomes part of the monster instead of something added). When Keiichiro defeats him, not only is it destroyed, but so is the safe. Because of this Good Striker shows up and ponders where the giant monster is, obviously not being needed today. What's hilarious is that the recap still continues with Goodie recapping the giant battles... even though Keiichiro got his memories back already. And Goodie finishes it off by crossdressing as his own nonexistent fangirl and giving a kiss!
  • Noel asks the Lupins if they're willing to help Keiichiro recover his memories. The Lupins flat out refuse. The funny thing here is that Noel's attempt to convince them isn't exactly convincing. The Lupins eventually arrive at Keiichiro's location, but claimed they only did so because they want to retrieve the Collection.

    #30: Vacation for Two 
  • Keiichiro's attempt to reassure a lost child only makes her more afraid of him. Kairi sneaks up behind him and pulls Keiichiro's face back with his fingers... but apparently Keiichiro's legendarily terrifying Unsmile goes double when someone else is forcing him.
    Kairi: *after getting a look at the monstrosity* "Yikes! Kei-chan, you gotta work on turning up the charm..."
    Keiichirou: "You're the one pulling on my face!"
    Kairi: "I didn't think it would turn into that!"
  • The Monster of the Week is apparently The Dreaded by Gauche, Destra, and Dogranio. It isn't until near the end of the episode that we figure out why it is: The Gangler emits a gas with a horrible stench, which is only covered up by the power of his Collection piece.
    • When the Lupinranger take the Collection piece and the smell makes it appearance, both Sentai teams are overwhelmed and practically can't breathe. Tsukasa even begs Touma to put the Collection piece back.
    • Even better is Gauche's entry, where she only manages to get halfway through her Catchphrase before being hit by the stink and immediately retreating. She finishes the job by sticking her hand out from her portal. If you listen carefully, her theme song actually starts at the same time as the catchphrase, but abruptly stops as soon as she gets hit.

    #31: The Gangler Who Surrendered 
  • Sakuya's method to get the Gangler to talk? A dress-up moment. The second try is funnier, with Hilltop and Jim dressing up as Robocop and Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop, except both of them mixed up their roles.
  • Yoshi Urazer, the Gangler, has an Imagine Spot where he imagines two funny moments:
    • The school moment has this dialogue:
    Tsukasa: What are you all going to do after finishing school?
    Keiichiro: You can bet my bun I'll become a police officer!
    Sakuya: I'll become a YouTuber!
    Tsukasa: I'll work in a toy factory and becomes the head department of the plush doll section!
    Yoshi: I'll get married and live a happy life!
    • The house moment has him imagining himself as a house wife, with the husband being... Tsukasa.
  • Notably, the school room during said Imagine Spot is the exact same one from Kyuranger's school-themed special.

    #32: Challenge to a Duel 
  • Umika keeps mentioning to ask Kogure for help opening the safes. On a powerful Gangler who has five linked safes. Obviously, Touma keeps shooting down her idea.
  • During the mecha fight, as they are about to perform the finisher:
    Kairi and Keiichiro: Alright, let's finish this! *look at each other when realised they are in sync*
    Noel: You two makes such a nice team!
    Kairi and Keiichiro: We do not!
    Noel: See?

    #33: We're the Kid Phantom Thieves 
  • We have another episode like the Patrangers Gender Bender from Episode 11, except this time the Lupinrangers become children - yet another classic Sentai plot.
  • The preview for this episode also shows Kogure... wearing a black-haired wig, acting like he looks good despite it clearly not matching him.
    • Why is he wearing the wig clearly deserves some laughs too. He has to disguise himself Lupin Red again, and then as a fictional Identical Stranger to Tsukasa (that the Lupin kids made up on the spot, so all of this was on VERY short notice) to trick Jim into thinking that he is the mother of the kid Lupins. It even comes with an elaborate transformation clip showcasing how Kogure changed into "Tsukasa".
    • Speaking of wig, the MOTW, Envy Childer, looks like he's wearing a bird nest as a wig, as if it was a Call-Back to one of the episodes in ToQger, which is also the one Sentai season where the rangers are actually children.
  • Despite the Lupinrangers being turned into children they are still mentally adults. However, the Patrangers are unaware about this, and Kairi uses this to his advantage to distract Tsukasa with puppy eyes. Even Touma and Umika are impressed on how Kairi used his cute appearance to the fullest against Tsukasa.
  • Envy Childer's weapon is supposed to be a spoon, but looks more like a frying pan. Tangled, anyone?

    #34: Legendary Gun 
  • Goodie came over to ask the Lupinrangers to help Noel by getting right up in Kairi's face. Later on, he warned the Lupinrangers about the traps in the dungeon, only to get literally rolled over by a trap he didn't see before.
  • The MOTW of this episode, Kerbero Gangan, is a gun loving dog-themed monster. Who is voiced by the same voice actor as DOGGIE KRUGER, of all characters.
  • Kerbero's right shoulder is a dog skull that has a mind of its own. It gets hilarious when the Lupinrangers use Magic Dial Fighter's power to throw a bone... and the dog, contrary to Kerbero's belief, actually jumps up to take the bone, causing misfortune for Kerbero as the dog skull is directly attached to his body.

