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     Pre-Premier WMGs 

The Plot
  • With the reveal that the story begins with Jack Matter already controlling the universe:

Tenbin Gold will be some kind of robot or cyborg
Given the heavy science-fiction emphasis of this season's plot, it wouldn't be out of left field. Specifically though, Tenbin Gold is the only member of the team to not have an animal constellation as his motif which could be foreshadowing for this reveal.

The series will be Darker and Edgier
The head writer, Nobuhiro Mouri, was the secondary writer for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, wrote a few of the episodes for Kamen Rider Gaim and also wrote the web video series Kamen Rider 4, which killed off all of it's main characters at least once. While it probably won't be as dark as Jetman, it'll probably be a lot darker than Zyuohger. Plus, there is precedence for a Darker and Edgier series to be followed by an even darker one.

Some possible Character Archetypes

At some point the team will receive a power up themed after the planets (including Pluto)
Why else would a space themed team start with nine rangers
  • Except Pluto's no longer officially recognized as a planet. The only way they could have the 9 members gain a powerup would be if the leader received one based around The Sun, while the rest of the team got ones based around the 8 planets.
    • Pluto still exists despite not being a planet, so it can still be referenced.

There will be an Extra Hero based on the Sun or the Moon or both
They'll be White or Purple (or both if there's two)
  • Jossed for Purple with the reveal of RyuCommander, and possibly jossed for White by the same scans that revealed the purple ranger, which hint at a White Ranger later on.
  • Jossed it's actually a powerup for ShishiRed..

Red and Green will be reincarnations of Rio and Mele
Because Lion theme and green Chameleon.
  • Except for that to work, the Lion ranger would have to be a black ranger - Jan, the red ranger, was tiger themed. Pretty likely to be jossed, since Gekiranger finished a while ago.

Despite the name, there WILL be more rangers.
While it's true that the last series with a number in it's name ended up having the number of rangers fixed, considering how hard the last series with 5 rangers flopped, it's pretty unlikely that Toei would be willing to take that risk. Plus, the pattern so far for post-anniversary sentai series is to start out with 3 rangers, and then have pairs join over the course - if the number of rangers on the team was going to cap at 9, they would only have revealed 3 rangers at the start. And to address the complaints about the team having more males than females, the sixth ranger(s) will be female.
  • Confirmed.

Kyurangers are very ancient warriors and will be similar to Zyuranger
The Official Synopsis say the tears of the people awaken the nine ultimate saviors which implied those 9 Kyurangers are warriors from the past! It kindly pay homage to Zyuranger which that team was also warriors from the past!

The crossover with Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger will be connected to Yamato destroying part of the moon during the Gokaiger crossover
I mean, think about it - not only would that add some sense of continuity to Zyuohger, but it would also be PERFECT for a space-themed sentai to cover the consequences of the last season.

Out of the nine Rangers, only five or six them will be the main focus
Let's be real here. Nine Rangers sounds awesome on paper, but trying to flesh them all out fairly on a tight production schedule and television budget is difficult in practice. Look back to Kyoryuger, where the extra Kyoryugers were underused. It's Dino Charge counterpart was no better with them. Kamen Rider Ryuki and by association Kamen Rider Dragon Knight as another example. For a non-toku example, look at Saint Seiya with ten Bronze Saints being advertised, but only five of them getting major screentime and development.
  • Well, the team seems to be starting out with only a handful of members, so this one COULD be confirmed - although we'll need to see how things go down the line...
    • The Kyulette seems to be made with the purpose of avoiding this - while it looks like Garu and Lucky will always be present, the other 3 rangers that were part of the teams chosen by it have been different so far.

The Kajiki Voyager is a girl!
Because she's numbered the last, even after the Chameleon Voyager and Washi Voyager.
  • Jossed by the actor reveal.
  • I meant the mecha, not the ranger.
    • Looking likely to be jossed, since episode 1 has come and aired, and the mech don't appear to be sentient...although for all we know, they could have some story arc where the Kyutama gain human forms or could think on their own.

Only about 5 of the 9 members are cast by humans.
The rest have robots and/or kaijins as their civilian forms.
  • Confirmed.

Washi Pink is a waifu-bot.
She has wings on her back because she was intended to be built as a beautiful angel.

This show will have a crossover episodes or movies
Specifically it'll be with Kamen Rider Fourze or Space Sheriff Gavan
  • These appearances will most likely need to involve time travel due to the "far future" setting. Fortunately, Gentaro's previously done a bit of time travel due to the plot of Movie War Ultimatum, so that won't be much of an issue, not to mention all the other time travellers in this universe. Since the Movie War Ultimatum version of Inazuman also uses time travel (albeit offscreen) in Super Hero Taisen Z, we could also see him due to the five year timeskip in the movie passing in real life.
  • Problem with a Fourze Crossover: Gentaro's actor became a huge star as a result of his role in Fourze - it would be too expensive to hire him (and considering that Takeru Satoh hasn't reprised the role of Den-O after Final Countdown, Toei probably wouldn't be willing to put that much cash down for a one-time crossover). If they were going to team up with a Fourze Rider, it would probably be Meteor, since last time I checked, his actor isn't as big of a star as Gentaro's (although they could have Fourze transformed all the time and use a Fake Shemp), although chances are that if they were going to cross over with a space themed rider, it would likely be Super 1 first.
  • No word on a Fourze crossover, but Gavan is confirmed to appear alongside DekaRed in episode 18 (although it's merely to promote "Gavan vs Dekaranger" as opposed to a full-fledged crossover).
    • Toei was able to get Gentaro's actor back for Heisei Generations FINAL, so Toei might be able to film a crossover at the same time. Only issue would be explaining away the crossover in-series (as it's been established that Kyuranger does not take place in the main universe), assuming they didn't want to reuse the set-up from the Dekaranger crossover.

Chameleon Green will wear hipster headphones in her civilian form.
It's an in-universe Unfortunate Character Design that makes are ugly because she seems to have large eyes on her side. Bonus points if that's supposed to giveaway that she's an alien, but in reality, she's a Human Alien.
  • Jossed.

As opposed to a traditional Sixth Ranger (Tenth Ranger?), this series will have a Bangai Hero.
Bonus points if said Bangai Hero has a white/violet color scheme.
  • Jossed, the Sixth Ranger is an actual ranger... but he is purple.
    • The team COULD get one who has white for a color, since there are rumors of the team ending with 13 members, and the only recurring Sentai color that hasn't had a corresponding ranger revealed so far is white. Plus, it's been a while since we had an Extra Hero who was a full-time member (the closest thing we've had recently was Ryo Knight, and he only appeared in 1 episode).

The team will start off with 3 rangers, gain the rest of the core team over the next 10-15 episodes, and then introduce the extra ranger(s) later than usual
Hurricanger, Gekiranger, and Go-Busters are all post-anniversary seasons, and all followed the "3 + 2" formula for forming the teams; while they did follow it differently by the end (Hurricanger started with 3, gained 2 later on, and gained a sixth afterwards; Gekiranger started with 3, and then had it's 2 rangers join separately, and had 2 extra heroes; and Go-Busters started with 3, gained 2 more, but didn't have an extra ranger/hero unless you count the wannabe Pink Buster). There's nothing to suggest Kyuranger will break this trend.
  • Sort of confirmed; the synopsis for episode 1 involves Lucky encountering Oushi Black, Chameleon Green, and Kajiki Yellow all already fighting.

They'll make references to Power Rangers that weren't made in Go-Busters
It's been confirmed that this series is being made with American input; most of the references to PR in Go-Busters were in the dialogue, so why not reference PR with stuff like a Titanium Kyuranger for a sixth ranger (with said ranger being a metallic color), or having a pair of comedic relief civilians who will try and uncover the Kyurangers's identities and become Kyurangers themselves (except maybe succeeding this time and becoming the team's sixth rangers)?

Not only will this team of Sentai Rangers will join forces with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, but also the space-themed Kamen Riders and Sentai Rangers, as well as at least one Ultra from the Ultraman franchise, like Ultraseven and Ultraman Orb
  • Them teaming up with Kamen Rider Fourze and (possibly) the Changemennote  will likely happen (they could also make a reference to the space-themed Power Rangers series by having them team up with the Megarangers or Gingamen, referencing how those seasons PR counterparts are space-themed), but Ultraman is a bit of a stretch - I could see them including Ultraman in the upcoming Chou Super Hero Taisen, although I think we'd get a Space Sheriff vs Kyuranger before we got an Ultraman vs Kyuranger.
    • Not entirely out of the question, seeing as how the titular Ultraman of Ultraman Geed, the next Ultra series, is the son of Ultraman Belial (who shares a VA with Balance), so it's possible that Geed could end up crossing over with Kyuranger.
      • We did eventually get a Kyuranger vs Gavan, so it's only an issue of if Toei would be willing to work with Tsuburaya Productions for such a crossover.

Shou Ranpou will be the 10th ranger
Seriously. His colors are all primarily violet and his staff looks very toyetic, with the tip looking like a slot for a Kyutama. He could be "The Strongest Star! Draco Violet!"
  • Rumours are going around about a "Ryuu Purple", so you might be onto something...
  • I think there will be 12 rangers to be honest since Kyuranger feels like a show where they would split the teams into three.
    • Scans show a purple ranger named Ryu Commander, so I'd say this one is confirmed. Only thing left to see now is if he ends up being the team's first Sixth Ranger or if he ends up being considered an Extra ranger like Doggie Kruger.
    • Considering that the producer just said that Kyuranger is inspired by Japanese soccer teams (which has 11 members), and you add the referee, you might be up to something.

The Kyurangers are based off Saint Seiya
The Kyurangers are the future versions of Athena's saints and Shou Ranpou is the pope.
  • Looking unlikely, since there weren't any Chameleon Saints...

ShishiRed will obtain a second form, a la Zyuoh Gorilla.
Obviously it won't be the exact same, but it would be pretty boring if all the Kyutama that weren't used by rangers to transform were mech parts. Considering that the red ranger usually gets an upgrade, it would make sense if he accessed his upgraded form from another Kyutama.
  • Confirmed with the use of Hikari Kyutama a sun and moon double power up. Also with the Pegasus Kyutama for Pegasus Shishi Red.

The Kyurangers will meet the Timerangers
Hey, if it takes place in the distant future, why not?
  • It's gonna be a bit hard for them to meet the Timerangers since the Kyurangers aren't in the same dimension as the Timerangers.

