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For a specific sentai, see the following:
  • How come two of the Super Sentai series that greatly emphasize the Green Aesop, Kousoku Sentai Turboranger and Engine Sentai Go-onger, are both car-themed series? Isn't that kind of counterproductive? (Go-onger less so, since they're half-vehicle half-animal...)
    • Maybe the writing team and the toy/model developing team don't talk to each other enough?
    • Go-Onger specificaly stated that the enjins run on energy only,thus they don't produce pollution.
    • As for Turboranger, it's stated that their mentor, Dr.Dazai was working on engine technology that produced zero pollutants. The car-motif of the team was based off his love of cars.
  • Speaking of theme-toy dissonance... cell phones as Transformation Trinkets in Gaoranger (powers given by priestess of ancient kingdom and the living mecha), Magiranger (that "make the wands look like phones to pass in modern day" thing? Not in sentai.), and for Gosei Knight (uh... he's a Gosei Machine head? Who needs a device to activate his own powers that should be available at will? And the device is designed after something that wouldn't exist for years after he was sealed away. Huh?!) I know you gotta sell toys, but surely there was something that worked with the theme better.
  • How come Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Tensou Sentai Goseiger don't have omake segments at the end of their episodes? Did they decide to stop doing them after Engine Sentai Go-onger?
    • Go-Onger was more comedy-based than either Shinken or Gosei, therefore, the omakes would have made sense then.
  • Two things have been bothering me: Why do the bad guys never tried to attack the Super Sentai while they are transforming and why do the bad guys always attack the same area every time, like come on, if you want to create much havoc as you can, do it where the good guys will either can't reach or will take a long time to get to, you know?
    • For the first question, whenever someone tries that they almost invariably fail.
      • Except with DekaGold.
      • Alas, YT took it down. What happens is, in Dekaranger's movie, we meet a Dekaranger named Marie Gold. She was some kind of special officer with a badass suit that seemed to be equal to Deka Red. She transformed to stop the villains in the movie but was immediately blasted right out of suit, and spends most of the movie in the Distressed Damsel of the week role.
  • Why is it that the page name for Go Go Five titled Rescue Sentai GoGoFive instead of Kyuukyuu Sentai Go Go Five, with the japanese word at the begining instead of an english translation? Y'know, like every other Super Sentai page?
    • That's because that's the name used on the merchandise. See the archived discussion of Rescue Sentai GoGoFive for more details.
      • So we're just going with the merchandise instead of, you know, the actual show?
  • I wonder why in current Sentai, there seems to be less to none main Villains who are human looking. all we see now are just... Kaijin-esque main villains like Burajira, Walz Gil, Doukoku, etc. The last one we had was Long (human form, not dragon form) from Juken Sentai Gekiranger.
    • One factor would be budget; it's cheaper to have a guy in a suit and a voice actor as opposed to a full fledged actor.
      • Gekiranger wasn't the last one. Go-onger had Kegaleshia, and Shinkenger had Juzo. Gokaiger has Basco. It is true that Goseiger lacks a human face villain though.
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    • Maybe the original poster meant main villain as in the main villain. Long is the last time a series' evil leader was primarily in human form. But it was once common for the main villain to be a human or Human Alien in a funky suit, with Big Bads like Bias and Doctorman and Hedorian back in The '80s.
      • Does Buredoran having once been a Gosei Angel, and therefore human-looking count?
      • No, It has to be a human final boss like the aforementioned Hedorian, Doctorman, Bias, and the like.
  • Were the villain groups in Boukenger meant to be an intentional shout out to Power Rangers? The designs of the major members of three of the four groups were based on mecha of the three Sentai seasons that were used to make Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Also, since the only major villain who wasn't designed as such was Gajya/Gajah/Gaja, who wouldn't be used in the corresponding Power Rangers season anyway because you could see his face, is it possible they did this so that the designs of the villains would hold significance to Power Rangers fans as well as Sentai fans?