    #35: The Good, The Bad, and The Normal 
  • Noel pointing out that Kairi still not arriving back into the cafe yet could be a sign of him wandering off on his own again, much like a cat, complete with him mimicking a cat. And then Touma points out that Noel is being lazy as well by taking his sweet time in the bistro instead of working.
  • It's amusing to see the usually calm Kogure panicking to the point of actually entering the bistro through the door normally.
  • Bad Kogure, as pointed out by Kairi, has a very outdated style, and is clearly too old to fight, but still tries anyway.
  • Gauche enlarged Driune underground. It's clearly too cramped for him, and you'd expect he'll bust his way up, but he digs down instead, surprising even Gauche, who thought Driune was no longer a shut-in.
  • Keiichirou and Tsukasa yell at Sakuya for driving recklessly despite the situation when the MOTW suddenly bursts out from the ground. Just as Keiichiro is about lose his temper at Lupinrangers for being on the scene, Sakuya exits through Keiichiro's door, hitting Keiichiro with a loud "pang" sound.
  • The ending of the episode has Kairi mimicking Bad Kogure, to the amusement of Umika, Kogure, and Noel. Meanwhile, Touma, who initially smiled after hearing Kogure liking roughnecks, has a "I wish I'm dead instead of watching this" look on his face.

    #36: Shoot the Bomb 
  • The Lupins learn that the MOTW has a collection piece that can make people smarter. Kairi says that Umika could use it, which the latter agrees with before realizing that Kairi indirectly called her an idiot.
  • Let's start with the premise of the episode. The Gangler this week has planted a bomb somewhere in the city. Using a mass produced necklace that he distributed, it feeds off its wearer's anger and transmits it to the bomb as thermal energy, and once it reaches critical mass it'll explode. One of the people wearing this necklace? Keiichiro. Thus the entire episode involves Keiichiro controlling his anger, with one of his ideas being to dump a cooler full of water on top of himself.
  • After the Gangler is destroyed and the threat of the bomb is cleared, Noel, who has been in the GSPO base the entire episode, high fives Jim before doing the same for Goodie. Then they realize that Goodie, the Patranger's only way to combat the giant Gangler, is still with them.
  • At the end of the episode, when it seems like peace has been made between Keiichiro and Sakuya, Sakuya goes to get some tea again... and trips over a chair's wheel AGAIN, splashing the hot tea all over Keiichiro, AGAIN. With no bomb necklace hindering him anymore he goes all out towards Sakuya again, causing Noel, Tsukasa, and Jim to sigh in exasperation.

    #37: Your Place to Return 
  • The MOTW had a pair of crab pincers as his arms so when the Lupins' Calling card stuck to his body, he had trouble picking it because he doesn't have any fingers.
  • The premise is about Yadoga's power sending both teams back to their homes and being forced back if they try to leave. The first it happens is pure hilarity because the teams go back by rolling over in fast-motion to each of their homes. It's the eventual reveal that does it - Touma and Umika being sent back to Jurer makes it look a bit indistinct, but we've seen the inside of Sakuya's home before, and if that doesn't help, Tsukasa landing in a face full of stuffed toys should raise some flags. Even funnier is Keiichirou's reaction when he finds out:
  • The thieves and cops' plan to stop Yadoga? Buying a tent to camp outside, since it means that since they live in there, it can count as their home when the Gangler attacks again. Keiichirou in particular even went as far as to move from his apartment (shown all empty no less). Sakuya is both elated and mortified that he at least didn't ask him to invite him in. Knowing what happened before, it's an easy guess why. He then changes his mind...for the fact that Umika was there.
  • Just the fact that the rangers use Good Cool Kaiser VSX against Yadoga. Note that Yadoga is not a Status Gold or any special modified Gangler, he is just a normal one. The teams even lampshaded this as being overkill. The reason: Kairi doesn't want Keiichirou spending another night camping at Jurer.
    • While the situation for Lupins were rather serious, it is hilarious to see an exhausted Kairi that he actually worked once more than the rest, in watching Keiichirou at Jurer as he usually slack off work every time.
      • Even before that, Keiichirou, all packed and ready to set up a tent, went to a camping space, only to find Umika and Touma there, doing that. Their reactions were priceless and just like when core Pats, Jim, and Hilltop made lousy excuse to Noel in episode 30 for Keiichirou's annual leave, Umika was clumsy this time, saying Kairi threw them out.
      • And then, Touma realised he ended up making Keiichirou went to visit Kairi when the Hot-Blooded policeman was so persistent asking what troubles the red Lupin by telling him to go ask Kairi himself, which Keiichirou was crazy enough to do it. Of course, Kairi's expression of seeing Keiichirou suddenly at the front door was priceless. As shown in the picture above, when Kairi said their cafe is not a hotel, Keiichirou was well-prepared, even bringing a bed on his own, in this case, a tent, to sleep on for the night.
    • Even the whole combining sequence for the mecha fight is funny. First we are treated to a normal Patkaiser sequence, then cut halfway into Good Cool Kaiser VSX, meaning the Lupins intentionally joined in at the very last minute. This resulted in the Patrangers (with Keiichirou being utterly furious), and somehow, the already fighting Noel as well, being utterly confused when they realized they are suddenly inside Good Cool Kaiser VSX.
    • Remember episode 25 when Good Cool Kaiser VSX was first formed and Tsukasa was overwhelmed by Lupins Red and X in their Post-Mortem One-Liner? The same situation is about to happen except this time, Keiichirou is the one at the helm and overwhelms both Lupins Red and X in the middle of their Post-Mortem One-Liner. Afterwards, Lupin Red proceeds to say adieu to Patren Ichigou as well before the animation where Goody cancel his combination in Episode 25 happens again.