If the team gets an 11th ranger with a non-human form, that ranger will be voiced by Kenichi Suzumura
Hiroshi Kamiya is voicing Shou Ranpou (who, if one of the above WMGs is correct, will become the 10th ranger), and he runs a tokusatsu-themed radio show with Kenichi sponsored by Toei; plus, Kenichi voiced a Monster of the Week in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, so why not?

Excluding any possible V-Cinema rangers, the team's final number will be 12 rangers
This one ties into the below WMG about the 42 Kyutama, as well as the 2 above WMGs about the 10th and 11th rangers. While it's obvious that the team's name likely refers to the core team, excluding the extra rangers, 3 of the rangers have associations with the western Zodiacnote . How many signs does the western Zodiac have? 12.

The team will interact with the Dairangers during Chou Super Hero Taisen
The teams will confuse ShishiRed and Shishirangernote , and Shou Ranpou will react to Ryurangernote  calling his name in the Dairangers Roll Call, in a form of Production Foreshadowing about him being RyuCommander.

Lucky is the second coming of Daigo and Takaharu
With two different exclusive power ups and an obnoxious Hot-Blooded personality if the torch passing ceremony has shown anything. Lucky seems set to become as annoying as Takaharu and as much of a Mary Sue as Daigo.
  • If you're going to go by the logic of him having 2 exclusive power ups as a sign of what he'll be like in the future, then Yamato would've been the second coming before Lucky. It could just be that once the excitement of becoming a Red Ranger wears off, he'll start to mellow out.
  • Alternately, he'll be the next Gentaro Kisaragi.

There will be a team-up with Dengeki Sentai Changeman at some point
Changeman was originally going to be Cosmoman, a sentai series themed around space exploration. The team's predecessors teamed up with the Gokaigers, Ninninger had an episode where they teamed up with NinjaRed and HurricaneRed, the Kyoryugers teamed up with the Abarangers and Zyurangers during the Gobusters crossover, so why not have the Kyurangers meet the Changemen as a reference to this?

One of the team's SixthRangers will be from Earth
In the first episode, it starts on Earth showing the planet being invaded. Now, there is precedence for this sort of thing (see the Great Legend War in Gokaiger), but so far, we haven't seen or heard anything else about the Earth, and barring a plot twist revealing that one of the core rangers with a human form is from Earth, none of the core 9 (and Shou Ranpou for that matter) are from Earth. They're going to have to go to Earth at SOME POINT (since even in the case of shows like Flashman, where the rangers are from another galaxy, they fought on Earth), so it's not out of the question for them to, oh say, meet a freedom fighter who found a Kyutama...
  • Confirmed. Kotaro, a kid from Earth, becomes Koguma Skyblue, the 11th ranger.

    Post-Premier WMGs 
Behind Raptor's glassess...
Are a pair of Black Bead Eyes.

Sasori Orange will be the last of the core 9 to join the group
It's mentioned he's a hermit who hates interacting with others. While I could see him appearing before Raptor 283 becomes Washi Pink, I get the feeling that he'll join the group after the other 8 join the group.
  • Seems to be confirmed, given his behaviour in Episode 3.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 4 with Washi Pink's debut.

We'll get an Ex-Aid mech component either during the crossover with Ex-Aid or during Chou Super Hero Taisen
Well, Gobuster-oh used the Rocket and Drill super robot switches, Kyoryuzin combined with WizarDragon, ToQ-Oh combined with the Denliner, and Shurikenjin combined with Tridoron, so there is precedence. Plus, the toy version of the Seiza Blaster has a sound effect for an Ex-Aid Kyutama...hmm...
  • Jossed. The Ex-Aid Kyutama was used by Lucky to assist him in fighting off Space Ikadevil in Episode 7. Instead of a mech component, Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer will grow giant-sized using the Giant Enegry Item to fight alongside Kyuren-Oh

The Ex-Aid Kyutama has a justification beyond just to sell toys:
If I recall correctly, the Kyutama hold the powers of not just the constellations, but the legendary warriors from those constellations who originally fought beside Tsurugi against Don Armage (I think this was discussed in the episode where Pega-san was introduced). And the Dekaranger/Gavan crossover confirmed that Kyuranger takes place in a separate universe from other Sentai. So maybe Kyuranger actually takes place in the Kamen Rider 'verse, and Ex-Aid fought Jark Matter when they first tried to conquer Earth.

This series will pull an RPM and take place in an alternate timeline from the other sentai series.
  • It would be depressing if it turned out earth got totaled after Inferred Holocaust: the whole legendary war and it fusing with zyuland
    • Confirmed by episode 18 - the team ends up going through a wormhole in order to crossover with the Dekarangers and Gavan.

Lucky actually has some Hidden Depths
In Space 1, he states that he wants to join the Kyurangers after just seeing them fight some...and this is before he's told what they are. This either means 1) He just wanted to join them for the cool factor at first, or 2) He knew about them already. If he knew about them already, then there's definitely something up... maybe he's more of a "Happy-Go-Lucky" sort. Far too early to say though.

The unused western zodiacs will serve as power-ups for rangers who constellation motif isn't one.
For example, Kajiki Yellow will use the Pisces Kyutama and will wield dual knives, Chameleon Green will use the Gemini Kyutama and has access to duplication powers etc.
  • The trailer for Space 3 does seem to confirm the existence of duplication powers, we'll just have to see what Kyutama causes it...
    • Gemini does create a clone for Shishi Red duting a fight in episode 3.
And if Chameleon Green does ever use it. In the trailer, it's Shishi Red who uses it.

Champ is based on the technology used to make the Buddyroids.
In the same vein as the "Garu is a Zyuman (or at least descended from them)" theory mentioned above.

The plot will take place in space at first, before eventually focusing on Earth.
Hey, like it or not, they're on a budget, and endlessly making those gorgeous space scenes like in episode 1 will eat into said budget. Sides, the opening sequence has that shot of the Kyurangers looking over a planet, which odds are is Earth.
  • Well, as of episode 4, they are on Earth, but it's still up in the air if it's just going to be for an arc that the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid crossover ties into or if it'll be like Flashman, where they have to stay on earth.

The team will eventually obtain a second spaceship that acts as a carrier for the other Voyagers
The Orion has 9 slots on it, and at the moment, we have 11 mecha confirmed to appear (based on the number of rangers revealed so far, assuming Koguma Skyblue brings 1 mecha along with him). Even if the Orion's body can open up and reveal additional docking bays, due to the size of the hangers, they could fit, at most, 3 inside. Considering that all Sentai teams usually get a few mech components that aren't linked to a specific ranger (as in the team doesn't get a new ranger when they gain the new mech component), it would make sense for the team to have a ship storing the additional mech components (maybe with said ship becoming a component itself).

Time Travelling was involved during Jark Matter's invasion.
So the ranger will travel to the past to fix it and prevent Jark Matter from forming into a big empire in the first place.
  • Since the circumstances of the show currently make the Early-Bird Cameo they had during Ninninger vs Zyuohger impossible without time travel, not to mention that unless Japan is the one part of the Earth Jark Matter hasn't conquered, Ex-Aid likely happened in the past, I'd say that time travel will somehow be involved...although if Jark Matter used Time Travel is up in the air.
    • Jossed - if anything, it seems that the series takes place in an alternate universe, as episode 18 has them visiting the world that Dekaranger takes place in by traveling into a wormhole.

The Libra Scales are animals.
But they can only be found on Balance's home planet.

One of the Kyurangers will hold their Seiza Blaster like a gun instead of wearing it on their wrist
Possibly Stinger because he's a soldier, or Raptor for some Guns Akimbo action with her Kyu Shot.
  • If this was to happen, it would most likely be Raptor, since it would be an Actor Allusion to the other Sentai ranger played by MAO.

Stinger has reasons for his behaviour, but he's sure as hell not telling you!
The majority of Stinger's responses and explanations for his actions in Space 3 were extremely vague—given his character, the solitary, indifferent one, he probably has at least one or two legitimate reasons; but he wants to do everything himself, and doesn't want to open up to people. In particular, people like Lucky.
  • Seems to do with his older brother betraying his planet for Dark Matter. That the only way to get intel about his brother was to join them.

Xiao ISN'T the actual commander of the Rebellion
He's really just a space hitchhiker who spouts helpful advice to the team.
  • Jossed: Space 8 shows that he has been part of the Rebellion.

There will be at least 1 episode where Lucky isn't part of the 5 rangers sent out
Obviously he'll have to be sent out when they have to fight an enlarged monster (unless they reveal a way that the other voyagers can become the main body of the Kyuren-Oh), but with the reveal of the Kyulette being used to select 5 members to send out at a time, it's not out of the question that an episode might have 5 of the other rangers chosen, but Lucky has to stay at the ship initially.

At some point there will be time travel hijinx
And it will result in the Kyurangers becoming the inspiration for the very legend of the Kyurangers in the first place
  • Confirmed!

Playing off the earlier WMG about a Kyuranger coming from Earth...
I think it's specifically Koguma Skyblue, and I think he's the older of the two boys shown in previews. I'll present my evidence.
  • He's shown to be with Stinger most of the episode, and Skyblue is supposed to be tied to him.
  • He's wearing a light blue jacket, while his younger brother is in orange.
  • His civilian name is Kotaro Sakuma. Ko means small and Kuma means bear. That's just punny enough for Toei.
    • It wouldn't be the first time Toei has had a Henshin Hero named Kotaro who is associated with bears - see Kotaro Nogami/New Den-O and Teddy/Neotaros. If they have Kotaro come along with Stinger (either as a passenger or a stowaway - assuming they have the team leave Earth), I'd say this one will be confirmed. So now we wait.
    • It could also be that both have the role, but alternate in a way similar to the Imagin, with both sharing a body when transformed, but switching between who is in charge when changing forms (this is helped by the fact that Jiro, Kotaro's brother, is shown to be taller than Kotaro).
      • You have the names reversed. Kotaro is the older, Jiro is the younger. Though otherwise the idea is a solid one. In any event, they'll be on Earth for a few episodes now, so we'll see soon. Given the toy releases, we should see both Skyblue and Ryu Commander by episode 11 or so.
      • My bad. I guess it's because "Ko" means "small" that I automatically assumed that Kotaro was the younger brother.
  • The constellation Ursa Minor that Koguma Skyblue represents also has Polaris a.k.a. the North Star which is extremely significant and common knowledge as a navigation aide for Earthlings and is one of the earliest relations between Earthlings and space.
  • Looks like we were right! New scans show that Kotaro is indeed Skyblue!

