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Heartwarming / Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger

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They risked their lives to save the people they love... and they did the same.

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    #1: The Thieves Everyone's Talking About 
  • Combined with Nightmare Fuel, the fact that the Lupinranger are willing to die if it means the survivors are able to reach their dream. That said, they know full well how skilled their allies are, so that outcome isn't likely. It show the weight of the trust they put on each other.
  • Even though they're thieves, the Lupin are adored by the public, and are held in high esteem among them.
  • He might be the leader of a group of intergalactic murderers and crooks, but Dogranio Yabun is similarly beloved by the Gangler, and he (at least as of now) seems to treat them well. The first scene with the Gangler is them all throwing him a birthday party.

    #2: The Global Police in Pursuit 
  • In spite of being the teams that 'could never join hands', the Lupinrangers back off to let the Patrangers beat the monster and the Patrangers let them leave with the Good Striker in tow. Shows that, in spite of their differing means of doing things, the teams have some respect for each-other.
    • In particular, when Kairi remembers the promise Keiichiro gave to victims of a Gangler's attack, he backs off after stealing its Lupin Collection piece so that the Patrangers can finish him off. In return, when Keiichiro was given an opportunity to chase after the Lupinrangers, he does not persue the Lupinrangers knowing that they aren't the threat.

    #4: Unacceptable Relationship 
  • LupinYellow providing some info to PatrenSangou in the first fight near the start of the episode. Later on, PatrenSangou allows LupinYellow to get the piece of the Lupin Collection out of the monster.
    • After being questioned by the other Lupinrangers why she gave up the info Umika states that, given the current case involved missing people, they should understand what the families of the victims are going through to which the other two agree.
  • For all it's also funny, Keiichiro's complete indifference/acceptance of Tsukasa's plushie quirk. For a guy who can get quite fired up about occasionally small things, he takes it so completely in stride she never even knew he knew!
    • He's also the only person not pestering her about it at the end of the episode.
    • It's even better when you remember that Sakuya specifically asked him early in the episode if he knew any of Tsukasa's secrets from her academy days and he states that he knows nothing, even though it turns out that he in fact did. He was not willing to embarrass her by outing her secret until it was necessary to do so.
      • Or it didn't even register as anything strange to him and didn't realize that it's supposed to be a secret. Even back at the academy when he first saw it, he just uninterestedly passed by.

    #6: What to Protect 
  • Keiichiro's speech reiterating what he said to Tsukasa in the past after taking a blow from the MOTW on what it means to be a police.
  • Despite the obvious chance they have to retrieve the Trigger Machine Biker from the Patrangers, LupinRed decides against it, admitting he lost to the hotblooded PatrenIchigo, and he'll take it back another day.
  • On the other side of things, the episode ends with Keiichiro staring at a stylized poster of the Lupinrangers, thinking back to Lupin Red's assertion that they steal because they don't have a choice and wondering just who Red is under the mask. His first steps into trying to understand these phantom thieves.

    #7: Always Saved 
  • Whilst Umika is dealing with a bit of PTSD over what happened to Kairi, Kogure appears. He ends up comforting her and getting her back on track to getting the Lupin Collection piece back to save the others.

    #8: The Thieves' Identities 
  • While there are theories and evidence to suggest otherwise, the fact that Kogure will go along with the Lupins antics to help them out does show that he will lend a hand to their operation directly if he has to.
  • It's easy to forget, but Good Striker has allied himself with the Patrangers on a number of occasions, and yet all that time, he does not disclose the identities of the Lupinrangers.
    • The reason he helps the Patrangers despite being firmly on the Lupinrangers' side, for him, it just feels good to help people out.
  • Keiichiro expressing sympathy for Kairi after learning the boy's parents are deceased, despite the fact that they are currently considering that Kairi might be LupinRed, the very thief who has been such a thorn in his side and made him lose control before.

    #9: To See Them Again 
  • Emma Golddini, a famous French designer displaying her jewel that is actually a piece of the Lupin Collection, tells the Lupinrangers that she ran away from Japan as she did not feel like she lived up to her sister, a story that hits Kairi too close to home. Kairi, in turn, suggests to her that she should go see her sister, knowing all too well that one day, she may never get a chance to see her sister again.
  • As thanks for helping her against the Gangler, he surrenders her Jewel and is surprised to learn that it was indeed a collection piece. She then decides to call up her sister, inspired by Kairi's words.