    #38: Collection from Outer Space 
  • The Lupinrangers' reactions when they find out there's a Collection in outer space.
  • When the two Ganglers in this episode show up, Sakuya called them by the wrong animal (especially Jarnake, who is a snake Gangler), which annoys them greatly. Although, they are different animals, the pronunciation of snake and shrimp are Hebi and Ebi respectively, which are easily mistranslated.
    Sakuya: A shrimp and... another shrimp?
    Jarnake: We're not shrimp!
  • While the ending is heartwarming between Noel and the core Pats, when Hilltop asks Noel if he gets his own box of macarons, Noel lets out a cry of "Oh la la!" when he realizes he forgot to get more.

    #39: Bet on This 
  • Right after the serious talk about Zamigo at the bistro, Touma looks at his smartphone to see the word "Bingo". He's stunned, Umika looks confused, and the map Kairi sent goes "pip, pip", all in quick succession.
  • The Lupin Collection piece in this episode isn't based on any specific item. It is instead based on a scene in Jetman's opening, of all things.
  • When Victory Lupin Kaiser is formed, the mecha strikes a "V" with its Magic hand.
  • This exchange during the mecha fight:
    Kairi: Never figured I'd see a shrimp fly.
    Touma: I thought that was pigs.
  • Iselob, during his death, declares that he wants to be reborn as a shrimp chip.

    #40: Can't Stop Worrying 
  • Kairi gets married. It all comes from Touma and Umika's Imagine Spot. Umika had the impression of Kairi meeting a lady that is older than him, confess that he wanted to protect her, go on a date, get married, have kids but got divorced because his partner becomes an Oni due to Kairi's slacking attitude and he got tired of her. Of course, there is the part that the lady was a sniper from a dangerous organization but what makes it sells the cake was that it was mixed and end with Touma's delusion about a fat overeating Kairi got killed because a woodpecker pecked his big belly and explode. Guess who the two Lupins mistook the woodpecker and almost killed it? It's Goody!
  • Touma and Umika's overactive imaginations continuously picturing Kairi in increasingly bizarre situations, thanks to the Monster of the Week's power. One of these said situations before they get infected had Umika thinking that Kairi perhaps was dancing in a leotard. Touma isn't amused, especially since she keeps mentioning the Call-Back on episode 27.
    Umika: What if... he's dancing around in a leotar—
  • At the first half of the episode, Umika is worried about whether she has locked Jurer's door or not. Cue the second half of the episode, she along with Touma and Noel just leave Jurer without locking the door.
  • When Jim announces he has a likeness of the MOTW, Noel, Tsukasa, and Sakuya have this discussion, What makes this even better is that Jim actually pulls up footage of both a dugong and a manatee, and even Keiichirou says he can't tell the difference. Immediately afterwards, we see that Umika had the same idea.
    Sakuya: Looks a bit like a dugong...
    Tsukasa: No, it' more like a manatee, I think.
    Noel: Does it really make a difference?
    Tsukasa: Manatees have cuter faces. It's a big difference.
  • While the two groups begin to leave at the end of the episode, you can see that behind Umika, Kairi, Tsukasa, and Sakuya, Noel swiped Keiichirou's phone so he can play the game Kairi downloaded on it. Keiichirou then tries to distract Noel to grab his phone back.

    #41: A Door to Another World 

    #42: Time For The Decisive Match 
  • Kogure accidentally tightens Kairi's bandage, causing Kairi to call him a demon. A light-hearted moment in an otherwise serious situation.
  • When Good Cool Kaiser VSX is formed, instead of the normal pairing sitting in the side rooms, Good Striker has Patren Nigou and Lupin Yellow in one, and Patren Sangou with Lupin Blue in another one. Patren Nigou and Lupin Yellow react with a Big "WHAT?!" while Patren Sangou and Lupin Blue don't even bat an eye.
    • Then comes the irony of Lupin Red and Patren Ichigou's comments on the situation.
    Lupin Red: Got it, everyone?
    Patren Ichigou: No fighting!
    • Only for the screens of their team mates pop up and complain, in almost complete unison:
    Lupin Blue: You're one to talk.
    Patren Sangou: Seriously, Keiichirou?
    Lupin Yellow: This coming from you?!
    Patren Nigou: Should you be saying that, senpai?
  • While celebrating their victory at the Bistro, Noel blurts out that they had help from the phantom thieves, this time... right in front of Kairi, Touma, and Umika. This immediately sends the Patrangers, Hilltop, and Jim into a panic:
    Keiichiro: Hey! Noel!
    Tsukasa: That's not something you blurt out to civilians!
    Noel: *grabbing Kairi* No need to be confidential about it. After all... they even know I'm Lupin X.
    Sakuya: Oh, for real? *laughing*
    Sakuya: *with Keiichiro glaring at him* ...sorry.