Koguma Skyblue will be a Barefisted Monk
Kyuranger has already been compared to Choushinsei Flashman. Green Flash used the Prism Kaiser, which were basically boxing gloves made of solid light, and Pink Flash used the Prism Boots, which boosted her kicking power. Unless there's a configuration on the toy version of Kyu The Weapon no one has tried yet (which is extremely unlikely), it's likely that any additional rangers will use their own weapons. And so far, one of the most common fighting styles not represented is martial arts.
  • Confirmed! For the most part, Koguma fights barehanded, even having a hidden set of clawed gloves to slash with, but his scarf doubles as twin flail weapons when he detaches the twin ball pieces.

The Spaceship Orion is going to become a ranger
It's apparently sentient based on the end of space 4 where Raptor called him her uncle. maybe it's transform into a combination ranger/mecha like with Gosei Knight and morph for giant battles.
  • I've heard that there was an Orion Voyager sound on the Seiza Changer, and considering that there have been rumors of the team ending up with 12-13 members, you could be on to something. The mech itself would probably end up being the team's final mech, given it's size, but it's not out of the question - plus, it would be a nice mythology gag to Gingaman and Goseiger

Luka will guest-star just to become a female version of Kajiki Yellow.
And Hami will tease Spada for having a skirt afterwards.
  • Pre-emptively jossed. The Gokaigers didn't transform into the Go-Busters or Zyuohgers in the crossovers with those shows, and it's been established that a ranger has to give their power to the Gokaigers in order for the latter to transform into that ranger.

The Kyurangers will find out Earth's big secret and free it in the process
Earth doesn't actually have any Planesium, The generals are all just their to help guard the big secret. After the beans get spilled the earth will be evacuated of all Jark Matter Presence and the Kyurangers will be free to start freeing the other planets.
  • Or, Armage will recall all the generals to convince the kyurangers to leave earth, preventing them from learning of it's big secret.
    • Well, they are leaving the Earth soon to hunt down the Argo Navis Constellation, so the next episode or two will likely have them leave the Earth after it's liberated.
      • Well, they found the Earth's big secret, Houou Soldier. Now we wait for them to liberate the planet.

Hoshi Minato will become a Kyuranger
Well, he's been established since the beginning, yet he is not linked to either the Kyurangers or the villains at the moment. However, I have 3 reasons to suspect this.
  • He's specifically mentioned to be the "Space King of Pop", much like Michael Jackson....yet we haven't seen much of him. It's almost like he's being set aside for later.
  • Tying into the one above: The ranger names are all based around a moniker ending with "-Star". Michael Jackson was definitely a Pop Star.
  • The last time his actor appeared in a Sentai for more than 1 episode, he was Beet Buster, and the head writer of Kyuranger wrote some of the episodes of Go-busters.

Koguma/Ooguma Sky-Blue's Kyu the Weapon form (if he even gets a Kyu the Weapon) will be the Kyu Pick
Like an ice pick. Seeing as his Koguma form is clearly ready for winter weather, a Powerful Pick would be a perfect fit. Of course, it would just be the Kyu Scythe without the bit at the bottom unfolded.
  • Pre-emptively jossed. Someone would've discovered something in the toy version of Kyu the Weapon if that had happened. Plus, he's already a Bare-Fisted Monk, so giving him a unique form of Kyu the Weapon is kind of pointless.

The Kyurangers having such unique, elaborate suits was a bit of a drain on the costume budget.
And that's why so many of the monsters are just recycled Tsuyoindavers.

Kyutama Gattai RyuTei KyurenOh will be formed with a 01*03*04*06*07*08*09*10 variant.
With Tenbin and Hebitsukai Voyagers replacing Sasori and Kuma Voyagers for the arms and Washi Voyager replacing Oishi Voyager for one of its legs.

The Ouishi Kyutama is holding Champ's memories.
Once he's physically fixed, the Kyutama will then restore his memories.
  • He ended up having his memories when he was fixed, so neither jossed nor confirmed.

When Kotaro/Koguma Skyblue comes back, he'll bring Houou Soldier with him
Well, Houou Soldier has "soldier" explicitly in his name, so it would make sense if like Shou, he was already in the rebellion. He doesn't have to be a Kyuranger right away - instead, he could have the Houou Blade and Shield with him, but no corresponding Kyutama, and he'll gain the Kyutama after his debut. Plus, it would be a nice Hurricanger shout-out, since technically that would mean that a duo consisting of Red and Blue would join the team.

There will be a Halloween episode
Zyuohger had one, so why not?

The Kyurangers will still be able to control their voyagers while Kyumajin is formed
It'd give the kyurangers a way too work together even as part of a large robot. Ootori and Lucky will control the machine itself while the other control their voyagers without connecting their cockpits.

Tsurugi will die near the end of the series.
For starters, he gave up his immortality to fend off Jark Matter's forces prior to being placed in suspended animation. Also, the sixth rangers of post-anniversary series after Gaoranger have a habit of dying (with the subversion being Shurikenger, as he seemingly died near the end of his series, but was revealed to be alive later on following the end).
  • To add to the theory he will be possessed by Don Armage and serve as the last boss only to sacrifice himself to kill him for good and possibly free Cuervo
  • Counter by the fact that of the two sixth rangers from Gobusters, only Beet Buster died, and none of the rangers in Gekiranger died (Rio and Mele are more akin to extra heroes, something Kyuranger does not have). Additionally, the series has already had 2 other ranger deaths (they didn't stick, but they still count), so it's possible that Tsurugi may get a "Get out of jail free" card in this department.
    • And jossed - he did get possessed, but it wasn't to save Quervo; rather, Armage took him over. It's worth noting that Tsurugi did intend for the Kyurangers to finish him off, since he was dying at that time, but it seemed that Don Armage took Tsurugi's ailments with him.

Lucky is a descendent of Orion.
Orion mentions that is wife is from the Leo System & is hiding out there with there new born, also Lucky's outfit in his childhood flashback looks a LOT like the one Orion sports, lasty while all the Kyurangers can use the Saiko Kyutama Lucky is the only one who go's Orion.
  • Doesn't hurt that we never saw either of Lucky's parents in the flashback, and while it's possible that the biology of Lucky's species would result in him aging slower than a normal human (meaning that he could be Orion's son), if Orion was Lucky's father, that would make Lucky tied with Balance as the oldest Kyuranger on the team.
    • This is confirmed.

Three of the twelve rangers won't take part in the final battle- but not necessarily the extra ones.
  • The legend was that nine heroes would save the universe- it didn't say which nine. The Kyurangers thought they were surpassing the legend by making Shou a ranger, but maybe there were always supposed to be only nine heroes present at the final battle. One to three of the core nine might end up not being there.

Orion Battler is reincarnated from the previous Orion Spaceship.
Somehow, Orion the spaceship has his sentience transferred to the new and improved mecha.

Don Armage being able to cheat death is Professor Anton's fault.
Anton apparently learned how to extend his own life with technology, maybe Don Armage learned to benefit from that and Anton was even more driven to fix his own mistakes by building Champ. Related:

We get one more time travel trip down the line.
The Kyurangers realise that the best way to find Professor Anton is at a time where his location is confirmed... the time he died. They go back in time and see how the whole thing unfurled, specifically Scorpio's involvement, but are forced to wait until past!Champ is passed out on the ground before they can get to Anton, let Stinger absorb any poison to buy them some minutes, take any data disks he'd been saving for them, and present!Champ can say goodbye properly.
  • To address the obvious point, Anton notices first that Stinger not only came right back but changed all his clothes, leading to the reveal that he's from the future, leading Anton to surmise that future (or rather present!)Champ has also come, which is why they can skip over the initial shock.
    • And then they have to make themselves scarce again as Yagyu Jubei, the Champ that elected to stay in the past after the first trip. finally shows up and finds Anton, albeit too late.

Kotaro gets special permission to redline the Ooguma Kyutama and grow himself to mecha size...
...but since it's the same suit actor as usual he's still shorter than the actual mechs and monsters. After the big battle, the Ooguma Kyutama burns out, but it's all right as Big Bear is at peace.

Each Kyuranger will meet each of the Olympian Gods aka the Dii Consentes
to help defeat Don Armage
  • Since Kyuranger is also based on Greeco-Roman Mythology, the Gods will aid each of the Kyuranger in order to defeat Don Armage who is becoming more powerful than ever.

Lucky will use the Spartan Kick to defeat the weaker Don Armage similar to 300
  • Lucky will also make a speech to Don Armage while hold his Kyu Sword similar to Leonidas did with the Persian messenger in 300.

WMGs for The Stinger:
  • Balance and Naga go back to thieving... but it goes tits up immediately as they're set up in a trap and arrested by the Patorangers. Even worse, the treasure has already been swapped out for a fake... by the Lupinrangers.
    • Jossed. There's no stinger showcasing either of the two teams aside from the red rangers Passing the Torch.

     Villain WMGs 

The villains will be dictators who will construct massive barriers across Earth in order to cut off humanity from helping one another.
They will cut off Japan from the rest of the world completely and make it where the leaders live and operate, thus justifying the Kyurangers largely operating there do to that.
  • Jossed. The Kyurangers aren't actually operating anywhere near Japan, or indeed Earth itself this time around. In fact, it doesn't seem as if any of them are really even human this time around.

The villains will be themed after infamous and despised figures from throughout history.
The Big Bad could allude to Caligula or Dowager Cixi, for example.
  • Jossed. They are themed after constellations and various cryptids or myths.

The villains will be themed after the planets
Each ranger will have a villain rival.
  • One problem: The team has 11 rangers confirmed so far. Even if you count Pluto, that would leave 2 rangers without evil rivals.

The villains will be based on aliens from different media
Like the Little Green Men, the Xenomorphs, Predators, Alf...
  • Jossed. While some are based on Greys, the rest of the villains are based on constellations or cryptids/myths.
    • It's worth noting that Scorpio's monster form is based on that of the Predator, but the Predator's design was based on Adjudant Booba from Changeman, so still jossed.

