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Lucky showcasing the power of ShishiRed Orion while dishing out a Curb-Stomp Battle against Don Armage.

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    Space 1: The Greatest Superstars in the Universe! 
  • For a villainous start, Jark Matter taking control of Earth. 40 teams of Sentai protected it up to now, but it falls within the first few seconds of the episode.
    • Except that this is not the main universe of Super Sentai, which it means no one has defended the planet yet.
  • Hami, Spada, and Champ's Dynamic Entry. Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen!
    • Lucky's first crash landing, while Played for Laughs, is still this. First, he doesn't die, which says a lot, and second, he takes out a horde of Indaavers. And finally, he makes a path for the Kyurangers and civilians, albeit unintentionally.
      • His second might be the best entry of a Red in franchise history. HE RIDES A METEOR SHOWER INTO BATTLE.
  • Garu rekindling his Heroic Resolve after Lucky's heroic Call To Action speech and seeing Champ surrounded by Jark Matter Mooks. Small wonder the Lupus Kyutama found him worthy thereafter.
    Space 2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team 
  • Turns out that Balance and Naga Rey aren't just sneaky - they also have specific skills. We get to see Balance being a Technopath and Naga's Psychic Powers firsthand.
  • Balance and Naga's intro to Lucky involves them hijacking water jets, forcing Jark Matter's forces to chase them on jet skis. They then reveal it was all a distraction to blow up a Jark Matter refinery, with Balance revealing he stole something on the way out.
    Space 3: The Man from the Desert Star 
  • Stinger ends his first fight spectacularly: He strikes the Monster of the Week in such a way that his Enlarge Inro shatters and makes it impossible for the monster to grow.
  • That seven man henshin. Just two more to go...
    Space 4: The Dreaming Android 
  • Let's face it, this is "Raptor is awesome: The Episode". Some examples...
    • While it was just a daydream, she beat Edioron like he was nothing. It also shows off her strong fighting spirit. This extends to trying to defend herself from the Daikaan. She wasn't able to succeed, but she gets points for trying.
    • Her actual debut battle is even better as she effortlessly shoots down literally everyone she has in front of her, and frees the children's dreams with a well placed sniper's shot.
    • The scenes of her flying are really well-done as well, looking just as good as or better than Yamato's flying scenes.
    • She's the first in the Voyagers this time and wastes no time in attacking the enemy mecha, even before the others arrive.
  • Lucky's no slouch either, both cementing his status as The Leader of the team and calling out both the Earthlings for willingly letting their children's dreams get eaten and Spada for crushing Raptor's.
    • And to his credit, the second Spada realizes what a jerk he's been, he's the first one to encourage Raptor to open up about her dream.
  • Balance and Naga manage to add another piece of the team's arsenal by fixing up the Kyu Buckles to be able to pull Kyutama from the ship, just like another space based team did with their Transformation Trinket items.
    • Bonus points for the fact that Mao Ichimichi, the voice actress for Raptor, was also the Yellow Ranger for that season.
    Space 5: The Nine Ultimate Saviors 
  • First off, points have to be given to Kotaro and Jiro. Not only do they have a bigger set at their age than the adults, but they're instrumental in the team coming together and the adults regaining hope. Kotaro also gets more for never once losing hope in front of his little brother, making sure to always comfort him. Stinger is reminded of his own brother, and praises the boy.
    • It speaks volumes to how much braver they are than the other humans shown in the show. Instead of cowering or trying to run from danger, Kotaro and Jiro throw rocks at it. Is it any wonder some fans are hoping one of them turns out to be Koguma Skyblue?
  • Stinger saying that he doesn't kill children. It cements his character as a good person.
  • The full nine man henshin and roll call, backed by a swelling piece of music that highlighted that the battle is now on between our heroes and Jark Matter.
  • In a move that would make Eiji proud, Lucky's dream proves too big to eat, literally causing the Daikaan to explode.
  • The instant the team united, the tide of battle shifted immediately. Apparently there really was something to that legend! Arguably even more important was them bringing hope to the people. Both Haruto, and Madoka would be proud of our team. Kotaro says the line below with total conviction in his voice.
    Man: Who are they?
    Kotaro: They're the Kyurangers. They're going to save Earth. They're our saviors.
  • Even Eidoron proved to be nothing more than a distraction and meets his end in this episode. That's right, The badass that was one of the Big Bad's top heads was taken out this early, and the team is off to fight stronger then him. Serial Escalation has never been so awesome.
  • Kyuren-Oh gets two grand showings, first with Washi, Kaijiki, Tenbin, and Hebitsukai, which easily defeats the enlarged Daikaan again, then flies off for a space battle and swaps out for Chameleon, Sasori, Oushi, and Ookami. But instead of a finisher with just them, all nine Voyagers fire off a volley of lasers to utterly destroy Eidoron's ship, and save the day.
  • Lucky deciding on saving Earth first. Everyone agrees with his judgment.
    • Stinger meanwhile is looking into Earth's secret, but tells Xiao to call him if he's needed.
  • Speaking of Xiao, the fact that he's had a spy in Jark Matter this whole time is damned impressive.
    Space 6: Flap! Dancing Star 
  • While Pega's debut is mostly Played for Laughs, Lucky is able to wipe the floor with the Mooks the first time he uses it.
    • And Pega-san manages to take out several himself as he drags Lucky around initially.
    Space 8: Secret of Commander Xiao Longbao 
  • The episode is one of these in a nutshell, as all nine Kyurangers through a chain of events become three 3-man teams involved with humanitarianism, dogfights, and artifact retrieval.
  • Xiao's Transformation into Ryu Violet and his first on screen fight sees him give Ikagen and Madako a run for their money! Too bad about the Cliffhanger at the end.
    Space 9: Burn Bright, Dragon Ma-Star! 
  • Ryu Commander's first appearance, as he takes on both Ikagen and Madako again. Except this time, he doesn't give them a run for their money, he is actually curbstomping them, as he waltzes around the two assassins, all while his Image song is blaring in the background. Haruto would be so proud of him.
    • At one point, Ikagen thought he found an opening and tried to shoot Ryu Commander from behind, only to met with several shots from his cane-rifle.
    • His pre-mortem one liner to Madako.
    Ryu Commander: I am Ryu Commander. I'm afraid you're the jelly brain.
    • Speaking of which, Xiao inventing a system that turns a Skill Kyu Globe into somewhat a Change Kyu Globe, is an awesome feat itself. What is more awesome is that it turned the rebellion from not warranting the Evil Shogun's notice to a worthy threat overnight.
    • Not to mention that Xiao never said he mass produced the system, meaning he actually fought against Jark Matter, alone.
    • What, no mention for the first insert song? It's very similar to Dekamaster's theme, Never Stop, yet has elements of Zyuoh TheWorld's self-titled theme song and ToQ6Gou's theme, Ame no Chi Rainbow.
  • Props to Spada, for standing his ground against Xiao's orders when he ordered Spada to leave without him. It ended up with a Back-to-Back Badass moment.
  • Props one to the writers too, for throwing in as many Dragon-related shout outs in one episode. Examples are:
  • The Final battle in the Ryu Voyager is amazing with it taking out two modified Tsuyoindavers and later taking out a Moraimarz alongside Kyurenoh.