    #10: It's Not Over Yet 
  • Keiichiro, without realizing that Kairi is LupinRed, tries to cheer him up when he's down. As far as Keiichiro is concerned, Kairi is a public civilian and thus someone he must protect. For the audience, it's a complete Dramatic Irony, but it's still pretty sweet, and it even leads to Kairi getting a lead about Zamigo.
    • Even moreso when you consider what Keiichiro saw in the previous episode; with him expressing sympathy on losing his parents. Indeed, from Keiichiro's POV, Kairi is not just any normal citizen, but an orphaned citizen that really needs his support as a police officer.
  • At the end of the episode, Keiichiro is visiting Bistrot Jurer. Alone, not in police outfit, mostly just to check up on Kairi as much as he denied it. The look on his face seems to confirm that he's glad that Kairi's back to normal.

    #11: I Will Continue Shooting 
  • Sakuya's flashback, while quite typical, showed how much influence both Keiichiro and Tsukasa had on him, with the two of them encouraging him to keep moving despite tears of frustrations over failure, which led him to eventually chosen to become Patren #2. They're his heroes, and it shows.

    #12: Magical Bracelet 
  • We have a young athlete runner boy called Yuuki who wants to win first place in a tournament to make his friend, Haruka smiled. He had no confidence on himself since he mess up during his previous training and resorted to cheating using a Lupin Collection he stumbled upon. Touma tried to recover it while advising Yuuki to win with his own merit but with no progress, even when he and the other Phantom Thieves confronted him at the collection hiding spot. On top of that, he told Yuuki to run and entrusted the collection to him before retrieving it. Yuuki did as per told and even used the said Lupin Collection during the competition, earning him first place. However, he felt bad about cheating after seeing Haruka's earnest smile and decides to return the magic bracelet to Tooma, vowing that he need to win with his own merit next time. However, Tooma said that Yuuki really does win with his own merit because the original magic bracelet was already stolen and replaced with a fake beforehand.

    #13: Worst and Best Holiday 
  • The interactions between Tsukasa and Umika, in and out of thief mode, are sweet. In particular;
    • Umika sharing a bit of her past with Tsukasa, where Umika and Shiho used to come to the amusement park that they are in now. Shiho loved that time so Umika came back to the park to get a stuffed animal in her memory.
    • Tsukasa after fighting the Gangler and getting chaned to Thief!Umika tells her that dispite her injuries, she has to keep going because of how much damage the Gangler has done. She swore an oath to protect everyone from the Gangler, this includes Umika, whom she believes is hiding with two staff members that were knocked out.
    • It also shows how much the Patrangers care about the Bistro trio, and even the other way around. Obviously as Lupinrangers, the three can't be too close to the police attempting to catch them, but the way Umika treats Tsukasa, you wonder how close the two groups could be if they weren't on opposing sides.
    • The fact that Tsukasa trusted LupinYellow enough to go with her plan, which was for Tsukasa to tank a heavy attack that likely might've killed her.

    #14: The Trap Is Set 
  • Keiichirou's flashback and what inspired him to be a police officer: He was on the same boat of the kid that got his field trip cancelled. A police officer offered him a way home when he's alone attempting to catch the bad guy, assuring him that it's the duty of the police officer to catch bad guys. And eventually, the bad guy really did get arrested and the officer came across the little Keiichirou again, giving him a salute in response. That event has inspired Keiichirou ever since to become a police officer.
    • And going back to the meta-wise, this is also a good way to set up that police are not useless. It's not just the Phantom Thieves that are saving people.

    #15: The Work of a Police Officer 
  • Kairi and Umika, having seen the heavily injured Sakuya and Tsukasa, as well as the horribly poisoned Keiichiro, are particularly eager to defeat the Gangler before the Patrangers show up. Touma clearly reacts to the two taking a much more aggressive approach, and it's heavily implied that it's not just the Collection Piece, but that they want to defeat the Gangler before the Patrangers get injured even further.
    • What helps is that they clearly see the dedication and passion they all have for the line of duty. Kairi sees the state Tsukasa and Keiichiro are in, and Umika follows Sakuya to the school, with both clearly having a realisation that the cops are equally as willing to discard personal safety as they are for their goal.
    • What ends up happening is when the Patrangers fuse into Patren Ugou, Lupinyellow stops the Gangler from escaping, allowing Patren Ugou to finish him off.