The villains will be based on black holes
What better foe for star based heroes?
  • Technically speaking, the rangers are based on groupings of stars, not individual stars...
    • That doesn't Joss the idea of a black hole themed villain at all.
  • Their symbol is a black hole and their goal is to conquer the universe, much like how a black hole sucks up everything near it, so it's there thematically.
    • Having something as a symbol =/= having something as a motif.

There are no fixed villains.
The Kyurangers travel to one area after another, fighting off an individual evil alien along the way.
  • Jossed by the reveal of Jark Matter.

The villains will be pastiches of heroes from other major franchises

The villains will use corrupted Kyutama
The reason why only 9 of the 88 constellations were chosen is because the other 79 constellations are controlled by Jack Matter. The Rangers are said to obtain a total of 42 Kyutama, while the other 46 will be used to create the Monster of the Week and weapons.

There will be Psycho Rangers
It's been a long time since we had a team of evil rangers that weren't evil clones, and the WMG directly above this one predicts the villains will use corrupted Kyutama - and since the heroes transform using Kyutama, if the above WMG is true, it's not entirely out of the question for some of the corrupt Kyutama to allow the villains to become evil rangers.
  • well there is a Saggitarius Kyutama despite Eridoran being based on that constellation, so it's likely their will be a group of Karo and/or Daikaan who come from the systems the rangers' constellations come from as their Psychorangers

There will be no Monster Of The Week
Episode 1 had a stark lack of MOTW, and even the giant fight was between a giant Mook (Well, the stronger Mook) and Kyuren-Oh. I honestly think that there will be a stark lack of MOTW in this series... which might be a good thing. There won't be a new character each episode to fight, and this will give a bit more room to provide character development for the plus-sized cast.Also... correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Choudenshi Bioman the only other Sentai series without a MOTW? That one was pretty dark, what with The first Yellow Four dying and all...Let's wait and see if a bomb drops around Space 12.
  • Jossed - the Daikaan are the MOTW starting with episode 2.

Like the Rangers, the major villains are themed around constellations
  • Eridron, the main villain of the first episode, is noted to be the ruler of the Sagittarius system, and the curving structures on his body resemble bows, plus his weapon resembles a bow and arrow.
  • Gamettsui, the next villain, looks vaguely lion-like.

one of the main villains will be based around misfortune, A.K.A. bad luck
It would be a good Evil counterpart too lucky and he will call himself the Disas-star since he always makes things worse around him
  • The Seiza Changer has a sound programmed for a "Dark Kyutama", and the movie-exclusive voyager has been revealed to be the Cerberus voyager. Considering that all Kyutama that give Voyagers so far have been linked to a ranger, it's likely that the movie-exclusive ranger will be an evil ranger - based on the constellation Cerberus. If they were to keep up these comparisons, it would make sense for this ranger to be navy bluenote , like Deathryuger. So, by this logic, the ranger would be "Disas-star! Cerberus Navy".

all the future Dragon characters in this series will have dragon elements in their designs
It's weird that Eridoron looks like a dragon, maybe it'll become a reoccurring trait

The big secret of earth is that it's actually Don Armage's home planet
He's actually Human and set up all the extractors to help protect his home unaware of how screwed up they're making it.
  • Jossed

Scorpio steals Stinger's Kyutama and changer and gets to turn into Sasori Orange
and attack the other Kyurangers yadayadayada same shit different series. It'd be deliciously ironic. Alternately:

Scorpio gets a monster form a la Basco.
Which will be conveniently white. Alternately-alternately:
  • Confirmed.

Scorpio snags a white Kyutama and changer for himself.
Setting up his final battle with Stinger as Morning Star, X White. Color's still available, should work out.

Hoshi Minato gets a monster form.
And for the obvious joke, it's just a monster face under the Funny Afro, and otherwise he's unchanged.
  • Jossed. Space 35 has Minato possessed by Don Armage's clone.

Hoshi Minato will fight the Kyurangers.
For destroying his Space Dragon Palace in Episode 14.
  • Disproved. After the events of Space 35, he rallies the inhabitants of Earth to support the Kyurangers.

There is a Karo or Shikaku member that is a modified Indaver.
Think Boss in Mook's Clothing Type 2, with the ascended Indaver having slightly different traits to differentiate himself from others.
  • Jossed. No such member appeared.

Don Armage is an earthing human.
  • Jossed. He's a manifested accumulation of all the resentment people have across the galaxy.

Scorpio somehow transferred the good parts of his personality into the necklace he gave Stinger, leaving the evil part of himself in charge of his body.
  • He did say "treat it as if it was part of me"... maybe he meant it literally. Presumably he did it so that his evil side would rise in the ranks of Jark Matter, then once the two were reunited he could use his status for good.

Madako will become an Ignored Enamoured Underling of Scorpio
My reason for suspecting this is simply because of how she has acted towards Scorpio - when he told her to make sure the Kyurangers don't get the Carina Kyutama, she accepted his orders eagarly, almost as if she wanted him to notice her. Why this as opposed to a Perky Female Minion? It's because of Scorpio's personality, and that Scorpio is a Basco-expy. Bonus points if Scorpio basically becomes what Rio would've been like if he hadn't changed sides.

Following that, Scorpio does find a special use for Madako in the final battle.
By ripping her limb from limb on the battlefield to create 5 or 6 Madakos and give our heroes a really hard time.
  • Very unlikely, since Madako's regeneration seems to follow the same principle that Cell's regenerative abilities do (the user has to be killed in order to regenerate), so killing her that way would only create one of her each time she died, not to mention that it's been confirmed that Scorpio is being Killed Off for Real in episode 21.
    • First off, Kukuruger is the most likely candidate to take over that role, and secondly the time that Scorpio gashed Madako's throat is the only time he could have gotten a part of her to resurrect her after that, and she re-rose from her dead body that time, so in theory both parts could have been activated at once if not for the plot.

Predictions for how Scorpio will be defeated
  • Episode 21 has been confirmed to be the last appearance of Scorpio, and with a few days left before the episode airs, we might as well speculate on how he'll meet his fate. So, place your guesses here.
    • Scorpio uses his venom on himself, using the same Dangerous Forbidden Technique his brother used the episode before, only for Stinger to inject his own venom into Scorpio, causing Scorpio to go berserk, giving the Kyurangers the chance to defeat him.
    • Scorpio opens the Argo (which has been confirmed to be revived in this episode), but doing so has the same result that the Nazis opening the ark in Raiders of the Lost Ark had on him. However, It Only Works Once, so the Kyurangers can access the ark without suffering the same consequences.
    • Champ, having been given upgraded to be immune to Scorpio's venom when he was repaired, annihilates him, first ripping off his tail when Scorpio attempts to (but fails) to sting him (similar to Android 16 ripping off Cell's tail).
    • Houou Soldier, the new ranger, wakes up after the Argo is revived, and Scorpio is used as The Worf Effect to show just how powerful he is.
    • Lucky or Stinger re-creates Marvelous's and Basco's final battle with Scorpio taking the latter's place, complete with Lucky/Stinger stabbing himself and Scorpio in foot with the Kyu Sword to trap Scorpio, then defeating Scorpio the same way Marvelous defeated Basco.

The Don Armage currently ruling over the universe is not the same one Houou Soldier fought
In Space 22, Houou Soldier mentions that before he went to sleep, he defeated Don Armage. "Don" sounds like the name of a title that would be passed down (something that has surely happened at least once, given that Houou Soldier was asleep for at least 300 years), and we never see any flashbacks of Houou Soldier beating Don Armage. Plus, suppose the current Don Armage took the name of the defeated one just to make it look like he had won?

Don Armage somehow acquired Houou Soldier's immortality.
This is how he managed to survive all these years, plus he accumulated more power along the way.
  • Jossed, he somehow managed to survive his final attack, then possessed one the fallen who was just close to death.

Quervo will come back.
Tsurugi's best friend Quervo will make another appearance, possibly during the search for the Tokei/Horologium Kyutama. They may even use it to rescue him by pulling him to the present right before he died, saving his life without affecting the timestream.
  • Against: The Karasu Kyutama is numbered 45 and all the Change Kyutama are in sequential order (1-12).
    • The Karasu Kyutama is also black, a color already taken.
  • Confirmed. He survives thanks to Don Amarge.

Orion is possessed by Don Armage.
That final scene in Space 28 couldn't make it more obvious.
  • Jossed, since we see Armage's true form in episode 29.

How can Don Armage still
be in the future even after they defeated him in past [[spoiler:twice?]]
  1. He is hiding behind a line of puppets. The one defeated by Tsurugi is just a puppet used by the real one. When something happens to the current one, he simply switches to a new model.
  2. Space Shogun Don Armage is only a title used by several beings through the time.
  • Final answer: He barely survived Tsurugi's final attack and preserved his own life by possessing one of his comrades who's close to death. The one who was defeated by Shishi Red Orion turned out to be his duplicate.

Don Armage will be defeated by...
Since it's been confirmed that there are countless Don Armages, the heroes are going to have to defeat Don Armage somehow. Obviously the traditional method won't work (at least until the final/penultimate episode, that is), so they are going to have to do something special. Feel free to add suggestions here. How they could defeat the Don Armages:
  • One of the Kyutama they have turns out to have the same powers as Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, and they use it multiple times to bring in multiple Don Armages, weaponizing Never the Selves Shall Meet.
  • The Kyurangers trap almost all of the Don Armages on a planet that's dying, resulting in the planet's explosion taking the Earth with it.
  • The Kyurangers create a virus that only affects Don Armage's species, and infect one of them with it, thus causing the virus to take all but one of them out.

The Kyurangers will fight Don Armage for the last time at a very high place known as Olympus
  • There Don Armage will turn himself into his Cronus form and the Olympian Gods aka Dii Consentes will fight alongside with the Kyurangers at the top of the tower.

Don Armage is Kuervo
Lets take a look at the checklist;
  • Kuervo is a crow, and crows represent death, while Tsurugi is a Phoenix, which is the exact opposite.
  • Kuervo was constantly trying to protect Tsurugi, despite being told that an immortal doesn't need a shield. Kuervo's death is what pushed Tsurugi to convert his immortality into one final attack to seemingly kill Don Armage.
  • Kuervo has constantly been reappearing even late into the series, which is an indicator that his character is not finished yet. Past Sentai have had allies that are a part of a Ranger's backstory and were used to develop them (Like Kyoryu Black's friend who was killed by Aigaron), however they were never brought up again after their story was resolved. And in the same season, Orion is never mentioned again after his death.
  • During a short talk, Don Armage briefly showed his black winged true identity to Tsurugi in episode 43. He was shocked.
  • In the same episode, Don Armage's voice changes to a much softer, different tone, even using the same pronoun as Kuervo (Boku)
  • The Kyurangers will find out Don Armage's true identity on Planet Corvus, which is Kuervo's home planet.
    • Semi-Confirmed. Don Armage was revealed to be Kuervo in Space 44, but it's unknown whether Kuervo is being controlled like Aslan or if he's made a Face–Heel Turn.