    #43: The Man Who Returned 
  • There can be no doubt about it; the Gangler featured in this episode is the absolute most pathetic excuse for a Gangler in the entire series. His antics provide much of this episode's comedy.
  • There's something funny about the fact that Keiichirou seems happy from eating sweets, considering that he never had that kind of expression when having food, even if it is confectioneries.
  • Despite the story overall being pretty serious, the fact that the calling card given to this MOTW had Noel's face pasted on it is ridiculous and stupid, considering that being Phantom Thieves require secrecy.
  • When Goodie notices how the Lupinrangers are completely overkilling this week's Gangler, he realizes that something
    Goodie: Is it me, or are you guys ticked off?
    Lupin Red: Just shut up for a sec.
    Lupins continue to overkill the Gangler.
    Goodie whimpers and turns away from them.
    Goodie: They're totally ticked off...

    #44: The Truth Found 
  • When the Monster of the Week fires some shots at Siren Pat Kaiser, it only results in a metallic 'ding' sound; the kind of sound you here in various media whenever a scene shows a shot fails to penetrate the armor of a robot or a tank. Bonus points in that Siren Striker is based of a tank and becomes part of a robot. Goodie feels pretty smug about the whole thing.

    #45: Looking Forward to Christmas 
  • When Sakuya tells the Jurer staff and Noel about the Christmas party, Noel uses it to inflate his own ego... and gets ignored in the process.
    Noel: In French, that's Joyeux Noel. What even could ever suit me!?
  • Noel offers to go retrieve a cake, saying he'll pick it up from a bakery he frequently visits. Where is said bakery? PARIS, FRANCE. Cue the dumbstruck looks of Sakuya and the Jurer staff.
    • He even went out of his way to leave Japan TWICE, just for a cake, and then later chicken. Even Umika questioned him the first time he leaves:
      Umika: All that way...for cake?
      • The Jurer employees were still puzzled but Sakuya just wishes Noel a nice trip, making them stare at him as if Seriously?
    • Also hilarious is the scene where he retrieve the chicken. It is revealed that he didn't actually take the time to go shopping by himself to a store - he instead has a GSPO officer bring him the raw chicken meat as if the officer was just Noel's personal butler.
  • The master plan of this week's Gangler? He's going to replace all the chicken in Japan with salmon. He's not going to destroy or terrorize if you eat chicken instead of salmon, he's just going to troll you by replacing the chicken with salmon. In fact when a store owner tried to put out some more chicken after the owner was sure he left, he just came back and replaced that chicken as well. Yeah...
  • When Sakuya and Kairi first encounters the Gangler, they got feed with some salmon samples. When the monster of the week agreed that Kairi said it's yummy, he saw Sakuya and readies to fight. When Sakuya was about to transform, he accidently loaded the salmon sample on the VS Changer before correctly taking out Trigger Machine Nigou.
  • Related to the above, Noel figures out that the Gangler is able to find anyone still stocking chicken, not by some sort of info-net, but simply by sense of smell. Which makes perfect sense if you think about it. Then Umika immediately starts sniffing around complete with anime SFX, which doesn't make sense.
  • Kairi and Umika are on the lookout as Sakuya, Noel and Touma being the bait for cooking chicken outdoors. Umika had a change of opinion that Sakuya's earnest feeling was real, which she mentions in front of Kairi. When Kairi makes a smug grin on his face, Umika closed the disguising bag Kairi was opening, clamping his fingers which he screamed.
  • The Gangler also tends to throw salmon facts and puns while he's being attacked or if he attacks.
  • Oh, do not forget, the Monster of the Week also uses this episode to promote salmon type dishes, complete with instructions and what ingredients to put, all while using Sakuya and Noel as part of the cooking.
  • Victory Lupin Kaiser's magic illusion on Samon involved this form of Lupin Kaiser as Santa, while X Emperor Gunner and Lupin Magnum Superior as Reindeers.
  • There's something funny in how all of them spent an entire episode defending chicken, only for Touma to cook salmon as well anyway in the end during the feast.
  • Despite the seriousness near the end of the episode, when Tsukasa arrived to the kindergarten's christmas party, Umika dragged the former... to dress up as a Santa. Tsukasa herself was speechless and flustered about it that she does not know how to act friendly.

