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    Space 1: The Greatest Superstars in the Universe! 
  • Lucky inspiring Garu to fight again.
  • Raptor reminding the team that saving civilians is more important than fighting.
  • Upon hearing that Jark Matter has taken over the universe, Lucky immediately proclaims that the universe is for everyone, and runs off to find his Kyutama to join the team.

    Space 2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team 
  • When the other Kyurangers are skeptical about Lucky trying to scout Naga Ray and Balance for the team, Garu immediately trusts Lucky's instincts and hands him a case with two Seiza Blasters in it. He hasn't forgotten that Lucky saw the potential to be a Kyuranger in him too.
    • This is amplified at the end of the episode. After Balance and Naga formally join the team, Garu reacts with a "that's our Lucky" and gives the Red Ranger a pat on the shoulder.
  • A small moment, but Spada taking a hit from Eridoron for Hammie counts as this.
    • Later, after Hammie unintentionally insults Balance, Spada is very quick to get between the two and calm Balance down.
  • After betraying Lucky to get his hands on the crystal he was trying to steal and being abandoned by Naga Ray as a result, Balance is about to leave with his haul only to see that Lucky and Naga Ray are going to be executed almost immediately. After a flashback to when he learned Naga's wish to have emotions he immediately goes back to save him and Lucky. Thief he may be, but he and Naga are True Companions.
    • The flashback itself is heartwarming too due to one little thing. After Naga tells Balance his wish to have emotions and how he feels following Balance is the right way to find them his mouth turns up in what seems to be a phantom of a smile.

    Space 3: The Man from the Desert Planet 
  • Spada and Hammie get their turn to be the featured characters in the credits dance, since there were no new additions to the team. It makes sense, but it's still nice to see they weren't forgotten.
  • The afterword special has Garu and Champ bonding over the fact that they're lost people important to them and then go out for a sparing match. While Hammie interrupted them, they made plans to do it again.

    Space 4: The Dreaming Android 
  • Basically every interaction between Lucky and Raptor is this as the former encourages the latter to follow her dreams
    • Likewise is when Spada realizes how poorly he was treating Raptor and is immediately ready to stand behind whatever she wants.
      • More from Spada is that he isn't intentionally being cruel to her. He is just worried that Raptor could get hurt if she got involved, and he wants to keep her safe from harm.
  • Raptor is just so adorable throughout the episode, you just want to reach through the screen and comfort her when she's feeling down, then give her a hug when she finally manages to achieve her dream of fighting with the Kyurangers. Seriously, even her Kyuranger doodles are cute!

    Space 5: The Nine Ultimate Saviours 
  • Stinger praising Kotaro for caring for his little brother, mainly because he reminded him of how his own older brother used to be.
  • The Kyurangers work together as a team right off the bat, despite some of them having personal issues with each other.

    Space 6: Fly High, Dancing Star! 
  • When Hammie first brings up the idea of a leader, Garu instantly responds by saying that Lucky is the leader. Also, his 'that's our Lucky' returns at the end of the episode.
  • There's something sweet about the fact that Stinger is now wearing the matching orange jacket. It's a real indicator that he truly has joined the team.
  • Lucky flat out rejecting the idea of being the Kyurangers leader, or that they should even have a leader. His rejection also highlights just how highly he thinks of his teammates.
    Lucky: I don't think the Kyurangers need a leader! Since every one of us is a star.
  • Throughout the episode Hammie refuses let Lucky be the leader and she reveals that she can't trust Lucky as he was just Born Lucky instead of working hard like she did. When Hammie is shown how hard Lucky works as well, she quickly changes her tune and fully trusts Lucky.
  • Similarly throughout the episode Hammie and Garu are at each other's throats due to the both of them wanting to be The Leader. After Hammie realizes her mistake about Lucky, her and Garu's antics come across more as siblings messing with each other.

    Space 7: Take Back The Birthday! 
  • This is a big one for Naga and Balance. Naga shows off just how much Balance means to him when he spends the entirety of the episode either trying to protect Balance's birthday, or steal it back. He interrupts the bait plan because he's worried for his partner's safety, and upon being told by Lucky that birthdays are also about showing how happy you are that the person was born, he swears that he will not only get Balance's birthday back, but then celebrate it.
  • Balance tackling Naga out of the way of a bullet is sweet as well, especially since it freed Toome and got his birthday stolen in the first place.
  • Naga stealing back and returning all the birthdays taken by Toome. The sight of one child happily cheering over the return of his birthday presents gives an insight of how meaningful this act is.
    • Besides being played as a funny moment, Naga's gift to Balance is a smile and he has been practicing a lot to deliver a, at least, decent one for his partner.
  • When Ex-Aid is summoned via the Ex-Aid Kyutama, he begins to help out ShishiRed upon learning who the foe is. He doesn't question what's going on. He sees his foe and he helps out his fellow heroes.