Kuervo is a Green-Eyed Monster.
Kuervo/Don Armage said that he wanted to be strong like Tsurugi and allowed himself to be possessed out of jealousy.
  • Kuervo is implied to have low self-esteem.
    • Kuervo was always trying to be Tsurugi's shield, despite the latter's immortality.
      • This implies Kuervo was desperate to be seen as Tsurugi's equal or at least be as respected as his friend.
    • Kuervo felt despondent over being unable to complete the trials at Kyulin Temple, similar to how Shou was in the episode.
    • During their encounter on Earth in Space 45, Kuervo boasts about becoming a "savior that surpassed Tsurugi".
  • Don Armage went as far as to erase Tsurugi from history.
  • Pega-san questions whether Kuervo was really his friend in Space 44.
  • Tsurugi was as arrogant as ever during the original war against Don Armage. Given how insufferable he can be, it's not out of the realm of possibility that some of his comrades secretly resented him.
    • Kuervo said that "none of you understand how I feel" after defeating Tsurugi in Space 45, making him come off as a bitter, overshadowed sidekick.

Don Armage was lying when he claimed Kuervo wanted to be possessed.
After he possesses Tsurugi he says the same sort of things, acting like Tsurugi and talking as if Tsurugi wanted to be possessed to gain power, when it's pretty obvious that Tsurugi wanted no such thing. This casts doubt on everything Don Armage said as Kuervo. Kuervo never got a chance to set the record straight because Don Armage remained in his body until his death.

     Mythology Gags/Shout Outs 
With Zyuohger being (relatively) light on Mythology Gags for an anniversary season beyond monster design and the two-parter, Kyuuranger may contain several of these as part of its premise, taking a "Dawn of a New Era" approach.

NOTE: Italicized text indicates confirmed gags noticeable from pre-release material, standard text is theory only.

  • Himitsu Sentai Goranger
    • Constellation/star motif
      • A Cassiopeia Kyutama has been confirmed!
    • The team name is a Portmanteau of the number of rangers + "ranger"
    • Kajiki Yellow has a particular affinity for yellow curry.
  • J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai
  • Battle Fever J
  • Denshi Sentai Denziman
    • The team's mentor will be a talking robot animal.
      • Jossed, albeit separately. The team's commanding officer, Shou Ronpo, is a purple, humanoid Chinese dragon, whereas Champ is a robot minotaur.
  • Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan
  • Dai Sentai Goggle Five
  • Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
  • Choudenshi Bioman
  • Dengeki Sentai Changeman
    • The Jark Matter leader uses a holographic projection to contact his subordinates, which all come from different planets.
  • Choushinsei Flashman
    • The Kyurangers, since they hail from different planets, can only stay on Earth for a certain period of time, or risk being harmed by the planet's atmosphere.
      • Jossed, although they do limit how long they stay on the Earth (only because the Orion is their base of operations).
  • Hikari Sentai Maskman
  • Choujuu Sentai Liveman
    • One of the villains will have been a former friend of one of the rangers, who betrayed them.
      • Replace "Friend" with "Brother", and it's confirmed for Stinger, who has an older brother named Scorpio.
  • Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
  • Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman
  • Choujin Sentai Jetman
  • Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
    • One of the Sixth Rangers will start off as evil, but not brainwashed.
      • Disproved.
  • Gosei Sentai Dairanger
    • RyuuVoyager is based on chinese dragon like RyuseiOh, the change to robot mode is similar to RyuseiOh Warrior Mode, but without arms.
  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
    • Champ will be enraged and turn into a hidden assault mode.
      • Jossed - Stinger enrages him, yet he doesn't end up having an assault mode.
  • Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
    • The Kyutama all come from an ancient civilization that used to exist on Earth.
    • The helmets have painted lips.
  • Gekisou Sentai Carranger
    • The monsters will grow by eating something.
      • Jossed.
  • Denji Sentai Megaranger
    • The first episode will show a ship launching into space - either at the end (after the red ranger has joined the team), or at the beginning (with the red ranger already a member).
  • Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
    • Champ will be extremely antagonistic towards the team before he gets convinced to assist it.
      • Jossed, he's one of the first three team members.
  • Kyukyu Sentai GoGoV
    • Like GoRanger, the team's name references the number of rangers in the team.
    • A subgroup of mecha is based on trains.
  • Mirai Sentai Timeranger
  • Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
    • Sixth Ranger will start trapped in one of the villains.
      • Jossed.
    • Globes/Orbs Gimmicks
      • The series has these called Kyutamas.
  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
  • Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
    • Alternatively, one of the additional rangers will start out working for the villains just For the Evulz.
    • A female ranger wannabe falls for one of the rangers.
  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
    • Same note about giant robots as Battle Fever J
      • Semi-jossed as the villains do get giant robots, but they come standard.
    • The team's mentor will join them on the battle later on as a Sixth Ranger.
  • Mahou Sentai Magiranger
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger
    • One of the team's extra rangers will be a hybrid of two races, with one of said races being more violent then the other, causing him to struggle between his two identities.
  • Juken Sentai Gekiranger
    • The presence of a green chameleon themed ranger who also happen to be the franchise's only example of heroic female green rangers in the main series.
  • Engine Sentai Go-onger
    • Will introduce a pair of extra rangers who operate on a separate teamnote 
      • Jossed in regards to having violet as part of the duo, although there's been rumors that the team will end up with 13 members, so for all we know, the last 2 could debut this way.
    • A pair of rangers whose colors are Gold and Silver join the team as the 6th and 7th members.
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
    • Shishi Red must leave the team for some reason, and is temporarily replaced by a girl who uses a red lioness representing Leo Minor.
      • Not likely, since Leo is just one constellation.
      • They did originally state "Leo Minor".
      • Even then, Takeru was with the Shinkengers from the beginning. Lucky was the fourth to join - if they were going to pull off a plot twist like that, it would work better if it was Spada, since he was with the Kyurangers longer.
      • And jossed since Leo Minor turned out to be the Kyutama for an upgraded version of Kyuren-Oh.
  • Tensou Sentai Goseiger
    • Voyagers are hybrid from animals and machines.
      • Jossed - Balance's voyager isn't based on an animal.
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
    • The team is composed of members who span the galaxy
    • Raptor's VA is GokaiYellow
  • Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
  • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
    • The Kyutama will be like the Zyudenchi give characteristics to them based on constellations.
  • Ressha Sentai ToQger
    • Traveling from planet to planet instead of stations, keep with no set location.note .
  • Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
    • Lack to consistency in mechas that they are not all-animals, all-vehicles or all-hybrid of the two. (That said, the Kyurangers mecha are themed after western constellations in general)
  • Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
    • The presence of 4 non-human team members
    • The Big Bad is a mook all along.
  • Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
    • Someone's gonna be in love with Raptor, the G-rated equivalent to how AkibaRed has a robot suit fetish.
      • Nothing confirmed yet, although it's hinted that Spada at least cares for Raptor more than he does about the other Kyurangers.

    Vs. Space Squad 
There's something happening in the school Hammie teaches in.
Hammie unwittingly is caught in a cult of some sort, causing her to undergo a Face-Heel brainwash.

Evil Mele is important to the plot
There's gotta be a reason for reviving Mele aside from fanservice otherwise there is gonna be some Homura Akemi level Character Derailment done for Mele in this movie. Either Mele and the other four are fakes or everyone evil Alpha 5 cooked up including evil Hammie are fakes and the real Hammie is tied up in the power chamber's broom closet. Or evil Hammie is a new Rin Jyu Ken technique made by Mele or Mele in disguise with the other Mele being a shadow Rin Rinshi. If the MOTW of Gekiranger is a technique what's stopping Mele from simply teaching Chameleon fist to a hundred mooks turning them into Rin Rinshi and making a hundred Mele clones?

There is an in-universe reason for Luka's cameo.
She visits Sparda's restaurant to show support, as he was among the children she took care of before she joined Gokaiger's crew. She went up to Raptor's table as she suspects her to have a crush on him.

     Zyuohger Crossover WMGs 
While we're still a ways away from this, we might as well start making guesses as to what will happen in said crossovernote , since we know nothing about it aside from the obligatory Early-Bird Cameo of the 42nd Sentai team. Feel free to add guesses as Kyuranger progresses.
  • If they bring her back, Naria will take the top off of an Enlarge Inrou, revealing a coin slot - and insert a continue medal into said slot, causing the Daikaan the Enlarge Inrou belongs too to grow three times as big, much like a Third Life in Shinkenger.
  • Balance might act like Misao, feeling leftout because he is the only one who does not have any animal theme among Kyuranger and Jyuohger.
  • With Stinger, an arachnid-themed ranger present, they'll address if Arthropodnote  Zyumans exist - either by having one of the Zyuohgers not named Yamato or Misao asking Stinger if he's a Zyuman, or have an Insect/Arachnid Zyuman show up in person.
    • Strongest Battle does have Yamato mistake Stinger for a Zyuman, though whether actual scorpion Zyumans exist isn't addressed
  • One of the Zyuohgers will lampshade the fact that Yamato is a very serious red ranger, in comparison to the Idiot Hero Lucky (Yamato himself might even do this).
  • If Bard (who witnessed the Kyurangers' Early-Bird Cameo in Zyuohger vs Ninninger) is present, he'll recognize the Kyurangers from their Early-Bird Cameo.
  • The crossover will finally reveal if Kyuranger takes place in the shared universe or if it's an alternate universe like Power Rangers RPM.
    • Well, episode 18 already revealed that Kyuranger does indeed take place in an alternate universe. How the crossover will happen is anyone's guess.
    • Combining this with the "evil Rangers" trend from Gokaiger vs Go-Busters and Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters, the Kyuranger!Zyuohgers could be completely scattered but abusing their powers to become tyrants, becoming "monarchs" for real but not in the good way. Leo leads the Panthera Awesome empire, Sela leads all sea life, Tusk leads all larger mammals, Amu is stuck with Leo and trying to talk him around as a favor to Sela secretly, all lesser mammals have been enslaved and Bard is leading a resistance movement. And Yamato and Misao, never realizing their potential, are stuck on Earth as part of an underground movement harboring and moving refugees around.
  • Sparda will accidentally trigger a series of events leading the two teams into fighting each other by asking Sela to help out in the kitchen.
    • Alternatively, Leo will be the one to suggest the idea, but Spada ends up being the one to get on Sela's bad side by saying it's a good idea, with Sela entering just as he says the idea out loud and that he thinks it's a good one, but not hearing Leo suggest it.
  • Raptor and Amu bond over the fact that their corresponding colors (Pink and White) don't have a ranger on the other teamnote .
  • A Dark Kyutama turns some Moebas into shields for some Indavers to use, or some Indavers into armor for some Moebas to wear.
  • Shou is mistaken for a Dragon Zyuman.
  • As the Zyuohgers were almost on the receiving end of Poor Communication Kills due to Ran Ran from the Ninninger crossover, the villains will instead cause the two teams to fight by creating fake Zyuohgers, similar to the False Gaorangers from Gaoranger vs Hurricanger, who will attack the Kyurangers.
  • Hoshi Minato fills the role of non-ranger ally for the Kyurangers (assuming they don't revive Orion or Big Bear for this crossover), and spends most of his time interacting with Mario Mori, and ends up being the one to witness the Early-Bird Cameo by the next Sentai team, Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger.
  • Misao mistakes Garu as a relative of the Wolf Zyuman he got his powers from, and spends a good amount of time apologizing to Garu, much to the latter's confusion.