    #46: An Inescapable Game 
  • Umika wears a kimono. She's pretty. What makes it funny was that Noel and Goody having heart eyes, with the former shoving Touma aside. Then comes this comment for Umika.
    Noel: You're like a flower, blooming alone in the desert!
    Goody: Like a flower!
  • The Lupinrangers were trapped in a game show and the first game they have to do in an attempt to escape is 'make everyone laugh with an impersonation'. Kairi volunteers to go....and decided to impersonate Touma's dancing in #27. It's a spot on mimicry when Kairi, Umika and Noel are so in it....but then Touma suddenly unleashes a REALLY scary aura that he's so done with people never letting him live down that thing, prompting Kairi to chicken out and just imitate Touma's transformation quote awkwardly, failing the game.
  • Noel's solution to the game was mimicking Keiichirou's hot blooded catchphrase before they engage the Ganglers. Since Noel's main giant vehicles were trains, the cap off for this was steam coming out, from his nose. Another similar case, it was an angry bull.
  • Umika dressed the boys as girls. Yes, this time the thieves are the ones crossdressing. They even referenced #11 by stating how they were better than the Patrangers' crossdressing moment.
  • The fact that a Porderman successfully trolled the thieves, and for a short moment, managed to steal ALL of the thieves' arsenal.
  • Unfortunately the Porderman completely underestimated Goodie, who reversed the situation by pecking the Porderman's butt, causing him to strike a pose that bring the thieves back into real world.
  • Do not forget that all the boys, as in Kairi, Touma and Noel got hit with metal wash tub, on their heads. Kairi and Noel reacted accordingly, showing both pain and disbelief. Touma kept channeling Tranquil Fury in a hilarious way.
    • Noel doing his parkour as a talent performance but the Porderman rejected it. Why? Noel had always been doing that as part of his battle, which is why it does not count. The frame when Noel did the parkour in #43 fell off the screen, with Noel whining 'Oh la la'. Afterwards X just sulked in disappointment.
  • The Patrangers' investigation on the Lupinrangers were played seriously....until they start trying to remember the events at #33, where the Lupinrangers turned into children. Tsukasa then realized that she was cuddling Kairi all along, and the imaginary adult!Kairi sticks his tongue for good measure at that. On that realization, she gets so embarrassed her face turned literally red, with her body being hot like boiling water, and she lost consciousness temporarily so the investigation was put on halt until the next scene.

    #47: What I Can Do Now 
  • At the beginning of the episode, Kairi teases Umika over her "date" with Sakuya, while Touma is annoyed since, according to him, befriending the police doesn't give them any benefit. After Umika leaves, we have this exchange:
    Kairi: You sounds like a father worrying about his daughter. If you're that worried, why don't you just follow her?
    Touma: *silent, but makes an agreeing reaction*
    Kairi: ...Wait, seriously????
  • Later on, we see Touma in disguise with Kairi in tow. Evidently he was dragged into it by Touma.

    #48: The Real Face Under The Mask 
  • Zamigo randomly using English when he praises Dogranio.

    #49: As a Phantom Thief, As an Officer 
  • There's a funny nod to the first episode when Kairi — in disguise — once again points out to a frustrated Keiichiro that he will miss if he tries to throw his drink can into the garbage.

    #50: Eternally Adieu 
  • Usually it was Kairi that pinched Umika's nose when she said stupid things. Now she's begun paying him back in kind.
  • The core Pats respond to Hilltop and Jim with a rather flat tone after Touma and Umika regain their VS Changers and Dial Fighters and Noel takes away Crane and Biker, although in reality they just gave them away with no resistance. The best part is when Sakuya and Tsukasa confess: Tsukasa states she won't make any excuse, then smiles at Sakuya, who DOES make an excuse, and Tsukasa just rolls with it. Hilltop's reaction is quite priceless.
    • Also, in a quick blink-and-you-miss-it moment, you can see Jim with pieces of tap stuck on him and the glass window behind Hilltop is seemingly hastily covered, the implication being that they have Jim doing the reparations. Evidently he's not very good at it.
  • Touma once again doing his role call as Lupin Blue with a similar tone to #27.
  • Zamigo's confidant tone transitioning into Oh, Crap! when he finds his golden safes had their codes reset by the Trigger Machines is priceless.

    #51: Definitely Meet Again 
  • The fact that up until the very end, we STILL get new Ganglers with repainted and modified costumes. While it makes sense considering the situation (Toei won't spend the production budget for a completely new suit at the end of the series), it's still hilarious in a way because of how common repainted and modified MOTW costumes are in this series, compared to any other Sentai show.
  • In the serious moment of Good Striker trying to find a solution to save Kairi and the others, he ended up crashing into Kogure inside the Collection Room, causing to latter to fall on the floor.
  • Dogranio's loss is caused by hilarious poetic justice. He took away Gauche's Collection pieces because he wanted to force her to fight without any "help", but then karma bites him back as Dogranio himself is revealed to be too aged to fight without the help of his vast array of Collection pieces.
  • We were told that Shouri, Aya and Shiho became Phantom Thieves to find Jackpot Striker, who can save Kairi, Touma and Umika before Kogure declares their duty is over once those three returns. Noel calls Kogure awful for recruiting Shouri, Aya and Shiho just to gather the remaining Lupin Collection but Good Striker calls out on Noel for training them to be proper phantom thieves to save Kairi, Touma and Umika.
  • Despite being glad they're okay, Keiichirou still wants to bring in the Lupins, especially when he hears they're gunning for the Patrangers' VS Changers and Trigger Machines. While the fight during the ending credits shows that they're more friendly with each other, the two Sentai teams are still rivals.
  • The hands off between the red rangers. Kairi and Keiichirou are shooting at each other again until Kou/Ryusoul Red intervenes in their battle, deflecting their shots before pulling his two Senpai reds closer, telling them to get along with each other, seemingly with a cheery loud voice.