    Space 13: Stinger's Challenge To His Brother! 
  • After learning the truth about Stinger - namely that Scorpio was the one who killed Professor Anton, not Stinger - Champ is still upset with Stinger for not telling him sooner...but is more than happy to fight alongside him. Stinger doesn't accept Champ's friendship...although he doesn't have a problem with it either.
    • This is made clear in the end of the episode, while the two of them are heading off to hunt down Scorpio, Champ is loudly proclaiming his Catchphrase... And trying to get Stinger to do it, as well. Finally, it seems he's accepted Sasori Orange as part of the team for real (even if Stinger refuses to join in).

     Space 16: Stinger's Reunion With His Brother 
  • Stinger having the first and last nice moment with his brother in what is apparently years. He seems happy for the first time since appearing in the story.
  • Champ is worried about Stinger after they meet his brother. When his worries prove to be truth, he sacrifices to save Stinger. Doubles as Tear Jerker.

     Space 18: Emergency Dispatch! Space Hero! 
  • Kyurangers getting a good look on how Earth is supposed to look like by visiting the one inhabited by previous Sentai teams.
  • Dekaranger and Space Sheriff Gavan helping them after the initial confusion is cleared up.

     Space 20: Stinger Vs. Scorpion 
  • Everyone is worried sick about Stinger as he is trying to get himself killed.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy Stinger fights Kotaro, who drops Oushi Kyutama. Seeing it stops Stinger for long enough to give Kotaro a chance to inject him with antidote.
    • Kotaro starts to drop from exhaustion, but is caught by cured Stinger and gives him one long overdue hug.

     Space 21: Farewell Scorpio! The Time of Argo Ship's revival! 
  • Stinger nearly breaks down in tears when Champ returns with his memory and personality intact. This is proven with a short back and forth banter between the two over the matters of Space 16. Then they agree on working together again and Stinger calls Champ partner note . Champ notes that this is the first time Stinger called him so in satisfied tone.
  • Stinger deals what should be the finishing blow to his brother. Then he runs to hold him close in what could be Died In Your Arms Today. But Stinger drops too as Antares continues to take its toll. Scorpio actually freaks out because he was reminded what he meant to his brother. He saves him by taking the poison into himself and protecting Stinger (along with Lucky, Champ and Kotaro) from Don Armage before finally going down.
  • Kyuranger celebrate Champ's return. It was Stinger's idea.
    • Kotaro shows others the plushie of Stinger he made. Then when Champ pulls out plushies of everyone else, Hammie asks if Kotaro made them too. He corrects her that it was just the one and the others were all made by brother (Stinger) so Champ wouldn't feel lonely. It had to be one of the first things that Champ saw upon powering up again at the end of Space 20.
  • Stinger apologizes for the mess he made in front of everyone in Orion's main room. It's just so unexpected that others immediately think there is something wrong with him and so awkward that they burst into laughter once Stinger makes a hasty exit.
  • Stinger created a a grave/memorial for his brother and promised him to carry on.

     Space 25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination 
  • Each Kyuranger had a memory illusion serve as some sort of obstacle be it a foe they defeated in the past, a loved one, or something ridiculous, like Garu and Raptor had to deal with. Balance and Shou, on the other hand...had Naga and Big Bear respectively - memory illusion Naga acted just as friendly with Balance as the real one, whereas Big Bear was shown to have gotten along well with Shou. No My Greatest Failure present here, making it an Awesome moment as well.
    • Shou salutes his deceased commander as he disappears.
  • Kotaro meets his late mother and is torn over whether to turn the key as it will make her disappear. He is encouraged to makes his own decision by Tsurugi, of all people, and ultimately decides to do his job as Kyuranger so that no more people would have to die. It doubles as Tear Jerker and reminder that while mature and responsible, Kotaro is still a child.

     Space 27: Indaver Panic On Orion 
  • Sort of backhanded heartwarming: The Red Indaver tries to get Tsurugi to leave the team behind because they only hold back. Tsurugi agrees that they do as he even threw a temper tantrum about it just a moment ago. The Red Indaver thinks he has won, but then Tsurugi continues that he choose to drag them around and make his legend even more awesome by doing so. It shows that he considers them at least worth enough to bother with, a change from their early interactions.