     Power Rangers Possibilities? 

If this series gets a Power Rangers adaptation, the plot will be based around a video game
It'll be the exact opposite of what happened with Power Rangers in Space, where the Sentai is space-themed, whereas the PR adaptation is video game themed.
  • It's possible, but Power Rangers loves giving its villains alien origins, so maybe it'll still be both rather than being exclusive.
    • Maybe the video game will be alien in origin, and the one who sent it to earth is an alien, who would become the final villain. That way, they could do the flip AND have the big bad be an alien.

A Power Rangers adaptation will gender-flip one of the rangers into a girl
The sentai having a cast of elevennote  with only two girls has already drawn the ire of some fans. If this gets adapted, one or more of the rangers could be made a girl.
  • Dorado Yellow, because this is the traditional colour to flip.
    • She will be butchier to reflect her lack of skirt.
      • Alternatively, she'll be a Human Alien from a planet where the concept of a skirt is non-existent, and only starts to wear a skirt near the end of the series.
      • If human, tying into a guess about Dorado Yellow before the series aired, could be someone who absolutely despises short skirts with a passion, and chooses to wear pants, only wearing long skirts.
  • Hebitsukai Silver, because serpents have somewhat feminine connotations. Plus many people theorized based on body language that Silver in the sentai was secretly a girl as well, at least until Taiki Yamazaki was confirmed to play him.
  • Oushi Black:
    • Civilian form is a meek, little girl, and the ranger form will be written as her power suit.
      • Already jossed, this is too similar to Koguma Skyblue, who is a young boy whose second form grows him to adult height, like Justin.
      • How can something that doesn't exist yet be Jossed?
      • That assumes they keep Koguma Skyblue the same as his sentai counterpart - the PR counterparts of Kibaranger and Kingranger were both teenagers; Justin's sentai counterpart, Blue Racer, was an adult. Don't assume that just because a sentai ranger is a kid, his PR counterpart will be the same.
      • ...I (the OP) didn't mean 'little girl' as in a child, I actually meant a young (20-something?) woman who is combat-fit even by the standards of other women, and it shows by having her too scrawny and is short enough to fit into the huge black ranger suit.
    • Civilian form will be Champ's suit reused but with udders added to her stomach.
      • Civilian Power: Shooting white lasers at enemies using the udders.
      • Alternate Civilian Power: Milk Dispenser.
  • Ookami Blue:
    • Is a female werewolf without any female traits. Would reveal her gender in a casual manner, much to the surprise to the group.
    • (somewhat) Born male, neutered at young age, retain female voice actress by the time he grows up.
  • Koguma SkyBlue:
    • A tomboy who can serve as a Distaff Expy to Justin from Turbo.
    • A short, adult woman who has a bad habit of opening up her legs and crouching. This is based on the original Koguma SkyBlue's battle stance, as he is, as a ranger, is portrayed by an adult stunt woman who have to pretend that he is short.
  • Shishi Red: Maybe mostly wishful thinking, but there's always the possibility that Saban would finally go for a permanent female red. There've been murmurings that a lot of people wanted to, but weren't sure if they could because of stock-footage limitations.
  • Houou Soldier: More likely to happen than Shishi Red if they wanted to genderflip a Red, given that she would not arrive until later. Plus, given that there are already 3 confirmed sixth rangers, this series very well might be the first to have a female Sixth Ranger not part of a pair.
  • Tenbin Gold:
    • Amit Bhaumik's proposal for a Go-Busters' adaptation would've genderflipped Beet Buster, so the idea isn't completely out of left field. Since the theme is around the scales, she could go by the nickname "Lady Justice", and be a space cop (and be hinted as one of the future founding members of SPD).
    • (somewhat) A robot alien with detachable genitalia, being able to change gender out of battle when situation calls for it.

A Power Rangers adaptation would be called Power Rangers Starlight Guardians
Because it's a cool name.

Another idea for a Power Rangers adaptation: Power Rangers Spatial Lords
The show will take place in a galaxy separate from Earth, but still part of the Power Rangers universe, and star 9 youths that are destined to be the lords of their respective planets. As such, they take on the role of Power Rangers in order to protect their galaxy from evil.

Their morphing call will be "Spatial Lords, Blast Off!".

  • It would make a lot more sense for the morphing call to call back to either In Space or Lost Galaxy, given that this would be the first time since LG that Power Rangers are in space.

The members will all have the following renames (Will also include names for their potential super forms, even though Shishi Red Orion's the only one that's been annouced up to now);

  • Shishi Red/Shishi Red Orion -> Red Roar/Universal Leon
  • Sasori Orange -> Orange Scorpion/Universal Scorpius
  • Ookami Blue -> Blue Lupus/Universal Hunter
  • Tenbin Gold -> Golden Balance/Universal Balance
    • Or Golden Saucer/Universal Saucer, explaining the appearance of the Zord as an update on the flying saucer. It's arm form is called Saucer Shield.
  • Oushi Black -> Black Strength/Universal Warrior
  • Hebitsukai Silver -> Silver Serpent/Universal Serpent
  • Chameleon Green -> Green Chameleon/Universal Reptile (Hey, they can't all be winners)
  • Washi Pink -> Pink Feather/Universal Wings
  • Kajiki Yellow -> Yellow Swordfish/Universal Swordfish
  • Ryuu Commander -> Indigo King/Universal Hydra
  • Koguma Sky Blue/Ohguma Sky Blue -> Brave Kuma/Universal Courage
  • HoOh Soldier -> Phoenix Pyros/Universal Inferno
    • Pre-emptively jossed, Power Rangers doesn't do those types of names. It's usually team name colour ranger or colour team name ranger. For example, Red Turbo ranger, Red Space Ranger. The only exceptions are Zeo (Zeo Ranger V Red) and RPM (Ranger Series Operator Red, or Ranger Red).
    • Why would they change Ryuu Commander to Indigo King? There's only been 1 case I can think of where a Power Ranger is considered a different color than his Sentai Counterpart; Ryuu Commander is clearly purple; with the exception of ToQ7Gou, every sentai violet ranger is a purple ranger in Power Rangers (and in the case of the aforementioned ToQ7Gou, that's only because the series he is from was not adapted). Although what they COULD end up doing is make a Call-Back to the original MMPR and have them call the powers they use when transforming (i.e., "Red Lion Constellation Power!" "Blue Wolf Constellation Power!"), but have them referred to by color as usual.

The Voyagers will also be renamed into the "Shooting Star Zords", and will each be referred to by their individual color (i.e. "Red Shooting Star Zord", "Orange Shooting Star Zord", "Golden Shooting Star Zord", ect). The exceptions to this will be Oushi Voyager, Washi Voyager, Ryu Voyager, Koguma Voyager, Ohguma Voyager, Phoenix Voyager, and Cerberus Voyager, which will be referred to as "Power Shooting Star Zord", "Falcon Shooting Star Zord", "Draconic Shooting Star Zord", "Valor Shooting Star Zord Minor", "Valor Shooting Star Zord Major", "Ember Shooting Star Zord", and "Cerberus Shooting Star Zord" respectively. Later on, the Zords will be upgraded in order to keep up with our heroes' foes. First they will upgrade into their "V2" forms, and then later will upgrade into their "V3" forms (And as such will be referred to as "Blue Shooting Star Zord V2", "Valor Shooting Star Zord Minor V2" and "Cerberus Shooting Star Zord V2" or "Yellow Shooting Star Zord V3" and "Valor Shooting Star Zord Major V3"), until finally they upgrade into the "Nova Zords" (And as such will be referred to as "Red Nova Zord", "Green Nova Zord", "Power Nova Zord", "Draconic Nova Zord", "Ember Nova Zord", ect.).

The KyurenOh will also be renamed into the "Intergalactic Megazord", while the RyuteiOh will be renamed into the "Sky-Traveler Dracozord", and the Gigant HoOh will be renamed into the "Firyazord". As the "Shooting Star Zords" upgrade, so to will their Megazord forms upgrade with them. For the "Intergalactic Megazord", the "V2 Zords" will fuse to become the "Incredible Gigazord", the "V3 Zords" will fuse to become the "Indelible Ultrazord", and the "Nova Zords" will fuse to become the "Indomitable Univerzord". Meanwhile for the "Sky-Traveler Dracozord", the "V2 Zords" will fuse to become the "Sky-Warrior Dracozord", the "V3 Zords" will fuse to become the "Sky-Ravager Dracozord", and the "Nova Zords" will fuse to become the "Cosmic-Wyvern Dracozord". Also, for the "Firyazord", "Ember Shooting Star Zord V2" will transform into "Flamrazord", "Ember Shooting Star Zord V3" will transform into "Burnazord", and "Ember Nova Zord" wil transform into "Supernova Scorcherzord". There will also be an Evil Counterpart of the "Intergalactic Megazord" used by the villains called "Heartless Nebula Darknazord". In the final battle, it'll upgrade into it's true form, the "End of Everything Futilazord".