    #16: Because You Are A Friend 
  • When Touma gets his body switched with a monster, Kairi hesitates shooting Touma. As such, he talks to Touma in the monster's body about the promise they made at the beginning. Touma, understanding that they can't simply get out of the situation as easily as they can, gives Kairi his blessing.
  • When Kairi has the monster in Touma's body at gunpoint, at the last second the monster switches out to escape the shot. But Touma is shown as safe even though Kairi shot him. It's revealed that Kairi, at the last second, shot Touma in a non-vital area and cusioned the blow even further with his hand. In other words, Kairi took a massive gamble to himself and Touma for a chance that the monster would be too scared to stay in Touma's body to save Touma.

    #17: Secret Feeling 
  • When Keiichiro hands Mina his favorite record and tells her to listen to his favorite song which changes his intentions when the viewers finds out he was completely aware of Mina's affections for him. The song? Secret Feeling.
  • Umika's desperate attempt to help her friend get her feelings across to Keiichiro.
  • Keiichiro's dream being revealed that he wants to still be a police officer but live in a world of peace.

    #18: The Collection's Secret 
  • Kogure elaborates on Good Striker's backstory: The guy was created by Arsene Lupin himself, him being the first piece of the Lupin Collection to be modified for human use. As such, he was given the task of protecting it. Because of this wish, he was given a will of his own. He was also shown to be cared very much by Lupin as well, therefore, it is believed that the reason he helps whoever he feels like helping, is because Goodie is trying to keep a promise that he made with Lupin.
    • Kogure also adds that while Good Striker can be tempermental and a handful, he still has his problems.
  • Kairi and Good Striker reconciling. The guy even gives Goodie a fistbump! Awwww...
  • Kairi admiring the fact that when Goodie feels good about something, he feels obligated to help. Remarks it's pretty human of him.

    #19: Punishment for disobeying Order 
  • The Lupinrangers went to visit Sakuya out of worry and finding clue to find the Gangler. Although it is more towards the latter, it balance out for the former reason as well since Tooma of all people ordered Goody to help the polices since they understand what it means to be framed for a crime that they did not commit.
  • Sakuya decides to go out and help his friends despite being under house arrest and being threaten to lose his job should do so. It really shows his nobility and commitment to being a Patoranger. Plus, Hilltop stops him in order to give him his recently confiscated Vs Changer and Trigger Machine because he was the only one that believed in Sakuya.

    #21: Foe or Friend, On Board or Not? 
  • It seems like Noel and Good Striker are good friends, and they way they catch up is sweet on its own. Nice to know that at least one person treats Goodie with respect.

    #24: A Reason to Live 
  • While it's a bit small, the second the Patarangers recognize Kairi in the Gangler's hideout they make it a point to get him out of there with Tsukasa providing an escort for him since they see him as a decent person working at their favorite bistro.
  • Tsukasa's backstory starts similar to Kairi's, with both of her parents dead her grandfather was the one to take care of her, but being a police officer he gave her a strict training regimen that caused a rift to grow between them. One day however, she got cut protecting her friend from a scummy guy who was sexually harassing her. When her Grandfather heard about the incident he came running to the scene, giving Tsukasa a hug and expressing relief that she was okay. To this day, she's been upholding a promise to come back alive. This crosses over to Tear Jerker as she is telling this to Kairi, who was in a similar situation but may never get the chance to see his brother ever again.
  • When the Lupinrangers are exhausted from the fight, Lupin Red almost giving his life for them to get the collection piece, Noel ponders that their greatest asset is the level of trust they have for one another. The Lupins made no hints to each other what the plan was, but once it was in motion they realized what Kairi was planning and pulled off the plan spectacularly.
    • Kairi took that risk because he remembered the promise Tsukasa made and wanted her to be able to keep it.

    #25: I’ll Make You Stronger Than Ever! 
  • Lupinrangers accepting Noel to the ranks... by treating him the same as themselves (no helping each other outside of thieving business) and throwing him out. Also borderline Funny Moment.
  • The fact the two teams were able to set aside their differences and work together as one unit to beat the Gangler.

    #28: Fighting on my Birthday 
  • Umika's relationship with her dad is revealed in this episode. At the end of the episode, he left just before Umika came back, and leaving behind some gifts to Umika as birthday present. The boys decided Umika should chase after him. What's really sets the tone here is that one of the gifts is a wooden board written with the wish for Umika to came back home. That's exactly what Umika did.
  • While we don't see it, Kogure was able to convince Umika's dad of her accomplishments in the bistro. While it may just be simply for the mission and to cover up her real "job", it does appear like Kogure does appreciate the work the three do for him.
  • To show how close the Lupins are, Touma shares that when his fiance disappeared as with the other victims, he got grilled hard by her parents blaming him to Umika.