     Space 31: Naga's Great Recapture Strategy 
  • Tsurugi compliments everyone involved in the plan on their Bad "Bad Acting" allowing Balance and Lucky to get into Naga's brain and fight Malistrate and Indavers controlling him.
  • Everyone goes all out on their attempts to save Naga. Balance even more so, creating a plan that would involve him potentially getting killed for Naga's sake.
    Balance: World without Naga is the one I don't want.
  • The 'real' Naga wakes up just in time to protect Balance from his dark self.
  • Balance tries to mantain some kind of composure while welcoming Naga back, which is awkward at best. Others call him out on that. He drops the act and just glomps Naga with tears streaming down his faceplate.
  • The Kyurangers celebrate Naga's return. Even Stinger joins in.
  • Echidna admits that while she still doesn't agree with Naga having emotions, he can keep them because it makes him and the Kyurangers strong.

     Space 34: Masked Warrior Appears 
  • Stinger is worried about Champ after hearing from Shou that he went to see his creator, Professor Anton. He is also all that obviously missing him.
    • His speech to Jubeef (Champ) about how Champ always burns with justice despite Anton having made him for Jark Matter and that if he ever runs wild again, he'll risk his life to stop him because they're partners.
  • The fact that everyone, Garu excepted, immediately figured that Jubeef was actually Champ. It's another look at how well they know each other. Stinger even gives a heartfelt 'Of course I knew,' and even seems a little insulted Garu thought he didn't actually recognise his friend.

     Space 36: The Secret Of Universe's No. 1 Idol 
  • Naga's probably first genuine smile.

     Space 37: Lucky Reunits With His Father 
  • Lucky apologizes for the team getting involved in his problems rather than continuing to work on defeating Don Armage. Stinger assures him it's ok.
    Stinger: Don't worry. Having your father conspire with Jark Matter... I doubt any of us could focus on anything else after hearing that.
  • Tsurugi asked Stinger to make a coat for Lucky to wear at his coronation. That shows that he has at least some consideration for his teammates.
    • Kotaro realized who made the coat pretty much immediately after seeing it. Stinger allows himself a tiny smile before staring Kotaro down, apparently to keep up his tough facade. This is only interrupted when Champ pats his partner on the shoulder. Stinger doesn't stare him up, though.

     Space 39: The Great Adventures Of Perseus 
  • Feeling down because of his (forced) inability to save Champ, Stinger says that he can't do anything as a clown, but sing. Lucky tells him to do whatever he can, including sing. Stinger then goes to save Champ.
  • Out of options, Stinger sings a song about his friendship with Champ to imobilize his berserk circuit, allowing Stinger to destroy it. Champ then says the song was so terrible that it stopped him dead in his track as he helps Stinger up.. Champ was willing to die and have no regrets if Stinger accidentally destroyed his heart when he want to free Champ.
    • Ghost of Proffesor Anton (the good one, not the Brain in a Jar) is protecting Champ's heart. He gave a nod to Stinger and felt grateful for making Champ a robot of justice once more
  • Champ teases Stinger about his 'terrible song' later, causing Stinger to scoff and walk away. He is seen joining in on Champ's Catchphrase with others a while later.

     Space 40: Opening Event! Deathball of Hell 
  • Lucky trains Spada in baseball and helps him mantain his confidence at the game next day.

     Space 41: Breakthrough! Planet Southern Cross! 
  • Garu and Ceaser now get on well enough for Garu to pilot Kyuuren-O (specifially Shishi Voyager).

     Space 43: Lucky's Promise On The Holy Night 
  • Lucky's reunites with his father.

     Space 44: Don Armage's Identity 
  • Stinger and Champ are sitting together at their own table. Garu is lifting Champ's weights not so far away from them.
  • Naga stops Hammy from telling off Brain in a Jar Anton, afraid that he might hurt her for it.