  • Maybe they'll have the team based on Mirinoi, finally bringing us back to the planet colonized at the end of Lost Galaxy that would have been where Power Rangers Cyber Corps (Amit Bhaumik's proposal for a Go-Busters adaptation) was set. Since Saban seems to be calling back to the original era as of late, this would be PERFECT as a Lost Galaxy call-back.

If this series will be adapted as Power Rangers, some people will expect it to be called Power Rangers Astro Force.

The villains of this series are responsible for alien attacks from past few seasons.
Since Megaforce, the villains the rangers have to take on are alien from outer space.
  • Aliens being the villains in Power Rangers is nothing new. If they were going to do that, it would make a lot more sense for it to be a minor villain from Ninja Steel who has ascended to the role of Big Bad for this season.

Possible names for a Power Rangers adaptation
Feel free to add your own.
  • Power Rangers Starlight Guardians
  • Power Rangers Spatial Lords
  • Power Rangers Astro Force
  • Power Rangers Star Force
  • Power Rangers Shooting Star
  • Power Rangers Cosmic Knights
  • Power Rangers Constellation League
  • Power Rangers Uprising
  • Power Rangers Galaxy Rebellion, Power Rangers Galactic Rebellion, Power Rangers Star Rebellion, or Power Rangers Space Rebellion

Possible names and/or civilian identities for the rangers
  • Red Ranger:
    • Leon. This matches his zord, and we already have a Leo.
    • George Fang. A teenager of Chinese ancestry who has a knack for getting out of trouble.
    • Chance - it's just punny enough for Saban (if they keep the Born Lucky aspect for the Red Ranger), plus it sounds like it could actually be someone's name.
    • On the small chance that Red is genderflipped, Leia (sounds like Leo, plus obvious space connections) or Lucy (sounds like lucky).
    • Vernon. The prince of the Lion Galaxy and brother to Crown Princess Viera (who we actually see in Power Rangers Ninja Steel). Since the Lion Galaxy's monarchic structure only allows females to inherit the throne (much like in Suikoden V), he is considered to be an unimportant character in the matriarchal monarchy. But when the galaxy is in danger, Vernon will rise up and become the leader of the rebel army (and become the de facto leader of the Rangers), much like Suikoden V's protagonist, Prince Freyjadour Falenas.
      • Although I'm not opposed to the name, the only problem is that doing so would require them to have a crossover with Ninja Steel - while a lack of footage hasn't stopped them before, there haven't been any crossovers as of latenote .
  • Blue Ranger:
    • If Saban decided to use the animal suit, the blue ranger could hail from Cruger's planet, or even be a relative (probably his son or brother).
    • Fenris "Klawz" Cruger. Fenris because it's the name of a mythological canine like Anubis from SPD. Has the nickname "Klawz" to match Cruger's nickname "Doggie".
      • A hot-headed vagabond from the planet Sirius. Always itching for a fight. Is best friends with the Red Ranger. Is, or at least implied to be, the younger brother of Anubis Cruger from Power Rangers S.P.D.. Is on bad terms with his family.
  • Green Ranger:
    • Leone or Leona, if only to match her zord.
    • Lizzie. Like the word lizard, but still a pretty normal name for American audiences.
    • Mille, as a reference to Camille.
      • Would that be pronounced the same as Milly? If not, they might as well call her Meal.
      • Unlikely, as Rangers haven't been named after previous ones, even if they line up a lot. Tyler from Dino Charge wasn't called called Jason, Rocky, or Connor, for example.
      • Why not Cammie? It sounds more natural anyway.
    • Hammie's background in being a Ninja will be adapted out.
  • Black Ranger:
    • Bippy. This is a corruption of "bipi", the Hawaiian translation of "ox". Bippy will come from a Sci-Fi Counterpart Culture of Polynesia.
    • Bullbot. Retaining Champ's civilain suit, he is a sentient bull robot.
    • Ferdinand. Will be a very pacifistic ranger, with a personality somewhat similar to Danny, who only becomes a ranger because of circumstances, and will often try and talk down the Monster of the Week and avoid fighting as much as possible.
  • Yellow Ranger:
    • Takeshi. This is the first name of the host of the original Iron Chef. He will be a Japanese cook who was abducted by an alien king to be his personal chef, who escapes and becomes a Ranger.
      • As much as I like the idea of referencing a cooking show with the Yellow Ranger, this one is pre-emptively jossed due to the Unfortunate Implications. However, them referencing Iron Chef America is not out of the question - maybe perhaps Mario (as in Mario Batali), given Spada's habit of throwing around Gratuitous Italian.
      • It wouldn't have the Unfortunate Implications if he isn't the only Asian guy on the team.
      • Even then, there's still the fact that the last Asian Yellow ranger was Trini from the original Mighty Morphin. While it is possible that they could do this, considering that they did eventually have a African-American Black ranger after Zack, the odds are extremely unlikely.
  • Gold Ranger:
    • Dimas. It both an actual surname (In Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese) and is an anagram of Midas, the king from Greek mythology who could turn anything into gold. He will be a lawyer and hate being called an Amoral Attorney.
    • His and the Silver Ranger's profession as thieves will be changed due to network rules. Instead, they'll be bounty hunters or a young, fallen socialite and his robot butler.
    • Justice. After his scales.
  • Silver Ranger:
    • Claudius "Claude" Frost. Claudius sounds similar to "Caduceus", a symbol associated with the Rod of Asclepius, a medical symbol of a snake coiling around a serpent. His surname Frost references his cold, emotionless personality.
    • To avoid comparisons to Spock, his background and/or characterization will be changed. Though he'll still remain partners with the Gold Ranger.
    • Windsor. A guy who is brutally honest and is called "Harsh Windsor" by people he upsets.
  • Orange Ranger:
    • Gordon. This is the first name of Sting (The musician, not the wrestler).
    • Will be played by Kelson Henderson, and will be the older brother of Boom (in order to explain why he looks similar).
      • Mick Kanic was also played by Kelson - and he's an alien. Would make more sense for him to be related to him.
      • If they have Kelson Henderson play the orange ranger AND use the aforementioned WMG about the PR version of the Blue ranger, it would make a bit more sense to connect it to SPD than to Ninja Steel as a mythology gag. If they had him related to Mick Kanic, he might as well be another color.
    • Tang Erine. A human from a Space Station where everyone has a Punny Name.
  • Pink Ranger:
    • Aquila, after the constellation. If she's an android, she'd likely be redesigned for a much more humanoid look (i.e. makeup instead of a suit).
    • Flight. A hippy chick with feathers in her hair.
  • Violet/Indigo/Dragon Ranger:
    • Commander Artorius Drago. Artorius is derived from "Arthur", as in King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table. Drago obviously comes from dragon. This gives him an impressive name that can be easily shortened into a silly nickname.
    • Captain Raizin. The alien who owns the space vessel the Rangers travel in
  • Cyan/Skyblue/Aqua Rangernote :
    • The nickname will be "Winnie" (As in Winnie the Pooh). If male, Winston; if female, Gwendolyn ("Winnie" is often a short form for both).
    • Alternatively, as a reference to the fact that this ranger has 2 forms (a kid form and an adult form), Lang or Pymnote 
    • To avoid fan backlash, his civilian identity will be a midget alien instead of a kid.
      • Why would they have to specify that he's a midget alien though? He's an alien already, so they could just have his race be naturally short.
      • That's exactly what I meant. A short alien.
    • They will be the child of one of the core 9 who ascended as a ranger when the place they're in is no longer safe.
  • Crimson Rangernote :
    • While unlikely, if they decide to genderflip this ranger, Flannery or Scarlett.
    • Ruby could be used regardless of gender - if female, would be used for the actual name; if male, will be used for the nickname, and the real name would be Reuben.
      • Will have a background somewhat similar to Eric, being a soldier before becoming a ranger (either a mercenary or someone on leave) although unlike Eric, they'll end up joining the rangers full-time.
    • Was the Standardized Leader of the previous team, but is out of touch in the current era.

Since Power Rangers has a long standing history of aliens when compared to Super Sentai, perhaps a few Rangers will be members of pre-established races
Related to the Doggie Kruger speculation above, several of the rangers will be aliens from pre-existing races.
  • Silver could be from KO-35, the same as Andros, who also had psychic powers. Alternatively, he could be related to Trip's race (Time Force). Both characters had introverted personalities, which would fit perfectly.
  • Gold or Black could be former Machine Empire robots/refugees that were re-purposed following the Machine King's demise.
  • Skyblue or Yellow could be from Aquitar
    • Alternatively, it could be Green, as a reference to the Ninja theme of the Alien Rangers.
  • At least one ranger will be from Miranoi.
  • The Red ranger will be from Eltar
    • The Red Ranger will be related to Zordon in some way beyond hailing from the same planet (ranging from relative to reincarnation). He would most likely be unaware of his connection to the Big Good and will begin to learn about the legacy of Zordon. It could easily explain his incredible luck: The first initial hint of the connection is the classic "May the Powers Protect you" invocation.
  • Alternatively, considering the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy, they might do something similar to the cameo of Howard the Duck in that movie and have one of the rangers be from Edenoi—potentially Orange and his brother since they're arachnid-based.
    • Rather than a Ranger, it could be a Ranger ally in the form of a Kamen Rider suit (either as another attempt at a Backdoor Pilot or a way to incorporate a suit that has some Sentai fight footage already filmed (though as of writing, that would only be Kamen Rider Ex-Aid which may be a little too wacky to take seriously. That doesn't mean that the Rangers won't meet Ex-Aid's successor.
      • Episode 18 had a crossover with Gavan and the Dekarangers (the latter of which has a PR counterpart in the form of SPD), so it could be that they use that crossover and that leads into an adaptation of Gavan vs Dekaranger, which would finally provide resolution for VR Troopers. Alternatively, Gavan vs Dekaranger could be used as a prequel to SPD.