    #32: Request for a duel 
  • Keiichirou learning the true purpose of Lupinranger is what changed his opinion about them, lending his strength to them in taking the 5 Lupin Collection as well as not to think stereotype that they were bad guys. This episode may be the start that he would accept them more compare to before.

    #35: The Good, The Bad, and The Normal 
  • Kogure, who up to this point seems to care more about the Collection than the Lupins, is shown in this episode to actually care about the Lupins, after the Good Kogure revealed to himself (the Normal Kogure) how he feels sorry for putting the Lupins into trouble again. This leads into Kogure actually taking the initiative of revealing Driune's position, which got him a minor injury just before the Lupins arrived. The Lupins, unaware of how Kogure usually treat them as, revealed to Kogure how important he is to them, a statement which seems to have touched Kogure, to the point where he, for the very first time, shown on-screen to be worried about them and watch them fight, something that, according to him, he normally try to avoid.

    #37: Your Place to Return 
  • While the Patrangers certainly think fondly of the Juror staff, this episode, Keiichiro flat out states that Kairi is his friend. While Kairi certainly isn't having it, while they are on opposite sides, his emotional hangups are a big factor this time and Keiichiro does want to make sure that Kairi is alright. When Touma tells Keiichiro that Kairi had a fight with them and that he should talk to Kairi, Keiichiro checks up on Kairi and personally stays with him to make sure he has someone there for him. When bringing it up at the end of the episode, Keiichiro decides he wants to look after him so that he knows he has his back.

    #38: Collection from Outer Space 
  • While the Lupinrangers are fighting to claim the Victory Striker, Noel is ambushed by none other than Destra Majo. It isn't long before Dogranio's right hand has Noel lying on the ground, battered and beaten. But before Destra can land the finishing blow, the Patrangers show up just in time and are able to temporarily drive him back. When the Patrangers check on Noel, he's genuinely surprised that they would rescue him. Keiichiro makes it clear that, while they don't trust Noel, that doesn't mean that they won't protect him as they would anyone else. Noel's response to this speaks volumes.
    Noel: "You all...are truly wonderful officers."

    #39: Bet On This 
  • With the revelation of Zamigo's powers, the Lupinrangers finally catch a break and see a definite end goal in mind.
  • There's also the fact that the Lupinrangers trust Noel with the information about Zamigo and to keep this a secret from Kogure just in case the Lupin Collection pland went south.

    #40: Can't Stop Worrying 
  • The entire reason Kairi was said to be slacking a little more than usual this episode: He found a stray white pup and he's been feeding it the whole time. And the reason he was going to these many places like the restaurant and the bookstore (it was revealed the book he bought there was a book on taking care of dogs), is so he can find someone to adopt him. He ends up doing so, mentioning that the restaurant is willing to take him in.
    • Later, we see Noel, Umika, and Tsukasa fawning over the pup, wanting to hold it, even Sakuya getting in on the action.
  • While it isn't much, Kairi asks for Keiichirou's phone, and ends up downloading the game that Keiichirou saw the former play during a previous episode, even going as far as saying he'll waive the "million yen fee". It just goes to show that the relationship between the two may be going somewhere positive, even with small steps.

    #42: Time For The Decisive Match 
  • Dogranio's reaction to Destra's death. Sure he may be the Big Bad, but by no means he is a Bad Boss to the Ganglers, something we have not seen in a while in a Sentai Series. When Destra, his trusted right hand man, a position he relieved Destra from just so Destra has a shot at his seat, perished by the Rangers' hands, his reaction was a somber one. He even poured a glass of wine to pay respect to his fallen comrade, calling Destra his "Best Right Hand Man" and give a Death Glare for the rangers.
  • While we haven't know the true intention of Kogure, he even showed sympathy to Noel and scold him for not staying in Paris because they are working in the shadow to protect people from disasters.

    #44: The Truth Found 
  • Noel is truly accepted to the rank of Lupinrangers, as they renew the oath that the wish Arsene Lupin talked about, will give them their loved ones back.
  • We also know the full extent of Kogure's motivations. At the start of the series, we didn't really know what to make of our mysterious butler. And while we did see cracks of his facade earlier on, it didn't exactly let us know what he's getting out of it. But with the revelations of this episode, we fully know the extent of his desires. Much like Noel, Kogure also wishes to see his master returned and is also betting on these young phantom thieves to fulfill their goal.
  • Noel lending Siren Striker to Pats to fight against Narizma. In case you're forgotten, he never lend any new VS Vehicles to Pats readily because of his loyalty to Lupins and even underestimate them back in episode 28. However, that thinking of him changed very drastically at this point from how more than capable Pats had become, which made them deserve some reward.