     Space 45: Tsurugi's Life and Earth's Peril 
  • Tsurugi acts like a conceited jerk most of the time, but he does care about Cuervo and his teammates. They care about him too and Garu says that his friend is their friend.
  • Kotaro reunites with Jiro after Kyuranger return to Earth.
  • Tsurugi protects Lucky from Don Armage, getting badly wounded in the process.
  • Brain in a Jar Anton gives an offer to a group of people watching his fight with Kyuranger. He will spare them (the people) if they finish them (Kyuranger knocked out down, out of suit) off. They take stones and iron tubes and charge him, led by Jiro. He doesn't take it well when a five years old (if that is Jiro's age) calls him stupid, decides to call the destruction of Earth Operation Stupid and disappears from the scene.
  • Lucky asks everyone what are they going to do once Jark Matter is gone. Hammy tells him this is not the right time because Tsurugi just told them he is dying, but Lucky answers that it is right time, because this is not the end. He wants to see the edge of the universe and everything in person. Shou joins in next and says that he wants a promotion so he ensure that noone like Don Armage will ever trouble the universe again. Spada wants to be the best chef in universe. Raptor wants to have a romance and feels really stupid over saying that, but she is assured that it's ok. Champ wants his robot wrestling title back. Stinger will stay with the Rebellion and fight to protect people he cares about. Hammy wants to be teacher and help troubled children. Balance wants to take Universe's Greatest Treasure with Naga. Naga wants to go back to his planet, where he and Balance will teach his people healthy emotions. Garu feels embarassed about admitting that he wants to be with Lucky. Kotaro wants to become president of the universe in Tsurugi's wake. Tsurugi says it doesn't matter in his case because he is going to die soon. He is encouraged to think about something anyway.
  • Protype Anton shows up with Jiro in tow and threatens to turn him into an Indaver like other people that are running around like second Zombie Apocalypse this season. Stinger saves Jiro and tells him that Kotaro is his little brother, so that makes Jiro his little brother too.
  • Watching the fight from Orion, Tsurugi decides to protect the dreams of the team and Earth people.

     Space 47: The Saviors' Promise 
  • The last Ranger who stands alongside Lucky, after Don Armage killed everybody else, is Hammy. She completely trusts him, even as they're the last ones standing. Not bad for somebody who initially brushed Lucky off for not working hard.
  • Even though everyone except Lucky was absorbed into Don Armage/Don Tsurugi, Lucky manages to bring everyone out safe and sound.
    • Even Tsurugi was revived as good as new.

     Space Final: Echo in the Universe! Talk About Lucky! 
  • Stinger encourages Raptor to speak out her feelings to Spada.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue detailing what each of the Kyurangers did after saving the universe aside from being interstellar superstars.
    • Kotaro, Stinger and Raptor are still patrolling the galaxy in The Orion, helping with relief work over everything Jark Matter destroyed. Stinger's even the new commander, looking very happy with his new lot in life. Stinger's also become a great deal more laid back and brotherly, even shoving a nervous Raptor towards Spada when they reach his restaurant to get her to fess up how she feels about the Food Mei-star.
    • Spada opened a restaurant just like he always wanted to, gaining immense critical acclaim and even a 9-Star Rating. The implication that the rating system was changed to honor the Kyurangers is just as heartwarming.
      • Speaking of Spada's restaurant, we see him having a party with Shou, Hammy, Tsurugi, Champ, Naga Ray and Balance having a great time and thanking his friends for all they taught him during their time saving the universe. Tsurugi even refers to Spada's cooking as Legendary and notes that he's still improving.
    • Tsurugi is once again the president of the Space Federation, leading the universe to prosperity once again.
    • Champ has become The Champ of Robot Wrestling again, and is on a 99 match undefeated streak.
    • Shou is now the Supreme Commander of the The Rebellion, and it hasn't changed him a bit. He even tells a bald-faced lie about visiting two neighboring galaxies that Naga quickly and playfully calls him out on.
    • Hammy returned to a somewhat normal life, though she is still studying up to chase her dream of being a teacher.
    • Balance and Naga Ray reformed the B.N Thieves, only this time as treasure hunters seeking out and returning the treasures Jark Matter pillaged during their reign of terror. Naga's also improved his understanding of emotions by leaps and bounds, and seems justly proud of his new profession.
    • Lucky and Garu stuck together, travelling the far reaches of the universe to help people wherever they go. Despite his royal status, Lucky still hasn't ditched his junker of a space scooter that he was flying around at the beginning of the series. What this means for Lucky and Garu's relationship is up to interpretation, but neither possibility is confirmed or denied.
    • And finally, the whole group is reunited for a party the way it all began. Lucky crashing his piece of crap space scooter in the midst of some big event. The team all have a laugh over that one.


  • All 12 of the rangers, including the voice actors, appeared on stage at the Chou Eiyuu Sai Live & Show concert and talk show for Sentai and Rider. Patrons are handed out color-changing glowsticks for the event so they can switch around when appropriate. When moving down the line to Mao Ichimichi, who plays Raptor, the moderator takes notice that some people in the audience remember her prior role as Luka, aka. GokaiYellow, as several of them changed their glowsticks to yellow in a sea of pink. Mao appears slightly embarrassed, but takes the praise in stride.
  • To cheer up everyone during the COVID-19 crisis, a good chunk of the original cast re-united over the internet to cover the show's opening. At least the ones who didn't spend the time goofing off.