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Following the 40th anniversary of the franchise, we have a series based on constellations. However, Kyuranger isn't the first team with that motif. That designation actually goes to, believe it or not, the first Sentai.note  note 

  • This show also has another allusion to Goranger, and its in its title no less. The Gorangers consisted of five members, whereas the Kyurangers consist of nine members. "Go" is Japanese for five, while "Kyu" is Japanese for nine.
  • Not to mention that they are introduced with "Nine members assembled, Kyurangers!"note  much like "Five members assembled, Gorangers!"note 
  • And to top it off, the main villain resides in the Crux (cross) system, bringing the Black Cross Fuhrer into mind.
  • A green, chameleon-based female warrior? This isn't the first time Sentai has done it, but Chameleon Green is heroic right off bat.
  • This isn't the first team to have its members hail from across the galaxies.
  • They're also not the first to have four of its members be non-humans that note  avert the Human Alien trope.
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  • Garu/Ookami Blue isn't the only Toei-related hero with the "Space Wolf" moniker.
  • Balance's head design features hanging ear decorations similar to the "earrings" on the helmets of several female Sentai members such as Five Yellow.
  • A partnership between the Gold and Silver members wherein one is a robot and the other is a human/humanoid? It's like Beet and Stag Buster, only with the colors reversed.
    • Similarly, they join the team as the 6th and 7th members, with the Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Black members already present - kind of like the other series that had a pair of Gold and Silver rangers join later, Engine Sentai Goonger.
  • Champ seeks revenge against a cloaked person who killed someone close to them, which isn't the first time a Black Ranger had this motivation.
  • The first place the Kyurangers eat at on Earth is Cafe Safari, a place that specializes in curry. Kiranger and Captain Marvelous would have been proud.
  • In the same vein as the Goranger reference above, the team's first Sixth Ranger, Ryu Commander, brings to mind the ORIGINAL Sixth Ranger, DragonRanger - while the colors are different note , the motif is the same. His trench coat, on the other hand, brings to mind a certain magician from another Toei series. Additionally, he starts off with a time limit for how long he can use his powers - kind of like MegaSilver, except unlike MegaSilver, he's able to get rid of the time limit without weakening his power. Coincidentally enough, the episode he debuts in brings to mind last Sentai with a mentor who becomes a violet ranger, mainly due to Naga Ray, Balance, and Champ being elsewhere at the time he transformed.
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  • This isn't the first series to have a Kotaro associated with bears - Kotaro Sakuma's last name means "Little Bear", and he's also the bear themed Koguma Skyblue.
  • Ryu Voyager evokes the same feeling as the Mythical Beast RyuseiOh. Even its intro is similar!
  • Balance is interested in collecting treasures, and basically has the position of I'll fly around the universe with the team to get stuff, and might as well destroy a universe spanning evil empire. Sounds like Captain Marvelous and the Gokaigers fight against the Zangyack.
  • Shou suggests a new name now that there are ten Kyurangers. He calls the team Uchu Sentai Zyurangernote . Hami and Spada immediately say that they should stick to Kyuranger.
  • While it's only been 8 years since the last Sentai series with sculpted lips on the helmets, it's been 21 years since the last series to have sculpted lips not be on a separate mouthpiece.
    • Speaking of Ohranger, Space 4 sees the start of an arc about seeing the team liberating the already-conquered Earth from the villains, as opposed to simply protecting it from conquest or destruction. Said plot was also used for the last 2 episodes of Ohranger.
    • Speaking of Ohranger again, the way Kyuren-Oh and Ryutei-Oh combines is very similar to how Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher combines to form Buster Ohranger Robo.
  • Scorpio and Stinger's backstory, as revealed in Space 5, is essentially the story of the Kureshima brothers but with their roles reversed. Bonus point for Kyuranger for actually having Takatora's actor reprising his role as the big brother.
    • Also for Scorpio, his Karo form's primary color is the exact same color as Takatora's Ride Wear color as both Zangetsu and Zangetsu Shin.
  • Space 9 features two certain Tsuyoindaver. Metchatsuyoindaver and Mutchatsuyoindaver. So where's Watchatsuyoindaver?
  • In the episode Kotaro becomes Koguma Skyblue, Big Bear ends up possessing him, and his hair turns blue...kind of like a Sentai version of an Imagin. Similarly, his ability to grow giant size using the Ohguma Kyutama brings Ultraman and Kamen Rider J to mind, although his size is more akin to that of Kamen Rider Arc.