    #45: Looking Forward to Christmas 
  • Sakuya's dedication to the children he befriended, after he promised to bring them chicken for their party, and then later fighting a Gangler who threatens it, by replacing all the chicken in the area with salmon.
  • Even the Lupinrangers are willing to help out! Their reasoning? Even they like chicken on Christmas.
  • While during the party, Sakuya, Noel, and the Jurer staff essentially decide, "Why not both?", and serve both chicken and salmon. Kairi even points that even the Gangler they fought would probably be happy.

    #46: An Inescapable Game 
  • After defeating the Gangler this week, the Lupinrangers decide to let Noel keep the Cyclone Dial Fighter in case he has to fight a Status Gold. While they know they are firmly allies to their cause, it shows how much the relationship between the trio and Noel have become.

    #49: As a Phantom Thief, As a Police Officer 
  • This comes along with Tear Jerker between Keiichirou and Kairi. Even though Kairi and the others reveal themselves and becoming fugitives, Keiichirou himself is willing to put aside his duty to arrest them for now and quit if needed. Why? Because ever since they clashes each other as Ichigou and Red, he knew Lupinrangers are not doing things for fun but for a reason, that is, until mentioned by Noel, which is to retrieve their loved ones. Since the police are the ones that figured out the Lupinrangers loved ones are among the people kidnapped in mass disappearance to become Ganglers' disguises, saving those people takes priority than arresting the Phantom Thieves.

    #50: Forevermore Adieu 
  • Two years of fighting Gangler, retrieving the collection, and scrambles against another Sentai, the Lupinrangers finally achieved their goal, defeat Zamigo and save their loved ones. After Zamigo's death, everyone that went missing from Zamigo's freezing spree has returned, even Touma and Umika who were both frozen to give Kairi his one shot against Zamigo. The trio embraced one another knowing that their mission is finally over!
  • Tsukasa and Sakuya, after finding out that Touma and Umika escaped, found the thieves in the one place they knew they would be, at their HQ to retrieve their VS Changers. After a talk with one another about saving Kairi, as they know he went off by himself, they reluctantly hand over the changers with the Dial Fighters so that they can join him.
    • Additionally, Sakuya laments that he wished he could have met Umika before the incident two years ago, if that was the case, he would be able to protect both Umika and Shiho from the incident. However, Umika assured him that if that happened, then she wouldn't be able to know how much of a good person Sakuya was, like how it was at the moment.
  • Before their final battle against Zamigo, the Lupinrangers decide to hand over their arsenal over to the Patrangers, both to even up the odds as they are taking their Trigger Machines for their fight against Zamigo, and to entrust them with the safety of the world. This shows that they trust their rivals with their treasures that they spent the entire time locating and the ultimate task of defeating the Gangler for good.

    #51: We Will Meet Again 
  • When they have Dogranio at their mercy, knowing that killing him means the death of the Lupinrangers, they decide to Take the Third Option and arrest him in a high security prison. All for the sake of finding a way to rescue the Lupinrangers. And once they see them safe, they are more than happy to see them again.
  • How did the Lupinrangers get out? Locate Jackpot Striker and use his mind control to open Dogranio's safe by sending him through the catalog. But how did Noel and Kogure do this, the Patrangers had their hands full trying to fend off the remaining Gangler and Noel not only has to assist them, but has his own things he has to do first. Seek out and recruit Shori, Aya and Shiho and train them as Phantom Thieves to save their loved ones!
  • The reunions between the Lupinrangers and their loved ones are just as sweet. Three years apart and the first thing they see once they leave are the ones they spent two of those years fighting for. Most notably, Kairi finally apologizes to Shori.
    • On top of this, just the fact that after seeing the Lupinrangers risk life and limb to save their loved ones we're shown that if the roles had been reversed they would've done the exact same thing.
  • At the end, it's nice to see the Patrangers finally get the recognition they deserve for their role in taming the Gangler threat. It does cross over to tearjerker territory as their part in taking down Dogranio almost came at the expense of the Sentai team they idolized before, the Lupinrangers.

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