    Space 10: The Small Giant, Big Star! 
  • Turns out, not only is Raptor capable of going in space without a suit (as we've seen her do before), she also has jet propulsion in her feet and hands! While we saw a hint of this in her daydream in Space 4, the better showing here highlights why she's the flyer of the team.
  • Kotaro completes his ascension and becomes the 11th Kyuranger!
    • He does not budge an inch in his resolve to become one either. And his reason why? He wants to save his world and act as a beacon of hope for everyone in it. Even Big Bear is impressed by the boy's character.
    • He shoulder checks the Daikaan, freeing Lucky's Leo Kyutama and allowing him to transform. Reminder: He's 12. And did so with zero hesitation.
    • Big Bear's no slouch either, beating the Daikaan back despite the whole "dead" thing. And upon confirming Kotaro's resolve, grants the boy his strength. The combination of their spirits causes the Ursa Major constellation to not only upgrade the Ohguma Kyutama to a Change type, but it also spits out the Koguma Kyutama, also a Change type. In essence, both act as representatives for each bear.
    • For such an odd weapon type, Kotaro's accurate as all get out with his scarf, using it as twin weights, a dual sided ball and chain, and to grab and restrain the Daikaan as it was trying to flee. And he held onto him.
    • Along with Lucky, he helped save the entire rest of the team. Not bad for the youngest member huh?
  • Give some props to Lucky's luck, which caused him to keep running into the Daikaan, no matter where he ran.
  • And while we're on the subject, give the Daikaan props for nearly succeeding in killing the team. They were mere miles from the sun, before they were saved. Had the Lucky and Kotaro been even a few seconds late, Mothma would've been a genuine mass Hero Killer.

     Space 11: Three Kyutama to Save the Universe 
  • Ryuteioh gets an awesome debut fight in this episode.

     Space 12: The 11 Ultimate All Stars 
  • It's revealed that Ikagen has an incredible number of eyes, and because they all follow any attacks directed at him, he's practically psychic. Lucky's response? Use the Gemini Kyutama to create over 500 clones of himself, and have them all blast Ikagen at once!.
  • Kyuranger All Star Crash is awesome just by the virtue of being a finisher of the whole 11 member team.
  • Scorpio's appearance at the end of the episode. He just talks to Madako, but that's enough to invoke how badass he is. For those in know, it's the same voice as the one that said Evil without purpose or reason.