  • The first 5 Kyurangers to join are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Blacknote  - the same colors as Choujuu Sentai Liveman and the core team of Engine Sentai Go-onger, and much like those two seasons, Kyuranger follows the Three Plus Two rule - although ironically, Green and Black (who joined the team after Red and Blue) are already a part of the team at the start (the "Three"), whereas Red and Blue are the "Two" that join the core team this time.
  • At the end of Space 13, the way Scorpio destroys Mondomuyoinvader, what with wrapping his tail around one leg to create armor and kicking the monster is very reminiscent of a rider kick. Heck, his finisher leaves an impact pattern not unlike Kiva does.
  • At Space 17, the lunar-powered blue ranger's fighting style is very reminiscent of Geki Blue's. The same episode features a Living Shadow enemy who wouldn't be out of place among the Shadow Line.
  • Space 18 has DekaRed the only one to call the interdimensional phenomenon a wormhole while everyone else uses "black hole" - this is a specific reference to Power Rangers S.P.D., where the wormhole was the episode title and plot device for their crossover with Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
  • Space 19 involves this blonde girl with immense power over a forest, with When Trees Attack in full force... basically what you'd get if the Golden Fruit ended up with some kid.
    • For that matter, she's also the latest in a more recent trend of having a young girl enamoured with one of the Rangers only to switch targets by the end of the episode, which we'd just seen in Ninninjer and Zyuohger.
  • Space 21 features the team encountering Tsurugi/Houou Soldier for the first time, who has been asleep for an unknown amount of time, with long hair covering his face, and rising up, initially hostile towards the Kyurangers. If this sounds somewhat familiar, it's because it's very similar to how Burai made his debut.
    • The Houou Soldier suit is designed with a Zeerust aesthetic, complete with obvious comm device, and even his title is Space Bu-Star.
  • Space 22 features the debut of Houou Soldier's mecha (Houou Voyager, Houou Station and Houou Base). The first two mecha's combination into Gigant Houou - a rocket-based component flying upward through a second component that forms the arms and main torso armor - is very similar to how parts of the Mega Voyager combine, specifically Rocket Voyager-3 with Saucer Voyager-4.
  • With the shuffling of field members every episode, one time a formation hearkening back to the classic color scheme set by Himitsu Sentai Goranger was bound to happen - and it did in Space 23, when Lucky is trying to prove to Tsurugi how The Power of Friendship and teamwork (two of the main tenets upon which Super Sentai stands) are better than his methods.
  • Space 26 has some Kyurangers break out a bunch of special-function Kyutama that otherwise wouldn't see much use, much like an episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger focusing on Candelila, the Perky Female Minion just like Akyanba, the focus of this episode. Coincidentally, Akyanba has a pink triceratops motif, which has been seen all of one time in Super Sentai Kyoryuger.
  • The Saiko Kyutama is numbered 315, with its name coming from San-Ichi-Go. It's also the same number used for Psyga's henshin sequence.
  • In Space 32, the Monster of the Week can control multitudes of machines using just purple ooze.
  • In Space 33, when Orion Battler is formed for the first time, some Kyurangers that are inside it get affected by the gravity as the battleship turns to transform, just like what happened to Wagon when Diesel-Oh was formed for the first time.
  • In Space 36, it's revealed that Lucky received a small lion robot from his father. Hmm...
  • Shishi Red Orion's looks and powers are directly taken from Gaim Kiwami Arms.
  • In Space 37, the red ranger is tied up to a pole in front of the public to be executed by the villain general. Not a first time in Toei's history.
  • In Space 38, Raptor, Naga, Hammie and Garu start using fighting styles based on animal Kyutama in the same vein as the Gekirangers. Helps that the Kyulin Temple set was used in Gekiranger as well.
  • Space 40 is basically a homage to Goranger's infamous baseball episode, complete with baseball themed Monster of the Week and Yellow winning the game. Even the Cassiopeia Kyutama allowed them to do Kyuranger Hurricane, which make sense as Cassiopeia was the naming joke for the Gorangers.
  • Space 41 has the heroes facing Hell's Gate. That was the name of the prison cell that housed the worst criminals back in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.
    • Also note that Southern King's costume is a direct repaint of Black Cross King.
  • Space 43 has the rangers destroy a monster by using the earlier three Megazords using the fourth Megazord as a cannon just like Dekaranger did in their episode 43.
  • In Space 45, Professor Anton turns the civilians into mooks by putting masks on them. He must've gotten the idea from Enter.

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