    • While it would be nice, I doubt that the Boukenger staff ever thought about making nods like that; Power Rangers just isn't that big a deal in Japan. Episode 5 of Gokaiger had blink-and-miss nods to RPM because the guy who directed that episode worked on Power Rangers, but otherwise Gokaiger has been focused entirely on the Sentai side of things. Similarly, unless someone on Boukenger had done work in Power Rangers, I don't see any significance to the main villains being patterned after mechs that were from sentais adapted into Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
      • But Zyuranger, Dairanger, and Kakuranger as a set don't hold much significance in Sentai. They weren't some of the first sentai seasons, they weren't the halfway mark (that would be Jetman), they weren't the first of the Hesei period, and the only real milestone found within them is the first sixth ranger in Zyuranger. Why would they use those three seasons as main villains instead of, say, JAKQ's, Battle Fever J's, and Denjiman's mechs? However, they do hold significance in Power Rangers, as they were the three seasons adapted for the very first rangers.
      • Or maybe the head writer or director or executive producer of Boukenger happened to be a big fan of Zyu, Dai, and Kakuranger, so he decided to have the main villains be an homage to those seasons. There are any number of possible reasons why those seasons were picked, with the most likely one being that it's one big coincidence of no significance or meaning whatsoever. Besides, if this was supposed to be a reference to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, why didn't the Boukenger encyclopedia segments at the end of the show ever mention Power Rangers when they got to Zyuranger?
      • Referencing Power Rangers in villain design doesn't mean that they have to reference it in the encyclopedia. And I'd say that your suggestion that the executive producer was a fan of them is much more likely than three completely random consecutive seasons being used for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
      • We know that sometimes producers fall into One of Us territory (just look at Transformers!) and nothing's too obscure. Power Rangers is often dubbed into Japanese, too, so it's not as obscure as one may think. Consider the design of the last mecha to appear in Go-Onger. It makes no freaking sense whatsoever for a car-themed sentai to reference the mecha of Zyuranger - a totally unrelated and totally un-special sentai. (Well, every series is the best ever to someone, but it wasn't a Milestone Celebration, wasn't the first or last of anything, etc.) However, PR was expected to end with RPM, and it makes perfect sense for Power Rangers last Megazord to homage its first Megazord. Also, there are several magazine scans out there showing PR-only powerups and characters.
  • What's up with Big One's four-colored helmet - evidently a nod to his All Your Powers Combined nature - not matching the colors of the rest of the team? He's got a yellow stripe and no pink stripe.
    • Good question but it is known that White sometimes interchange with Pink in Super Sentai series so there you have it.
  • If the rangers in Boukenger are supposed to be adventurers, how come they have headlights on their helmets and their mouthpieces resemble an engine? It's not supposed to be car themed, is it?
    • They do use vehicles. Otherwise, how will adventures travel aside from walking? And their helmets, the headlights can be useful for seeing in the dark, something adventurers needed and the mouthpieces are on purpose also vehicle based. Not a headscratcher at all.
  • In Super Hero Wars, where did all the resurrected villains come from? In 199 Hero Grand Battle it was Black Cross King who revived them, but in this one they're just sort of there.
    • We see Black Cross King again in Super Hero Taisen and we know how he is revived due to hatred and was shown how he resurrected past villains. That is probably how. However, he is not shown as the leader so this is still debatable. In Super Hero Taisen Z, we see how the Big Bad got resurrected so it is safe to presume that he brought back past villains along the way with him.
  • What's the official english spelling for the first Super Sentai series? Is it Goranger or Gorenger? I've seen it spelled both ways, and it's used for the work page, but not anywhere on the work page.
  • Why are some guns called "Vulcans?" Is it just a weaponry reference I'm not understanding?
  • I noticed that some of the movies (such as Dairanger) are as long as the regular episodes. So what makes them "movies"?
    • The fact that they got a theatrical release.
  • So there are so many planets in the universe, since most of the villain organizations that are aliens have destroyed countless of them yet there are still enough that survive until the next group alien invaders come along unless their lucky to defeated by the Super Sentai on Earth before they could get their hands on them. And there are still enough that most of the universe ends up being conqured by the Zangyack and even after Gokaiger, they still stand. How is the universe still inhabited outside of Earth and the Solar System?