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Headscratchers / Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

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  • Was there some reason they couldn't grab the Champion's Symbol and go help Yamato? They'd already beaten the Birdman and the cube was lying on the ground about ten feet away!
    • It could be chalked up to that they were panicking thus they weren't thinking straight as not everyone thinks rationally when someone they care about is in danger.

  • Is there any reason why the Zyuohgers never think to intercept the Continues before Naria inserts them into the Blood Game players? If she's in their vicinity, in full view, and they clearly know why she's there because she's done this 17 times before, why not just attack and prevent the player from growing?
    • That's like asking why the Kyoryugers never stopped Luckyuro. Some things you gotta let slide.
    • This always annoys me as well, but it's done pretty much every time the monster is grown by a villain going to the battle scene like that. The monsters let the heroes transform without much trouble most of the time as well, so it might just be common courtesy.
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    • Probably because the monster is still laying on the ground. They know they have to do a Megazord battle to completely eradicate the monster's body.

  • Why are the main zords referred to by their animal species English names while the support zords (giraffe, bat, bear, mole) get referred to by their animal species Japanese names?

  • So in episode 24, what happened to the rest of Bunglay's memory apparitions? They didn't seem to have any kind of time limit.
    • If the asskicking Yamato handed him didn't break it somehow, then surely it broke when he left the earth.

  • In Episode 27, how did Captain Mavelous know where to find the Grand Champion Symbol? I could see going to Earth and being willing to help the current Sentai team, but you have to know where to look first.

  • In Episode 28, when Gai Ikari begs the younger versions of the ToQgers for their Ranger Keys, the Gokai Treanger Box (The box that has all the Ranger Keys) is seen completely filled with Ranger Keys. Didn't the Gokaigers give back the powers of the Super Sentai? When were they retrieved? Did the older Sentai teams suddenly say, "Here. You can have our power. We don't really want it anymore."?
    • It's easy to assume he was collecting the keys off screen to help out the other Gokaigers and plans to return them after the Gokaigers are done.
    • Either that, or they were able to replicate the Keys without robbing the others of their powers. Either due to their own powers allowing for it, or some other way.
      • Given the events of Super Hero Taisen (if I remember them correctly), it's probably likely that this is the case.
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    • Speaking of that teamup, how come Bangray is able to pull all those past villains out of Marvelous’ memory? The Gokaigers are in always space between returns to Earth. They wouldn’t know about the enemies faced by Earth’s Rangers while they were away. They could at least have made it Gai whose memories were used (if anyone would have immediately read up on the newer sentai and their enemies immediately upon returning, it’s him.)

  • How come they stopped having the dancing children in the credits?

  • In Super Animal War, AkaRed says his Blue Ranger counterpart is AkaBlue instead of AoBlue. Translation wise, AkaBlue makes no sense, as his name translates to "Red Blue".
    • Rule of Funny where logic does not go as everyone else expected.

  • Don't You Dare Pity Me! aside, what would Genis killing Naria accomplish. With all team leaders gone, he'll still need a secretary and someone to help recruit more for his 101st blood game.
  • These shows all take place in a single universe, right? Which includes Dekaranger, right? So have they tried to arrest the Deathgaliens or not!? And if so why haven't they succeeded!?

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