Movies and Specials

     Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger + Keisatsu Sentai Patranger: ~The Ultimate Weird Combination!~ 
Part 1
  • The entire plot revolves around Patren #1 and Lupin Red getting stuck together due to a Gangler's natural ability. Naturally, hilarious things occur, especially as the thieves try to keep Lupin Red's identity a secret. This reminds us of Chiaki and Ryuunosuke in Act 37
    • The first moment is that they embrace each other (intentional or not) during the combination. The other members try to pull the two but fail. The only option left for Lupins was to kidnap/bring Keiichirou with them.
    • Keichirou (blindfolded and inside the Jurer) yelling like crazy to anyone that there is a phantom thief with him after managing to take out the cloth on his mouth. Poor a panic Kairi try to shut his mouth but his hands got bitten. The only option left was he had to go out and drag Keiichirou along before their secret hideouts was exposed.
      • Do not forget, Keiichirou was apparently heavier than Kairi so it is troubling to carry him on his back just like Narumi Akiko had trouble carrying an unconscious Philip. Not to mention, Kairi always fall when he try to walk normally.
      • Then, it come backwards, with Keiichirou, quite strong enough to literally piggyback Kairi and run as fast as he can like Akaza Banban.
    • Keichirou got smacked and had stars around his head after being smacked on his head by the other Lupinrangers to keep him quiet. This is also followed by a Funny Background Event of Touma rubbing his hand like it's sore while the thief trio continue discussing the situation. Seems Keiichiro's Hard Head isn't just out of stubbornness.
  • Noel confront Touma and Umika, asking where Keiichirou was because the hot-blooded leader's teammates were worried. Noel lampshades that he can never tell Pats about it when the place was Jurer itself, which he ended up telling Pats the location of the Gangler which caused more trouble for Lupins rather than helping.
  • The whole fight itself when Kairi and Keiichirou try to butt in the fight between their teammates against the monster who caused them to stuck together, starting from one pulling the other when trying to set their respective VS Vehicle onto the VS Changer to end up attacking everyone.
  • Afterwards, Magda Pon (the said monster) uses his ability on the remaining core Lupins and Pats, which end up in a more embarrassing position when all four get stucked. To describe it, Tsukasa and Sakuya lean against each other's back with their legs spread apart. Then followed by Umika embracing the Pats, mostly in front of Sakuya while Touma had his body rested on Sakuya's body, with his face viewing near Sakuya's crotch while his right leg was on Tsukasa's shoulder and her face. It has to be seen to be believed. Even Kairi and Keiichirou could not believe this.
Part 2
  • Continuing with the end of part 1, Kairi laughed his ass off for his and Keiichirou's teammates being in a lamer situation than the two did while Keiichirou was not amused and berate Kairi for it.
  • Of course, when they are struggling, Umika chastised Sakuya for accidentally groping her body while Tsukasa tried her best to move Touma's feet out from her face and not to smell it. Note, they are still in their suits at this time.
  • After untransformed and Noel's Lampshade Hanging regarding the core members, Sakuya's had an Accidental Pervert attitude when he get to sniff Umika's scent while the rest are scolding Kairi and Keiichirou.
  • Keiichirou could not handle the insult of Noel ordering them all to sit still and wait so he had the energy to carry Kairi and run again while the rest had Epic Fail moment when trying to move out as well, in which Touma suffered the most out of it when he was on the bottom.
  • While Touma, Umika and Tsukasa lampshades about what happened. Sakuya had this familiarly weird look on his face and then apologised, which made Tsukasa ask what is bothering him. Sakuya innocently replied he needs to go to the toilet. It took the rest a few seconds before it sinks into them what he meant, leading to a Big WHAT?! and EH?! moment.
  • Kairi's idea to separate from Keiichirou, have the latter tied his hands as tight as possible with ropes around a pillar while the former summons Red Dial Fighter and have it pulled Kairi out. Of course, that works but what makes it funny was that when Keiichirou try to move after they got separated, he forgot that the ropes tied around his hands was too tight, as ordered by Kairi (who sneered at this because he does not want Keiichirou to interrupt him in getting the Collection) earlier, leading him to yell this:
  • Tsukasa told Sakuya to bear with his desire until Noel finish defeating Magda, leading to the latter suggesting everyone to go with him to a toilet, in that condition. Of course Umika was way against it while Sakuya justified he cannot let it out there. Then we got this exchange:
    Touma: I'll kill you... *Sakuya heard it and look at Touma* If you do it here, I'll kill you.
  • Later on, Sakuya finally shuts up, which makes everyone wonder why he calms down.
    Sakuya: Sorry. I'm AT MY LIMIT! *everyone else realized what that means and yelled crazily again* IT'S NO GOOD!
    Everyone else: HOLD IT!!!
  • Just as Kairi was about to get the treasure, Keiichirou arrives, transformed with the said pillar he was tied on. Hilarious trouble ensues. Did he forgot that in episode 2, a Patranger's suit can even destroy a heavy load that falls from suspension?
  • Not to mention, before Magda was finished off by the two red rangers, the stuck quartet yelled like crazy on every second before the effect wore off in the nick of time. Of course, the two Lupins back off from Sakuya when Tsukasa ask if he is alright, then the said person runs like hell to find a toilet.
  • Noel suggest Keiichirou and Kairi can be a good combo, which both of them defy that and don't want to go through it.
  • At Jurer near the end of the episode, the Pats, Sakuya to be specific, explained what happened which the other Pats call him out for it because it's not funny. Even Touma silently said to Kairi it was hell. When Sakuya mentions about the phantom thief girl's scent smell so nice, Umika splashed him with an entire jug of cold water while apologizing that she slipped her hands. Everyone else calls him out for the Accidental Pervert thoughts before he ended up splashing at everyone. Keiichirou just mashed the wiping towel from Touma onto Sakuya's face, causing the latter had difficulty to breath.

     Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger En Film 
  • Kairi is used to breaking into people's territory while Keiichirou does not. The Hot-Blooded Policeman even questions this before entering Gangler's mansion, of all places.
  • Sherlock berating Wilson for messing up with the plan to eliminate Lupins and Pats, by not completely eliminate Kairi and Keiichirou.
  • Lupin Tri-Colour Debut. Just like Patran Ugou. The Lupins completely freak out while Pats, who were so used with fusing just said, It's only natural. Not only that, this conversation happens too with body gestures, simultaneously:
    Lupin Tri-Colour
    Umika: No, no! If you touch me, we're not friends anymore!
    Kairi: Don't you touch me either!
    Touma: Don't fight. Let's finish this quick.
    Patran Ugou
    Sakuya: *chuckles* That looks kinda fun! (referring to what Lupin Tri-Colour were doing)
    Tsukasa: *sigh* Hey Sakuya.
    Sakuya: Ah! sorry.
    Keiichirou: *sigh*

  • Lupins think Jack AKA Jackpot Striker is better than Goody AKA Good Striker. Poor Goody sneezes afterwards, wondering who was bad-mouthing him behind his back. Tsukasa reminded him to focus, which he just abide and then Sakuya suddenly sneeze for no reason.
  • This conversation between Tsukasa and Sakuya near the end. If you pay attention to what they are speaking, here's the conversation:
    Sakuya: Man! It was really difficult when you weren't around, Keiichirou-senpai. Tsukasa-senpai cried a lot.
    Tsukasa: Wha-! I did no such thing! *Sakuya chuckles*

     Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Featuring Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger: Another Patran Nigou 
Part 1
  • At the beginning, Noel seems to be curious about Sakuya that he stared at the latter so close. It turns out he was wondering why Sakuya assigned number was 2 instead of 3 as Tsukasa was the senior member.
  • The Lupins are on the way back from grocery shopping and they noticed Keiichirou sitting on a bench, seems to be on a slump. They tried to approach him but Keiichirou suddenly gets up and shout, which caused them to be panic and shocked, dropping some of their bought items. Afterwards, they decide to leave him be.

Part 2

  • Sakuya's idea to counter noise from Zonic Lee was to use headphones and he was there with Tsukasa, in Patranger form. However, that also means they cannot hear each other talking, which Tsukasa ended up yelling when trying to compliment Sakuya.
  • After the battle ended, Sakuya got ahead of himself from the praising, which earned a knock by Tsukasa with Keiichirou also called off Sakuya for his whining. Sakuya then invites them to hang out at Jurer but neither one of them want to go and suggest Noel instead.
  • Sakuya hold onto Umika's shoulder before slapping as he excitedly say the compliment he had from Keiichirou, which Umika's masked response was like, sure, whatever.
     Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger 
  • While it is still a trailer, we can guess this moment will appear in the movie:
    Lucky: Yossha Lucky!
    Pats: This is not Lucky!
  • During interrogation, Lucky explains that he needs to stop Don Arkage, Don Armage’s body double. What’s funny is how the police realised instantly the naming was no more than some anagram of Armageddon (which no one in Kyuuranger ever brought up)
  • We saw the building where Kairi and the others were held at with the kidnappers. Isn’t that supposed to be the same building for Narumi Detective Agency?
  • The Lupinranger are infuriated by the small amount Minato demands in ransom (1500 yen).
    • When the two group of Phantom Thieves join forces to make use of the kidnapping, they called Bistro Jurer again, this time, with Kairi doing the call using a voice changer app. Yes, it seems serious at first from the change in demand for the money, with Kogure and Noel unaware of the plan until… they hear the demand for the Lupin Collection pieces in the arsenal of Global Police. The two then overact a heartfelt appeal with a lot of Inelegant Blubbering.
  • When a Ganglar appeared out on nowhere during the exchange, Kairi and the others had to use the Global Police’s Trigger Machines and VS Changers to become Patrangers. And apparently, Karma bites the core Phantom Thieves back for their deception, as the Patranger suits are heavier than they’re used to and cause some stumbling.
    • When the real Patrangers arrived, Touma, whose hips still hurts from the unsuccessful jumping got hugged by Sakuya which in turns somehow fix his hip (along with sound effect) hilariously with pain and so on. We can see a very, very cheesed-off Touma trying not to scream loud when Sakuya pat the former’s injured hip a few times.
  • Keiichirou asked Lucky if they have any plan to counter their enemies. Lucky's response? "Nope", with a grin on his face. Cue Face Fault by Jim, Hilltop, Sakuya and Noel while the rest, including Tsurugi had a mind blown expression on their face
    • What’s funnier is how the background music builds up to a serious moment before Lucky says it.
  • Misao Mondo joins the team up for the morph and roll call, before running off yelling "Why didn’t my team get a crossover movie?" and never shows up again for the rest of the battle. Everyone is appropriately dumbfounded.
  • During the Designated Girl Fight, Raptor drifts off into an Imagination Spot about the 4 heroines on a girl’s night.
    • When they do the finisher, Raptor and Hammie respectively push Tsukasa and Umika closer with their weapons, as if to combine their attack.
  • When Don Arkage becomes a giant, the Patrangers and Lupinrangers proceed to summon Good Striker and their VS Vehicles to become Good Cool Kaiser VSX. Everything is normal until the two teams realise the Kyuurangers have appeared in their cockpits somehow (Lucky, Tsurugi, Balance and Naga with Noel, Kairi and Keiichirou. Spada, Hammie and Stinger with Touma and Umika. Shou, Raptor, Kotaro, Champ and Garu with Tsukasa and Sakuya)
    • Tsurugi in particular has to bend his head initially because he’s too tall.
    • Champ patting Sakuya a few times (seemingly karma for hurting Touma on the hip) on the shoulder. Reminder, Champ is a wrestling robot with overwhelming strength so yes Sakuya feels pain as a result of this.
    • Shou, being commander of the Kyurangers, orders the Patrangers to begin their attack, much to Raptor’s dismay as it’s embarrassing. Tsukasa sighs if the Kyurangers were always this lively and Kotaro apologised for it.
  • The end credits have the cast dancing to a remix of Kyutama Dancing. Everyone is enjoying it, even the likes of Keichiro and Tsukasa. But Touma's expression is just stoic throughout the dance.
    • Then one part has a callback to Episode 27, with Touma and Sakuya in their leotards. One must imagine Touma is screaming inside for people to let it down already.
  • After the credits, the Thieves and the Police thank the audience for watching, only to realise who they’re standing next to and with the exception of Noel, resume their usual antics..