    Space 14: Exciting! Space Dragon Palace Castle! 
  • During the main misson of rescuing people kidnapped by the Monster of the Week, Garu's was assigned to activate a switch that's next to him. However, to matter how many times Garu tried, all it does is sending Lucky's group back to the entrance. Just as Garu thought he had another opportunity by Shou's recently sent Kyutama, not only did it dress him as a girl, he ended up being flirted by the Monster of the Week and danced with him. Just as Garu lost all hope, Lucky called him and reminded that he's the one who told him to trust his own luck, so he should do the same. At this point, Garu took the opportunity to swipe the switch away and finally pressed the right button!

    Space 17: Lighting the Dome of Darkness! 
  • The debut of the Hikari Kyuutama and its two power-up modes for Lucky. While it may be a power-up that only Lucky can use, the effects of the Kyuutama extends to his team-mates (such as the Sun mode powering up Tenbin Gold and the power of the Moon mode powering Ookami Blue.)

    Space 18: Emergency Dispatch! Space Hero! 
  • The entire teamup between Shishi Red and Hebitsukai Silver, Dekared and Gavan Type-G. Capping it off is the awesome double-team of Doru and Ryu Voyager.

     Space 20: Stinger Vs. Scorpio 
  • The way Kotaro defends himself against Brainwashed and Crazy Stinger is just pure badass. Oh and did I mention that he got knocked out of transformation early on and spent most of the fight defending himself barehanded?
  • When the populace is throwing rocks and garbage at the Kyurangers as they go to fight Scorpio, none of them cares at all. All they can think of, then and there, is taking Scorpio down. But then this one rock flies toward Kotaro... And Lucky catches it before it hits him, in Tranquil Fury, leading to him dressing down the populace on them cowering before Jark Matter rather than standing for themselves. The mob immediately falls silent and lets them go in peace.

     Space 21: Farewell Scorpio! The Day The Argo Revives! 
  • The final fight between Stinger and Scorpio, with Champ returning to bail out his partner as well.
  • Much like the debuts of Ryuu Commander and Koguma Skyblue earlier, Houou Soldier's debut is jaw-dropping.
    • First, he fights the Kyurangers unmorphed due to a case of Mistaken Identity - yes, it doesn't last long, but the fact that it's an unmorphed fight is worth mentioning alone.
    • Second, the fleet that Don Armage had sent to converge on the Earth? Houou Soldier takes them out himself, without his mech.
    • Third, he takes out Madako without getting hit once by any of her attacks. TimeFire would be proud.

     Space 22: True Identity of the Legendary Savior 
  • Gigant Houou's debut. And it turns out the entirety of Argo is Houou Soldier's mecha components!

     Space 23: Become My Shield! 
  • Tsurugi, Spada, and Raptor, just the three of them, somehow managed to hijack their enemy's guarded broadcast station. And it's not until Tsurugi's broadcast is finished that Jark Matter is alerted about their presence.

     Space 24: I Will Be A Shield to Fight! 
  • The Lucky-Shou-Tsurugi triple transformation is not only badass, it is also the first time in Sentai history that we have three people in a team, each having their own transformation device and phrase different from each other, transforming together.
  • And now we have Kyutamajin's debut, made more awesome by the fact that this is the first time we have a mecha debut where the cockpits are for 12 people, yet there are only 2 controllers. They literally destroyed a MOTW using a 12 components mecha controlled by only 2 person!

     Space 25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination! 
  • The 12 member morph! The most we have every seen from one sentai team!
  • Kotaro proves once again he is no slouch in this episode by going Ursa Major Skyblue and kicking Tecchu's attack back at him!
  • The climatic battle between Kyutamajin and Vice-Shogun Tecchu. This time, all of them pilot Kyutamajin, and with incredible teamwork and instructions from Houou Soldier, they deliver an epic Curb-Stomp Battle complete with and Ultimate Meteor Break that launches everyone's Kyutama's against Tecchu.

     Space 26: Warrior of Darkness, Hebitsukai Metal 
  • Hebitsukai Metal gets a rather awesome debut, defeating multiple Kyurangers at once including Houou Soldier, which until that point is arguably the most powerful Kyuranger there.

     Space 27: Indaver Panic On Orion 
  • Champ and Stinger preparing to go toe to toe with a freaking T-Rex because they think it is Don Armage. It's just as awesome as it's hilarious. Unfortunately, it doesn't get to the fight because Tsurugi screams at them to stop as he is the only one who knows what a dinosaur is.

