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  • Out of the core-nine Rangers, four of them are of the western Zodiac (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Libra), while the rest are just regular constellations, which just seems weird. I know having the core Rangers all be Zodiac constellations would ruin the "Kyu = 9/globe" pun, but couldn't they have made the Zodiacs all be added later, or have them be Mid-Season Upgrade 's for the core-nine + three more, a la Saint Seiya or the Zodiarts?
    • Who's to say that they don't have plans for that? The team could just as easily end up with 12 members (not counting V-Cinema exclusive rangers or evil rangers), and the 6 most prominent members could get super modes based off of the other constellations of the Zodiac that aren't used.
      • We already have the names for the other rangers. They are based on the Draco constellation, the two bears, the phoenix, and Orion.
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    • That means they're not going for the more common constellations, which is actually a good thing and avoids the Small Reference Pools.
      • Plus those other Kyutama would be good for secondary powers like in Kyoryuger
  • So, why Koguma Skyblue/Ohguma Skyblue instead of Koguma Cyan/Ohguma Cyan?
    • Technically Sky Blue and Cyan are two different colors, with cyan being slightly more greenish and less natural-looking. (Or, to put it into technical terms, sky blue has an RGB value of #87CEEB while cyan has an RGB value of #00FFFF )
    • Because there's precedent for a team with two blues. Hurricanger shows it can be done.
      • Nobody said there hasn't been a precedent. The headscratcher is over why use "Sky Blue" as a name rather than the previously used "Cyan" and "Navy" monikers. In the case of Hurricaneger, the secondary blue had a code name that outright avoided a color moniker.
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    • I'm more curious why not brown for a bear themed ranger Plus it's never been used before.
      • Brown has...issues due to what people associate it with. Bronze would be more likely to be used in such an instance, and actually fit better with the other two metallic Ranger colors.
      • Mr. Brown is a little too close to Mr. Shit.
      • I was thinking the whole bear theme would help avoid that implication
      • There was a brown ranger wannabe, Shinken Brown, so it technically has been used before. While it's true that Kyuranger is an "Experimental" Sentai, where new colors are introduced to the core team, having a new ranger color on top of having a larger than normal core team would be adding in way too much. A new color would be best saved for either the V-Cinema or the next "Experimental" Sentai (and even then, it's likely that they'd use bronze before brown).
  • Anyone else feeling the dread when Shishi Red has FOUR potential power ups? I know Law of Chromatic Superiority, but still!
    • Are we sure the Hikari Kyutama can only be used by Lucky? Pegasus is likely just his, but There's nothing to suggest that the others can't use Hikari.
      • I think you got your words mixed up. The Hikari Kyutama seems to change the actual helmet, while the Pegasus Kyutama just gives armor. Something's telling me that Pegasus will be along the lines of Super Shinkenger or Hyper ToQger, while Hikari will be more like Shurikenger Fire Mode.
      • Shishi Red Sun and Moon seem to be more of a power up for Tenbin Gold and Ookami Blue, respectively; while Shishi Red is the one changing forms, the other two benefit from his effects.
    • I would like to point out that Daigo had a total of 12 forms. 4 seems pretty tame in comparison.
    • Space 44 shows that the previous three power ups are indeed not exclusive to Lucky; Pegasus moves onto Spada and Hammie uses both forms from Hikari Kyutama.
  • What kind of poison is capable of infecting robots and robotic life forms? And how did the Kyurangers recover from a hit like that?
    • For the latter, I think Shou used a healing Kyutama. Or perhaps Stinger intentionally gave them a small dose.... For the former, perhaps Stinger's genetics allow him to craft something that can work on anyone?
    • Maybe he can make some "Virtual Poison" like how Debo Viruson was able to make Debo computer Viruson who is able to infect computers despite himself being organic
    • with the reveal that Stinger is Xiao's spy inside the Jark Matter, it's safe to assume that he intentionally gave them a non-lethal dose.
  • Balance claims as a machine, he can control other machines. Raptor can pilot the Orion, but what about Champ? He's a robot and yet he never showed any ability to control electronic stuff.
  • So uh...Madako's stuck in our universe now right? There was no indication that she regenerated and snuck a ride on any of the Voyagers. So she's our problem now right?
    • The Space Sherrifs and the Dekarangers know about hernote . Even if she decided to start acting of her own accord, they could easily take her down.
    • Original poster here guys. She's back in the Kyurangers reality in the latest episode, due to revival once again. ...And I need help figuring out how. How in the blazes did Scorpio have a piece of her?
      • By plucking a piece off her in advance.
  • So, Scorpio's instant turnaround. From the moment he shows his true colors he's a monster who ruthlessly betrayed his people for power. He stays this way until his very last fight with Stinger, and after losing to him... suddenly he regrets everything and is even willing to sacrifice himself by taking on the poison and getting between the Rangers and Don Armage's blast? I know Defeat Means Friendship is a thing, but damn! That is a total 180 from a guy who had never ever ever ever shown one drop of redeeming quality.
    • Scorpio respects and lusts after power. In beating him Stinger not only proved himself the stronger warrior, but also reminded him why he wanted power in the first place. To protect things he cared about, undoing some of the effects of Don Armage's influence. Scorpio saves his little brother, because he still has things that he has to protect.
  • How exactly could Shou cheat the Kyulette?
    • For those who don't understand this question, the side series of Stinger's Episode, High School Wars, reveals that Shou has been cheating the Kyulette by hiding away some of the ranger's Kyutama, somehow even though they were seen slotting them in.
    • And not only that - Raptor also revealed that this isn't the first time Shou cheated. She knew, yet never told anyone about it?
  • I guess this is just a minor nitpick but...shouldn't a ranger with a swordfish motif be Blue, not Yellow?
  • There were so many Menasters never seen, and probably Indavers all over the universe to keep everyone suffering under Jark Matter. So many weren't fought. Did they all just instantly die when Don Armage gets killed? Otherwise, there's a lot more work to do to bring pece to the universe they forgot about.

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