    Super Sentai Saikyou Battle 
  • A subtle one in Keichirou's duel against Kazakiri Yamato/ Zyuoh Eagle. Since the whole competition had the winning team gets a wish, Keichirou technically did not have anything personal to wish for. In other words, his wish was for world peace, something that it is normal for all Super Sentai to wish for but not through the use of items that grant wishes. When Yamato hears that, he untransformed and talk to Keiichirou about the misunderstanding and the latter was dumbfounded, to the former's amusement.

Meta and Out-of-Canon

  • During the 2018 Super Hero Time intro, Keiichiro and Kairi appear as they introduce their show, only for both of them to notice each other before the latter say "Adieu". Of course, Keiichiro chases him down.
  • Always, in the OP:
    • For the Lupinrangers
      • We see the intro to Umika was handling a lot of customers alone (since Kairi always ditched his work and was shown at the start of the song where he was hanging out at a playground!) and exhaustedly sighed to rest at the counter before all customers raising their hands simultaneously for request, to her dismay.
      • Before the trio changed into their phantom thief outfit, Kairi and Umika runs goofily towards the screen, with Touma sitting on the side, sighing as he try to keep up with their childish behaviour.
    • For the Patrangers
      • Keiichirou ripped off the newspaper showing Lupinrangers on the front page in anger at the cafeteria, surprising the other co-workers around him
      • Sakuya ended up tripping the japanese sweets falling off as he bring them to everyone.
      • Tsukasa walked around in the shopping mall and could not resist rubbing her face on the plushies that she pass by.
      • The three Patrangers looked at the mirror, changed to their GSPO uniform and were about to do a cool pose but Jim Carter and Hilltop ruined it by appearing over them while dancing goofily, to the rangers' dismay.
  • The second Super Hero Time intro with Kamen Rider Zi-O, while Noel and Kairi are trying to get their hands on Ride Watches, Keiichirou pushed Noel with his body. On the ending of this segment, we have the rangers at Junichiro's workshop, doing some cleaning while Zi-O and his allies are at Jurer, relaxing. As usual Kairi slack off with having drink while the rest are doing some cleaning. Keiichirou even told him to clean with the tool he gave Kairi.
  • During the Transformation Lesson special for Lupin X / Patren X, Noel takes off his GSPO jacket to change into his phantom thief clothing. We saw the jacket and his long pants flying....and then his pink underwear is also shown flying.
    • Before that, Noel searches for Kairi and the others inside the fridge and other places that people can't even fit in (unless they used the power of Lupin Collection) and declares nobody's there.
    • After he finishes showing the Lupin X transformation, Noel panics when start coming in and he quickly tries to disguise himself as a waiter... while still in the Lupin X costume.
    • On top of that, he cannot cook everything well like Touma so he think he should just make his favourite food......escargot.
  • Because of the naming convention of their crossover specials, the Kyuranger Crossover is called Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger, removing the Sentai pre-name of each team. Otherwise the name of the title would be far too long.

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