     Space 30: Alright! The Miraculous Kyutama 
  • Practically everything about Shishi Red Orion.
  • Tsurugi has an awesome moment too here, showing again his growth/development from someone who didn't trust others into someone who is willing to gamble his own life just to save Lucky.
  • After a few times the heroes gets a "first person view" scene when they attack, now one of their mecha also gets a "first person view" scene of an attack.
  • Although mixed with a moment of sadness, Orion's death is also a badass one, as he didn't fall to the ground - he just stay there in position with his weapon, like the legendary Benkei in Japanese history. Not even death can stop him from being awesome.
    • Even better is that he only actually allowed himself to die after it was clear that Lucky would win. Not to mention that he had that injury since the start of the episode. He held off Death itself until he was good and ready.
  • Shou and Champ staying behind to fulfill Orion's mission. And the team is convinced that they will find a way back.

     Space 31: Naga Great Recapture Strategy 
  • Naga gets a badass moment when he came back to the heroes' side, culminating in the reveal that he still can use Dark Kyutama anyway, but this time without being possessed by evil forces.
    • Balance goes through hell and back to get Naga back...and then keeps on fighting afterward. Take a bow, Trick Star.

     Space 33: Launch! Battle Orion Ship 

     Space 34: Mysterious Masked Warrior Appears 
  • One from the bad guys' side: Kukuruger fires at the Battle Orion Ship from the planet's surface and still causes enough damage for them to notice it. Please note that Battle Orion Ship is in Earth's orbit.
  • Garu, following Stinger's example, is willing to kick Champ out when he went berserk again, all because they are friends.
  • There's something awesome seeing Voyagers being launched from Battle Orion one by one, complete with a new announcement. They really are being deployed from an actual battle ship.
  • The new mecha finisher that debuted in this episode, is basically a badass huge mecha equivalent of a team cannon.

     Space 35: The Secret of the Universe's No. 1 Idol 
  • Another one from the bad guy: even if the one Lucky and Tsurugi fought isn't the real Don Armage and just a clone, this Don Armage still shows considerable power, resisting multiple finishers for quite a long time before finally getting blown up. If this wasn't the real one, imagine just how much power the real one has.....
  • Naga and the others completely destroyed Akyanba, who can't even land a blow on them.

     Space 36: The Legend That Sleeps in Lucky's Homeworld 
  • Lucky successfully walks through all of the MOTW's bullets, simply because he believes his luck means all of them will miss.

     Space 37: Lucky Reunites With His Father 
  • Lucky takes back his father's planet from Kukulger, and becomes the next king, after a successful series of badass attacks.

     Space 38: Holy Moly! The 9 Dangerous Trials 
  • Despite having a slump in the first half of the episode, after some encouragement Xiao shows an awesome hand combat fight against the MOTW.

     Space 39: The Great Adventure of Perseus 
  • As much of a Narm Charm as it is, Stinger's song to Champ also doubles as an awesome moment. It shows just how much bond he has with Champ.

     Space 40: Opening Event! Deathball of Hell 
  • Spada's resolve and training with Lucky takes the awesome cake in this episode.

     Space 41: Infiltrate! Planet Southern Cross 
  • One the also works at the meta level when we get an unmorphed fight scene involving Kotaro. Yes, the kid. This is something they don't nearly do often enough.

     Space 44: Don Armage's identity 
  • The whole team simultaneously shoots the transformation stars at the Deathworm trying to crash in like Death from Above, throwing it off course.
  • To show how far they've come, the Kyurangers use ALL of their power-ups to defeat Anton's new Bossworm. Lucky with the Orion powers, Naga with his Metal form, Kotaro using his Ursa Major powers, Stinger using the Monoceros weapon, Hammy using the sun/moon Kyutama, and Sparda using Mr. Pega! They even get a new rollcall for it!

     Space 45: Tsurugi's life and Earth's Peril 
  • Group of people charge Brain in a Jar Anton possesing Champ prototype wielding iron tubes, led by Jiro.
  • Tsurugi unleashes the full power of Houou soldier once again. It's not enough to beat Don Armage, obviously, but it still makes for an awesome fight.
  • Stinger and Champ back Kotaro up when he is fighting Prototype Anton and the team finishes him off together. When he pulls Make My Monster Grow and tries to run for it, Kyuuren-Oh (piloted by Kotaro) catches him and Orion Battler kicks him at the Champ Prototype, destroying them both.
  • Lucky decides to wear his coat for the final fight. He makes a dramatic speech about the ultimate savior being gathering. Tsurugi says he is making too much of a fuss over it.

     Space Final: Echo Throughout the Universe! Alright, Lucky! 
  • If we thought Lucky riding a meteor storm the first time was awesome, the second time makes it even more awesome as he uses the momentum from it to land the final blow on Don Armage.


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