This season will be the first Neo-Saban season to feature Civilian Powers
Unless I'm mistaken (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), the Neo Saban era has not used civilian powers yet. Considering that Silver and Gold have Psychic Powers and Technopathy respectively, it would make sense to have this season be the one that marks the return of Civilian Powers for the human members - thanks to Andros, we know that the Human Aliens in the PR universe can have powers like Telepathy, so they could just make 2-3 of the team's human members have civilian powers, while explain the rest away as being natural abilities of their respective races.
  • Neo-Saban Power Rangers have had civilian powers, particularly Dino Charge (energems giving immortality and occasional power boost) and recently Ninja Steel (ninja star giving the blue ranger magic powers).
    • I wouldn't exactly consider those Civilian Powers - in the case of Dino Charge, I'd say it's in a grey area (in my mind, Civilian Powers are unique for each member; in order for the energems to count, they would have had to, oh say, give Tyler high heat resistance or Shelby the ability to read minds), and I haven't seen Ninja Steel (and that's only one example you listed).

The crossover with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid will be adapted
I know that Saban touching Kamen Rider is a very big subject of a Broken Base, but of all the Rider-Sentai crossovers so far, the Ex-Aid-Kyuranger crossover is the most stand-alone - since Ex-Aid is summoned as opposed to walking into the area, they could just use him as a one-off character and explain that he's a representative of all the fictional constellations. Plus, this would give Saban the excuse to sell the Ex-Aid Kyutama. All they'd have to do is only adapt the Kyuranger portion, which is stand-alone from Ex-Aidnote .

If they do take advantage of the existing history of PR the Blue Ranger will be from Briarwood
And will be a werewolf.

  • Doubtful, considering the fact that they didn't do that for Power Rangers Megaforce, despite the fact that the Zangyack would have fit the bill perfectly, not to mention that Amit Bhaumik's proposal for a Go-Busters adaptation, which would have had a big callback to the Zordon Era, was not accepted.

The South Korean dub leads to another original followup series just like Dino Force Brave.
  • This time the mecha and helmets are remolded into any 'missing' constellations from Kyuranger, like maybe:
    • Shishi (lion) Voyager into Hercules (leaving some lion parts to represent the Nemean Lion)
      • Shishi confirmed to be remolded into Cerberus first
    • Sasori (scorpion) Voyager into Cancer (crab)
      • Cancer confirmed as attack ability
    • Oushi (bull) Voyager into Capricorn (goat)
      • Capricorn confirmed as... some pre-recorded message thing
    • Chameleon Voyager into Lepus (rabbit)
      • Lepus confirmed as powerup (jumping obviously)
    • Washi (eagle) Voyager into Cygnus (swan), Apus (exotic bird), Pavo (peacock)
    • Tenbin Voyager into Auriga (the charioteer, the dishes function as wheels)
      • Auriga confirmed as form-change ability (turns Garu into a bike!)
    • Hebitsukai Voyager into Perseus, Virgo
      • Virgo confirmed as form-change ability (puts Garu in drag... this may be a recurring thing)
    • Okami (wolf) Voyager into Monoceros (unicorn),
    • Kajiki (swordfish) Voyager into Delphinus (dolphin)
    • Kuma Voyager pair into Canis Major and Minor
    • Ryu (dragon) Voyager into Hydra (multi headed snake)
  • New Kyu the Weapon comes with different attachments that are still compatible with the normal ones.
    • The axe head is replaced with an extending barrel-like weapon for added gun modes
    • The blade head is replaced with an animal head-shaped blade depending on what new constellations are used, able to open and close or fold perpendicular.
  • New Legend Kyutama like the Zyuohger Zyudenchi are released.
    • This actually COULD happen, although odds are that Shuriken Sentai Ninninger would get a follow-up series first (since while that series did not perform as well as Kyoryuger did, it did a lot better in Korea than in Japan).

The Orion who hid the Lights of Orion will appear
Given that a scan implies a power up for Shishi Red is based on Orion this could be a great chance for him to show up
  • Maybe not. They had the chance to address the Phantom Ranger in Megaforce using Akared, yet they chose not to.
  • Orion is the name of the ship used by the heroes in Kyuranger. Since the series was created with American input,
    • Orion was also the name of the Silver Ranger in Megaforce. They didn't do anything with the Lights of Orion in that series (not even a tongue in cheek joke). Plus, Orion already is a constellation - if this was a planet themed Sentai as opposed to a constellation themed one, then I might say you are onto something, but odds are that it's just a coincidence (since odds are that if they use the Orion at all, the name will be changed).

The PR adaptation will not feature a form of Cockpit Armor like the Shogun mode from Samurai
  • Reason for this is because of how the mecha are structured - unlike other series, each ranger is in the cockpit of their own Voyager. If Saban wanted to make an armor, they would have to shoot all the cockpit footage on their own, and it would take a long time to show 5 of the rangers in armor, since there is no shared cockpit.
  • Saban is capable of building their own cockpit sets, if they wanted too they could cut out the original cockpit scenes and just shoot interactions from the new one they made up.
  • Saban would have their work cut out for them considering the fact that the rangers are visible from outside the Megazord. In order to introduce cockpit armor not only would they have to shoot new cockpit footage they would also have to shoot their own Megazord footage to get around that fact.
    • They could just omit any footage of the cockpits shopped onto the Megazord suit (not that many of those), then make a hard zoom into the central Kyutama of each Megazord and then make the cockpit footage of all the Rangers currently forming that Megazord in the same space, with the added effect of making the combined forms look bigger.
      • But that's a lot of work just for cockpit armor - there's already a lot of merchandise potential, assuming they release all the Kyutama in the US, so they wouldn't have any need to sell the cockpit armor - including cockpit armor on top of all the Kyutama, zords, and weapons might bring back negative memories of how Merchandise-Driven Power Rangers Megaforce was.

The adaptation of Orion will have a Star Trek Bridge like design.
  • Given the nature of the show's away team, the PR version will take the form of The Captain who hands assignments to the rangers of the away team, rather than a gambling device which might be a bit more taboo for western TV (And couldn't air on European TV at all).
    • Dropping the Kyulette would make some sense, considering that if Saban did want to use it, they'd have to film original footage - while the Kyutama rolling out of the Kyulette onto the billards table could be kept, since I would imagine that the unedited shots don't have the Sentai rangers in them, but all shots of the Kyutama had Raptor spinning them (and if Dino Charge is anything to go by, while it's possible that Raptor's costume will be used, it'll likely be Demoted to Extra). Perhaps instead, the Captain could draw the Kyutama out of a hat, or the Kyutama could initially need to be charged similar to the Dino Chargers, gaining a permanent full charge once all the 9 rangers were assembled.
      • Considering that Zyuranger was chosen to be adapted into Mighty Morphin partially because of the craze surrounding Jurassic Park, if Star Trek: Discovery is still airing in 2019, and the fourth Star Trek movie airs that year, it's possible that they may do this just to cash in on the hype.

The Power Ranger counterpart of Chameleo Green will transform into Ninja Steel Green first.
She'll have an Early-Bird Cameo before joining her actual team.

Kelson Henderson will voice the Gold Ranger.
In Kyuranger Balance is primarily a comedic character. All of Kelson Henderson's good guy roles in Power Rangers have leaned heavily towards comedic (Flit, Norg, Phineas, Mick) so clearly someone involved with production thinks he's good at that kind of thing. If the Balance civilian costume makes the trip to New Zealand along with the Tenbin Gold costume Kelson would be the perfect fit for the character and as an added bonus after 13 years Boom would finally get to be a ranger.
  • Technically speaking, Boom did become a ranger, the third Red Ninja Steel Ranger, so the added bonus isn't as significant anymore.

Predictions for what powerups will be adapted
Since there's a large number of rangers, it's likely that some of the powerups will be dropped. So let's make predictions as to which stay and which gonote .
  • Shishi Red:
    • Pegasus: Dropped due to how little it has been used (At the moment, there is one episode's worth of footage). If kept, will be re-purposed as the Battlizer for the season, with different abilities.
    • Taiyou and Moon: Kept, but used a very limited amount.
    • Orion: Kept because of how much footage is used, but saved for the second season.
  • Hebitsukai Metal: Kept, but circumstances it's obtained in are changed.
  • Sasori Orange Ikkakuju Drill: Kept, but with new footage in place of Episode of Stinger to show how he'll obtain its power.

Jason David Frank will have a roll in the adaptation
Let's be honest, it's been too long since Tommy saved the world as a ranger on a new team, and considering that JDF was willing to reprise the roll for the Legendary Battle, including him here as a new ranger would be perfect to either introduce an alternate universe's version of Tommy into the lore (assuming that the theory that all post-Megaforce series have been taking place in alternate universes is true), or continuing the story of Tommy Oliver (if this adaptation takes place in the main universe). He could become the PR! Houou Solder if the former ends up being the case, being alluded to as a legendary warrior from the past, and if the latter is true, he could be the PR! Ryuu Commander, taking on a roll similar to the one Tommy had in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

This is NOT going to be adapted into Power Rangers
The odd concept of starting with nine Rangers wouldn't be liked by fans in the West, and Saban should probably cease the franchise after the 25th season.
  • Not to mention that it'll most likely be made up of 2 season with about 20 episodes each, making a team 9 plus 3 more rangers cram.
    • YMMV if Saban should cease the franchise after the 25th season, but as we saw with Dino Charge, they were able to spread out the rangers (they could easily spread recruiting the team out until episode 12-15), meaning that what they could do is have the first season focus on recruiting the core 9, maybe perhaps having Ryuu Commander's PR counterpart introduced at the Midseason finale, while saving the PR Counterparts of Houou Soldier and Koguma Skyblue for the second half.
  • Surprisingly enough, confirmed at least until 2020 - Saban instead decided to go back and adapt Tokumei Sentai Go Busters.
    • Also confirmed is Saban ceasing production of the franchise after the 25th season, as Hasbro now owns the franchise.

On casting the rangers.
They will try to fill in the actor for all of the rangers first, then the rangers whose actor cut out in final producing will have kaijin suits used for their civilian forms.

They will add original space battles where the Rangers pilot the Voyagers like StarFighters instead of combining them
It would really awesome to see rangers doing star fighter battles in space instead of mostly just mech battles on the ground. It would have a bonus making the series feel like more like Star Wars. Since the uncombined mechs are based on space ships it would make sense for them to use them like star fighter more often.

Female Green and Male Yellow is a (in-universe) post-swap.
The series start with a would-be male green and female yellow, but circumstances causes changes in the ranger color designation.

Alternative Title(s): Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger


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